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Doug Poppens

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S: Doug Poppens - The First 50 Years

BC: God gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please him. Ecclesiastes 2:26 Doug, your 50th birthday is a perfect occasion to thank you for being such a wonderful man of God! May God Bless You This Birthday and Always! With love, Your family and friends

FC: 50 Years of Clean Living

1: For age is just a state of mind And life can be such fun And you still know how to party As much as anyone! God bless you on your birthday Let the celebrations start Enjoy life's oh so precious gifts And remain young at heart. | Dedicated to Douglas Allen Poppens in honor of his 50th birthday on January 2, 2013

2: Douglas Allen Poppens January 2, 1963 | Donna Lou Fischer Birth: May 13, 1940 Death: October 15, 2002 | Dennis LeRoy Poppens Birth: July 12, 1939 Death: June 23, 2008 | Family | TREE

3: Hilda Louise Hannah Gerlach Birth: January 15, 1918 Death: March 5, 2008 | Alvin Lawrence Fischer Birth: March 26, 1913 Death: July 30, 1971 | Peter 'Arnold' Poppens Birth: December 21, 1910 Death: September 8, 1984 | Matilda Kay Brinkmeier Birth: September 16, 1911 Death: February 12, 2007 | Rosina Vogel Birth: January 28, 1888 Death: July 25, 1961 | Herman Gerlach Birth: May 13, 1889 Death: November 15, 1918 | Nathaniel "Dan" Fischer Birth: July 25, 1885 Death: February 28, 1967 | Hannah Puepke Birth: June 10, 1895 Death: March 16, 1979 | Folkert G. Poppens Birth: November 6, 1872 Death: August 16, 1941 | Grace Plucker Birth: 1878 Death: 1958 | Harm Brinkmeier Birth: June 21, 1888 Death: July 23, 1969 | Catherine F. Smit Birth: May 19, 1882 Death: December 12, 1967

4: Douglas Allen Poppens | Birth Place: Sioux Falls, SD | 1 year old | 1963 - Cost of Living Average Cost of a new home $12,650 Average Income per year $5,807 Gas per Gallon 9 Cents Average Cost of a new car $3,233 Loaf of bread 2 cents | 2013 - Cost of Living Average Cost of a new home $232,880 Average Income per year $50,423 Gas per Gallon $2.73 Average Cost of a new car $30,303 Loaf of bread $2.49

5: Doug and Donna | Dennis and Doug | Mom wanted 9 boys so she could have her own baseball team. Imagine her delight when Doug arrived! | Doug and Darla | Doug and Diane | Doug and Darla | Anything a first-born child does is a big deal, simply because it's a first for his or her family. Until a second child comes along, family and friends usually shower first-borns with attention. As a result, many first-born kids end up with a lot of natural confidence. | Hilda 'Grandma' Fischer with Doug | September 1964

6: The Early Years | Did you know... That almost all of the U.S. Presidents were either the first-born child or the first-born son in their families? All but two of the first astronauts sent into space were first-borns, and the other two were "only children"? | Diane, Dean Fischer, Kim, Darla, Doug | Doug, Diane, Grandma Fischer, Kim, Darla, Dean, Grandpa Fischer | Dean, Uncle Don, Doug, Mom and Aunt Joyce (Don and Joyce are Doug's God Parents) | Kim, Darla, Doug, Diane and Great-Grandma Kiunke | Doug, Diane and Darla | Grandma Fischer used to tell a story about Dougie playing near the chicken coop. When she went to collect eggs, there were a bunch of dead chicks. When she said something to Doug, he asked her how she knew. Her answer was "A little birdie told me". From that point on, Doug knew Grandma talked to the birds and knew everything that went on! | Diane, Doug and Darla

7: "I smile because you are my brother. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!"

8: Christian Fischer and Maria Puepke Family Sophia, Nathaniel 'Dan', Amelia, Jacob, Lydia, Otto, Helene, Christian Jr., Christian Sr., Maria, Bertha Christian Fischer was born in Dennewitz, Kreis Akkermann Bessarabia, Russia on March 10, 1857. Christian married Marie Puepke and had 9 children. He passed away on July 29, 1931. | Rosina Vogel Fischer's Parents | Family History | Rosina Vogel's Family Magdalina, Marie, Gothilf, Otto Grandma, Rosina, Grandpa

9: Herman Gerlach's Parents Gustav Sr. and Rosina | Gustav Sr., Herman, Bill, Rosina, Louise, Emilia, Gustav Gerlach | Emilia, Tillie Mr. and Mrs. Henry Puepke, Hannah, Emma, Minnie, Marie | Puepke Girls Minnie, Emilia, Hannah, Tillie, Marie Alma, Emma | Gerlach Family Louise, Martha, Magdaline, Bill, Gustav Jr., Herman, Lydia, Emilia, Alma Gustav Sr. and Rosina

10: Alvin Jr., Donald, Donna Fischer, Linda, Jim Heintz, Dan and Rosie Fischer - 1959 | Eldor, Metha, Alvin Dan and Rosie Fischer - 1959 | Nathaniel 'Dan' Fischer and Rosina Vogel (Great Grandparents) | Rosie Fischer and Donna Lou - 1940 | Rosina and Dan Fischer - 1959 50th Wedding Anniversary | Nathaniel 'Dan' and Rosina Fischer Wedding: February 5, 1909 | Alvin and Eldor Rosie, Metha, Dan Fischer - 1959

11: Harm and Catherine Brinkmeier (Great Grandparents) | Doug Great Grandpa Brinkmeier, Darla Diane | Diane, Great Grandpa Brinkmeier, Darla, Doug, Great Grandma Brinkmeier | Harm Brinkmeier and Catherine F. Smit Wedding: March 31, 1908

12: Herman and Hannah Gerlach (Great Grandparents) | Herman Gerlach and Hannah Puepke Wedding: November 14, 1913 | Herman, Hilda, Hannah Emilia, and Bob Gerlach Summer, 1918 | Bob, Hilda and Emilia Gerlach | Herman Robert Gerlach Born: March 13, 1889 Died: November 15, 1910

13: Otto and Hannah Kiunke (Great Grandparents) | Otto Kiunke and Hannah Puepke Gerlach Wedding: December 5, 1922 | Lyle and LeRoy Gerlach Darla, Hannah, Doug, Otto, Diane | Emilia Rippe, Hilda Fischer, Margaret Kiunke, Bob Gerlach and Harold Kiunke Hannah and Otto Kiunke | Otto, Hannah, Harold and Margaret Kiunke | Hilda Fink, Donna Poppens Hannah Kiunke, Doug - 1977 | Otto Julius Kiunke Born: August 7, 1884 Died: December 3, 1970 | Hannah, Harold Otto Kiunke | Hannah and Otto Kiunke | Hannah Kiunke 1974

14: Arnold and Matilda Poppens (Grandparents) | Dennis LeRoy 1 year old | Wayne Allen 1 year old | Doug, Dennis, Arnold 1982 | 1979 | 1977 | Arnold, Allen, Wayne, Dennis, Matilda, Diane, Doug, Darla | Matilda, Doug, Arnold, Diane, Darla | Peter 'Arnold' Poppens and Matilda Kay Brinkmier Wedding: March 3, 1937 | 2001

15: Alvin and Hilda Fischer (Grandparents) | Christmas Eve, 1957 Alvin, Hilda, Donna, Donald, Alvin Jr. | Hilda Louise Hannah Gerlach and Alvin Lawrence Fischer Wedding: October 24, 1937 | Donna Lou, Donald Lee and Alvin Myron | 1958 | Fall, 1940 Alvin, Hilda, Donna Lou | 1960 | 1963

16: Werner and Hilda Fink (Grandparents) | Hilda Gerlach Fischer and Werner Fink Wedding: April 27, 1972 | 1983 | Werner A. Fink Born: August 2, 1917 Died: August 5, 1999 | Alvin and Emilia Rippe, Harold Kiunke Grandma Fink, Grandpa Fink, Justin - 1987

17: Dennis and Donna Poppens (Parents) | Wedding: May 4, 1962 | Other things may change, but we start and end with | Family

18: School Days Graduating Class of 1981 | 1st Grade 1969-1970 | 2nd Grade 1970-1971 | 3rd Grade 1971-1972 | 4th Grade 1972-1973 | 5th Grade 1973-1974 | 6th Grade 1974-1975

19: 7th Grade 1975-1976 | 8th Grade 1976-1977 | 9th Grade 1977-1978 | 10th Grade 1978-1979 | 11th Grade 1979-1980 | 12th Grade 1980-1981

20: Justin Allen Poppens Born May 28, 1996 | 9 months old | 1 year old with Grandpa Dennis and Great Grandma Poppens | 1st day of kindergarten | Togetherness! 1994 | Summer 1993 | Winter 1998

21: Donna loved her grandkids! | Good memories from Justin * Singing ‘Counting Flowers on Wall’ in the big van! Love family singing in the vehicles * Tubing with dad and the family * Love drinking with dad | 1 year old with Grandpa Dennis and Great Grandma Fink | 4 Generations!

22: Stories as told by Justin | Doug and kids used to love to go to Old Country Buffet. During one visit, Justin ate a lot and went to the bathroom afterwards 'to make room for ice cream'. After sitting on the commode for about 30 minutes, Doug got impatient and went into the bathroom - kicked the door open and launched a spoonful of Jell-o over the stall. It bounced off the wall, off Justin’s legs into the toilet. 10 points! | Once when Doug brought the kids back to his apartment, they stopped at the pool to talk with someone Doug knew. The kids were getting antsy and wanted to leave. Doug grabbed Justin and hung him over the pool. Justin was thinking, "You aren’t going to throw me in." All of a sudden – splash – Justin was in the pool, clothes and all. | One Christmas while we were at the Rooster Roost, Doug had one drink and when he got the second one, he spilled it. Justin, (being Doug’s son) went and made another drink for his dad, but he put it in a sippy cup and gave it to Doug. Doug was a good sport and ended up drinking his drink from the sippy cup! | Justin went on a fishing tournament with Doug. They met Neil and Jill Kelly at the Village Inn restaurant. Justin was sunburned really bad. Doug asked Justin, "If you could have any girl here for our server, which one would you choose?" Justin looked around and picked one out. Doug asked the waitress who came to their table if the other girl (the one Justin chose) could wait on them. When that girl came over, she thought maybe she should know them from somewhere. Doug said, “No, my son just thought you were cute and wanted you to wait on us.” | Justin got a Pontiac 6000 from Grandma Donna. He was riding with a friend, and they were coming out on Flink Ave. onto Hwy 95. Doug came up behind Justin and bumped him. Justin put it in reverse and bumped back. Well, Doug was having none of that! He bumped Justin back and ended up pushing him into Hwy 95 when the light was red. | Fun at the lake - Summer, 2003 | Doug was going to teach Justin how to drive one winter when he was about 11 years old. They dropped Nathan off at a basketball game and Justin drove. Doug asked him if he was ready to get onto Hwy 65 but Justin said no. Doug asked him to pull over so he could drive. Justin pulled over and hit an icy patch and landed in the ditch. According to Doug “it was the deepest damn ditch in all of East Bethel!”

23: While driving the following conversation took place: Justin, “Dad, you can’t go here.” Dad, “Why?” Justin, “Because it is a one-way.” Dad continues driving. “I’m only going one-way!” | Playing cards is always a favorite past time. Justin and Grandma Fink out for the win - Christmas 2003 | Justin and Diane in 2004 | Dennis, Grandma Poppens, Doug Nathan, Alyssa, David, Justin | Grandma Donna taught Doug and Justin how it was done! | You're proud when they walk, scared when they run. That's how it always has been Between fathers and sons. Waylon Jennings

24: Alyssa Marie Poppens Born August 24, 1988 | Baptism | 1st Birthday

25: Fun at the lake - Summer, 2003 | Stories as told by Alyssa | When Doug would get off work he would pick up the kids and bring them back to his apartment. The kids and Doug had made a game of who could get into the apartment fastest. They would all run up the stairs saying, "First is the worst, second is the best, and third is the one with the hairiest chest". You can bet Alyssa will share this little ditty with her kids! | In 8th grade, Doug took Alyssa to her Open House at school. Doug walked around asking Alyssa’s friends to pull his finger. As embarrassing as it was, Alyssa asked him to accompany her the following year! | Good memories from Alyssa * Riding 4 wheelers on the beach in Florida * Helping build the shed * Taking the bicycle taxi in Minneapolis on her golden birthday

26: Doug was very protective of Alyssa. With one boy she dated, Doug asked him if he believed in God. He answered yes and that he met Alyssa in church. So you guys met in church – yeah. So you believe in God – yeah. Good because you might meet him sooner than you think. With another boyfriend, Alyssa and her friend were sleeping downstairs. Doug went down with the biggest butcher knife he could find and tapped the knife to the guy’s testicles to wake him up and said, “You are sleeping a little close to her aren’t you? You better behave!” He got the message! | When Alyssa went to Florida with Evan, Nancy and Doug. Evan and Doug decided to start drinking at Frenchy’s Bar in Clearwater. After numerous pitchers of beer, Alyssa cut them off. | had another pitcher. Doug went to sit down on the bar stool and missed. BOOM, on the floor he landed. Legs up in the air and wiggling like a bug. With no GPS or an idea of where to go, Alyssa tried to drive them back to their timeshare but didn't know where to go and Doug was doing the head bob, half falling asleep. This isn’t the whole story, but everyone is entitled to their own memories. | They were getting ready to leave and Alyssa went into the bathroom. When she came back out, they

27: Doug took Alyssa and her boyfriend to a Monster Truck show. As they were heading downtown on Hwy 94, Doug asked Evan to grab a beer from under the seat. Doug cracked it open and started drinking. A good laugh was had by all and it made quite an impression on Alyssa.

28: Nathaniel Allen Poppens Born December 8, 1989 | Grandma Donna and Nathan | Alyssa Doug, Grandma Poppens, Justin, Nathan and Grandpa Dennis | Nathan and Doug | 1 Year Old | 2 years old | Big brother Little brother

29: Grandpa Dennis bought Nathan a bike for Christmas. Well, before Nathan could use it, Doug took it out for a spin and cruised around the parking lot at the apartment. He skidded to a stop and popped the tire and bent the rim. Merry Christmas Nathan!

30: Stories as told by Nathan | April fools day – Doug couldn't get the TV remote to work. Nathan took the remote and put new batteries in so it worked. Before Nathan gave the remote back to Doug, he took the batteries out and handed it to Doug. Again, it wouldn't work for Doug, but worked for Nathan. This went on for a few times (back and forth) and Doug got so mad he threw the remote in the garbage and stormed out to the garage. Eventually he found out what the kids were doing. | When the kids first showed Doug what a Jag bomb was, he threw away the cap and said, well it looks like we don’t need this anymore! | Good memories from Nathan * Cruisin' through the woods on snowmobiles up north. * Driving out of town for the night to go see races. | Doug was test driving a green van. A cop stopped him and he got a speeding ticket, but the cop dropped the reckless driving! | Driving back from the neighbor's bonfire – Doug had Nathan sober cab him back home on the 3-wheeler. But when it was time to leave, Doug wanted to drive and wouldn't let Nathan drive. He drove really nice until they got back to the house and then stepped on the gas once they hit the driveway and ended up flipping the 3-wheeler on top of them.

32: Doug Poppens Nancy Hawkinson Best Man: Bob Sward Maid of Honor: Sue Geissler Ushers: Tom Almquist and Bruce Behrens Reverend Chuck Lamason Officiating

33: October 26, 1996 | I Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

34: Matthew 19:4-6 Haven't you read," he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,' and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'.

35: So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." | 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

36: Doug ism #1 "I cut my wife off 2 years ago and she still doesn't know it" | Family Photos | 1996 | 1997 | 1999 | 2000 | 2002 | 2003 | Doug ism #2 "How do you know if your wife is dead or alive? Sex is the same but the dishes pile up in the sink" | 2002

37: 2005 | 2007 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | Doug ism #3 "Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one and they usually stink!" | Deuteronomy 4:40 Therefore you shall keep his statutes and his commandments, which I command you today, that it may go well with you and with your children after you, and that you may prolong your days in the land that the Lord your God is giving you for all time.”

38: Schwin bikes were the best and Doug got a 10 speed! | Growing up in the 70's and 80's | Happy Birthday Dougie!! You have always been... a pretty good big brother. (Mom and dad would be proud!) One of my earliest memories of our childhood is Doug challenging me to a race in the pasture at Grandma and Grandpa Poppens’ farm. It seems to me, I was about 6 or 7 years old. But Doug... I started, being all smart about how the world works. “What about the electric fence?” “Oh, don't worry about it. I already took it down.” But Doug... I continued. I don't remember your exact words but you were pretty convincing! Something like, “Darla, I took it down when we came in! C’mon, let's go! Are you ready?” Well, ok.... Oh brother! What a brother!! So off we go towards the, ahem... finish line. I was determined to beat you this time! I picked up and ran just as fast as my little legs could carry me. To this day, I’m not sure at what point you stopped running to WATCH me run through that electric fence, but I never saw Grandma Poppens run so fast! Grandma said I screamed bloody murder. I remember trying to run through the fence, although in reality, I think the jolt probably shocked me and sent me flying backwards. Doug, you will have to tell the rest of the story; I’m not sure how much trouble you got into. As with most situations, everybody probably wrote it off to ‘Boys will be boys’. | Doug and David Henrikson washing dad's semi truck | 1977 - Doug's Confirmation | Metropolitan "Met" Stadium, Bloomington, MN

39: Another childhood memory was of you chasing Diane and I into our bedroom. OMGoodness, we feared for our lives!! This actually happened quite often, so Diane and I knew what to do, and how to keep Doug out. There was a (closet) wall inside our bedroom; just far enough away so the bedroom door would open and close. Diane and I would both race to the bedroom, slam the door closed, and sit against that wall, so our feet were holding the door closed. Doug simply could not get in. He sure would pound on the door though! I thought he was going to put his fist in it and pull us out through the hole! At some point, Doug stopped chasing us, and we grew too tall to sit in that space. I’m not sure which happened first. These two stories were told to me by Grandma Poppens only a year or two before she passed away. As you know, Grandma’s memory was a little sketchy towards the end of her life, but she could tell you a story from 45 years ago with incredible detail. The kitchen window at Grandma and Grandpa Poppens’ farm house faced the driveway and the road, so you see all the action passing by and who was coming for a visit. Grandma said she was in the kitchen one morning and saw mom’s car coming up the driveway. She slowly shook her head and said, “Oh Arnold, I’m not going to get aaaaany work done today.” Here comes mom with three little kids in tow. Grandma had to immediately resign herself to the fact that today would be a PLAY DAY! Everybody who knew us as kids, knew Doug was a “stinker” and Diane was a “screamer”. As Grandma Poppens told the story: All three of us were visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the farm for the day; she said we were little. All of a sudden, Diane is screaming, “Grandma!!!! Doug is FARTING on my head!!” Grandma must have sympathized with Diane, because she scolded Doug. With an exasperated tone, she asked, “Dougie! Why do you fart on your sister’s head??” For those that didn’t know us when we were little kids, Doug really was a “stinker”, and Diane really was a “screamer”. I remember you working at McDonald’s, although I never worked there, so I don't have any McDonald’s stories to share. As Doug told it, he sent the rookies “to the basement for a bag of French fries”. Another job you gave them was to “go shine the flagpole” top to bottom. I do know your time at McDonalds was a fantastic learning experience, launching you into the working world. You made a lot of good friends there, and your job at McDonalds is what sent you to Minneapolis in the first place. Everything happens for a reason!

40: “This car is SO much fun to spin cookies!” Oh oh... what did you do to my car?! With a twinkle in his eye, Doug almost sang, “Your car is fine; wanna go see the tree?” Yep “ not a scratch on the car (that wasn't there previously) and a 'big ole' dent in a very large tree trunk. A race car driver at heart! I also have to comment on your fathering skills. One year my family (Mom, Doug, Diane and families) decided to visit Arizona. Justin was walking, but still very young, blond, and cute. We're at the airport, inside the terminal, walking to the baggage claim area. Doug put Justin down to let him burn off some energy and SWOOSH! Justin is gone!! I’m slightly shocked at what I just saw; I look over at Doug, and he's just casually carrying on a conversation walking ever so nonchalantly. Doug??? I DO live in a city with a population of about 3 million people. Do you know how much a cute little blonde boy goes for on the market? Justin is still right by your side, so at some point you either went to get him or he came back. Count your blessings! I don't have many specific memories, but I’ve always had a sense that I had a great childhood. If Doug wasn't killing Diane and I, he was protecting us! Thanks Dougie!! All my love, Darla K | Do you remember taking my old, beat up ‘65 Custom Ford for a SPIN? It was winter time, snow, ice, etc. We were in high school or shortly thereafter. For some reason you wanted or needed to drive my (piece of crap) car. When you brought it back to me, you were exhilarated! “This car is SO much fun!” Oh really? Do tell...

41: Darla and Doug | David Henrikson and Doug | Doug ism #4 "This is all God's "stuff," we are just blessed to be able to use it while we are on earth."

42: What I remember growing up in the 70's and 80' with Doug Doug and I have had our moments! I am a 'typical' little sister. A huge pain in the butt for my big brother, but he is and always was there for me. Growing up, we fought like cats and dogs. I can actually remember when we were younger telling mom (I always told mom!) "Doug's looking at me!" She would just say "Look at him back!" That didn't seem to help me, but Doug enjoyed it! Doug would wave his hands in front of my face which absolutely made me livid. When Doug would punch me in the arm (and again, I would tell mom and she would say - punch him back!) it hurt! I would do what mom said and punch him back, but then he would punch me again only harder!! As kids, we had 'assigned' seats in the back seat of the car. Darla was always in the middle because Doug and I couldn't sit next to each other without fighting! We would have to draw imaginary lines so the other person wouldn't cross into 'our' backyard. Doug would spend hours in the basement playing with his Hot Wheels. The pool table legs were broken, so being the 'problem solver', Doug laid the top of the table on the floor and he used the green felt top as his 'town'. He would use old cardboard boxes and make buildings (businesses) and homes and he used Popsicle sticks to outline the roads. Sometimes he would allow me to play hot wheels with him. That was typically a good hour or two that we actually got along! | My Brother Doug

43: Doug never seemed to have any fear. Evil Knievel was a motorcycle stunt rider that is said to be responsible for about half the emergency room visits in the 70's. Our parents cautioned us not to try his stunts at home, but kids everywhere were jumping off ramps and attempting his maneuvers. Doug was no different! Once he and some neighbor kids had built a ramp and were jumping their bikes off it. Doug jumped the ramp, and I am not sure exactly what happened, but he didn't quite make it and he flew off his bike and got banged up pretty bad. One of the neighbor kids came knocking on the door to get mom. She waked down to the end of the circle and brought Doug and his bike back home. When we were young, mom had a stick that she used to spank us. One time Doug did something and mom went to reach for the stick (she always kept it on the top of the fridge) and while she was reaching to get the stick, Doug took her picture. Man he was having fun! Mom laughed and I believe that is when the spankings ended. In the mid 70's there was a toy called "Clackers" that us kids got. The purpose of Clackers was to make them clack. This is pretty exciting compared to the pet rock. If you weren't the one clacking, you were sitting there watching others clack, because let's face it, Clackers aren't a good sharing toy. We would count how many times we could make it clack up and down. "clack..clack...clack...". Darla and Doug were the first to make them clack both up and down - I had my work cut out for me in order to keep up! All of us kids would spend hours downstairs listening to 45's on an old portable record player. When LP's came out we were 'stylin'! Doug used to listen to Sha Na Na, Ballroom Blitz, Bad Blood, Short People, and many others. One time Doug and Jim Rasmussen were downstairs and they put on 'The Night Chicago Died' by PaperLace. When it came to the part where it said - momma cried - Doug and Jim would cry very loudly and carry on like there was no tomorrow! I always seemed to follow Doug. In school I seemed to get the same teachers he had and then I also followed him by working my first job at McDonalds. When Doug moved to Minneapolis in the fall of 1981, I missed him! No one was there to pick on me! But a couple of years later, Doug called and asked if I wanted to move to Duluth with him and his girlfriend. So, I followed him there too! As Darla said - things happen for a reason! Doug is one of the most caring, generous, funny, kind people I know! Doug, you have always been there when I needed you. You are always there to help anyone that needs it. Doug and I are not always on the same page or see eye to eye, but he is a great husband, father, brother and friend! Happy 50th birthday brother! I love you! --Diane | Mom - reaching for the the spanking stick!

44: Doug ism #5 "I'm so bright, my mom called me Son" | Cousin Janel, Darla and Nancy | Doug and nephew TJ Bullis | Great Aunt and Uncle Emilia and Alvin Rippe | Uncle Wayne and Doug | Isaac, Carmen, Emma and cousin Chris Fischer | Great Uncle Harold | The Dennis Poppens Clan | Doug and nephew Chase Roe | Alyssa, Nathan, Grandpa Dennis and Justin | David, Dad Minnie and Mayona Glowick | Doug and Great Aunt Margaret | Darla, Doug and Diane

45: Doug ism #6 "Keep your shit picked up ....or I'll trip over it!" | Uncle Don and Ashley Thelen | Grandma Poppens | Aunt Joyce and Dave Sibson | Grace, Tessa, Rigley, Jeff and cousin Christy Bowar | Stacia and cousin Allen Poppens | Grandma Fink, Great Uncle Harold and Great Aunt Margaret | Cousin Kim Streubel | Cousin Curt and Kate Fischer | Uncle Wayne and Aunt Vonnie Poppens | Ashley Thelen | Corey, Kamryn, cousin Lisa, Connor Thelen | Cody, Rhonda, Brandon, cousin Dean Fischer

46: Doug..ism #7 "Do it right the first time and there won't be a next time." | Godparents Joyce and Don Fischer with Doug | Great Aunt Margaret Kiunke | Doug, Brenda Nathan, Justin, Alyssa | Little brother David and Doug | Father-in-law Dave and mother-in-law Rachel Hawkinson | Andy, sister-in-law Tammy and Dan Nelson | Bob, cousin Heidi, Molly and Amelia DeWald | Uncle Alvin and Aunt Judy Fischer | Levi and cousin Bobbi Jo Sandal | Nephew TJ Bullis | Lee and cousin Janel Vander Schaaf | Cousins Brian and Allen Poppens | Brother David

47: The subject is Doug! A very interesting person. He has humor and wit to no end. Most of the time he is just full of (bull sh) it and he is so much fun to be around. I just asked Dave to sum him up. He said, "He's a fun, crazy, racing nut that I enjoy being around." Although he does have a serious side, I know he started working jobs at a young age and was a hard worker. So to sum him up from a woman's point of view -- "He's a keeper!" -- Dave and Joyce Sibson -- When I think of Doug...I see a cheerful, considerate, helpful, fun loving, respectful, loyal, determined, gracious, loving chocoholic and car racing enthusiast who will travel the world for a race. -- Margaret Kiunke -- A co-worker of Nancy's talked about how her child couldn't be in band any more because the new school didn't have an instrument rental program. They would have to buy an instrument. The coworker found a clarinet online for $100, but she didn't have it. Nancy called Doug and he said, "Write her a check. For something like that, you don't even have to ask." Nancy's co-worker's vehicle died just when they were leaving for a two week vacation. Doug put his arm around the co-worker and asked, "Could you do me a favor? Could you drive our car around for the next couple of weeks while we are out of town. It would be safer if someone would be using it rather than just letting it sit." | Adventures and Memories of Doug | Doug..ism #8 "Wake up Pudd'n Head" | Doug..ism #9 "Sometimes it is easier to ask for forgiveness later than to ask for permission first." | Doug, Alyssa, Diane, John Nelson - 2010

48: One day Nancy was in line with a cart full of groceries and my pager went off with a emergency... is Doug hurt? She called him back fearing the worst, thinking she would need to rush him to ER...nope! Not really an emergency. He just wanted to catch her before she checked out because he was hoping she could pick up some pasta salad. He was really hungry for pasta salad. Then there was the day Doug and Nancy ran into some friends from church, Jeff and Chelsea Brannick, near the patio furniture at their local Walmart. The phone on a nearby post began to ring and Doug walked over, picked it up and said "Lawn and Garden." After a brief pause, he said "Sure! We have a few left. What size were you looking for? O.K. just a minute." He set the phone down, came back to us and sat in a lawn chair. He rejoined our conversation and just as Chelsea was telling him she didn't believe he just answered the phone, a Walmart team member walked by. Doug called out to her and told her she had a customer on the phone..." might want to take care of that!" | Stories and Thoughts of Doug | Doug and I were fishing a bass tournament on South Center lake about 6 years ago. As everyone knows, Doug has not missed a lot of buffet lines and likes to eat. We were fishing and Doug had just cast his bait out. He set down his brand new rod and reel in order to dig out a sandwich (this being about 9am so I can understand how long it had been since breakfast). He had laid his rod and reel on the back deck. Just as he was digging for his sandwich a fish bit on his line and pulled the new rod and reel over the side of the boat into the water. We spent about an hour trying to find the rod and reel with no success. I know that when he lays his rod and reel down he will always open the bail on the reel. -- Neil Kelly -- | Years ago before cell phones were popular, Doug had a pager. Once his pager went off in the check out line at Walmart. Doug clutched his chest, with a scared look and said, "Help! That is my pacemaker! My heart!" The cashier almost had a heart attack herself!

49: 2010 Doug and Sis Lundeen | Kristi Lundeen and Nancy | There was an incident once back in 2005 when Doug was riding my ATV and decided to take a sharp left turn. Needless to say, he rolled the ATV and broke his leg. He was really embarrassed about the whole thing. After he went to the hospital we did get to laugh about it. To be honest with you I still don't think he has a four wheeler to this day. And to think that he used to race cars. This is why whenever we go someplace I drive (no just kidding)! One of the nicest things that he did was take time out of his busy schedule to take my dad and I fishing. This is no easy feat as my dad is 87 years old and in a wheel chair. Doug is one hell of a man. --Ed Chromey -- | The first time I met Doug I really thought Nancy had found him in an insane asylum....then I got to know Doug. One very important thing I have learned is that when he greets me and my daughter and says "hey beautiful" he is talking to my daughter.....I fell into that one too many times! My favorite memory is at the races of course. We were at Elko and the stands were packed. It was hot and Doug had the grand idea to hijack one of the suites that was not in use. He found one that was empty and we all went up to it and hung out. Now normal people would keep this in the down low but not Doug. He was opening the window yelling to everyone "hey, come on up, we got a suite!" Then he decides that we all need a round of drinks and we should charge it to the guy that actually owns the suite, for some reason he thought was Jeff Belzer. The waitress was on to him so that never happened but we did have a great time in the suite that night and it is my understanding that this was not the first time that Doug has "borrowed" something that was not his! Now that I have got to know Doug I have come to know the real Doug who is truly a great guy. He always makes me laugh and is there when you need a hand with anything. If you are with Doug at the races there is not a dull moment. Happy Birthday Doug! We love ya! --Sis, Dale, Kevin and Kristi-- | Recollections and Reflections of Doug | Doug..ism #10 "Everybody is normal until you get to know them"

50: Tiny Tim | Squirt - ' snooze, you lose!' Squirt took Doug's spot back on the bed after he got up to use the bathroom! | BooBoo | Missy - the first kitty Doug ever loved! | Missy Sue | Shyla - Naughty would chew everything! | Sassy - aka "the whistler" Doug would whistle and Sassy would whistle with him!

51: Roxy - Would leap in the front window of the pickup for a ride! She also thought she was a lap dog! | Racer - Doug named him! The first day they had him, they went to the races so that became his name. | Jazzy - after 2 years, Jazzy now lets Doug and Nancy pet her and is becoming a 'normal' dog! | Mr. Trouble and Miss Mayhem - Trouble reached for Doug when they were looking for cats. Miss Mayhem is Troubles sister and is now affectionately called Eileen because of the crick in her neck! | Animal Friends

52: Sydney Opera House, 2010 | Florida, 2012 | Cleland Wildlife Park, AU, 2010 | 2005 | Parramatta, AU, 2010 | 2011 | Daytona Beach, FL 2008 | Minnehaha Falls, 2011 | 2011 | Orlando, FL 2006 | Pine Brook Inn, October 4, 2010 | Bondi Beach, AU 2010 | Clearwater Beach, FL Valentine's Day, 2009 | I Carry Your Heart with Me by E.E.Cummings I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) | I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true) and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you Here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

53: Busch Gardens, FL 2009 | Brook's car, 2006 | Downtown Disney World, 2009 | Balloon Bouquet, FL 2009 | Daytona 500, 2009 | Pennsylvania, 1999 | 2008 | Ronald Regan Library, 2007 | Homestead Speedway Miami, FL 2009 | Daytona 500, 2009 | Busch Gardens, FL 2009 | Busch Gardens, FL 2009 | Busch Gardens, FL 2009

54: Building our Dream House - 2000 | The garage foundation is poured! | The garage goes up | From the back of the garage | The front of the garage | The trailor home gets moved off the lot | This is amazing! | Let the digging commence! | That is one big hole in the ground! | Pouring cement into the basement walls | Those are some high walls! | Inside basement walls | Amazing how this is done!

55: Welcome | To Our Home | Up with the walls! | Up with the trusses. This is starting to look like home! | Home sweet home | Working on the inside | Sheet rock is almost done | Kitchen cabinets in place | Finishing touches with cement | Driveway poured

56: Nancy, Bobby Allen "Scruffy", Doug Hanover, PA - 2001 | St. Louis Arch Missouri - 2002 | Nathan at Busch Stadium St. Louis, Missouri - 2002 | Vacations | Florida - 2008 | Daytona, Florida - 2009 | Florida - 2004 | In front of the White House Washington, DC - 2001 | Lunch with President George W Bush - 2001 | Too much chocolate Dougie? Hershey, PA - 2001

57: Malibu Beach | Las Vegas Motor Speedway Richard Petty Driving | Las Vegas Motor Speedway Richard Petty Driving | Ride Along - Las Vegas | California - 2007 | Regan Library - Air Force One | Piece of Berlin Wall at the Regan Library

58: The Australia Group Sonny and Lori Richert, Brooke and Amy Tatnell, Nancy and Doug Poppens | Harbor Bridge in Sydney Australia | Opera House and Boardwalk | Great Ocean Highway (South of Sydney) | Blow Hole | George Tatnell Golf Classic | Doug, Lucas Wolfe, ??? | Driving on the 'right' side! We are so 'left-handed in the USA! | Vacation of our Dreams - Australia, 2010 | Penguin Island, AU Doug, Emma Tatnell, Nancy | Condo in Perth, AU

59: Doug, Loz (Brook's God Mother) and Nancy. Doug and Nancy stayed with Loz while in Australia. | Uncle Joe Tatnell - Their tour guide while in Australia! Joe is Brook's uncle and Doug called him his 'Little Buddy'! | Most people request an ocean view, Doug and Nancy had a sprint car view! Outside the hotel window in Warrnambool. | Free Mantal Prison - Perth, AU | Avalon, AU | Jamboroo Pub, AU Nancy, Sonny, Loz, Doug | Perth, AU | Brooke Tatnell's car | Sonny Richert and David Craft's 'Crafty' Car | Jerry (Sonny) Richert, Jr. | Cleland Wildlife Park

60: Doug is a very generous and giving man. He is always ready to share whatever he has and makes others' lives enjoyable! Doug loves to take people out on his boat. He has done this with family, friends, Bible study group and even Nancy's kids from school! Most of these kids have never been on a boat before. | Dave and LeelEllen Dobihol | Mike and Jody Frank and family | Pool sharks - Doug and Freddie | Mark Lundblad and Doug | Brad Thielen | Family Friends Neighbors | Gary Nelson, Dave Dobihol, Doug, Brad Thielen, Jeff Nelson | Brenda Bosco | Bruce Behrens, Doug and Harvey Stevens - hard workers!

61: Captain Poppens on his Fun Deck | Second mate - Dave | Lisa and Kamryn Thelen | Fun tubing! | The Nelson's | Nancy's kids

62: Arlington Raceway – Arlington, MN Attica Raceway Park – Attica, OH Beaver Dam Raceway – Beaver Dam, WI Cedar Lake Speedway – New Richmond, WI Deer Creek Speedway – Spring Valley, MN Eldora Speedway – Rossburg, OH Elko Speedway – Elko, MN Fox Ridge Raceway – Arcadia, WI Granite City Speedway – Sauk Rapids, MN Hartford Speedway – Hartford, SD Husets Speedway – Brandon, SD Jackson Speedway – Jackson, MN Knoxville Raceway – Knoxville, IA (annually since 1994!) Lincoln Speedway – Abbottstown, PA (visited, but didn’t see a race) | Gentlemen, Start your Engines! | Madison Speedway – Madison, SD Manzanita Speedway – Phoenix, AZ New Egypt Speedway – New Egypt, NJ North Central Speedway – Brainerd, MN Ogilvie raceway – Ogilvie, MN Paducah International Raceway – Paducah, KY Perris Auto Speedway – Perris, CA Princeton Speedway – Princeton, MN Rapid Speedway – Rock Rapids, IA Sioux Empire Fairgrounds – Sioux Falls, SD Southern Iowa Speedway – Oskaloosa, IA St. Croix Valley Speedway – Centuria, WI Superior Speedway – Superior, WI The Dirt Track at Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV Viking Speedway – Alexandria, MN Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville, FL Williams Grove Speedway – Mechanicsburg, PA | Dirt Tracks Visited | Past Champions 2010-2011 Jason Meyers 2006-2009 Donny Schatz 2002-2005 Steve Kinser 2001 Danny Lasoski 2000 Steve Kinser 1999 Mark Kinser 1998 Steve Kinser 1997 Sammy Swindell 1996 Mark Kinser 1995 Dave Blaney 1990-1994 Steve Kinser 1989 Bobby Davis, Jr. 1983-1988 Steve Kinser 1981-1982 Sammy Swindell 1978-1980 Steve Kinser

63: NASCAR Tracks Visited Daytona International Speedway – Daytona, FL Dover International Speedway - Dover, DE (visited, but didn’t see a race) Auto Club Speedway - Fontana, CA (visited, but didn’t see a race) Homested-Miami Speedway - Homested, FL (visited, but didn’t see a race) Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indianapolis, IN (visited, but didn’t see a race) Iowa Speedway - Newton, IA (visited, but didn’t see a race) | Australian Sprint Car Tracks Visited Avalon Raceway - Avalon, VIC Borderline Raceway - Mount Gambier, SA (visited, but didn’t see a race) Murray Bridge Raceway - Murray Bridge, SA (visited, but didn’t see a race) Parramatta City Raceway - Sydney, NSW Perth Motorplex - Perth, WA Premier Speedway - Warrnambool, VIC Speedway City - Adelaide, SA | Notable drivers who have raced in World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Erin Crocker - First female driver to win a World of Outlaw preliminary event. Steve Kinser - 20 time series champion Danny Lasoski - 2001 Champion Joey Saldana - 2009 won 20 feature events Donny Schatz - 4 time Series Champion Sammy Swindell - 1981 to 1982 champion Ron Shuman - National Sprint Car Hall of Fame member Brad Doty - former WoO driver, now announcer Mark Kinser - 1996 and 1999 Series Champion Bobby Allen - founding member of WoO Dave Blaney - 1995 Series Champion and Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon - Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver Kasey Kahne - Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver Tony Stewart - Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver Ken Schrader - Nascar Sprint Cup Series driver

64: Justin and Sammy Swindell | Northwoods Sponsored Trailer | Bruce Tull | Sonny Richert and Phil, Peighton, Teigen Koepen | Ted Ready, Doug Wolfgang and Scratch Daniels on board the Richert/Ready custom built trailer at the Jerry Richert Memorial, September 2010 | Doug tuning the '76 car at Husset's | John Nelson, Doug and Austin Johnson | Loz, Doug and Nancy Superior, WI 2010 | 1995

65: Justin's birthday Keg 2010 | Emma and Garrett Tatnell 2012 | Easter, 2012 | Christmas, 2011 | Doug, Darla, Justin, Diane 2009 | With Garrett Tatnell, 2012 | Rich Erickson and Doug 2012 | Joni Erickson and Doug 2012 | Doug and Amy Tatnell, Amy Schlaeger-Hoppe 2011 | Amanda and Bruce Tull, 2010 | Nathan and Doug 2010 | Emma Tatnell LOVES Dougie! She calls him 'Rut Roo' and giggles all the time when he is around. Once Doug went to the park with them and he got his butt stuck going down the slide. Emma thought that was the funniest thing ever! | Bruce Tull and Doug | Let's Rumble!

66: 1972 Dune Buggy 'ITZ4FUN' | B i g B o y T o y s | FunDeck | Loz Neale, 2010 Polaris 600 | Aaron Tippin Big Boy Toys Partial Lyrics Big boy toys, motors and lights Knobs and switches and a four-wheel-drive Running up the road or crawling across the farm And when they break down, I jack them up in the yard Pull out my tools, my pride and joy Man, you gotta love them big boy toys | The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.

67: Donny Schatz Car | Anheuser Busch Brewery | Kasey Kahne at Knoxville, IA | Doug, 1994 | Wayne Poppens, 1983 | Grandma Poppens - 1993 | 1995 | 1995

68: Payin' the dough | to play | in the snow!

69: Snowmobile with sleigh | Nathan and Doug

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