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Dr. Miller Photo Book

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BC: Prader-Willi Syndrome 2013

FC: Prader-Willi Syndrome | We do not meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason! | Dr. Jennifer Miller

1: Dr. Jennifer Miller, There are people we meet in life that are absolutely phenomenal. One can meet them directly in person or indirectly through email, phone, or Internet. Sometimes one never meets these extraordinary people, but what those amazing people do in life impacts souls in ways that can never fully be expressed with words of gratitude. YOU ARE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!! You, Dr.Miller, break the mold and go above and beyond for the PWS community.You are nothing short of PHENOMENAL!! This is just a little gift from us to you with personal thanks for what you do every day that makes our PWS world a little less hectic and give us hopes and dreams for a brighter future.

2: Dr. Miller, I do not think that words could ever fully describe how thankful we are to have you in our lives. When Kylar was first diagnosed with PWS I feared the future in what it may hold for our family. Other doctors only added to this fear by telling me what my child would be like when she was older and what she wouldn't be able to accomplish in life. When we met you, you only gave us light, hope and comfort of what the future will hold! The only fear now is when my daughter will start driving, going away to college, & marriage. You are so remarkable and it may not seem like much to you, but you have changed our lives to give Kylar the best life possible. You go up and beyond what is expected of doctors and we can never repay you for that. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Kelly, Darrell & Kylar Theriot

3: Kylar Theriot 1 Years Old Larose, LA

4: Dr. Miller.....You have been a true blessing to our family. I honestly feel like God led us to the Love Bug Facebook page for encouragement from the wonderful parents on that site but also to be connected to amazing YOU! You are an inspiration, you are selfless, and you break the mold of any doctors we have ever known! Now you are the standard to which we hold every doctor that we meet. I can't even fathom the amount of love and time you pour into soooo many families. "Thank you" just does not seem sufficient! But we do thank you and honestly feel like you are a part of our family!

5: Katelyn Prince San Antonio, TX 12 Months Old

6: Without you, Dr. Miller, my future wouldn't be so bright! | Lillian Peden 3 Years Old Bloomington, IN

7: Declan Edward Shelton 14 Months Old Alexandria, VA | Dr. Miller, Thank you for all you do for Declan and the PWS community! We are all so fortunate to have you on our side! Allison, Brandon, & Declan Shelton

8: Dear Dr. Miller, I don't even know where to begin. I have so much gratitude in my heart for you and your expertise. These last 3 years of Cade's life would have been so dark and scary without you by our sides guiding us through every illness, emergency, surgery, etc. We have indeed still had some scary times, but always pulled through with your love and help. | Mostly, our journey has been full of joy and great times that this little guy has brought to us. I owe so much to you! You are so much more than a doctor, but more like a friend. That feeling is truly irreplaceable. Thank you for always providing us with your honesty and trusted care, but most of all your love! Love always, Maegan, Jake, Carter, and Cade!

9: Cade Richard | Cade Richard 3 Years Old Houma, LA

10: Ellie Spearman 17 Months Old Spartanburg, SC

11: Dear Dr. Miller, Words cannot express how grateful we are for you, Dr. Miller. You are an angel, an answer to prayer, and so much more than an exceptional doctor. You have given us so much hope, cheered our girl on, calmed our fears, educated us on PWS, and above all, loved us through our journey. | Thank you for your tireless efforts to fight for Ellie and all individuals with PWS. We appreciate your zealous passion, brilliant knowledge and compassionate heart and spirit. We know Ellie is in the BEST of hands because you are her doctor and advocate. We will do whatever we can to eliminate the challenges of PWS, educate others and spread awareness... And whenever we do, rest assured the wonderful, amazing, passionate, Dr. Jennifer Miller will be talked about. We love You! David, Gwyn & Ellie Spearman

12: Dr. Miller, How do you say thank you to the person who has helped you save your child? You are the most amazing, helpful, selfless and kind person any mother can hope for when looking for advice and knowledge for her child. You make me feel like forever with Katie is an option! You are the counselor, doctor, advisor and mother hen to so many of us. I honestly don't know what we would do without you! I know all the lives you have saved and helped out but of course Katie is my most precious gift and you single handedly gave us hope for more with her! You gave us light and optimistic views for her future and our families future! I know we will cure PWS I know we will because we have you!!! I am grateful you cared so much about PWS to look for ways to help our are more than a doctor, more than a researcher you are our friend,our way to get through the day and know we will all be okay. My family and I are proud to have you on our team and call you our doctor :) thank you for the endless hours, sleepless nights and optimistic attitude we all need you and are all thankful for you! You make PWS children's lives worth living and love it!!!! Thank You x10 would never be enough, a 100 hugs still wouldn't do it but maybe one day when you see these kids with PWS living a life we never dreamed of that will show you that everything you gave up and put in was worth it!!! With tears in my eyes and a heart full of gratitude I say "thank you Dr. Jennifer Miller, for loving my child and taking care of her! Thank you for the work you do and thank you for being so much more than they teach in medical are a gift."

13: Katie's shirt says "I MAKE PWS LOOK GOOD"! | Kaitlyn Duncan 23 Months Old Lubbock, TX

14: Dear Jen, You are a beautiful person inside and out and our family is honored to know you. Your determination to eliminate the challenges of PWS is "one of a kind" and our PWS community is lucky to have you. Dante and Denzel are thriving because of you and your tireless efforts and compassion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Keegan, Tanya, Dante and Denzel

15: Dante Johnson 8 Years Old Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

16: Jonathan Jones 4 Years Old Perry, GA | You have given us HOPE Dr. Miller!!!

17: Dr.Miller, Even though I haven't met you and unable to right now, whenever I have a question, you gladly answer it. We are grateful for everything that you do for our kiddos and what you continue to do for them. You give everything that you have to help us in any way that you can. We thank you and hope to meet you some day.. Sincerely, The Hannabass Family | Kaleb Hannabass 14 Months Old Quinton, VA

18: Kieran Braun | 18 Months Old Windermere, FL

19: Finding out that our precious son, Kieran had Prader-Willi was devastating news for my wife and I. It has by no means been an easy road, but Dr. Miller is truly our “angel on earth”. I often find myself marveling at how she is able to embody so many great characteristics: compassion, passion, advocacy, drive, intelligence, tirelessness, selflessness, genuine love for our PWS kids, and a heartfelt personal touch. I know for a fact that she has hundreds of patients, some of them from all over the world, she speaks at conferences and continues to perform cutting-edge research, and yet she somehow always finds time to respond personally to my numerous emails requesting new scripts, updates to old ones, questions, and the exchanging of ideas. Dr. Miller in a word, you are Amazing! Thank you for all that you do! Thomas Braun, Susanna Gedaro, Kieran, Kerry, Sofia, Giuliana, Andrew, Giovanni

20: Dear Dr Miller, You have changed our future, you have given us hope. Thank you. Peter, Jennifer, Josephine and James | Josephine Elizabeth Sharman Koh 3 Years Old Brussels, Belgium

21: Colton Johnson 6 Months Old Midland, TX | Dr. Miller, You have been such a blessing to my family and we are so thankful for all you have do for our little Colton. You have given him the best chance of having a happy, healthy life. Thank you so much -The Johnson's

22: Dear Dr. Miller, Although we have never met, you hold a very special place in my heart. My daughter Clover has Prader Willi Syndrome, and just knowing that there is this amazing person out there (YOU) who is in our corner... fighting for our kiddos, advocating for us, educating us, and taking such wonderful care of us, means the world to my family. I think all of us in the PWS community, including me, wishes we could put you in our pocket and carry you around with us everywhere we go. Thank you for giving me hope and for seeing how truly wonderful our kids are. I hope that Clover is lucky enough to meet you one day! Thank you, Dr. Miller!! Love, the Cheney Family (Curtis, Jen, Clover and Henry)

23: Clover Jane 9 Months Old Casper, WY

24: Dr. Miller, You cannot imagine how much you are loved. If I won the lottery, I'd move to wherever you are and be your assistant. (And I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd say that.) Because of the positive energy you exude and because you need to be around for long time for these kids! We look forward to each and every one of your appointments because we always leave knowing more and feeling more optimistic. I don't even like to think about what our PWS community would do without you. You are the reason for the quality of life for these kids. To say thank you is not enough, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~Kevin, Penni and Adelaide Grant | Adelaide Grant 2 Years Old Huntsville, AL

25: Levi's diagnosis at 2 weeks old rocked us to the very core. We contacted Dr. Miller when he was 3 months old and she was so responsive and informative and immediately put our minds at ease. We live in Northern California and were not able to bring Levi in person until March of 2012. We wondered if it was going to be worth it to make the trip to Florida-- and it totally was! I wish we'd gone to visit sooner and that we could afford to go see her all the time! Since Levi was born we have seen a lot of doctors, and no other doctor has had the same impact on us-- shown us empathy and compassion, spent so much time with us, been so responsive to our calls and inquiries, had the extensive knowledge of PWS... NO ONE compares! Levi and every other kid with PWS are so lucky to have Dr. Miller on their team. She is simply the best, in every way!! Lisa and Nate Miller San Francisco, CA | Levi Edward Miller 22 Months Old San Francisco, CA

26: Justice Faith Rickenbach 9 Years Old Minnesota

27: Dr Miller, There are no words that can adequately express how grateful we are for all you do for the PWS community. You have brought hope and joy back to so many who felt such utter despair after their child got a diagnosis of PWS. Our children have a brighter future because of you and your tireless efforts to find new ways to manage PWS. Justice is amazing and she continues to prove all the text books and some medical professionals wrong, we thank you for that. Not only do you genuinely love our children but you have given us, the parents of these amazing children, hope. For that we are eternally grateful. John, Kristi and Justice Faith Rickenbach

28: Besides us, there is no one that knows more, works more or cares more for our kids than you. Thanks for all you do for our PWS community. We LOVE you xxx | Giulianna Emma Del Cane 2 Years Old Montreal Canada

29: Sophia Lam 25 Months Old New York City | Our hearts are smiling because we finally found a doctor that cares for Sophia as much as we do. While everyone else dismisses our concerns, you heard every word I said, and are willing to work WITH us! You are totally worth 48 hours worth of travel, and so much more! Thank you for everything that you do for our kids. Thank you for all the hope you provide for our kids. Thank you for loving our kids as much as we do!!

30: Elias Byrne 2 Months Old Danville, Illinois | "Dear Dr.Miller, We just met last week, and already you have helped us so much, we need more people like you in the world lots of love from Danville Illinois!"

31: Ella Margaret Capobianco, 1 Years Old Deer Park, New York | Thank you, Dr. Miller for giving so much of yourself to our children. I haven't ever come across a more selfless, passionate, and dedicated person than you. You inspire us, and give us hope when we feel like there isn't anything more to hope for. I am so grateful to know you and grateful to call you our Doctor. Love, The Capobianco Family

32: Dear Dr. Miller, Thank you so much for being there for us!!! Thank you for your first email that you sent me... I have kept the email and when I feel down I read it over and over again and I say to myself it is all going to be alright we are going to be fine! I am so glad that we met you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon again! Regards and lots of love from Prague Lucie and Luca!!!!

33: Luca Trojan 13 Months Old Prague

34: Klara Sweeney 2 1/2 Years Old North Carolina | Hi Dr. Miller we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for our Klara and the large PWS Family. We are forever grateful. God bless you. Your Sweeney Family

35: I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help that you've provided Kinsley. You're outstanding!!!! I so look forward to our appointment in September. Your care, compassion and understanding is simply wonderful. | Kinsley Lucile Leonard 6 Months Old Chalk River, On

36: Dr. Miller, Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and how lucky we feel to have found you to be our daughter's doctor. You were the first ray of light in the dark days of getting the PWS diagnosis. You gave us something that costs nothing but gives everything...HOPE. You gave us our life back and the hopes and dreams we had for Kaylee. Your unfailing kindness, compassion and strength has been a blessing to all the families you have touched. Your championing of our children, all the support you continue to give us and the fights you engage in for the medical well-being of our kids proves that you are truly one of a kind. | We are so grateful for the gift that is YOU!! Love, Monique, Griff and Kaylee

37: Kaylee Rose Griffin 4 Years Old Orlando, Florida

38: Myles Hollatz 16 Months Old Bronxville, NY

39: Dear Dr. Miller, It is hard to put into words how we felt after we met with you this past February in Florida. The love, care and compassion you showed as a person and a physician is unparalleled and which we will be forever grateful. Let's just say, we thought we were going to sprout wings and fly back to New York. You filled us with such hope for the future! Thank you cannot express our gratitude for your devotion to our son, Myles And the PWS community. You are a true rockstar!! With love and thanks, Steve, Laura and Myles Hollatz

40: THANK YOU DR. MILLER! Not only have you helped us face our fears, You've shown us how to ELIMINATE THEM! Your guidance is CHERISHED; And we ADORE YOU! With more gratitude than words could ever express, The Gebos, Sydney, Ben, Rhys, and Cade | Rhys Gebo 15 Months Old Palm Harbor, FL

41: Benjamin Pulkrabek 10 Months Old Phoenix, AZ | Dr. Miller, I spoke with you on the phone when Ben was about a month old, a few days after I received his diagnosis. You made me feel so much better about the diagnosis, and you gave me so much hope for Ben's future. We are excited about our appointment to see you in August. Our children are better off because of you. Thank you! Adrian, Kristy, Carson, and Ben Pulkrabek

42: Saige Gartin 4 Years Old Doylestown, OH | Dr Miller, We are so grateful to have you in our lives. You give us so much hope for Saige's future. My family is thankful for the dedication you have for PWS. The Gartin family, Vicki, Jeremy, Gabrielle, Kyleigh, Saige, Ryder, and Kensington.

43: Vincent William DeSimone 2 1/2 Years Old Long Beach, NY | Dr Miller You have given my Mommy and Daddy HOPE! Thank You!

44: We just wanted to tell you, Dr. Miller, how grateful our family is that you were born and that your passion is our Kiddos and finding a cure for PWS! My husband Steve and I were able to meet you at the Indianapolis Conference in 2012. We gained so much knowledge and were able to make amazing changes for Max. We will keep raising money and awareness, so we can help you find a cure! Steve, Heather & Max Osterman | Max Osterman 3 Years Old Northbrook, IL

45: David Olivacz 5 Years Old Churchville, MD | Dr. Miller, Thank you for never giving up on David. Thank you for always seeking solutions and seeing the tremendous potential in all our kids with PWS. David has struggled more with PWS than many others, and you have always made sure that every possibility has been considered. Thank you for being open-minded and really listening to us parents. You have alleviated the devastation of a PWS diagnosis by providing excellent care and hope for our future. Huge hugs from Maryland, Cyndi, Joe, Daniel, and David Olivacz

46: Leah Riley Bender 2 Years Old Butler, PA | Words can not describe the gratitude we have for you! You gave us hope that we never thought we would have! Thank you for all you do for us and the rest of our PWS family. We love you!!! Love, Jen, Travis, Luke, and Leah

47: Vanessa Child 24 Years Old Mexico, Maine | Dr. Miller, I think you are amazing and wanted to thank you for all that you do for PWS! I also, admire all the time you dedicate into PWS.

48: Audrianna Williams 12 Years Old Lawton, OK | Dear Dr. Miller, Thank you for all you have done for Audrianna. You helped get her started on GH, in hippotherapy and were a big reason she was approved for her Make A Wish. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet with you two years ago. Hopefully, we can make it that way again sometime. We love you, Janis and Audrianna Williams

49: Ella Gibbons 5 Years Old Mesa, AZ | Dr. Miller, We are so grateful to have you. You understand the syndrome and get to know each person with the syndrome (which in my mind includes the parents dealing with the syndrome). We appreciate you, Dr. Miller! By the way, you were AWESOME on the Doctors! Jenny, Collin & Ella Gibbons

50: Jener Ludwig 1 Years Old Kingfisher, OK | I appreciate all you do Dr. Miller! Thank you. Love, Jener, Joy, Julian & Jensen Ludwig!

51: Victorin Desalle & Co 3 Years Old Belgium | Dear Dr Miller, It is a challenge to choose the right words for you. Thank you for your availability, your hope, your work, for sharing your thoughts, your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your time. Thank you for the love that you give each child under your care. Thank you for being there for Victorin and all our family.

52: Emma Grace Vario 1 year Old Hummelstown, PA | Dear Dr. Miller, HOPE- "It's not a wish, it's a belief." Thank you for believing in our Emma! Thank you for giving us HOPE! It is because of YOU that we saw the light at the end of the words, Prader-Willi Syndrome. For that we cannot thank you enough. You have been and always will be a very important person to us. Our future will forever be brighter because of you. With all our love and gratititude, Pete, Jackie, Ava & of course, Emma Vario

53: Eva Grace Jensen 9 Months Old Prairieville, LA | Dr. Miller, you gave us the one thing others had failed to prescribe, hope. A lifetime of gratitude from Team Eva Grace!

54: Jack Richard Miesle 20 Months Old Fishers, IN

55: A very BIG thank you Dr Miller for all that you do for Jack and the PWS community! You are the very personification of selflessness and compassion and your positivity and hope for the future is such an inspiration to all that you help. We truly feel so blessed to have you in our lives and in charge of Jack's care. We know there are no better hands for him to be in than yours. :) All our love- The Miesle Family (Jim, Laura, and Jack)

56: Dean Shenk 4 Years Old Richmond, VA | Dr. Miller, When I tell others about you and the influence you have on the life of Dean and so many others with PWS, it seems almost like a dream. Someone who is so smart, so caring, so dedicated, so optimistic, and so determined! Because of your care for Dean, we have a lot of peace and confidence that we would not otherwise have. Thank you so much for everything that you do for him and for others with PWS. You are very special to our family! Love, Ali, Bob, Cole, Dean, and Emmett Shenk :)

57: You are a dreamer and give me a future. Thank you for all you do. Love, Joe Harkin | Joe Harkin 2 Years Old Austin, TX

58: When Joseph was first diagnosed I was told he would have no life.. The first thing you said to me when you met him was "Joseph will have an amazing life" Thank you Dr. Miller from the bottom of our hearts. The Frazier Family | Joseph Frazier 2 Years Old Dallas, TX

59: Nikolas "Niko" Fernandez 8 Months Old Trinity, FL | Dr. Miller, words can't express how thankful we are to have you as Niko's doctor. You gave our family hope and most importantly you gave Niko a fighting chance when no one else would. Thank you so much for the love and care you give to all these kids!

60: Thank you so much Dr. Miller. You give us all hope. | Sofia Iman Izhar 13 Months Old Orlando, FL

61: Téa Marie DeFelice 8 Months Old Philadelphia, PA | Thank you for helping me reach my milestones, Dr. Miller! Love, Téa Marie DeFelice

62: Austin Loupe 8 Years Old Lockport, LA

63: Dr. Miller, I am very grateful of all the hope and help you have given our family. Austin is doing extremely well since we went see you in April. I can't thank you enough. You go above and beyond your job. No matter how busy you are; you make time for us to answer our questions and concerns. I can't wait to go back and see you in October. May God bless you with many graces for all you do for all of us!!! Love, Rebecca Loupe

64: Dr. Miller -When Avery was born, James and I were terrified. We were expecting a completely healthy baby to take home with us just a couple of days later; not 5 weeks later. We prayed and prayed while Avery was in the NICU. Before we were given her diagnosis I begged The Lord to let us keep her. To be something manageable; that some doctor out there would have a wealth of knowledge to help us give our girl the best life ever. You, Dr. Miller, are that "someone". You have blessed our family in ways I can't even begin to put into words. You cared when other doctors didn't. You fought for Avery when other doctors basically all but gave up. You gave us something no other doctor had given us on Avery's diagnosis ... HOPE! You are such a tremendous blessing to us and I'm so thankful for everything you do for our kiddos. We love you!

65: Avery Straub 5 Months Old Scott AFB, IL

66: Troy Wilson 2 years old Rhome, Texas | There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are to have you in our lives. Thank you for your endless support and advice, your realism, and most importantly thank you for loving Troy as if he was your own! You truly are one of a kind and we are incredibly thankful for all that you do. Love, Joe Ryan, Kelly, Max, and Troy

67: Tenetke Foley 4 Years Old Tulsa, OK | Dr Miller, we will be meeting with you for the first time in October. We have heard so many great things and how meeting you changes PWS for a family. We are so excited and would like to thank you for all you do. God Bless. The Foley Family

68: Jae Rector 3 Years Old Columbus, OH | Dear Dr. Miller, It is hard to come up with the words to describe our gratitude for you. You are a blessing to our family and the entire PWS community. We have always known that our daughter is special, but you have given us even more hope and shown us that she has limitless potential. It is a great comfort to us to know you are on Jae's side. Thank you for all that you do! Love, Jason, Amber and Jae

69: Celia Grace Speaks 1 Year Old Memphis, IN | Dr. Miller, We are so thankful that God has placed you in Celia's life! Our family has been blessed by you, and your positive attitude has been a huge encouragement to us. Thank you for all you do for our children! Jody, Sherry, Finn, Elliot, and Celia Speaks

70: Trey Hennrich 5 Years Old Belmont, NC

71: Dr Miller, Words cannot express the appreciation I have for you. None of Trey's local doctors are as fast to answer questions as you are and you have only seen him twice where his doctors have seen him, for the most part, since birth. It is so awesome to meet a doctor that knows more about PWS than me; someone I can ask questions instead of being the one asked the questions. I am so glad we took the trip to meet with you and now look forward to our annual trip. We, the entire PWS community, are so lucky to have such an awesome caring doctor that is so knowledgeable about this syndrome. Wishing you well and already looking forward to next June, though I am quite sure I will be in touch well before then. :) Best Regards Always, Dawn and Trey (and Evan)

72: Charlotte Bradley 2 1/2 Years Old Ferdinand, Indiana | Dear Doctor Miller, I remember Charlotte's first appointment with you when she was 9 months old. It gave us so much hope. I remember leaving that appointment thinking that if anyone was born to do something, it was you and your tenacity to fight the challenges of PWS. We are so thankful for you. Love, The Bradley Family Chuck, Anissa, and Charlotte

73: Freya Smyth 1 1/2 Years Old Northern California | Dr. Miller, From the start you have offered us friendliness, knowledge, and hope. Without it, this first year would have been so much harder. Because of you we can envision a bright, happy and hopefully hunger-free future for Freya. Thank you so much for all that you do! Blessings, Anne, Andy, Haven, Freya and Rona

74: Sadie Royal 16 Months Old Gonzales, TX

75: Dr. Miller, Thank you for working so hard to make our children and family's future brighter! We sincerely appreciate it! Love, Sadie & The Royal Family

76: Kieran McWilliams 3Years Old Philadelphia, PA. | Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do and for your never ending dedication to our kiddos! Love, The McWilliams (Becky, Blair, Jackson, Kieran and Julian)

77: The great thing (one of many) about you, Dr Miller is you speak to us in a language we can understand. Hearing you in Toronto this year was amazing as we felt the warmth and conviction you spoke with. Our children are not random patients or some kind of study to you; but your children as well. Their is a true heartfelt and knowledgeable message from you! Joe and Missy Mottillo | Ryan Mottillo 5 Years Old Monongahela, PA

78: Dr. Miller, We're enormously grateful for all you have done for us, and more importantly, the PWS community. Your sheer enthusiasm and joy for our kids, for my kid, banishes doubt and fear and makes this journey manageable. You manage to make every parent feel like their child is your favorite, and your special concern. The amount of energy that must take is enormous, especially when dealing with such a wide range of personalities and stages of grief and acceptance and joy in their children. I'd also like to thank your family for sharing you with us. I know that in order to help our families as quickly and as often as you do, no matter the crisis, that they also bear part of the burden you carry for us. We appreciate all you do. Sincerely, The Stuckey Family Laurie, Rafe, Olivia, & Amelia

79: Olivia Stuckey 3 Years Old Camp Lejeune, NC

80: Emma Walker 6 Months Old Plainfield,IN | Thank you Dr. Miller, We Love You

81: Olivia Faasen 4 Years Old Hanover, PA | Maneuvering everything that is PWS is challenging, but having you on this journey with us has been life-changing. Thank you for everything you do for our Olivia, for us, and for all families living with PWS. From helping us manage Olivia's "bossy boots" to tirelessly being her champion in whatever situation arises, you have given us the greatest gift. You have given us hope that Olivia's future will be bright! All our love,The Faasens

82: Dr. Miller, We met you at the Texas conference in February 2013 and you were so informative. We have heard from so many people how wonderful a doctor you are and of course you only want the best for our son. We are hoping to come to Florida soon for a more personal visit and to get more detailed medical help for Ryan. We are so grateful that you have taken the time in your practice to learn so much about PWS in order to help our children. Sincerely, Jill, Ronnie, Travis & Ryan

83: Ryan Orgeron 2 Years Old Lake Charles, LA

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