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Durmstrang Winter Yearbook

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Durmstrang Winter Yearbook - Page Text Content

1: Table of Contents Durmstrang Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster The Professors The House of Loki The House of Tyr The House of Freyja The Graduates The FEP The TWT Representatives Dark Minds Society Yearbook Staff Candids

2: Prof. Helena Ramos | Headmistress of Durmstrang

3: Prof. Agmund Thurferth | Deputy Headmaster of Durmstrang

4: The Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster's Speech

5: Speech | Greetings, Winter Term 2013 was a term of achievements. Tyr Pride Month, Camelot themed, was a success. It also brought the end of the TWT and with it our champion and school glory. We’re free of British’s and of the annoying French accent. Scholarly speaking it was a pleasure to see the foreign students being persuaded by our ‘fine’ arts and returning for more teachings, as it was also a pleasure to see our students graduating and three of them getting the honorable Alumni status. The Prefekts performed surprisingly well and I hope the new ones follow their path, Also hope that those who remain in the student council understand what it means to keep their badges... Personally, it was with great admiration that Durmstrang saw old students returning, now as Professors and that our connections with the Swedish Ministry are now forged in stronger ways. Special thanks to Durmstrang Head and Deputy’s of Freyja, Loki and Tyr houses, as to our staff, healers and of course our Deputy. We’re writing dark magic history and creating incredible skilled wizard's and witches. Let's continue this way. Thank you

6: The Durmstrang Professors

7: Corrupting minds and enhancing brilliance

8: Prof. Justin Harlow Jr. Basic Divination and Astronomy | Prof. Lukas Dahling Prophecies and Advance Transfiguration | Astronomy | Divination | Prof. Ekaterina Volkov Dark Rituals and Practical Dark Creatures | Prof. Damien Saunders Department Head Omens and Basic Dark Charm

9: Prof Miyaka Lachance Department Head Basic Herbology Poisonous and Dangerous plants | Prof. Aisling Quinn Intermediate Herbology | Department of | Herbology

10: Prof. Viktor Nikolaev Department Head History of Durmstrang Institute | Yael Rhodes (Student-Teacher) Archaeology Studies | History Department

11: Prof Samantha Lachapelle Department Head Basic Potions, Advance Dark Potions | Prof. Aisling Quinn Medical Potions | Potions Department

12: Prof. Viktor Nikolaev Practical Dark Arts | Prof. Veronika Vladimar Department Head Advance Dark Arts; Assassination 101 | Prof. Stefan Swarovski Assassination 101 | Dark Arts

13: Prof. Kristen Fitzpatrick Assassination 101 | Bridgette Grindelwald Assassination 101 | Prof. Falcon Norling Basic Dark Arts | Department

14: Prof. Helena Ramos Studies of Animagus | Prof. Ozic Lachapelle Department Head Dark Transformation & Transfiguration Guide | Prof. Lukas Dahling Advancement Transfiguration | Transfiguration | Department

15: Prof. Jason Lachance Department Head Quidditch Skills | Prof. Damien Saunders Dark Flying | Flying | Department

17: The Durmstrang Houses

18: "Trouble? Nah. You're only in trouble if you get caught." Aladdin.

19: Prof. Miyaka Lachance Head of House Dept. head of Herbology, Student Leader Coordinator, Dark Minds Society Adviser and Coordinator of Contest | Prof. Jason Lachance Deputy Head of House Dept. Head of Flying | Mama and Papa Chimera!

20: Prof. Helena Ramos Headmistress of Durmstrang | Prof. Samantha Lachapelle Dept. Head of Potions and Loki Mentoring Coordinator | Prof. Falcon Norling Dark Arts Professor | Loki Affilates

21: Prof. Kristen Fitzpatrick Dark Arts Professor | Prof. Aisling Quinn Herbology Professor | Prof. Justin Halow Jr.

22: Tallulah Brimstone Head Prefekt | Yael Rhodes Prefekt | Jay Hyun Prefekt | Amanda Benson Prefekt | The Enforcers

23: Barbara Mason First Year | Alan Shepard "Allie" First Year | Evan Carney "Stinky Head" Second Year | Cariad Llewellyn-Jones "Cari" First Year | Eric Gruen First Year | Mirajane Lockheart "Mira" First Year | The Minions

24: Yael Rhodes "Diet Coke of Loki" Sixth Year | Jay Hyun "Tazz" Sixth Year | Tallulah Brimstone "Tally" Sixth Year | Amanda Benson "Mandi" Sixth Year | Kate Marie Samja "Dragon Girl" Sixth Year

25: Gregori Ovesan "Greg" Sixth Year | River Samja Fourth Year | Viktoriya Konstantinov "Vikki" Sixth Year | Jason Wang "Awesome Boy" Sixth Year | Violeta Karkaroff Fith Year

26: Loki House Pride.


29: Tyr Heads of House | "IF YOUR ACTIONS INSPIRE OTHERS TO DREAM MORE, LEARN MORE, DO MORE AND BECOME MORE, YOU ARE A LEADER" -John Quincy Adams | Prof. Ekaterina Volkov Head of House Dark Creatures Department Head Professor of Dark Rituals and Practical Dark Creatures | Prof. Viktor Nikolaev Deputy Head of House History of Magic Department Head Professor of Practical Dark Arts and History of Durmstrang and FEP coordinator

30: Tyr House Affiliates | "THAT SOME ACHIEVE GREAT SUCESS, IS PROOF TO ALL THAT OTHERS CAN ACHIEVE IT AS WELL." -Abraham Lincoln | Prof. Veronika Valimar Dark Arts Department Head, Advance Dark Arts Professor, Mork Duelling Club Moderator | Prof. Damien Saunders Astronomy and Divinations Department Head Dark Flying Professor

31: Prof. Wilhelmina Steinhouse Basic Dark Creatures Professor | Prof. Emma Bennet Dark Creatures Professor

32: Tyr House Prefekts | "EXAMPLE IS LEADERSHIP" -Albert Schweitzer | Sandy Ash Head Prefekt

33: Angela Singer Prefekt | Juliet Ashford Prefekt | Santana Wayland Prefekt

34: Tyr Students | "ZOMBIES: BECAUSE WE LOVE BRAINS!" -Sandy Ash | Takashi Kurosawa | FIRST YEARS | Yasmin Johansson "Yassi" | Soren Eide

35: SECOND YEARS | Ashley Nicholson "Ash" | FIFTH YEARS | Angela Singer "Angie" | Sandy Ash "Crazy"

36: SIXTH YEARS | Santana Wayland "Tana" | SEVENTH YEARS | Alejandro Ryuu "Ale/Jandro" | Aleksei Nikolaev "Alek" | Katharina Dalgaard "Kat" | Vladimir Matveev "Vlad"

37: Katharina Dalgaard | Tyr Graduating Students | "DO NOT GO WHERE THE PATH MAY LEAD; GO INSTEAD WHERE THERE IS NO PATH AND LEAVE A TRAIL." -Ralph Waldo Emerson | Aleksei Nikolaev | Alejandro Ryuu | You may be leaving but you will never be gone. Once a Tyr, always a Tyr and no matter what, you will still find a home amongst us. Now go out and show the world how we Tyr's do it! Love from Sandy Ash (on behalf of the Tyrs!)

38: Freyja Home of the Phoenix

39: Lets give a round of applause for our Head of Houses | Ozic Lachapelle Head of House Transfiguration Department Head | Inge Kohlberg Deputy Head of House Head Healer

40: Let's introduce our unique and fantastic Student Leaders | Nate Wormald Head Student of Freyja

41: Veronica Vanev Prefekt of Freyja | Keira Cole Prefekt of Freyja | Skadi Dahlem Prefekt of Freyja

42: Let's introduce our unique and fantastic Affiliated Staff | Alyssa Lindberg Dark Arts Professsor | Mikhail Vladislav Dark Charms Professsor

43: Lukhas Dahling Transfiguration/Divination Professor | Dmitri Volkov Staff Healer | Emily John Staff Healer

44: Now, lets meet all the wonderful Freyja Students | Second Years | Lilly Audhild "Lil" | John Anderson

45: Fourth Years | Anka Karkaroff | Jaiden Kim | Veronica Vanev "Vee" | Skadi Dahlem

46: Sixth Years | Vincent Dalgaard "Vin" | Kierra Cole | Fifth Years | Amanda Brody "Mandy"

47: Seventh Years | Charlize Shin | Vladislav Dimitrov "Vlad" | David Lexington "Dave" | Nate Wormald "Natey"

48: The Durmstrang Winter Term Graduates

49: Alejando Lee Ryuu | House: Tyr Your Dream: Make a change....do something meaningful regardless if it's good or bad. My Best Experience in Durmstrang: Learned how to open up myself again to other people, met new friends and fell in love with the right person. Graduation Message: do your best, strive harder, don't let the pressure and all the bad things in your life hinder you from reaching your dreams. | "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

50: Aleksei Nikolaev | “Even the proudest and the silent can be reached by friendship and love.” | House: Tyr Your Dream: For the moment, it’s complete. For the future, it’s unknown. I’ll be taking it as it comes. My Best Experience in Durmstrang: Meeting those I had, as they gave me a chance to learn new things. Graduation Message: Never give up. It’s sometimes almost impossible not to do, but if you try hard enough, you can overcome everything that stands in your way.

51: Katharina Dalgaard | "I still firmly believe that explosions signal finished cooking no matter what Aleksei says!" | House: Tyr Your Dream: To do something I love and be completely happy. My Best Experience in Durmstrang: Falling in love with Aleksei Nikolaev Graduation Message: Don't let sorrows get you down. Use them to make you stronger and become so much more than what you were before.

52: FEP | (Foreign Exchange Program)

53: Alix Delorme Nickname: Alix Home house: Bellelune Host house: Tyr Expression you can say of your experience in Durmstrang: a la folie | Beauxbatons

54: Eirlys Gabriel Nickname: Eir Home house: Ravenclaw Host house: Tyr Expression you can say of your experience in Durmstrang: Interesting... | Indigo Raedself Nickname: Indy Home house: Ravenclaw Host house: Loki Expression you can say of your experience in Durmstrang: CRAAAZYYY! | Hogwarts

55: twt representatives

56: Nickname: Oli Current year: 5th Olivia Lambert | Coralie Beauchene Nickname: Cora Current year: 5th | Beauxbatons

57: Sebastian Delroy Nickname: Yael's Boy Toy Seb Current year: 7th | Hogwarts

58: Kate Marie Samja Nickname: Kate Current year: 6th | Durmstrang Champion

59: Dark Minds Society And Yearbook Staff

60: THE DARK MINDS SOCIETY | Prof. Miyaka Lachance Adviser | Tallulah Brimstone President

61: Sandy Ash Secretary | Evan Carney | Kate Marie Samja | Jason Wang

62: Yearbook Staff | Jaiden Kim Freyja | Kate Marie Samja Professors, Clubs | Indigo Raedself FEP, TWT Rep | Eirlys Gabriel Candids, Cover

63: Sandy Ash Tyr | Tallulah Brimstone Loki | Evan Carney Loki | Eric Gruen Graduates

64: Candids | Katharina & Aleksei "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."

65: Candy & Gregory "Hakuna Matata" | Kierra & Carter "What could have been"

66: Candy & Nate "Wild Spirits" | Candy & Carter "The Prince & Princess"

67: A Tyr napping in class; a rare phenomenon (Vladimir Matveev) | Exploring Sweden

68: Meant to be | Loki supporting Tyr Pride! | you are NOT Durmstrang's Next top singer!

69: Study you Tyr hards! | Bicycle Race! | Teaching little bro the ways of Tyr

70: Twinnies | Family | Flying professors out on the town!

71: Damien's vampire lover | Bae & Cariad An unusual way to make friends | Dark Forest

72: Beauxbatons Carriage; Triwizard Champion Party! | Durmstrang common room with my handsome boy! | Dream Team at Durmstrang

73: Presentation of Champion: Durmstrang Champ | Loki Common Room; Loki Costume Party

74: married by surprise | with friends like these, it's never boring

75: Credits Credits to all the person who own the photos Thank you to Hogwarts Online Special thanks to Prof. Helena Ramos, Prof. Agmund Thurferth and Prof. Miyaka Lachance and the Students who helped make this yearbook possible and Thank you to you who is reading this Mixbook

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