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early morning hunt

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BC: We drove home and all crashed and could not more much after that. We all got to spend time with each othere which we don't always get to do. All said and done the day was more than going out and just hunting and shooting at boat load of dove but it was a learning experience to not break the law and a bonding experience with my mo and brother. I cant wait till next time I get to go do something that fun wit my mom and brother and just get to enjoy the little things in life and to be patient and that it is a virtue and to live life to the fullest and to spend time with you family. The more you get to hang out with the people you love the more they wear off on you and they will influence your life. this moment in my life showed me how close I should be with my brother and mom not just about me all the time.

FC: Early Morning Hunt | By: Cody Harbour

1: I woke up to the dark sky, I had not gotten a lot of sleep that night so I had a hard time getting up. I threw on my jeans and a old shirt and walked down the stairs half asleep. I threw on my boots and loaded up the truck and headed on the road in the pitch dark sky.

2: we drove off to Crum,Texas, about a hour way. I was having a huge excitement rush even at 5:00 in the morning. we stormed off down the abandoned highway with the bright moon in the background of the sky. As we arrived to field where we were going to be hunting and unpacked our truck. We got all set up in our chairs and we sat and waited for the sun to come up and the hunting to began. As the sun rose just over the tree line to our right i would just barley see a gimps of the birds flying over our heads but it was still a few minutes before it was legal shooting time.

3: As we sat in the blind the though quickly ran in and out of my head of the game warden coming bye and i had shot to many birds and i go to jail and get a for ticket of 100$ every bird over my limit i shoot but that though swooped out of my head as that first bird flew right over my head. The sun cracks through the tree line to our right as i squint my eyes i look at the beautiful sight. My mom and brother whispers to me"wow that pretty!" i nodded in agreement and held on to my Remington 1100 12 gage. I took a quick glimes to my right and left and saw the first bird i could take a shot at coming over my left shoulder! I stand up and throw my gun up on my shoulder and i lined up my sights with the bird at the end and in almost slow motion pull the trigger and a loud "BANG!" rang out through out the empty field and as the small smoke from the gun cleared i can see bird flight off in the sunrise, i had missed.

4: As the sun rose up more and more birds flew over, the shots rang out as the birds fell to the dirt of the cut corn field. the smell of black power ran through my nose and i feel each shot tingle in my fingers. After every time i shot and my mom shot our pile of birds kept building up. I had lost count of how many there were so that kinda worried me in the back of my heads and i kept thinking out our limit and if the game warden would come bye and count our limit. But that thought was the last thing in my mind and i kept shooting and missing and occasionally shooting a bird out of the sky. After my mom had shot her first bird, witch was sitting right in front of us, she hooped and hollered and ran out and snatched up her bird off the floor and hurried back over to the blind and they her bird in the now huge pile.

5: As we started to notice the sun coming up more and more, we started to realize that the morning was coming to a end with in the next hour. We kept on hunting and our pile had not grown a lot but at this point in the morning my mom had stopped and a lot of people had stopped hunting and had gone home. But my brother had not shot his first bird yet and we wanted him to shot at least one bird! about 10 minutes went my with out seeing any birds but as we looked to our left my brother was standing up and gun to his shoulder taking a deep breath and squeezes the trigger and a shot rings out and my brother shoots his first bird of his life on his first shot.

6: My brother leaping out of his chair and running to get his bird, all at the same time has the biggest smile on his face and cant wipe the fat grin off his face. my runs back to the blind and shows off his kill as it were a Olympic gold medal. the first worlds that came out of his mouth were, "did y'all see that shot!" me and my mom both replied with, "yes we did, good job bud!" As he tossed his bird Into the pile it had seamed like quite a few but the thought of the game warden kept coming through my mind. He was just a little bump in my mind because i am young and that none of my problem. So we just kept on watching the birds fly over us and i kept missing and i didn't really care cause i knew i had plenty but I'm a little greedy when it comes to that kind of stuff. i didn't get any birds for about a 10 minute stretch of time so i took a break and though i would count our kills. as i stood up out of my chair i could feel all the blood rush to my feet and they quickly went to sleep as i waddled the whole 5 steps.

7: As I walked to the pile I picked one and looked at it closely and then threw it back, I counted each one, 1..2..3...36! i had shot 34 birds and my brother and mom had shot one each! I had not realized it yet because of my excitement but i was making a pretty big seen out of this and had scared all the birds in all different direction and my mom and brother did not take kindly to that. I told my mom with my jaw to the ground that I had shot 34 birds by myself! she looked at me with that look and said, "we heard!" I chuckled under my breath. I threw my huge pile of my small army of dead birds over to where they were and went back to sit down. As I sad town i could hear the faint sound of a truck and as I turn over my right shoulder i could see a green truck coming up the street in the distance. The though that come through my head of what it was, was the warden and that made me have freak out attach!

8: I saw that truck turn into the field that we were in and turned right toward us and I looked at my mom and she said, "Cody you know that the legal limit is only 15 birds a person and you have more than doubled that!" I looked at her and said, "we can split up the birds like we all shot 12 and we would not all have our limit yet then." As I finished that sentence the men had threw their truck into park and hopped out of the truck and walked toward me and all that could go threw my mind was to use my manors and say yes sir and no sir and anyone would respect you more if you could do that simple thing. When the two men walked toward me I said,"howdy sir," and stuck my hand out and shook both the men hands and they asked me how i was doing and replied with, "doing great how about you gentlemen?" The men fired back with a firm "good," they then asked for all of our licenses and for out guns to check to see if they were legal. I had already known they were so then they proceeded to ask how many birds we had shot and i replied we had all shot 12. They counted all the birds and looked at me again and gave me the southern cowboy hat nod and they told me, "y'all have a gooden," and drove off leaving us in a cloud of dust as they drove off.

9: I gasped in exhaust and looked back at my mom and brother. They were shocked i pulled That all off in the heat of the moment and we all had a little bit of a awkward silence and then busted out into a gut busting laugh. I had to just get that out and it felt out of me. We all realized that now the day was over and that was a good thing to end on so we put all of our chair, guns, food, and kill in the truck and we loaded up and started to creep out of the field the same way the warden had come in and slowly got out on the road and started our drive back to mckinney.

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