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Ecology Scavenger Hunt!!!!!!!! :)

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BC: Ecological Succession | Process by which one community replaces another community because of changing abiotic and biotic factors. This picture represents a ecological succession because these plants died because of a storm and there are new plants growing around it. | THE END!!!!

FC: Ecology Scavenger Hunt!!!! By: Blake Horne

1: Biotic Factor | Any living Factor in an organism's environment. The reason it goes with this picture is because the plant is alive so its a biotic factor.

2: Abiotic Factor | Any nonliving factor in an organism's environment, such as soil, water temperature, and light availability. The reason this picture is an abiotic factor is because rocks are nonliving.

3: Population | Group of organisms of the same species that occupy the same geographical place at the same time The reason this picture is an population is because there are three of the same types of tree's in the same geographical spot.

4: Community | Group of interacting populations that live in the same geographical place at the same time. The reason this picture is a community because it has many different species in one area.

5: Ecosystem | Biological community and all the nonliving factors that affect it. The reason this picture is a ecosystem is because it has many biotic and abiotic factors in the same area.

6: Biome | A large group of ecosystems that share the same climate and have similar types of community. The reason this picture is a biome is because there are many different ecosystems in the area.

7: Biosphere | Relatively thin layer of Earth and its atmosphere that supports life. The reason this picture is a biosphere is because there is many different biomes and it holds life

8: Habitat | Physical area in which an organism lives. The reason this picture is a habitat is because the hole is where a certain organism lives.

9: Niche | Role or position, of an organism in its environment. The reason this picture represents a niche is because the birds role in the ecosystem is the bird makes a nest in the tree.

10: Competition | A contest between two organisms by: mates, land resources, And/or a niche. the reason this picture represents competition is because the two plants are fighting for space.

11: Predation | Act of one organism eating another. This picture represents predation because I am eating a chicken strip which is made out of chicken.

12: Mutualism | Symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit. The reason this picture represents mutualism is because the hummingbird is eating the nectar for nutrients and the plants also benefits by this as well.

13: Commensalism | Symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other organism is neither helped or harmed. this picture represents a commensalism relationship because the spider makes a web on the plant but it does not hurt the plant.

14: Parasitism | Symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits at the expense of the other. The reason this picture represents a parasitism relationship is because the weed is taking the room so the plant cant live.

15: Autotroph | Organism that captures energy from sunlight or inorganic substances to produce its own food; provides the foundation of the food supply for other organisms; also called a producer. The reason this plant is a autotroph is because it is a organism that creates its own energy through sunlight.

16: Heterotroph | Organism that cannot make its own food and gets its nutrients and energy requirements by feeding on other organisms. This daddy long leg represents a heterotroph because it does not make its own food and requires consuming other species.

17: Omnivore | Heterotroph that consumes both plants and animals. The reason my dog represents a omnivore is because she eats plants and animals.

18: Herbivore | Heterotroph that eats only plants. this picture represents a herbivore because the Pillbug only eats plants and is also called a scavenger.

19: Decomposer | Is when an organism breaks down dead or decaying organism's. The reason this picture represents a decomposer is because the plant is being broke down by decomposer's.

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