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Eden Rae...The Fourth Year

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S: Eden Rae...The Fourth Year

BC: The End | love you SO much

FC: Eden Rae | the 4th year

1: Oh our beautiful girl... Three years old?! Where has the time gone? We've had so much fun being just a family of three but now you are about to become a big sister! I just can't even believe it. I look at you and I see a beautiful young lady emerging. My little girl is getting so big and it makes me so sad. I want you to stay my little happy girl forever but I can't wait to see what this year brings. I can't wait to watch you grow and become the best big sister any brother could ask for. I love you more and more each day. I'm so glad we got three whole years to have it be all about you, cuz lets face it... our little sassy pants made our world go round.

2: because I just can't get enough! | 4 yr old photo shoot

4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Your Favorite Friends | Pirate Gear

5: PIRATE PRINCESS | A Treasure Hunt | Lost Gold

7: Little Details: It was a crazy day. but we had so much fun. This year we had your birthday party at Bronson's house. You came to your party dressed as Jake and boy you looked great! When all our friends arrived, we went an epic treasure hunt to help our friends find all their pirate gear. Then we jumped and played and had the best day ever. You are so lucky to have so many awesome friends. You got so many toys! We weren't sure they would all fit in our car. Your favorite part of the party was your cake. Mama worked long and hard to give you the coolest Bucky ship cake and you squealed in delight when you saw it. You were so excited it had the whole pirate crew on top. You were so sad for this day to end, but all your friends had so much fun they said they couldn't wait for your next party! | three cheers for our lil' Buccaneer!

8: The Dancing | Moose | AUG 2012: You started a new school this year. You are in classroom 12 with Ms. Tricia and Ms. Shannon as your teachers. Your best friend Marlee is even in your class. You love your new school. Every day when we arrive, mama helps you pick out a work to do and then you walk me to the door and give me a kiss goodbye. At school you are learning the sounds to letters and how to write & recognize your name. You are getting so big. You make my mama heart beam with pride when you show me all the things you are learning. You are such a smart girl! | First Day of School:

9: JUN 2013: You had such a great year at school. You learned so much. You can recognize your name, count to 10 and you know all your colors! We are so proud of you! We call you Misses Smarty Pants because you are always telling us about the things you learn at school. Half way through the year Ms. Shannon left but you got a new teacher Ms. Jenny. She is very nice and you like her a lot but NO ONE compares to Ms. Tricia. You absolutely adore her. You give Ms. Tricia a hug and kiss every day. She is the sweetest and nicest teacher in the world. We are even lucky enough to have her as your teacher again next year and you can hardly wait! | Last Day of School:

10: 1st Dentist Visit | You had your first dentist visit with Dr. Ryan. You were a little nervous at first but once they turned on the Little Mermaid, you grabbed mama's hand and opened your mouth really wide. Dr. Ryan and his nurse were so impressed on how well you did for your first visit. You held really still and let them brush and floss your teeth all while you watched a movie on the ceiling. After Dr. Ryan counted all your teeth, he told you that there were no cavities... hooray! You got a new tooth brush and got to pick a prize. Best part of all, you got to ride the merry-go-round in the lobby.

11: Swim Lessons | Mama decided to sign you up for some more swim lessons since you were still a little nervous putting your face in the water, but these swim lessons are different. They are one on one, just you and the teacher. In just 2 short lessons you were floating on your back and jumping off the diving board. You LOVE these swim lessons. Every week you are excited to go and practice your strokes. We even got you a swim cap and your very own goggles. Your teacher is super impressed on how quickly you are learning. I think we've found your thing... we should have known... my little fish

12: Breakfast with the witches at Gardner's Village

13: We made our annual trip to Breakfast with the Witches and this time we made it a girls only event! Grandma Lola even came! You had just as much fun as you did last year. You got to go up on stage and sing and dance. You loved getting all the witches to sign your program too! You always tell me this is your favorite day and I couldn't agree more. We LOVE Halloween!

14: Trip to the pumpkin patch and painting pumpkins with cousins!

15: Carving pumpkins at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin!

16: Halloween Carnival at your school then Trick-or-Treating with Bronson | OnOn | At school you had a Halloween carnival that was so much fun. You got to go to each classroom and play a game. You got to go through a maze, get your face painted (always a favorite) and eat LOTS of candy.

17: On Halloween you dressed up as Jake (of course!) and we went to Bronson's to go trick-or-treating. You were so excited to fill you bucket FULL of candy. You and Bronson ran to each house before any of us could catch up. You were even brave enough to go to the door of the scary house without any help. Bronson was too scared but not you! You are my brave little pirate!

18: Evening Tea | ... a proper affair

19: You were invited to one of the most elegant events by Queen Natalie. It was afternoon tea with all the fixins' You are so lucky to have such an awesome aunt!

20: For thanksgiving this year we went to Grandma and Pa's house. Grandma knows how to throw a party and always makes the best treats! This year she made Thanksgiving Turkey Suckers that you thought were totally awesome but the best part of the day was playing with all your cousins. There was no time for pictures, too much playing was going on!

21: The day has finally arrived! Your baby brother is here! You were so excited to come to the hospital with grandma and grandpa Rose. You ran into our room and the first thing you wanted to do was hold your baby brother. Brother bought you a gift so you would like him better but there were no worries there, you snuggled and kissed him and wouldn't let go of him. It was love at first sight! You are a big sister now and you couldn't be happier! | Big Sister!

22: 25 days of Georgie the Elf | Santa dropped off a visitor this year. Our very own scout elf from the North Pole. We named him Gerogie. His job was to watch and make sure you were being good. Each night he flew back to Santa to report. Every morning when we woke up, we found Georgie in a different spot. He was such a silly elf who caused a lot of mischief, but we had so much fun looking for him each day. On Christmas Eve Georgie returned to the North Pole. We were sad he had to go, but we'll see him again next year and we can't wait.

24: Christmas Eve Christmas time was a little different for us this year with baby brother on his way. We didn't get to do our regular Christmas Traditions but we still had lots of fun. On Christmas Eve we didn't go to grandma and pa's. We stayed home instead since brother was so brand new. We did, however, still make Santa cookies and food for the reindeer. Daddy helped you spread the reindeer food down our drive way so the reindeer would see it. | Georgie was nice enough to bring us our Christmas jammies this year. You helped brother open his jammies and you were so excited you both got reindeer jammies. After we put out cookies for Santa and food for the reindeer we read the Christmas story about Jesus and then it was off to bed to await Santa's arrival.

25: Cookies for Santa | Reindeer Feeding Station

26: Christmas morning was pretty special this year. You were a little tired at first and didn't want to open your stocking right away but once you got started there was no stopping ya. Grandma and Grandpa Rose were so excited that they came down to open | presents with us in the morning. They got to see you open all the wonderful things you got from Santa. This year Santa brought you a Bucky ship and you were so excited. You had been asking for one since your birthday. You were so happy Santa got you one so you could play Jake and the Neverland Pirates with all your guys.

27: The day just got better and better as it went. Grandma and Grandpa Rose spoiled your rotten and bought you, your very own ipad. Then all your cousins came over for lunch and you got to show Bronson all the awesome things Santa brought you. Then later that night all your other cousins come over for some dinner and to see your new brother. It was such a fun day and it was even better to get to spend it with all our favorite people.

28: Today was so fun. We had a visitor come for the day and you were SO excited. You missed your Georgie terribly. Mama made "love muffins" for breakfast and you had a Valentine's Day Party at school. It was lots of fun. Mama and brother came to your class for the party. We painted, colored, and played some games. After school, Mama and Georgie had a surprise tea party waiting for you. You sipped and giggled with Georgie. You were so happy he was back. Once your tea party was over, you and Daddy watched Mary Poppins since that's what he got you for Valentine's day. Then mama made a Valentine's dinner and you told daddy all about the fun day you had. When bedtime came you asked if Georgie could sleep with you. Georgie was so nice and snuggled with you until you fell asleep before he headed back to Santa. You cried when you found out he had left. You did not want him to leave, but he left a note saying he'd be back and you just can't wait!

30: A Special Day at Build-A-Bear | Grandpa Rose took you on a date to get you your very own build-a-bear. You had never been there before and the second you walked in the door...heaven! You had so much fun picking out what animal you wanted. You even got to give it a voice and put a special smell in it's head. You loved helping the worker fill your dog with stuffing and you even got to give her a bath once she was all made. You were so excited to pick out an outfit for you dog that you had a hard time deciding what to choose. You named your dog Hearty and told Grandpa he was the best! Now every time we go to the mall you always ask to walk into Build-a-Bear to see all the new things they have. You can't wait to get another one!

32: haircut | Mama decided that your hair needed a little kick in the pants to start growing so she had our Cousin Katie cut your hair. She gave you the CUTEST pixie hair cut and you just love it. You think you look just like your teacher Ms. Tricia. We are hoping this will make your hair grown long and thick just like Rapunzel but for now we love your new due! | A

33: St. Patty's Day | Oh how we love this holiday! The leprechaun left so much mischief at our house this year and this time Georgie joined in. He left a scavenger hunt of four leaf clovers that led you to your St. Patrick's Day gift which was a new outfit and a pot of chocolate gold coins. He also made our milk green and put clovers all over the house | and somehow he managed to escape all our traps! You think this holiday is so fun and we were so happy that this year brother got to join in on the fun!

34: Decorating Eggs | We went to Grandma Rose's and decorated eggs with all our cousins this year. You were very excited to dip and paint those eggs! You didn't want any help because you are big and you could do it all by yourself. | This was your favorite egg, not only because it had your name on it (but that was a big part of it) but because it was this beautiful pink and green color. You thought it was the best looking egg in the bunch | Your favorite part of decorating eggs was dipping the eggs in the dye. You liked to watch the eggs change color and you would keep checking your eggs until they were just the right color | You were very serious about your egg decorating

35: Easter Egg Hunts | We had our annual easter egg hunt and grandma and pa's this year. You were very excited to go find some eggs and you insisted on wearing your bunny ears while you hunted for eggs. Some of the eggs even had money which made the hunt even better! | You and Bronson love to race each other around Grandma's yard to see who can get the eggs first! You found so many eggs this year. The Easter bunny snuck inside grandma's house while we were hunting for eggs and brought you the cutest outfit and hat! That silly bunny!

36: When you woke up Easter morning you found out the Easter Bunny had left you a little note. It was a scavenger hunt to find your and brother's baskets. The hunt took you all over the house and even outside! Finally you found your baskets and guess where they were? In the dryer! You thought it was so funny that the Easter Bunny would hide your basket there. | Your basket was full of so many things. There was a brand new outfit for church, a puzzle book about the Book of Mormon, a coloring book about stories from the Bible and lots of other things for you to do during sacrament. The Easter Bunny didn't want you to forget what Easter is all out. He wanted you to remember that we celebrate Easter to help us remember that Jesus died for us so that we could live forever. We are so thankful that we get to be family forever and Easter is so much fun to celebrate that. After you found your basket, mama made an Easter breakfast. We had pancakes in the shape of bunnies and carrots. After breakfast we all put on our new Easter clothes and headed to church looking so nice! While we were at church the Easter bunny hid some eggs around the house for you to find. You ran around the house super fast filling your basket with eggs. Brother was too little to join in on the hunt so you were an awesome big sister and found all the eggs for him. Later that day we packed up a lunch and went on a walk to visit daddy at work. We wanted to be together as a family so we had a little picnic on the lawn of daddy's work. It was such a great day being together as a family and thanks to our brother Jesus we get enjoy being together forever! | Easter Morning

37: Easter 2013

38: 1st Ballet Performance | This year we signed you up for your first ballet class. It was twice a week right after school and the best part was that Miss Jessica was your teacher. You practice your routine for 6 weeks before you had your end of class performance. Everyone came to see you perform. Grandma Judy, Pa, Grandma and Grandpa Rose and even Natalie came to watch your show off your moves. You were a little nervous at first but once the music started you put on a show. You knew all the moves and did such a great job. Mama and daddy were so proud of our little ballerina!

39: After Ballet was over we signed you up for Soccer. You were so excited to play soccer. Mama took you to go and pick out all your soccer gear. Your favorite part was choosing which cleats you wanted. You walked up and down the isle at the store looking at all the colors they had. It was a very serious decision. You finally decided that you wanted black and green ones with pink socks and shinguards. | SOCCER | Mr. Brittan was your coach this year and he taught you how to dribble and ball, do throw ins and shoot a goal. After six weeks of practice you had a little scrimmage to show off all the things you had learned. You were the only girl on the team but you were by far the best. You ran and scored the first goal. Mama was so proud of you! Daddy was so sad he couldn't be there but mama recorded it all so he could watch. Daddy couldn't believe how good you were and you can't wait until soccer starts next year!

40: This year you ran your very FIRST race. You and mama went running every night for months to get ready and when the big day arrived you were so excited! We even convinced Amanda, kalob and Dalin to join in on the fun. | June 2013

41: Mama was SO proud of you! You ran so good during the race. When you got tired we would walk for a little bit or Amanda would give you a piggy back ride but we FINISHED! It was a really fun race because we got colors thrown on us as we ran. You were a little nervous at first to get all messy but by the end of the race you just laughed every time we got sprayed with color! I can't wait for our next one!

42: Tea for Two | Sister you love to throw a tea party! you are always asking mama to have a tea party with you. You love to dress up, talk fancy and practice eating delicately. We have had many a tea parties this summer and each one is better than the next. Mama loves having a little girl who she can do all these fancy girly things with!

43: One day this summer you invited your two favorite people over for a princess tea party. Mama made some special treats and decorated the backyard for the perfect summer tea party. You, Ever and Marlee dressed up all fancy and had so much fun eating treats and sipping tea. The three of you couldn't stop giggling. Georgie even came to join in on the fun. You talked about that tea party for weeks and can't wait to plan the next one! | and two for tea...

45: We had so much fun on the 4th of July. We spent the day at Grandma and Pa's. We had a salon night with all the girls and painted our nails and toes red, white and blue. In the morning Mama made you a star spangled breakfast and lunch. We went swimming and Pa made a giant slippery slide in his backyard. Later that night we had a 4th of July feast with the Barretts. We played games like volleyball, badminton and corn hole while we waited for it to be time for fireworks. Once it was dark we had fun playing in the drive way with sparklers and watching the awesome firework show After the fireworks there was a special treat for all the kids. Aunt Natalie set up a movie in Pa's back- yard for everyone to watch. We made caramel popcorn and watched the movie until it was VERY late. It was one of the funnest 4th of Julys yet!

46: We did so many things this summer that we can't fit it all in one book. We were busy little bees but we had so much fun! We spent most of our days outside playing hard. One day you, mama and brother went on a hike with all of mama's friends. We hiked up the piperline trail. You did such a good job and walked the whole way all by yourself. Even when you got tired you kept walking. We made it to the very top and were able to see all of Salt Lake City! We also had lots of fun in our own backyard. We practiced soccer and daddy showed you how to play baseball. We loved it when daddy would build fires so we could make smores and lay out under our tree looking at the stairs with all our tree lanterns lit. We also spent lots of days just playing in our pool cooling off and you loved to splash with brother . We had lots of play dates with all our friends and we even had our fair share of cousin sleepovers. We just loved being outside even if it was just helping daddy mow the lawn. During the summer we went to the art festival downtown. it was so much fun walking around looking at all the cool things that people had made and of course the day wasn't complete unless you | Summer | lovin'

47: got to have your face painted. We got to go camping a few times this summer and it was so much fun. we went with pa and all our cousins right above grandma rose's house. We went fishing and hiking and just played in the dirt. One day while we were camping you and ever went on a unicorn hunt. You were searching for Purpy the purple unicorn. You two would spin in circles and yell "We believe in unicorns!!" and then you hunted through the forest to see if you could catch a glimpse of her. Camping was so much fun and we definitely want to do it more next summer. We even made it to the zoo a few times this summer and it was the first time brother got to see all the animals. One time we were going to ever's cabin for her birthday party and we went through the city EDEN! You were so excited to see your name on all the buildings. You even made mama stop so you could take a picture under one of the signs. You still talk about going back to your city and having a picnic in Eden Park. We were able to go to some fun birthday parties this summer too! Avery from school invited you to Jungle jims for her birthday and you got to go on lots of rides. It's now your favorite place to go. There was never a time we weren't having fun and we can't wait to do it all over again next summer! | Had me a blast! | June - august

48: We went on a Hutchison family vacation this summer to Yellowstone. We stayed in a cabin all together in Island Park. It was so fun waking up each day with all our cousins there. The cabin was right on the Snake River and so we got to play in the water every day. We drove into Yellowstone each day and got to see all the cool things there. You were so excited to see the geysers and hot pots, but mostly you were just excited to play with your | Yellowstone

49: cousins from sun up to sun down. One morning we woke up extra early and drove into Yellowstone to try and see all the animals. We saw deer and elk, but that was about it. It was a little disappointing. You wanted to see all the buffalo but we were only able to find ONE. We even went to Old Faithful and had ice cream while we watched the water shot way up in the sky! We love family vacations and we can't wait to go back to see all the things we missed!

50: Back to School Feast Right before school started back up we had a Back to School Feast at Grandma and Pa's house. It was for all the grandkids who would be starting school this year. We had a very special dinner and all the school kids were the guests of honor. You got your very own princess crown and the dinner was all your favorite things to eat. We had a school theme this year that all the moms and dads wanted out guests of honor to remember so during dinner Mama read a very special story that talked about being nice to everyone no.matter.what! After dinner all the kids put on a fashion show to show everyone all their new school clothes. You all had so much fun walking the runway and striking a pose at the end. Then we went outside and had a little fashion shoot and everyone got to strike a pose on Grandma's front step. Every year we are going to have a back to school feast and this one set the bar pretty high because it was so AWESOME! I still can't believe you are old enough to be in pre-school. You are getting so big and I love you sooo much!

52: Grandma Lola This year right before school started something very sad happened in our family. Your great grandma Lola passed away. She had been sick for a very long time but we were so sad when she died. She had cancer and after fighting it for a very long time it was time for her to return to heaven. Even though we are sad that she left us here on Earth, we are so happy that she's with Jesus and her husband and son. Your Grandma Lola was one very special lady. She was the BEST grandma to your mama. | Grandma Lola was always there for your mama growing up. She never missed a birthday or a holiday. She would come to our house all the time. Grandma Lola had a family dinner once a month at her house right until the day she died. There was nothing she wouldn't do for her family. She was the best example of how someone could love everyone no.matter.what! She worked hard her whole life and she was very devoted to the church. She showed us all what it meant to live the gospel. Right before she died she made a video and told everyone that she wanted her family to know that she loved them very much and that the church is true. We are so lucky to be apart of her family. I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for sending us to be a part of her legacy. She lived most of her life alone, without a husband and despite all the trials that were thrown her way, she never gave up! We talk about Grandma Lola every day and you know that someday she'll come back to life we will get to be together again. Each night during family prayer you always pray that Jesus will come back to Earth so that Grandma Lola will be with us again. I am so thankful that you and I have such an awesome example of what it is to be a strong independent woman. How I wish that you would have had more time to get to know her because she is one of the greatest ladies ever. I know that she is in heaven watching over us and keeping us safe. We miss her and love her very much!

54: you & your bruder | You are the BEST big sister. You love your brother SO much! You are always wanting to love him and kiss him. You are willing to help mama with anything she needs. Your favorite thing to do is help mama give brother a bath. He is so lucky to have a sister like you. You are one good little mama!

56: Conversations with Eden... | Mama: Eden, you can either clean your toy room or take a rest... Eden: oh okay! You clean my toy room and I'll just rest and watch my show. Good idea mom! | Eden: mom, can we invite my friend Paigey over for a tea party? Mama: sure! Eden: Her is the one with the cute little black face! She's my friend. (Paige is African American) | Eden: I smell bacon! Les: what animal is bacon Eden? Eden: I dunno, dead cow? Les: Nope, it's pig. Eden: bahahahahaha I love pig! | Eden: Dad, guess what?! Grandma is going to take me to the bear workshop (aka build a bear) Les: Eden, grandma can't buy you whatever u want... Eden: Her sure can dad!!!! | Eden: mom yesterday at swim lessons a girl was murmuring at me. Mama: A girl was what?! Eden: A girl was murmuring mom. Her said I wasn't a ballerina and I am! Mama: Ohh she was murmuring against you? Eden: Yea, she was saying bad words about me...

57: Eden signing the ABCs... ...L M N O P CHEW R S T U V... | "Nothing big happening today... Just saving the world... Whatever" | Les: hey Eden, look! What do you think that cow is doing? (Referring to a commercial on TV) Eden: oh...maybe just walking to McDonald's so I can eat him... | Eden: (sobbing) Why are you so mean? Daddy: I'm not being mean, you just aren't listening. Eden: (hysterical) I DON'T WANNA GO TO BED! Daddy: Look at the way you are acting?! Eden: I can't Dadda, I don't have a mirror! | "Mama, heavenly father made my hand so that it fits in yours!" | Eden: Mom, can we go ice skating? Mama: Sure! Eden: I can show you how. I watched Dora and she has a VERY good coach and so I know how to ice skate. Want me to tell you how? Mama: Yes, please Eden: Leap, spin, hug tight and land! Mama: Got it!

58: To My Eden, You have grown up so much this year As I look back on all the wonderful things we did I still can't believe how big you have gotten. You are turning into quite the little lady! You are the best big sister! You love your brother so much and want nothing more than to give him kisses and make him laugh. It makes me so happy to see you love and play with him. I want you to know that I love everything about you! You are sassy, in charge and full of drama but you are also so smart and kind. Your teachers at school always tell him how helpful you are. You have such a kind soul. I hope you are always loving and kind to those you meet. Fours years ago you made me the happiest person in the world because I became your mama. I couldn't be more grateful for our Father in heaven for sending you to me! Big things are going to happen this next year, I can feel it and I can't wait to share them all with you. I love you forever and always! Mom

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