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Eden's Story

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FC: Mongoliana Island Mystery

1: Mongoliana Island Mystery By: Delaney

2: Renee’s parents are probably the richest people in North America and that isn’t always a good thing. There is usually a lot of people walking around all over the place at her parents island but what else would you expect for a famous island with resorts and a bunch of tourist attractions. Her parents own their very own island it’s called Mongoliana Island.

3: Renee and a couple of her friends from her old town in Forwhel, Massachusetts are staying in one of Renee’s parents many resort hotels. Renee's friends are Rose, Mika, Jasmine, and Shaelynne. " Hey Renée throw me a soda" Mika said. Renée Rose Mik Jasmine and Shaylynne are out to eat. “ Hey does the restaurant seem a little deserted, like I’m not saying that there isn’t anyone here but it just doesn’t seem very busy?” asked Renee.

4: “I don't know because I don't live here but ya it does seem a little quiet” answered Jasmine. “ Well I don't care because we get our food fast and some really good service” Mika said while he dug into a huge taco. “Guys I think I’m going to go back to the hotel room and hit the hay because I am really tired” Rose said. They all went back to the hotel. We have contacted all of the other hotels around the islands and it seems all of their guests have mysteriously gone missing too,”

5: That’s why your dad isn’t here he has been going around the island checking in on all the other hotels in the island were all the other guests have gone missing. We have contacted all of the other hotels around the islands and it seems all of their guests have mysteriously gone missing too,” replied Renee’s mom Jesse. “ It’s funny though it seems that even though all the guests have gone missing over night no one at the front desks said that they saw anyone come out even though a lot of people came in the morning all the rooms got checked and it was if no

6: one had ever been here all of the beds were made there was no suitcases and not even a spec of food was found in any of the rooms,” her mother said in a very worried tone. “Well you guys should get some rest right here in the lobby so none of you disappear our personal body guard Buff will

7: stay here just to make sure,” Mom said “ O.K. mom/Jesse” all the kids “ Good night everyone” mom said in a hushed tone. Mika the trouble maker/food lover said, Hey guys what do you say we go check out the top floors and follow someone up there and see what happens to them!” “great idea” Jasmine replied. They had to wait a long time tell a visitor came but eventually someone came.

8: make sure,” Mom said “ O.K. mom/Jesse” all the kids said. “ Good night everyone” mom said in a hushed tone. Mika the trouble maker/food lover said,They had to sneak past Buff so they didn't get rated out by him but eventually they got up stairs. They were spying and sneaking around making sure to keep the visitor in there line of site until something caught Jasmine's eye " Hey what's that faint sound and that movement, it sounds like someone is talking and moving

9: around in room four hundred and ninety five" " Ya what is it I hear it to!", Shaelynne whispered back. As they started to creep toward the door the sound grew louder and easier to understand it said " Do you have all the visitors? We need them by midnight on Saturday. Meet me by the water fall by the gulf, and remember to be there at midnight on the money," Fine I'll be there" said a second voice. " That was weird I thought that there were no visitors

10: except for the one that just went into one of the rooms " And what's this about meet me at the waterfall at midnight and do you have all the guests" Renee wondered aloud. " We should get back to seeing we're, why, and how all the visitors are disappeared!" Shaelynne whispered.But when they finally found the room that the guest had gone into the room was empty and the room looked like nobody had ever been there that night. " But how? We were gone only a min.

11: " Jasmine said, " You know, this might not have been the room the guest went into" " It is I saw the person walk into this room, but I don't understand how the guest got away so fast!" Renee said. "Well the only way that we'll find out we're and who has taken all the guest!" Mika said "I will get some supplies from my room and we will leave tomorrow at sunrise. All right" Renee said to everyone and everyone agreed.

12: At sunrise (6:00) everyone was fresh and ready to go. Renee had packed food, water, clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, and a couple of towels. They had to go upstairs and sneak out the window so that Buff the bodyguard didn't stop them and send them to the couch. Mika ( the picky one) complained about getting his clothes wet from the window and getting a rope burn from the rope. But eventually they got him down the window and into the wilderness.

13: It was damp and it had gargantuan trees but Renee had been living here for three years so eventually they started to navigate there way around the giant jungle. By about mid day every one started to get a little tired and get grumpy so they made some beds out of rocks and a couple of leaves. Mika of course was the first to fall asleep. "Meanwhile everyone else started to form a plan. " So we'll sneak up next to the water fall at 11:55 and look around for all the guests and then at exactly 12:00 we will attack" Renee said at last. " But who do we think would try to sabotage such a nice island and resort?" Jasmine asked. " I think I know, I bet that it's the Indian tribes," predicted Shaelynne. It only makes sense that I do the medical stuff like if someone gets a cut or I can just help we're ever I am needed" Rose said looking hopeful. " We'll we have a pretty big afternoon ahead of us setting up traps for tonight. So lets all get a little nap in and then let's get to work!" Renee concluded. So they all fell a sleep for about an hour then they woke up!

14: Renee was the first to wake up the sun was just barely started to set so that meant that they only had a couple of hours to set up all there traps. When everyone was awake they divided up all the jobs. Mika ( scenes he is the only boy) will get some big rocks ( for the catapult), Jasmine was to go get the vines ( for the net), Shaelynne was going to go get some medium rocks ( to tie the net to, and to hang above the waterfall in the trees), Rose's job was to make some bandages for her first aid kit, and finally Renee's job was to tie the rope to the tree so she could swing down out of the tree. " Guys, we did a great job on all of this we have about one hour and fifty min. tell we have to get in our stations so let's eat some fruit! So they all sat down behind a gargantuan tree then they all ate a little bit and rested a little bit before the big night a head.

15: When it was 11:55 thy all got into there position and started to look for the guests. Renee was up in the tree next to the rope so hat she could swing down, Shaelynne and Jasmine were in the two other trees by the net so they could let it drop, Mika was by the catapult, and Rose was behind a if tree with her medical supplies in case anyone got hurt. Then right at 12:00 a bunch of tourists started to file in toward the waterfall led by someone with a simple Indian mask on. Then in the back of the herd there was a man that looked very strong and had a big Indian mask on it was made from wood and it had two big eyes painted on it and two little holes in the middle so the person that was behind the mask to see, then it had giant feathers for hair sticking out of the top.

16: Then right when it looked like the man was going to throw all the tourists of the waterfall Renee swung down on the rope and crashed right into the big guy knocking him over. All of a sudden a medium sized rock hit the other guy straight in the head and another hit the big dude from Mika's catapult. Finally in a flash of green the two men were tangled in a net! " We got them!" Renee yelled happily. Hey I have a cell phone I'll call the island police" said Jasmine " Great idea" said Renee. A few min. later a helicopter came flying through the trees and landed in the clearing by the waterfall.

17: A man jumped out of the helicopter and loaded the two other guys into the helicopter then helped the five friends into the helicopter with them then cleared a path for all the guests to get out of the jungle. “ Lets get you guys back to the hotel,” when they got back to the house the friends were showered in praise. The hotel had a party for them the night before Renee’s friends had to leave then the next morning right before the private jet was going to take them away Renee whispered in each of their ears hope we can do this again!

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