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Edward Elric (Kaitlin Looney)

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S: Edward Elric

FC: Edward Elric Hour 6 Psychology

1: By: Kaitlin Looney Note~ | Alchemy is, as it is understood in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, the ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy. This act is known as "Transmutation" and its sequence is usually described as: Deconstruction - Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state so as to be easily reshaped into a new form. Reconstruction - Continuing the flow of energy so as to reform the material into a new shape. Alchemy is the art of transforming existing matter into another desired form using only the original basic matter.

5: 1 | Born to Trisha Elric and Van Hohenheim of Resembool in the winter of 1899, Edward's first few years were relatively happy; but after the sudden departure of his father during the lad's formative years, Ed was left with his mother and younger brother Alphonse as his only family. The three Elrics lived in peace in the rural village and the boys began displaying a remarkable talent for alchemy at a young age, much to the joyful astonishment of his mother. However, early in the year 1904, Trisha contracted an illness that had been spreading in the area and died, leaving her two sons orphaned. Edward vowed to his brother that the two of them would find a way to bring their dear mother back to life with the power of alchemy.

7: Edward fits into the traditional gender rolls of his time and place. He joined the military at 12 getting the code name "Fullmetal Alchemist". He was the youngest state alchemist in history and he holds a title equivalent to that of a major. He was trained by a woman named Izumi Curtis. She was a parental figure in his life. He refers to her as teacher. Although she was a woman she was very strong and masculine she was very influential on Edward. He works hard and takes care of his little brother. | As seen in this picture of Edwards father as a teenager, Edward inherited many physical traits from his father. | 2

9: Edward is the son of Trisha Elric and Van Hohenheim. Edwards father walked out on his family when they were younger but in the time he was around he was very distant and never participated much in family activities. Edward developed a hatred for his father. Trisha was tender and loving towards everybody. Edward and his brother Alphonse loved their mother more than anything, and even tried to bring her back to life. she passed away a few years after their father left. She wanted nothing more than to make everybody around her happy. | 3

11: Edward became very attached to his mother Trisha, and was devastated by her death. He often brings flowers to his mothers grave. Edward became attached to the grandmother of his childhood friend, Pinako Rockbell. She took care of the boys after they were orphaned. Edward visits them often and calls Pinako "granny" though they are not actually related. Pinako eventually becomes his grandmother in law. Ed developed emotional attachments to both of them. | 4

13: After loosing both parents Edward and his younger brother Alphonse took care of themselves, or so they would like to imagine. They had lots of help from their family friends the Rockbells. Whinry Rockbell is the youngest in the family and she lives with her grandmother Pinako Rockbell. Everybody calls her granny. Edward visits them often and they would eventually become a family when Edward asked Whinry to marry him. | 5

15: When Edward was young he lost his right arm and left leg. He was attempting to use alchemy to revive his mother, but bringing back dead people is forbidden. In a tragic rebound Edward lost his leg and his younger brother Alphonse lost his entire body. Edward sacrificed his arm to seal his brothers soul into a suit of armor. | 6 | Edwards childhood friend, Whinry Rockbell made Edward a metal arm and leg so that he could function properly. He often breaks them and visits his mechanic and close friend.

17: Edward left home at age 15 with his younger brother. Before he left he burnt his house to the ground and recorded the date they burnt the house down inside a silver pocket watch he carries. He carries it with him so he remembers there is no turning back. Edward was trying to detach himself from the emotional bonds he developed as a child. He wanted to forget about the bad memories of his father abandoning them and his mother dying. He destroyed the house to escape the trauma that was associated with it. | 7

18: As Edward was traveling the country he was sent to discuss business with a man who researched alchemy named Shou tucker. He discovered Shou had a small four year old daughter named Nina and a pet dog name Alexander. They became friends instantly. Edward felt very close to the little girl. Nina's mother had disappeared a year before. One day as Edward was visiting the family he discovered Shou Tucker laughing like a mad man about how he had "finally perfected it". Confused, Edward went to check on Nina only to find that her father had used alchemy to create a disturbing creature...

19: 8 | He had combined Nina and Alexander into one being, an irreversible procedure. The creature was able to talk slightly and it spoke to Edward telling him that it was in pain. Edward arrested Shou Tucker for his heinous crime. Eventually in an act of mercy the hybrid creature was put out of its misery by a man who found the creature before the authorities had decided what to do with it. Edward never forgot the tragedy that happened to Nina and Alex. It continued to traumatize him and give him nightmares for the rest of his life.

20: From the age of 12 to 16 Edwards growth slowed down and he was very small for someone his age. Both his parents were genetically tall but Edward's refusal to drink milk may have caused a calcium deficiency and stunted his growth.The fact that Edward is so short is abnormal because both his parents were rather tall.

21: Edward had always been short, but he grows a lot over the years. As he grew he developed into a more mature adult. | 9

23: 10 | At the young age of 17 Edward Elric saved his country from the Homunculus, evil creatures created by alchemy. Edward discovered the monsters had a plot to use the entire population of the country of Amestris as human sacrifices in the largest alchemic ritual ever performed. Edward, with the help of his brother, father and other friends managed to defeat the Homunculus and save the country. During this event his brother was returned to his normal body and Edward got his arm back but he had to sacrifice his ability to perform alchemy to get these. Edward still kept his metal leg though.

25: 11 | Edward Elric earned the title of State Alchemist, the equivalent of a major, at the age of 12. He worked for the military as an alchemist for many years until he lost his ability to perform alchemy. after that he became an alchemical researcher for the Fuhrer, Roy Mustang. Edward was a good friend of Mustang. Mustang was Edwards commanding officer for many years. Edward worked in research with his brother until he retired at the age of 60.

27: 12 | Edward has always had a crush on his childhood friend Whinry Rockbell, who is also his mechanic. They eventually got married and had two children, a girl and a boy. Edward was very awkward in his proposal and tried to make it into science, to which Whinry laughed. She accepted his proposal.

29: 13 | Edward had a son named Russell and a daughter named Nina They both looked very much like their parents. Because his father left when he was so young he had no father figure to influence how he parented his children. Whinry also lost her parents who were doctors during a war so she was greatly influenced by her grandmothers parenting styles. Edward was a kind father and his wife and two children, and eventually, three grand children all loved him very much.

31: 14 | Obituary | Edward Elric passed away at his home in Resembool at the age of 75. Three years ago he pushed a young girl out of the path of a moving car, only to get hit by the car himself. Although he survived the impact he was thrown into a weakened state and remained in the hospital until he was released at his own request so that he could pass on in his own home. He had a wife, two children and three grandchildren. Edward had his wife, brother, sister in law and two children at his bedside when he died. His last words were... | "There's no such thing as a painless lesson. They just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary. You can't gain anything without losing something first. Although if you can endure that pain, and walk away from it, you will find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle."

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