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Eh Moose Movement

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Eh Moose Movement - Page Text Content

FC: A tale about a moose who took a stand against inequality, and set in motion, freedom for all.

1: Written By: Carly Marling and Caleb Pruett Illustrated By: Joey Kruger "The important difference between us is not cosmetic, but that of character." -Caleb Pruett

2: In the Canadian Wilderness called Montain, way up North, there existed a rivalry amongst bears and moose. The bears believed that they were better than the moose because the moose looked different than the bears. The bears treated the moose unfairly just because they looked different, and for the longest of times, the moose accepted their treatment.

3: Until one day one moose decided he had had enough. This moose was Martin Moosey. Martin Moosey was an excellent writer and loved to teach, especially tolerance. It was Martin Moosey’s goal to teach the animals of Montain that the moose weren’t as different as they thought.

4: The only problem was, Martin Moosey was having a terribly difficult time convincing the other moose of Montain to join him in his fight for equality. The other moose would say things like, “The bears will never listen to a moose!”, or “What’s the point, it’s not like us moose can change anything.”

5: “It’s no use”, Martin Moosey thought, “they’re too afraid.” He was right, the moose were too afraid to take a stand for equality. No matter how hard Martin Moosey tried to convince them that it would be worth it in the end, the moose were too stubborn to listen. Just when Martin Moosey was about to give up, something that would change the minds of moose everywhere happened.

6: A week after Martin Moosey tried to convince the other moose to take and stand with him, something happened at the local ice skating rink that changed the minds of all the moose in Montain. Here’s what happened; the bears were all ice skating, and then Leafy Forrest (a moose) wanted to join in on the fun. So, she put on some skates and stepped onto the rink. The bears saw what was happening and put a stop to it.

7: James Bear Arms, a mean and simple-minded bear, said, “Your kind isn’t welcome here.” Leafy Forrest refused to leave, only outraging the bears further. The bears banished Leafy Forrest from Montain and no one ever saw her again after that. All the moose of Montain witnessed the Ice Skating Incident, outraged, they called a secret meeting to discuss what happened.

8: “This is outrageous!”, yelled Anita Antlers. “Yeah! This can’t go on any longer!” roared another. Soon all the moose were angrily yelling and it got so loud and chaotic you couldn’t even understand what anyone was saying. Then, a thunderous voice yelled, “Enough! Yelling about what happened won’t solve anything, we must act!” It was Martin Moosey, and he had a plan.

9: “What do you propose we do?”, asked Anita Antlers. “We will march on the Montain Trail and fight for equality.”, Martin Moosey declared. Then all of the moose of Montain nodded their heads in agreement, and it was settled; they would march on the Montain Trail.

10: Before the moose planned such a major event, they were required to get approval from the leader of Montain, A. Hugs Bearington. A. Hugs Bearington was one of the greatest leaders Montain had ever had the pleasure of electing, and despite the simple-minded nature of the other bears, A. Hugs Bearington was different. He thought that the moose deserved just as many rights as the bears did.

11: So, the day after the secret meeting was called, Martin Moosey met with A. Hugs Bearington to discuss the March on Montain Trail. A. Hugs Bearington didn’t approve of the event because he thought it would cause chaos but he told Martin Moosey that if it’s what he was passionate about to go for it. Martin Moosey, ecstatic, told the other moose of Montain and they too shared in the excitement. The March on Montain would begin the next day.

12: The moose all decided it a good idea if Martin Moosey made a speech at the march. Martin Moosey agreed and that night he went home to write it. “I have a vision... no... I have a... a... I have a dream! Yes, I have a dream!”, said Martin Moosey happily. He got a piece of paper and started writing like no tomorrow; I have a dream....

13: And so the march began early the next morning, and all the animals of Montain, including the bears, arrived to witness the historic event. “Equality for all!”, the moose rang harmoniously. The bears all growled and pawed the ground angrily, they were outraged that such an event was happening. Before the bears could say anything a booming voice rang out throughout Montain, “I have a dream!”

14: It was Martin Moosey, “I have a dream that one day moose and bears will live together in harmony! For generations, the moose have been living under the shadow of the bears, as if the bear is greater than us. For generations, we have taken the mistreatment and abuse of the bears, and now we say “No more!” No longer will we accept being treated as inferior to bears. We demand our rightful place as equals! I have dreamed, and in this dream animals were not judged by the size of their antlers, or the sharpness of their claws, but the content of their heart.

15: In this dream I saw bear and moose together at the picnic table of brotherhood, as family, and as equals. And it is our hope today, that now and forever will all animals stand as equals. And with this hope we will be able to work together, struggle together, and stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will one day all be free from hatred...”, and as Martin Moosey continued to give his speech, the bears grew angrier and angrier.

16: One bear in particular, James Bear Arms, had a plan of his own, and it was about to be put into action. James Bear Arms got a beehive full of angry bees and set it on Martin Moosey! The bees stung Martin Moosey until he could no longer stand up or speak. The animals of Montain watched in horror as Martin Moosey fell to the ground with a thunderous BOOM!

17: Fortunately, Martin Moosey was rushed to the local hospital in time and survived without injury. A. Hugs Bearington was at the hospital to award Martin Moosey for his bravery and told him that he was passing a new law that gave every moose in Montain equal rights. Martin Moosey couldn’t have of been happier, and from then on the moose and the bears lived in harmony together, just like Martin Moosey dreamed of it being.

18: Works Cited Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream...” Archives.gov. 1963. Web. Nov. 2013

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  • Title: Eh Moose Movement
  • A tale about a moose who took a stand against inequality, and set in motion freedom for all.
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