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ELA Project

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BC: GO TEAM! | 2012 champs | a+ | tucker middle school go tigers! | Well, I hope you had fun with me. The next time you're at a game and you make comments, think about the words you used and what parts of speech they are. Practice makes perfect!

FC: Idris Abdur-Rahman December 14,2012 | GO TEAM! | Project | tucker middle school ELA

2: Parts of Speech | Play Ball! | go tigers

3: Get your ticket and come along to the game with me. We'll explore the parts of speech using a sports theme. Let's go!

4: a common noun names a person, place or thing. A proper noun names a particular person, place or thing. proper nouns are capitalized. | NOUNS

5: GO TEAM | BASEBALL | Bat, Ball, Base, Glove, Uniform, Cap, Runs,Player, team ***** Chipper Jones, Turner Field | The ball is white with red stitching. | Turner Field will host the game.

6: Common Nouns The dugout was littered with used cups. The ball was hit to the fence. The boy made an inside the park home run. The bats were lined up along the fence. A cap was left in the dugout. The equipment was packed away after the game.

7: Proper Nouns Bobby Cox will retire next season. John struck out in the 4th inning. Reggie hit a home run. Coach Spoon gave the team a pizza party. Budda Bob was the umpire. Peter Pan sat on the bench during the game. Carmen was the only girl on the team. Jackson ran the bases.

8: VERBS | show action, condition or state of being

9: Hit one out of the park! | The player hit the ball. | run, hit, catch, pitch, slide, score, swing, throw

10: VERBS Justin ran the bases. Hunter hit a pop up ball. The manager read the plays to the team. I got an autograph from one of the players. The team played four extra innings. I scored three runs today.

11: VERBS The sprinklers came on in the outfield. I bought popcorn and a soda at the game. The crowd sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." The game was rained out.

12: PRONOUNS | a pronoun takes the place of a noun. | he, she, it, they, him, her, them

13: Soccer Rules! | John kicked the ball. -or- He kicked the ball.

14: He made a goal. She kicked the ball hard. They won the game. We played two games. | He hurt his leg in the game. They cheered at the game.

15: He blocked the kick. She ran down the field. They blew horns at the end of the game. He got fouled.

16: ADJECTIVES | word that describes a noun or pronoun

17: The soccer ball is black and white. Black and white are describing the ball.

18: The team's colors are red and white. The pants are red. The shirts are white. The head referee blew his whistle.

19: The stripes on the field are white. The weather was cold. The music was loud. The winning team celebrated. The field was wet. The team's bags are large.

20: link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence describe the relationship between the noun and another word in the sentence | GO DUKE! | Lets go Team! | prepositions

21: at, in, out, on, off, under, over, across, before, after | The ball is on the court.

22: The ball was on the court. The player left his jersey in his locker. The player stood at the three point line. The coach put his play book under his chair. The players ran off the court.

23: The coach was on the bench. The fans were in the stands. The player threw the ball across the court. The referee blew his whistle at the player. The home team stood before the visiting team.

24: connect two parts of a sentence | conjunctions

25: FANBOYS for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so words that form compound sentences | Tom plays basketball but he likes football more.

26: I bought three tickets to the game but I only needed two. The singer sang the national anthem in English and French. The coach told Tom and Jerry to guard the other player. Our seats were wet so we moved to other seats.

27: The floor is white and the ceiling is black. I had a soda at the game and Elijah had water. Do you like basketball or football? John does not like basketball or football. Mark likes basketball and football. We got to the arena on time yet we could not go in.

28: Good Game | interjections | words that are used to exclaim, protest or command words that express emotion

29: GOOD JOB! | Yeah, we won! Wow, what a game! Ouch, I bet that tackle hurt! | TMS

30: Oh my, what a great play. Hooray, I made a touchdown. Yeah, the player blocked the kick. Oops, he fumbled the ball. Wow, that was an awesome game.

31: Rats, I couldn't hold the ball. Woo hoo, we won the game. Hmm, I can't decide if I want to play football this season. Ouch, that tackle hurt. Ahh, that massage felt good after the game.

32: GO TEAM! | adverbs | words that modify adjectives, verbs and other adverbs most adverbs end in "ly"

33: Adverbs answer the questions "how", "when" or "where" | The football player threw a long pass.

34: We had a really good time at the game. Tomorrow, we play two games. Yesterday, we lost both games. Today, we practiced for four hours.

35: The fans were very excited. The players were extremely pumped for the game. The team quickly left the field after the game. The coach happily shook the other coach's hand. The player frantically looked for his jersey. Tommy excitedly ran onto the field.

36: Bibliography | GOOD JOB!

37: Cited Sources Sports images. [Online images] Available

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