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S: Elena Bryce, MD 2019

FC: Elena Bryce, MD 2015-2019

1: Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Class of 2019

2: Lauren Harrington, MD | Nicole Marjon, MD

3: Brindha Bavan, MD | Nichole Young-Lin, MD

26: 2016

27: 2017

28: 2018

31: Elena Bryce, MD

56: The summer after my fifth-grade year, we spent our annual family reunion in the Catskills. To distract myself from the anticipatory anxiety of a new summer camp a week later, I decided to become Elena’s study buddy for the Step Exam. Despite our mother’s protestations – she worried the graphic gynecology stories that left little to the imagination, or photos of conditions themselves, were too much for an 11-year-old – we dove into case study after case study. Any feelings of being grossed out or confused were quickly eclipsed by amazement at Elena’s mastery of the material, and gratitude for her willingness to answer any questions along the way. I knew Elena was going to be a great doctor because even though she definitely would have gotten through those flashcards faster without me, she didn’t view studying them as a chore, but as a learning opportunity. This genuine interest, openness, and passion for her work is something I’m sure her patients see every day. Elena’s answering-of-questions didn’t stop after those days in the mountains almost seven years ago. Growing up with two sisters over a decade my senior, I already had two built-in life mentors, but having one be an OBGYN is awesome. The almost “security blanket” of Elena’s knowledge, and her consistent attitude of positivity and empowerment around sexuality have been incredibly valuable for me. I am so proud to have seen firsthand how Elena’s passion for her work invariably persists, and I am so lucky to have her as a sister. Ani Bryce

57: Elena, What an WONDERFUL accomplishment!! Completing residency is such a momentous occasion to celebrate the gifted, ambitious, skilled, caring person that you are and the amazing OB-GYN you have become. Your path to medicine is truly inspiring, not only in the tremendous hard work it took to get here — countless sleepless nights, crazy amounts of studying, endless exams, and so much more — but in the deep heartfelt aspiration that has gotten you through all of that. It is so clear that every thread in your journey has been woven into the doctor you are today. Getting those science pre-reqs at NC State WHILE getting an undergrad degree at Yale that wasn’t in bio or chem, you not only modeled how to hustle, work hard, and make the most of your education, but you also how to fully express being a student who truly loves learning in numerous areas. Your social and political lens, honed in your studies of Latin American politics, Nourish International, and so many other formative experiences in your path, is such a crucial part of your approach to your work and your life. During your training at Einstein, of course you knocked it out of the park academically and developed your clinical skills, but you also really followed your heart. You pursued work that mattered deeply to you and, at the same time, you prioritized your own spiritual journey, made bold choices, and lived your truth. Every encounter you had during your global health experiences in India, Uganda, and elsewhere have undoubtedly informed your lens and has made you a more expansive, creative, and justice-oriented thinker in how you approach medicine. And during your time as a resident at Stanford, you have clearly grown so much as a clinician and a leader, and your stories about your work always demonstrate how thoughtful your are about gender and sexuality, cross-cultural dynamics, and issues of equity and justice in health care. You’ve also navigated being an amazing doctor while growing your family so beautifully, and Gavi is lucky to have a mom who is such an accomplished, compassionate professional as well as a wonderful parent. You earned this, you SO deserve this, and you are such a gift to this field, Dr. Bryce!! We are so excited for your next chapter in Chicago! CONGRATULATIONS! WE LOVE YOU! Nina & Soltan

59: Dearest Elena, I am so proud of you for finishing residency. I know first hand how hard you’ve had to work: the unbelievably long days at work, and then when you come home, writing notes, preparing for M&M or tumor board, figuring out schedules for the week, and signing out to co-residents. And your work is so important and so challenging. I don’t know how you’ve managed to make it through, but somehow you have. And what’s even more incredible is that you manage to make it home with the energy to be a great spouse and an amazing mother. You’re always aware of Gavi’s needs and thinking about what we have to do for him. And even though you must be thoroughly exhausted when you get home from work, you still scoop Gavi up and make him smile and laugh. I’m so proud of you for being so impressive, and so grateful to you for being such an incredible partner. Love, Yoni

61: From Mom: I am so thrilled to celebrate Elena, and the rest of her amazing co-residents. Elena was born when I was in med school, so most of the adults she knew when she was little were my women friends from my class, and then from my residency. Once, when she was about four, it came up that her uncle was also a doctor, and Elena refused to believe it. Over and over she kept laughing uproariously at how silly that was – the preposterous idea that anyone but a woman could be a doctor. How prescient she was—forseeing herself becoming a part of this great group of women. Since preschool, Elena has had a voracious appetite for medical knowledge, and a steel trap of a mind for it—that’s when we started playing her favorite game, the origins of which I can’t remember. It was called “Body Questions” – and was basically just a slightly simplified version of Step One studying. As soon as I’d buckle her into her carseat she’d demand to play – making me ask her increasingly difficult anatomy or physiology questions, the answers to which she either knew or delighted in the fun of not-knowing, so I could tell her. In second grade her class went on a science field trip, and the director at the science center told them that there was a big word they didn’t need to worry about for the motion that made food go down the esophagus. According to her teachers, as soon as she got back to school that day she wrote a letter to the director explaining that she really wished that they’d told them that word. In addition to her deep love of learning about medicine, Elena also has had three other salient qualifications for becoming an OB-GYN that manifested from an early age. Unlike her mother, she has always been an incredibly dexterous and focused person. Her preschool teachers were so impressed they made photocopies to show us the incredibly intricate patterns she’d spend forever making on these rubber band-on-nails craft boards they had at her school. And many hours after the rest of our family has tired of working during our annual holiday card making party, Elena is always still completely absorbed in a meticulously executed paper-cutting, or an elaborate 3-D construction, that has everybody awed for days. Also, she’s always been so courageous when she’s committed to a path – whether playing the bass in her middle school girl band To Your Vice, or spending the year she was engaged to Yoni in her remote and very bug-inhabited home in Uganda. Finally, whether it’s toward her friends or her sisters when she was young, or towards her family or her patients as an adult, she’s always been deeply caring, sensitive, and attuned to others and their situation. I was always ambivalent about Elena going into medicine – happy for her to do work that I myself have found so deeply meaningful and rewarding, but as a mother-doctor, so pained at knowing too well the costs and the sacrifices my beloved child would have to take on. But seeing her now, so accomplished, and so amazing at balancing being a wonderful mom to Gavi with being an amazing physician, I am brimming over with joy that she is on this path, and that she has traversed this hard passage of residency so beautifully.

62: Elena’s first word was “baby.” The perfect choice. Diction as destiny. So: babies were on her mind from the beginning. Hospitals too, actually. Sarah was in med school when Elena was born, and I often brought Elena to visit Sarah at the hospital on call. Then, when Elena was 3, Sarah and I went to the hospital for Elena’s sister Nina to be born. After that, babies and hospitals seemed powerfully linked in Elena’s mind. I say this because when Elena was 4 and 5, Sarah had recurrent optic neuritis that required three hospitalizations, and Elena’s mind seemed to turn toward babies every time. The night we told her Sarah would have to go into the hospital for the third time, Elena had a dream I wrote down as follows: “We kept having baby after baby. We had one new baby then another one before the first baby was even walking or talking or anything. And when I asked mommy why she had to go into the hospital again she said it was to have another baby and I said, ‘Another baby? So soon?’” One day during that hospitalization, Elena and I went to the public library, a regular stop for us. While I was grabbing my usual armful of children’s books to take home, Elena chose two from the shelf to read there in the aisle: Sick in Bed, and Emergency Room. After absorbing them, she looked up at me soberly and said, “Nina is such a good sister. Thank you for giving the sperm to make such a good baby sister, Daddy.” Which sounds weird, I know, but Elena could be quite direct about such things. So it was in-character even then; all the moreso today as Elena is delivered into the world a fully trained OB/GYN. What I’m saying is: this is her. Frankly, Sarah and I angled for her to choose a different specialty. But apparently Elena was headed all along for this very day. Her interest in where babies come from and how they come into the world was curiously intense at an implausibly early age. And here she is, formally embarking on this intense career that is the natural outgrowth of that early interest. And with a baby of her own, too – how perfect! One of the greatest pleasures for a parent is to see your child leading the life they had within them all along, the life that was gestating in them from the beginning. So it’s with deep delight – and immense pride – that I offer my loving congratulations on this joyous occasion. -Dad

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