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Ella turns 2 (11 by 8 1/2 size)

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Ella turns 2 (11 by 8 1/2 size) - Page Text Content

S: Ella's Second Year

BC: Ella, you are an amazing little girl. We love you so much!!

FC: Ella turns 2 | Ella turns 2

1: We cannot believe you are already two years old! You are such a beautiful, smart and spunky little girl. You are now forming full sentences (5-6 words)! You are growing up way too fast! You are truly the light in our lives, Ella. We love you so much! | June 2012

2: These pictures were taken by our wedding photographer,Chris Keels. LOVE. | These pictures were taken by our wedding photographer, Chris Keels. | You love wearing this fairy dress, especially the wings.

3: 2 | June, 2012

4: You love wearing this fairy dress. You especially love the fairy wings.

5: Dancing, twirling and jumping are your favorite things. You never sit still. We love that!

7: You had SO much fun getting your picture taken. You LOVED flirting with Chris.

8: This year for your birthday, we decided to keep it small and celebrate with cupcakes at Grandpa's. You enjoyed your cupcake, but only ate the frosting. Later that night we went to Mommy's friends and had a cookout. You had fun playing with Addy and visiting with Aunt Jenny "Roberts", Aunt Jenny "Kuch", and Aunt Jenny "Thompson". | For your birthday you got a stroller from Mommy and Daddy, a water table from Grandpa and a Mini Coupe from "Auntie", Uncle Tim, Ayden and Ashton. | Ayden loved to help you up the steps with your new stroller and down the other side of the deck. He would wait for you here to help you. | June 2, 2012 Happy 2nd Birthday Ella!

9: Playing with your new water table. | Swinging with Addy at Aunt Jenny's. | Pushing your baby doll in her stroller in the middle of the boys "baseball game" | We bought you a potty chair. You thought it was a great toy! | You love to walk on the ledge in our backyard. You prefer to hold our hand because you can walk faster.

10: June, 2012 | Summer is here! You are having so much fun during our Wednesday play dates. | One Mommy's favorite pictures. I love watching you run and play. You request to wear this shirt all the time. You LOVE Minnie Mouse! | Fun playing with Noelle and Raeya.

11: Fun playing with Noelle and Raeya. Your favorite parte of the day was running in the open field | Ballet | Mommy was SO excited for you to try ballet! She couldn't wait for you to turn two so you could start. You looked adorable in your little leotard. Unfortunately you did not like to sit on your carpet square and I spent half the class chasing you around. However, you did like to walk on your tippy toes with Miss Molly and you waited patiently until it was your turn. Just when I thought I could sit outside the door and watch (which was the goal) you had a complete meltdown and we had to leave early two weeks in a row. I had just rearranged my work schedule sot that you could take ballet on Tuesdays with your friends. My dreams of watching you in the nutcracker were over!! That's O.K. I wouldn't trade my crazy girl for a ballerina. You still love the Open, shut them song : ) | Noelle "You better start listening, Ella" | playing on the bars is much more fun. then sitting on a carpet square! | Open Shut Them Open Shut them Give a Little Clap, Clap, Clap Open Shut them Open Shut them Put them in your lap lap, lap

12: Before | You had so much fun making Daddy's card. You were excited to give it to him but you kept pulling the stickers off of his card. | Fathers Day | June, 2012

13: Some of my favorite moments this month: You love when I sing The Busy Bee went around the true and bzzzzz, bzzzzzz, bzzzz as I tickle you. You LOVE this song, and you love to be tickled. You can actually recite the whole song yourself. You love to hug and kiss everything. and you often say "Tum ere cat, dog ((for "come here" insert anything you want to hug and kiss') You also say "Oh SHOOT!" when you drop something. I wonder where you get that from.....? | You enjoy bath time. You love playing with your "friends" in the tub. | After

14: Vacation July 1-7, 2012 Sheyboygan, WI | This year we went to Sheyboygan, Wisconsin for our family vacation with the Palmers and Almaguers. You had such a blast with Alexabbey. (That's what you call them : ) We stayed in a "Dome Home with a short walk to the beach. The first day there you tripped walking down stairs outside. You fell head first and went over the edge (through the thin wire supporting the sides of the deck. You fell about 6-8 feet. It was so frightening, that we did not allow you to be on the deck unless you were holding someones hand. You are very shy right now but thankfully you warmed up to your family after a day or so. You allowed Uncle Alejandro to take you to the beach without Mommy or Daddy. You love the beach, although once you are there you don't really want to stay that long. We had a lot of fun, but there wasn't a lot to do in the town. You did, however, enjoy an ice cream on one of our first days there. It was one of the first few times you had ice cream.

15: Grandpa and Virginia organized a painting night. Everyone finished their painting except Mama because she had put you immediately in the tub. When you are done with an activity you are DONE. | Having so much fun! | "I'm done!" | You made a HUGE mess! | You had so much fun playing in the back yard with Alex and Abby and running from Emma, the puppy. | Minnie's Rainbow is one of your favorite books right now. You loved seeing a rainbow in person and talked about it whenever we mentioned vacation. It was the first time Mommy had ever seen a "double rainbow"

16: July 2012 Sheyboygan, WI (Continued) | Chocolate ice cream is so good. Why don't you ever give it to me? | Fun at the children's museum. You pretended to be on a ship with Alex. | Running back and forth between Mommy and Daddy in an alley waiting for the rest of the family to finish lunch. One of Mommy's favorite videos was taken shortly before this picture. | Daddy's girl. You wanted to be wherever Daddy was the entire vacation. | You stayed up WAY too late! | VACATION

17: July, 2012 | Lily's party at Lattes and Lollipops was so much fun You had a complete blast in the bounce house and enjoyed "bouncing" down the slide until you bounced really high and landed face first. Needles to say we left the party early. You moaned all the way home. Fortunately you cheered up after we gave you your first Popsicle. | You just felt like wearing a hat. | We took you to your first concert in Columbus Commons, a brand new park downtown. You had a blast until the main act Leonard Skynyrd came on. It was really loud and you cried instantly so we had to leave right away. | First trip to the beer tent. You insisted on following Daddy

18: By the end of the month you started using "I" in complete sentences. Anything we talk about you will add that ""I want" (insert anything that we are doing or about to do) take a shower, work on the truck, go to work, ect) too!" | Your first time on a school bus at Touch a truck at the Westerville Community Center. | You are our little firecracker! We still call you Crazy Ella. You are always up for a fun time! | July, 2012 | Fun at the Ohio State Fair with Callum and Gianna. Your favorite part was the petting zoo and going down the big slide. We have a video of you going down the slide that you LOVE to watch. When you want to watch it you just say "Slide video." | Daddy paid for a pony ride for you, but you refused to get on. We thought you would love it, but You were very scared, so he got his money back.

19: At John's birthday party. | Lets go!

20: August, 2012 | Bouncy bouncy bally. Bouncy bouncy bally. Bouncy bounce, bouncy bounce, bouncy bouncy bally. | Summer=open classes at Gymboree! | Come on everybody it's parachute time, parachute time, parachute time. Come on everybody it's parachute time here at Gymboree. Come on everybody lets sit on the chute sit on the chute sit on the chute. Come on everybody lets sit on the chute here at Gymboree. | "Bouncy bouncy bally. Bouncy bouncy bally. Bouncy bounce, bouncy bounce, bouncy bouncy bally. | Gymbo hugs are the best! | Mommy will be sad when Gymboree is over. SO many fun memories there! | You love to sing the Gymboree music song "Sing, sing, sing hello, sing hello to Ella. Sing, sing, sing hello, sing hello to eElla. You like to interchange different names and always start with Ella, Mamma, Daddy, Auntie, Ashton, Uncle Tim, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Diana. You interrupt me mid song if I am not pronouncing the name right or use a different name than the one you requested.

21: Touch a truck at Gymboree. You don't like corn, but you like corn on the cob : ) Mama dropped you off at snack time at school. Your favorite part of the zoo is the train. We didn't make it home for nap time. Snack time at Cosi with Noelle and Raeya.You wanted to wear the Dora Princess Dress. Mommy said "Sure, why not?"

22: August, 2012 | Wheels on the bus is still your favorite song. You love to put names like Mama, Daddy, Auntie, Minnie strawberries (insert anything) on the bus goes up and down, up and down, all through the town.

23: Mommy saw this Melissa and Doug Shopping cart and decided you HAD to have it to go with your retro kitchen. Daddy suggested we take it to Giant Eagle to pick up some groceries. You were a BIG hit at the store that night. | You LOVE to "drive". Daddy will sometimes let you sit in the front seat while he drives around the block. Getting in your seat is a challenge at times. You will run away from us inside the car. It's a fun game to you! | Wednesday morning playgroup at Easton Fountains. You refused to get in the fountains but you sure looked adorable. | f d | Favorite things you say this month: "Scuze me"=Excuse me "Wuv you Mama"=Love you "Sum ere"=Come here. You say this to anything you want to hold. "Sum ere, cat, Sum ere, dog". "Your turn". You have Gymbo and Abby take turns doing things. Mommy calls you gorgeous so you say "Hi gorgeous Mama". Mommy thinks this is awesome. You love "Daddy Shakes"-(Protein shakes) and "Mama juice". (From the juicer. You love to talk about Birthdays and you say Happy Birthday all the time. Mommy overheard you saying "Happy Birthday milk", "Happy Birthday water." Wheels on the bus is still your favorite song. You love to insert a different name (Ella, Mommy Daddy, Brody, Ashton, Ayden, Uncle Tim, Grandp, Aunt Diana, You will put anything in there even silly things like beans, strawberries, a bag of chip, anything!) You especially love to sing this song in the car. | You love to hold both of our hands so that you can drop your legs and swing

24: Girls trip to Aunties this month for Aunties Birthday, August 4th. You LOVE your cousins and love to hang out with them. Our first night we were in the front yard hanging out with the neighbors (all older boys) Ashton was trying to "flip" his skateboard and land on it. He was successful so we all cheered. You then said "Ella skateboard too!". You got really excited and wanted to show off a skill too so as you stood on the cement you jumped and kicked your legs underneath you and landed on your knees ON the CEMENT. You have done this many times on the grass or on a gym mat. Sadly, you started crying instantly as your knees were all skinned up. We all felt so bad for you, you were just trying to participate and have a little fun! | Mommy and Auntie went to Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney Concert. Auntie loves you so much. You are the the other part of our BGC. Best Girls Club. We can't wait to have lots more fun with you as you grow. | Fun at Raeya's for a Sunday night family playdate. You did not want to get in the water at first,until you saw how much fun Raeya was having. You enjoy the water, but you are still really scared. | August, 2012

25: September, 2012 | You were a hit at Labor Day at Bonnie's this year. It didn't take you long to warm up at all. You are now speaking in complete sentences at times. You also now have a memory. We visited Trisha and Margo Keels this month to look at their adoption book and you played with Margo's rocking horse. The following week Mommy told you we were going back to Margot's and you looked at Mommy and said "play with red rocking horse." It is so amazing to see you process, remember and develop memories. Now instead of saying "too" at the end of a sentence, you say "also." : ( You sure are growing up. | Story time at Barnes and Noble with Noelle and Raeya. | You love to run and play in Mommy and Daddy's room after your bath at night. | While Mommy was gone one Saturday in September, Daddy took you to a German Village Festival in Shiller Park where you had chocolate ice cream. Mommy came home hours later and found you like this!

26: September, 2012 | Shopping at Buy Buy Baby. You looked so cute in this hat. Mommy also took the cutest little video of you wearing this hat.

27: Mommy and Daddy went to NYC for the weekends for a concert in Central Park. Grandma stayed with you all weekend. While we were gone, you went down the "tricky"slide all by yourself! We had been encouraging you to try to go down that slide forever, but your just weren't ready. Grandma said you were so good for her and didn't whine once. (You whine frequently for us.) We asked her if she was sure that she was taking care of Ella Palmer. : ) You were waiting by the gate for us when we came home! We brought you home a teddy bear in a suitcase from FAO Schwartz. You love to say "My teddy bear, my present from New York."

28: September, 2012 | You started Jumping Jelly Beans at the Westerville Rec Center this month with Noelle and Lilly. It's a six week course and lots of fun. Your favorite part is the trampoline. You also love hopping on the balance beam with your teacher Miss Sunny.

29: Favorite Moments and things that you say: | You call Daddy "Daddy Addy" or "Da Da". When you are playing, you tell whatever you are playing with (it can be anything from a stuffed animal to a number or piece of food) "I'm going to change your diaper." Mommy just loves watching you play. "I missed you SO much, and "Hold you" when you want us to pick you up. These are my two favorites. "That one is for school" ( You point to various things in the refrigerator) Sometimes you won't drink or eat something that Mommy offers you because you are convinced that it is for school. You refer to yourself as "Ella Palmer." "Say-ah-pus." You usually giggle when you say this. We have NO idea what it means. Sometimes when we are trying to take your picture we will say this to get you to smile. You love to say Happy Birthday! Sometimes if you see something new and exciting you will say, "It's my Birthday!" "I'll catch you." (Going down the slide.) Favorite Songs: Bluebird bluebird fly through my window, blue bird, blue bird, hello to you (You request that Mommy sing the song with various names in there. As Mommy is singing, you interrupt with the next name) We sing all of the colors including rainbow bird and then we will sing names. Ella bird, Daddy bird, Mommy bird, Auntie bird, Uncle Time bird, Grandpa bird, ect. Sing, sing, sing hello, sing hello to Ella. Sometimes you will interrupt or correct us if we get the name wrong. Often you will want to include a sentence in a song, like, "Sing, sing hello, sing hello to Daddy in the red truck." You will also want to include multiple people in the song at one time and if we get them out of order, you correct us. Ring around the posy. You must have learned this at school. You know all of the words and love to "fall down" at the end. Dinosaur song: We don't know this one, but you insist that we sing it. From what we can tell, the lyrics are: Here he comes, dinosaur, earth shakes, mountain shakes, listen to the sound he makes...Raaaaaaahhhhhhrrrrrr1!! | A note to you, Ella, from Mommy, Ella, I have always tried to follow my intuition and to listen within for my own inner guidance. I know and trust that all of the twists and turns in life have led me exactly to the place that I am now. All of the and expectations and promises that are never kept, and hearts that were broken all led me to Daddy and ultimately to you. It was all worth it and it was and all perfect, even if it didn't go as exactly as I had planned.. After you were born, I felt that our family wasn't complete. Because I cannot have more biological children, Daddy and I decided we would look into adoption. The day that I mailed our adoption paperwork to take the first step in that direction some interesting things happened. I stood in line waiting at the post office to mail the paperwork and also Uncle Tim's birthday card thinking about what a big step we were taking. It was then that I noticed the back of Uncle TIm's card had a picture of a owl that said "flying leap." How fitting, I thought ..... THEN I picked you up from school this picture was in your bag. | I don't know what it means. I have know idea what will happen, but I do feel that we will be a crazy, happy, beautiful family of four one day. I trust my heart. I hope you live your life trusting and following yours. It will always steer you in the right direction.

30: Grandpa came for a visit the next weekend. You love him and remembered him immediately. You spent a lot of time with him and liked to sit in his lap. The day after Grandpa arrived we all went to Cincinatti for a visit. This was the first time that you did not need to sit on the floor at the Almaguers and get reacquainted before you played with Alex and Abby. They still get a little over eager, but you don't seem to mind as much anymore You had so much fun playing on the swing set with Abby. and loved going down the slide. You are still very weary of Emma because she jumps on you, but other than that, you seemed to have a great time. | October, 2012 | You are becoming such a bright little girl. You absorb everything right now and are so hungry to learn. We had Halloween evening family play-date at our house and you were SO excited! You kept repeating "My party" over and over. You dressed up like a butterfly and Mama was a witch. You did not keep your costume on the whole time, though. Noelle, Lily, Chase and Nash came to your party.When the first few friends arrived you were very excited and kept squealing with delight. But, as more and more people came, you started getting fussy and wanted to just hang out with Daddy. Luckily, by the end of the night you had warmed up some and had a blast playing with Noelle when everyone left. | You LOVE to help Mommy in the kitchen!

31: You jut felt like wearing this fairy dress to Trader Joes. You still request a banana every time we go to a grocery tore.

32: Fun at Cosi with Noelle and Andrew. We went to see the Lego exhibit, but it was geared mostly for older boys, so we went to "Little Kid Space." You got completely soaked in the water area and had to borrow a shirt from Noelle. After playing we went to lunch in the cafeteria.You sat at a table with Noelle while the adults were talking when we saw you and Noelle take off running. One of the customers eating lunch said that "the girl with the ponytail looked at the other blond girl and said "Let's go play!!!!" You took off and Noelle followed you. You are the ponytail'd girl, of course!! | Pigeon Roost Farms | This is our second year going to Pigeon Roost Farms in Hebron, OH. Everyone in the Wednesday playgroup was invited, but just Noelle came. You both had so much fun. There is so much to do!

33: After thinking about it a long while you decided to go head first. Our little daredevil. | "Hey little girl, are you going to go?" | We couldn't believe that Noelle was actually able to pull you in the wagon. You two drew a small crowd! | Sentences, songs and play this month "May I have please, milk please, Mommy" "The cars are hungry." You love to make up songs and will often start a song and turn it into the patty cake song by putting "bakers man" in the lyrics.

34: You had a blast at the Gymboree Pumpkin Party. We didn't know any of the kids there, but you didn't seem to mind at all. You were the cutest little butterfly. Mommy loved watching you stand on the half moon platform and dance your heart out to the Monster Bash! On Halloween day we went to Noelle's for a Halloween play-date. It was so fun to see the kids in costume. (Raeya, Edith, Noelle, and Andrew)

35: You had so much fun Trick or treating this year! You walked up to each house confidently. It was a cold and rainy night (you wore 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pant), so we didn't stay out long. You did a great job saying "trick or treat", but sometimes you just walked up to the house and stood there. When we got home, you loved checking out your candy. We gave you a Milky Way (you loved it) around 8 p.m. Giving you chocolate late at night turned out to be a bad idea as you were bouncing off the walls (even more than usual) making a normally long bedtime routine incredibly long.

37: We went to Sam and Beth's this month for our annual trip to stock up on wood for the winter. Daddy loves this day and looks forward to it every year. He enjoys helping Sam and getting dirty. You, Mommy and Beth always walk to the pond to feed the fish. You also love riding in the "Gator". Beth always makes us lunch and Mommy always tries to get you to take a nap upstairs in your bedroom. It never works, but we always try. Sam is an AMAZING photographer and takes picture of you every fall. These were taken at the end of the day after a very, very long day. You loved flirting with Sam and rebounded instantly.

39: Who's ready to PLAY???!!

40: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.

42: November, 2013 | We went back to Sam and Beth's so Daddy could help Sam cut wood. You love visiting there and feeding the fish in their pond. This time, however, the gun club nearby was making lots of noises that really scared you so we took you to the horse stable. After we were there for a while, you said "I want to ride the horse." When we got up close you were scared to touch him, but eventually, you let Mommy put you up in the saddle with Kim. Mommy was so proud of you!! You even enjoyed it when Tucker took a few steps. You smiled and seemed to love it. When we got back to Sam and Beth's you told Daddy "I rode a horse." Daddy was so proud!

43: Favorite Sentences, songs and play this month: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is your favorite song When we go to Chipotle you say "We are going to Quesadilla House." You even sometimes order the chicken quesadilla yourself! "Oh my goodness." "I want to cook!" "Brody is brushing her teeth." "My family" Sometimes you will look at a picture of yourself or one of u and say "My Family." Love that! "We are going to the house at the store." "Daddy you are a boy. Mommy is a gurl. I'm a gurl too." We haven't talked about this in a while, so we think you learned this at school. "Brody is cute." You love to say "either" at the end of a sentence. You stopped saying "Hold you" when you want to be held this month. You now say "Hold me." I loved when you would say "Hold you, Mama" : ( Mommy loves watching your imaginative play develop. You were playing with a marker and kept telling the different colors "Lets take turns, guys." Daddy calls you "Aya Loca" At bedtime, every night when he is putting up the gate. Daddy says "Ella, guess what? I love you." | Fun at school with Eli and Everette. | At Jenny's surprise party. You Insisted on being in the picture!

44: November, 2012 | Fun at "The Works" | Can you believe Daddy is in my bed!?" | First "car ride" with a boy. Jacob Lifer. | Favorite foods Black beans, of course! Raspberries, hot dogs, canned chicken in water from Trader Joes, Strawberries | Bedtime Routine On daycare nights, we start with a bath and a few "blast offs" and "boings" and "Daddy Surfs" on Mommy and Daddy's bed.Then we read one bedtime book. Favorites this month are Dora's Crystal Kingdom, Dora's Camping trip and Mami Unicorn. Then we read prayer (One bedtime prayer and Rainbow Foods-because you love it. Then we brush your teeth. We recently added one jumping and one dancing twinkle. During dancing twinkle, you spin in a circle while one or both of us sing the song. Then each of us hug you and rock while we sing Twinkle Twinkle little star. Sometimes Daddy will let you stand on his lap while you lean back and forth with your legs straight while he sings. After twinkles, it is finally time for a hug and kiss. Daddy tucks you in while Mommy turns on Scout's bedtime music. You then "Organize your "friends" Abby, Minnie and Gymbo. You put them face down and cover them up completely with your Ella Blankie. Usually after we close the door, we still hear you saying "love you Mommy, love you, Daddy"while we are walking down the stairs. We both usually call to you until someone closes the door at the bottom of the steps. Usually when Mommy checks on you in the middle of the night you are either clutching abby while you are lying on your side or you are holding her on top of your head.

45: You can't reach the pedals yet, but you love this tricycle. | "Riding" the elephant with Abby at Grandma's | Fun at the Wyatt family Thanksgiving with Abby and Kelsey.

46: What a fun-filled month! We went to Michigan for Grandpa's 75th surprise party. He was very surprised! You were the first person to greet him as he walked in. He was so happy, he cried. In Mid-December, Grandma stayed with us. The second night she was there (We left you both nights for a few hours) you were up ALL night. Crying about every hour or two. FInally we let you sleep in our bed. It was the first time you had ever slept with us. You tossed and turned so much, Daddy and I didn't sleep much at all. We took you to the lights at the zoo this year for the first time. You loved it! However, it was colder than we thought it would be, so by the end you were quite cranky (Mommy forgot to put a blanket on your lap) You cried the whole way out of the zoo. I asked you if you would stop crying if we put on "Dance Gymbo Dance". You said "yes", and you did! Santa was at S & K (school) this year and you were the only one in your class that would sit on his lap. Maybe you secretly knew it was Shawn Delgado-the owner of the school. A few days later, we went to the mall and passed by Santa. The line was CRAZY long, ss we kept walking, but you were so MAD at me. You kept saying "I wanna sit on Santa's laaaaaaaaaap" | December, 2012 | Mommy took you to your school Christmas party this year. Your teacher, Miss Samantha says that you pal around with Anise all day and you love to play dolls with her. You say "Roff for Rudolf. | You have called this a "Ma" for as long as we can remember.

47: Fun at Cosi "I'm gonna make you dinner, Mama. "I have a chocofruccake for you". | Zoo lights-before the meltdown. | Favorite Moments and things you say "May I have please watch Diego please, Mama (Sees moon) "I see the moon, I want to hold it. I want to see it. Maybe I could be a butterfly and fly up to the moon." "It's my birfday. Best day ever!" You say best day alot. You love hiding your face when we are driving. You want me to say "Has anybody seen Ella?" so you can say YEAH!! and uncover your face "Maybe we can get a rainbow next year." (While eating green beans for dinner) My birthday party is green beans. (While trying to zip Mama's work sweatshirt with the broken zipper) "Mommy, your zipper needs batteries." While eating dinner you love to make up song. "The bee on the bus goes hooooahhhhhooahhhoooah" you put 5 raspberries on all of your fingers and play. (I've overheard you say) "No, that's hers. That's his" "ere you go". "It's O.K., I just dropped you hat." "I ate his hat." " Your favorite question to ask is "Who is making that noise?" "Who is driving that car?" You are slowly becoming a little person with opinions and the ability to communicate and rationalize with us. A few months ago you couldn't speak in full sentences like you can now. Watching you grow brings us so much joy!!

48: Christmas Eve | Cookies for Santa!! | You refused to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree with the boys, but you changed your mind. We asked the boys to kiss you on the cheek but they refused. You pouted softly. They finally agreed to hug you. | We spent Christmas at Aunties and Uncle Tim's. Grandpa's house caught on fire (electrical fire from the fireplace). You had so much fun playing with the boys. | Picking out cookies for Santa. You did the cutest little dance and squealed for joy when you were done.

49: Christmas Day | Santa came!! | You love playing with Ashton's drum set. | Christmas morning you did not want to wear your clothes, so you opened all of your presents in your diaper. You are starting to understand what presents are. You are truly a Daddy's girl. If you get hurt and Mama tries to console you, you will say "I waaaaannt my Daaaaady". Daddy will give you a quick pat and off you will go. You refuse to let Mama get you out of your high chair, brush your teeth, or anything really.

50: Daddy constructed a gate from scratch this month. You loved helping him and said weeks later that your favorite part of the day was building a gate with Daddy! Grandpa and Virginia visited the weekend of 1/10/13. They could not believe how much you had grown and how active you are right now. We went to Joannes to pick out material so Mommy could make a blanket for you with her new sewing machine. You LOVED this fabric and refused to put it down. | Daddy's little helper | You had so much fun with your friends at Karen's Gender reveal party. Daddy recorded you playing "Ring around the Rosey" with Reaya and Noelle. It is one of my favorite videos. | Dear Ella, It's January, 12, 2013, and I am starting to create this book for you. I have wanted to give you this gift since I discovered the idea 3 years ago when you were still in my belly. Since your birth I wrote letters to you each month and took pictures so that I would be organized when I decided to begin this project. I have 2 1/2 years to catch up. It's going to take me a long time! I can't wait to read these books to you. and with you. I hope that you will feel the love that went into these books. Being your Mommy is my greatest pleasure in life I will love you forever. To the moon and back. Love, Mommy | January, 2013 | New Year Eve, 2012 (unfortunately Mommy broke your "Special Day" Plate a few weeks later!

51: 1/9/13 Mommy finally took you swimming! We hadn't been swimming since Raeya's playdate in August.You LOVED it! | 1/12/13 Story time at Barnes and Noble with Raeya. The teacher asked each Kid to say their name. You said "I'm Ella" very softly. | After story time we played with "snow" at Gymboree art.

52: January, 2013 | Baby Christian is here! You loved looking at him and kept petting his head and hugging him. You are going to be such a great big sister!

53: You spell your name ELLLA (Love this!) You are NOT interested in potty training, but you sometimes will sit on the potty before getting in the bath. You love baths right now, and INSIST on taking one every night. You love to cover things up and tuck them in (especially people). You always cover your friends with your pink Ella blankie (Gymbo, Minnie and Abby-In this order) They must all be face down and comfortable or you will not go to bed. You then put your head down right next to them. "Who is that?" Points to a bottle of wine. We have added an extra step to the bedtime routine. All three of us lie down on our backs and take deep breaths. You love this and if we forget, you remind us. We got our adoption profile back and you LOVED looking at the book. "That's my family, Mommy." You pointed to the picture of Daddy holding you in the baby Bijorn in Hocking Hills when you were a baby and said "Look Mommy, LOOK!! Daddy is taking Ella to the mountain Your favorite question this month is "What are you doing, Mommy." and "Can we, Mommy, Caaaaannn weeeeee??" " "Who is that?" (Points to a bottle of wine) One day when we were talking about getting a present for Lily (because she is a big sister, you said "I wanna make a sister". Your sentences are SO grown up. You now say things like "wait a second, Mama, you are not to put the gate up". You like to argue. Ella-"Daddy's home." Mommy "No, honey, Daddy's at work" Ella-"NO, He's here!!." "Can we go to Quesidilla House, (Chipolte) Mommy,, can we, can we?????!!! "Brody is my dog. She's not yoru dog eeeeeeeeder. (either) You call Mommy Maaaameeeeeaaaaa. "Mommy can we make a craft?" You can now pull the backings off of stickers yourself. without help. "I haaaaaavvvvveeee to, Mommy" When asked how old you are, you say "I'm twoanahalf". Daddy asked you if you could spell Mamas name, you said "mama is Thomas Palmer". "Can you paint with us?" (You say this even when you are by yourself. (Love this) You pretend to call Daddy on your cash register. Here is the conversation: "Hello, Good, How are you?" I'm Ella, you're Thomas, I love you." When Daddy picked you up after Mama's colonoscopy, you said, "Mommy, I'm gonna care of you." That made Mommy's day! | Favorite Moments this Month.

54: Bath time | You love bath time! You love talking with your friends in the tub. This month you pooped in the tub for the first time. You looked at it and said "That's gusting!."

55: We love to listen to you play right now. You love to pretend with your animal friends (sheep, fish, horse, cow and duckie) We often hear you say ""Come on gulls (for girls, we think), it's O.K. gulls)

56: "Mmmmmm..Mama juice!!!". | Favorite foods right now: beans, raspberries, can chicken, hot dogs, dora treats, (fruit snacks,, candy, hot dogs

57: January, 2013 | You still love making Mama juice. and request it often. We don't make it that much because it takes a while to make and even longer to clean up. However, some days are worth it.. Your favorite juice is carrot, apple, spinach and strawberry juice. You still love to stand in the fridge and look around.. You are almost too big to fit!. | You love to hug Brody, especially in the morning. One morning we were talking about Brody said " When I get bigger and bigger, I wanna get a tail too." You also like to feed Body her dinner, but mostly because you like to eat her food. We allow you to have 3 pieces of dog food daily.. Yes, we really do. You LOVE it! | You talk ALL the time now, except when you are watching Dora or Diego. "Brody is MY dog. She's not your dog eeeeeeder (for either)."

58: January, 2013 Night, Night, Ella | This has been a difficult month for sleeping in the Palmer household. On January 8th, 2013, you decided that you no longer wanted to stay in your crib any longer. You showed up in Mommy and Daddy's on Mommy's side of the bed. We tried to let you sleep with us, but you tossed and turned and wanted to play. The next night you were up all night. Yes, ALL night. You climbed out of the crib and jumped onto the spare bed and stood by the door and cried out. You did this all night We put you back into your crib probably 30 times that night. Each time you requested another "twinkle" and/or water We even tried to put you in our bed. You would NOT sleep so Daddy took you downstairs at 3:30 A.M. to watch Dora. Daddy laid on the couch with you only to wake up because you requested another Dora episode. The next night, Mommy pulled your mattress from the crib and you slept there at night. You called it a "cot, just like school". You were excited to try out the new bed. Meanwhile, Daddy got busy constructing a gate from scratch. about a week later, Daddy finished the gate and changed your crib to a toddler bed. You were excited to see your toddler bed, but you didn't want to sleep in it. After we tuck you in at night, we barely make it downstairs before you are crying or screaming out. You usually request water and another twinkle. We repeat this many, many times a night. Nothing seems to help. No one in the house is sleeping except brody. One night Daddy decided that you might be scared so he talked to you and gave you a hug and said you were safe but you needed to be a big girl and go back to bed and sleep all night. You closed the door at 9:30 PM. and we didn't hear a thing from you until 7:15 the next morning! The next morning you got a Dora treat on your special day plate. We thought our sleepless nights were over, but they continued for a long time! Daddy sometimes wills sleep in the spare bed with you until you fall asleep but you wake up and cry when you realize he isn't there. We are hoping this is just a temporary phase! | You used to be such a good little sleeper! You always slept straight through the night until this month.

59: January 9, 2013 First night in your "big girl bed". cot. You were so excited! | Mommy woke up one morning and found this! | Daddy was trying to nap. You insisted on "napping/playing" with him. | January 12, 2013 First night in your big girl bed! Now if only we could get you to sleep in it all night!

60: February, 2013 | Last month we were invited to join ABC club. Abbey (Noelle), Carly (Lily), Kelley (Juliana) and Jennifer (Edith) are part of the group. This was our first month to host. We had a zoo theme. Noelle and Edith came. It was so much fun! | Noelle stayed to play for a few hours after ABC club was over. You LOVE her, but you also fight like sisters right now. You each seem to want the doll or bear the other person is playing with. | ABC Club Invitation We are excited to host our first Alphabet Club! Please join us Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. at Ella's house for a ZOO party while we learn about letters Y and Z Here is our schedule: Sing the Alphabet song Trace the letters Y and Z with Yellow Yarn Craft-Make a Zoo animal book mark. Craft-Lace and lean a zoo animal. Pretend to BE a Zoo animal! Read-Our Class took a trip to the Zoo. Snack time-Yogurt with blueberries and CheeseZits. (The only Z snack I could think of! Play time!

61: February 9, 2013 was a big night. You finally "peed" on the potty for the first time right before you took a bath! Mommy a huge deal out of it giving you "High fives" and singing "Go Ella, Go Ella" You wanted Mommy to say "Ella, I loooooooooove you!!" over and over. You were so proud! | Also that day we were driving to Gymboree. You were talking about red, green and yellow lights. Here is our conversation: "Ella: What does Orange mean?" Mommy: "I don't think it means anything" Ella: (Pauses for 30 seconds) "Orange means maybe." | That same day in the car, Mommy said Ella is crazy and fun and beautiful and (the list when on and on..) Then, Mommy asked Ella to describe her this is what you said: "Mama likes water hoses and Daddy and flowers and Ella and Auntie and Ayden and Ashton and Grandpa and Uncle Tim." | Grandma came to visit the beginning of February so that Mommy could pick up an extra day of work. Here is the e-mail she sent the next day. While sitting on the toilet-"Grandma, take my picture." Grandma "Ella, are those crackers delicious?" Ella: "These crackers are very good." Grandma: "Ella, delicious means very, very good." One minute later- Ella: "Grandma, may I have more of those delicious crackers?" | Precious Moments to Cherish | February 6, 2013 You gave Mommy hugs and said "Were best friends. Best Day Ever!!" You said this a few times in a row and kept giving Mommy kisses" | Singing "We're so pretty, so, so, pretty". In front of the mirror

62: Favorite Moments this Month-February You love to play with toys in the store when we are shopping. We will often let you "hold" a toy through a store like Target until we get to the check out area. When it's time to go, you will say "We have to take him back to his family." You like Mommy to dance with you and jump with you during "Dancing" and "Jumping" twinkle.d and you like Mommy to say Twinkle, Twinkle, little dancing, jumping, crazy, Ella star, how I wonder what you are at the end. Daddy calls you Aya. You say, "No, I'm Ella." During bedtime routine-Mama-"Ella what was your favorite part of the day" Ella-" At bedtime we always ask each other "What was your favorite part of the day " You usually say things like "Hugging my Daddy" or "helping Daddy with the gate" On February 9th you said "Hugging, swinging and sliding all the way through the jungle." You said this every night for a few weeks, but would sometimes say ocean instead of jungle. Even if Mommy just goes downstairs for a minute you say "Mommy, I miss you so much." "We are not going home, we are going to the gaga store!" We have no idea what this means. Apparently you do, and sometimes you get quite irritated that we won't take you there. You love the "Monkey's jumping on the bed"song from Gymboree. You request that Mommy play it and we run and chase each other through the house. You said "Daddy can we go to the piggy ride house?" Where is the piggy ride house? Ella-"It's in the street." When you look at pictures of yourself, or pictures of Mommy and Daddy, you say "Thats my family.' Your favorite sentence this month is "I'll do it !" "I'll do it myself.!" "Do you want to git in the wiving room and find my wetters?" "Will you please come tom my Brthday party, Mommy." Thanks, Mommy. You love to turn lights on and off,e specially when we are walking upstairs. "Be careful, Mommy, it's gong to be really, really dark." Out of the blue one dayWearing an I love Mommy shirt "Mommy, my shirt says I love you." When did you grow up? One day this month, Mommy was sick, you gave hugs 9your hug is a head lean into the other person)and said "I'll be right back, I have to give her a kiss". You forgot to come back, but it was super sweet2 OneFebruary 20th, in the bathtub playing with your friends, you said to two of your friends "brother and sister, together forever." over and over. So very cute. No idea where you learned this from You always hug brody in the mornings. One morning you said "It's O.K. little Brody come on out. I want to be friends too. | Not so Favorite Moments: "Terrible two's" are in full force in the Palmer household.. Aside from you waking up at least 5 times a night, you are frequently testing us. We often have to countdown (5, 4, 3, 2, 1. sometimes a few times.) We sometimes have to tell you it is your last chance for something before you cooperate) for each part of our nighttime routine and threaten to take things away in order for your to cooperate. you always find some way to stall. If you don't like something, you let us know immediately. Toddler books call you "Spirited". We know that means that you will be assertive and steadfast in your dreams and desires. You will not nap at home. Mommy calls it quiet time. You usually scream the entire time. In the middle of the night you ask Is quiet time over Mommy>?" This breaks Mommy's heart. You throw tantrums. when you don't get your way. We often wait patiently until you are finished. You hit and kick us. Most of the time you will sit quietly like a "peaceful piggie" and apologize. It is very sweet. | Dancing and pretending to sleep during Dance, Gymbo, Dance. The parents at Gymboree think you are hilarious when you jump up and say AHHHH! after Gymbo is done "sleeping."

63: Nap-time at home has been challenging. You take a 2-3 hour naps at school, but refuse to nap at home. Mommy will tell you that it's quiet time, and that you have to stay in your room for an hour. Most of the time you cry the whole time. You prefer to catch your nap in your highchair. | Hugging Daddy while he fixes the sink. | You are very stubborn. You protested quiet time and suddenly became quiet. This is were Mommy found you. | I will NEVER give in! | Mommy loves that you enjoy making crafts. You asked to make this a few days before Valentines Day. Mommy didn't help you at all. You put the wings on the back. | Gymbo the clown craft at Art Class. You put the hair on Gymbos back! | Dance, Gymbo Dance, Dance, Gymbo Dance. Round and round and up and down, Dance Gymbo Dance. Gymbo's going up, Gymbo's going down. Gymbo's going up and down, up and up and down. Hey girls, Hey boys, clap your hands and make some noise. Do a little dance you can play lets all do it Gymbo's way. Move side to side. Move side to side. Take your body for a ride. Move side to side. Peek Peek a Boo1 Pee Peek a Boo! You see me and I see you, Peeka peek a boo! Hug Gymbo Hug (Your favorite line) Hug Gymbo hug. Wrap him up so nice and snug, Hug Gymbo Hug. Sleep Gymbo sleep, Sleep Gymbo sleep Close your eyes don't make a peep. Sleep Gymbo Sleeeeeeep | Miss Crystal gave us a music CD of Gymboree songs. Dance Gymbo dance is your favorite along with no more monkeys jumping on the bed. You request to listen to it every time we are in the car.

64: Snack time at ABC club. at Noelle's After 3 ABC playdates, you now know how to trace letters. | February | On February 10, you "pooped" on the potty for the first time. You sometimes like to play with your clothes off and while you were playing you walked over and sat down on the froggy potty. Mommy was so proud of you and would have served you Dora treats on your special day plate if she didn't break it last week! | Daddy's friends Cary and Ian were in town for his birthday for a Umphrey's Mcgee concert. | Daddy calls you "Aya". You say, "No, I'm Ella Rose Palmer | You still aren't sleeping through the night. After we put you down, you usually cry out. Mama will answer and give you one last twinkle. She doesn't mind, really, and you make the sweetest little moaning sound as we hug. Then, you still cry out at least once during the middle of the night. If Daddy answers you, you usually talk him into sleeping next to you in the spare bed.

65: Your teacher, Miss Evonne sentMommy this picture of you eating a cupcake at school. | The sweetheart log roll. You rolled off into Mommy's arms. | Gymboree Sweetheart party. | This will be your last Gymboree Valentine's party. You were one of the oldest kids there! | The Valentines card you made at school.

66: February, 2013 | You loved Disney on Ice. Watching your face when the show started was priceless. You loved the "warm up dance" at the beginning of the show, but did not like the noise at all until you got used to it. | Walking into Nationwide Arena, you said"Minnie and Daisy are my friends. They are my favorite." During the show you kept asking Daddy where Daisy was. It was SO loud in there! You covered your eyes instantly. | You did not like it when Daddy carried you on his shoulders this year!

67: March, 2013 | Things you said this month Uh oh, what did you did? MY birthday is coming up in JuneWe don't know where you heard this, and WHEN did you become a 5 year old? "Brody comed in here."(Brody came into the kitchen.) On a work day, and a day we did not go to the park "Daddy did you went to the jungle gym today?" In the car one day... "Mama, do you like restaurants? Do you want to go to a restaurant? | Play this month You like to be "saved". You will hang from the counter and ask Mommy to "save me." We met a new friend this month, Vala. She kept taking Abby from you and Noelle's baby from her. You looked at Mama and said "She taked everything". It was the first time that you made an observation like that. | This is one of the last times you were in the high chair. You prefer to sit at the dining room table and no longer need a booster.

68: Mommy was sad to put our Gymboree account on hold this month. We won't be able to go for a few months. | March, 2013 | You had so much fun at the bounce house at Ben's birthday party. Your hair was soaked by the time it was time to eat. | You were not happy about the group picture, and had a sort of "fake scowl on the whole time. | "You still love to tuck everyone in. Brody doesn't seem to mind! | Fun at the Columbus Zoo with Ayden, Ashton and Kellen.

69: You had to cover every thing up with napkins on the table at Johny Rockets. | You enjoy the carousel now! | Auntie and the boys came to visit in early March. You were so excited to see them! Mommy worked that day so Grandma stayed with you. She took you to Cosi and said that you requested to use the potty at Cosi. You refused to "go" in your pants. | Auntie loves to tease you. You tell auntie "That's MY Mommy." Anutie says. "That's my Mommy too" to which you respond "Your Mommy is at work." "Are you big Auntie?" | Daddy "Do you love Ayden?" You "Yeah, that' my sister." | You ask Daddy to rock you all the time now. You especially love when we sing "Rock a Bye Baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will ROCK, ROCK, ROCK, ROCK, ROCK! When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and Mommy/Daddy will catch you, cradle and all.

70: You fell asleep on the way to an afternoon playdate with a new friend Juilette. Mommy carried you into the New Albany library. | March, 2013 | We read the book "Going on a Bear Hunt" this month. It is one of your favorite books. One night Daddy suggested we go on a bear hunt at the park in the woods. You loved it!! | Fun at the half pint hullabaloo at the Westerville Community Center | Your best "I'm irritated to be shopping face" Mommy is sad that your days in the front of the cart seem to be numbered. You want to get down and walk around. If only you wouldn't run away!

71: Westerville Egg hunt with Juilette | You had so much fun! You wore yourself out!

72: March, 31, 2013 | You loved finding your Eater basket. Yes, this IS what your hair looks like in the morning!!

73: Noelle is your favorite "potty buddy" | fun with Raeya and Noelle at the little Green house. | Daddy took you to work on Saturday. | On March 23, 2013, we found our we were expecting another baby! We are so excited to give you a sibling! We could not be more excited OR more shocked!! | You now say "Wait a minute." "I need to get up my Daddy." "Uh-Oh, that sounds like my Doggy. She might be barking." "Skip to my lou my daughter." "Mommy, is my name Ella?" Yes, honey. Runs over after a minute, looks at Mama, and shakes my hand. "Nice to see you Mommy."

74: ____________________________________________________________ | April, 2013 | Favorite Moments Sitting outside eating dinner on the deck "We don't talk at the table cause we might choke." You must have learned this at school. Mommy "Do you nap at school?" "I sure do" "Do you nap at home?" "I sure do." -Hahahah! Actually you refuse to stay in your room and cry until we let you come out. You usually fall asleep in the car. Petting Brody "Hi Brody, you're a sweet baby." "Mommy a bus is coming!! Brody, the bus is ccoming, sweetheart" "Are you my potty buddy, Mommy?" When you hurt yourself you say "I need a cold paper towel." You are obsessed with toilet paper. You love to cover up your friends, Abby, Minnie and Gymbo and swirl to paper in the toilet. Yuk. | Yes, we still let you eat 3 pieces of dog food a day!! | Happy at school when Mama dropped you off. You usually cry when we leave : ( | Dancing on the display at Express. You drew quite a crowd! | Getting your friends ready for bath time.

75: You have to organize your friends before we can cover you up at night. Gymbo, Minnie, Abby-In that order. | You had so much fun at the zoo with Noelle for Mama's 40th birthday! You even went on the "big" jungle gym for the first time. You rode the train, the carousel, and visited the goats and sheep in the petting zoo. Then we took pictures in the photo booth. So much fun! | We went to Grandpa's for Mommy's birthday. You had so much fun handing out ice cubes to all of us at the table while we waited for dinner. Then you stood on your barstool and peed! (We confused you because you wore a pull-up in the car-oops!) Mommy whisked you away to the bathroom while "Auntie" cleaned up the mess. No one noticed! | Fun at Grandpa's with Ayden, Ashton, Trey and Taber. | Putting your friends to bed. One of your favorite things to do.

76: 3 | Mommy and Daddy went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and you stayed with Auntie,, Uncle Tim, Ayden and Ashton. You had SO much fun! | This is where we found you when we came to pick you up. | May, 2013 | Mothers Day Breakfast at First Watch. | Talking to the little animal figures at the Garden Store. "Do you need help, friends?" " | Fun with Juliette! | Dancing on the deck. One of your favorite things to do!

77: You enjoyed your first concert (at first) We saw the Laurie Berkner Band. You were the only one of your friends standing and really dancing to the music on Daddy's lap. The music was very loud so eventually you got tired of being in the theater and threw a few tantrums so we had to leave. This is not unusual for you : ) | Ella and Ashton's birthday celebration at Grandpa's. You got an Ariel and Rapunzel dress up costume, and a tea set. | Favorite Moments May, 2013 Mommy "Ella, would you like a little brother or sister?" "Brother" "What should we name him?" "I want to name him Barbie." "I sleeped all night!!" (Even if you didn't) "Mommy, Daddy, can I talk to you for a minute" Ummm..what are you having for dinner?" Hears a bird....look! a birdie, chirp, chirp!" Puts a tiny Barbie on a little pony "I gotta really hold you. I guess I can. you're gonna go to the ball. You have to go to the ball, OK?" Everything that happened in the past, even if it was months ago you will say "We did that yesterday!! Talking to Daddy on play phone. "Hello are you there? Is it good on the airplane? Ok. Bye!"

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