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Elli W

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S: Elli-Marie Warlick

FC: Today Will Not Determine Tomorrow!

1: Always Shoot for the moon.. Because even if you miss..You'll land among the Stars!

2: 1-pictures 2&3-personal alphabet 4&5-emotion poem 6&7-telling tales 8&9-In other words 10&11-As time goes bye-bye 12&13-my own list of lists 14&15-picture this 16&17- remembering the child

3: 18&19-family influence 20&21-memorable event 22&23-my turn to brag 24&25-rewarding expierences 26&27-learners permit 28&29-Extroadinary pet

4: 30&31- Who am i 32&33-Best school memory 34&35-My best vacation 36&37- One suitcase? 38&39-My favorite poem

5: 1

6: A-abstruse B- barmy C-calculable D-droll E-enjoyable F-flamboyant G-graceful H-harmonious I-irritable J-jumpy K-kind L-loving | 2

7: M- misunderstood N-naive O-optimistic P-playful Q-quiet R-random S-shy T-talented U-unique V-vonerable W-wily X-xenophobic | Y-youthful Z-zappy | 3

8: Ecstatic- yellow as a tulip Gloomy- gray as a wolf Scared- black the night sky Love-pink as a newly born piglet Anxious- green as grass | 4

9: Emotion Poem Love smells like freshly cut grass. Love feels like the embrace of a warm blanket on a snowy day. Love taste like a freshly picked apple. Love sounds like water gently flowing down a stream. Love looks like the early morning sunrise. Love is pink like a beautiful spring flower. | 5

10: 6

11: Telling Tales When I was five my family made a trip to the beach.. As soon as we got there I was running down to the water with my swimmy ready to go! At first I loved the beach. I would get up early every morning waking everyone up as I ran around the beach house. It was are last day on the beach, I was laying next to my mother on a towel taking a nap after the hard day of playing. I woke up up to something seeming to smack me on the back! Everyone started laughing ; i soon realized what happened , a seagul had picked me for his own personal "bathroom". To this day I dred going to the beach , for the slight chance it might happen once more!! | 7

12: "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -Will Rogers "The only things that stands between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible." -Rich Devos "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, but the life in you years." -Abraham Lincoln | "Truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley "I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful. I sin but I'm not the devil. I'm good but I'm not an angel." -Marilyn Monroe "I know this world is cold and deceiving, but I keep my head up like my nose is bleeding." -LilWayne | 8

13: "Only a life lived for others is worth living." -Albert Einstein "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr.Suess "Learn from yesterday,Live for today,and Hope for tomorrow." -Albert Einstein | "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt | 9

14: As Time Goes Bye-Bye | 10

15: What I Want To Do: Graduate from cherryville high school with honors. Volunteer at a animal shelter. Attend the University of NC state Study to be a vetrinarian. Before I am 35: Before I am 35 I would like to be working at a vetrinary office that is known for their great service. I want to either be pregnant with my first child or already have a toddler. What I have said Good-bye to: Both Grandpas and a uncle I've said good-bye to elementary and middle school The idea of being a chiropractor | 11

16: My Own List of Lists: People who have influenced me: My mother Grandmother Stacey Wright Sara Jane Simpson Casey Dean Calhoun Brandy Saunders | Places That Make Me Happy: The top of the waterfall at south mountain Tampa, Florida My room In my moms arms KM Battleground In cars | 12

17: Things That Have Moved Me: My Grandfather's passing My aunt having breast cancer My cousin giving birth Mission trip to Charelston , SC Best friend moving away My Personal Favorites: Japaneese Food Going to Rodeo's Babysitting my cousin Logan Hiking Riding horses Watching Old movies | 13

18: 14

19: Picture this!! This picture is two teams that hated each other ten minutes before. Tied, both teams trying their very best to crush the other teams spirit. Well finally when that happened both teams put aside their anger toward each other came together and excepted their winner's trophy and runner up medals. Till today most of us still have contact with each other and are good friends. This picture shows sportsmanship at work. | 15

20: Remembering the Child | 16

21: I interviewed my mother and this is what she said: Elli was a very loving toddler; she talked to everyone. Also very curious, we had to bolt her dresser to the wall, because she would pull out the drawers out and climb to the top. She turned it on her on herself twice. She loved animals and didn't seem scared of anything. She has become a very smart, sweet, and loving young lady; who tries to see the good in everyone. | 17

22: 18

23: Family Influence: My Brother Casey: When my brother lived near to me we used to go hiking every weekend. I learned although we are around 11 years apart we still have many of the same thoughts and opinions. We are very close even though he lives in Tampa. I hope he decides on moving back to home so I can see him more. | 19

24: Memorable Event. | 20

25: Spring break 2010 I went to the Tampa Lowry Zoo; with my mom and Dylan Wilson. I have always loved going to zoos and looking at all the extrodinary animals. Every time i go to FLorida now I beg my mom to take me once more. | 21

26: My Turn to Brag | 22

27: I am quiet as a mouse and as loud as a train. I can out think Albert Einstein and out swim Micheal Phelps. My arms may not be strong but my opinions are. I ride horses like a pro, fast, and quick. No one is better then me just look and see! -Elli Warlick | 23

28: Rewarding Experiences 1) Mission trip to Charleston, SC; I have experienced this twice in my life time. It is a mission fuge, and that is where you pick out a community service project out of a variety of them that you have to take part in for a week. 2) Watching my cousins baby be born; Adam David was a miracle baby. He was extremely premature and was put in a incubator almost immediaitly. Being there to watch him finally open his eyes for the first time was a beautiful moment. | 24

29: 3) Winning the Gaston County Softball Championship not once but twice! The first year I wasn't a big part of the team I was kinda the "understudy" for the older catcher; The second year most of the team had moved up and we had no intentions on winning this year. But the whole team pulled together and pulled it off! 4) Toby is my dog. I have had him for about three years now. I found him and his sister abandoned at a park. Someone had left them at maybe 3 weeks old to die. They had no water or food. I took them both home and gave his sister to a home where she is very loved. Toby remains with me and is a part of my family now. 5) Visiting NC State University; I already know i want to attend NC State for their amazing veterinary program. Me and my mother went to look around and it just proved that i am meant to be there! | 25

30: Learner's Permit. | 26

31: I have my learners permit. I went through 32 hours of watching videos and taking notes and six hours of driving with Mr. Moss. My dad used to take me on the dirt roads in my neighborhood. I like to think of myself as a very catious driver.I passed the test the first time and drove me and my mother home from the DMV.I already have my car; it is a Kia Forte 2010 and i love it. I get my license Nov. 3 and i cannot wait!!!! | 27

32: 28

33: Extraordinary Pet Toby is his name, barking is his fame. Toby is a Doxon mixed with Basid hound. He is very little and always will be. He has a amazing sense of smell; if i put one of his treats on a shelf he knows instantly and starts howling for it. I cant ever leave him alone with a drink of mine without him drinking it all up. Some people believe that animals don't have the ability to think; that they just react.Well I know that he can think he knows when i am sad, happy, or tired. He is the perfect pet for anyone. | 29

34: Who Am I? | 30

35: Elli Sensitive, Outgoing, Kind Sibling of Tyler and Casey Lover of peace and family Who feels confident about her future Who gives her time to those who need it Who fears failure , and snakes Who would like to see a miracle Resident of Kings Mountain Warlick | 31

36: Best School Memory | 32

37: My best school memory was in middle school, my 8th grade year. The middle school softball team won against BC. It was a great experience. | 33

38: My Best vacation | 34

39: My best Vacation was to Tampa, Florida. I went the past two summers there ;this summer was the best. I went with my mother, father, brothers, and Sara Jane Simpson. Everyday we would go to the beach and spend the whole day laying in the sun. The beaches are always beautiful. I cannot wait till we return. | 35

40: One Suitcase? | 36

41: If i had to leave home forever and could only take one suitcase this is what i would take: A picture of my family Take a pair of tennis shoes One pair of shorts Two pair of pants One Jacket Two shirts Tooth Brush Bar of soap. | 37

42: My Favorite Poem | 38

43: Your special People stand out for a lot of reasons, but you stand out for all the best reasons your outstanding because you are you. | 39

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