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Ellie the Elephant

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S: Ellie the Elephant -- by Angelo Eovaldi

1: This book was originally written by Angelo Eovaldi for his granddaughter. It has been reprinted in honor of Pauline Eovaldi's 90th birthday. It is our sincere hope that future generations will enjoy this story as much as we did when we were children. Love, Gillian, Kara, Megan, and Jeff

2: Ellie the Elephant was looking in her mirror. She looked and looked and looked. "Oh dear!" she said, "what a funny nose I have! It is so long and wrinkly. I HATE my nose!" She pouted and stamped her foot. Now Ellie's foot is very BIG, so when she stamped it, it made a B-I-G noise. | Mrs. Giraffe heard the noise, and thought it was thunder. "Good gracious!" she said, "it is going to rain!" She made little Gerry Giraffe put on his rainhat and boots to go to school. Gerry was very puzzled, because he couldn't see a cloud in the sky. | Mrs. Hippo heard the noise and thought it was a gun. "Oh my!" she said, there is a hunter nearby!" She told little Hilda Hippo to hide in the mud. Hilda was very puzzled, but little hippos LOVE to lie in the mud.

3: Mrs. Monkey heard the noise, and thought a big bunch of coconuts had fallen from the tree. "Goody," she said, "we will have lots to eat tonight I'm sure!" She sent Mickey Monkey to the coconut tree. Mickey was very puzzled. He looked all around, but could not find any nuts on the ground. | Just then Ellie stamped her foot again. A coconut feel from the tree right on Mickey Monkey's head, making a big bump. Mrs. Monkey decided to see who was making such a racket. On the way, she met Mrs. Giraffe, Mrs. Hippo, Mrs. Zebra, and Mrs. Rhino. They were walking toward the noise too. | ab

4: When they came to Ellie's house, she stomped her foot again. The animals peeked inside. "Why are you making so much NOISE?" asked Mrs. Giraffe. "I've been looking at my nose in the mirror," said Ellie, "and I HATE it. I wish I had a nose like you, Mrs. Giraffe. It is such a LOVELY nose." Now Mrs. Giraffe was glad to hear that Ellie like her nose, but she had never thought about it much before. "Let me look in your mirror," she said. | Ellie held the mirror for her, and so Mrs. Giraffe looked in it. "Oh dear!" she said, "Now that I look at it, I don't like my nose at all! It's too much like all the other giraffe noses. Really, I wish I had a nose like Mrs. Monkey has. Now THAT is a lovely nose!" | Mrs. Monkey was glad to hear that Mrs. Giraffe like her nose, but she looked in the mirror anyway. "Oh dear!" she said, "I don't like my nose at all! Really, I wish I had a nose like Mrs. Rhino. It has such lovely points." | Mrs. Zebra and Mrs. Rhino and Mrs. Hippo looked in the mirror too,

5: and decided they hated THEIR noses. Each thought the other noses were much prettier than her own. "What can we DO?" asked Ellie. "We can't change our noses." And she sighed such a B-I-G sigh that all the trees nearby bent over. "I know!" said Mrs. Zebra. "We can go to Princess Megan. She will help us!" "A splendid idea!" said Ellie. "Follow me. I know where she lives." And they followed Ellie to the Castle on the Hill. | PRINCESS MEGAN was taking her dog Muffin for a walk, when she saw the animals coming up the path. "Hello!" said Megan. "How nice to see you!" Would you like some milk and cookies?"

6: "Oh no," said Ellie. "Thank you very much. We've come about our noses. None of us likes the nose she has. We hope you can change them for us." The princess smiled. "Are you CERTAIN?" she said. "I think you have perfect noses NOW." | "No, no!" said Ellie. "We each want a different nose than we've got. Please help us." "Well," said the princess, "I'll ask Muffin -- If he barks once, that means YES. If he barks twice, that means NO." Muffin barked three times. "What does that mean?" asked Ellie. | "Oh dear!" said Megan, "that means he's hungry." And she gave Muffin a dog biscuit. Then the animals all began to cry. They made so much noise that Megan and Muffin covered up their ears.

7: "All right," said Megan. "Stop crying and I'll help you. She told them she would use a magic bag, and say a magic word, and all their noses would fall into the bag. Each animal could then take out a new nose. They all became excited, and Mrs. Monkey jumped up and down. | Princess Megan knew she could not say the magic word ALOUD, because if the animals heard it and repeated it, their noses would always be falling off. So she held on tight to her nose and Muffin's, and she WHISPERED the word. Sure enough, every animal's nose fell off right into the bag. When the bag was full of noses, each animal reached inside for a new one. | ELLIE got Mrs. Giraffe's nose.

8: Mrs. Giraffe got Mrs. Rhino's nose. | Mrs. Rhino got Mrs. Monkey's nose. | Mrs. Hippo got Mrs. Zebra's nose. | Mrs. Monkey got Mrs. Hippo's nose. | Mrs. Zebra got Ellie's nose. | The animals were all so happy they hurried home to show their families their new noses, without even remembering to thank the princess. But Megan just laughed, and took Muffin for his walk by the river.

9: The next afternoon Princess Megan and Muffin were eating a snack, when they saw all the animals coming up the path again. "Hello!" said Megan. "Would you like some chocolate cake and milk?" "No, no thank you." said Ellie. "It's our noses. None of us likes her new nose. We want our old noses back, if you please." "What is wrong with your noses NOW?" asked Megan. | Then Mrs. Giraffe said that Mrs. Rhino's nose was pretty, but the horns got in the way and she couldn't get any leaves off the trees, so she hadn't eaten all day, and she was VERY hungry. | Mrs. Hippo said she LOVED Mrs. Zebra's nose, but it wasn't wide enough to breathe through under water. She couldn't stay under long enough to eat the grass on the river bottom, so she was VERY, VERY hungry.

10: Mrs. Rhino said she thought Mrs. Monkey's nose was beautiful, but without a horn she couldn't separate the branches of the bushes to eat the leaves, so she hadn't eaten all day and was VERY hungry. | Mrs. Monkey was proud to have Mrs. Hippo's nose, but it was so BIG that it got in the way when she tried to eat a coconut or banana. She hadn't eaten all day, and she was VERY, VERY hungry. | Mrs. Zebra thought Ellie's nose was charming, but it got caught in her food when she tried to eat, so she hadn't eaten all day, and she was VERY hungry too. | And Ellie liked Mrs. Giraffe's small nose, but she couldn't pick up her food with it, so she hadn't eaten all day, and she was STARVING.

11: "All right," said Megan. "I'll give all of you your old noses back. But, first I need a WOOZIE and a TOOZIE." Ellie was puzzled. "WHAT is a WOOZIE?" she asked. "Why," said the princess, "a WOOZIE is a great big TOOZIE." "Then what is a TOOZIE?" asked Ellie. "Why," said the princess, "a TOOZIE is a little bitty WOOZIE. Everyone knows that." She looked in her purse, and found a big TOOZIE and a small WOOZIE. Megan waved them in the air three times, and right away each animal had her own nose back. | The animals were so happy, they hurried home to show their families their old noses, again forgetting to thank the princess. | Megan laughed. "Now we can go for our walk," she said to Muffin. And they did. When they passed Ellie's house, they could see her through the window. Ellie was looking at her nose in the mirror. She looked and looked and looked.

12: "A long nose is really nice to have," she said. "I can squirt water on my back when I take a bath. And the wrinkles help my nose to bend so that I can hold things with it." Ellie smiled. "I LOVE my nose," she said, "it is the most WONDERFUL nose in the whole jungle." Megan turned to Muffin. She told him: "Everyone must learn to be satisfied with what one has. Isn't that right, Muffin?" | But Muffin was too busy watching Mrs. Alligator to answer. "If you agree, bark once. If you don't agree, bark twice," said Megan. Muffin barked three times. So Megan gave him THREE dog biscuits, one for each bark.

18: Pappaw's Wedding Prayer Oh God, in whose omniscient sight, Today these Christian souls unite. For Thy assistance, Lord, we pray, Bestow Thy grace along the way, To guide them through the coming years, Through smiles and tears, Through hopes and fears. Keep their love forever young, While here on earth their song is sung; And when there comes that fateful day, When one must go, and one must stay, May love live on in memory, Until they both are joined to Thee. ~ AJE

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