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Elliott's Book 1

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S: My 2010-11 Stories by Elliott Thomas

1: Hi, my name is Elliott. I'm 11 years old. I was born on January 14, 2000. Some of my favorite movie's are Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2. My favorite actor is Will Smith; my second favorite is Martin Lawrence. My favorite animal is a dog. I have one dog, Levy, who is called Bubbas, and five cats. The cats' names are Princess, Footprints, Smoke, Mouse, and White-tail. Awesomely, I am a black belt in karate. At the Bobcat's game on March 26, 2011, my demo team performed a bow staff and nunchuck routine. I have an awesome grandpa and grandma. I love going to their house because we watch Monk and Closer; they feed us yummy food.

2: Desert Tarantula The tarantula which is the biggest spider on the planet spends most of their lives underground in burrows. The movies label them deadly to humans, but they really aren’t. Tarantulas sit at the edge of their homes waiting for insects to come by. During mating season, males explore for adult females. Males survive ten to eleven years and exit this world after mating. Females usually live twenty-five or more years. They mate and lay eggs several times in their lives. | Pillbug The pillbug is most commonly found in back yards around the world. They roll in to balls lake a pill when pestered. The sowbug which is similar to the pillbug is flatter but it cant roll up. They are crustaceans like crabs and lobsters. They have gills. They have to keep their gills moist so they live in damp places.

3: Starfish Starfish live in a world called the ocean. Surprisingly, there are more than 2000 kinds of them feeding on oysters and clams which make a tasty snack. Starfish can have 5 to 40 arms. They can lose their arms but then regrow them. They grow new bodies from an arm, because their important organs are in their arms not their bodies. Starfish are not really fish so scientists think they should be called seastars. | Awesome Oysters Oysters which are biovalves have two shells, one on the top and the one on the bottom. These marine animals are the most treasured biovalves because they produce pearls. The oyster's habitat is in shallow and warmer oceans. Females produce five to fifty million eggs a year, but few of them mature. One day after fertilizing they begin to develop a shell. After the oyster hatches they learn to swim. They usually attach to a rock and spend the rest of their boring lives on that rock. An adult oyster is commonly two to ten inches long.

4: The Great Tsar In the 18th century Russia was the biggest country because it spread from Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Great things were happening in Europe. Scientists, painters, explorers, musicians and writers were amazingly changing the world. Russia was adverse to change. Then the tsar, who was Peter Alexeevich, arrived. He traveled to Europe and learned many great things. Once he came back he decreed many changes. That is the reason this tsar is known as Peter the Great.

5: Once upon a time in the year 2031 on Mars there was an intelligent old brain seller whose name was Bob. He had an alien donkey named Pickles. He journeyed adventurously from the Sea of Lava to the Jungle of Slime to buy brains since his supply ran out. Off they went! Amid crossing the Goo River with a load of brains, Pickles clumsily fell washing away the brains. When he stood again, his load was lighter. Bob gave Pickles an evil stare which made Pickles gloomy. They turned back to the Jungle of Slime where they acquired more brains. When they returned to the Goo River, Pickles tumbled in the same place to lighten his load. Bob slapped him on the rear. Quickly, Bob and Pickles return to the Jungle of Slime. This time Bob purchased sponges because the horrid seller was out of brains. After the purchase, they continued slowly on their journey. Upon crossing the Goo River, Pickles fell in the same place again. When Pickles stood up, the goo-filled sponges doubled his load which made Pickles furious. He bit Bob in the butt. | Bit in the Butt

6: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a man whose name was Jonah. He was an Israelite. Jonah was stubborn as a donkey. The Ninevites were doing evil. God said to Jonah go to Nineveh. But Jonah didn’t listen to God; quickly he went to Tarshish on a speed boat. On the sea there was a fierce storm. The storm was up above while Jonah was down below sleeping. Up above the sailors who were speedily hurling the cargo over board were scared. When Jonah woke up they drew lots and Jonah was thrown overboard and the storm stopped. Jonah was gobbled up by a fish when he was thrown overboard. After 3 days and nights, the fish quickly spewed smelly Jonah, who was relieved. He's off to Nineveh! | Three Days and Three Nights

7: Once upon a time, there was a brave boy who was named David adventurously watched his sheep. At this time while he watching his sheep, there was a war between Israel and the Philistines. They were camped opposite each other. Among the Philistines there was a man nine feet nine inches tall. His name was Goliath. David’s father gave him food to carry to his brothers at the battlefield. When David arrived, he heard Goliath yell, “Send someone out to fight me, if I win you are our slaves forever, but if you win we will be your slaves forever.” Frantically, Israel’s fearfully soldiers fled in fear. David questioned, “Who is this man challenging God’s army?” David wanted to take the challenge. David tried on the king’s armor but it was too heavy. Bravely he went out opposite Goliath with his staff, five stones and a sling. “Israel is so weak because they send out their dog with sticks,” thundered Goliath. David answered, “You use weapons, but we the God of armies.” The boy placed a rock in the slingshot. He started twirling the slingshot. He released the stone which hit Goliath in the head. The giant fell. David took the giant’s sword and chopped off his head. The victorious shepherd hiked with the head all the way to Jerusalem. | The Victorious Shepherd

8: On a dark and stormy night in the heart of the jungle island there lived a band of gorillas. Two gorillas loathed each other. Then on this gloomy night they jumped into the trees and fought it out. The crushed gorilla crawled into the jungle. The victorious gorilla started beating his chest and whooping loudly. King Kong who was walking through the island heard the gorilla's whoops. King Kong ran by and grabbed the gorilla and hand him for dinner. The crushed gorilla came back and took his rightful place. | The Two Gorillas and King Kong

9: A donkey who was being driven down a mountainside eyed his stall at the foot of the mountain. He decided to take a shortcut. The quickest way down was over the edge of the cliff. He tried to leap over the edge of the cliff but his master caught him by the tail. Stubbornly the donkey wouldn't give up. The master yelled, “Go your own way, silly beast, look where it leads you.” The master let go and the donkey fell down the mountainside. | Donkey and the Driver

10: The Midnight Snack Once upon a time long, long ago on a dark and gloomy night, a gullible pterodactyl who held a fat sumo wrestler in his jaws, was sitting at the edge of a cliff. A T-Rex hungrily sniffed the sweaty sumo wrestler. “Food,” he imagined because he had not eaten in two days . Looking up a steep rocky cliff, he spotted the pterodactyl. “You look so scary because of your night-vision eyes and your long jagged teeth,” maliciously lied the T-Rex. The pterodactyl who was pleased with the remarks but suspicious, just sat there. “I have heard you have an amazingly vicious roar,” exclaimed the T-Rex, “If your roar is as incredible as your night-vision eyes, you would be the most feared dinosaur in the world. Please, let me hear your fierce roar.” The pterodactyl gave his most vicious roar which was like a mouse's squeak. The sumo dropped right into the T-Rex's mouth. “Ha-ha!” laughed the T-Rex as he devours, delights and departs. “Don't be so gullible,” yells the T-Rex as he bounds off. The seemingly scary pterodactyl sobs because he had just lost his midnight snack.

11: The Mouse Tail Once upon a time a long, long ago in a mansion far, far away, there were two fluffy pink-tialed cats with big noses among them there was a mouse. This mouse was a blond mouse, who thought he was a cat. Father Cat mewed loudly to his adopted son mouse, “Watch out for dogs as you are searching for mice.” The mouse sets out on a journey for mice. He searched and searched around for two hours but he couldn’t find any mice. So bored he cried out, “Dog! Dog!” When the cats came rushing in to the game room, they spied around for the dog. There was no dog, so Father Cat who quietly chuckled thought it was a funny joke although he warned not to do it again. After the cats left the blond mouse scurried to the kitchen, but even there he couldn’t find anything. He searched another two rooms and was SO, SO bored and wanted some company again. He cried, “Dog! Dog!” Once again the cats flew to his side, but still there was no dog. They were furious. Father Cat yelled, “Never, Never, Ever do that again!” When they left, the sad, lonely mouse trudged through ten different rooms. When he was in the master bedroom, he spotted Mr. Fluffy Pants, who was a Goth poodle. He clearly yelled at the top of his lungs, “Dog! Dog! Do-!” The cats, thinking this was another joke continued to lick themselves in the bathroom. Suddenly they thought, “What if this wasn’t a joke.” They rushed to the master bedroom an d all they saw where he once stood was a blond tail.

12: Whooping Cranes Long-Distance Travelers Whooping Cranes, who migrate to swampy and marshy places, fly to Canada in the summer and Texas in the winter. To reach their destination, they must fly 4000 kilometer. Disgustingly they eat frogs, juicy plants, worms, clams, crabs and insects. they can amazingly devour 800 grasshoppers in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Whoopers are long- distance travelers. Working Together Along with making the nest the whooper parents share incubating the eggs. When they switch places they bugle and whoop loudly together. They switch up to 10 times in a day. The cranes which parent their young for one year then chase away the young whoopers. Fearlessly, the parents dance, hiss and spread their wings up to 2 meters if a dangerous predator comes. Whooping crane parents work together. Close to Extinction Whooping Cranes are rare. In 1941 there were only fifteen Whooping Cranes. The mother crane lays two eggs. When they hatch the weaker one and the stronger one battle it out. The weaker baby, which is cruelly driven out of the nest, dies. In 1983 there were eight-three whoopers in the world while twenty-six survived in captivity. Vicious coyotes eat whooper eggs. Sadly Whooping Cranes are close to extinction.

14: The Most Amazing Car in the World In 1967 the first Camaro was sold as an American muscle car. It was a big hit. It incredibly has a powerful 523 horse power engine which drives fast. Quickly, the Camaros became popular. In 2010 Camaros came back. It has a 312-416 horse power engine and is available with a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. An option is a stripe down the center of the car. Thankfully, the Camaros have gotten better since the 1990’s. One day my grandpa whose car was in the shop, rented the most amazing car in the world – the Camaro. He picked me up from my football game and gave me an amazingly awesome ride home.

15: My Amazing Life Hi, I’m Elliott. I have one brother and two sisters. Between my sisters and I is my annoying thirteen year old brother, Nathan. I like my sisters. Sadly, I don’t visit my sister, Martha, that often because she lives in California. My sister, Raquela, is eighteen. My dad, Darrell, who operates his own company that he amazingly started in his garage twenty years ago, is fifty-eight years old. My mom, Sherry, is forty-two. My Grandpa and Grandma are missionaries and live in Sun City, South Carolina. When I was five years old we went to Israel. We were in the scorching desert when a camel quickly rolled on my leg. It was painful. Bravely, I got back on the same camel. When I was eight and nine years old I went to a place called His Barn which is a horseback riding farm. When I was ten, I played tackle football. After playing tackle football, I started playing flag football.

16: The Monster Worm Once upon a time there was a chick. His name was BOB. Bob lived in Canada, where the chicks say, ‘eh?’ His buddies laughingly dared him to bite the giant worm. Bravely, he pecked and pecked at the worm which just sat there. After two hours of pecking, he was tired. On that scorching summer day, Bob, who pecked a hole in the worm, felt courageous. Shockingly water started spraying everywhere. He quickly ran away. His courage was smothered because he was wet, tired and starving. Hungrily he ran toward the farmer who was feeding the chickens. After he stuffed himself, Bob was happy because he had real food. He was relieved the monster worm didn’t devour him. Stuffed Bob slept soundly.

17: The Boy Who Learned His Lesson Once upon time about five minutes ago there was a boy and a girl and a dog. Shockingly the boy stole the girl’s hamburger. The girl who speedily called her mom was furious because she was hungry. About three minutes later her mom arrived. The savage dog growled. After arriving. she got viciously mad and slapped him so hard he fell down. The girl’s mom who called the boy’s mom told her what he did. Then she took him to a nasty jail where he felt sorry for what he did. Sorrowfully, he cried. After a heartbreaking night in jail, the girl’s parents quickly take him home where they advise his parents that he needs to be grounded for one month. Hurriedly, they left and his parents who were so mad ground him for a year. He learned his lesson.

18: El Chupracabra and Bigfoot Once upon a time around I don’t know about one week ago, while the fossil beneath the tar pit was sleeping. The week before the father-son camping trip, Calvin and Hobbes were intently watching a Bigfoot movie. The day after Calvin, who went to school, bragged about it. On the warm night of the father-son camping trip, an extraordinary event was about to happen. “Did you see that!” Calvin exclaimed. “What?” answered Hobbes. Amazingly, it was Bigfoot. Distressfully Calvin and Hobbes, who witnessed Bigfoot walking around at 12:00am, then spotted El Chupacabra walking around at 1:00am. Calvin and Hobbes observed Bigfoot and El Chupacabra viciously fighting. They were scared! Around 1:30am when dad came and found them outside their tent eyes wide and a bat in Hobbes hands, his mouth dropped. After the father-son camping trip. Calvin and Hobbes who were still in shock, repeatedly blab to everybody their mind-blowing story. Unsurprisingly, no one believed them. They were scared for weeks because they observed El Chupacabra and Bigfoot.

19: Back Row L to R: Sherry Thomas, Mikayla Nelson, Arynne Cole, Marissa Nelson, Sheyanne Johnsen, Andrea Cole, Lisa Berryhill Front Row L to R: Benjamin Kaiser, Samuel Walton, Elliott Thomas, Noah Bradley, Joseph Lang, James Sumrall | 5th & 6th Grade Creative Writing Class Teen Learning Center Charlotte, North Carolina

20: A Monument to All Our Fun Featuring Mrs. Thomas' writing class By Noah Bradley It was a devastatingly stormy day in the small village of TLC, and Elliott Thomas, an apprentice of the teacher named Mrs. Thomas, was working hard to learn writing. Elliott worked through hard days, earning tickets and unexpected homework. All of a sudden, one day Elliott was told by his teacher to go to the land of writing homework and tell all of the people there that if they did not finish their homework they would have to finish it next week along with the extra credit. But Elliott, who strongly detested the land of writing homework, decided that night he would think of an escape plan. Because he violently lay in his bed, thinking of a plan, he was tired the next day. One day, he found his plan. He was to get on a ship and sail to somewhere far away. Heck if he knew where, but he was going anyways. So, the next day, he went out in search of a port. After a long day of challenging searching, he finally found a port named “Cole Ship Yard” and went inside. There he found the manager of the port, Arynne Cole, who told him there was a ship in the yard, piloted by Andrea Cole, her sister. Then, Elliott went onto the ship and met his captain and sailors. There were two sailors, Joseph Lang and Mitchell Darden, whom he greeted, and then Elliott went into the captain’s room to meet her. He asked where the ship led, and she told him the land of no writing homework. Elliott was excited to go to the land where no man has to write. After setting sail, the clouds turned black, and a storm started brewing. Spontaneously, the waves grew to the size of buildings, and the ship was flying in the air. The three ship-mates decided to play a game of monopoly to decide who was thrown off the ship. After gaining a lot of money, Elliott was about to win, when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind threw all his money off the ship and into the sea. Mitchell won the game, and Elliott came in last. Elliott wanted to admit what he did, but he kept him mouth shut. But then, a huge blast of red energy pierced through the ship, and Elliott exclaimed the story so fast, all his ship mates got was “Throw me over board!” So, Mitchell ran in the ship and grabbed a floating ducky for him to use, and Joseph tied him to a board and shouted “Sayonara, sucker!” and threw him overboard. Floating softly through the sea with his eyes open somehow; Elliott saw a huge whale coming toward him. On top of the whale was what looked like a camera. But, as it got closer, Elliott saw it was an amazing laser that had many weird looking symbols on it. He somehow understood the symbols to say “I am awesome” many times. Then, the whale came up to him, and, with a satisfying “GULP,” Elliott was quickly gone, inside the whale. He explored the whale until he found a shadow inside the whale, which then got closer to show that he was a man, named ‘Noah’, who went out of the shadows to see Elliott. “Who are you?” Elliott asked. "Who am I?” The man stated, and then laughed a very strange laugh. If a donkey could laugh, and the donkey had a soar throat, that’s what he would sound like.

21: “Why, I am Noah, the man who was randomly attached to a whale when he was scuba diving one day. I then decided to attach a laser to it, just because I’m awesome!” He told Elliott. Elliott stared at the man in awkwardness. “Uh, OoooK.” He muttered. The man stared at him for a second, and then told him “Go talk to the little guy. The one over there.” He pointed behind Elliot. Elliot didn’t look the way the man pointed. He couldn’t believe that two people lived in one whale. But, eventually, he turned around and saw a little person wearing glasses. He walked over to him. “Hello” Elliott muttered. “Hi” exclaimed the boy, “My name is Benjamin,” “Do you know the way out of this whale?” Elliott asked. “Yes, I do.” Ben told him, “Right up there”, and he pointed to the hole in the whale. “Right.” Elliott stated “How do I get up there?” Benjamin grabbed Elliott’s hand and brought him onto the tongue, which made a disgusting “Squash” sound whenever he stepped on it. Benjamin yelled “Catapult!” and Elliott had just enough time to shout “WHAT?” The tongue bolted upward and Elliott went soaring through the hole onto an island. When Elliott landed on the island, he hit the sand and got it all in his eyes. He stood up, and put his face in the ocean, and got salt all in his face. He couldn’t see, so he felt around until he felt a towel. “There is no way what I’m grasping a towel” he muttered, but as he felt it more, he decided it was a towel. He put it on his eyes and looked up. There were two people named Marissa and Mikayla Nelson. Marissa, after taking back the towel, asked “Hello, is this your first time on the island?” Elliott muttered something really intelligent: “Uhh” Mikayla pulled out a clip-board and wrote down something while saying - First-time-on-island. “Very well then, follow me.” commanded the one named Marissa, which he followed to a part on a cliff that showed a big city, and after saying “That’s where you live.” Marissa left, and Mikayla quickly exclaimed “Enjoy your stay.” And then disappeared. Elliott, who was soggy, hungry, and freakishly tired, set out to the city. Before he got there, he met up with Samuel, the city guard, who he asked where he was. Samuel shouted “You are here at the island of writing homework.” Then, Elliott told him thank you, and moved on. He walked through the town and into the mayor’s office. The mayor’s name was James Sumrall, who he told his message to. James told him he couldn’t enforce that as a law. Only the governor, Sheyanne, can enforce things like that. So he went to the governor’s house, who told him she would enforce the law and make everyone there abide by the rules of writing class. Very happily, Elliott went home on a ship, knowing he had saved writing class because he had made the journey. THE END

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