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Emily's First Year

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S: Emily's first year


1: Emily Adali Craig December 11, 2013 7lb 7oz 19.75in

2: Baby #2! | The week of April 7 I was one week late and feeling a little icky. Not unusual, but then when I sneezed my hips hurt. On Sunday April 14, I was gagging down a PB sandwich for breakfast and Josh laughed at me. Then he laughed at me again when I complained about all the perfume in the bathroom at church and said, “I’m excited, I like the one we have!” We stopped at Walmart on the way home and it was my turn to laugh when the stick looked like this before I could set it on the counter. | The problem with finding out when you’re already 6 weeks is that you didn’t get time to be excited before the nausea and fatigue set it! This baby WAS planned. I think we started trying in June, and Josh was gone for a few months, so it took a lot less time than it did with Kylie! Apparently March is our Magic Month because the due date is one day after Kylie’s birthday pretty crazy! God took me very seriously when I said I wanted my kids to be 2 years apart. Kylie has been doing her part to make my life easy by being super sweet and happy. Unfortunately she hasn’t gone to the playground as much. But she gets to watch Sesame Street after breakfast, eat white rice, and play with Momma on the floor most of the day, so she’s pretty happy with the situation.

3: Josh has been all sympathy. The weekend that I was feeling my worst he cooked, cleaned, took Kylie grocery shopping and for walks, on top of his normal school work and yard work. I know there are challenges in having kids close together, but I always liked having a brother close to my age. And I think it’s nice when they can be into similar activities. I am SO grateful that getting pregnant has been simple for us. Every time I’m feeling miserable, I remind myself that pregnancy is a gift, not a given. But I’m already excited for December when the baby will be out instead of in :)

6: BIRTH STORY | I think my labor sort of started on Sat the 7th. I had a new back pain and a lot of tightness that continued through Sunday and Monday. Leading up to my due date doctor’s appointment on Monday, I was really really struggling with what to do about an induction. Josh was staying pretty quiet and just listening to all my reasonings, but I think he was leaning towards doing it earlier. My decision really came down to my experience with Kylie. I waited for things to start naturally with her, and I still needed Pitocin. It was a blessing that we didn’t have any problems from my water leaking and the meconium, but those things may not have happened if we induced closer to my due date. And I remember feeling very nervous about placenta issues during that last week. My doctor started my appointment by saying “So you want to wait until next week to induce?” I think he just assumed, since I’d been adamant about not doing anything up until that point. I asked him what he would prefer and he said Wednesday (2 days after due date). I really appreciate that he wasn’t going to push me! Then he checked me and I was a 1.5 (I was never dilated in the doctor’s office with Kylie). That seemed to be the sign I needed, and I felt good about scheduling for Wednesday, Dec 11. Then that night (Monday, my due date) I started having 5 min apart contractions. They were more pressure than pain and I was able to sleep through them. I also was freezing cold with chills. I was pretty sure I was in labor, but I had no idea how fast things would move. All day Tuesday I wrestled with when to go into the hospital. I really didn’t want to show up and have them tell me to come back at midnight for my induction. Josh kept telling me that heroes have babies in cars, but my contractions really weren’t painful, just very regular.

7: They started getting a little painful and I finally decided to go in at 2:45pm. My contractions were 4-5 min apart on the monitor, but I was only 2cm. My doc said since I was coming in at midnight anyway I could just stay. And we could skip the ripening thing that was supposed to happen at midnight. I felt really silly for coming in too early and really bad that Josh wasn’t able to get a few hours of sleep in a bed at home. He finally made me quit apologizing. | My doctor let me eat and I learned just how spoiled I was with the food at my last hospital. Broccoli is the one food that makes me sick, the spaghetti was interesting and my sweet tooth loves pretty much all desserts except banana flavored ones. I just had to laugh. The only food I like less is baked beans (which I was served the next night :) ) But I ate everything except the broccoli because I knew I would be starving later! And Josh went to Panera and got some bagels I could eat right before my food cut off at midnight.

8: My contractions slowed way down at night and I slept a couple hours. I woke up very nauseated and asked for my IV early so that I could have some Zofran. They started Pitocin at 6 and it brought my contractions back to 5 min apart. They still weren’t very painful. All during the night, the baby kept slipping away from her monitor. And she had been moving a ton since I got to the hospital. Josh went for a walk because he was feeling a little closed in listening to my IV and the heart monitor. I told him he could leave and get some coffee, but thankfully he didn’t. At 7:30 my doctor came in and said he was going to break my water. But when he checked me, he said he was pretty sure the baby wasn’t head down. I knew what that meant, but I think he was trying to ease me into it. He started saying something about it being late into labor to wait for her to move, and I interrupted and told him I was ok with whatever we needed to do. Apparently the night nurse had been suspicious because of the location of the heart rate and had given him a heads up. He also said that’s why I wasn’t dilating. While we were waiting for the ultrasound machine I texted Josh “time to come back.” I hoped that sounded urgent but not scary. The ultrasound showed that she was transverse, with her bottom and hand coming down first. They immediately started prepping me. I had been feeling dumb for coming in early, and I had wrestled with scheduling the induction, but I’m grateful God led me to both. I assume going farther into labor at home with her in that position would not have been a good thing. Josh didn’t come in for the c section. He has bad anxiety about hospitals – it’s pretty much the only thing in the world that makes him nervous. We had discussed even with Kylie that if I ever needed a c section he would not go in. I have my share of anxieties and irrational fears and I would never ask him to go into an operating room. When the nurses handed him scrubs he glanced at me in what looked like panic and I was able to speak up for him – letting him and them know I was ok with it. I’m not sure I could handle holding his hand while someone cut open his abdomen either. He stayed in the adjacent room where they take care of the baby, so he was able to hear her cry and me talk. I was relieved he didn’t have to pace a hallway. He said once things got going he felt fine. A nurse offered to take my camera in and take pictures of her actually being born but I passed. I was a little curious, but in case we decide to have another one, I’m not sure I want to see that.

9: There was just a second when there weren’t many hands prepping me, and Josh prayed with me before they wheeled me away. I wasn’t scared of the c section until after my spinal. The anesthesiologist was great. We discussed my fusion and he had no problems. He was my coach through the whole thing and he was somehow funny without being annoying (I’m almost always annoyed when doctors try to be funny in serious situations). But when they laid me back and spread my arms, I all of a sudden realized that I had no idea what to expect. Would it hurt? Would I feel anything? What if the spinal didn’t work well? Then I got super nauseated and lost my mind. This would be the part I’m not proud of. Nausea makes me panic, and I felt like I HAD to sit up and move my legs. I just started thrashing my head and arms and completely panicking. I am sooo glad Josh wasn’t there for that part. He said that the whole thing took 10 minutes but it felt like forever. They all acted like my behavior was normal and the anesthesiologist said he was giving me medicine. (I’m not sure if it was nausea medicine or calm me down medicine) They showed her to me while they were stitching me up, but my panic cloud was too thick to feel anything. The doctor said she was difficult to get out and the kind of incision I had meant I would always need to have a c section. I couldn’t manage to respond or ask any questions. Finally they sat me up a little and I started throwing up, which was actually a big relief. It made me feel a little better and took my mind off the fact that I couldn’t move my legs.

10: We got back to my room and Josh was holding the baby. I was continuing to get sick and shaking like crazy, so I said they could take her to the nursery for a bath. They gave me some more nausea medicine and I feel asleep while Josh was trying to show me pictures. At some point I asked the nurse about my incision because the way they were talking in the OR made it sound unusual. She said my skin incision was normal, but they had to do a large T shaped incision on my uterus.

11: When they brought her back, she had been alive for about 3 hours and was mad and hungry. She opened huge, latched on the first try, ate for 10 minutes, and was perfectly happy. It was awesome. | And that’s how Emily came into the world! I used to think a c section sounded easier, but being numbed like that was terrifying. It’s obviously quicker, but definitely not easier. She was head down at my 38 week ultrasound and my doctor kept saying this was pretty rare. But he said it also would have been rare for me to labor so slowly with my second child. I’m so grateful that we have the technology and skilled people that made this just a different situation, not a life threatening one. Emily looks like her sister, but she is not a clone. She has beautiful long fingers, feathery hair, and Daddy’s great coloring. She could not be more healthy. I’m excited to learn her personality!

13: Meeting Grammy and Kylie: Kylie thought socks on hands were very funny!

16: visits from Alyssa and Susan

18: going home and meeting Papa


22: first bath and first bottle

24: two weeks | Look who’s two weeks old and being cute for pictures! | We’re still figuring out our daytime routine, but she is awesome at night! I expected some day/night confusion because she had been spending the night in the hospital nursery, and our first night home she was very awake. But ever since our second night, she has gone back to sleep after feedings or been content to suck on a binky stuffed in her swaddle while I go to sleep! She’s been sleeping from 10:30-8, waking up twice. That means about 6-7 hours of broken up sleep for me and time to shower before Kylie wakes up!!

25: She is a great eater. At 12 days old she was already 7lbs 12oz (birth weight: 7lbs 7oz)! She gets the evening crankies, but most of the time she is very content. She loves all the typical things: binky, swing, swaddle, car, being held of course. Since her job is to eat, sleep and look cute she’s doing pretty great at being two weeks old!

27: christmas

28: meeting Grandma and Pap Pap

30: one month | Emily was one month old on Saturday. We went to the doctor today and she's 9lbs 6oz and 21.5 in. I expected her to weigh more, it seems like she's grown so much! (though I guess 2 more lbs IS a lot!) I've put away all of her newborn clothes, though the 3 month ones are still a little long. We're using the last of our newborn diapers and just started cloth. | She's a pretty by-the-book baby, which is very nice for this by-the-book mama! She's very content during the day and a little cranky in the evening. I started using the Happiest Baby on the Block 5 S's, and they work like magic for her! I've also been more consistent with swaddling her for naps, and it really does make a difference. She takes most of her naps in the swing (not actually swinging) and will sometimes take one on her belly in her crib when Kylie and I are upstairs. At night she still sleeps in the Boppy Newborn Lounger in her crib. She never sleeps flat on her back because I'm still paranoid about spit up and choking. Last week we moved the pack n play (which we are using as her crib) out of our room and into the nursery.

31: She is still struggling with gas, even on the hypoallergenic formula. She struggles and strains all day, but she doesn't scream like she was. It's still hard to see her be so uncomfortable, and it makes her a very restless sleeper. It wakes her up during her naps, though she can often put herself back to sleep, which is awesome! She grunts and squeaks all night, which I only know because Josh tells me. We still have not had one night when she's kept us up crying - isn't that amazing?? Our only "bad" night was the one I slept with her on the couch when we were just starting formula. Maybe she has the gas because she would be just too happy and easy without it. ;) Sometimes when I'm taking too long with her bottle, she'll be crying and then just give up and sit there with a pouty lip. She is very content in the car - except when the grandparents were here. It was like she knew someone was back there to pay attention to her! She is also content in the front carrier for a long time. She spent almost an hour in it at the playground today! This week she slept through church and MOPS and was very good for her doctor's appointment.

32: She's getting more grabby - I think I said the same thing about Kylie at this age. It's fun that she'll hold my finger for a long time. She likes tummy time pretty well and is comfortable moving her head from side to side. She LOVES tummy time on a parent and would probably like to take all her naps that way. I have an ideal schedule and most days we are able to stick to it, this past week especially. It works perfectly for church and Kylie's schedule. But I have been better about being flexible with her than I was with Kylie. She eats 8 times a day, about 3 oz each time, and we try to follow the Babywise eat-wake-sleep pattern. I was wishing I had recorded Kylie's schedule at this age, so here is Emily's. Our most consistent time is the last feeding of the day, so I'll start there. (Josh is working 2-10 right now, so he gets Kylie up in the morning and is usually home to help with lunch)

33: 10pm - bottle and bed in the crib 2am-3am - she wakes up for a bottle 5:30-6am - sometimes she wakes me at 5:30 and sometimes I wake her at 6. I put her back in the crib so I can shower, but I think it takes her a while to fall back asleep. 8am - bottle 9-11am - nap. she's pretty good about this morning nap, especially if we've been in the car. sometimes she'll wake up at eat at 10:30 11am - bottle. she's usually content to sit in her high chair after this bottle while the three of us eat lunch 12-2pm - nap. she's pretty good about this nap, too, which is great because it's the same time Kylie naps. Sometimes she'll wake up and eat at 1:30 2pm - bottle this next nap is a little inconsistent, though she does always sleep some amount of time between these bottles. She slept a long time today because we took a walk and then I put her in the carrier 5ish - bottle. this starts her cranky time. It's not too bad, she just would love to spend the evening on my shoulder. And I have to do a lot of jiggling, burping, and holding the binky in her mouth to get her to fall asleep. It does make things difficult for Kylie. Ideally Emily would sit in her high chair after this bottle while we eat dinner, but I'm often eating with one hand while holding a binky in her mouth. Hopefully at some point she falls asleep so Kylie can get a bath. I started putting her on her belly in her crib for this nap and I've had better luck with that. 7pm - bottle. my original idea was to do an 8pm bottle so she could be sleeping during Kylie's bedtime. But that was not working out. About half the time she will be content after this bottle to lie on the floor in Kylie's room while we do bedtime. I try to put her down and spend a few minutes with Kylie, even if we have to tune out Emily's fussing. After this bottle she'll usually sleep in the moving swing for a bit and on me for a bit.

40: two months | Emily was 2 months on Wednesday. This was the perfect time for me to write this because she had the BEST day yesterday! Last week I was going kind of crazy because she wasn’t on a schedule, wasn’t napping well, was crying through her evening bottles about every other day would cry for hours in the evening. I had decided to be more easy going with her and regretted it! So this week we’ve been working on all those things and it appears to be paying off.

41: She was starting to not nap as well in her swing – she was bothered by noise and seemed to be outgrowing the swaddle. So we now do all naps in her crib. And I put her on her belly because she always wakes up spitting up. It’s made a huge difference with her naps! She really loves to suck on her fingers and can always find them on her belly. I also determined that I would start “cry it out” for naps. I was prepared to go 10 minutes and she’s only ever needed 3! Usually she just finds those fingers. I’ve really worked on getting her on a schedule this week. The first few days she was doing 6-7 feeds but the last two days she’s done 5. The difference is the amount she’s eating. She will cry and strain for a lot of her bottles and I wasn’t persevering and feeding her enough. So we switched to level 2 nipples and now I feed her until she’s HAPPY and turning her head. She now does 6oz bottles, while a few days ago she was doing 3-4oz. She spits up like crazy, but she was doing that before, too. (I do plan on asking her doc if all that adds up to reflux) So this has been our eating schedule for the past two days: 6:30am, 10, 2, 5, 8. In the past 3 weeks she’s woken up for a 3am feed about half the time. We follow the babywise eat,wake,sleep pattern, but I’m still figuring out how long her naps need to be since we’re just now getting a schedule. Kylie did a 3/4 hour, 5 feeds a day schedule from 2-4 months, so hopefully that’s going to work for Emily, too!

42: She’s still had some really bad days this week with hours of screaming, but at least when she’s happy she’s very happy! She’s been smiling a ton. And she’s great about sitting in her high chair while I do stuff in the kitchen. It’s hard for me to separate the bad times from the good times, but I’m really trying. A lot of people have said their screamers got better around twelve weeks so fingers crossed that works for us, too! | I don’t know how much she weighs, but she’s almost out of her 0-3 outfits. She watches us all the time and has noticed the mirror and birds on her swing. Josh basically can’t feed her a bottle because she just smiles at him. | I thought she was going to be bald on top, but her hair is growing in really fast! I’m overly amused watching it grow from week to week. She doesn’t mind her bath, and she loves the car, which is so nice!! We give her the binky when she has hiccups or is screaming, but normally she seems to love those fingers more. I’m so impressed that she’s self soothing already!

48: THREE months | Emily was 3 months old this week. YAY for three months! Things get so much easier between 2 and 3 months, at least for my babies! Emily’s 2 month appointment was actually more like 2.5 months. Josh got to go and experience shots for the first time, because I was home with Kylie and her stomach bug. She was 11 lbs. 13oz. and 23.1in – both 60ish percentile. She’s barely still in her 3mo sleepers and I hope spring is officially here because we don’t have cold weather 6mo clothes! She was about 2lb and 2in more than Kylie was at her 2mo appointment. Emily’s head is 90th percentile and her headbands are getting too tight.

49: Her colicky episodes stopped suddenly at 9 weeks. Evening is still not her favorite time, but she is no longer inconsolable. We just started a 4 bottle schedule yesterday, because I’ve been having a hard time getting her to stay awake and drink much of her 5th bottle. She slept 12 hours last night, which I was not expecting! Right around 2 months she was sleeping through the night about half the time. We agreed that Josh would take over the 3am feedings since he could sleep in in the morning. And she hasn’t eaten in the night since. I’ll take it, but it’s a little funny! One night she kind of whined for about 10 minutes, but by the time he got the bottle ready she was back asleep. We’ve found her on her back some mornings, so we think she rolls over and wakes herself up. But I’ve never had to go in her room and help her get back to sleep. She falls asleep very easily for naps, but does not stay asleep well. She’s had a runny nose for a couple weeks (thanks to Kylie and her church germs) and I’m pretty sure it’s to blame for her short naps. She’s spitting up drainage all the time and is not very happy about it. The only way to get her to go back to sleep is to put her in the front carrier. She would stay in there all day! She can roll from her tummy to her back, but I haven’t seen her try to go the other way. She likes to be straight, not folded, so she’s much happier if you lay her on the ground and talk to her, instead of holding her in your lap. We say that she’s “social” because she needs more attention than Kylie (though Kylie was probably the unusual one). She also smiles and laughs easier. For awhile she only laughed for Josh, but I got some great ones on video today! My parents came again this month and she enjoyed getting to nap on them and spitting up on them. They got some laughs, too! It was in the middle of Kylie’s stomach bug so I was bad about taking pictures. She’s really starting to play with toys, which is so cute to watch! It’s also so nice that she can entertain herself a little bit. She really loves her carseat toy bar. She is great in the car and being out and about!

53: trying to roll | dislikes the mirror and facing front in the carrier | holding her head up

57: loving her fingers and the rare falling asleep somewhere other than the crib or car

58: A day in the life | Normally (since daylight savings) I wake Emily up at 7:30, but my shower woke her up this morning. (In the new house her room is intentionally not next to either bathroom) However, she woke up happy and talked to herself for a few minutes while I finished getting ready! | She only drank 4oz this morning – she usually drinks close to 8 in the morning. Kylie always says hi to baby when we come into her room, but this morning she said, “Hi Emmy.” | Emily is much better about sitting by herself for a few minutes now that she can play with toys! She’s been using this play mat way more than Kylie ever did.

59: Emily went down for her nap at 8:45 – she’s pretty consistent about that. She’s usually out by the time I get downstairs and turn the monitor on. Emily woke up at 9:30. She was spitting up like crazy, but pretty happy. Kylie must have been pretending this was a rocket ship, because she started singing the Little Einsteins song. (I love Little Einsteins and really wish we could watch it online!) Also, I still laugh every time Emily wears tight pants and a cloth diaper. | Emily guzzled 6.5oz at 10:30 and found a way to entertain herself while I was getting lunch ready. | Emily went down for her nap at 11:30. I’ve just started looking at books with her before her nap. If I try to just sit with her, she usually squirms and whines. This way we get a little bit of cuddling.

60: Emily woke up at 12:15. Sometimes I can flip her back on her belly and she’ll go back to sleep, so I tried that and left her for a few minutes. Josh ended up getting Emily up because she had gotten way too mad to go back to sleep. But doesn’t this look like a baby that needs more sleep? As usual, this completely stressed me out. I didn’t know if she would sleep or eat next and I feel terrible that I don’t understand her or know what she wants. But Josh put her back to bed at 1 and after being restless for half an hour, she went to sleep at 1:30. I think I can blame the lawn mowers today, because she fell asleep after they left our block. | I had to wake Emily up to eat at 3:30 because it had been 5 hours. I was confused, but grateful to be back on schedule. I had forgotten to change her diaper before putting her back down at 1. Five hours is too long for a cloth diaper, so she got to try on a third outfit today. | Playground time might be Emily’s favorite time of day, too, because she looooooves the carrier. Kylie only ever liked it for 45min, but I’ve never reached Emily’s max. I wish my back would let us use it more! Emily was a little mad about being in the high chair while I ate my dinner, but decided to work out her frustration with some raspberry bubbles.

61: Emily played with me until it was 6:30 and time for her bottle. I really like that last one to be consistent, since she already goes 13 hours between bottles at night. So yay for being able to do it today! But grrrr I’m just realizing that I forgot to give her Zantac. We started it a few days ago and I definitely think it’s working because she didn’t fight her bottles at all today. She only drank 4oz, but there was some rice cereal in it (suggestion from the doc), so hopefully that was enough for the night. I left Kylie with Winnie the Pooh and did Emily’s bath and bed. Emily loves lying on the ground and having someone talk to her, so she considers baths and diaper changes a good time. I love the 30 seconds she doesn’t smell like spit up (she almost always spits up in her towel) and after that I just smell the top of her head. :) I also love that she has the roundest eyes and always looks WIDE awake. | Emily is very easy to put to bed. She just finds that finger and she’s good. I would love to let her fall asleep on my while I watch TV with Kylie, but she prefers her bed! And now they are both showing off their amazing talent for sleeping 12 hours at night. At some point I’ll sneak in Kylie’s room, pull the books out from under her, put her covers on, and she won’t move a muscle. And Emily will probably wake up at least once because she’s rolled over, but we just have to flip her back and she goes right back to sleep.

62: FOUR months | Emily is 4 months old! She is 14lbs 1oz and 24.1 in. She’s in between 3m and 6m clothes and she wears a #2 diaper. She smiles and laughs very easily. Even if she is crying, if someone new starts talking to her she will smile through her tears. She is not cuddly at all, and she’d much rather be standing up on your lap looking at you. She sleeps 12 hours at night and her naps are inconsistent. She is very sensitive to noise and most nights we have to go in and turn her back on her belly at least once. I’m suspicious that it’s the train waking her up – it’s very loud at our house and runs at night. She is so close to being able to roll onto her belly, and sometimes we’ve found her sleeping on her side. When she wakes up she always turns on her back, grabs her blanket, and sucks her finger. Unless she’s woken up early, she wakes up very happy! I think I need to officially give up on the binky. The finger sucking is working out great in the car, but I miss the binky when she’s spitting up and cranky. She just doesn’t want it. I’m starting to give her a lovey, because I think it’s really nice when they have a comfort object. I know you always say babies have pretty eyes, because who has ugly eyes? But I think her eyes are definitely the first thing you notice.

63: She’s starting to really enjoy her activity seat, but she spits up sooo much when she’s in it that she can only stand it for short periods of time. Kylie gets really concerned about it, “Uh oh, Mommy! Baby! Burp! Uh oh! Gross.” She’s paying more attention to Kylie, and Kylie just has to look at her to get her to laugh.

64: She found her feet last week and is pretty entertained by them. She has 4-5 4-8oz bottles a day. Her eating depends on her napping, because the longer she is awake, the more she spits up and gets upset. She is still having tummy trouble, but we started a new formula this week and we’re crossing all our fingers and toes hoping it will work. Before we started the formula we tried rice cereal. I couldn’t believe how easily she ate it because Kylie never ate plain rice cereal! | We started Zantac a few weeks ago and she’s stopped crying during her bottles. I was so relieved because Kylie fought hers until she was 8 months! She went to the church nursery twice before the Zantac and both times they said she didn’t want her bottle, meaning she went 5 hours between bottles. I was getting déj vu because for a few months no one but us could feed Kylie because she fought so much. We still have not had ONE bad night!! And I think the car is her favorite place in the world. She usually wakes up when the car stops, but Wed night after church she didn’t wake up until I started unbuckling her.

65: I never would have thought the girls would get along so well. Most mornings when I lay them next to each other to change Kylie’s diaper, I wish I remembered my phone to video them. Kylie has started taking Emily’s hand and showing her colors, shapes and numbers. (also, Emily’s eyes are already lighting up for the “That’s Not My” books – they were Kylie’s favorite as an infant, too)

71: easter

72: road trip to visit grandparents | Emily was so good for the long car rides

73: Grammy and Papa's

75: loving Daddy's nose | first time in a jumper

76: Grandma and Pap Pap's

77: meeting cousins

79: meeting Buffalo family and pictures

80: loving her feet | rare stroller nap | rolling from back to tummy the first time

81: meeting the Kincaids

82: Five months | Emily was 5 months old last week! She weighs 14lbs 8oz, wears 6mo clothes, and a size 3 diaper. No signs of teeth yet! Her favorite things right now are probably her feet and Kylie. We went on a long road trip up north and she got to see her grandparents again and meet a lot more family and friends. She was really great in the car. We even tried just giving her bottles in her seat, but discovered that not burping really bothered her. She went in a jumper for the first time at Grammy and Papa’s house, and we’ve been using ours a lot at home. It’s so funny to watch them get the hang of it! | We’re slowly starting solids. We’ve done rice cereal and bananas so far (I’m going in order of easiest to make). She rolled from her back to her stomach for the first time at Grandma and Pap Pap’s house. I knew she would do it when she was mad, and sure enough, I had left her on the floor waiting on a bottle while everyone else was out of the house.

83: But the biggest deal this month is that we switched her to an amino acid (read: not milk based) formula. It is slowly making a big difference – each week has had more improvement. The last few days she has had 1-2 completely normal looking dirty diapers each day and no rashes. That’s a big deal! She’s also spitting up a lot less and is obviously more comfortable. She even regularly falls asleep on me now! That means a lot to me. I do wish we had done it 4 months ago, but I really can’t think about that too much. (I could keep going down that road and wish that I had cut all dairy and soy from my diet a few weeks before I was due, but I just wasn’t thinking seriously about this happening again). | She is still super smiley It’s not too hard to catch her smiling. And it’s pretty easy to make her laugh!

84: I was looking at Kylie’s 5 month pictures and saw her (still) trademark frowny eyebrows. I actually can’t picture Emily frowning, but she does a mean poochie lip. They are so different. Emily is still opposed to sleeping or eating on a schedule, and that’s actually a little worse since we got back from our trip. She drinks 4-5 bottles that are 4-8oz each day. The total amount she drinks varies greatly from day to day.

85: I love that her monthly pictures are like the evolution of a smile!

88: Father's Day | Sitting up for toys

89: don't fall off! | holding her bottle

90: SIX months | Emily is 6 months old! She is still squeezing into 6 month clothes, wears a #3 diaper, and has 2 teeth. In some lights I think her eyes are changing to green or brown. I feel like she and I have finally hit our groove. It took us long enough! Her new formula has changed everything. It took a full month for her allergy symptoms to completely go away. She’s no longer stiff and arching her back, and she’s even cuddly! Her reflux still bothers her, but not nearly as much. And we just started going without bibs because she mostly just spits up when she’s on her belly. It’s so easy to make her smile and laugh. And she’s even content to play by herself for a little while now, especially if she’s on the floor in a pile of toys. | She can kind of sit up, but she doesn’t like to. She really wants to crawl, but she gets around pretty well by rolling and stretching. She is always straightening her legs out and trying to stand or jump. She’s very good at doing pushups, and you have to really watch her on the changing table because she likes to dig her heels in and push herself back.

91: She wakes up happy in the morning, especially because we’ve started putting some toys in her crib. She’s close to outgrowing her infant car seat, and I just put her in the stroller for the first time without it. I realized that our double stroller doesn’t have shoulder straps and it made me pretty nervous! | She’s always been so content in the car, until about a week ago. I’ve always assumed she fell asleep right away because she rarely made a peep! After a few days of whining, we moved her next to Kylie and it’s been much better.

92: She loves her bath and the pool. She’s so different from her sister! She’s also really started paying attention to Beaker, which is the same as Kylie at this age. Except he’s been much less jumpy with Emily and will let her pet him for a long time. Then he runs to the fridge for a carrot. | And we sort of have a schedule! Eek! Solids are helping. She’s not really excited about them, but she doesn’t cry like Kylie did. They are not on a schedule, because I mostly give them to her when I’m trying to hold off a bottle. I also was suspicious that she napped better in a disposable diaper, and I think I confirmed that this week. So we are just using cloth when she’s home and awake. Here’s her schedule: | between 6:30-7:30 Wake up, 8oz bottle sometime in the morning: 45min nap, or doze in the carrier while we’re out between 10:30-11:30 6oz bottle 12-2 nap (this has been pretty consistent this week. I’m so excited!!!) between 2:30-3:30 6oz bottle sometime in the evening: 45min nap. Once it was longer 6:30 8oz bottle between 6:30-7:30 bed We think she’s going to be fun and trouble :)

94: not enjoying sitting practice

96: crawling from bedroom to living room

97: first time sitting up in a grocery cart

98: first teeth brushing | holding her own bottle

100: SEVEN months | Emily is 7 months old! I forgot to write down her stats at her 6 month appointment, but she was 18 some pounds. She is in some 6m and some 9m clothes and wears a #3 diaper. She has two teeth. Her favorite things are balls, paper, playing with Kylie, peek-a-boo, being “thrown” in the air, blankets and Cheerios. Her least favorite things are being confined, diaper changes, and green beans. She army crawls and can pretty much get herself in a sitting position, but doesn’t sit unsupported. She’s just doing things a little backward! She gets up on all fours and rocks, but hasn’t tried to move a hand yet. | She chews on her finger if she has a blanket and is tired, but she doesn’t really do it to self-soothe without the blanket. (And it is just now occurring to me that I need to try giving her the blanket in the car!) She stopped spitting up out of nowhere, but she still coughs and arches her back a lot.

101: It’s funny to go back and read about Kylie at this age because they are soo different! But I wrote that Kylie also loved paper and Beaker. And neither of them are fond of baby food. I forgot that I already knew at this age that Kylie was easily overwhelmed. I can’t picture Emily being overwhelmed. This toy is the perfect example. Kylie was nervous about it until she was at least a year old. It’s Emily’s favorite. Emily’s also not afraid of loud appliances or big groups of people. | Emily is so much happier now that she can crawl. She’ll also often sit herself up on one hand to play. She follows Kylie around all day and obviously misses her when she’s sleeping (most days Kylie sleeps more hours than Emily). Emily laughs easily and cries easily and I think she’s going to be fun. She and Kylie will balance each other well. Today we hadn’t realized that Emily had crawled to our under-construction bathroom until we heard Kylie saying, “No, no, baby, it’s too shark [sharp].” However, Kylie was inching toward the bathroom herself, obviously jealous that baby was testing the boundaries. Much like Kylie, Emily does not prefer me over Josh, but gets separation anxiety with strangers. However, we’ve only been called to the church nursery once, and they’re still able to get her to fall asleep every week!

102: And one more skill I forgot to mention – she can hold her own bottle. But she doesn’t like to and prefers to cuddle and kick me (opposite of Kylie). I’ve only made her do it twice when we were at the science center. I think my favorite thing about Emily is that she has one of those faces that really lights up when she smiles. I love people like that.

106: first restaurant high chair

108: EIGHT months | Emily is 8 months old! She wears 9 month clothing, a size 4 diaper (since I wasn’t sure if we could make it through a big box of 3’s) and still just has two teeth (even though I was sure I saw one coming in on top a few weeks ago!) She is busy, busy, busy, and so happy to be mobile. She still army crawls most of the time, though she can do all fours, and she’s standing up on everything. She still won’t sit! The other day I got her to sit for about 10 minutes. I put a bucket of toys in front of her and backed away without her noticing. As soon as she saw I was no longer touching her, she put her hand on the ground. Since she doesn’t like to sit, she still hates the grocery cart, though she is doing a little better in a restaurant high chair.

109: She and Kylie are great buddies, and they really do play together. Emily looks for Kylie when she’s still sleeping. | She is way better in the church nursery than Kylie was at this age. She drinks her bottle, they are often able to get her to sleep a little, and they don’t say anything good or bad about her, which I think means she’s does just OK. Her comfort objects are her Aden and Anais blankets, though any thin fabric will do in a pinch. She only chews on her finger when she is tired and has a blanket.

110: She likes finger foods and we are done with purees. She’ll eat a lot of rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes, and will never turn down a Cheerio. We have a really great schedule, finally! I’m sure that eating more solids has helped. She has been dropping her third nap this month, so evenings are rough. 6:30-7:30 wake up, 8oz bottle 8:00 breakfast with Kylie 8:30 45min nap (this might be later if we’re not leaving the house, but most days we run an errand or go to an activity for Kylie after this nap) 10:30-11 6oz bottle 12:00 lunch 1:00ish nap (both of them at the same time! whoo!) 2:30-3 wake up, 6oz bottle 5 dinner 6:30 8oz bottle 7:30 bed

111: She is LOUD whether she is mad or happy, and often finds herself hilarious. She laughs and smiles easily, especially at Kylie, and kicks her legs when she’s happy. She started clapping this month and is so proud! She is full of mischief, but I’m so glad she’s entertaining herself more. I am always pulling something out of her mouth that we didn’t know she could reach. But her favorite thing is probably to crawl off to Kylie’s room to play with her toys. Kylie’s come a long way with sharing, and we have very few problems with that. They are really really sweet together!

114: yoga mat hogs | tiny town

115: Sciport

117: NINE months | Emily is 9 months old! She is about 19lbs, wears 9-12 month clothes and wears size 2 shoes. We’re pretty sure she’s working on all 4 top teeth. I’ll miss the two toothed grin!

118: And look! She sits! Going places is sooo much easier now. Tonight we went to two stores, out to dinner, and for ice cream and she was happy the whole time! That would not have been a good time a month ago. She loves sitting in the big car shopping carts with Kylie.

119: She is also taking consistent naps. At least 45 minutes in the morning, and at least 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. She’s working on dropping the third nap, but right now with teething she’s been sleeping a lot more. The only good thing about teething is that she’s more cuddly and falls asleep on me more often! | She is a total Daddy’s girl. As soon as he comes home you’ll hear her “slap slap slap” crawling as fast as she can. And if he doesn’t pick her up she’ll cry and pull on his boot laces. Then she’ll cry outside the bedroom door when he’s getting changed. He still gets the best laughs and smiles – even more than Kylie! And she will stand at the window and watch him the entire time he’s mowing the grass. | She gives open mouth kisses (that’s what she’s doing to Josh’s nose) and will consistently mimic “dada” and raspberries. She also says “baba” and “mama”, but not as often. She is very comfortable on her feet, and Josh saw her stand for a few seconds when Kylie pulled away the thing she was holding on to.

120: She is into everything. When Kylie was this age I thought I would teach her to not open cabinets or play with the toilet paper or mess with Beaker’s bowls. I wasn’t successful with that until she was about 15 months old, so this time my expectations are much lower. Emily has already found things that Kylie has never thought about, like outlets and the fireplace. Kylie is actually incredibly helpful with this. She keeps finding higher surfaces for her library books and cups and always tells me when baby is eating paper (Emily’s favorite mischief). The other day I heard a cardboard box opening while I was in the bathroom and started yelling to Kylie, “Go see! Baby can’t have crackers!” Sure enough, Kylie found Emily gnawing on a sleeve of Ritz crackers that had been in an unopened box. | She is pretty brave (especially compared to Kylie) but not reckless. If she hits her head it’s usually because someone has knocked her over. And she’s not overly friendly, but she will interact with people. We usually have the same grocery bagger and he gets a kick out of the fact that when he’s pushing the cart she will grin, turn her head, then slowly cut her eyes back at him. She absolutely loves the indoor play place we go to and has never been overwhelmed.

121: She is doing OK with eating. Her favorites are things she can feed herself, particularly peas, corn, and grapes. She eats a little better than Kylie, but just like Kylie she gets mad quickly and I’m always trying to coax her to eat more. She’s not a fan of the spoon. She’s figured out the sippy cup and will take a few sips of water. She hasn’t figured out the straw cup yet. She is not particularly interested in Beaker, and he is way more comfortable with her than he was with Kylie. She and Kylie are the best of friends, which has been incredible to watch. Kylie doesn’t often say L’s and calls her “Emmy boo”. And I think Emily is going to hold her own and keep up with her big sister just fine.

128: TEN MONTHS | Emily is 10 months old! At her appointment a few weeks ago she was 19lbs 6oz (55%)and 28.5in (76%). She has 7 teeth and I’m sure the 8th one is close.

129: I feel like her personality is really coming out from behind the reflux and belly issues. She really is a smiley little thing. She loves to have fun – exciting toys, new places, new people. And she dances all the time. She swings her hands like she’s conducting and bounces up and down. I keep expecting to turn around and see her standing up on her own, but she hasn’t done it yet. I think she’s capable, though. The only time she encounters stairs is at the science center, and this week she climbed up two, and then backed herself down. I was impressed!

130: We went to the petting zoo this month and I was surprised at how much she loved the animals! She thought it was all very funny.

131: She can pretty much use the snack cup and loves drinking water out of her straw cup. She started having belly issues again, so we took her back to just rice and are re-introducing foods. I didn’t plan on making Kix her second food, but she kept pulling them out of the cupboard and I felt bad because she loves them so much. | She loves to be outside and will stand longingly at the door if anyone goes out without her. I’m working on my fear of fire ants and letting her crawl around in the grass. She has a blast playing in the water table with Kylie. She loves baths, too, and doesn’t mind getting splashed or having water poured over her head.

132: We no longer dread taking her places. She is very happy in the stroller or a shopping cart as long as they are moving. She’s usually great in the car and even does okay in a restaurant. Now that she’s officially dropped the third nap, it’s much easier to go places in the evening without her being too tired. We think that she says “da da” on purpose sometimes. She’ll often say it when he comes home. Kylie likes to tickle her with this toy shark and sing the Jaws “da dum, da dum” and Emily will mimic that. | She’s still not very excited about eating (unless you count things that aren’t food) and hates diaper changes and getting dressed. 90% of the time at home she is pantless because it’s so hard to get them on her! She has started finding buttons everywhere and absolutely loves it when she can make a toy play music. She is still napping pretty consistently. She is a light sleeper, though, and sensitive to noise. If she had a good nap, she will wake up happy and play in her crib for a few minutes. She still chews on her pointer finger, but only with her blanket.

133: She and Kylie are better friends all the time, and Emily is very patient with having “funny hats” put on her head and having her blood pressure taken many times a day.


139: signing "more"

140: ELEVEN MONTHS | Emily is 11 months old! She is about 21lbs and is barely still in 12mo clothes. She wears a size 3 shoe and has 8 teeth. She will stand on her own for a second when she’s moving between furniture, and I think I’ve seen her take a step between kitchen chairs. This week she has started walking while holding Kylie’s hands, and it’s so cute and funny. Her understanding has grown so much this month. She is playing with toys the right way, putting hats on her head, trying to put the lids on snack cups, and whining and gesturing purposefully for what she wants. She waves at people wherever we go and claps for “more”.

141: She is still a total Daddy’s girl. These smiling pictures were taken after he came outside.

142: She loves playing outside, walks in the stroller, banging on the piano, any toy that makes noise, and getting into whatever Kylie is doing. She’s a great sport about whatever Kylie makes her do. She is not a great eater, but she’s good about trying things. She gets the most excited for pears, which are the one food I’ve determined bothers her stomach! She’s pretty good about eating noodles, bananas, carrots and peas, and she loves drinking water from a straw. I think all babies this age love to explore, but she’s figured out so many things Kylie never did. Like how to open the toilet, unplug night lights, and get any shoe off. Josh already found her on top of the coffee table once. She understands “no” and will usually plop down on the floor and cry. She loves praise and will do something over and over to see us clap and cheer. When she’s excited, she bobs her head, bounces, and says, “ahdah ahdah.” She is a goofy, happy little thing and is always making people smile!

146: ONE YEAR | Emily is one! She is about 22lbs, wears between 12-18 month clothes, and wears a size 3 shoe. She has 8 front teeth and no sign of molars. She gets compliments on her eyes wherever we go. She takes about 3-4 steps, and prefers “cruising” to crawling. She doesn’t say any words (Kylie didn’t either at her birthday), but she signs “more” and “all done”. And she tries to copy sounds, especially for Kylie. We stopped formula this week, and she immediately started eating better, which led to napping better, which means she’s been very happy! We have not tested dairy yet, but she does get sick from soy milk or flour. She had an allergic reaction the same day we tried almond milk, so she is drinking rice milk until we get testing done. Her favorite foods are rice and beans, corn, broccoli, and graham crackers. She loves to try new food and is always interested in mine. She loves to play outside and is always jealous when anyone (including Beaker) goes out without her. She started going down our slide by herself this week. She loves to climb and explore, and I’m always impressed at how she can figure out how to get down after she climbs up on things. She’s gotten to be very easy to take places, and she loves to go somewhere new and be around people. She doesn’t usually cry when we drop her off at church, and some weeks they’ll say she’s the happiest one, but some weeks we get called. It usually has to do with a missed nap. Her blanket has become as powerful as Kylie’s binkie, and when she sees it she puts her finger in her mouth. Then she’ll turn the blanket around and around until she finds the tags. She loves praise and attention, and her newest trick is to put toys back in their box or basket. She’ll clap for herself and then look to us to cheer for her. She loves music and dances all the time. She also laughs all the time, especially at Kylie.

147: She’s starting to have a longer attention span for reading or playing something like the shape sorter or magnets. She gives lots of hugs and loves to be cuddled – more now than when she was a tiny baby! She loves toys that move or make noise, but mostly she prefers to explore the house or get into whatever Kylie is doing. I still can’t get over how well she and Kylie get along, and neither of them likes to be without the other. She fills a gap that was in our family – the clown! I think she will always be making us laugh. We love to be able to count on her for a giggle and a snuggle at the end of the day.

149: First birthday | We didn’t have a party, but if we did, I was thinking a “Winter One-derland” theme. So I did make outfits and cake to go with that. I got the ideas of using chocolate chips and a cut orange slice candy for the nose off of Pinterest, of course. Kylie said the cake was not very good, but I think it was the semi-sweet chocolate chips that she didn’t like.

151: Emily probably would have chosen to spend her day playing outside, but it was raining. Yesterday was beautiful, though, and she learned to go down our slide by herself! We did presents (from us and grandparents) and cake after dinner. I’m not sure if she was just tired or what, but she was not herself! She, who normally loves to rip up paper, just wanted to sit still on Daddy’s lap. He was not complaining, and I think she did like her presents. Her gift from us was a baby doll. That was Kylie’s first birthday present, and it’s still the only one we have, so I thought it would be good for Emily to have her own. It’s just like Kylie’s, but it’s the one with no hair. Emily was very calm about her cake. She had just eaten a huge dinner, so she thought Daddy and Beaker should share it with her. One set of grandparents were available to Skype in, so we did the opposite of Kylie’s first birthday, when the grandparents were here and Daddy Facetimed in! It was a quiet little birthday, but Emily soaked up the attention.

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