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Emily`s Monomyth Project

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FC: Wicked and the Monomyth By: Emily Stanton

1: Call to Adventure | The call to adventure begins when Elphaba ( a young,green-skinned witch) is in Doctor Dillamonds class. The call that Elphaba takes is internal. Her teacher, Doctor Dillamond (who is a goat), teaches her and her class about human and animal rights. During Doctor Dillamonds Class, written on the board were the words "Animals should be seen and not heard" (Maguire, 144). Elphaba was very intrigued by this. When she asked the head of the university, Madame Morrible, about the find, Madame Morrible seemed to agree with the statement. Weeks later, Doctor Dillamond was found dead with a slit throat. It was witnessed that Madame Morrible was behind the murder. Elphaba then plans to travel to see the Wizard of Oz to continue helping Doctor Dillamond with animal rights.

2: Crossing the Threshold | Elphaba crossed the threshold by going to Oz with her friend Glinda. They were planning on going to Oz in hopes to defend Doctor Dillamond. They would be doing this by sharing what they have heard about Madame Morrible. They traveled "for more than a week. A bleak, cold-scoured week, as the winds of autumn ripped the leaves off trees" (Maguire,216). When they go to tell the wizard, he just says that he does not believe the girls. Even though he says that he does not believe the girls, Elphaba still feels like she has accomplished something by going to see The Wizard.

3: Supernatural Aid | The Wizard of Oz is Elphabas supernatural aid. The Wizard gives Elphaba advice about what she should do in the future. As the Wizard was leaving Elphaba and Glinda, he told them to "beware whom you serve" (Maguire, 226). This statement did not phase Glinda but it really made Elphaba think about her decisions. The Wizard also made Elphaba wonder about how she was doing things in her life at that time.

4: Road of Trials | As Elphaba made her journey, she encountered many obstacles. First, she did not return home with Glinda after meeting with the wizard be cause she thought that she still had a chance at a revolutionary change about animal rights. Then, her friend Fiyero tries to help her with her revolution, but gets murdered by the wizards secret police because he was associated with Elphaba. Finally, Elphaba hears news of a tornado that hit her home land. She later receives a message saying that her younger sister was killed during the tornado. These events caused Elphaba to travel to many places and have to overcome many tribulations.

6: Meeting with the Goddess | The goddess that meets with Elphaba and helps her in times of need is her friend Glinda. Glinda was Elphabas roommate from college. They were best friends until Elphaba decided to stay in Oz after their meeting with the wizard. This causes the two to not see each other for about twenty years. During this time apart, Glinda becomes known as the witch of the north. Glinda helps Elphaba overcome many obstacles that she faces in her journey, such as being in difficult times and giving her advice in tough situations.

7: Apotheosis | Elphaba becomes god-like after she meets with the wizard and decides what she should do with her life. She ends up deciding to start a revolutionary movement that could possibly help change the rights of animals and also the rights of humans. This movement was a big step for Elphaba because she really felt like she could make a change. A long time later, Elphabas revolutionary movement did not end up the way she planned for it to. Elphaba had a new apotheosis when she found herself a new home and started a better life away from politics.

8: Refusal of the Return | Elphaba was happy with her life and her family. She did not think that she would leave anytime soon. Then one day a message arrived saying that Elphabas sister, Nessarose, had been killed. Nessarose was killed after a tornado hit and a house from the tornado fell on her. Elphaba left her new home and went back to show respect and love towards her sister. When she arrived there, she once again met up with Glinda after many years. Elphaba was asking about what happened to Nessaroses shoes, which are important because her father made them. Glinda said that she gave them to Dorothy, the girl from the house. Glinda then explained that Dorothy had left about a week ago for Oz. Elphaba went to find her. She knew that she had to get the shoes back.

9: Master of Two Worlds | When Elphaba arrived in Oz she found out that Dorothy was told by the wizard to kill her. Elphaba needed to know why Dorothy would want to kill her, so she invited Dorothy over for dinner. After dinner, Elphaba took Dorothy into a room by themselves and would not let Dorothy leave until she got her answer. Dorothy simply said that she never wanted to kill Elphaba even though she was instructed to by the wizard. She also said that her intentions for going to the dinner were to apologize about Nessaroses death. Elphaba lit her broom on fire to intimidate Dorothy for answers but in the process she caught her skirt on fire. Dorothy put the fire out by pouring water on it which caused Elphaba to die because she is allergic to water. After Elphaba is killed, she sees her friends and family that have passed away. Everything is good and peaceful as she watches them. "She was dead, dead and gone, and all that was left of her was the carapace of her reputation of malice" (Maguire, 519). The "wicked old witch" (Maguire, 519) was dead.

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