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S: Emmett Baier Parkinson --Your First Year...

FC: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray. | You'll never know dear, how much I love you, so please | don't take, my sunshine, away. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make. | me happy, when skies are gray. You'll know dear...

1: Emmett Baier Parkinson | Your first year...

2: . | 21 weeks | 35 weeks | 27 weeks | The night before... | Mmmm, beer! | Cold, refreshing apple sauce | Homemade Pita pizzas | I thankfully had another nausea-free pregnancy! My only major symptom was the annoying inability to breath for nearly 9 months! | We were ecstatic to find out that another baby was on its way -- we went through 4 tests just to make sure! We kept the news quiet until we could 'meet' you ourselves and take comfort in knowing that you were here to stay!

3: ?

4: Boy or Girl? | 8 weeks 5 days | 19 weeks | Your tiny foot! | While the pee stick suggested we were going to have another baby, Dr. Stephen Power from London's Fertility Clinic needed to confirm it. Your dad and I were elated to see your tiny 8 week old body and the Doctor confirmed you had a strong heartbeat. Knowing our history of heartbreaking losses we remained cautious, but as my belly grew we knew you were going to stick around! On November 9th we were ecstatic to see your sweet little profile and watch as you moved around inside me. You were quite active, making it difficult to measure all your bits and pieces ! I could feel you growing inside me and we were so in love right from the start!

5: " | It was 1:00 in the afternoon on a cloudy Saturday April 13th--your anticipated due date. I had already had some contractions on the Thursday but they slowed to a stop and I carried on waiting. When all of a sudden, bending over to pick up some laundry... "I think my water just broke?!" Beth Read, the midwife, came to our house to ensure you were positioned well and encouraged me to labour at home for as long as I comfortably could. By 7:30 the contractions had intensified and it was time to head to Victoria Hospital in London. We had a great delivery room, overlooking the city skyline and I was able to labour in a gigantic soaker tub. Quiet was key during each contraction, allowing me to concentrate on every breath. I was in my own little world, you were there too. Your dad was always present but remained quiet in a very supportive way. Beth was incredibly encouraging and I knew we were in safe hands. I could feel you were on your way and with the help of the second midwife Evelyn Baah-Frimpong, you slowly worked your way down. As you crowned I felt your soft, fuzz-covered head and could hardly wait to meet you. After 20min of surprisingly bearable pushing, you arrived at 1:02 am with a loud squeal and snuggled right onto my chest. You made a beautiful first impression and I knew you were perfect! Daddy was so proud to have a healthy little boy and he showered you with love. You didn't even make a peep when he cut your cord. Then we took our time watching you open your eyes to this big, wild world. What an amazing experience it was giving birth to you. Welcome home my little love. "

6: Born at 1:02 am on Sunday April 14th, you arrived safely in Mama's arms. Your first cry was priceless. Thanks to Big Brother Canada, we had a last minute name change from Bennett to Emmett. You were handsome right from the start. | You weighed 6 lbs 15oz... | ...and measured 23 inches long. | PLEASE WELCOME ===FOR THE === VERY FIRST TIME EMMETT BAIER PARKINSON

7: Just like your sister before you, the first thing you did was find your thumb. But you never sucked it again. | Our midwives Beth Read and Evelyn Baah-Frimpong

9: Not to keen at first, you settled once you were in the warm water and enjoyed your 1st bath. Dad snuggled you into your 'going home outfit' and you were right as rain.

10: Home Sweet Home... | We left the hospital by 1pm the next day and brought you home to 99 Duchess Avenue in Lucan, Ontario. You slept in a bassinette withDaddy and I until you were 4 months old and then moved into your cozy nook. You were always easy to lay down with a swaddle, sous and snuggle.

11: Welcome home baby Emmett! | Even though she did request a baby sister, Quinn loved you right from the start. She was always eager to hold you and talk sweet like a good little mama. She was a huge help when you first came home--running for diapers, singing you quiet lullabies and making sure you had a sous just in case.

12: You have | Visitors!

14: Loaf of bread = $2.49 | Cost of a stamp = 65 cents | New Movie Releases April 14th Movie ticket = $11.50 | Price of gas = 125 cents/L | 1 Litre of Skimmed milk = $2.19 | Cost of average single family home = $250-300 000 | Hit TV Shows | What happened in 2013? | Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper | Oscar winner for Best Film = Argo | "Candy Crush" is the most popular game on Facebook. It nets $1000000 a day! | New words added to the Dictionary this year: "Twerk" & ""Selfie" | Lorde

15: January 5th - NHL reaches an agreement to end a 113 lock out. The Chicago Blackhawks go on to win the Stanley Cup. April 15th - 2 pressure cooker bombs explode at the Boston Marathon finish line, killing 3 people and injuring 264. May - 'Defense Distributed' succeeded in designing the first working blueprint to produce a plastic gun with a 3D printer. Widespread concern for effective gun control led the US Department of State to order the instructions be removed from the website. June 26th - The US Supreme Court handed a major victory to gay Americans ruling that the Federal Government must provide equal treatment to same-sex spouses. July 22nd - England's Royal baby, Prince George, is born to Prince William and Princess Kate. December 5th - Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid leader, dies at age 95. Scientists reveal that results of its rover 'Curiosity' suggests Mars could have supported life in the past. Edward Snowden leaks information about the NSA's secret internet and cell-phone data gathering program. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is embroiled in a controversy that suggests his involvement in drug related activities. The story is a worldwide spectacle. The 'Cronut', a perfect hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut, won hearts and taste buds around the world. | January: Lance Armstrong admits to doping in all 7 of his Tour de France victories. He is stripped of his medals. | May 17: Scientists successfully clone human stem cells and begin to 3D print human body parts. | February 15th: 1491 are injured as a meteor strikes Russian city of Chelyabinsk. | November 8th: The worst storm of the year, Typhoon Haiyan,hit the Philippines leaving more than 5,000 people dead.

16: Not yet 24 hrs old and we can't stop looking at you. We are now a family of four and boy oh boy, life is good.

18: You relaxed into your first kitchen sink bath with Nannie.

19: You are just a week old and we can't stop taking pictures of you! More kisses, more hugs, more visitors, more love. A content little fellow, you already seem easy to read and only cry if something needs fixing. Our midwife confirmed you were a healthy little guy by returning to your birth weight after just a week at home. We all love you to bits! | 1st car ride | Your serious side

20: Sweet Souvenirs He won't be little very long so hold him while you can. In just a year or two or three, he'll be your little man, with blocks to build, and bugs to catch, and double dares to try, so much to see and feel and do, as days and months fly by. So take the time to treasure these precious baby years as his first tooth, first word first step, become sweet souvenirs. - Author Unknown

22: Sleep, baby sleep... | You spent a lot of time sleeping, snuggling and snoring in your first month. It was pretty nice actually! You posed easily for the photos!

24: 1 Month | How sweet are you - 5 weeks

25: A toothless grin!! With so many to follow, your 1st 'real' smile came on May 14th... 4 weeks old and lovin' life!

26: Cottage life.... | We spent many relaxing days up at the cottage. You loved being outside with Quinn, Ryan & Lucas and swinging on the hammock. Let's be honest, you spent most of the time sleeping, but we caught your blue eyes open for a few sweet moments! | Ryan practices his babysitting skills

27: Big yawns and an early morning rise with Papa Doug | You're a pro at the over-the-shoulder nap

28: Your first touch of grass

29: At 6 weeks old you are 9lbs 10oz and roughly 22" long! | Your itty-bitty fingers | Your squishy little feet

30: June 4th: You found your fingers today! | Getting used to life at 99 Duchess Ave

31: First bath with big sister Quinn | Dada fed you your first bottle at 7 weeks old.

32: 2 Months | 2 Months | You guys are damn cute!

33: You now weigh 11lbs 11oz and reach 23.5". | A 10 weeks you are rolling from your back to side and starting to bat at toys. | Mama gets Mastitis on June 19th and you are a little fussy as you're not getting enough milk. Luckily you still sleep 3-4 hrs in the afternoon so Mama can recoup on antibiotics. You took your first shots like a champ on June 22nd!

34: Play | TIME | The beach and breeze to excite you... | Canada Day Weekend at the cottage | You want to stand up all the time and you're starting to lift your head and chest off the floor, using your wee mighty arms to push up.

35: ...and a fireside snuggle to relax you! | Your routine: Up for 2hrs, down for 1hr, up for 2hrs, down for 1hr. Repeat.

36: VS | Your First Major League game... | June 22 | At 10 weeks old you attended your 1st major league baseball game with the Parkinson cousins. We sat with the rowdies in the 500's. You slept right through all the cheering and fireworks when fan favourite Jose Bautista hit a home run helping the Blue Jays win 4-2 and continue their winning streak!

37: July 8th - Initially hesitant, you warmed up to your first dip in the pool!

38: 3 Months | Smiles all around - 14 weeks

39: Squeaky clean!

40: You're growing like a weed and now weigh in at 12lbs 10oz and reach 23.5". Maybe it's because you found your toes and like to try and eat them!

44: 4 Months | Daddy's little guy

45: Swimming at the YMCA at 8.5 months old | Peek-a-boo at 3.5 months | 1st Father's Day at! 2 months old

47: We spent many days learning how to live the cottage life with Nannie. Lounging by the lake, laughing at the big kids and learning about Nannie's "medicine"!

48: A few monstrous lightning storms and torrential downpour didn't stop us from enjoying your 1st camping trip at Wildwood Conservation Area. Fresh air, campfires and long hikes made you 'sleep like a baby' in your 'bassinnetent'. I hope this begins your love and respect for mother nature and all her beauty. | August 30th- September 1st

50: September 11th... You are now grabbing at everything and trying to put it in your mouth! You are needing less sleep and want to be super active but unfortunately can't go anywhere on your own. You get frustrated when you can't reach something or a toy falls away from you. We are starting to hear more and more of your little voice.

51: -- My Baby Boy and Me -- It's 3am, they're all asleep, no one is here to see. As we rock slowly back and forth, my baby boy and me. His little hand is feather light tucked up against my chin. I hold his tiny hand in mine, and stroke his baby skin. The house about us creaks and groans, the clock hands creep around, He snuggles closer to me still and makes his baby sounds. I love these quiet hours so much and cherish every one. Store memories up inside my heart for lonely nights to come. All too soon he'll be grown up, his need for Mama gone. But until then I still have time for kisses and for song. Time for quiet hours like this with him cuddled in my arms. Where I wish he'd always stay protected, safe and warm. And yet I know the day will come when his tiny little hand, will be bigger than my own. He'll grow to be a man. But until then he's mine to love with no one here to see. As we rock slowly back and forth, my baby boy and me. -Author Unknown

52: 5 Months | Dressed to impress! You shared your 5th month-day with Grandma's 60th | Your first kiss with Amelia

53: September 14th and your first 2 teeth are in easily!

55: September 22nd - First taste of rice cereal and you gobbled it up!

57: Sweet cuddly moments spent with Na-Nana Baier

58: 6 months | 6 months | Rub a dub dub, you love the tub!

59: 7 months | You always loved being outside. You were eager to go out and would cry when it was time to come in. Luckily you enjoyed the tub enough to get cleaned up afterwards!

60: "Mmmm, what's this?" | "Ha! I got it!" | "I just gotta try it!" | "What a great day!" | Happy Halloween

64: 7 Months | Smiling in the snow!

65: On November 29th we trekked into the bush to cut down our Christmas tree at Tree Lane Farms.

66: Bath time was always a hit with you and Quinn splashing around together! November 16th

67: Your first time around the rink... | Papa was always eager to get both you and Quinn out on the ice. You enjoyed being whisked around the rink in your stroller.

68: Sisterly Love | Quinn fed you... Bathed you... Read to you... | And drove you absolutely crazy!... | 11 months | 5 weeks | 8 months

69: But she was so in love with her baby brother! | Just 1 day old!!

70: 8 months | 8 Months | Diapers are over-rated! - 8.5 months

71: y!

73: Starting to crawl!! | Toys yes!... | Clothes no!

74: Christmas morning...

75: January 3rd, 2014 | Aunt Melissa helps shape your 1st hairstyle | 8.5 months old

76: 9 Months | Fun in the Cancun Sun! | Our first family of four vacation was to Cancun, Mexico with dear friend Jenee Gowing and her family. We stayed at The Great Parnassus. This was your first flight and you were an amazing little traveler.

77: Like any growing 9 month old you had a healthy appetite and ate anything in sight--enchiladas, fajitas, guacamole and fresh donuts smothered in sweet dulce de leche sauce. MMMmmm your first taste of sweet heaven!

78: Vacation

80: The Great Parnassus

81: You loved the $10 beach ball! | Your 1st sweet: Dulce de Leche

83: We spent most of our time splashing in the infinity pools, playing in the pirate ship waterslides, or lounging by the crashing ocean waves. Although a couple days were cool and windy, there was sun everyday and a few clouds didn't stop us from having loads of fun on the beach. Up most mornings by 5am, you would crash for a morning siesta in your poolside stroller. Then you'd eat like a champ and store up more energy to play with the big kids!

84: While mom and dad enjoyed Pina Coladas, you indulged in all-you-can-eat Cancun sand.

85: Falling asleep at the dinner table was a regular occurrence for both you and Quinn. Your days were filled with so much energy, you were spent by dessert.

86: 10 Months | Your big heart turned 10 months old today

87: Lots of love at Grandma and Papa's

89: Peek-a-... |! | Discovery!

90: 11 months | Uh Oh! I'm caught!

92: Enjoying the sun and a swing at the Market Street Park on March 31st.

93: Not yet walking but managing to get around pretty easily, you get away from me on more than one occasion. You are taking steps here and there but you won't walk on your own until you are 13 months old.

95: 4 generations

96: It is April 13th and by 1:02 am you will turn 1 year old--but your life has just begun Chug Chug. Live your life to the fullest and we will be waiting to hear tales of your wild and crazy adventures. Love Mama and Dada

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