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Engelhardt Memory Book

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Engelhardt Memory Book - Page Text Content

S: Memoirs of the Engelhardts -- BYU 25th and Provo Married Student 32nd Wards August 2008 to August 2011

FC: Memoirs of the Engelhardts

1: This book is dedicated to George and Shari Engelhardt, who gave hundreds of hours of selfless service to all of us in these last three years. You have made a lasting impact on all of our lives. We love you. God bless you for all of your love and kindness.

2: Dear Bishop and Shari, When we left Provo just over a year ago we moved to Wisconsin where Burke got a job. In January we moved to Norfolk, VA where I started the PA program at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Burke is working from home for that same company in Wisconsin. We know we'll be here until May of 2013, but what happens next is very much up in air. Our future plans include children, some sort of grad school for Burke (probably an MBA), and settling down somewhere nice someday! In the meantime we are staying busy and happy. We've been nursery and cub scout leaders since we moved here, but Burke was recently called to be the Young Men President. In August we are going to Utah for a week. We are so excited. I don't think we realized until we left how much Provo meant to us! We got really excited when we heard about this book for you; it brought back the memories from that awesome year we were in the 25th ward. Thank you both for all the sacrifices you have made, for us and for so many others like us. Your love for us meant and continues to mean so much! You two are awesome and we love you! Love, Burke and Jessica Anderson | The Anderson Family

3: We loved living in the BYU 25th Ward! It was the first ward we attended as a married couple. We were pregnant with our first baby right before moving out of the ward. We remember that Bishop was a jokester. He called Ashley "Jen" because he thought she looked like Jennifer Anniston. Most of all we remember Bishop's powerful testimony which influenced us with a great start to our marriage and to center our lives around Christ. Thanks for being a great first Bishop! Love, Brett, Ashley, & Luella Archibald | The Archibald Family

4: Thank you Bishop and Sister Engelhardt! We're so glad we had the opportunity to be in your ward. We think you are pretty much the best ever! Love, Ryan, Melissa, and Vidalia Armstrong | The Armstrong Family

5: Bishop & Sister Engelhardt! Wow! We can't believe that it has been 3 years already! We've been with you since day one and are really going to miss you! Thank you for always being so supportive, understanding, and loving towards us. We will never forget bishop talking to us about the importance of having our kids at church and even through our Maci is little, it's having here there that will make her want to come to church when she's older. We will also never forget how incredibly cute Sister Engelhardt's shoes always are! She wins for best dressed in the ward! :) She is always so easy to talk to, always remembered our names and was a great support to her husband. We feel so blessed to have had you both in our lives. We love you and will miss you very much! Love, Mitch, Serretta, & Maci Barlow | The Barlow Family

6: When Ryan and I were moving out of the ward, Bishop let us borrow his truck to help us get moved in. He had to go out of his way to do so. We are also grateful for how welcoming you both were to us when we moved into the ward. Thanks for all of your time and love. Love, Ryan, Nicole, Landon, & baby (unborn) | The Beardsley Family

7: Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, thank you for being so wonderful. This was the perfect ward to start married life in. Love, Matthew and Elise Behunin | The Behunin Family

8: We must say that our time with you as our bishop held some of our best memories at BYU. From death threats to camp-outs to temple nights to disaster drills, church was fun--even if we seemed to be there twice as much as usual! Remember how you thought the ward camp-out was a good opportunity to extend a calling? How about being crowned king? Or awarding House points (how is Gryffindor doing, anyway)? On a serious note, however, we could see and feel that you truly cared about each and every ward member and that meant a lot to us. Thanks for everything. We love you. H.A.G.S. Please keep in touch. -Clif, Nicole, & Jacen Bergmann | The Bergmann Family

9: This is the bishop who appointed us to serve as part of a singles ward bishopric not long after he had become bishop! We didn't know them long, but it was very clear he was meant to serve as bishop. He just had that spirit about him! Every time we saw him was and always seemed happy to see us and he'd tell us how cute Claytin was. Sister Engelhardt was so kind and loving and treated us as if we were her own kids! I always felt comfortable and loved around them. I only wish we could have stayed longer and gotten to know them better! Love: The Bones! (Brendan, Dahlia and Claytin) | The Bones Family

10: Thank you Bishop & Sister Engelhardt for your kindness and service in the ward. You are such fun people and we enjoyed seeing you each Sunday. We also enjoyed your dutch-oven cooking and the parties you held at your house! We will miss you and your leadership in the ward. Thanks for being such a kind, understanding Bishop and for all your help through the years. Love, Greg, Shauna, & Katie Call | The Call Family

11: Our overall memory of the Engelhardt's would be their constant love and kindness they showed to everyone they met. Thanks, Emily, Jeremiah and Elizabeth Chai | The Chai Family

12: The Clark Family | Dear Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, It was a pleasure to serve with the two of you these last two years at BYU. My wife and I felt so welcomed and needed by the both of you. Bishop, I learned something in every meeting we had together. I saw you care for the members of the ward in your own unique way, but it was also with the pure love of Christ and you touched the lives of many individuals who will remember you fondly. Sis. Engelhardt, you have a warmth that cheers the down-trodden. Many times I witnessed a member of our ward have a burden lifted by talking with you. Thank you both so much for sharing your lives with us, for being willing to serve and for giving freely of your love and advice to young people like us. If you guys ever need a favor, let us know! Bryce, Amanda, and Asher Clark

13: Thank you Bishop and Sister Engelhardt for your service. We love you! James, Taralee & Lincoln Cooper | The Cooper Family

14: Ever since we came into the ward due to a boundary change, we felt welcomed and loved by Bishop and Sister Engelhardt. People in the ward might have thought we were inactive because Clay was serving in a singles' ward bishopric, so no one ever saw us for a good few months after we had moved into the ward. We met Bishop and Sister Engelhardt at the temple for a ward temple activity, and from the first time we met them we knew that they cared for us. All through our time in the ward, neither one of them ever failed to greet us with a warm smile and kind words. We love them and will miss them! Clay, Stephanie, Emma, and Lily Cox | The Cox Family

15: Thank you for all of your service and time. We loved being part of the BYU 25th Ward/ PMS 32nd Ward! We felt extremely welcomed our first week in the ward and throughout our time there. We loved having the opportunity to get to know both of you through ward callings and Visiting Teaching. Thanks again! We love you both! Love, Steve and Brooke Cowles | The Cowles Family

16: Dear Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, We are some of the lucky ones who were able to be with you for a good length of time (about two years), and got to know you very well. Upon hearing you were both converts, I knew there had been divine intervention involved bringing you into our lives. As a convert myself, I felt great strength and support from you both as our stories shared many similarities. Pete happily served as Executive Secretary with you at the helm, Bishop. He looked forward to the Sunday meetings and really appreciated how you gave everything 110%. Whether it was supporting members in the ward spiritually, attending softball games, or having us over for a steak dinner (mmmmmm...), you became a big part of all of our lives. And as a Bishop's wife, you played a significant role in the ward, as well. I felt as though you were my mother away from home, my confidant, and my biggest cheerleader. Looking darling every Sunday and constantly opening up your home for activities, you showed every sister so much love. You went out of your way to be there for us and that is why we have all hated to leave the ward when it was our time. Though our family has grown (Parker is 1 1/2) since we left, we look back fondly upon our days in the BYU 25th ward, in large part because of the community you helped to foster. Some of our very best friends were made during that time, and I know it is because we shared so many memories huddled in your TV room to watch the BYU football games. Leaving the ward must be difficult to think about, but if you didn't move on, you would never get to utilize the lessons you have learned from this calling, and better the lives of other ward members in your community. They will be lucky to have you back. When we come to visit Provo in August, you are on our list to see. Let that be a testament to how much we adore you and how much your love has meant to us. Thank you for your devoted service and we wish you the best as you move forward. The Lord answered our prayers by introducing us to you. We will be forever better and forever thankful. We love you! Love, Pete, Jessica, and Parker Dahlquist | The Dahlquist Family

17: Dear Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, Thank you so much for the love and friendship for the few months we have been in the ward. You two are such amazing examples to us and we feel like we have learned so much from you. We really enjoyed your visit, Bishop, at our apartment when we got to know you. And the photo scavenger hunt with both of you was so exciting - it made us feel young and energetic, I hope it did for you as well =) We loved your confidence and energy when asking others to be a part of our photo scavenger hunt, we had some good laughs! Thank you again for your testimony, love, and all your contributions for the ward! Love, Corbin and Moena Dean | The Dean Family

18: I loved how Bishop always said thank you, for everything. And Shari of course is always as sweet as can be. Thanks Geoff and Jessie DeShazer | The DeShazer Family

19: Thanks for the barbeque, helping us move, and for helping the ward have a happy, unified and uplifting time! Love, Aaron and Corinne Drollette | The Drollette Family

20: There are so many memories to choose from, but some of our favorite memories include Grant's time in the bishopric with Bishop: getting random text messages, laughing in the office, planning the ward camp outs, etc. Other memories are all of the fun bbq's at Bishop's house and ward camp outs. My favorite memories with include talking to Shari during Relief Society, hearing about Harmony's wedding and telling her all about our lives. I loved working on my quilt with her and spending time just talking! We love you so much Bishop and Shari and are so sad to be leaving, but are so blessed to have had the opportunity getting to know you and serving with you. Thanks for all you've done for us and all of the BYU 25th/PMS 32nd wards! Love, Grant, Jill, and Jane Ensign | The Ensign Family

21: Bishop and Sister Englehardt! We are so so grateful for your wonderful service! You are one of the main reasons that we were instantly able to fall in love with the ward. From the moment we first met you, we felt important and knew that you were sincerely interested in us and in our story. Every time we talked, we would somehow end up talking about summer sales, and we loved how much you cared. We loved the stories about your son-in-law's sales experiences and all of your great advice! Thank you for taking the time to really get to know us, and for continually remembering little details about our lives. You are a true friend and we are so grateful to have been in your ward! We love you! -Garrett and Kaela Frame | The Frame Family

22: The Gilson Family | Marcus and I want to thank the Bishop and Sister Engelhardt for their unfailing kindness, love, and devotion to everyone in the ward. They always made Marcus and I feel welcome and loved. We loved serving with them in the ward and wish them the best! Thanks, Marcus, Brittany, & John Gilson

23: The Godfrey Family | Robert and I have many fond memories of Bishop and Sister Engelhardt. Robert has thoroughly enjoyed being in the bishopric with Bishop and getting to know him better. On a Sunday afternoon, a couple weeks before the ward camp out (which was in August 2010) Bishop and Robert went to scout out a camping site. After finding an ideal place they started driving home. It began to rain and that rain turned into a downpour. Part of the road they had driven out on had washed away so they had to take the long way home. They landed home a little after 9:00pm after an adventure that should have only lasted about 2 hours. In 2009 on Halloween day Robert went to help chop wood at the Bishop's house. While working, someone accidentally threw a small log into a pile right by Robert. Unfortunately Robert had just bent down to pick up a log and the thrown log hit him in the head. He thought it hurt but didn't think he was injured until some blood started coming out of his hat. They took some pictures and teased about it being Halloween and the perfect day for an injury; no need to dress up! Bishop took Robert to the emergency room and stayed with him while he got stitched up. | After their daughter, Harmony's wedding, they had a reception in Arizona. I happened to be down in Arizona for the week visiting my family, while Robert was in Mexico for a school project, so I decided to go to the reception. My little brother and I went through their line shaking everyone's hands. Shari knew I was coming and gave me a big hug. Bishop was next in line. As I put my hand out to shake his hand he reached out and said "Hi, I'm George." I replied, "I know Bishop." He was surprised to see me there and asked if I tell he was in "robot mode" because he didn't know anyone there. We had a good laugh. Shari has been such a big help to me since I have had Bridger. Robert got called to be in the bishopric about 2 months before Bridger was born. When he was called Shari and I were visiting teaching companions. She said she would sit with me at church and help me with the baby while our husbands sat on the stand. Sitting with me and helping me carry all of my stuff at church has been such a blessing. Thank you Shari! We love you guys and are so grateful for the opportunity it has been to be in your ward. You have both taught us so much through your words and example. Thank you for everything!! Love, Robert, Dawnee, and Bridger Godfrey

24: One of our favorite memories of Bishop and Sister Engelhardt was the ward camp out. As the ward activities chairs we worked closely with Bishop to organize the camp out. He pulled together many of the activities such as the turkey shoot which was a huge hit. Bishop always went the extra mile with everything in the ward and the camp out was no different where he supplied a Honey Pot for the sisters in the ward. Bishop also staked out the campsite three days prior to the camp out to ensure us the best spot with plenty of shade and parking for everyone. We miss ward activities with Bishop and Sister Engelhardt and the love they shared with each of us in the ward. Love, Darren, Nicole, & Britton Goring | The Goring Family

25: Dear Bishop & Sister Engelhardt, We feel so blessed to have been in your ward! From the very beginning, we loved you and felt so lucky to have you. You are both such wonderful examples of service and selflessness. I learned so much from watching you and interacting with you. Thank you for all that you did for our family. We loved that ward and were so sad to leave, but we continue to be grateful for the memories and friendships that we created there. We especially loved all the times we spent in your home – watching football games, having dinners and cooking in the dutch ovens! Thank you for inviting us to share in the wonderful spirit that resides in your home. We love you both and miss you! Love, Jamie, JD, Hailey & Ethan Grant | Bishop Engelhardt, Thank you for everything that you did for our young family while we were in your ward. Jamie and I look back on that time with very fond memories. Serving in the bishopric was the best possible thing that I could have been doing through the struggles that we had with Jamie’s pregnancy and Hailey’s premature birth. You and Sister Engelhardt were there for us in our time of need. Whether it was driving up to the hospital late at night to give Jamie a blessing or bringing us a meal after we had spent all day at the hospital with Hailey. I will always remember two things that you taught me: 1) that serving in church callings can and should be a lot of fun, and 2) that your family is the number one priority. Thank you for being a great bishop and a great friend. JD Grant | The Grant Family

26: Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, We really enjoyed getting to know you both. You both are a wonderful example of a marriage centered on Christ and we hope to follow in your steps. We have missed living in Provo and especially miss you and our old ward. You were both a huge part of making the ward fun. We enjoyed the many ward activities you helped support and make possible, especially the ward campout! James enjoyed shooting your guns and we liked learning your breakfast omelet secret, even though you forgot the eggs and had to quickly buy some!! James also enjoyed having Bishop be a part of the ward sports teams. Thanks for all you did for the ward! We always felt you sincerely cared about each ward member and we appreciate all the love, support, and advice from you both. We hope to stay in touch! Love, James, Rebekah, Emerson, & Brooklyn Handley | The Handley Family

27: We both think the bishop is a really great guy. He always remembered what was going on in our lives and he was always very encouraging. Thank you so much Bishop Engelhart! Dane, Bethany, & Jack Hansen | The Hansen Family

28: Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, We're so grateful for your kind leadership! Bishop, as we reminisced about our time in your ward your conversion story and strong testimony stood out in our minds. Your conversion story was very powerful to both of us. Thank you for accepting the gospel so wholeheartedly then sharing your story so freely. Sister Engelhardt, we also loved hearing about all your family history efforts. It was so fun to help you do some of the work for your family! You helped us catch the vision of family history and realize that we can/must do it even when we're busy college students. Lastly, we'll never forget your reaction when we rapped "The Three Little Pigs" for the ward talent show! Thanks for your love and concern for each of us as individuals in a ward that has such huge turnover. You did an amazing job at making each individual feel the Savior's love, no matter how short anyone stayed. Love, Tyson, Brittney, and Hannah Harmon | The Harmon Family

29: Clarissa and I have many great memories of Bishop and Shari. We both feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to work closely with both of them. We enjoyed the delicious BBQ’s that Bishop fixed and the welcome we felt when they opened their home to us. However our favorite memory is of the ward temple trip when we filled the Endowment room in the Provo temple. Previously, Bishop had encouraged JD Grant and I to be set apart as veil workers for that occasion. The spirit in that Endowment room was so strong. When the session was over and I was able to bring ward members through the veil I felt a strong spirit of ward unity. I truly felt that the ward was a family. Thank you Engelhardts for your love and service. We love you. Josh and Clarissa Haycock | The Haycock Family

30: Memories of the Engelhardts: -Chatting with Bishop around his truck for an hour after we took back chairs to the church after the ward bbq. It was fun to hear all his stories. - Bishop calling Alisa “Brother Alicia Hintz” in Sacrament Meeting -Visiting teaching with Shari was always so fun and I could really tell how much she cared about the sisters in our ward. Love, Isaac and Alisa Heinitz | The Heinitz Family

31: Later when I began to do my own family history, one of the first ancestors I found was a great great aunt named Cora Lee Pipkin. I was filled with the spirit of Elijah, and was never more grateful to be a of the temple work that connects us to our ancestors. They both taught me that. While in the ward we found out I had to have my thyroid removed, and I was really scared because I had never had surgery, and never know anyone who had lived without a thyroid before. I prayed for peace and understanding about my surgery. Not a week later during relief society, sister Engelhardt saw that I had seemed stressed, and asked me what was up. I told her about my struggles, and she told me that she had her thyroid removed as a young women, and had lived most of her life without one. She was an angel to me that day, she answered my prayer and I know that Heavenly Father put us together in this ward for a reason. Thank you Bishop and Sister Engelhardt! Thank you for your examples of courage, friendship, fun, and righteous gospel living. Thank you for being family for us while we have none here. Thank you for creating a culture of acceptance and friendship in our ward. Thank you for the wonderful camp outs, the dutch oven cooking, the BBQ's and game day parties, for opening your home to all of us whenever you got the chance. We love you, and have missed you. Good luck, May you be blessed with all that you have earned from your hard work and sacrifice in our ward! Allie and Karl Hite | The Hite Family | Karl and I love Bishop and Sister Engelhardt from the minute they came to the ward. Their loving and fun spirits were easy to know and we have never felt so included in a ward. We had many such experiences as we attended the temple with them. Sister Engelhardt would always bring stacks of her family names to share with us. I got to help in the work of many of their beloved family. One such ancestor was Cora Lee. She was a grandmother of Bishop, and I was blessed to help with her work. Afterward Bishop mentioned it to me, and it always humbled me to be a part of that memory for their family. It made me feel connected to them, and it was as if Cora Less was actually thanking me herself. It was such an awesome experience, I always wanted to be in the temple with them. It influenced me to become a temple worker myself, and I am so grateful to have been able to do that.

32: Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and the ward. We haven't been in the ward long, but have felt of your spirit and love for each ward member. Bishop, we enjoyed having you in our home and loved being able to get to know you a little better. We appreciate you taking the time to come and get to know our family. Thank you both for your testimony and love for the Lord and the gospel. We have seen that love as we watch you fulfill your calling. We feel lucky to have met you and had the opportunity to be in your ward. We wish you the best in whatever life brings. We love you and want you to know that you both will be miss. Love, Michael, Aubry and Jada Jensen | The Jensen Family

33: Englehardts, You both will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love you both and often talk about how much we miss you and we reminisce about our favorite moments with you. We appreciated your love and friendship, and greatly valued your opinion. We always knew who we could call if we needed anything and always knew Bishop would find some way to tease us. We have greatly miss being a part of the ward but are grateful to know that we will always have your friendship. Thank you for being such wonderful people. We love you! Mitchell, Jade, and Torrance Jones | The Jones Family

34: Talking to Bishop and Sister Engelhardt is the easiest and most fun thing to do. It is so easy, in fact, that sometimes hours go by without anyone noticing. When I visit taught Shari I would sometimes be gone for a few hours and not even notice until I got home and Byron would ask if I had gotten lost or something. I loved taking Byron along with me so that he and Bishop could talk about manly stuff while Shari and I gabbed about weddings and family. Bishop Engelhardt has been our bishop for our whole marriage thus far and things just won't be the same without both of them in the ward. We love them and will miss them dearly. -Byron and Hayley Kirkland | The Kirkland Family

35: One thing that we have always liked about the Bishop is how he is ready to greet everyone with a smile and handshake. From the day he visited us in our home and talked a lot about hunting with Andrew, to the awesome ward bar-b-que at his house, and every Sunday, he is always so genuinely nice and ready to welcome everyone! -Anne and Andrew Marshall | The Marshall Family

36: It has been a great memory to have regular ward Temple sessions with so many ward members in attendance. It is truly inspiring to see so many friends in such a sacred setting. We see it as a glimpse into the eternities. To have Sister Englehardt pass out family names as we arrive and to hear her experiences with family history opened many hearts and minds to doing more family history work of their own. It was fun to have the "Nelson" connection. I'm pretty sure some time down the road we'll find that we are related. =) It was such a blessing in our home to have the chance to work in the Temple as well - an opportunity most don't get to have until they retire. We will treasure that time. Who can forget the countless times they have invited the ward or groups into their home for a BBQ, the game, canning, crafts, or just to hang out? It was nice to have an actual home to go to - those events were and are so appreciated! You are valiant examples of diligent gospel living - not only through your talk, but through your examples of friendship, kindness, and Christlike living. We cherish your friendship and will never forget our memories and the things we've learned from you in this ward. May our Heavenly Father bless you with his choicest blessings for your service! Cody and Jessica Nelson | We have lived in the ward for two and a half years, and we're secretly glad that we're moving at the same time that Bishop gets released. It would be hard to be in our ward without Bishop and Sister Englehardt - they have been such a blessing both in and out of the ward setting. Their generosity will never be forgotten. From Shari offering to help make a quilt for our baby to Bishop willingly letting us use tools or a truck to transport furniture, they have given wonderful advice, and been so open and kind to us and so many others. They have really become our parents away from home. | The Nelson Family

37: Sister Engelhardt is just the most amazing person. She is not only a great friend, but a motherly figure to those of us whose mothers live far away and a grandmotherly figure to our children. She will be sorely missed, but we hope that she knows that she will always hold a special place in our hearts. Bishop asked me to speak a month before he was released. Being a shy person, I was petrified. Then I found out I was speaking with Alicia Walters, also super petrified to be speaking. We both showed up and had something prepared, but we hoped that there would be plenty of announcements and ward/stake business to fill part of our time. There was nothing, not one announcement or calling/releasing. We made it all the way through the Sacrament in just over ten minutes. The two of us whispered to the Bishop,"You couldn't come up with anything? Not even one announcement?" He proceeded to announce the remainder of the program and told the congregation what we had whispered to him. But, he semi-promised us that this would be our speaking engagement for the next 5 years (this was the first time either of us had spoken in the previous 5 years). -Michelle Payne | Ward camp outs were always one of the highlights of the year. It was always so much fun between the great food, the shooting, the golfing and the spiritual thoughts. We always felt well taken care of and appreciated getting to know y'all outside of the chapel. Camp outs were always awesome thanks for making them such a great and positive experience. -Jason and Carter Payne | The Payne Family

38: To Our Dear Friends, Hello Bishop and Shari! We made some of our favorite “Utah memories” with you. You were either with us or involved in some of the most significant things we did during those years, and we want to thank you for being our surrogate family when we were so far away from our own. We were blessed to be in “your ward” from the time you were called, in August 2008 until May 2010, when we moved back to Alaska. I think our friendship really began with our calling as the ward temple coordinators. That allowed us to get to know you better. It was so neat to attend the temple together and help with your family names. You were our family when ours were so far away. You had us over to watch BYU football and basketball games, the 2010 Winter Olympics, and even the Super Bowl (but we don’t talk about that one). We made the most awesome baby blanket for Drew, which he still sleeps with every night, and then brought us dinner when he was born. You were with us for Jared’s graduation celebration. And you were there when I said goodbye to “Our Provo Home” one last time. You were a blessing to us and our kids. You made our time in Provo more special and happy and enjoyable. We are so grateful that you were called to the BYU 25th Married Student Ward! Bishop and Shari we love you and appreciate your testimonies. You have influenced so many families for good. Thank you for all you have done. Love, Jared, Jessica, Alysa (3 ), and Drew (16 mo.) Riedel | The Riedel Family

39: The Ricks Family | Who could forget how whenever you reenact a funny face, story, or situation, Bishop always says, "How was that again?" or "What was it like?" and snookers you into making a fool of yourself for the second time for his benefit? I can remember countless times in ward council whenever anyone said, "It was the bomb!" Bishop quickly chimed in with "Dot-com!" Bishop got to know every family and individual the very best he could. He really loved us and cared for us. One evidence for this was how he seemed to have a funny or meaningful story about everyone--stories that he repeated over and over again because he treasured memories of his time with us from the very beginning. He and Shari taught us by their brilliant examples through their selfless devotion to their callings, their powerful, moving, and down-to-earth testimonies, and their dedication to keeping their marriage flame alive by texting each other flirty messages during sacrament meeting! We love the Engelhardts! Brian, Jennifer, and Timothy Ricks (+ Baby #2)

40: When we were in the ward the Engelhardts were always so kind to us. Having had 3 children at the time (which was a rarity in the ward) they were always concerned for our well-being and we really appreciated it. I had the opportunity of being Shari's visiting teacher. I enjoyed our get-togethers and chats. One particular event I remember is that we had a service auction as a relief society activity. One of the auctions was for Shari to come do a pedicure. I was pregnant at the time and so I bid my heart out. I won! I think fondly on that evening and remember how spoiled I felt both in service and in companionship. Thanks for the good memories! The Rodgers, Nick, Brittany, Madisen, Cole, Ethan & Bennett! | The Rodgers Family

41: Bishop Engelhardt likes to tell the story of when he first met The Shakespaere's for this is one of our memories: Dujuan was in Nashville, TN doing an internship with the Tennessee Titans. Manix was a little, 4 month old baby. Jackie was sitting on the porch outside holding Manix when Bishop came over to introduce himself. Jackie said to him, "God willing, we're moving in December. So we will only be here for the fall 2008 semester." Funny thing is, it wasn't Heavenly Father's will. We ended up staying in our apartment and the ward for the next 3 years while we went through a heck of a trial of unemployment. Dujuan also began and completed a Master's degree and we had a second son, Mason. Baby Mason was born February 2011 and Bishop Engelhardt was a participant in his blessing in our home. We moved May 2011. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Bishop and Shari Engelhardt. Thank you for you love, support, and encouragement. With Love in Our Hearts, Dujuan, Jackie, Manix and Mason Shakespaere | The Shakespaere Family

42: We don't have a specific favorite memory of the Engelhardts, but we will always remember the Engelhardts themselves. Bishop Engelhardt was our first bishop after being married, and we remember from the very beginning his hard work and sacrifice to help our small, growing family, and all the other small families in the ward. Both Sister and Bishop Engelhardt have been such a strength to us. They've always been there with a happy smile, or an encouraging word when it was needed. We love you, and we will miss you! Kaylie, LJ, and Gabe Sikahema | The Sikahema Family

43: Dear Engelhardts, This was the first ward we were a part of as a married couple and we wouldn’t have changed a thing. We really felt like we were part of a big happy family. We will miss you guys so much! We will never forget the ward campouts where Angelynn got to shoot her first gun (receiving kicks from the gun as well as from Isla who was soon to join us) and subsequently winning the family a turkey the following year. Isla will undoubtedly benefit from being a 3rd counselor in the bishopric for the new family meetings on Tuesday night. Bishop, it was wonderful to work in a bishopric that was so easy going and in such a well functioning ward. I don’t imagine any of us will have an experience quite like that ever again in the church. Sister Engelhardt, thanks for looking out for us gluten free folks, and also for always telling us how cute you thought Isla was each Sunday (parents can’t ever get too much of that). Thank you for all of the time, love, and prayers you put into your callings. It was such a blessing to be a part of the ward. Love, Brett, Angelynn, Isla & Baby Boy Singley | The Singley Family

44: Engelhardt's We have really enjoyed having you as our bishop. You have really have helped us since we moved in as newly weds. Thanks for giving us responsibilities and letting us contribute. We love how involved you have been in the ward. Thanks for inviting us into your home and for arranging all those temple nights. It is awesome to be in a session with so many people that you know. Thanks everything. You've really meant a lot to us. Rob & Corryn Skidmore | The Skidmores

45: Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, Thank you so much for serving so faithfully, you really made the ward feel like a family. You are always comfortable to be around and made every activity, and meeting, enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your extra wedding food with us; it was very much appreciated and we are still going through some of it! :) Thank you for stressing the importance of the temple and setting up times that we could go as a ward family; those times that we were able to go were very special to us and we know that we all experienced a little piece of what heaven is going to be like. You two are true latter day saints and we are grateful that we had the opportunity to learn from your examples. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, sincere smiles, compliments, care and love. We are happy that you could be Lincoln's first bishop and bishop's wife. We will miss you both. Love, Taylor, Camila and Lincoln Sorensen | The Sorensen Family

46: The Stevens Family | Thanks Bishop and Sister Engelhardt for everything you have done for us and our ward. We appreciate you and how every time we'd meet you always seemed to remember us. We wish you the best in everything as we now part! Lance and Keri Stevens

47: We've been so glad to have you as our first bishop being married. You and Shari are incredible people! Thanks for your example and your sincere care for all of us in the ward. We'll miss you! Rick and Alina Stone | The Stone Family

48: From one old couple to another; We just want to let you know how much you both mean to us. Thank you for being our surrogate parents and taking us under your wings. It was so nice to know that there was always a door open at your home for us to stop by and visit, do laundry, watch general conference, and mooch some malts off of Bishop George. It is incredible to see the Lord's hand in our relationship and to realize that if Marcus had not gotten that job with you Bishop, we would probably not have met or had the time together that we've had. We are so grateful for the Lord guiding us to your ward, this ward has become our home ward and our family. Thank you both for all of your love and advice. Don't think you're getting rid of us, because we're here to stay! We love you. LOVE, Marcus & Anna Strange | The Strange Family

49: George and Mama Shari, You both are two of the most amazing examples to me and I love you both. George, Bishop, you are the dad I never got to have. You listened to me and helped me become the person I wanted to be but was a little too lost to find it. I know there are so many people who you watch over but I want you to know how much I appreciated every week you spent with me, every phone call, every text. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family. Thank you for saving us. Mama Shari, you are the most gracious and beautiful woman. If I could be a tenth of the woman you are I would be lucky. Thank you for always being kind and wonderful to me. You are an amazing mother and I am jealous of every single one of your children, they had you as a wonderful mother. Keep wearing those classy sassy shoes. I love you Vegas family!! Alicia Walters | George and Shari- When we first moved into the ward, you introduced yourself and said that you two were like the ward mom and dad; now after two years of being here and having you as part of my life, I really do feel like I'm losing parents. George you have been the example of what I hope to become as a father and a husband. Thank you for everything that you've done, and don't you dare think that just because you don't have the calling that you're getting rid of us, you're going to be stuck with us for a long time. Adam Walters | The Walters

50: Bishop and Sister Engelhardt, Thank you for all that you have done for us over the last two years. You have been a wonderful leader of our ward as we are in a time where we are making many decisions in our lives and are trying to shape the type of people we will be throughout life. Thank you for caring about us sincerely. Our times in this ward and under your leadership will be ones that we look back on fondly. We Love you! Ryan and Jennifer Widdison | The Widdison Family

51: We lived in the ward from August 2008 to April 2009. We moved to Indiana for two years and now live in Wisconsin. Matheson is now two-and-half years old! We love Bishop and Sister Englehardt and all they did for us! Love, Amanda, Daniel, and Matheson Woodruff | The Woodruff Family

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