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FC: Literary analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird Paige Dunard G2

1: Table of contents | Setting - pg 2-9 | Point of view pg 10 -12 | Conflict pg 13-15 | Characterization pg16-19 | Symbols pg 20-23 | Theme pg 24 - 28

2: Welcome to the small, hot southern town of Maycomb in Alabama set in the 1930s during the great depression. It has everyone, from morphine-addicted old ladies; abusive families living by the dump; and a huge racial divide. | Scout, Jem, and Dill are three children living in the prime of racial issues that are showing the evil side of humans. Shown most in the guilty trial verdict of Tom Robinson's. | They're now having several run in with this strange neighbor Boo Radley who seems a bit off | People are now waiting on the edge of their seats as they watch every step of the Tom Robinson's trial that Atticus Finch (Scouts father) has to defend a black man against a rape trail.

4: "In rainy weather the streets turned red to slop; grass grew tall on the side walks, the courthouse sagged in the square." (Lee 6) | "Men's stiff collars wilted by nine in the morning" (Lee 6) | "Ladies bathed before noon, after their three-o' clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frosting of sweat and sweet talcum." (Lee 6) | Quotes

6: The setting is important because it helps show why the characters are the way they are. The town is a very rural town with a huge racial issue. The majority of the towns people are poor living in broke down homes. The minority is considered wealthy and make up all the politics in the town. There is a clear divide over the Tom Robinson's trial that causes tension between everyone.

8: Scottsboro trial The Scottsboro trial was about nine African American boys being accused of raping two girls. The accusations proved wrong after six years of their imprisonment when one of the girls admitted to making the whole story up. She admitted to making up the whole story just based off of their skin color. Emmett Till Emmett Till was an African American accused and executed at the age of 14 after repetitively flirting with a white girl

9: Comparison I saw a parallel between Walter from the book because he was judged for having money just like these boys were judged for being black. Both of the judgments were not under their control.

10: First person is being told using I, me, or she/he. Lee used this because she wants the thoughts of only Scout to be told. This way you only know as much information as a second grader in the south does. | First Person

11: Quotes | "My mother died when I was two, so I never felt her absence." (Lee 7) | Description | Scout is a second grader down in the south and isn't a girly girl. She tends to hangout with her brother and is considered a tomboy.

12: My stomach began quiver as i told scout about my findings. As i told her about the pants and the gray twine hidden in the knothole, she looked at me puzzled with a queasy look on her face. We didn't know what to do or say about the findings so we decided just to let it go and see what happens. | Jems point of view on the presents | Point of view

13: Conflict | -Tom Robinson trial Man vs Society External | - Boo Radley vs Maycomb County Man vs society external | - Bob Ewell vs Scout and Jem Man vs Man External

14: Tom Robinson changed because before the trial he was considered a "invisible Man" and now hes known by everyone | The whole community changed towards Boo Radley at the end because they now just leave him alone instead of being mean | Scout and Jem change after getting in a fight with Bob Ewell because after they both are traumatized and afraid of Bob, Bob changes because he is killed by Boo Radley

16: Characterization | Dynamic Characters Scout and Boo Scout is a dynamic because she changes from a Tom boy to a young lady,and that she discovers racism and matures and grows out of childish things. Boo is dynamic because at the beginning he is perceived as scary and mean and at the end everyone realizes that he means no harm. | Static | Atticus and capurnia Atticus is static because he stay the same strong, courageous person he was in the beginning of the book. Capurnia is static because she stays strict and set in her ways. she stays consistent with how she accepts others

18: flat tom Robinson and Miss dubrose | Tom Robinson is a flat character because for the majority of the book he wasn't really seen and considered an "invisible man" and doesn't change all the way through. Miss Dubose is flat because even though she overcame her addiction she was still the same person when she died | Round Jem and Bob Ewell | Jem is a round character because he matures enormously and learns respect for his elders Bob Ewell is a round character because hes blunt, racist and selfish

20: The significance of the title is that you shouldn't wrongfully accuse others if they haven't done anything wrong. Atticus always tells the children "To kill a mockingbird" because it is foreshadowing Tom Robinson's awful fate. | Significance

22: Mockingbirds | Boo Radley is considered a mockingbird because he never hurt anyone but is constantly being under attack and judged. | Tom Robinson is a mocking bird because mockingbirds don't harm us and contribute to us with their singing, Tom didn't harm anyone and contributed by helping Mayella and others without much in return. | Scout is a mockingbird because she brings kindness and good into the world just like the mockingbirds do when they sing.

24: Theme | Three themes or lessons in TKAM is 1. not to attack someone who hasn't harmed you 2. Not to have preconceived notions of people 3. First impressions can be wrong

25: Quotes | 1. "I'd be like sort of like shootin' a mockingbird wouldn't it?" (Lee chapter 30) | 2. "You never really know a pereson until you consider things from their point of view, until you climb into their skin and walk around in it" (Lee chapter 3) | 3. "I have never seen the neighborhood from this angle, Aticus was right, one time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them, just standing on radley's porch was enought" ( lee chapter 31)

26: Elaboration | These quotes prove my themes because they show the lessons within the book. they show that you must be kind and understanding in life to make it anywhere. You must be able to look past someones appearance or first impression and only judge others poorly when they give you a legitimate reason to. | quote 1 shows that you shouldn't hurt something so kind like a mockingbird just for no reason. | quote 2 shows that you can't have preconceived notions on others especially if you haven't taken the time to understand everything they have been through. | quote 3 shows that your first impressions of others can make you miss out on a relationship with someone because you're basing them off of a one time encounter.

28: Real life | These can be used in real life because these three lessons are the basic lessons to life. In order to build happy, healthy relationships with people you must be kind to them, and not base everything you think about them off a your first encounter with them. You must understand that it takes time to get to know people and all the tiny things that make up who they are.

29: Personal reflection | My personal take on TKAM was that in life no matter what decade we're in people have the natural instinct to judge others based off of something they don't like about another person. Often times this one thing is something the other person cannot handle like the color of their skin. This book showed me as humans we must fight our natural indict to want to judge others without having a genuine reason. It also showed me that we must not judge others so quickly because there are good people still out that really do want nothing else but to help others and bring happiness to the world.

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