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English- Man in The Cloak

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FC: RTFOLIO | The Man With The Cloak | Miranda Noriega 1A

1: Dear reader, What comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Children dressed in cheesy white clothes, resembling a walking tablecloth, or buckets full of twix, snickers and three musketeers. Ha. I wish it were that simple. Let me enlighten you, Halloween is when he comes out. The jerk with the big old question mark as a face. To me, better known as 'Death,' A.K.A 'The Grim Reaper,' or even better 'Cloak Man.' October 31 is the day I lost every ounce of sanity, the day I decided the world sucked, but most of all, drum roll please, the day I was going to die. Surprise, surprise. No one can help you, so never look over your shoulder, Julie Sumers

2: Chapter One- Midnight Snacks With a Side of Skythes | "12:06 AM...." I hissed, looking up from the homework that was plastered on my face from falling asleep on it. Community College here I come. Shoving the crinkled papers out of the way, I stumbled out of my bed, eyes still closed. I opened my bedroom door, reaching for the white light switch, flipping it on. No reaction. Flipping it on and off again, still no reaction. "What the?..." Grunting, I passed through the front door, blinds open, with a light flickering from the streetlight. Ignoring it, I reached my final destination. The kitchen. I swear I could hear angel voices coming from Mr.Fridge. Patting my stomach, I swiftly swung open the pantry door, banging my foot against it in the process. My eyes instantly wandered to the one thing Walmart never failed to un please me with. Oreos, infact, make that double stacked oreos. "Thank you mom." Gaping wide eyed at the oreos like a lunatic, I ripped the package open, making the crumbs explode everywhere, hitting me in the face. Was this some sort of sick, twisted joke? No oreos left. None.Nada. Absolutely nothing. I wanted to yell, yell at anyone,or anything. Atleast having the satisfaction of yelling would help the whirlpool my mind had created.

3: Chapter two- I Come With Peace | This wasn't exactly my 'skip down the yellow brick road.' Standing outside, in the middle of the night, on Halloween."Well, if you want to murder a Julie Sumers, here's your chance." A cynical laugh, causing my hands to tremble arose from the opposite side of the street. Part of my body was saying to run for the hills, while the other side wanted to come closer to this..thing. Who knows, maybe it would turn out to be little boy Timmy looking for his lost cat. Moving closer and closer to the shadow, it seemed almost as if time was stopping.Like every step I took was controlled by a string.After what seemed like 90 years, I would not have been surprised if I missed my grandmas birthday, I stood staring at the dark presence. Who knew one word had the ability to make you want to die right there, one word that could alter your world. One word that could make you never look back. "Run."

4: Chapter 3- Let Me Kill You, The Feelings Mutual | Run, run, run. The voice repeated inside my head, like a broken tape record. Yes, infact, I was running. Running the Olympic sprint all the way back to my home. Pushing open the black door, I slammed it so hard just to make sure it was closed, people in China could have probably heard that. Review all the events that just happened in a twenty minute time period Julie. You got hungry, opened a bag of nonexistent oreos, went outside, saw a figure with a cloak and all this while trying to avoid being murdered and having your body stuffed in a mailbox. This just totally sounded like a reasonable explanation to tell my parents why it sounded like World War II in the downstairs part of my house. Shifting my body weight against the door,I let out a breath of relief exchanging glances with the old grandfathers clock at the opposite side of the room. Another long, sleepless night. Just wonderful.

5: Chapter 4:Grumpy Mothers and Faces | Do you ever have those out of body experiences? Where you feel like you can see everything you do, just not from your eyes, from another pair of eyes. That is exactly how I felt. Sitting on the wooded floor of my bedroom, fumbling with my long brown hair, which resembled Medusa's. I was counting down the minutes until my mother flung open the door, barged into my room and yelled at me. Like a timebomb waiting to happen. I waited, and waited. Nothing, still nothing. "Ah, screw it. Ready or not, bed here I come." Lunging for my bed, I landed in the goodness of white fluffy pillows, and warm sheets. I snuggled into the covers, probably being mistaken as a caterpillar if anyone where to see me. Preparing myself for a deep slumber, I was all ready to go, until "bang," then another "bang" and just to make sure I was fully awake, the 'bang' banged twice more. No mother, no siblings, and my cat Hipstey was sleeping. Only one thing could have made that bang. The return of cloak man, if you must say it out loud.

6: Chapter 5: The Unwanted News Of All The News | "Happy Halloween!" My mothers too cheerful voice echoed as I walked into our kitchen, now, for a middle aged lady, that women sure had the 'spirit.' "Anything spooky happening?" "If only you knew..." I muttered under my breath, drinking my orange juice, my mother went back to her chirpy self, going on and on and on about the Halloween Festival that was being hosted tonight. "Were going tonight at 7 with John, Julie, Julie." "What?" "I was saying, were going to the festival tonight with Jonh." My mom scowled, tapping her fingernails on the counter. Sighing, I rested my head on my arm, if there was one thing you never wanted to do in life it was go anywhere with John. That man has the ability to make you want to bang your head against a wall until you maybe, just maybe bleed to death. Sighing in defeat, I rolled my eyes. "When and where?"

7: Chapter 6: Make that marshemellow extra toasted | "Julie poo! Look how much you have grown, my oh my" John acted surprised as if it were his first time seeing me. I haven't changed at all you dummy. Those exacts words never came out of my mouth, if that where the case, I would not see daylight for another ten years. "You haven't changed at all Johnny boy, still the same old balding man from five years ago." If look could kill, my mother would win the award. I once new this little boy, who chucked a banana at me straight in the face, needless to say, he saw my mother, and from then on I never received anymore bananas to the face. Jonh ignored my comment, instead, inspecting his head in the rearview mirror. Getting into the backseat of my moms car, I leaned me head against the seat. Praying old Johnny boy would not start anymore small talk. Shifting my body against the seat, I propped my legs up on the leather, noting a small white crinkled piece of paper inbetween my seat. Warily, I took the paper and silently read it to myself. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, don't you agree, Marshmellow? - D"

8: Chapter 8: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Oh My | I stared at that piece of paper for atleast an hour, throughout the whole car ride. Marshmellow? Why marshmellow, this thing had no creativity. I would rather talk to a brick wall. Who was D? Did it stand for dad? No, my father was an interesting man, but cruelty was out of his nature, the man cries if a flie dies. "Julie poo" Only one annoying human being would call me that. Sweetly staring at john I exchanged glances with him. John was motioning that we were at the festival. Shoving the note in my pocket, I stepped out of the car. The first thing that hit me was the smell of smoke. living in an expired piece of cheese would have been better than this smell. Pumpkins were arranged all throughout the field, various tents, and activities were also set up. Bright lanterns, and paper ghost hung on the trees. Making my way to the ticket stand, a black shadow stood at the edge of the gates. Resembling the one I saw last night. Go figure.

9: Chapter 9: Alice in Wonder-Hole | "One ticket please." "15.00 dollars." Handing the monotoned lady my money, I noticed her facial features, her eyes looked tired, like she didn't get enough sleep and her thin lips were pressed into a line. Snatching the money, she motioned for the next person in line. My que to leave. My view became covered when a black oversized T-shirt was placed directly infront of my face. "Julie look do you like it?!" "Its...Its.... something else.. Thanks mom." I took the shirt, which could probably house three people. "Come on, John and I are going to go to the cornfield that is set up as a maze, its supposed to be one of the best things here. We already bought your ticket for it." Dragging my feet against the pebbled road, I hoped that there would be a random hole I could fall into.

10: Chapter 10: A pitiful Cornfield | Definitely not my cup of tea, standing in a cornfield begging my mom that stepping into this could be my cause of death. Bribery won me over, dang those double stacked oreos. Each step I took through that maze of death was precise, kind of like the game children play if you step on a crack, you break your mothers back. John was ahead of me, rambling on and on to my mom about an advertisement he saw, I bet the man talks when he's sleeping too. Each part, turn, and corner of this cornfield would make you want to rethink what is happening to this world. Fake blood, or so I think, was sprawled all throughout random pieces of ply wood that were thrown on the ground. That is a terrible splinter, waiting to happen. Signs with cheesy sayings were put on every corner, a book could probably be made on those. The pieces of grass surrounding this maze were huge, Jack and the bean stock huge, I could barely see were I was going. My feet crunched through the grass, everything was so silent, it was becoming loud. Right when I saw a pitiful lantern hanging on a tree, a gush of wind blasted onto my face, causing me to lean over. I felt a strong hand grasp my forearm, dragging me backwards into the darkness of the abyss.

11: Chapter 11: Here He Comes, Again | So this was it. This was how ladies and gentleman, Jullie Sumers would die. Body stuffed in a mailbox, with a search party looking in the wrong places. I stayed silent, not because I wanted to, but because my body was not physically capable of processing what was happening. I was a prisoner to myself, a burden. A shadow towered over me, making the darkness of the night appear darker. A shiny piece of metal was next to the shadow, causing me to catch a glimpse of my reflection. Tears pricked at my eyes, the air became heavy, every breath you took was one breath closer to death, the darkness was like a blanket, a blanket that was placed over us with only one light directing us out and sometimes, the only way to get out was to follow that light. I, Julie Sumers, did the first thing that popped into my head. I kicked him, I kicked him in the stomach hard. Which caused him to wheeze over in pain coughing. Turning around, I started running, running anywhere to escape my for-so-called-sake of death, predicted by a man wearing a blanket.

12: Chapter 12: Enjoying The Chase | Every five seconds I would look over my shoulder, to make sure it wouldnt pop out of nowhere. That sweet dream only lasted for a minute. As I was running, I could see my shadow on the wall next to me, making me see another shadow behind my shadow that was not my shadow. I heard the echoe of the steps he took behind me, which seemed more like giant leaps. A brick wall, a brick wall was plastered right infront of my face. I had reached the infamous dead end. Might as well make the most of this cliched ending. Spinning around on my heel, I slowly and dramatically backed up against the cold wall. "Hello pumpkin." Cloak man was now standing two feet away from me. "Pumpkin? What happened to marshmellow." Instantly after the words came out of my mouth, I mentally slapped myself. Questioning your most likely future murder about pet names instead of the type of knife he liked to use to slice open his victims, peachy. Cloak man smirked, taking a step closer and closer to me, until I could feel his breath. "Ready to die, pumpkin?"

13: Chapter 13: Over My Dead Body | Was I ready to die? It sounded more like a command rather than a question. Death didn't bother me, it happens to everybody. We all live, but not everybody truly does live. Was I Julie Sumers ready to die? The answer to that question was a big, fat, blunt 'No.' I glared blankly at death, realizing he was the one signed 'D' in the note from early. Names do suit everyone, but this one, it hit the nail perfectly. That was what he was, Death. Getting satisfaction from slaughtering innocent bodies, feeding off it, as if he depended on doing so to live. A cold item was pressed against my neck, Death's scythe. So this is how he killed his victims, original. "I'll make it quick, you wont feel a thi-" "Mommy." Death was cut off by a childs voice in the background. Confused, I stared at him, only to find Death was not infront of me anymore, he was gone. Instead, I found a piece of paper crumpled near my foot, like the one I had found in the car. "Theres always next year, I'll be waiting pumpkin. I hope you die, -D" I crumpled the paper, throwing it to where it had been left. "Over my dead body Death."

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