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Equalitarianism - Page Text Content

BC: LARROTH LFLWV | A N D M A N A G E M E N T | L L I E S | E S P E C T T H E M O N A R C H Y | E L A T I O N S H I P S | C C U P A T I O N A L S A F E T Y | A X | A T E | E G A L D O C U M E N T A T I O N | E L O N Y | E A V E O F A B S E N C E | A C A T I O N & I L L N E S S | E A P O N R Y

FC: E | Equalitarianism Rules

1: Created by: Her Majesty Gwyneth and Her Majesty Sophie

2: Respect the Monarchy | The Monarchy wants you to be in a perfect society. They have given you all and everything in which you are in possession. Those in charge spend hours making the decision which they think is right for you and others. They have given everyone the opportunities of a lifetime. Her Majesties Gwyneth and Sophie want you to be able to be the best person possible. The way they do so is by giving everyone equal education and equal jobs.

3: E | Leave of Absences | All citizens are not allowed to leave the island without permission. It is very important that all citizens are accounted. Even when going on vacation in an ally country, we can never be sure. There is great risk that bad countries will try to capture our citizens. This makes it even more important that we know when you are leaving and for how long.

4: Vacation & Illness | Every adult citizen only has three weeks of vacation and illness. This is unless you have a serious medical condition. We want to prevent our citizens from over using sick days, just to get off of work. That is why it is combined. Our people should be devoting themselves to our society instead of constantly going on vacation. However, it is important to have time off.

5: E | Allies | When our citizens go on vacation it is required that they only go to the lands of allies. We want to insure that our citizens are safe as possible. All safety procedures have been worked out with our allies to ensure that you cannot be harmed. It is so very important that you follow this rule, otherwise your safety and our safety will be compromised.

6: Relationships | No one shall judge who other Equalitarian's are in love with. However, it is very important that you shall not bring your lover into Equalitarianism unless they go through the application process. If you do so, our safety may be compromised and they might not fit in with the rest. It must be understood that you cannot smuggle people into Equalitarianism for your own good as well as their's.

7: E | Felony | All acts such as murder and theft are considered felonies. If you are a felon, you will immediately be sent to prison or will be exiled from Equalitariansim. All theft and other small felonies will be sentenced to 40 years in prison, where you will be retrained. If two or less murder or murder of a royal is committed, the sentence will be life in prison. Over two murders, you will be exiled because you are beyond our help.

8: Occupational Safety | Every person is assigned a job occupation according to their strengths. However, we give you freedom to create a new company if you feel it necessary. It is very important though, that all of the citizens that work at this company are safe. All workers must work from nine to five with two thirty minute breaks. They must also be given benefits such as end of the year bonuses. We encourage all workers to report any inconsistencies and abuse. If there is reports, we will immediately investigate and do what is needed.

9: E | Hate | Any and all hate is not permissible in Equalitarianism. Anyone who gives hate will be immediately exiled. If someone is giving you hate, please report it no matter the extent. Equalitarianism is a place free of hate and we want to make sure it stays this way.

10: Land Management | All land is owned by the government of Equalitarianism. You are renting your land from them to have your homes and business places. Please respect the land and do not litter. Any construction decisions must be made by the government. If land is damaged, it cannot be fixed because we are on an island. Damaged land can become a very serious problem. Anyone who damages land will be fined based on the amount of damage.

11: E | Tax | Every citizen must pay taxes to the government. It is how we run. You pay sales tax, homeowners tax, tax is taken out of your paycheck. There is tax on just about everything. It is so important that you pay because it is going back to you. If you were not to pay tax all the benefits such as parks would be gone. To keep all the beautiful things the government provides. Pay your taxes, if you do not you will pay all you owe and go to jail for fifty years.

12: Legal Documentation | It is crucial that all citizens carry their identification. There are many who want to be part of Equalitarianism. They will do their best to sneak in unnoticed, however at certain places you will be checked. Not only do you have your very special id that no one could replicate, you have eye identification. Everyone has a different eye, therefore making it easy to catch those who are not in our database. Even though you have eye identification, you must always carry your actual id. If you do not, you will immediately go into intensive questioning.

13: E | Weaponry | No one in Equalitarianism shall have a weapon. There is not need. This is a safe place where a weapon would be a waste. The only time a weapon will ever be used in Equalitarianism, is to match any intruder. Then the special secret army would come out to defend us. They are the only citizens who know how to use this weapon and it must remain this way. If you are caught with a weapon, you will be exiled.

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