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Eric Miller

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S: Grave Robber

FC: Grave Robber | By Eric Miller

1: Grave Robber | This book is dedicated to: My Family | By Eric Miller

2: In a small town in the middle of Kansas. We find Bob Hart and Jimmy Kind, in a grave yard in the middle of the night looking for something.

3: "Were is it?" asked Jimmy. "I don't know. Can you stop asking." said Bob. They were still looking and could not find any thing that looked like an old fancy tomb.

4: "What is that?" asked Jimmy. It was 10 feet tall and very decorated. It had gold and diamonds covered with a polis that made it shine as bright as the sun. "That is the tomb of John Miller, Jimmy" said Bob in a very happy voice.

5: "Well lets start digging" said Bob. It was just starting to rain when they started. So it wasn't easy to dig in the rain with mud every where. "It must be close" said Jimmy.

6: "I think I hit something I think its it" said Jimmy. But the only problem was that they only dug 3 feet in the ground but coffins are 6 feet in the ground so they are very confused.

7: Bob pulls out what looks like an old safe. It looked like it was in a war or something that really beat it up. It was also made of gold and diamonds just like the tomb stone.

8: Bob opens it and finds piles of money it looked like over 200 million dollars. With 10 gold bricks. Diamonds were every where even the inside of the safe was diamonds.

9: Bob and Jimmy talk about who will take it home. Jimmy says he does not want to be seen with all the money. So Bob tries to pick it up and it is really heavy. It is good that he is a body builder.

10: A police man sees him carrying the heavy safe. He helps him bring it home. Bob was really shocked that the police didn't ask him what was in the safe. Then Bob sees the police man stop in front coffee shop and they stop to get coffee.

11: Bob finally gets home and opens it again and starts to get ideas about what he is going to do. He thinks he will move to Hollywood or live in a beach house.

12: Bob brings some to the bank. They tell him it is monopoly money and the gold bricks are plastic. Only the diamonds are really but he cant get them out of the safe. Bob calls JImmy and tells him it is a fake.

13: Bob gets very angry. So he tries to think of a way to get all the money he missed out on. He thinks he will go and rob a gold bank down town. So he calls Jimmy to ask if he wants to come.

14: Jimmy says he will go. So they go, on the way they pass the grave yard that they robed. Bob goes in and stomps on the grave. He was very angry and continues his way to the bank.

15: Bob and Jimmy talk about what they are going to do on the way there. The idea was that Jimmy would go in acting like a normal person. Then when he had everybody distracted Bob would come in and take the gold when no body was looking. Thats what they did.

16: After a completed robbery Bob and Jimmy begin to think it was a worse idea to do that than a normal bank. The police will be after them and so will agents and detectives.

17: Jimmy gets scared and stays in town. But Bob goes to Texas in another small town and he is sure they will not find him. Meanwhile cops get a call from bank and call the best detective Kevin Spencer.

18: Bob sees the safe and locks it in a room. He does not want to see it, it reminds him of failure. He burns the monopoly money and melts the plastic gold bricks.

19: Bob then notices a glow from the kitchen but thinks nothing of it. The next day he sees a glow again and gets scared because it is at the same time as the other one. Meanwhile Kevin finds out Bob is not in the town any more and finds Jimmy.

20: Kevin brings Jimmy in for questioning. Jimmy tells him that he did it him self, that he robed the bank. He did not say anything about Bob. But Kevin was thinking that Bob was really the one behind everything. But Jimmy was not telling.

21: Kevin then told Jimmy that he could get killed if he didn't tell him. Jimmy said to do it because he would never rat Bob out. Kevin figured that so he asked Jimmy for Bob's phone number. When Jimmy said no Kevin threw him in jail and he was never seen again.

22: Bob does not know what to do because he heard Jimmy was in jail. Bob knew that they would be out for him. Bob was also still seeing the ghost. He really does not know what do.

23: Kevin gets a call from a person that said she saw someone that looked like the picture of him at the store. So Kevin goes to the lady's house and asks her some questions. Kevin thinks he finally found Bob.

24: Bob was a his house at 11pm and he sees a cop car drive up to his house he gets scared and runs in the back yard. He hears the door bell ring so he goes to see who it is and he opens the door. No one is there and the cop car is gone.

25: Kevin find where Bob is and goes to his house. When he gets there it is a big mansion. He did not expect this. It is going to hard to find him. He opens the door and the place is a mess. Everything is destroyed.

26: Kevin starts looking and by this point Bob is wanted dead or alive. Kevin looks in the huge kitchen, no one. He looks in the dinning room, no one. He looks ever where he is not there. Then in the last room Kevin finds Bob dead on the floor.

27: THE END?

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