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Ethan's 2nd Year

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Ethan's 2nd Year - Page Text Content

S: Ethan James Whatcott 2011

FC: Ethan James Whatcott | 2011

1: Happy New Year 2011 Kelsie came to visit on New Year's Eve and stayed for a couple weeks! | Aunt Kelsie brought Christmas gifts for Ethan. | Ethan loves his Aunt Kelsie. | New Shoes!

2: Central Park on 1.1.11 | Above Left: Ethan was bundled up very well for the long day in Manhattan! Above Center: Times Square Left: Kelsie & Ethan in Penn Station Below: The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC | Central Park

3: We also visited the Fire Island Lighthouse and drove to Montauk to see the lighthouse there. | 1.3.11 - Fire Island Lighthouse | 1.11.11 Beach in South Hampton | Montauk Lighthouse | Fire Island Lighthouse

4: Snow much Fun Kelsie was so excited to play in the snow so we went in the front yard of our apartment complex where the snow was a few feet deep. Daddy threw a snowball at Mommy & Ethan and that's when Ethan decided it was time to go back inside. 1.12.11

6: Ethan is standing on his own! Above: Ethan playing with Daddy - he would stick his fingers in Daddy's mouth and crack up laughing when Dave would chew on them. 1.27.11 Left & Bottom: Ethan is standing up! He could pull himself up and reach for his spin toy on the jumperoo. 1.2.11 Bottom Right: Kelsie rocked Ethan to sleep. 1.1.11

7: Ethan had fun pulling his diapers out of the bin! 2.2.11 | Ethan laughing at himself in the mirror.

8: Ethan is One Year Old | February 8, 2011

9: We had a birthday party at home for Ethan and he got some new clothes, a Nemo fish & a Lightning McQueen car. | Some new toys from Grandma's gift card to Babies R Us! | Exhausted baby after a fun day!

10: Ethan's one year old baby pictures & our new family pictures. 2.2011

12: Happy Valentine's Day! February 14, 2011 Daddy took Mommy & Ethan out to eat with some friends at Dave & Busters. Mommy made Daddy a card and so did Ethan. She also decorated the dining table with pink hearts and chocolates.

14: Mommy & Ethan visit family in Arizona | Papa & Ethan playing outside in the beautiful March weather with Scruffy. (Ethan - 1 year) | Ethan loves his Papa (He had a beard for his upcoming Mountain Man trip.) | This was Ethan's first time playing in grass & didn't particularly like being in it.

15: Mommy took Ethan outside all the time. The weather was so nice. We stayed with mommy's family in the guest room. Grandma Vicki borrowed toys & a stroller for Ethan to use while we were there. We stayed for a whole month (end of February to mid March). Lots of friends came to visit Ethan, too, he was one popular baby. Bottom Left Photo: Ethan loved to throw his food down to Scruffy - he would crack up laughing every time he did it. Bottom Right Photo: Papa and Ethan asleep in Barnes & Noble while the girls were shopping. | Layton Isabel | Scott & Matthew Sutton | Kelsie & Ethan wearing her headband. | Grandma cleaning Ethan after Spaghetti.

16: Ethan's 1 Year Birthday Party | Grandma Vicki & Mommy had a big 1 year party for Ethan in Grandma's & Papa's backyard on March 5, 2011. | Mommy, Aunt Taryn & Grandma Vicki

17: James & Sarah Whatcott, Taryn, Grandma & Shawna White | Taylor | Ethan & Papa

18: Tina, Great-Grandma Whatcott, Kim, Ethan & Mommy | Taylor & Ethan | Payson, Scott, Matthew, Carol & Danny Sutton | Logan, Mary, Porter & James Blau + Mommy & Ethan | Jaime, Jewel & Janaye Hewson,

19: We had cupcakes, chocolate "mud" cups with gummy worms, and green rice krispie treats along with the BBQ. The tables had green flowers with balloons and little bubble containers around it for the centerpieces. Grandma rented the nice green and blue linen table cloths and chairs, too. | Aunt Sarah and Grandma Tina came early to help set up, and of course, Aunt Kelsie &Taryn helped so much! My dad did the BBQ and we had family and a few close friends over for the party. | Taryn had her English Bulldog puppies that Daisy had and her big dog, Walter. During the party there was an air show of fighter planes that flew over us. Bottom Right: Sterling Larsen & his daughter, Myrrhissa. | Ethan got lots of nice gifts, some clothes & toys, and before we left to go home, Tina brought over some stuffed animals for us to take - which is where Ethan got his favorite yellow monkey! Tina said that Daddy used to have a monkey when he was little boy, too. | Taryn

20: Whatcott Family Time | Ethan & Mommy went over to eat Sunday dinner with the Whatcotts a couple times and spent one day with Kim, Tina, Ryan & Jakob at Schnepf Farms. | Family | Ethan loved playing with his cousins, Ryan & Jakob!

21: Schnepf Farms So fun! We went to the petting farm, rode a train around the orchard, & picked vegetables from the farm! We went to McDonald's afterward where Tina & Ethan had a fun time laughing and giving high-fives. 3.12.11 | Jakob & Ryan | Kim & Tina

22: Ethan didn't want his legs or feet to touch the grass! | Britta, Brielle & Kaleb Bennion | Ava Duncan | Eliana Given | A new turtle! | Working on Papa's bench.

23: The Orf's came to visit. | Great Grandpa Victor | Mikey Orf | Uncle Mike cleaning Ethan after dinner! | Picking the flowers off Grandma's plant. | Taylor | Papa | Taylor | Taryn's little squish | Skyping with Daddy | Payson | Grandma & Ethan

24: Kelsie & Mommy took Ethan swimming on 3.19.11.

25: Great Grandpa Victor Orf | Coming home to see Daddy! | Kelsie, Payson, Papa, Grandma, Mommy, Taylor, Taryn, Brock | Oreo Cookie! | Watching Payson's baseball game.

26: Mommy turns 28! We went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory in Huntington. That weekend we visited the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site and took a tour of Theodore Roosevelt's home in Oyster Bay, NY. We had lunch at a local diner. | March 25, 2011 | A new wrap that I had ordered while in AZ. | My precious boy. Cheesecake Factory

27: Theodore Roosevelt's home | Oyster Bay, NY | Ethan - 13 months | Snack time!

28: Central Park Zoo April 15, 2011 We drove into Queens, parked along the street and took the subway into the city with Deanna Ocampo & her baby, Lucia. Her husband, Bryant, met up with us later. | Can you spot the seal? | Queens - Daddy & Mommy had to carry the stroller up the stairs to the subway! | In front of The Plaza Hotel. | Hugs! | Polar Bear

29: The Park & Fire Island April 17, 2011 We took Ethan to the park near our home since the weather was finally starting to warm up from all the snow! Then we drove down to Fire Island to see the beautiful ocean. Pictures below are of Ethan eating blackberries! He loved blackberries! He discovered them while we were at Grandma's house & Uncle Mike had them out for breakfast... Ethan reached into the bucket, took a handful and stuffed them into his mouth! He ended up eating the whole container.

30: Boston | Daddy, Ethan and Mommy went to Boston, MA! We also visited Salem, Plymouth & Cape Cod. In Boston we walked along the Freedom Trail and saw lots of historic sites. The trail ended at the Charleston Navy Yard where we were able to tour the USS Constitution, nicknamed "Old Ironsides," the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. It was first launched in 1797 and is known for defeating 4 British frigates in the war of 1812 when their cannon balls bounced off the side of the ship. | April 21, 2011

31: At the Charleston Navy Yard | Inside the USS Constitution | USS Constitution | Harvard | North End | Faneuil Hall | Paul Revere Home (Built in 1680) | Beautiful Blossoms! | It was so windy!

32: Salem Salem was a very interesting experience. It was fun to see the old history & our favorite part of the trip was touring the "House of Seven Gables." The roads were small and we witnessed a girl try to pass by us in her car as she side-swiped a parked car with a shocked expression on her face! (4.20.11) | The House of Seven Gables | Watching a reenactment of the witch trials. | The "Friendship of Salem" Ship | A replica of the dungeons; the wooden beam on the right is original. | Eating at Cracker Barrel on the way to MA. | Driving...

33: Plymouth & Cape Cod We visited the small town of Plymouth, MA to see where the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. We then drove down to Sandwich, which is part of Cape Cod, to do a little site seeing and eat some seafood! Mommy had her first tastes of mussels at Captain Scott's Seafood Restaurant. (4.22.11) | Ethan playing peek-a-boo in the mirror! | Jenney Grist Mill, 1636 | Historic homes from the 1600's. | Plymouth Rock | The First Church in Plymouth | Mayflower II, Sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, MA in 1957. | Our hotel; Ethan had fun!

34: April 24, 2011 Mommy put a nest of eggs out for decoration the night before Easter and when Ethan woke up for church he was so excited to play with the eggs! He even brought one to church. He wore his handsome outfit that Aunt Taryn had gotten for him. That night we made stew with homemade rolls and invited the Ocampo's over for dinner.

35: Daddy cleaned out the hall closet of our one bedroom apartment and turned it into an office so he could study. He built a desk into the shelving and there was an outlet in there that he was able to use for his laptop. Below Right: Ethan at the library; Mommy would take him there for Mother Goose library classes and let him run around after. | Library 4.27.11 | Easter Dinner | 4.25.11 | At a playgroup 4.6.11

36: Ethan at 14 Months! Ethan started walking around 14 months and started drinking out of a sippy cup at 13 months for his juice. He still liked his milk in a bottle so we kept that for another few months. He also weaned himself off of his pacifier around 14 months. | 5.3.11 | 5.5.11 | 5.3.11 | Playing at the nearby mall in Bay Shore.

37: Mother's Day May 8, 2011 Daddy had lots of studying for school that weekend so we celebrated a few weeks later. At church they gave flowers to all the mothers. Mommy enjoyed the day with her sweet boy! She loves being a mother & is so happy to have the privilege of raising such a beautiful son.

38: Riverhead We visited Riverhead on May 13, 2011. It was about 30 miles from our home and we had been to the outlets there before, but had never visited the town. It's actually a really beautiful part of long island, right between the north and south forks. Ethan had his first McDonald's happy meal on the way there and we had a picnic next to the river. We went to the Lobster Roll for dinner to get some seafood!

39: Museum of Natural History We went to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan on May 14, 2011 with friends from our ward, Chris & Erika Herman and their baby, Britta. We also stopped by the Hell's Kitchen Farmer's Market before heading home. | Hell's Kitchen Farmer's Market

40: BBQ at Brookwood Hall | & White Post Farms | Camille & Brynne Thayer, they were in NY for the summer but from Maine. | Ethan loved the singing animals, he clapped along! | 5.25.11 - a very warm day at the petting farm | We had a BBQ by the lake with the Hermans & Ocampos | Ethan didn't like walking on grass or sand, so he stayed on the blanket.

41: Fleet Week We went to Fleet Week in Manhattan on May 27, 2011, something they do every Memorial Day. We visited Pier 88 where they had a Navy ship to tour and a nearby splash park, which was great because it was so hot! We also went to Soho and let Ethan play at the Vesuvio Playground We had dinner in Chinatown. | Dinner in Chinatown | LIRR Train | Times Square | The Kardashian Store, DASH

42: Washington, D.C. Memorial Day Weekend 2011 | We went to D.C. for Memorial Day weekend (May 28-30, 2011) and visited the D.C. Temple, the National Mall & some Smithsonian Museums. It was a very hot weekend so we tried to keep cool as much as possible! | We met up with the Hermans who were also visiting D.C. | The Reflection Pool was under construction when we went, but we had a lot of fun seeing all the sites. This was Daddy's first time to go to D.C., and mommy's third. We really enjoyed the National Air & Space Museum at the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA. We got a picture book and toy airplane for Ethan there. | White House | World War II Memorial | Lincoln Memorial | Washington Monument | D.C. Temple

43: Trying not to touch the grass! | The Capitol | The cute homes! | National Air & Space Museum (4 photos) | National Museum of Natural History | Elephant Leg | Shuttle Enterprise | National World War II Memorial | Ethan is half closing his eyes, getting ready for the camera flash!

44: We Love the Beach! 5.31.11 Islip Beach 6.4.11 Bay Shore Marina Splash Park at Benjamin Beach & tour of the historic Gibson-Mack-Holt house in downtown Bay Shore 6.8.11 Glen Cove on the North Shore & trip to Ikea | 5.31.11 | 6.4.11

45: The water at the splash park was a little cold, but Ethan still loved to run around the shallow area! | Ethan got a bad diaper rash so I let him run around the house with a towel wrapped around him! 6.5.11 | Photos on Right: Glen Cove. It was beautiful, but there were so many bugs we couldn't stay. Ethan got a new toy from Ikea on that trip! Bottom Right: Sweet sleeping baby is outgrowing his crib!

46: Strawberry Festival June 3, 2011 We went with some friends to a local Strawberry Festival where they had carnival rides and games! | Camille Thayer & Mommy took Ethan & Brynne to "Fun4All" in Port Jefferson. They loved playing in the indoor play area & Ethan ran around the entire building! It was so cute to see them climbing and exploring new things! 6.2.11 | Brynne & Ethan each took off their right shoe! | Erika, Chris & Britta Herman, Deanna, Bryant & Lucia Ocampo & us (Camille is taking the photo) - Deanna won that fish & gave it to us. It died a few days later, right after we put it into a nice big bowl & bough fish food.

47: Ethan & Brynne playing at the restaurant where we ate Columbian food after the festival. Ethan taught her how to do a "crazy baby" face! | Chris won a rose for hitting the bell 3 times!

48: Daddy & Ethan got matching purple ties to wear for Father's Day. Daddy had to study that night but before he left he opened the gift that Ethan & Mommy got him. Ethan's feet & hands were stamped onto a canvas paper and Mommy used a cricut cutter to spell the word "love" over them. We put our masterpiece in a frame to hang over his new desk. Ethan had a lot of fun making hand-prints so we also made a matching card. June 19, 2011 | Ethan giving kisses!

49: Blowing kisses! | Playing at the park! 6.20.11

50: Ethan & I went to Gilgo Beach on June 10, 2011 with Erika, Deanna, Camille & their babies. We found big seashells, ate strawberries and most of us moms got sunburned! | Luckily we went right before they started charging to park! ($35/car) | Britta Herman | Lucia Ocampo | Ethan loves strawberries! | Playing with mommy's hair. | Gilgo Beach | The ride home. | Erika Herman & Deanna Ocampo | Camille & Brynne Thayer, Ethan & Mommy

51: We had a swimming party for Lucia's 6 Month "1/2 Birthday" on June 29, 2011 at Camille's house. They had a little dog named Chewy that Ethan had a lot of fun playing with! He would laugh & laugh throwing the ball to it! | Deanna also had a pool so I brought Ethan over a few times to swim. One day we found a small turtle in the pool! Photo Below: Ethan grabbed a nectarine from the fruit bowl and starting chomping in! Guess I didn't need to cut up his fruit anymore! | Brynne & Ethan | Lucia & Deanna

52: J U L Y 4 | We had dinner with the Hermans on July 4, 2011 (home-made Café Rio salads since we were both from the west coast) & then drove down to a residential street in Bay Shore to watch the firework display over the ocean. Ethan loved watching them! Left Photo: Ethan giving Britta kisses!

53: Ethan dancing to Neil Diamond playing from Daddy's phone! | Delicious pudding & jell-o cake! My mom makes these & I wanted to try. | Daddy, Mommy, Ethan, Erika, Britta & Chris

54: Bubbles!

55: July Photos {Ethan - 17 Months} Photos Opposite Page: Ethan's Play Group at library class. I would take him to the beach afterward to have a picnic. He was hesitant to stand on the sand and I think the small waves scared him but eventually he was brave enough to walk in. 6.30.11 Above Right: Tanner Splash Park with friends! 7.22.11 Bottom Right: Ethan loved to pick flowers and would hold a petal in each hand while he ran around the complex. Bottom Left: I collected blooms from spring and pressed them to frame! | Giving Kelsie kisses! | Skyping with Grandma & Kelsie 7.25.11 | Erika & Britta, Deanna & Lucia | Islip Beach for lunch! Ethan & I searched for seashells and went swimming in the ocean! | Too big for Britta's chair!

56: Ethan loves to play with lap-tops so Daddy gave him this old one to play with! It's the new "weight app". | Ethan Boy | Our precious boy! Ethan loves to color! 8.15.11 | Ethan loved to plug the cord into the lap-top, too, he is so smart! | Typing on the keys. | Uh-oh! Coloring on the walls! | ...& on the mirror! | It's amazing how much of a sense of humor Ethan has at such an early age! He learned this look from his mama because I would look at him like this if his food was too hot & I'd say, "you ok?" | Photos Opposite Page: The Hermans moved to Washington (where Chris was from) for a new job. We had a going away BBQ at the West Islip Beach & it was a very windy and cloudy day! | 8.5.11 | 8.6.11 | 8.15.11

57: Playing soccer on the beach! 8.6.11 | Chris, Daddy & Bryant | The Ocampos, us & the Hermans

58: Ethan's 18 Month Baby Pictures Ethan turned 18 months on August 8, 2011. His pictures were taken at JCPenney on August 21st. The cute blue overall outfit was from Sue Taylor, Grandpa Victor Orf's friend. The Chinese outfit was from Grandma Tina, when she went to Hong Kong a year earlier. The monkey is also from Tina when we visited in March.

60: Our flight from JFK to PHX was delayed about 6 hours due to a thunderstorm. Poor Ethan was so exhausted! We let him run around the terminal for awhile & we took turns chasing him. Here he is watching Baby Einstein on Daddy's phone. Our flight finally left around 1:00 am and Ethan slept across Mommy & Daddy the whole flight. | We stayed with Daddy's family in their guest room and visited mommy's family, too. One of the first days we were there we let Ethan run around in the sprinklers in Papa's backyard. Grandpa Whatcott bought a pool for Ethan that we played in almost every morning, too. We were not used to the AZ heat, but it was so nice to see family! | Taryn is pregnant!! | Taryn & Brock announced that they were having a baby on August 21, 2011. Her due date is April 8, 2012. They wrapped a t-shirt for Ethan to open that says, "Favorite Future Cousin" and we were all so happy & surprised! | Beautiful Arizona | Payson, Taylor, Papa, Grandma, Taryn, Brock, Mommy, Daddy, Kelsie, Ethan

61: ARIZONA August 19 - September 1, 2011 We went to visit family for a week in AZ after Daddy's first year of PA school was finished. We came in late August rather than the winter months to avoid any airplane delays because of weather, but, it turned out that Hurricane Irene came through Long Island the day we were supposed to fly back! Our flight was delayed 5 days, but luckily Daddy found a red eye flight to the White Plains Airport a day after the hurricane so he could make it back in time for his first rotation in Flushing, NY. | Kelsie took Ethan swimming at the Sutton's pool next door. | Giving Scruffy a bath!

62: Playing with Jason's slinky. | Celebrating Jason's birthday! | Jakob & Daniel 8.21.11 | Tina took Ethan outside to run around for about 30 min. & he came back in so hot & sweaty! | Ethan's 1st Bubble Bath! | Payson & Ethan 8.23 | Ethan loved playing with Scruffy! | Hitting his head for Taylor. | Papa playing with Walter. | Kelsie came over to the Whatcott's home to play with Ethan. 8.22 | Ethan hates trolls.

63: Playing at the Arizona Museum for Youth. He ran back and forth on this thing a lot! | Ethan fell asleep on the way to Pool Chlor (Papa's office) from Gymboree. Grandma had the carseat so we were going to pick it up. 8.31 | At Papa's office. 8.31 | Chick-fil-A lunch at Papa's office. | Taryn & Mommy took Ethan to a Gymboree class! | Daddy & Mommy at Costa Vida | Ethan playing with his straw | Ryan & Jakob | Walking with Grandma to Paradise Bakery at San Tan Mall 8.23 | Helping Papa 8.31 | Taryn & Mommy took Ethan to the Arizona Museum for Youth where they have a toddler play area. We met up after with my mom who was at a nearby knitting class and we all walked to a nearby ice cream shop in downtown Mesa. 8.27.11 | At the JFK Airport waiting for Daddy to pick us up.

64: Babylon Town Hall Park September 3, 2011 We took Ethan to play at a park in Lindenhurst, near the Babylon Town Hall. We went a pizza place in downtown Lindenhurst after for dinner. Some little girls at the park thought Ethan was so cute and chased him around! He was done with that once one of them caught him and started dragging him around the park... then he wanted his mama to hold him. The weather was beautiful and so was the area with flowers and trees everywhere and a lake with a fountain in the middle of it.

65: Ethan - 19 Months Deanna gave us a bouncing zebra (top left) when we helped pack up Lucia's room & Ethan loved it! Grandma bought Ethan a talking Elmo! (I had already bought him a non-talking Elmo that he didn't like to play with, but once he got the other one he got them both out!) I would sometimes take him to Barnes & Noble for storytime and on one trip he found a stuffed animal puppy so I got it for him. (Above photo - he is giving his new puppy kisses!) Ethan learned how to walk hunched over and we called it "old man baby" & whenever we would say that he would start walking hunched over. The Ocampos had a going away party on Sept. 24th at TGI Fridays. They moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Ethan got a balloon from the party. | Church 9.25.11 | Ethan smelling flowers at Brightwaters Park 9.30 | Ocampos going away party. | Sweet baby is getting so big! 9.17 | Rocking Ethan to sleep. 9.19 | Eating cereal with a spoon. | "Old Man Baby" 9.28 | 9.22 | 9.21 | 9.6

66: Ocean Beach {Fire Island} | We visited Fire Island by ferry for the first time on September 5, 2011. We went with the Ocampos who had been before. Ocean Beach was a very cute small beach town with lots of little boutiques and a family friendly beach with a playground, too. We brought our lunch to have a picnic and we all had dinner together at a local restaurant where Mommy ordered clams for the first time! Mommy also found my first sand dollar at this beach and had a lot of fun searching for seashells. | On the ferry - it was very windy!

67: Deanna brought her nephew Tanner, who fell asleep eating his hamburger! | Nap time | "Doggy!" | Bryant & Deanna | Lucia playing in the sand!

68: Orient Beach {North Fork} We drove to the farthest East point on the North Fork and despite the hours of traffic from all the pumpkin patches and winery events it was a beautiful drive and well worth it! We arrived just before sunset & got some beautiful pictures. October 8, 2011 | The beach had a lot of rocks and pebbles that we collected. | Ethan & Daddy throwing rocks into the ocean! | Ethan & Daddy

69: Giving Grandma kisses! 10.4.11 | Drawing with chalk outside our apartment. 10.1.11 | Ethan loved to play with the camera and one day took pictures of Mommy, so talented! 10.5.11 | Vineyards in North Fork | Ethan took a good nap on the way there, I love how he sleeps with his hands behind his head!

70: We got a babysitter for Ethan & all went into the city for a matinée showing of "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway! It was amazing! We went out to eat in Chinatown afterwards and walked through Columbus Park where there was an oriental couple singing a duet that was very cultural. We went to Sag Harbor and East Hampton after taking Ethan to his library music class on Monday, October 17th. We took some pictures at a beach in East Hampton that was beautiful! (Ethan napped in the car while we got some shots.) We even saw a mansion with a private walkway to the beach. On the way home we took Ethan to a pumpkin patch where he picked out a pumpkin to carve for Halloween & some small ones for decorations! Then we stopped by the Pottery Barn & Williams Sonoma Outlets! | Grandma & Taryn come for a visit! October 12 - 21, 2011 We were so happy to have Grandma & Aunt Taryn out! Unfortunately Mommy got sick the day that they flew out so she was in bed for the first few days. They both ended up getting sick once they got back home, too. We got a rental car so we could travel around since Daddy was using the truck for his school rotation. They went to Cold Spring Harbor the first day they were here. We all went to Fire Island on Sunday to see the ocean at sunset & drove around Brightwaters & Babylon to show them our neighborhoods.

72: NYC | We went to the city on October 18, 2011. We started in Central Park where we had a picnic in "Strawberry Fields." We also went to Soho where Ethan played in the Vesuvio Playground and where we saw the actor Liev Schreiber playing with his kid. Ethan had a hard time staying in his stroller all day, so we needed the break. That night we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. (Ethan slept through most of that.) | The night before they left we went to the "Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze" in the Hudson Valley. It was a couple hour drive, but beautiful! We stopped by Sleepy Hollow on the way there and saw some of the sites, like the Headless Horseman Bridge & the Cemetery, which was huge! We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called "Guadalajara" in Ossining & it was delicious! The Blaze was amazing, they had thousands of pumpkins on display that had been carved and lit into different sculptures. Daddy got Ethan a pumpkin toy that lit up and spun! He was not too happy about being there though, so we had to rush through. 10.20.11 | Upper West Side | Vesuvio Park | Soho | Picnic at Central Park | Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

73: FAMILY | Sleepy Hollow, Hudson River | Dinner | Ethan & Grandma | Taryn, Ethan, Grandma, Mommy & Daddy | A new toy!

74: Philadelphia | We visited Philadelphia for the first time on October 22-23, 2011. We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall & Washington Square where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was buried. We also saw the grave of Benjamin Franklin. We drove by the Edgar Allan Poe National Site. | "We must all hang together, or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 | Independence Hall - Where the Declaration of Independence was signed. The head chair above is original to the room. Daddy & Ethan are standing in front of the West Wing where they had one of the copies of the Declaration of Independence on display. It was very neat to see, it even had writing on the document from where it had been edited. (Photo above right: What is believed to be used for the signing of the declaration.) | Philly Cheesesteak | Hugs! | Throwing sand into his hair!

75: Sesame Place October 22, 2011 On the way into Philadelphia we went to Sesame Place for Ethan. There was a parade that Ethan watched from Daddy's shoulders & he clapped along to the music! | Tomb of the Unknown Soldier | Coney Island - We drove by on the way home. | "Big Bird's Nest" | "The Count's Maze" | Grave of Benjamin Franklin | Grover is mommy's favorite! | Telly is Daddy's favorite!

76: Daddy is 31!! | We celebrated Daddy's 31st birthday on October 24, 2011. We had his favorite meal, spaghetti, with gifts & cake & ice-cream! Ethan especially loved the candles. | A gift from Ethan | A shirt from Tina! | Ethan fell asleep on Daddy... that never happens! So sweet.

77: Playing outside! Poor little guy cut his lip right after this pic when he tried to jump off the curb. 10.28 | It was very quiet in Ethan's room so I went to check on him & found him reading! 10.26 | It snowed on 10.30.11!! | We took Ethan to a b-day party at Chuck-E-Cheese & he loved the singing mouse! He sat down & started clapping! | Ethan went right up to the mouse!

78: Happy Halloween | Daddy is Tarzan, Mommy's Jane & Ethan is our monkey | My poor monkey wasn't feeling good so we didn't go trick-or-treating at the church activity. | "What is that?!"

79: Ethan & Mommy carved our pumpkin into a bat before going outside to pass out candy! He went trick-or-treating to our neighbor's house and then just wanted to run around in the grass. He loved the candy bowl and he especially liked the starburst... not to eat, just to hold. At church they had an activity & we got to decorate a room to pass out candy - ours was the best! I made the bats out of black paper & got the idea from the Martha Stewart website. Daddy had a strobe light going & a misting cauldron. 10.31.11 | Candy in one hand, a rock in the other. | Our apartment | Chili Cook Off | Ethan's 1st Trick-or-Treat | Daddy in our room at the church.

80: Ethan at 21 Months November 2011 Photos on Left: Ethan got a new pillow from Grandma (an early Christmas present) & he loved it! I would ask him if he wanted to go to bed at night to sleep on his new pillow & he would smile (meaning "yes!"). Ethan loves to run through bubbles! He would scream and run through them. His favorite thing at the park, the "bouncy." Ethan & I made a fall wreath out of felt. I sat in his room and cut out the leaves while he colored. Next Page: Ethan loves to look at himself in the mirror, especially when he is wearing something new, like sunglasses or a new outfit! He got a new slide when we were driving home from church one day and saw it on the side of the road with a bunch of trash. We took it home & cleaned it up & he loved it! In the picture next to that he is putting "lotion on the face" because he sees Mommy do that every morning with her Mary Kay make-up. He loves his farm truck & pushes it around the house. This month Ethan started drinking his milk out of a big cup! He is also very helpful & will throw his diapers & any trash away in the garbage. New words this month: "uh-oh", "no", "mama" & "papa". | 11.11.11

81: Ethan can take pictures of himself! | A new outfit from Grandma. 11.13 | Kisses! | Putting imaginary lotion on his face!

82: We took Ethan to the Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City, NY on November 19, 2011. They had a toddler area where we spent most of our time. His favorite thing to do was run up and down the "bridge." He liked the tractor a lot, too. They also had a bubble room that was a lot of fun. One area had a lot of mirrors & that was a new experience for Ethan! He ran right into a mirror while looking at another mirror of himself!

84: Aunt Taryn & Uncle Brock came to visit for Thanksgiving! They went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while Ethan stayed home with Daddy. (They were both sick.) We went site seeing in NYC, took our Christmas card photo in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, saw the 9/11 Memorial (Ethan slept through that), and saw the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. We went out to eat at "Sambuca" on the Upper West Side where Ethan watched a Baby Einstein video from Daddy's phone. The next day we drove to Montauk to see the lighthouse and Santa Claus was there! Ethan smiled when he saw him and was very happy to get a candy cane, but did not want to sit on his lap for a picture! Ethan loved playing with his Auntie Taryn & Uncle Brock. They taught him to hold up one finger when asking him how old he was. November 23, 2011 | Ethan's reaction to seeing Elmo on the street! | Montauk Lighthouse | Times Square | Ethan took this! | Thanksgiving Dinner

85: 9/11 Memorial | Macy's Parade | Rockefeller Center | Staten Island Ferry

86: Bath Time | We let Ethan take a shower for as long as he wanted one day, which was about an hour! He just sat there & let the warm water hit him, then he would run around in it. He ended his bath time with putting soap all over his face. He absolutely loves to push the tops of soap and lotion containers. I let him push the lotion for me after every bath. 11.29.11

87: Ethan loves to Play! Ethan loves to push his truck around & really loves to be outside! He learned how to open the sliding glass doors & now loves to play on the balcony. He found Mommy's wallet, took it to his room & pulled out all the cards! He even found the zipper and put the pennies in & out of it. 11.28.11

88: December 2011 {Ethan - 22 Months} Ethan loves to smell candles, it's so cute! (& he's very careful with the glass, too.) Ethan loves to be outside so I let him draw with chalk on the patio & this particular day he drew on the brick wall! He went to bed one night wearing Daddy's shirt. Daddy put it on him for fun earlier in the night and when I went to put him down he didn't want to take it off. I cleaned out his room & put the old jumperoo on the floor. Ethan loved it! He played for awhile in there. He pulled the baby monitor into his crib during a nap! Daddy built a fort in Ethan's room! So fun!

89: Bay Shore Ward Christmas Party | Our Bay Shore Ward had a musical Christmas night with talented people playing instruments. Ethan absolutely loved the music! He went right up to the performers and danced & clapped for them. He loves Santa Claus. The Santa at the mall gives him candy! When Santa came in, Ethan gave the goody bag back to him to share. It was very sweet. Sister Lucas gave Ethan his first lollipop! He sucked it dry. December 9, 2011

90: An Early New York Christmas | This year for Christmas we decided to surprise our families by coming out to visit. So, a week before we were supposed to leave I started giving Ethan 1 gift a day to open so he could enjoy his new toys before we left. The night before we flew out we had our own Christmas and opened presents. Grandma Vicki sent AZ oranges the day before we left, too, so we ate 1/2 the box in one day! | December 16, 2011 | Smelling the trees. (I taught him how to smell flowers.) | Ethan's happy face!

91: Mommy got the camera she wanted! Canon Rebel T2i | Daddy got the impact wrench he wanted! | Monkey Pillow-Pet from Grandma | Signing "please" to play with his new puzzle that he just opened. | Ethan loved the Christmas tree. He would point to it & say "uhHUH" for us to turn the lights on. | Blocks from Grandma! | Yummy oranges, wearing Daddy's shirt. | Cars & road from Grandma! | The 1st gift Ethan opened he pushed the tape back on because he saw me wrapping. But after awhile he got the idea.

92: We flew into Phoenix, AZ on December 17, 2011 around 11:00 pm. Kelsie came to pick us up and we surprised our families! We snuck upstairs into my parent's home with all our luggage and went to bed. Ethan started crying around 5:30 am and that morning both my parents said they dreamed of a crying baby. We came down before breakfast and they were so happy to see us! We surprised the Whatcotts' by showing up for dinner - they were VERY surprised! Kelsie took good care of Ethan. She slept next to him almost every night. Daddy built a shoe rack for his mom for Christmas. Mommy went to Goodwill and got Ethan a basket full of toys to play with at Grandma Vicki's home. The yellow truck above was Payson's & Ethan loved it! Ethan loved playing with the dog, Scruffy. He would throw the blanket at her then start laughing! He also saw a garage door for the first time & became obsessed with them.

93: Christmas Eve | Whatcott White Elephant Exchange Photos below are from Ethan's perspective. He took the camera and went around the room taking pictures! | Sam Hustom & Ethan (2nd cousins) | Christmas Eve dinner with the Geohagans: Papa, Ethan, Grandma Vicki, Kelsie, Payson, Daddy, Mommy, Taryn, Brock, Taylor & his girlfriend, Shelby. | Sarah Whatcott & Rhea Dahl | Grandpa Whatcott

94: Merry Christmas | Christmas was on a Sunday, so we went to church with Papa & Grandma Vicki in the morning, then came home to eat our traditional cinnamon rolls and open presents. We went to the Whatcott's home in the afternoon and Ethan got lots of fun presents!

95: Mesa Arizona Temple | We took Ethan to see the temple lights for the first time and he loved them! He kept pointing and saying, "oooh!" December 28, 2011 | Papa shot a mountain lion! | Ethan loves music! Playing at Grandma Whatcott's house.

96: Schnepf Farms December 28, 2011 | We went to lunch with Daddy's family at "The Olive Mill" in Queen Creek, which was delicious! Then went over to Schnepf Farms to let the kids play! | Ethan loved the hay ride & riding on the tricycle. | Ethan's "happy face" | Ethan & Kai | Luke

97: Greenfield Park December 29, 2011 We went to the park to play with family. Ethan tried walking into the pond when we were feeding the ducks, I think he thought it was the ocean. He loved running up and down the hills with Kai and playing on the "bouncy" with Mommy & Daddy.

98: Whatcott Family Photos December 31, 2011 | Paul, Kai, Sheena, Ethan, David, Daniel, James LeiLani, Luke, Tina, Kim, Sarah, Jakob Jason, Ryan

99: Our Christmas Card | Ethan's Measurements 1 Year: 22 lbs. 12 oz. (50%), 31" ht. (80%), 18-3/4" head circumference (80%) 15 Months: 24 lbs. 7 oz. (50%), 32-1/2" ht. (75%) 18 Months: 25 lbs. (40%), 33" ht. (75%), 19" head circumference (55-60%) | Ethan's Milestones Walking at 14 Months Drank out of a big cup at 21 months Can go pee pee on demand (he likes to pee in the bath tub after he's done bathing) | Ethan's Favorite Things Book: Dr. Suess ABC Song: Popcorn Popping (He knows all of the signs) Toy: Puzzles, coloring & farm truck Cuddle Item: His "Ethan" Blankie Nursery Rhyme: Wee Willy Winkie, clapping our hands together for the "goodbye everybody" song, & Teapot (Grandma would sing this over the phone & he would dance along then clap!) TV Show: Sesame Street Food: Spaghetti, Tomatoes & Fruit Snacks Thing to do: Turn thing on & off (light switches, etc.) & run up & down ramps

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