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Europe 2011

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Europe 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Europe 2011

BC: Au Revoir Europe

FC: Europe 23 June 2011 to 10 August 2011

1: Our Journey

2: 23 June 2011 At the Airport, Brisbane International waiting for the flight to Amsterdam

3: 25 June 2011 We arrived in Amsterdam and met up with Les and Lyn Heilbronn who arrived earlier. The picture on the left shows a typical street in Amsterdam with the tram coming down the middle of the street and bicycles parked on the left. | The picture on the right shows Neville and Les walking down the footpath near the hotel in Amsterdam. The line next to Les' foot indicates the edge of the bike path. The bicycles have the right of way and occupy the majority of the footpath.

4: Amsterdam. Top left is a bike with a baby carriage on the front. Top right and centre left is confectionery found in the markets at Amsterdam. Bottom right are these markets.

5: Amsterdam. The picture top left shows a bridge opening almost vertical to allow boats to travel up the canal. Top right are buildings on the edge of a canal. The foundations of a lot of these buildings have subsided causing the buildings to lean badly. Neville and Lyn are standing outside a restaurant where we dined in Amsterdam.

6: The Amadante Ship (top right). Top left is the crew who looked after us. Under that is the good looking captain, then ship's bell and our cabin on the ship. Right under the Amadante is our waiter showing Gloria and Lyn a trick with a napkin. Under that is Nev, Les and Lyn walking on the upper deck and Gloria standing on the upper deck.

7: Cologne 28 June 2011 | The beautiful old church (centre right) took centuries (1473 to 1842) to construct and was damaged during the War. | The stained glass windows were taken out during the war and replaced afterwards. | Top right is a figurine on a building showing a bare bottom.

8: Maastrich 28 June 2011 This is a little medieval town. It was full of tourists. It consisted only of a few streets which were full of interesting buildings and shops.

9: Andernach, Germany 28 June 2011 | Lyn and Gloria went for a walk at dusk whilst the ship was moored in Andernach. It was a lovely little town. The pictures in the centre and bottom right show the wall that used to surround the city.

10: These are some of the Castles and towns on the banks of the Danube River. The castle bottom left has a cage hanging from one of its towers. This was used to hold prisoners.

11: Rudesheim 29 June 2011 | Ziegfried's Musical Museum was full of all kinds of musical instruments | The little train took us to the museum.

12: Miltenberg, Germany 30 June 2011 There was a castle on the hill behind the town.

13: Wertheim, Bavaria 30 June 2011 Hans Ittig who made Pedro (held in Hans' arms) is in the photo below. We had drinks at the restaurant at the castle which was on the hill behind the town.

14: Wertheim, Bavaria

15: Wursburg, Bavaria 1 July 2011

16: Rothenburg 1 July 2011 Top right (opposite page) is the famous Christmas shop. It was full of Christmas decorations. The Bridge (top left) was lined with statues (including the statue below).

18: Kitsingen, Bavaria 1 July 2011 We arrived at the town by bus after a day of touring. Our ship was coming into port (top right). There was a storm coming as well.

19: B | Bamberg 2 July 2011

20: Nuremberg Castle 2 July 2011

21: Nuremberg 2 July 2011 The gold fountain (centre left) depicts life from the handyman at the bottom to God at the top. Bottom right is a typical sign hung outside a shop to indicate what was sold in the shop.

23: Regensburg, Germany 4 July 2011

24: Top left is the memorial built by Napoleon in memorial for the Wars of Liberation. Top right and centre left is a Brewery and monestery on the Danube River with its beautiful Church.

25: 4 July 2011 Neville's birthday. The crew brought the cake to him after doing a parade around the whole dining room.

27: Opposite page are photos taken in Salsburg. Centre is Edelweiss the subject of one of the lyrics in Sound of Music which was filmed in the area. | Salsburg, Austria 5 July 2011 Top left shows the castle high on the hill. Bottom right is the monorail that took us up to the castle. Centre is the view from the top.

29: Melk, Austria 6 July 2011

30: Vienna, Austria 7 July 2011

31: Vienna, Austria 7 July 2011 | Top right on the opposite page is an old coffee shop where we were taken for coffee. The food below that is what we ate with our coffee. Yum Yum!! We went for a horse and carriage ride around the town with Les and Lyn. It gave us a chance to see a lot more of the town.

32: Bratislava, Slovakia 8 July 2011 The statue below as on a footpath in an opened manhole. The picture below it was a fellow who was busking. At first, we did not realise he was real. The night lights are fantastic.

33: Budapest 9 July 2011

34: Prague 10 July 2011 The building bottom right has false windows as there used to be a limit on the number of windows in a building. | We watched the guards on parade. The trumpeters were in the windows of the building in front of them.

35: Prague | This Old Town Hall Clock has men moving and trumpets blowing on the hour.

36: Cesky Kumlov

37: Cesky Kumlov - 12 July 2011

38: Berlin - 14 July 2011 Top left is the memorial to the Jews killed during the war. There is a lot of construction going on in Berlin. When buildings are being constructed a false fascade is erected (top right).

39: The remains of the Berlin Wall which separated East and West Berlin. This was constructed at night in 1961 and partly demolished in 1989. Top left indicates where the wall crossed the road.

40: Berlin On the opposite page (bottom left) is checkpoint Charlie which was the US checkpoint. Many old buildings have statues around the rim of the buildings (centre left opposite page).

42: On the train from Berlin to Bruges, we took a photo of the train speed at 249 k per hour. This was displayed on a screen in the carriage so that we could see how fast we were going at any one time. Above is the cabin we had on the train.

43: Sans Souci Palace, Potsdam

44: Sans Souci Palace. From the fountain there were 4 paths leading in different directions. One led to the Shell House (Top left)

45: Sans Souci Palace, Potsdam 16 July 2011

47: Bruges, Belgium 17 July 2011 We stayed at the little hotel top right on the opposite page. Bruges is a small medieval town built on canals.

48: Lille, France 19 July 2011

49: Menin Gate, Ypres, France 19 July 2011 A memorial ceremony is held here every night. The big arch (top left) has stairs running up to the right and to the left. The walls are covered with names of soldiers who were killed in the War. Wreaths are laid on the steps each day. The service commences at 8pm every night. It is run by volunteers.

50: Amiens, France 20 July 2011 | The church was lit by laser at night. We just sat on the steps opposite and enjoyed the spectacle. | The figurines in the archways (bottom left) were coloured individually when lit by laser. During the day they were a stone colour. Amazing!!

51: Amiens, France. Some examples of how the church was lit by the lasers. It changed every few minutes.

52: Beaumont Memorial The moose points to the direction of the battle. | Lochnagar Crater | Artillery remains | Artillery remains | Front line spikes | Nev walking through the trenches | Poppies were everywhere | Lochnagar Crater

53: English | French | Thiepval Memorial for English and French soldiers. The crosses above (300 English and 300 French) are behind this structure.

54: Villers Brettoneux where Anzac Day services are held every year. This is an Australian memorial. | View from top of Villers Brettoneux | Damage to pillars at Villers Brettoneux during war | Pozieres | Graves were everywhere in the fields

55: The Somme | Church in Albert | Underground Museum | Albert | Old German Bunker | Victoria

57: Eiffel Tower (opposite page), Paris 22 July 2011 Top Right is an artificial beach on the side of the Seine. The birds below were swimming on the lake in the centre of Paris.

58: Paris - 23 July 2011 Mona lisa is top right. It was the Grand Pre Grand Final while we were in Paris. Les and Lyn attended it whilst we went to the Palace of Versailles. Les and Lyn Heilbronn left us in Paris and headed for Amsterdam and we headed for Rome.

59: Paris Top left is the Louvre. Bottom left is the Champs Elysees. Below is the Arc de Triomphe.

61: Paris - Arc De Triomphe and the views from the top (opposite page). Above is the Eiffel Tower seen from the Trocadero.

62: Musee L'Arms, Paris This building was a war museum and previously a convalescent home for returned soldiers.

63: Napoleon's Tomb

64: Notre Dame, Paris so very similar to the Church in Amiens.

65: Palace of Versailles, Paris 23 July 2011

67: Palace of Versailles The mirrors in the great hall (centre) were placed opposite windows to increase the light in the room

68: Rome, Italy - 28 July 2011 Above is Colosseum. Right shows the amount of ruins amidst the City buildings.

70: Rome, Italy. This page is the Pantheon. The door below is lit on 24 April each year by the sun shining through the hole in the ceiling (bottom centre). This is the day that the Emperor visited the Pantheon. Right opposite page is the Trevion Fountain. Coins are thrown into the fountain for good luck. Little cars squeeze in between larger cars to park (bottom right).

73: Vatican City, Rome. When a pope dies he is preserved in a coffin that is open for the public to see (opposite top right). The painting (opposite centre top) is the resurrection. The guard is a vatican guard.

75: Pompeii, Italy - 30 July 2011 The roads carried sewage and water so stepping stones (opposite centre bottom) were used to cross. There are wagon wheel ruts next to these stones. Centre right is the brothel. Under this is a penis to indicate the brothel. The drawing (opposite centre) indicated the service offered in the brothels. Above that is a stone bed. Top (this page) is a plaster cask from a body covering its face when the ash engulfed Pompeii and killed everybody. Top right (this page) is a penis engraved on the road pointing the way to the brothel.

76: Naples, Italy - 30 July 2011

77: Assisi, Italy - 1 August 2011

78: Florence, Italy 1 August 2011

80: San Gimignana, Italy 3 August 2011 The little shop right has pig heads at the entrance. This town has its own twin towers (above).

81: 3 August 2011 The whole group went to a winery near Florence for dinner. It was a great night.

82: Pisa, Italy - 3 August 2011 Most tourists who visit Pisa have their photo taken pretending to hold up the leaning tower.

84: Bologna, Italy 9 August 2011 | Bottom right is a 600yr old church with a mural of the resurrection showing Mohammed in hell. It is guarded because of the threat of terrorism. The sun shines through 2cm hole in ceiling and onto a time line on the floor, to show the date. The line runs the full the length of Church.

85: A fruit stall in a Bologna street. | A very old university | A covered walkway | A gallows on the side of a shop. | A hallway at the university | The lecture theatre for medical students. The marble table was used to disect bodies.

86: Venice, Italy 9 August 2011

88: Rialto Bridge, Venice

89: The

90: Pasquale (tour director) (above) sadly passed away shortly after the tour. | In Venice, this is the group who dined and kept together. Carol and Ron Adams, Virginia and Bill Giokas, Melanie and Brian Kemp, John and Jenny Flores, Kent and Mary Norowall, Neville and Gloria.

91: Dubai - 10 August 2011 We went for a very fast four wheel drive ride across sand dunes in the desert where we had dinner. Bottom centre is a snow field taken at the shopping centre attached to the hotel where we stayed.

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