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Europe 2011

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Europe 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Europe 2011

FC: Europe - Interterm 2011 January 7-21 London.Paris.Zurich.Munich.Venice.Rome

1: Allison and Me ready to check in at ICT with all of our bags! | Through security in ICT, waiting on Doc to give us information about the trip. And trying to get some last minute studying in for our test in Chicago. | Erin Heizelman, Me, Cassie Kroeker, and Allison Krehbiel | Melanie Dick is excited to start our 21 day adventure! | I sat by Kelsey Unruh on the hour and 20 minute flight from ICT to Chicago. | Our last view of Hillsboro for the next 3 weeks! | I love these girls!

2: The start of our ever-annoying clogging of hallways. Chicago O'Hare Airport. | Time for the test. The Europe trip can be taken for several different class credits such as, Bible, Art, History, etc. I took it for Upper Level History Credit, meaning I had to read 2 books and do a 3 page minimum report on each book. Everyone, however, go the same notes to study for the test. We took the test in the Chicago airport. Let's just say, I've done better. But I still passed the class with an A- ! | Once we found our gate and got settled, Doc handed out our tests. Erin and Allison are thinking hard, trying to recall all the information they just crammed into their heads! | Our last American McDonald's for 3 weeks!

3: Allison blowing up her neck pillow on the flight to London. Is it really worth it after all the work to get it blown up?! | Me and Will Friesen right before we landed in London! | To some this might be weird, but before I left, my mom told me to take a picture of everything I ate. So I did just that, beginning with the meals on the plane.

4: We're FINALLY in LONDON!!! | Our fearless leader, Dr. Richard Kyle, leading us to our hotel. | Kady Albrecht, Me, Erin, and Cassie riding the Tube to Earl's Court, our "home base" station. | Our hotel in London. On the left is the main building where the guys stayed. Also where we ate breakfast and the lobby where our group met before leaving each day, as well as computers we could buy internet on On the right, is the building where the girls stayed. There were about 2 other building between the two our group stayed in.

5: O | The area around our hotel. | This is the street our hotel was on. It was a very nice area of town, we never felt unsafe here. | Just across the street was an internet cafe (far left, top part of building) that Erin, Cassie, Allison and I used the first night. The internet was 50 pence / half hour. It was terrible internet, so we got on just long enough to let our parents know that we were safe and in London. | Lucky for us, there were several ATMs just down the street from the hotel. Here are two of the ATMs we used to get cash out. Money exchangers rip you off. | On the way to the Earl's Court Tube Station.

6: After Doc showed us the area around our hotel, we had a couple of hours to clean up and explore before going out as a group for the evening. After taking showers and freshening up, Allison, Erin, Dayna, Cassie, and I headed to a market at Notting Hill that the hotel receptionist told us about. His directions weren't exactly as specific as we had needed for our first night in London, but we made it there and walked around for a little before it was time to head back to the hotel. The market seemed kind of like a glorified Arts and Crafts Fair to us. It was really cool. I bought a pair of dangly pearl earrings here.

7: Westminster Abbey where Princess Di's funeral was held. And the place of Prince William and Kate's wedding in April 2011. | The London Eye. | Big Ben | Cassie, Me and Dayna | Houses of Parliament | Allison and I, very excited to be exploring London on our first night there!

8: Cassie, Dayna, and Me waiting for Doc to help get Erin's Tube ticket fixed. | Will decided to add some character to my picture with Erin in the London Tube. | After showing us around the first evening, Doc let us loose in the entertainment district to find supper and explore for the evening. After walking for a while, Erin, Cassie, Allison and I came upon this mall-like building where we ate at a little cafe. I had a ham and cheese panini.

9: Breakfast #1 : croissant, ham, cheese, banana and orange juice. Little did any of us quite understand at this point how sick of bread, meat, and cheese we would be by the end of the trip. We also didn't realize that this would be the only place we would get fresh fruit for breakfast on the trip. | Allison posing in the lobby area of the hotel. This is where we met as a group every morning, or every time before Doc brought us somewhere. On one side there were couches, a TV, and computers. On the other side, a bar. I bought a small amount of internet time to communicate with people back home here. A much better choice than the internet cafe down the street.

10: Today was our first full day in London. We woke up early to attend a service at St. Paul's Cathedral, the 2nd largest cathedral in the world. also where Princess Di and Prince Charles were married. The first of many churches we would visit on this trip. | Of course you can't go to London without taking a picture in a phonebooth! | Before the service began, we were given20 minutes to walk around and take pictures. | Cassie and Me!

11: More pictures before attending the service. There are not pictures allowed inside the cathedral because it is a place of worship. St. Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican church, meaning they have a believer's communion. Many in the group took part in the communion during the service.

12: After the service at St. Paul's, we headed to Speaker's Corner, a park where people come talk about their crazy beliefs about things, such as evil-ution and evolution. Beforehand, Doc had described them as crack-pots, he was dead on.

13: We were required to listen to the different speakers for 20-30 minutes before we could break off and go eat lunch and then meet up again as a group. | Cassie, Erin, and I found this little deli across the street where Cassie and I decided to share a club sandwhich. Once we paid, we decided to go eat on one of the benches near the park, with this lovely view of a horse head statue.

14: Allison, Hattie and I on one of our many, many escalator rides. | The entrance to the British Museum. Only a very small part of the museum. | Doc doing his thing before going in to explore the museum. | THE Rosetta Stone!

16: Having a little fun at the British Museum before leaving for dinner. | Cassie, Erin, Allison and I headed back to the Entertainment District for dinner. We found a small Italiano restaurant This is the pizza and garlic break Cassie and I shared. | Riding yet another escalator... | Allison and Erin trying turkish delight.

17: Our room in London had 6 beds. 4 on the main level and 2 in the loft.

18: Another wonderful breakfast at the hotel before heading out for the day. First stop: Trafalgar Square.

19: Changing of the horse guard.

20: The park we walked through on the way to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. | This was our view during the changing of the guard. We weren't really able to see much. It was so crowded!

21: Me in front of Buckingham! | Roommate pic! Deidre and Me! | Steph trying to see anything! | Since we couldn't see much of the changing of the guard, we were admiring this well dressed English couple. | Abby and Me | Erin and Me

22: While everyone else went to a grocery store, Will and I snuck over to a nearby cafe to get paninis for lunch. | We all ate our lunch outside. This was our view. Parliament Square and Big Ben. | Our first view of the Tower of London. No one knew quite what to expect.....

23: Tower Bridge! | Tower of London | Beefeaters gave tours of the Tower. | This is the building that the Royal Jewels are held. Such a cool experience getting to see them and the history behind it all.

24: None of us knew what to expect before going into the Tower of London. We ended up staying there all day until they locked everything up for night. It was so cool and we learned a lot about the Tower and the Royal Family. Before we went back for supper we took some pictures with the Tower Bridge and walked partway across it as well!

25: I couldn't leave London without having fish and chips. Our hotel receptionist recommended Benjy's just down the road from our hotel. Quite a few from our group ended up there so we all ate together. | After dinner we headed back out to Trafalgar Square for some fun photos at night. | Will and Me

26: Allison, Will, ARails, Peter Tracie, Me, Cassie, and Erin at Trafalgar Square | Me, Tracie, Cassie, Erin, and Allison making light of the rain and taking a fun picture with our umbrellas before the group split up. I went with a group back to the bridge while the other group went back to the hotel.

27: Waiting to go into Westminster Abbey. Nicole was very excited about her pass into the Abbey. | Breakfast...again... before leaving for Westminster Abbey. | Front entrance into Westminster Abbey where Prince William and Kate got married in April 2011. This is also where Princess Di's funeral was held. There are no pictures allowed inside the Abbey, but we learned a lot about how the Royal wedding was going to be set up and take place.

28: Cassie and I with Big Ben. | Some of our last views of London on our last day there before heading to Wimbeldon. | Erin and Me with the London Eye in the background. | Side entrance into the Abbey. | The London Eye. | Construction on the side of Parliament Square.

29: And so begins our journey to find the Wimbeldon Lawn Tennis Courts. | There was a point on our journey when I didn't think we would ever find it, and then a point when I thought we would never get in to see it. The journey to the facility was a lot longer than expected, and not as easy to find as had wished. Once we arrived, we were told we couldn't continue on past a certain point because there had been a chemical spill up the road we needed to take. Eventually we got into the court area and Erin, Cassie and I decided to take the full tour, which was totally worth it.

30: Inside Wimbeldon... at last! | Centre Court | The round building is the gift shop and museum. | 2010 Results | Wimbeldon tour guide

31: Court 1 where a lot of the bigger matches are played outside of the matches played in Centre Court. | Erin and Me by the Wimbeldon sign outside of Court 1. | Erin and I were extra excited to be here. Especially with tennis season about to be underway upon our return home.

32: Court 18. Now famous for the 3 day match that took place here in 2010, won by an American. | Erin and I ready for our big debut! | Where the players enter. From here everything is underground until they play so as not to be bothered.

33: Call us stalkers, but this is our cute Australian friend who was also on our tour. | Entering Centre Court! | Leaving Centre Court and the end of our tour.

34: Before going to Phantom of the Opera, we ate Chinese in China Town! | Finally ready to watch Phantom of the Opera after our last day of touring London

35: Last breakfast in London before heading to Paris! | Someone sniped us in the train station, waiting to board for Paris. | Erin was my train buddy for this ride. | We all got pretty good at lugging around our bags. | We also got really good at waiting. Patient or not. But we were finally in Paris!

36: After checking into our hostel, we traveled in the good little group that we were to see Paris at night for the first time! | My first of many crepes in Paris! Ham and cheese. | In front of the Arc de Triomphe

37: As we rounded the corner, everyone's breath was taken away at our first real glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. A moment from this trip I will never forget. | Notre Dame at night with Kamron, Nicole, and Tracie.

38: First breakfast in Paris. Best fresh bread ever, with real butter of course! | On the train to Versailles. | Versailles

39: We all really enjoyed our time spent walking around outside admiring the buildings and walking through the gardens.

40: After we left Versailles we were on our own for lunch before heading back to Notre Dame. Several of us ate a a fast food restaurant that wasn't McDonald's because we were craving hamburgers. | Notre Dame

41: Steph found Waldo in Paris! Something familiar among all the unfamiliar to us! | This is the Latin Quarter shopping/entertainment portion of Paris that we hung out in during most of our free time. It included free Wi-fi at just the right spot, wonderful scarf shopping, crepes, and of course our memorable happy hour experience. | Nutella crepe. | Our FAVORITE crepe maker. He always seemed to know just what we all wanted. Maybe it was because we visited him so many times?!

42: Sacre-Coeur a.k.a. Church of the Sacred Heart. | View from the base of the church. | Moulin Rouge in the 'Red Light District' | Explored with Will and Tracie to see this church which is known for its organ.

43: Our hostel in Paris had it's own unique, disgusting charm.

44: The Louvre | And I quote: "Welp, there she is. Go look at her." - Doc Kyle

45: After we were finished at the Louvre, we were on our own for lunch until meeting back as a group to go to the Eiffel Tower.This lovely group of girls and I got sandwiches in the Latin Quarter and at them outside of Notre Dame.

46: The crepe making process, since we frequented this stand often.

47: Eiffel Tower! We only got to go up part way because of the weather. But it was still a beautiful view.

48: It's hard to get enough of the Eiffel Tower, especially at night. We had a fun photoshoot before going out for the evening!

49: And there's another typical breakfast for me! | free day in Paris! | McDonald's | This mall was ridiculously large and challenging to navigate through. | Arc de Triomphe | Dayna and I needed an ice cream break during our long day at the mall. | lego Eiffel Tower

50: Dayna and I were pretty excited to find the American section in the grocery store in the mall in Paris! | Last panini in Paris... not quite sure what kind of meet it was... but it tasted good. | And one final crepe from our favorite and frequently visited crepe stand. | In the elevator in our hostel

51: On our train ride to Zurich! | One of my snacks on this train ride was a French version of Bugles. | Also, Nutella-to-go! | One of our views from the train.

52: Our hostel in Zurich

53: Zurich at nighttime

54: Zurich was the perfect city in the middle of our trip to relax. We spent much time in the lobby of our hostel playing games, talking, and getting to know each other. | First supper in Zurich.

55: Lake Zurich

56: Anabaptist walk around Zurich.

57: 188 steps to the top for this beautiful view of Zurich

58: I ate many of these Kebabs in both Switzerland and Italy. Very tasty! | Destinee, ARails, and Me trying to eat our Kebabs without making too much of a mess. | Grocery store down the road from our hostel where we bought a lot of chocolate as well as other snacks and ate dinner in the restaurant.

59: Our time in Zurich was short, but sweet. On to Munich! | Of course... my last breakfast in Zurich. | Cassie was my seat buddy on this train ride and Elissa and Erin sat across from us. | Sometimes our train rides got a little long, so Will made the best out of it with our Babybel cheese wax covers. This was a typical lunch for us on our train rides. We loved our visits to the grocery store the night before leaving, it often involved us trying something new. Train rides also consisted of quality journal writing time, as Erin is displaying here.

60: Munich, Germany

61: After showing us around Germany our first night there, Doc left us in front of the Hofbrauhaus which is Munich's famous touristy beer hall. A good majority of the group decided to stay, although we split up in groups to eat. | Tracie with the huge pretzel we split in order to finish our liter sized Radler ... Beer and Sprite. | Me with my Radler. Although it took quite some time, I did finish the whole thing. I must say, I was quite proud. | My sausage "platter" (four different kinds) and cheesy potatoes which all tasted very good.

62: Hofbrauhaus

63: The four of us were the only ones to make it through all of our drinks and dinner. Everyone else who was with us ended up leaving before we were finished. We were left to navigate ourselves back to the hostel which ended up being a funny experience. Peter, Nicole, Tracie, and Me. | We hadn't seen snow all winter when we left for Europe, so we were all very excited to wake up to this view our first morning in Munich! | You would think I was sick of bread and butter by this point ..... it's a good thing I REALLY like fresh bread and real butter.

64: Dachau Concentration Camp | The day we went to Dachau was cold and dreary. Pretty fitting for the environment we were in. It was insane to be walking on the grounds of a place with such a terrible history. We definitely learned a lot and saw a lot. It is hard to believe the way people were treated at these concentration camps. And to actually be walking in the building where they lived and seeing the torture chambers put everything we'd learned in history classes into a little better perspective.

66: After finishing at Dachau, we were on our own for 'lunch' at 3:00 in the afternoon. Several of us headed back to Marienplatz (old town), which was basically the shopping district, to find something to eat. We at at this little restaurant that had both hot and cold foods as well as many delicious pastry and dessert items. Erin and I both ordered this sandwich that basically tasted like meatloaf on a bun. Then Cassie and I shared the cinnamon role and nougat ring. | Thank goodness for Apple stores! We made frequent stops here to use the free Wi-fi to check our Facebook and emails. It was always packed with shoppers and others who were also using it for its free internet access. | I had been craving a donut so bad so we stopped in this little pastry shop to get one before heading back to the hostel for the evening. It wasn't quite what I had been wanting, but was still very tasty.

67: This Penny Market was right across the street from our hostel. Quite convenient because we ended up buying stuff for sandwiches in the evening so we could stay in and relax in our warm hotel room one evening. It also served as our lunch for our next train ride.

68: A fun evening spent at the hostel re-packing and organizing, playing MASH, and much laughter!

69: Munich Hostel

70: Bread and butter. Bread and Butter. BREAD and BUTTER. Breakfast before we climbed the 307 steps to the top of St. Peter's church for this beautiful view of Munich.

71: Now on the the Deutsches Museum. It was a nice change from all the other museums we had been to, it wasn't just paintings and sculptures.

72: Deustches Museum

73: BMW Welt

74: Cassie, Erin and I ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe after visiting the BMW Welt. | The strongest Mojito I have ever had.

75: After dinner at Hard Rock, Cassie, Erin and I spent our last evening in Munich relaxing and of course repacking our bags before our next day of travel. This is what Our room looked like with 6 girls in it! | Cassie and I in our matching pajama pants! | I had to help Dayna repack her bag so she could fit everything in!

76: Travel to Venice. Before we left, Doc kept telling us how we probably wouldn't make it to Venice on time because Italian trains run on their own schedules. Lucky for us, we made it to both trains and Venice at the times we expected to.

77: We had a layover time in Verona where we found some food and basically just sat on and around our luggage before it was time to board the next train to Venice.

78: Venice, Italy Hostel

79: On our first night in Venice, Doc walked us around for about 45 minutes to get us used to the area and to show us some hot spots. Venturing around Venice wasn't as easy as the other cities we had been in since we had to walk everywhere on foot and the streets get kind of confusing. | This is the view from right outside of our hostel. | Piazzo San Marco. The main public square in Venice. has been featured in many movies. Beautiful both at night and during the daytime.

80: Continuing with our first night in Venice, Tracie, Nicole, Kamron, Will, Caleb, David and I found a cute little restaurant to eat at. Our first experience with authentic Italian pasta. We all ordered spaghetti and meatballs and shared a bottle of red wine. It is true what you hear, Italian food is a lot more bland compared to American Italian food. But it was all still very delicious. We finished the evening with our first gelato before heading back to the hostel.

81: Our one and only full day in Venice was extremely cold and windy in part because of the Adriatic Sea. But that didn't stop us from venturing out to experience this wonderful city. The morning started with Doc walked us around and told us about the city. Before we were let loose on our own, the art students toured a museum while the rest of the group toured the Casa Ducale. It was beautiful, but much like all the cathedrals and palaces we entered on this trip, it looked about the same as the last.

82: The Grand Canal

83: Snapshots of Venice

85: Pizza and Gelato were staples for us during our time in Italy.

88: Another Kebab for supper and what looked like a New Year's Cookie for dessert. It ended up having a coffee flavored cream filling. | Eventually the three of us went back to the hostel and had some fun trying on our masks!

89: Next stop: Rome!

90: Hotel in Roma! | Everyone enjoyed the chance to use the free internet any chance we got when we had free time at the hotel!

91: Santa Maria Church The largest Roman Catholic Marian Church in Rome.

92: Kebab for dinner before heading to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain our first night in Rome. | Dayna and I at the top of the 136 Spanish Steps! | All the girls on the Spanish Steps... well all but Kelsey who didn't get off the metro at the right stop...

93: Trevi Fountain!

94: Gelato by the Trevi Fountain. Can it get more Italian than that? I had waited our entire trip for it, and it did not disappoint!

95: Hotel Party!!! One of the funnest and funniest nights of the trip!

96: yes... that would be breakfast... again | The Vatican | After Doc told us about the Vatican. we were free to tour it as we pleased for the rest of the day. Will and I had quite the adventure walking through so much Catholic history together.

97: St. Peter's Basilica - the largest church in the world!

99: A large part of the group climbed the 512 steps to the top of St. Peter's Basilica. It was not an easy climb, but it was totally worth it. The view from the top was amazing!

100: So, Will and I ditched the rest of the group (21 days is a LONG time to spend with the same people overseas) and spent our time roaming around the Vatican together. We eventually ate our lunch in the cafe which soon became flooded with Asian tourists. We also had quite the experience with a vending machine. All for a bottle of water. We truly believe that maybe we were being punished a little for making fun of all the Catholicism that surrounded us. Alas, a scary Italian man helped us to eventually get our water... to which we were asked "gas or no gas?"

101: More of the Vatican

102: After Will and I finished our long day at the Vatican, we left the group, yet again, for our "date." Basically, we just needed time away from the group. We returned to the Spanish Steps to see them in the daylight, then to the Trevi Fountain for gelato before dinner. After gelato we found a little restaurant to eat at where I had a creamy pasta. We sat and talked for a long time before going back to the Trevi and having our Bacardi Breezers. Then it was time to head back to the hostel for the night.

104: another breakfast before a long day of site-seeing in Rome | Erin, Destinee, Cassie, Doc, Stephanie, and Me in the Colosseum! | Cassie, Destinee, Erin, Steph, and Me outside the Colosseum | The Roman Colosseum!

105: Colosseum | We always needed a good jumping picture! | Steph and I showing off what we learned from observing so many Asian tourists in Rome!

106: After walking around the Colosseum for a while, the group headed over to The Palatino, the palace where the Emperor's lived.

107: Now on to the most frustrating part of our day. From the Palatino, we were headed to what we were told was St. Paul's prison To make a very long story short, once we arrived, we found out it is now St. Peter's prison, changed from when Doc was last there two years ago. After the 45 minutes it took for us to find it and for Doc to purchase our tickets, we took an audio guided tour. Everyone was very annoyed and disappointed, even Doc, especially because it had thrown off our whole day's schedule! | Kamron making sure she didn't have two tickets stuck together at the Catacombs. No pictures were allowed inside, but it ended up being a really cool tour! | Faking excitement for our audio guides. This is the McDonald's meal that I ate in the 20 minutes we had between the prison and heading over to the Catacombs.

108: The Colosseum lit up before heading back for dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.

109: Our "American" breakfast at the same restaurant we had eaten supper at the night before. | Erin, Cassie, and I ventured over to see the Pantheon on our last day in Rome. It is a good thing I know how to read a map or else we may have never gotten there!

110: We had heard there was a really good gelato place near the Pantheon... they weren't lying!

111: Back to the Trevi Fountain for one last time!

112: After having pizza for supper, Cassie, Erin, and I headed back to the hotel to rest, repack, and journal on our last night in Rome. | The bags I brought home for myself, mom, and sisters. | Packing party snacks! | I am still amazed at how I got so much stuff home!

113: Last breakfast in Rome! Before leaving the hotel we had heard several times that our flight home was canceled because of weather on the east coast. But every time we called the airport they said it was still going. When we arrived at the airport, we found out that it was in fact canceled. After much discussion and debating, Doc finally got us tickets to get back to the U.S. as soon as we all could on one flight. it was a long next two days on airplanes and in airports. | Trying to make the best of our time waiting for Doc to make a decision on tickets. | We were all quite obviously thrilled about the news we had received...

114: Our long travel home... We all got really good at siting/laying/sleeping on airport floors and wherever we could get comfortable. I would say we ended up making the most of it. After all, it had been a great trip! | When we FINALLY boarded our flight out of Rome, I was the lucky one who had the seat by Doc. It was quite the experience. And come to find out, 8 hours into the flight, the majority of our group had rows of seats to themselves and hadn't told me! | airplane food. enough said.

115: Finally back in America! | We spent a lot of time sitting and laying on the floors in airports during our layovers. We were all exhausted by the time we finally got home. And of course we all enjoyed good American McDonald's as our first meal back in the states.

116: It was so good to finally be home and sharing stories with my family! And all of the stuff I got for them and for myself as memories of an amazing trip!

117: Quotes | London " I usually come late to theses things cuz I have metal in my hips so I get treated like a terrorist!" - Doc Kyle "And in Venice all you have to worry about is not falling in the canal." - Doc "I'm tired, uncomfortable and greasy" - me on the plane to London "they are all crackpots!" - Doc referring to the speakers at Speaker's Corner "Wow! Doc Kyle is just tootling right along!" - Will "Yea and he doesn't even have real hips!" - me "Get drunk and become somebody!" - speaker at speaker's corner "Mind the Gap" - London Tube | "Mind the gap, which is 300 feet away, but still, mind the gap." - Tracie "There is less smoking in America..." - Doc "It's kind of nice" - Nicole "What, smoking?!" - Doc Walking into Westminster Abbey "I feel like I'm in the 'Sound of Music'" - me "I feel like I'm in Hogwarts!" - Erin "Oh you're writing it down too?" - me "YEA!" -Erin | Paris "Did someone drop their brownie?" - Peter referring too the poop on the metro stairs "Okay, there's the little green man, we can go now" - Doc

118: Paris "Welp, there she is, go see her." - Doc about the Mona Lisa "More?!" - Will Confused French waitress... "Encore!" - Kamron "It's like the Mall of America, just..." - Me "on steroids!" - Dayna "I kinda wanna throw my Bible away so I don't have to carry it around." - Nicole "The metro shouldn't be busy because it's Sunday morning and everyone's recovering from Saturday night!" - Doc "I sure hope it doesn't taste like paper towels!" - Gabe eating a "Bounty" candy Zurich "I flashed him and he didn't do anything!" - Kamron "Oh I bet he did something!" - Caleb | "Does anyone want to go brush their teeth?" - Nicole "It was really inconvenient because halfway through I had to get more francs..." - Peter "Eat some swiss cheese, get some energy, and go!" - Will "Is he pulling out now?!" - Caleb "Well in the brochure it says..." - Doc correcting our guide in a Zurich church Munich "Who brought the nail polish?!" - Me "Can we use it? I mean... can they use it?"- Gabe Venice "Even your wost enemy you can put up with for an hour" - Doc on the train from Verona to Venice

119: Venice "Does anyone know what these platforms are for?- Doc "My performance tomorrow?!" -Kamron "Well, not exactly..." -Doc "it leaks..." - Erin trying to figure out our heater in hotel room "Just get on! Don't clog the aisle! Worry about your luggage later! I'll tell you seat numbers when everyone's on!" -Doc, on every train ride "Narnia!" -Dayna, on the train to Rome, the whole train was quiet, we came out of a tunnel and she yelled this! Rome "Leave it to the Italians to make something more complicated than it has to be." -Doc, escalator in metro "I don't know what they would do if they had a more complicated subway system" - Doc | " I wonder if she has the sort of sense to do that." -Doc when Kelsey missed our stop on the metro the first night in Rome "You're probably too young to remember..... I'm too young to remember." -Doc "Gas or no gas?" -when ordering water "I usually let the Italians go first cuz I figure they know what they're doing." -Doc crossing the street to the Catacombs

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