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Eve 3-4

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Eve 3-4 - Page Text Content

S: Eve Rhien Gilmore ~ 3 Years Old ~ 2011/2012

BC: Eve Rhien Gilmore 3 Years Old 2012-2013

FC: E | 3 Years Old

1: Our little princess is three!! | Happy 3rd Birthday Eve!

2: We had your Hello Kitty birthday party on Saturday, September 17th at 11:00 AM. We had breakfast food, cake, cupcakes, and ice-cream. You helped make the food and decorate the garage. Grandma and grandpa helped make the marshmallow centerpieces. They were a great hit!!

3: You received so many nice gifts. Barbie dolls, hello kitty things, jewelry, clothes, fleece blanket, book bag and lots of other fun things. You reacted to your gifts like you did for your first birthday. You get so excited over everything. You are so sweet!!

5: Wow look at all those gifts!!

6: Your new swing set and sandbox!! | Daddy built you a swing set with 2 slides and 4 swings. You helped stain it, but we kept telling you it was a tree stand for daddy to hunt deer so you didn't realize it was yours. After you opened your last gift you asked if there were more presents so I told you your big gift from us was outside. You went out screaming and giggling in excitement. You were so excited when I told you it was yours!! | The kids had so much fun playing outside. Grandpa and Uncle Rich took you all for a walk in the woods and showed you crickets.

7: Cash didn't know what to think about the sand.

8: You took a few pictures at your birthday party! You did a great job! | After you opened your gifts and played outside on your swing set, we sang Happy Birthday and you blew out your candle and ate cake and ice-cream. The kids loved your cake as much as you did. Cash really enjoyed eating it!

9: September 26, 2011 - Your Birthday!! We had Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner and Mimi, Papa, and Steph all stopped over to wish you a Happy Birthday. You got more presents! | Waiting patiently for the guys to get it lit! | Mimi and Papa brought you a mini hot air balloon. Daddy, Grandpa, and Papa had a hard time lighting it because it was soooo windy! After it was released you cried and cried because you wanted it back. | Grandma and Grandpa bought you a princess jeep and waited until your birthday to give it to you. You were soooo excited!! You loved it, but I think Cash was more excited than you. It was pretty late when you got it so you didn't drive it...just sat in it. | What's wrong with this picture?

10: Your first haircut at the beauty salon with Ashley!! | You got a dusting because daddy wants you to have long hair and won't let you get it cut. You loved every second of it. We all got our hair cut too and this was Cash's first time getting his hair cut too!

11: Look at that cute little butt! | Swim lessons at Clarion University | This was your last lesson. You got a little goody bag from Emily. | Lets go jump... | Get up there... | 1...2...3... | SPLASH!! | You jumped from the diving board. Big girl!! Emily was in the water and she caught you when you landed. You jumped twice. You've improved so much from last Spring. Mommy and daddy are so proud of you! | You loved going to the deep pool and watching the kids jump. You swam with 2 noodles the whole length of the pool. | Cash came to every lesson!

12: Paul Bunyan Show in Ohio | October 8th, we drove 3 1/2 hours to Cambridge, OH for the lumberjack fair. You two did great!! We left around 6:30 am and Papa went with us. There were a few shows we watched, but for the most part we sat in the shade and played with a water bottle. You two had fun and did great on the way home too. We got home around 8:00 pm.

13: Cash's 1st Birthday | We had Cash's party on October 22nd. We had the whole family over for cake and ice-cream. You opened all of his gifts for him and ran around with your cousins. It was a great party!

14: We went to Scotch Hill and carved pumpkins. You picked out the face and the skull for Cash. You were sick that weekend with a fever and cold, but we still went anyways. Once you got feeling better we went outside to take pictures by your pumpkins.

15: Grandma came with us to the Boo Bash at the Cranberry mall. We went trick-or-treating at each store in the mall. You got a lot of candy and had so much fun! Afterwards we went to Bob Evan's for dinner.

16: Halloween Party We went to a Halloween Party at Scotch Hill. They had a costume contest, cake walk, Chinese auction, and there was a ventriloquist. You were confused with the puppet, but you enjoyed dancing to the music. You won a pretty tea set and Cash won three little cars. The party was from 6:30-9:30. It was a great time! | Ethan/Woody | Owen/Buzz Lightyear | Aiden/Pirate | Witch's Brew | Ainsley/Bumblebee

17: Trick or Treat We went trick or treating in Leeper and walked to each house and then we stopped at Ashton's house. After that we went to Mimi's house. It was so cold and rainy out that we didn't want to go anywhere else. You had a lot of fun walking around with your rain boots on. | . | My little ladybug and bumblebee!

18: We went to Aunt Sis's house, Eloise's house and then to Mimi's. Owen, Ethan, and Wes were at Mimi's. You got a lot of yummy candy! | . | .

19: Once we got home from trick-or-treating, we gave you your Halloween gift. You and Cash got light up pumpkins and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" book. We had such a fun evening and you two were the cutest Ladybug and Bumblebee.

20: Thanksgiving at the Walter's

21: Tea Party

22: We used Mimi's "candy" ornaments this year and our tree looked so pretty. It was my favorite one out of all the years. Cash loved getting into it and ripping off the ornaments. You are a great helper! | Helping mommy decorate the Christmas tree.

23: Helping mommy make Christmas cookies! | Biscotti | Lemon and Orange | I made a cookie tray this year to take to Grandma's house. We made nuthorn cookies, sandwich cookies, snicker filled cookies, orange cookies, lemon cookies, biscotti, molasses cookies, and daddy made spritz cookies. They were all very yummy! You were a big help!

24: You sure loved picking on Cash while mommy tried to take a picture of you two for a Christmas card. | Christmas Photo Shoot!

25: Christmas Eve at the Walter's

26: We got up early to see if Santa came and he did! You slept in your pretty dress so you looked so cute on Christmas morning. You and Cash got so many nice things. You got a barbie fishing pole, dora kitchen, crib for your babies, dancing shoes, a stool, dora bat and ball, earphones that daddy picked out and many other things. As you can see in the picture to the left, you weren't too thrilled about the headphones. As soon as you opened them you said you didn't like them and you put them on the couch. We had such a good time opening up our gifts! Thank you Santa!! | .

29: You loved your Dora kitchen. That's what you asked Santa for. Santa ate all the cookies and drank his milk and he even left a note for you and Cash. | Daddy made me a whole bunch of coasters.

30: Christmas at Mimi & Papa's You and Cash were spoiled at Mimi's. They got you so many nice gifts!

31: Christmas at the Walter's You got a nice cleaning trolley set and loved it.

32: Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's Once again you, Cash, Mommy and Daddy got a lot of nice gifts. You got a real manican head to do hair and mommy got a curio cabinet. Grandma and Grandpa sure do spoil us. You and Cash enjoyed playing with all the cousins and eating lots of cookies.

34: Look at all of those presents! You and Cash loved helping me take down our tree. You cut it down with Cash's chainsaw. The Schreiber's came over during Christmas break to look at your new toys and see our tree.

36: Out with 2011 and in with 2012 | .

37: Happy New Year!! We had Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Roddy, Aunt Misty, Aiden and Ainsley over for dinner. We had a delicious dinner and then sang karaoke for awhile. You and Ainsley hogged the microphone! We were all in bed when the ball dropped. | . | .

38: Playing in the snow and sled riding with daddy!

39: Who said we couldn't have fun on a cold winter night?! You and Cash thought it would be fun to take all the cushions off the couch and jump on them. You two were having so much fun that I couldn't say no. You two sure are the best of buds and really enjoy playing with each other.

40: During the winter, daddy started working on our basement. This winter he got the pantry made, closet under the steps, and he put walls up for the 2 bedrooms and workout room. You really enjoyed helping us organize the basement. These were the before pictures so we could see what our basement looked like before we finish it. You and Cash thought it would be fun to wear daddy's shirts around the house. You two thought you were so big!

41: My little girl!! You love playing in my perfume and lotion.

42: HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY WESLEY! | Wes wasn't sure if he liked his cake or not.

43: We went to Scotch Hill to hunt for Easter eggs. You and Cash had so much fun! You both found a lot of eggs and received a lot of candy. It turned out to be a great day to hunt, just a little chilly. You looked so sweet in your bunny ears!

44: After we hunted for eggs at Scotch Hill we came home and colored eggs then went to Mimi's. You and Cash were not happy when the 12 eggs were done. You two did such a nice job...they looked so pretty! | Coloring Easter Eggs

45: Easter at Mimi and Papa's

46: Happy

47: Easter

48: We went to the kiddie pond in Cook Forest to fish and we didn't catch anything. Cash enjoyed it a little more than you but this was his first time fishing.

49: We camped out at Grandma's for Memorial Day Weekend. The Schreiber's brought their camper and camped out also. We had such a great weekend with all the cousins. Cash and Beau had a great time riding the John Deer while you and Jude got a little crazy on the go cart. | Mayfest at Grandma and Grandpa's

50: You, Aiden and Ainsley loved the water ball. It was so hot out! Mommy and Uncle Roddy even ran through the water. You guys thought it was fun to run up and touch the ball and let the water hit your face.

51: You wanted to get your face painted so we went up to the firehall, but once we got there you wanted nothing to do with it. We went on a hay ride to the church and there were fun slides that you and Ainsley loved going down. You two didn't want to leave, but we had to hurry so we made it back in time to watch the parade. | .

52: Daddy didn't feel good on Father's Day, but he sure did love his gifts. He got a hitch and a pair of shoes. Daddy loved the princess card you got him that you could record your voice on. | Happy Father's Day, Daddy!! | We love you so much!!

53: Summer Fun | Aunt Gina and I took all you kids and baby Lane to Bendigo in Johnsonburg to play on the playground, swim and play in the sand. You guys had so much fun.! Uncle Rich was working a Cursillo and daddy was at work. We had such a busy, fun weekend. On Saturday, we went to mass and then went to Hoss's for dinner. Afterwards, we went to Holy Hour from 10:00-11:00 pm and sat in the cry room. Sunday we went to ECC where the Cursillo was and we went to the closing which lasted from about 4:30-8:30. For all the running around we did, you all sure did a great job! Aunt Gina and I were EXHAUSTED by Sunday evening, but it will be a weekend we will never forget!! | Beau Thomas, Jude Rodney, Eli James, Eve Rhien, Wynn Marie, Cash Leo Age 3 Age 4 Age 6 Age 3 Age 1 Age 1

57: We got to Galeton around 1:30 pm on Saturday and we played outside until it was time to watch the fireworks. The fireworks were awesome this year! You wore daddy's ear muffs and looked so sweet in them. Cash fell asleep on Papa's lap before the fireworks started and slept through them. On Sunday we went to church, ate breakfast and then headed for home. On the way home, we stopped at the Kinzua bridge. It was a great 4th of July!!

58: We walked back a trail and found a swinging bridge. Daddy is bad!! | We went camping with the Breniman's and Walter's July 19-21. We got to the campsite Thursday evening around 7 pm. Daddy got the tent put up, but then decided to cook dinner. It started to pour down rain and you kids enjoyed playing in the rain and water puddles. You were soaked down to your underwear! It poured all night, but the four of us slept great. Uncle Mat had a flood in his new tent which had a hole in it. It rained pretty much all day on Friday so we played in the rain and went for walks. We had an early dinner late lunch and ate mountain pies later in the evening. It did not rain from about 7 pm-9 pm and that was it. On Sunday we ate breakfast and packed up. For bad weather, you kids had a blast and we can't wait to do it again next year.

59: Camping Adventure Chapman State Park | Your boo-boo from falling while running to the swing set. You scrapped your knees, legs, shoulder and chin! | We stopped at the beach before going home. The water was chilly and there was goose poop everywhere. | Mud Monster

60: DiGiammarino Family Reunion | On July, 22nd we had our first family reunion at Cook Forest. Uncle Sam, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Frank, Aunt Susan, and all the Stephens' came. Everyone brought a covered dish and sat around and chatted. You kids enjoyed playing in the creek. You got so muddy and dirty, but you sure did look cute doing it! | Uncle Sam, Grandma, Uncle Frank and Aunt Lea Ann | Lacey with her mom. | Jill, Aunt Lea Ann, Carla and Uncle Ken

62: Picking tomatoes with daddy!

63: We had other things planted, but the critters got to them so you only got to pick tomatoes.

64: Waiting for the arrival of our new little baby. We didn't find out what the baby is, but you are hoping for a baby sister. If it's a girl you want to name her Emmy and if it's a boy you want to name him Nate. These pictures were taken the night before the baby was born. | You took this picture of daddy and I.

65: Liv Maris was born on Saturday, September 22 at 5:09 am. Mimi and Papa brought you and Cash to visit us at the hospital. You loved your little sister as soon as you saw her. | "Big Sister in Charge" | "Best Big Bro" | Mommy after an epidural.

66: Our first family photo.

67: You were so sweet with Liv as soon as you saw her! You wanted to lay in my bed and hold her the whole time. Liv and I stayed in the hospital 2 nights and we got home on Monday, September 24th. You came to the hospital with daddy to help take us home. I was so excited you came to help! Aunt Misty, Aiden and Ainsley came over to see Liv once we got home from the hospital and you made sure to let them know that she was YOUR baby sister. You didn't really enjoy anyone else holding her other than you. You are a great big sister to Live already!

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