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Everyday Hero

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FC: EVERYDAY HERO | Kaleigh Hall Mrs. Taylor 3A

1: One day Chief Payne and his family were having a family picnic. They were all catching up about their week, playing soccer, and having fun. It has been a long time since he has had time to spend with his family, so getting this chance was a treat for everyone. They all sat around the picnic table eating lunch, laughing, enjoying each others company when all of the sudden Chief Payne’s Phone started to ring. He ran inside unaware of what was about to happen. Once he got to the phone and answered, his boss Mr. Holly was telling him that there was a huge fire and they needed all the help they could get. Chief Payne ran and told his family that he had to leave, they all understood shaking their heads in approval. He proceeded to grab the things he needed and headed to his car.

2: As soon as he opened the door he turned on his computer to find the address of the fire. Immediately after, he followed the GPS to the location. The lights on his car were flashing bright red and blue as he sped down the highway, turning sharp turns until he reached his destination. Once he parked, he ran over to the fire truck to grab his gear. The gear he used was really heavy and hot for protection, but the fire made it ten times worse. His pants are yellow with a reflecting tape that runs down the side, black suspenders that hold up the pants, and a yellow jacket with the same reflecting tape on the sleeves, pockets, and on parts of his back. His helmet is black with the same tape around the frame and on the top of the helmet. This special tape is made to reflect light to know who's there in the midnight darkness. After he is all suited up he's ready to enter the house.

3: Right as he opened the door solid black smoke shout out with anger towards his face. He left the door open so the smoke could ventilate out and would hopefully let the darkness escape. There were two stories to this building so if anyone was here he would have to get them out as fast as possible in-case the building were to collapse. He walked around the base of the house trying to find the beginning of the fire, spraying the little ones along the way. As Chief Payne walked towards the stairs he heard a faint cry, not knowing where it came from.

4: The brave firefighter carefully worked his way towards the stairs trying not to make any sudden move to disturb the structure of the building. As he got higher up on the stairs the cry became louder. He ran up the stairs careful of his pathway and yelled out to the cry hoping for a response. Yet another cry came out this time it was understandable, “HELP” Chief Payne then knew what to do. He called back out to the responder. They had kept repeating calls until Chief Payne found a little girl trapped under a broken wall that had probably fallen on her as she tried to escape the burning house.

5: When Chief Payne saw how much trouble she was in, he tried to calm her down to get her to explain what was wrong. He kept asking the little girl questions to help her loose the thought of being stuck. "What's your name sweetheart?" Chief Payne asked focusing on the board laying on top of her back. "Kelsey, are you here to help me?" She asked full of concern. Chief Payne bent down to look her in the face. "I will get you out of here, don't worry you are in good hands." This seemed to calm Kelsey down to where her body was relaxed and could now listen to the instructions and carefully follow.

6: Chief Payne could tell she was really frightened, so he called a Mr. Holly on the walkie talkie, and asked him to put Kelsey's Parents on. He handed his walkie talkie to Kelsey so she could communicate to them as Chief Payne got the wood to loosen up.

7: Once he got the wood to crack that was holding her against the wall, careful to avoid hitting Kelsey, he picked it up and threw it off to the side. Thats when he noticed how close the fire was getting on the other side of he, it was almost the them. He had to get her out fast. Chief Payne didn't want to worry Kelsey so he didn't let her see behind them. The fire started to grow and soon it would reach Kelsey's legs. He had no time to waste. Chief Payne Had to think of a plan and fast, But what would it be? First things first, Safety. Kelsey was almost unstuck so if he sprayed the fire it might buy him enough time to get her out.

8: That is exactly what Chief Payne did, He grabbed the fire hose that was still laying on the stairs and shot the water up over the railing right behind Kelsey's feet. Spraying until he saw white smoke rise in to the air, showing that the fire was suffocated and burnt out. Chief Payne ran back to Kelsey and started to break part of the wall that had fallen on top of her. Now that the other board was gone he had a better chance at breaking the wall and avoiding Kelsey in the process. Chief Payne turned around and grab the hammer out of his pile of tools, but when he turned back around the fire that he thought he had just put out was now twice as big and still growing. What was he going to do now?

9: Then it hit him, he ran down stairs as fast as he could and grabbed a chain saw. Careful on his way back up he carried it to Kelsey. "What do you think you are doing with that?" Asked Kelsey her voice full of fear. "Don't worry I'm just going to cut the wall above you and then break it and slide you out, but we don't have much time because the fire is growing and I really need to get you out of here." Chief Payne answered as he started the chain saw and began to slowly cut a whole into the wall directly above her. Kelsey covered her face so the dust wouldn't fall into her eyes and mouth, when Chief Payne finished cutting the wall he kicked it right above Kelsey's back and the wall crumbed all over her.

10: The fire was almost to them, Chief Payne quickly broke the rest of the wall and picked Kelsey up and away from the fire. They both quickly brushed all of the dirt off of her and ran down the stairs and out of the house. They both were safe from the fire and could now go spend some time with their families. "Thank you so much for saving my life Chief Payne!" said Kelsey as she gave him a really big hug. "Your welcome Kelsey, I'm just glad you are safe" He said in reply. Then with that he packed up and went home to spend the rest of the day with his family just as Kelsey did as she was reunited with her family.

11: THE END(:

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