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Exploring chile

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S: Exploring Chile by Jon & Eli

BC: Chi Chi Chi... Le Le Le | VIVA CHILE!!!!

FC: Exploring Chile | 2011-2017

1: There's a reason they call this country, "Chile Lindo". It is an extremely beautiful place to live. Chile is very narrow, yet covers over 4,700 km from NorIn to South. That's over 2,650 miles fr9m tip to tip. Chile has a diverse landscape, full of volcanoes, glaciers, mountains. beaches, vineyards, deserts, and many animals. In the past six years, my mother, Sarah Deidrick Timms, had been down to Chile no less than 8 times, both to travel and to take care of me during my diagnosis with MBC in 2012. Jon and I love living here, and we love visiting this beautiful country with my mom. My blog was inspiredby a quote from American essayist and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thank you, mimsa, for helping me achieve some of these: | To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) American Essayist & Poet

2: Destination: Algarrobo | Above: Sunset Pisco Sours from Hotel Medio Mundo

3: Algarrobo is the closest beach town to Santiago. Jon and Eli first visited on a three day weekend in the spring of 2011 and enjoyed the scenery and laid-back vibe very much. Algarrobo is an easy drive from many other beach towns like Quintay, El Quisco, Valparaiso, and Isla Negra (Pablo Neruda's home). When Jon's parents came to visit in the summer of 2013 we knew they would love some time at the beach so we made reservations at San Alfonso del Mar, a resort known for having the biggest pool in the world. It was a fun and relaxing time! Kublai and Chingy also enjoy the beach there when they get to run around with their friends Amigo and Luna. | Bird Estuary near San Alfonso del Mar

4: Algarrobo: San Alfonso del Mar | World's Largest Swimming Pool | The Krumtingers at Sunset | View from our apartment window | The sun sets over the pool at San Alfonso

5: Algarrobo: El Quisco and Isla Negra | Pier in El Quisco | Front of Pablo Neruda's Home | Jon and Eli at the beach | Pelicans | View from Isla Negra's backyard

6: Algarobbo: Quintay | View of Quintay bay from the whaling station

8: Destination: Cajon del Maipo | Above: The Rio Maipo Runs Through the Canyon

9: The Cajon del Maipo is about an hour and a half from Santiago. A popular weekend getaway from the city, the canyon offers hiking, rafting, and camping. Jon and Eli have been to the canyon many times. On the first visit they hiked to the waterfalls in Cascada de las Animas with Eli's parents. They later camped there over the Easter holiday and hiked to El Morro glacier. Eli also attended a girls weekend at Refugio lo Valdes and has since spent many weekends in the area. It's a great place to get away and relax in nature. | Above: Las Cascadas de las Animas

10: Cajon del Maipo: Reserva Nacional El Morado | Above: The ladies at the beginning of the glacier hike

11: On Easter Weekend in 2012, Jon, Eli, and Chingy joined Shannon, Daniel, Regan, Meredith, and the Flanagans for a camping trip in the Cajon del Maipo. They pitched tents at Cascada de las Animas and enjoyed a great hike to the gorgeous El Morado glacier. The second trip was to a refugio with the gang. Gluttons for punishment, hey later returned to bring Sarah and Ryu to the reservoir, "embalse el yeso.: | El Morado Glacier

12: Cajon del Maipo: Refugio Lo Valdes

13: In May of 2012, the Nido Newbie ladies went on a girls weekend to a refuge in the canyon. We hiked, visited a thermal hot springs and took in the glory of the Andes. Unfortunately many of the girls became very ill and Renea came down with appendicitis! At least we got some beautiful pictures though... | Bottom Left: Eli strikes a pose at the top of the hike Bottom Center: Sunset over the Andes | Left: Wreckage of a LAN flight from the 60s Top Right: Relaxing in the hot springs of Banos Colina Bottom Right: Meredith, Renea, Beth, Eli, and Shannon enjoy the hike

14: Destination: Casablanca | The Valley in Bloom en route to Estancia el Cuadro

15: Casablanca is a wine region to the west of Santiago, on the way to Valpo. The area is known for its white wine due to the cool coastal breezes that blow through the area. It is one of our favorite excursions from the city as we love the amazing wine, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. We enjoy taking visitors to Casablanca for an authentic Chilean wine experience. Our favorite vineyards include Veramonte, Emiliana, Casas del Bosque, Indomita, and Vina Matetic. | Jon teaches David the art of tasting

16: WINE | TOP LEFT: Llamas at Emiliana TOP CENTER: Grapes on the Vine TOP RIGHT: Sandi and Jim tasting at Veramonte CENTER LEFT: An entree at Vina Indomita CENTER RIGHT: House restaurant for Amy's 40th BOTTOM LEFT: Viña Indomita

17: TOP LEFT and BOTTOM RIGHT: Casas del Bosque TOP RIGHT: Vina Mar RIGHT AND BOTTOM LEFT: William Cole Winery

18: This Page: Views of the Casablanca Valley, Next Page: Estancia El Cuadro, Veramonte, & Emiliana

19: The Timms Family Enjoys Their Tasting at Emiliana

20: Destination: Elqui Valley

21: The Elqui Valley is located about 70 kilometers east of La Serena in north-central Chile. Jon, Eli, Sandi, David, and Sara spent three days in the valley in January of 2012. While there we enjoyed horseback riding, gazing at the stars, visiting quaint local towns, and sampling Pisco, the famous Chilean liquor. The valley was also home to the Noble Prize winning poet, Gabriela Mistral so we visited her school and grave. We all enjoyed the beautiful scenery and mystic culture of the area. | Above: A view of Elqui Valley's vineyards | The spirit of the valley | A dreamcatcher

22: Jon and Eli at Puclaro Dam | Diagram of the Valley | Thatched Roofs set against the granite cliffs of the valley

23: Elqui Valley: Montegrande and Vicuna | German Clock Tower in Vicuna | Statue in Montegrande | Horseback riding in Cochiguaz Valley | Church in Montegrande

24: Elqui Valley: Mamalluca Observatory

25: Above: The Moon as seen from the observatory's telescopes

26: Elqui Valley: Pisco Elqui | Clockwise Top to Bottom: Church in Pisco Elqui Plaza, Mystical Graffiti Art, Statue in the Plaza, Pisco Distilleries at Pisco Mistral, View of Church at Sunset, Church in Alcohaus, Sandi and Sara enjoying their Pisco, Pisco Grapes

28: Destination: Easter Island

29: Easter Island, otherwise known as Isla de Pascua, or Rapa Nui, is unlike any other place in the world. Once you arrive on the remote island you get the feeling you are alone in the world, because you are completely surrounded by ocean! And also Moai statues. Did these large, stone sculptures get there by walking their spirits? Did humans, like our guide, who supposedly worked for Nasa and married a local woman who lived in a cave, wheel them there? Were the rock faces carved at the volcanic center in Rano Raraku and moved? The island has heavy Polynesian influences in both the food and dancing which is just like a Hawaiian luau. Easter Island was annexed by Chile in 1888, and can only be reached by plane from Santiago twice a day, or Tahiti, once a week. Not ones to shy away from exotic World Heritage destinations, mom, Jon, and Lizzy traveled to Easter Island in the summer of 2015, when Eli had her first diagnosis with brain cancer.

30: Never a day passes but that I do myself the honor to commune with some of nature's varied forms. -George Washington Carver | Easter Island: Rano Roraku

32: Easter Island: South Coast

34: As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I'll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can. -John Muir | Easter Island: North Coast & Anakena Beach

36: Easter Island: Rano Kau and Orango Village

38: Easter Island: Paul's Ahu Tahai at Sunset | July, 2014

40: Easter Island: Ahu Tongakari

42: Easter Island: Ahu Tongariki

44: Easter Island: Hanga Roa

46: Easter Island: Ahu Akivi

47: Easter Island: Kari Kari Show -Much like the Hawaian hula dancers, the Rapa Nui showed off their culture and dress for us in a traditional dance show for us tourists. They did the war dance, drum dance, and several hip dances in Polynesian style. The group enjoyed the music and energy put forth in the Kari Kari dance show.

48: Destination: | Jon and Eli visited La Serena in January of 2012 with Eli's parents and Jon's mom. La Serena is a popular beach resort about five hours drive north of Santiago. The beach was very crowded and reminded Sandi of the Alabama coastline where the Krumtinger family used to vacation. The city of La Serena is a Spanish colonial town wih several beautiful churches, plazas, and marketplaces. The group of us spent a few days taking in the sun and surf and also made some day trips to visit some of the areas other

49: attractions. On the drive up we stopped at Parque Nacional Fray Jorge, famous for it's unique ecosystem: a cloud rainforest in the middle of the arid desert. In addition we drove two hours north in an attempt to visit the National Humboldt Penguin Reserve but unfortunately were unable to visit the penguins due to a potential tsunami warning. After the disappointment, we enjoyed a few days' visit to the Elqui Valley, which was highly enjoyable. | La Serena | Crowds flock to the beach in summer

50: La Serena: Ciudad Antigua | Local Goods on Display at the market

51: The family dines at El Parron | Bottom Left to Right: Iglesia Santo Domingo, Iglesia San Francisco, and Catedral de La Serena

52: La Serena: Parque Nacional Fray Jorge & | Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

53: Opposite Page: The group examines the cloud forest at Fray Jorge and enjoys the boardwalk tour of the scenery This Page: Fishermen boats, used to take tourists to the penguin island lay unused due to the rough, choppy waters caused by a Peruvian earthquake the day before.

54: Los Andes is a small, traditional town at the foothills of the Andes mountains. It is the last Chilean town before the border crossing with Argentina, high up in the mountains. Jon and Eli traveled that road during their Dieciocho trip to Mendoza in 2012 with the Popes. The mountain scenery was stark and snowy, and the height of Mt. Aconcagua was startling. Lizzy visited the town of Los Andes during winter break of 2013 with her mom. They visited the Plaza de Armas and the Santuario de Santa Teresa de los Andes, and were amazed by the ancient mummy in the town's museum. Los Andes is also surrounded by the Aconcagua wine valley, where Eli had a bachelorette lunch with her friends before heading to Valpo for the night.

55: Destination: Los Andes | Above: Santuario de Auco

56: Foothills of the Andes Mountains | Top Left: The road to Mendoza Bottom Left: Statue of Bernardo O Higgins Bottom Center: Plaza de Armas Bottom Right: Mural of Gabriella Mistral Top Right: The Andes at the Chile/Argentina border Top Center: Church in Los Andes

58: Destination: Matanzas Beach | In the winter of 2015, Jon and Eli took mom and Randi to a beautiful Air BnB in Matanzas. The group had their own room in the house complete with view and bathroom. The house, especially the kitchen, quickly became our favorite beach destination. The group even made the unlikely spotting of a blue footed booby that had lost its way.

60: Destination: Pichilemu

61: We went to Pichilemu beach in the winter of 2016. Pichilemu is a surfing town located on the western coast of Chile. In May, there were not many people on the beach. Jon and Eli took David to a little hotel right on the beach where they could relax and listen to the waves. We took dad to the hotel, 8 al Mar, for his birthday, and a little R&R. Although it was the middle of winter, it was a beautiful beach location. We ordered take out and had a fabulous time

62: Destination: Pirque Concha y Toro

63: Destination: Pomaire | Both Pirque and Pomaire are small towns west of Santiago. Pirque is the headquarters of Concha y Toro winery, and Pomaire is famous for its clay pottery. Jon and Eli have taken many visitors there to buy cheap souvenir, such as colorful pots and casserole dishes. It is fun to eat at the traditional Chilean restaurants that serve pastel de choclo, parilladas, and the worlds' largest empanadas. After drinking Casillero del Diable at Cocha y Toro, you can stuff yourself with meat and watch the huaso danceers at the Vaquita la Echa. | Pomaire Clay Pots on Display | Giant Empanadas | L

64: Punta Arenas is the southernmost city in Chile, the gateway to Patagonia. In the summer of 2014-15 Jon, Eli, Sarah, and David flew into Punta Arenas and rented a car to explore the ends of the world. Punta Arenas is a nice. coastal city on the Straights of Magellan with a pretty plaza, beautiful flowers, and in close proximity of many penguins on Isla Magdalena. On the trip we also ventured to Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, El Calafate, and el Chatan. We had a great time driving over the Argentinian/Chile Patagonian border, although my dad and I almost got ourselves arrested while trying to use dad's British passport! Since mom has already made us a Patagonia book, the pictures and spreads in this Chile book will be brief.

65: Destination: Patagonia

67: Patagonia: Isla Magdalena

68: Patagonia: Puerto Natales and Northern Entrance

70: Destination: San Pedro de Atacama

71: Mom and I went to the Atacama desert in the fall of 2013 to celebrate my remission. San Pedro is a dusty, desert town with access to some amazing natural scenery in the Altiplano of northeastern Chile. We visited high altitude lakes, salt flats, Pre-Incan ruins, geysers, as well as moon, rainbow, and death valleys, In addition we saw tons of wildlife like vicunas, guanacos, flamingos, desert foxes, and vizcachas. The scenery was out of this world! | The Adobe restaurant on Caracoles Street | Church in the town square of San Pedro | The Cemetary outside of town

72: Atacama: Laguna Chaxa | Laguna Chaxa is part of the National Flamingo Reserve that surrounds the Salar de Atacama. We arrived at the lake at sunrise and really enjoyed the tranquility of the lake at dawn with the mountains bathed in early morning sun. Beautiful!

73: A lone flamingo feeds on brine at sunrise

74: Atacama: Flamingos at Sunrise

76: Atacama: High Altitude Lakes | Our tour of the Lagunas Altiplanicos took us to some of the most stunning scenery I've ever seen. Located over 4,000 meters above sea level, the vibrant blue of the glacial lakes stood out against the pastel shades of the surrounding mountains. In addition to two lakes, we also toured a large salt flat near Bolivia and saw amazing wildlife including rheas, vicunas and guanacos. It was a spectacular tour! | Top: Laguna Miscanti unfolds below us as we walk down the hill Bottom:A group of guanacos takes a drink at the edge of the lake

77: Above: Eli poses in front of Laguna Miscanti with Laguna Miniques in the background | Above: Strong winds create a ripple effect on the water at Salar de Aguas Calientes

78: Atacama: Salar de Aguas Calientes and the Oasis Towns | Opposite Page: Top Left: Bell Tower in Toconao Top Right: Old Church in Socaire BottomLeft:Street Scene in Toconao Bottom Right: Church in

80: Just a three kilometer walk from our hostal lie the ruins of Quitor. Dating from the 12th century, this is where the natives made one last stand against the Spanish before they were taken over. Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the steep hike to the top of the look out where the Spanish had displayed native heads as a reminder to all who dared disobey. Our efforts were rewarded by tremendous views of the valleys below. | Atacama: Pukara de Quitor

82: Valle de la Luna y | Top Center: Bottom Center: Top Right: Bottom Right: | Above: Volcan Licancabur as seen from Moon valley Below: The valley is a sand-boarder's paradise

83: Valle de la Muerte | On our second night in San Pedro, mom and I took a tour of the Valley of the Moon and Death Valley. We enjoyed the stark contrast between the wind-blown sand dunes and the arid salt and rock formations. Although rushed we also enjoyed watching the sun set over the valleys in beautiful shades of pink and purple. | Lunar Landscape Las Tres Marias formation Views of Death Valley from Quitor mom and I enjoy the sunset

84: Atacama: El Tatio Geysers

85: In order to visit El Tatio Geyser Field, mom and I woke up at 3:30 AM to ride a bus in the dark through the desert. It was absolutely freezing when we arrived, but it didn't diminish our enjoyment of watching the geysers bubble and smoke against the early morning sky. Even though it was no Yellowstone, we both enjoyed visiting the world's highest geothermal field.

87: Atacama: Rainbow Valley

88: Atacama: Wildlife

90: Destination: Santa Cruz | Above: Adobe houses typical of Central Chile

91: Entrance to Casa Silva | Ali and Lizzy with a view of the Lolol Valley | Santa Cruz is the main city in the heart of the Colchagua wine valley two and a half hours south of Santiago. The area is home to several beautiful wineries such as Casa Silva, Viu Manent, Vina Santa Cruz, Montes, and Montgras. Jon and Eli have been to the valley several times and really enjoy staying at Janine's bed and breakfast and eating in her Italian restaurant, Vino Bello. Santa Cruz is also the site of the annual Nido ladies weekend when Eli was first introduced to the region.

92: Santa Cruz Ruta del Vino: | Top: Jon and Eli enjoy a carriage ride up to the Bodega Bottom: The horse and buggy heads for the cone in an attempt to win the race

93: Vina Santa Cruz | Top: A smaller carriage turns the corner as it races by Bottom: Lizzy and Dad stop to ponder a Panama hat purchase

94: Santa Cruz Ruta del Vino:

95: Viu Manent and Casa Silva

96: Santa Cruz: Fall Foliage

97: Opposite Page: Fall Colors at Vina Montes Above Right: Old Chevy truck at Montes Above Left: Dining at Janine's restaurant, Vino Bello Center and Bottom Left: Grounds at Hotel Vino Bello Bottom Right: Jon Samples the Wine at Lara Hartwig

98: Destination: | Santiago

99: Santiago is the capital of Chile and the city that Jon and Eli lived in during their _ years teaching at Nido de Aguilas. Santiago is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city surrounded by the Andes mountains. Although Santiago does not have many tourist attractions to speak of, the city is well known for its Plaza de Armas, as well as the statue of Mary high atop Cerro San Cristobal. The two enjoy watching the sun set over the smoggy city from the top of the funicular. There are also several worthy museums to visit, including the Museum of Human Rights documenting the atrocities that took place in the Pinochet era. In addition, the city is home to many different neighborhoods, each with their unique atmosphere. The duo especially appreciate Barrios Yungay, Brasil, and Bellavista for their artistic charm. They also enjoy the many parks, statues, and restaurants that abound in the more upscale neighborhoods of Vitacura, Providencia, Las Condes, and La Dehesa, where the two spent the majority of their time. Jon and Eli loved living in Santiago due to its proximity to the mountains, beaches, and vineyards of Chile. What a great base for exploring this magnificent country! | This page: The National Cathedral of Chile, flanked by a modern high rise in Plaza de Armas

100: Santiago: Plaza de Armas

101: Santiago: Palacio La Moneda | The Palacio La Moneda is the presidential palace of Chile. Located on Bernardo OHiggins Avenue it was bombed in 1973 during the military coup that removed Salvador Allende and installed Pinochet. The best time to visit the palace is duirng the changing of the guard ceremony which happens every day around 10 AM. The plaza de armas is nearby where it is fun to spend some time people watching and visiting the National History museum. The Museo Cultural often houses excellent exhibitions such as the Samurai, Ming Dynasty, and Egyptian exhbits

103: Santiago: El Mercado Centro | In the spring of 2012, Mom and Lizzy checked out the Mercado Central, otherwise known as the fish market. The fish market was the first place in Santiago that we ate lunch. It is the typical thing to do in the city. Mom and Lizzy also explored Patronato, trying to find yet another Spicy Chile walking tour. They could not find it, so they explored Parque Forestal, the Mercado, and statues om their own. Although the duo was very close to La Vega. the fruit and vegetable market, it took another three years before it was visited. Eli had since been to Patronato many times to buy Asian, baking, beading, curtain, and party supplies.

104: Santiago: Bellas Artes & Parque Forestal

105: Cerro Santa Lucia

106: Santiago: Cerro San Cristobal

108: Santiago: Bellavista | The Patio Bellavista is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Santiago. As well as having some delicious lunch places like sandwich joint Ciudad Vieja, Peumayen restaurant, and Unele Fletch burger local, it is known primarily for its active nightlife. Bellavista is known for its lapiz lazuli and tourist shops. It is also home to much street art as well as Pablo Neruda's home in Santiago, La Chascona. Bellavista is both gritty and touristy and a great place to eat and take pictures.

110: Santiago: Street Art

111: Both Pages: Examples of graffiti in Barrios Yungay and Brasil

112: Yungay is an old residential neighborhood in Santiago. Filled with street art and colorful buildings, Yungay is a charming blend of small town living with modern amenities. The Boulevard Lavin, or French hairdresser, lies at the heart of the neighborhood and is a great place to visit due to the interesting knickknacks on the wall. Eli and Jon visited Yungay on the patrimonial Spicy Chile walking tour and really enjoyed it. | Santiago: Barrio Yungay

114: Santiago: Barrios Brasil & Concha y Toro | This Page: Top Left: Church in Barrio Brasil Top Right: Street Art seen on Spicy Chile tour Bottom Left: Plaza Brasil Bottom Right: Man feeding pigeons off plaza | Opposite Page: Top Left: 19th century mansion in Barrio Brasil Top Right: Colorful Graffiti Bottom Left: Church near Avenida Republica Bottom Right:Balcony in Concha y Toro

116: Barrio Italia | Barrio Italia is a neighborhood with many antique shops, jewelry stores, interesting restaurant, cafes, and boutique stores. Paris y Londres is a small barrio with a medieval European feel. right beside the Iglesia San Francisco. Both are fun day excursions in the heart of the city.

117: Barrio Paris y Londres

118: Santiago: Cementario General | In 2012, Mom and Lizzy explored the cemetery and Villa Gremaldi. Both places are moving tributes to the torture centers of the Pinochet era. Villa Grimaldi was a detention center for the Pinochet era. Although the torture center was destroyed, the peace park contains a rose garden for the mothers of the disappeared. The cemetery was nicer than Recoleta in Buenos Aires. Every single Chilean hero is buried in that ceremony.

119: Santiago: Villa Grimaldi

120: Santiago: La Dehesa

122: Santiago: Los Dominicos

123: Santiago: Valle Nevado

125: Santiago from left to right: -La Vega Market -Costanera Center and Sky Costanera -Buying underwear in Patronato -Sky Costanera -Incan Quipu -Museu de Arte Precolumbino -Me and Randi @ Sky Costanarea -Imtermational bear exposition, parque bicentenario -La Vega Market -Christmas tree, Plaza Central -Sculpture Park, Providencia -Park near Clinica las Condes -Chinchorro mummies, museo -Bear Sculptures, Parque Bicentenario

126: Sewell is a mining town outside of Rancagua, 1 1/2 hours south of Santiago. Nestled high in the Andes, it became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006. In order to visit Sewell, tourists have to take a bus ride on a twisty mountain road, past a very large copper mine. Dad, Ali, Mom and Lizzy took the tour in the spring of 2012 and all really enjoyed visiting the scenic ghost town. Most impressive was the historic staircase as well as the bowling alley and run-down buildings where the workers used to live.

127: Destination: Sewell | Historic Staircase, Sewell

128: Sewell: Mining Town

129: Top Left: Dormitories in disrepair Bottom Left: The town hospital Bottom Center: Ali and lizzy pose on the steps Bottom Right: View of the city as seen from the road Center: Bowling Alley circa 1912 Top Right: El Teniente Mine

130: Destination: Talca | Talca is a town in central Chile known for its wineries and authentic huaso villages. Eli and her mom visited Talca on a rainy weekend in July of 2013. Many of the sites had been destroyed by the earthquake of 2010, so they were a little disappointed in the trip. They did enjoy purchasing authentic horsehair souvenirs in the rural town of Rari and dining at the Miguel Torres restaurant in Curico.

131: Above: Chapel on the grounds of Balduzzi Winery

132: Talca: Rural Villages of Linares, Villa Alegre, & Rari

134: Downtown Talca

135: Curico: Miguel Torres Winery

136: Destination: Torres del Paine

137: During the Christmas/summer break of 2015-2016David, Sarah, Jon, and Eli flew down to Punta Arenas and rented a car so they could visit both the Argentinian and Chilean sides of Patagonia. On the Chilean side the group visited the southern-most town of Punta Arenas where they were greeted by heavy winds and Patagonian temperatures. On the docket was also a trip to Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales, Rio Serrano, and El Calafate end El Chaiten in Argentina. The view from the Rio Serrano lodge of the Torres del Paine massive behind the Rio Serrano was probably the best view I have seen from a window. Every night, the gang relaxed by sipping pisco sours, beer, and watched the sunset while playing trivia.

138: Torres del Paine: Rio and Glacier Serrano

141: Torres del Paine: Chile's National Park

143: Torres del Paine: Glacier Grey

145: Torres del Paine: Lago del Pehue | \

146: Valdivia is a port city and university town surrounded by the Rio Valdivia on the Southern coast. Jon and Eli visited the city at the end of their summer trip in January 2013 and greatly enjoyed their time there. The first day, they toured some Spanish forts located outside of town. Valdivia was the last Spanish stronghold during the Chilean battle for independence. After viewing the forts the duo took a tour of the Kunstmann Brewery and ate a delicious German meal in the brewery restaurant. The stuffed porkchop with spetzle and the lager sin filtro were both a big hit. The second day in Valdivia they walked along the river, toured the fish market, gawked at the sea lions, and later took a boat trip to the nature sanctuary north of town. Although there wasn't much to see at the sanctuary it was nice to be on the water for a day. | Above: Panamoric City View from Pedro de Valdivia Bridge | Destination: Valdivia

147: LEFT: View from Pedro de Valdivia Bridge RIGHT: Susnet from Hotel Naguillen

148: Valdivia: Kunstmann Brewery

149: Valdivia: Fish Market and River

150: Valdivia: Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary

151: Valdivia: Spanish Forts | LEFT: Torreon watch tower used to defend the city against Mapocho attacks CENTER Various views of Fort Niebla and Corral Bay TOP RIGHTt: Eli poses in front of the ruins of the fort on Isla Mancera

152: Destination: Valparaiso | Valparaiso is a coastal town about an hour and a half west of Santiago. Jon and Eli first visited the city during their Dieciocho holiday in September of 2011 and quickly fell in love with it. Since then they have been back many times, mostly to show family members and friends. Eli even had her Bachelorette party there in December of 2013. Valpo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the colorful and historic homes on the hills, which help to make it such a fun city to walk around. Usually the duo staying on Cerro Alegre or Cerro Constitucion, and enjoy visiting the Open Air Museum, shopping for art work, riding the ascensors, taking photos of the magnificent street art and eating in the picturesque restaurants and cafes. Valpo is their favorite city in Chile and they will always remember it fondly.

154: Valparaiso: Cerro Allegre

156: Valpo: Cerro Allegre y Cerro Concepcion

158: Valpo: City of Art on the Hills

161: Museo a Cielo Abierto: Cerro Bellavista

162: Valpo: Artwork by Mario Celedon


170: Destination: | Wulff Castle overlooking the Pacific Ocean

171: Vina del Mar | Vina del Mar is a beach-side resort just north of Valparaiso. It is known for its white beaches and beautiful gardens. The Timmses find the city to be overrated as a tourist destination. Eli visited the city with her family on a grey day in November of 2012. Maybe it was the cloudy weather, but the group found the city less than charming. We much preferred Valpo, as it had a lot more character.. | View of the city skyline from the Marga River | View of the coastline from the Wulff Castle | Earthquake Damage: Palacio Vergara

172: Destination: Vitacura | Above: Bicycle Statue in Parque Bicentenario with Costanera Center under construction Right: (Top to Bottom) View of Vitacura from Vespucio Norte, Drinks and Sunsets at the Noi Rooftop

174: Vitacura: Statues on Avenida Vespucio

176: Vitacura: Parque Bicentenario

178: Destination: Zapallar

179: Zapallar is Eli and Jon's favorite beach city in Chile. They love the perfect cove of aqua blue water surrounded by New England style mansions and brilliant white sand. Zapallar is the perfect place to hobnob wih the rich and famous in Chile, particularly at the picturesque restaurant, El Chiringuito where you can watch dolphins jumping out the window while you dine. If you're in the mood for a day of sunshine and sand, Zapallar is nothing short of idylic.

181: Zapallar: Coastal Wildlife

182: Zapallar: Cachagua Beach

183: Cachagua Beach, situated in between Zapallar and Maitencillo, is a lovely stretch of coastline with beautiful homes, amazing flowers, and a cliff-side walkway. It is also home to the penguin island pictured above. The Timms family took several expeditions to the island in 2012 before finally glimpsing the penguinos!

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