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Family Album 2011

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Family Album 2011 - Page Text Content

S: 2011

FC: Weaver Family Album 2011

1: Taylor's favorite was Jamestown/Williamsburg vacation. | Brady really enjoyed Jamestown/Williamsburg vacation. | SKY VEIW RANCH WOOO! Matthew's favorite. | Busch Gardens ranked top in Gabrielle's favorites chart. | Williamsburg was Alexandr's favorite place to be this year. | Raya really liked this year's Christmas. | Our Favorites.....

2: Scotty | Mercedes | Brady | Matthew and Nathaniel | Aurora and Gabrielle | Taylor | The annual Weaver sledding party came after two inches of snow fell. We had four 4-wheelers, seven sleds, eight adults, and thirteen children going round and round the front yard. | Weaver, Mansfield, Mathews, Oldham

3: Melissa | Scott Mathews | All the sleds lined up and ready to go, go, go! | Lydia and Alexandr | Laddie | Craig Mansfield | After sledding we all came in for some hot chocolate. LeeAnn Mathews brought a mega-pot of chili and the kids settled down to watch a movie while the adults talked and talked. | Weaver, Mansfield, Mathews, Oldham | DeWayne

4: Key West, Florida DeWayne took me to Florida for a weekend getaway for our anniversary. | We ate our lunch out by the pool.

5: We took a shuttle to downtown every day where we explored all over the island. We walked through the large cemetery, went to the Kino sandal factory to buy some handmade sandals, and went in almost every kind of shop on the island. | We watched this sunset from our beach. | Our beach was right across the street.

6: Southernmost.... | Southernmost house

7: Chickens roamed the town | Dollar bills on a bar ceiling | View from La Concha Hotel | A cruise ship docked | "That's my boat!" | A Canadian Navy ship | Downtown, Key West

8: Key West is an island that is on a natural coral reef. The only natural reef in the U.S. We took a glass bottom boat tour to see the reef. The sun was out and the ride was beautiful. There were red tailed snappers and damsel fish on the reef. | AHHH! It's a sponge monster!

9: Sunset at Mallory Square

10: Lewie | Aurora | Lydia | Gabrielle | Alexandr | Brady | Melissa

11: Ice Skating Hafers, Weavers, and Mansfields enjoyed an afternoon of broom hockey and fox and geese at the Hafer pond. We played until we were all exhausted! | Amy | Raya & Doug | Taylor | Raya | A force to be reckoned | The "Double D" | "Help they're chasing me!"

12: Kalahari Water Park | Gabrielle and Alexandr | That was a wet ride! | Taylor and Sarah | Go, Go, Go, Gabrielle! | DeWayne races into first place on the racer slide

13: February | 2011 | I think I'm wet! | I hope this hippo doesn't eat me! | Just hangin' around | BRRR! | Matthew, Nathaniel, and Brady | Mom and Alex | DeWayne, Grandma, and Raya | The wet dudes

14: We went to the water park for valentine's day and took grandpa and grandma taylor, sarah keefer, and nathaniel mansfield. we had a great time! | DeWayne | Brady | Nathaniel | Matthew | Brady | Gabrielle | wave pool | The most interesting ride was the flushing toilet bowl slide. | Taylor, Raya, Grandpa, and Sarah

15: ARRRG! Ye are 7, Matey!

16: Happy 7th Birthday, Alexandr! | Alexandr had a pirate birthday complete with pirate games, a parrot piñata, and a treasure chest cake. | Scotty, Laddie, landyn, Preston, and Alexandr

18: The Flood of 2011 | The road on the left was flooded as far as the eye could see. | The road into Green Camp | The trees were under water, the water was right up to the bridge. The kids had fun jumping off the snow drifts into the water.

19: It had snowed a couple of feet and then the rain started. The ground could hold no more. We had to go to the vet clinic and move things up on pallets because the water was up to the back porch. | The river was up to the Dairy Bar and church yard. | The kids had never seen so much water outside the banks of the river. | The roof of a gazebo was all that could be seen after being swallowed by the Scioto River.

20: The Junior Girls wait their turn | "Holy is the Lamb who was slain" | All the girls danced with ribbons to "The Coloring Song" | Our dancing princesses!

21: Daughters of Hope Worship Dance Team 2011 | Sarah | Lydia | Hannah | Natalie | Mercedes | Kelcie | Elaina | Brianna | Aubree | Kalee | Gabrielle | Raya | "A Mighty Fortress" | Enjoying refreshments after recital. | The senior girls can get a little goofy!

22: Raya turns 6! | Matthew | Alex | Brady | Matthew, Taylor, and Gabrielle dance with Chuck E.

23: We all went to Chuck E. Cheese for Raya's birthday. After stuffing ourselves with pizza and playing games all afternoon we headed to West Virginia for a little skiing. | Dad loves driving games! | sorting tokens | For the first time ever Raya did not scream at the sight of Chuck E. Cheese!

24: Snow Shoe | Taylor, Brady, and DeWayne | DeWayne, Gabrielle, and Doug | Alexandr | Our crew heads down the mountain | Taylor got a new ski coat, helmet, boots and skis for her 15th birthday!

25: West Virginia | The pond skimming was cold this year! The mountain was beautiful with all the snow covering everything. It looked like God had frosted all the trees and bushes for us to enjoy.

26: This is what happens when 13 people all stand on one ski! | Shelly, Doug, Raya, DeWayne, Austin, Kayla, Taylor, Brady, Matthew, Molly, Gabrielle, Alex, & Amy

27: We celebrated 3 birthdays on our trip this year: Taylor, Molly and Raya In the evening everyone relaxes after a hard day skiing. We hit the pool and hot tub, play cards, watch movies, and have a good ol' time.

28: Happy Birthday, Taylor! | After skiing in West Virginia we took Taylor to Salsa's, one of her favorite restaurants, for her 15th birthday.

29: From dress up to their own band the kids always have a lot of fun playing together. | B.J. and Lisa Thomsen along with their daughter Brianna came for a weekend visit.

30: E A S T E R | 2011 | Grandpa and Grandma Weaver & grandkids

31: Matthew | Raya searches for her eggs | Is Gabrielle dancing or looking for eggs? | Isn't Taylor cute? | Brady loves worms! | Alexandr pauses his hunt for the camera

32: Recital 2011 | Taylor 15 | Gabrielle 8

33: In May the Homeschool group took a field trip to Johnston house and barn. It was rainy but we had a good day with all our friends.

34: Miami & Erie Canal | Our field trip included the Indian mounds located behind Johnston Barn. The canal was also close by. We were able to ride a canal boat pulled by mules.

35: Along the canal there were many sights: turtles, trees cut by beavers, trees that looked like monsters, ducks, and other wildlife that was not affected by the rain. | The lochs were still intact but not enough for the boat to go through.

36: T K D | sparring | self defense | breaking boards | instruction from Master Conkle

37: forms | Congratulations Alexandr! | Good job achieving your green belt! (Taylor's last belt in TKD)

38: H a p p y | B i r t h d a y | 11th | Matthew

39: Taking pictures of 8 kids can be a trial. As you can see we had a few good pictures and a few not so good pictures. But at least we captured their personalities.....the good, the bad, and the ugly.

41: We had a cook out and the kids threw "pop its" at each other, ate s'mores, and had fun sitting around the fire.

42: It was fun getting together to celebrate Hannah McKinley's sweet 16! | Mercedes & Hannah | Hannah & Cindy (her mom) | opening presents | Hannah, Gabriel, Raya, & Brianna

43: Columbus Zoo

44: South Carolina | DeWayne's vet conference was moved from Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head Island this year. | Taylor shows Raya how to play chess. | contemplating their next move | view from our balcony | turtle races by the pool | Matthew on the move | Raya jumps Alex | Taylor learns about the island | Ping-pong anyone? | Hilton Head

45: Party at the Pool! | Brady | Matthew | Gabrielle | Raya & Alex | DeWayne

46: Light House on Hilton Head

47: Poolside Tie Dye Gabrielle, Alex, & Raya took advantage of one of the resort activities.

48: The kids met another family that was also at the beach for the conference. They had fun in the pool and in the sand with their new friends. From building sand castles to riding the waves to tossing jellyfish around, it was a good time! | Gabrielle | Brady and his finds | Matthew found a jellyfish | Olivia | Taylor and Stephanie | Zachary, Matthew, & Brady | Raya catches a wave | Raya catches a Gabrielle | Alexandr | Daddy catches a Raya

49: Yum Yum sauce? | We all enjoyed a meal at the Japanese steakhouse.

50: Taylor, Brady and Matthew each spent a week at church camp making new friends, trying new activities singing obnoxious songs and growing in their faith. What a wonderful time in their lives! | Team building | What do you think we should do? I don't know what do you think we should do? | Brady | Warriors: Taylor & Mercedes

51: SVR | Sky View Ranch | Matthew high in the sky | feathers from Rolling Ridge | Cole Dearing hams it up

52: Columbus Zoo | While the older siblings were at camp the younger Weaverfields went to the zoo. Aurora, Matthew, Gabrielle, Alexandr, Raya

53: Red, White, & BOOM! | Raya & Alex play checkers | Taylor & Brady were still at camp this year. | Just can't get a good picture! | Grandma & Grandpa Taylor

55: Shawn & Tasha's party FOOD+ Family+fire works= fun! | Grandpa & Strudel | Brady & Grandpa | Shawn | Aunt Lucille | Sparkler Anyone? | Nathan | Dynamic Sparkler Duo | Raya & Alex | Brady, Gabrielle, & Matthew | Brady, Grant, Benjamin, Nathan, & Nicholas

56: Ohio State Fair | Taylor took Akira and Patch to the OSU fair for the first time. Patch showed promise for the future and Akira sat at the bottom of every class.

57: Happy 9th Birthday, Gabrielle! | Gabrielle spent her birthday at Lake Erie with the Hafers. She also went to Ryan's for supper.

58: Annie Get Your Gun | "General Grant?" | Hey Mister! | Pull!

59: Raya and Alex made their debut on stage. Alex was in the chorus and Raya played the annoying little girl in the opening scene. Taylor and Gabrielle were Annie Oakley's sisters. Brady played several small parts. And DeWayne played Frank Butler. | "Moonshine Lullabye" | "Folks are dumb where I come from...." | "Annie, the man's ready to paint your face."

60: This is the first time we have done theater in Upper Sandusky. It was a great experience at the Star Theater. Matthew was at church camp for the first performance so was unable to participate. Melissa helped with tickets and costumes. | "Miss Port-A-Pottu I mean Miss Porter Potter" | We're from Darke County | Pull! Bang! Hit!

61: God has blessed our family with a lot of musical talent and we have fun as a family participating in community theater. | "Duk-Ta, Duk-Ta" | "I'm a bad, bad man!" | "I can do anything you can do better!" | Weaver Star Players

62: L A K E

63: E R I E | Put-In-Bay

64: Findlay Balloon Festival Grandpa Taylor took Melissa and kids to the festival. We ate a picnic supper while waiting for the balloons to take off glowing in the dark. Unfortunately the balloons couldn't take off because of storms in the area. We did get to see the Darth Vader balloon that was HUGE and came all the way from England.

65: Tail Waggers 4-H | In obedience Akira placed 4th and Patches placed 3rd. | Taylor took Patches and Akira to the Hardin County Fair Dog Show. She received grand champion and first place in showmanship with Patches. | Dad and Taylor won first place at the 4-H parent/child dog show.

66: Hardin County Fair 2011 | Brady won first place in showmanship. Matthew won 4th place in showmanship. Gabrielle won 2nd in her Kiddie Showmanship.

67: Gabrielle and Alex both won 2nd place in their Kiddie Showmanship. Claire Long is Gabrielle's older look-alike. Raya poses with one of our calves. A little meditation at the New Leaf exhibit.

68: Lydua and her pineapple. | The kids had fun wandering around our resort, The Governor's Green. We had loads of fun with our great friends the Mandsfields! Of course together we are known as the Weaverfields. | Boys will be boys! | Williamsburg, Virginia

69: A visit with the Hobsons | We visitd with Ron and Lisa Hobson whom we went to Russia with when we adopted Alexandr and Raya. They adopted Ana and Will. Their other two children are twins Kirk and Kayla. | The kids had a lot of fun together! | Alex, our little thinker. | There were lots of monkeys hanging in the trees at the park!

70: Richmond, Virginia | Hobson's took us to this church to see a piece of Richmond history. | Popular belief says that during the wars when churches were converted into hospitals, tombstones were sometimes flipped over to create tables for injured soldiers.

71: After getting greatly discounted tickets to the park, we had a blast riding rides and dodging rain drops. | Busch Gardens | Portia, where are your manners? | Lydia | Brady & Nathaniel | The living dead | The Crew!

72: Jamestown, | Alexandr | Raya | MAtthew | Brady | Brady & Matthew | Jamestown is a recreated ships Indian village, & Settler village.

73: Virginia | Gabrielle, Raya, & Aurora play a Native children's game. | Digging out a dug out canoe. | Native long house | Scraping skins | Trying out the war instruments | The kids got to experience hands on many new things.

74: We really enjoyed Jamestown because everyone was able to find something that interested them. | Replica ships | Look how thick this thatch is! | DeWayne is ready to fight! | Aurora is ready to carry in some water. | Brady & Nathaniel "Don't mess with us!"

75: Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia | Another educational vacation? One of the hazards of being homeschooled. | Taking a break from the heat | Rug

76: Village entrance to the Governor's Palace | Rug | Waterfront entrance to the Governor's Palace | View of the green from upper window of Governor's Palace | Palace gardens | Arms used as decorations in the Palace. They could be used in a state of emergency.

77: Map of American Colonies | Corn husk dolls | Taking a flying leap | The men held in rapt attention | Brady | Raya | The guys learned how to impress the girls with a bow and show of their calf.

78: Brick Making Colonial Style | Aurora helps Raya | Gabrielle gets cleaned off | Raya enjoyed squishing the clay | Everyone stomped clay | Sidewalk

79: Would you like tea or chocolate to drink? | This is what happens when little girls and boys don't do their chores. | Taking a break in the shade. | Gabrielle is served her chocolate.

80: What! Playing school? | Wool dyed and spun at the village | Is this how to iron? | EWWW! | Matthew tried out the slate

81: Matthew, Aurora & DeWayne try out the facilities at the jail. | Lydia tried out the harpsichord | Wigmaker | Gentleman

82: The sights at Williamsburg help transport the visitors back in time to the colonial era. | Wallpaper

83: Happy Birthday, Brady! Brady took Nathaniel with us to lunch and Cabellas. They had a lot of fun checking out all the animals and guns. | A little O-H-I-O in Michigan territory. | What a bunch of animals! | Boys love their food! | A nice picture for Mom.

84: Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

85: Gabrielle | Taylor | Alexandr | Brady | Matthew | Raya

87: Gabrielle, Alex, and Raya went to the Little Elks Halloween party and had a lot of fun getting whipped cream all over. Grandpa's leaves provided some fun this fall. Everyone (even a few animals) dressed up for Trick-or-Treat in Green Camp.

88: We went to Ada to visit the Wilson Football factory. Then we visited the WONB radio station and the ONU conservatory. After lunch the kids participated in a mini theater workshop. The theater majors treated everyone to some comical entertainment with their :jibberish opera" and "alphabet dialogue". | Field Trip in Ada, Ohio

89: Matthew loves his new book! | Gabrielle's favorite | Alexandr loves his music | Uncle Sam looking stylish | Taylor Christmas

90: Brady got the trick present this year | Sam | Grandma oversees the present unwrapping

91: Caroling at Grandma and Grandpa's | Christmas Dinner, YUM!

92: Santa brought everyone wonderful gifts this year. We were very blessed with many family gatherings and fun times together! | Christmas at Home | Alex | Alex and his Playmobile | Taylor got an ipod touch

93: WEAVER | The Weaver Christmas was at LeVern and Nancy's house. Everyone was able to be there. | Grandpa Weaver | Grandma Weaver

94: Breaking with feet | Forms | Breaking with hands | Sparring | The navy blue belt | T K D | ae won o | Matthew is leaving TKD as a navy blue belt. | Good Job, Matthew!

95: The End | 2011

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