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Family Book 2010

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S: Maloney Family 2010

FC: Maloney Family 2010

1: January 2010 | Holding my two boys! Joey is playing with his tools above. He loves using his new tool set from Joedad and Grammie. We are washing the car after our Tahoe trip.

3: Opening Christmas Presents in Woodland | Joey tries Margo's princess shoes

4: YIayia and Nolan | Janna and Anneke | Ronan | Mommy and Nolan | Dean and Margo

5: A visit from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Phil. Joe and I got to go on one of our first dates since Nolan was born. We saw the movie Avatar. From top left: Grandpa, Joe, Phil, Dhea, Kira. Next row: Joan, Nolan, and Kathy

6: Nolan in the bumbo chair | Passed out Nolan

7: February 2010 | Joey riding the balance bike santa left for him | Nolan wants to ride in the stroller with big brother

8: Visit from Joedad. We rode the steam trains in Tilden!

9: Valentines Day card for Daddy

10: From left: Dean, Merry, Dhea with Nolan, Grandpa, Yiayia, Joe, Jared, Janna. Kids from left: Joey, Margo, Ronan, and Anneke | Woodland family gathering in February

12: Yiayia brought out Jared and Dean's old toys

13: Visit to the Train Museum in Sacramento with Yiayia and Grandpa | Joey in the sleeping car

14: Joey eating pesto tortellini | We picked lemons at Kira's place and made lemon juice for the winter | Riding on our block train | Nolan asleep in Daddy's arm

15: A visit to the south bay at Ian's apartment. From left: Haggai, Kira, Dhea, Ian, Dio, Yiayia, Grandpa, Elaine. | From left: Fredrik, Dhea and Joey, Joe and Nolan, Jen with Andrew and Maddie. A visit to rent their Berkeley house.

16: March 2010 | Joey in his ducky towel | Joey wearing daddy's bike shoes | We started out with the balance bike in the house

17: From left: Dhea, Nolan, Joey, Lisa, Shira, Samuel, and Steve | We rode the steam trains with the Kafkas

18: Joey in his homemade easter hat | Nolan licking the cookie batter spoon

19: April 2010 | Joey is hard at work with his tools | Dying easter eggs at Yiayia's house

20: Easter celebration at Yiayia and Grandpa;s house | A stop at Nut Tree park on the drive

21: Enjoying the train ride at Nut Tree | Bike helmet at the computer

22: Kira and Steph dressed as cinderella and jasmine | Playing at Codornices Park | Joey and Lily at the Oakland Zoo

23: Enjoying a day at Stinson Beach

24: Nolan working on his army crawl. He did the army for a couple of weeks before he took off crawling. He was motivated by the battery powered toy train | Nolan, Joey, Anneke, Margo, and Ronan

25: Trip to Apple Valley to see Great Grandpa Jack. | 3hrs into the trip with 8month old Nolan, we purchased 2 DVD players for the minivan | Joedad and Nolan asleep | We visited the AV airport | Grandpa, Barbara, Joey, Dhea, Nolan and Joe

26: Aunt Kathy came over for a visit during our time in AV. Joey spent much of the weekend in the backyard watering plants. He passed out at the dinner table on the last day.

27: May 2010 | Joey playing the dulcimer with Yiayia | A trip to the Academy of Sciences | Connor's bday at Mocha

28: Joey's Bday party - we had a bounce house! It was a joint party for Joey, Lily, Melia, and Emma | I made Joey a chocolate train cake with cream cheese frosting

30: A picture of the party from the hill | Moms's Group Photos at the Bday Celebration | Tavi, Dalia, Melina, Lily, Joey, Melia, Emma, Sophia, Connor

31: Kira, Yiayia, and Ronan playing at Aquatic Park after Joey's Bday party. Margo and Joey playing on the computer after the party.

32: Kira's roomate's cat had kittens. Joey and Nolan playing with the tiny baby kittens.

33: June 2010 | Jasper, Lauryn, Elise, and Joey on our last playdate before their move

34: Joey's birthday dinner. Kira, Haggai, Patrick, Tracee, James, and Lily came over to celebrate. We had pesto tortellini.

35: Joey and Lily playing with the punching ballons

36: Joey and Nolan in the swings at live oak park | Ian and Dean in Woodland

37: Nolan, Joey, Anneke, Margo, Ronan, and Jonas | From left top: Dhea, Nolan, Yiayia, Ian, Dean, Margo From left bottom: Joe, Joey, Jared, Ronan, Janna, Anneke, Merry, Jonas, Grandpa | Welcome baby Jonas Alexander Francis Tolla | Born May 11, 2010, 7:18am, 6lbs 12oz

38: Anneke | Margo | Ronan | Joey | Janna, Anneke, Jonas, and Merry

39: All the cousins enjoyed playing in the pool. Woodland is hot in the summer!

40: Trip to Angel Island. We took the ferry from Tiburon. It was a fun day.

41: Playing at Terrace Park | Nolan and Jack crawling. Jack is Sara and Jeff's son | Nolan figured out how to do the punching balloon like Joey

42: July 2010 | Swimming at the Y with Lily | Mommy with 2 sick boys on the 4th of July | Joey, Lily, and Nolan in the rocket ship at the Library | Joey eating a cookie from Masses | Head over Heels gym class for Joey and Lily

43: A trip to the Bay Area Discover Museum. Joey, Nolan and Lily had a fun day together.

44: Joe, Nolan, Joannie, Brendan, Tim, and Joey. The Toolan's visited us during the road trip. Joey loved the attention from the older boys! | From left top: Grammie, James, Michael, Joedad, Joey, Patrick, Brian, and Joe From left bottom: Ian, John, Nyhan, Meghan, Molly, Dhea, Nolan | Maloney/O' Sullivan family reunion in Berkeley!

45: Joedad, Molly, Nolan, Dhea, Michael, Grammie, Patrick, Meghan, Brian Joe, Joey, Nyhan, John, James, Ian | MIchael, Joe, Patrick, John, and Brian

46: Nyhan and Ian playing Wii | Molly

47: Enjoying a day at the Cal Academy of Sciences

48: Visit to Little Farm | Nolan, Joey, James, Nyhan, and Ian | Brian with a crying Nolan

50: Our first camping trip since life with kids. We spent 1 night car camping in the Capay Vally just south of Clear Lake. It was super hot. There was a river nearby that we could cool off in. Joey and Nolan had fun. Joey particularly enjoyed squirting Janna's spray bottle. Jared, Janna, and Anneke joined us.

51: Joey squirting Anneke | Nolan and Anneke playing in the tent | Darsh | Ellie

52: August 2010 | We celebrated Nolan's first birthday at the end of July while both sides of the family were in town. The Tollas came over from Woodland. The Maloneys and O' Sullivans enjoyed their last day in Berkeley celebrating Nolan's bday. We had a party up at Codornices park! | Nolan and Anneke | Joedad and Grandpa

54: A trip to the beach and Reef campground. This was Nolan's actual birthday. We brought a cake to celebrate with the Schultzs. We decided it was too cold to camp. | Roasting marshmellows

55: Nolan at the beach on his first birthday | Tracee and Lily

56: Mountain Home Ranch - we spent a weekend in Calistoga with a bunch of families. It was fun!

58: Joey's log bulding! | Nolan working at the computer

59: Joey and Lily in the pool at the Y | Joey and Lily playing behind the gate while it was still in place | Nolan in a cow mask

60: Playing at Lily's house before a dinner!

61: Welcome Calista Cornelia Tolla! | Born August 30th, 2010. Janna went into labor on her own. Things moved very quickly. I made it to the delivery room for the last push!

62: September 2010 | Jen, Maddie, Joe, Joey, Dhea, Nolan, Andrew, and Fredrik

63: We spent labor day weekend in Vancouver Washington visiting Jen, Fredrik, Maddie, and Andrew! It was wonderful to see them. We visited Mt St Helen's. The volcano was beautiful. We walked to the entrance of ape cave, but weren't prepared to explore. Plan B was a lovely hike along a canyon with a rushing river.

64: We got to visit with Liza, Luke, and Aelan too! | Nolan and Joey on a trip to the Oakland Zoo

65: Spending time brushing the goats at the Oakland Zoo

66: Ronan's 5th Bday Party! | Jonas, Ronan, Anneke, Margo, Nolan, Joey, and Calista

68: October 2010 | A visit to Full Belly Farm for the Hoes Down festival | Grammie and Nolan

69: Dean's dissertation! Go Dean! I took Nolan and Joey over to UC Davis on the train. Joey loved it. We meet up with Janna and walked around campus. It was a fun day!

70: Amie, Dhea, and Nichole | A visit to Ohio to see great Grandma Tolla | Grandma Tolla, Grandpa, YIayia, Dhea, Nolan, and Joey | The kids did pretty well on the flight. The trip out was great with the bulkhead seats. The flight back was a bit tough with a very early am departure and a long layover in Chicago.

72: A visit with Janna, Calista, and Anneke. Janna brought the girls over for the day. She went to visit Becca and Emry in the hospital.

73: Anneke, Nolan , and Joey

74: Pumpkin Carving! We carved one at our house. Nolan and Joey had fun. We also went to a pumpkin carving party at Lily's house.

75: Joey and Nolan walking around the block. Nolan is so excited to walk himself! Joey is petting smoky and climbing the climbing tree.

76: Nolan fell in love with this blue robe from the hand me down box. It was Joey's size, but Nolan claimed it for himself. We had to buy another robe for Joey.

77: Joey was curious george for Halloween | Nolan was a dinosaur | Lily and Joey playing with the Halloween costumes | Family pic at the Oct/Nov family bday celebration

78: Trick-or-Treating in Woodland. All the downtown shops handed out candies. It was a blast!

79: After the trick-or-treating we had the Oct/Nov family birthday celebration in Woodland | Left top: Joe, Dhea, Janna, Calista, Ian, Ronan, Jonas, Merry, Dean Front row from left: Kira, Haggai, Grandpa, Nolan, Anneke, Jared, Margo, Yiayia, Joey

81: November 2010 | Blue skies fall performance! | Riding the train at the zoo | Eating peaches at the farmers market

82: Bathtime fun! | We tried to get Nolan sold on this other white robe, but he wouldn't have it.

83: Thanksgiving in Woodland | Jonas, Grandpa, and Nolan | Yiayia and Grandpa working on dinner | Merry, Jonas, Margo, Nolan, Joey, Anneke, Calista, Janna, and Dhea | Janna, Merry, Dhea, and Steph

84: Anneke took turns bathing with Joey and Nolan after Thanksgiving dinner | All the kids enjoy running down the long hallway

85: Dean, Merry, and Jonas | Dean, Kira, and Jared | Anneke | Steph and Joey

86: Joe and Dhea spent their first night away from the kids. The day after Thanksgiving we went to Tahoe. Yiayia, Grandpa, Kira, and Steph watched Nolan and Joey in Woodland | We got stuck in an awful storm on the drive home | Back at home, Joey was exhausted from his erratic sleep schedule while away from home. I carried him around the block while Nolan ran. Later, he fell asleep at the dinner table.

87: The regular stop on the Woodland drive: Nut Tree Park! Nolan and Joey are both obsessed with driving the cars. Joey saves his quarters for them. And of course, no visit is complete without a train ride!

88: Daddy and Nolan on a hike | Nolan and Joey at Little Farm | Visiting the Oakland Zoo wtih Kira, Tracee, and Lily

89: December 2010 | Decorating the Christmas Tree! We picked up a Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. The guys loved it! We also got Joey a robe. Now everyone was happy after bath.

90: A trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum | Calista and Anneke's baptism just before Christmas | Calista at her baptism | Joey and Nolan at the Christmas Fantasy in Tilden. Joey liked the reindeer but didn't care to get close to Santa

91: Christmas Morning in Woodland! Nolan and Joey enjoy finding the surprises Santa left.

92: On Christmas morning, Joey and Nolan woke up an played with the stuff Santa brought. Kira and Haggai also stayed in Woodland at Yiayia and Grandpa's house. When everyone was awake, we ate breakfast and then started to unwrap presents. Around noon, Dean, Merry, Ronan, Margo, Jonas, and Sherif came over. We opened more presents and had Christmas dinner.

94: The day after Christmas, we drove to Tahoe so the kids could play in the snow. Joey loved it. Nolan wasn't sure about the snow so I carried him alot. We did a small hike and Joey loved rolling snowballs down the hill. | Joey srambled up this hill and was very proud of himself

95: Nolan at the Academy of Sciences face to face with a fish | Joey and Lily at the Zoo | We shut the company down for the week between Christmas and New Years. We stayed local for the week. We visited the Zoo and the Academy of Sciences.

96: Nolan playing at the Lawrence Hall of Science | Lily, Joey, Nolan, and Gus at the Lawrence Hall | Joey blowing up rocket balloons

97: Email describing the photo "The girl holding the sign "Horsey Keep Your Tail Up" is Doris Berry. She was a friend of my sister, Sis, (or, Katy) who visited us on the farm. I think the year was around 1940, maybe some of you can pinpoint the time better. I'm backed up to Doris on the wagon. My sisters, Norma and Anna [Grandma Tolla to Dhea] are the 2 glamour gals in the forefront. Behind them is a neighbor boy, Carl Paulus, who spent much time at our house. My brother, Johnny is driving the horse and brother Jim is beside him. Sis took the picture (with her Brownie box camera) and many, many more of our old times together. She decorated the old wagon, "I'm the Belle of the Nineties" for our buggy ride that day. But really, our old barn, in the background, is the reason Norma found this picture and I blew it up. At the May Reunion, Linda asked me what the old barn looked like (before it burned down in 1946), so, here we have a view of the east side of the barn. You can see the old cement watering trough in the corner near the calf coming out the door. On the right of the picture is the old corn crib with the Butter-nut tree behind it. When the barn was burning, the firemen pushed it over so as to save the corn in it."

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