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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Carson Norm Davis - Heritage Book

FC: "Heritage Book" for Carson Norm Davis

1: Carson Norm Davis Born on October 12, 2001 in Las Vegas, NV Baptized & Confirmed on October 31, 2009

4: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

6: My Family Alisha Lynn, Blaine J, Spencer N, Hailee Nicole, Lydia Jane & Carson Norm

7: Spring of 2010 | February 7, 2007 | Dropping Blaine off at the MTC

8: Mother | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Norman Noorda | Hilbertus Noorda | Anna Albertine Sieverts | Joni Lynn Noorda | Janie Sharon Datwyler | George Albert Datwyler | Lizzie Melba Roskelley | Gerrit Noorda | Johanna Dogger | Abraham Sieverts | Trijntje Visser | Frederick Datwyler | Julia Seeholzer | Wilford Woodruff Roskelley | Janie Tidwell | Joni Lynn Noorda 1980

9: Father | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Jeffrey Ward Davis | Neil B Davis | Pauline Barney | My parents high school photos | Cliff Davis | Ora Elaine Hendrickson | Charles William Davis | Eleanor Thomas | August Moroni Hendrickson | Jennie Johnson | Kimball Jay Barney | Gertude Elizabeth Seip | John Henry Barney | Violette Alvey | Roy Thomas Seip | Anna Hadley (Reynolds) | Jeffrey Ward Davis 1979

10: Jeffrey Ward Davis Born : June 22, 1961 in Boulder City, NV Blessed: Sept 3, 1961 Baptized:July 5, 1969 Confirmed:July 7, 1969 Endowed June 21, 1980 Married June 11, 1983 | My Dad

11: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

12: Drivetech Racing 1999 | June 1980 Jeff and his truck just before he left on his mission. | 1997 Boarding in Targhee with the guys | The first time Darrin Lemmon invited Jeff to go to Targhee, he had never boarded before. Richard Groom went with him to buy his first board and clothes. The next week Jeff went to Lee Canyon and took a 1/2 day lesson and the next week he was in Targhee boarding with the big boys!! That was the only year they had to wait on he waits on them!!

13: Jeffrey Ward Davis was ordained a High Priest 19 April 1992 by Neil B Davis who was ordained a High Priest 19 June 1967 by James I Gibson who was ordained a High Priest 4 June 1954 by Spencer W. Kimball who was ordained an Apostle 7 October 1882 by Heber J. Grant who was ordained an Apostle 16 October 1882 by George Q. Cannon who was ordained an Apostle 26 August 1860 by Brigham Young who was ordained an Apostle 14 Feb 1835 under the hands of The Three Witnesses, Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris. The Three Witnesses were called by revelation to choose the Twelve Apostles and on 14 February 1835 were "blessed by the laying on of the hands of the Presidency." Joseph Smith Jr., Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams, to ordain the Twelve Apostles. (History of the Church, Vol 2, pp187-188) Joseph Smith Jr., and Oliver Cowdery received the Melchizedek Priesthood in 1829 under the hands of Peter, James, and John. Peter, James, and John were ordained Apostles by the Lord, Jesus Christ. (John 15:16) | Priesthood Authority of Jeffrey Ward Davis | June 20, 1980 Jeff's first visit to the temple St George, Utah | 1976 Eagle Scout

14: Joni Lynn Noorda Born: June 19, 1962 Salt Lake City, Utah Blessed: Aug 5, 1962 Baptized: July 3, 1970 Confirmed: July 5, 1970 Endowed & Married June 11, 1983 | My Mom

15: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

16: My Parents engagement pictures

17: My Parents

18: "Grandpa Davis" Neil B Davis Born December 14, 1937 in Santaquin Utah Baptized May 5, 1946 Endowed & married on November 30, 1956 He was very athletic and was the captain of his high school football team. He served in the bishopric as a councilor and later the Bishop for 11 years straight! He is very involved in the BSA and earned his Silver Beaver. Everyone knows him to be the first one there and the last one to leave! He loves to work, and to do anonymous service...but he loves his grandkids the most. | The grandkids loved to go fishing with grandpa! They were always looking for George...the biggest fish in the lake!

19: My Grandpa & Grandma Davis at my parents Wedding | Lydia and Grandpa share the same birthday. | Silver Beaver

20: 1956 High School Graduation

21: July 1963 Yellow Stone park | 1996 Grandpa finishing the concrete for the Generator house at their cabin in Beaver.

22: His picture was in the newspaper because he had 100% attendance in primary for 3 years! Grandma lived in West Payson and Grandpa lived in Santaquin, but they went to the same high school and met in English Class. They went to Dairy Queen on their first date and shared a Coke and fries...they never had any money. Grandpa was captain of the Payson Lions football & wrestling teams, and was President of the Varsity Club. Grandpa said they built the high school in Payson because they didn't want the "rif-raf" in town! (meaning he was the Rif-raf from Satntaquin!) He worked as a door to door salesman, selling Cutco Cutlery but they could never afford to buy any of their own. He worked as a busboy at Hotel Utah, at Kennecott Copper Mine and in the Boston Bldg making glasses. He worked for Tiberti Construction and later opened his own very successful business "Davis Concrete". He taught all of his kids what hard work really means. Every weekend for an entire summer they traveled to Beaver to build a huge addition on to their cabin. Grandpa was born at home because there was no Hospital. Grandpa has three brothers and one sister, he was the third in line. Larry, Gary, Neil, Roy & Janet. Neils Grandma Hendrickson taught school and was the city's librarian. Grandpa's father, Cliff, worked in an Iron Ore mine. Grandpa's ancestors came from England, Scotland & Wales. They settled in Holden, UT (Millard County) Grandpa wrote the new grooming standard for the new Metro Police Department when they merged with they County Sheriff's Department. He was called to serve as a Bishop at age 36 and served as a counselor under four Bishops.

23: February 1973 Ordained as Bishop Ronald Gubler 2nd Coun Neil Davis Bishop Joseph Bowler 1st Coun | Ward Talent Show Ron Gubler 1st C Neil Davis - Bishop Warren Garner - 2nd C April 1978 Released as Bishop

26: "Grandma Davis" Pauline Barney Born January 27, 1937 in Santaquin Utah Baptized May 25, 1947 Endowed & Married November 30, 1956 Grandma is an amazing seamstress and made all her grand daughters dresses for years on their birthdays. The favorite dress was the "twirl dress". She made the most beautiful quilts, and holiday decorations. She loves to cook and hosts the best parties ever...Barbeque's, Tea Parties, Christmas, Thanks Giving & Easter. She held cooking classes for the grand daughters and special sleepovers for the boys. The most memorable was when they took all the boys to the cabin and got cowboy hats and buzz haircuts down in Beaver!

27: She served in just about every calling in the church,, (some of them twice!) as a temple worker, always worked for grandpa's company, Davis Concrete, and her home is always beautiful!

28: She started school early becasue her mom changed her birth certificate! She learned to sew in 4H Club. She was about 10 years old and used her Grandma Jenny's tredle sewing machine. She got her first sewing machine right after Wendy was born and she made all her kids birthday clothes. She didn't learn to cook till High School and she fell in love with it!! After she was married she took several Gormet Cooking classes. She would take a Japanese cooking class and then give a FHE lesson on Japan and then they would eat real Japanese food! | September 1978 | October 1958 Neil & Pauline ready to dance in the Regional Dance Festival in San Diego, CA. Taken in front of their apartment in Chula Vista.

29: Age 2 | Age 4 Taken in Las Vegas | Geraldine 7yrs Roger 3yrs Pauline 4yrs The dresses were croched by grandmother Anna Laura Hadley | May 1952 Pauline 13yrs, Paula 2yrs, Roger 12 yrs, Rodney 7 yrs, Taken in West Mountain (west of Payson) sitting on our family car | 1956 May Pauline in her graduation Gown 17 yrs old | 1941 3 years old

31: Grandma was born in the doctors house in Springville, UT. She has four brothers - Roger, Rodney, Calvin & Ronald (died when he was 3 months old) and two sisters - Geraldine and Paula. She started Kindergarten in Las Vegas while her dad was working on the Damn. John Henry Barney (her grandfather) was a chuck wagon cook on cattle drives. He mother, Elizabeth Barney, worked as a cook. Her ancestors came from England, Scotland & settled in Penn, Ill and Escalante, UT. She fell out of a tree while picking cherries and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She graduated as a keypunch operator in Berwyn, IL, and in SLC she worked at O C Tanner making school rings & pins. She was worried about her kids riding their bikes to school on Tropicana because it was too busy. So she was instrumental in getting Harmon Ave completed so they could ride to school safely. Grandma and Grandpa loved to travel. They have been to Rome three times, been to the Great Wall of China & saw the Terracotta Warriors. They have had an audience with the King of Malaysia at the Palace. As of 2015 they have had 9 addresses since they got married.

32: Things I remember about my Grandpa Davis

33: Things I remember about my Grandma Davis

34: "Grandpa Noorda" Norman Noorda Born April 5, 1930 Blessed April 20, 1930 Married April 20, 1956 Served his first mission in Holland. He served as Bishop and later in the Stake Presidency for 10yrs. He served mostly with the youth & received his Silver Beaver. He loved to play...Motor cycles, water ski, snow ski, tennis & golf. He use to tell us the only reason he wanted to go to the Celestial kingdom was because he heard from a good source that was the only kingdom the Lord allowed you to GOLF! | Grandpa Noorda's missionary pictures

35: about 1936 "Having a picnic at Opa's " - Norm is sitting on the bench | about 1934 "Viola looks like Julie doesn't she? and Doesn't Norm look innocent there!" (does that mean he wasn't always perfect?!) | about 1936 "Mamma looks like a Gypsie here, but thats the way they dressed, can you believe it?" Anna Noorda & her children, Norm is the younger boy standing | Al, Viola & Norm

36: Hank deLespinasse was a friend of grandpa's and a photographer. He liked to tag along when grandpa and his friends went to play so he could take pictures of them. He took this picture and sold it to Lord Calvert Whiskey. At the time Gpa was a bishop...Yes, a Mormon bishop who never drank! Hank brought over a huge stand up poster of the advertisement. We kept it in the playroom for a while but Gma finally made him throw it away! Gpa and his best friend Gary Smith were asked to fly their hang gliders down into the Silver Bowl Stadium during half time of the Fireman vs Policeman Football game. They would start out in the parking lot being pulled behind a truck. Once they got high enough they would flip a switch and the tow rope would drop. They would then fly down into the stadium with sparklers shooting off the ends of the kite. It was Gpas turn to go up and he was already buckled into the harness, but Gary came over and said he want to go instead. Just before Gary took off he told Gpa if he was ever made bishop he wanted to be one of his councilors. Right after take off he was caught in a wind draft, the kite jerked, broke his neck and he died instantly. Gpa never flew again. He was called to be a bishop a short while later and he told everyone he had 3 councilors.

37: Silver Beaver Award February 22, 1996 | October 29, 1981

38: Grandma Noorda Janie Sharon Datwyler Born - December 7, 1935 in Logan Utah. Blessed - February 2, 1936 She had two older brothers George "LeRoy" & "Darry" LaVor. She is an amazing seamstress and use to sew cloths to display for a fabric store near her home. While she wasn't sewing she was cooking, canning, teaching classes on how to make bread, crafting anything she could, reading, preparing RS lessons, china painting, porcelain doll making, and as she got older and her eyes began to give out she took up beading! | 1936 6 mnths old

39: My Grandpa & Grandma Noorda at my parents wedding | Grandpa Noorda says the first time he saw Grandma was while she was skiing. He saw her and thought she was beautiful. Then she fell and rolled down the mountain until she came to a stop right at his feet! He knew then they were meant for each least thats the story he tells. Grandma swears she didn't "roll" down the mountain! | Gmas good friend Bruce Densley likes to take credit for setting them up on a blind date, after Gpa saw her on the ski hill of course. This is one of Gpas favorite pictures of her because it reminds him of the first time they met. | 2010 Taken at the St George Temple What a cute couple, still holding hands after 55 years | 1966

40: 1954 Taken at Darry's farewell George, Sharon, Melba, JoAnn Gunderson & Darry JoAnn & Darry married 2 weeks after he returned from his mission. LeRoy is not in the picture because he was serving his mission. | 1956 Studebaker Commander '52

41: Grandma said that the costume in the bottom picture was red with gold trim. They had the fabric to make the dress and it was in the drawer of the sewing machine. The drawer was left open and her cat jumped up into the drawer and had kittens on her fabric. They had to go back and get new fabric. | 1966 taken at a ward Christmas Party | May 6, 1944 Dance Recital

42: April 20, 1956 | Melba & George Datwyler, Grandma Janie Roskelley, Anna & Albert Noorda | Engagement Picture

43: 2006 50th Wedding Aniversary | Norm and Sharon were married in the Salt Lake Temple | Sharon and both of her brothers (LeRoy & Darry) were married the same year!

44: Elder Norman Noorda & Sister Sharon Noorda Public Affairs Directors of the Africa West Area 2001-2002 | Grandpa seeing eye to eye...with a giraffe

45: They lived in Accra, Ghana and oversaw the groundbreaking, building and dedication of the West Africa Area MTC, the Temples in Ghana and Aba Nigeria. Both Temples were dedicated shortly after they left. They got to visit with chiefs of several tribes and Grandpa met with the President of Ghana They were fortunate to be able to travel to 7 African countries. (Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Sierra Leone) | Grandma hugging a 3mth old lion cub!

46: Things I remember about my Grandpa Noorda

47: Things I remember about my Grandma Noorda

48: Cliff Davis Born - November 8, 1913 in Eureka, Juab, Utah Married - January 18, 1936 Died - May 9, 1969 in Santaquin UT

49: Cliff & Ora

50: Born November 24, 1917 (Same B-day as Alisha) Married January 18, 1936 Died February 23, 1993 In 1983 she served a full time mission in Pasadena, California. She was in the MTC with her grandson Brad. | Ora Elaine Henderickson

51: Cliff & Ora Larry, Gary, Neil, Roy & Janet | She worked at the turkey plant for many many years plucking the little feathers off the turkeys with tweezers! When she lived in Las Vegas she worked at Rose de Lima Hospital and after she moved back to Santaquin she worked in the hospital in Payson. She enjoyed ceramics, quilting, flower arranging, tole painting (Neil & Pauline have a table she painted) and gardening. She decorated floats for the parades and won several prizes for her creativity. She made great cinnamon rolls and she was famous for her Bread & Butter Pickles!

52: Rex & Sadie Perry Uncle Ward & Jennie Hendrickson (son & Mother) Cliff & Ora Davis Don & Reva Golden | Ward, Sadie & Ora | May 30, 1988 | Sisters Ora, Sadie & Reva | Ora, Ward, Reva & Sadie

53: 1990 Grandma was the greeter at the Walmart in Payson. She dressed up like a clown for Halloween. | April 24, 1983 Larry, Janet, Grandma Ora, Roy, Neil & Gary | May 1989 Ora, Reva & ?

54: "Dad and Uncle Alma -- August Moroni Hendrickson" August is the one kneeling down | Ora Henderickson's Father

55: August 1964 Reva, Sadie, Ora & their mother Jennie | Jennie Johnson Hendrickson | Jennie Hendrickson, her children & Grandchildren

56: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Kimball Jay Barney | Born March 30, 1914 in Escalante, Garfield, UT Married March 11, 1933 Died July 2, 1992

57: May 24, 2003 Enclosed is a tribute to our father for Memorial - Fathers Day Celebration. The Picture of dad is the earliest in existence. He is standing in front of his "spike Camp" around the Vernal, Utah vicinity in 1933. A lot of history has been written concerning the Civilian Conservation Camps that started in 1933 until the early 1940's. Since our dad enlisted the first year, history accounts and federal records are lacking and somewhat unorganized. I was however, able to find a little information from Vernal's history and match it to dad's personal recollection from his journal. I hope you enjoy it! Regards, Jay (Pauline's brother)

59: Kimball Barney and five of his brothers & one sister served in the military during World War II at the same time! The sister worked at an Army base in California.

60: Gertude Elizabeth Seip Born - March 10, 1918 Baptized - May 6, 1951 in Payson UT Married - March 11, 1933 Died - February 22, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV | Great Grandma Barney & Carson 2008

61: Great Grandpa & Grandma Barney at my parents Wedding | Great Grandma loved to crochet and she loved to work on her genealogy! She was very health conscious and never wasted anything. My dad and his brothers use to laugh and say if you didn't eat all your dinner the night before she would blend it and you would have to drink it for breakfast the next morning!

62: This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day at Grandma & Grandpa Davis' home. Blaine was on his mission so he is not in the picture with us. 11-27-2008 | They met at a school dance in Price Utah. She loved her pets, cats and dogs. She was known for her great wheat bread and Lemon Meringue Pies! She was obsessed with clean!! Every Saturday Pauline remembers cleaning. She served many years in the Relief Society

63: 50th Anniversary | Her dad owned Wildwood Candy Store. Her mom got a job there as a chocolate dipper and they later married

64: Hilbertus Noorda Everyone called him Albert or Bert Born - 18 October 1900 Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands Married on 24 March 1926 served 2 missions to Holland Died - 8 April 1983 in the Jordan River Temple

65: Grandpa Noorda was born in Holland. He lived there until he was 10 or 11 when his family immigrated to Salt Lake City Utah.. He was a butcher by trade. After he and Anna were married and had 3 or 4 children they moved to Price, Ut. He opened a small slaughter house for the grocery store there and later sold it for a good price. he then opened "Jordon Meat & Livestock" with some Jewish friends of his. His family always remembers how good to them his Jewish partners were. Every year one of them would play "Santa" for his 9 children! When he was ready to retire they sold the business and moved to Draper Utah where he raised chickens. He always liked chickens the best and there is even a picture of a chicken on his casket. He died a few months before Jeff & I were married. The last conversation I remember having with him was in my mom's old Suburban parked out side of Albertson's Grocery Store.. We were on our way to the Lake and my dad had run in to get drinks and ice. Grandpa Noorda turned to me and asked about my upcoming wedding and the plans we were making. He listened for a moment and then his countenance changed and he told me the most important thing I could do was to understand the importance of the temple. He told me that the first time I went through the only thing I needed to focus on was the spirit and that I would feel peace while I was there. But, after that every time I went I needed to listen to the words that were spoken and learn from them! He told me I would NEVER stop learning. That conversation was very profound because just a few weeks later he died while working in the Jordon River Temple. He and Grandma were working the veil and he wasn't feeling well. He parted the veil, waved to her and told her he would wait for her downstairs. He went downstairs, laid down and quietly passed away. I think he was just so righteous and kind it was the only appropriate way for him to leave this life! --by Joni

66: Anna Albertina Sieverts Born - August 7, 1902 in Amsterdam, South Holland, Netherlands Died - 13 December 1998

67: Grandma was also born in Holland. While Elder LeGrand Richards (who later became an apostle) was serving his mission, he tracked out her parents and taught them the gospel. The family joined a short time after Elder Richards left the area but he knew of the baptisms and shared the story in one or his conference talks. Elder Richards performed my parents sealing and later set my dad apart as a bishop. He came to Las Vegas to preside over our Stake Conf and shared the story of Grandmas families conversion. After the meeting dad gathered all of us kids together so we could meet him. Dad walked up shook his hand and said "I don't think you remember me but..." Elder Richards stopped him right there and said "I know exactly who you are! How are you doing Br Noorda." I remember him shaking my hand and telling me the story he had shared was our story. Grandma Noorda raised 8 children and never had a drivers license or wrote a check. She was an active visiting teacher until just a few years before she died. Even after she was pretty much blind from old age, she remembered all her grandchildren by the sound of their voices. She also remembered the names of their spouses and most of the names of her great grandchildren! Her body gave out but her mind did not. While I was going to BYU my cousins Robin, Cal, Barry, and LaMar would sometimes go to her house for Sunday dinner. G-pa would go out that morning and kill a couple of chickens for us. We sat around her tiny kitchen table and ate, laughed, ate and laugh some more! She made the best fried chicken ever and she always had cookies and milk in little metal cups that where sooooo cold they stuck to your lips! After all of their kids were gone Grandma and Grandpa went back to Holland as senior missionaries. I remember picking them up at the airport and bringing them back to our house. She always had a strong accent but after being in Holland for 2 years I could barely understand her! - - by Joni

68: Hilbertus & Anna Noorda's Family Taken at Opa Sieverts Funeral, which was the same weekend as Danny's Farewell | Standing - Ronald Bert, Leon Roy, Naoma, LaMar, Norman, Viola Ann, Albert George In front - Daniel Lee, Anna Albertina, Hilbertus | Danny, Ronald, Leon, Lamar, Norman & Al Viola, Grandma and Naoma

69: Both Hilbertus (Bert) and Anna were born in Holland or the Netherlands. But, they didn't meet until they were growing up in Salt Lake City. Bert wanted to serve a mission before he and Anna married so he filled out his mission papers and sent them in. He waited and waited and his call never came. They decided that they would wait one year and if it didn't come, they would go ahead and get married. 364 days after he sent in his papers, his call arrived! He had filled out his mission papers under Albert Noorda, his "American" name but his church records were Hilbertus Noorda. It took the headquarters a while to figure out who he was. He served his mission to Holland and shortly after he returned they were married. All of their children grew up speaking Dutch so it wasn't much of a surprise that ALL 6 of their boys served missions to Holland. Norman, my grandfather, said he served all but 4-5 months of his 2 1/2 year mission with a brother or a cousin. | Great Grandma Noorda sitting in my mom's living room (aka the Blue Room) with the biggest box of chocolates we had ever seen! | Opoe & Opa Sieverts Anna Sieverts Noorda's Parents Opa & Oma = any Grandma or Grandpa Opoe = Your Grandma | Opa, Oma, Arnold, Nelly, John, Al, & Anna Sieverts

70: Grandpa loved his rose bushes. This picutre was taken in their back yard | taken before they left on their mission. | This picture was taken while they were in Las Vegas staying with my mom's family when she was a little girl. They always had poodles that grandpa spent hours training. They would do all kinds of tricks and he trained them to only obey his right hand. If you tried to do the hand signal with your left hand the dog would just stare at you.

71: My Gma & Gpa Noorda's house in Draper Utah. This is the only house I remember them living in. This picture was taken in 2009, long after they had both died. There used to be 3 long chicken coops out back and several other farm buildings. Behind the coops there was a stream and then a set of railroad tracks. Once when I was little we stopped for a visit before heading back to Las Vegas. Mom and dad told told us we could play out back but to stay away from the stream. We played in the coops for a while but the stream was too big of a temptation. Everyone but Uncle Carey fell in! It was a long uncomfortable ride home! I remember walking through the coops with my grandpa. He was always wearing pinstriped coveralls and a cap! He loved his chickens and as he would walk through the coops he would say "here chick chick chick" in a quiet yet high pitched voice. The chickens would quiet down for him. They liked him but they did NOT like me!!! They would try to attack me. If he was with me they would let me take their eggs but if he wasn't they would usually peck at me. I remember once the chicken were so upset and noisy that it scared me. I buried my face into the back of his leg and held onto his back pocket while he walked through those long coops. We would collect the eggs in wire baskets and take them to a special building up by their garage to wash them

72: George Albert Datwyler | Born November 4, 1911 Logan Utah Married December 20, 1930 Died June 15, 1991 | Grandpa went through his whole life thinking his birthday was on Nov 4th. After his death they found his birth certificate and discovered that he was actually born on Oct 28, 1911 and his birth was recorded on Nov 4. Even his headstone has the wrong birthday on it! | George was the 2nd youngest of 11 kids. His father served several missions so he wasn't around a lot while he was growing up. He loved to fish and build things in his "Work shop" which was always in perfect order! He also was a very skilled mechanic. He worked as a General and Plastering contractor most of his life. | about 1915 - George Datwyler

73: "George mad because he didn't want his picture taken!" | "Albert Fallows, Charles & George A. Datwyler - Charlie our baby in the center & George our second baby on the other side. Notice the white hair!" | Roy and George Datwyler Grandpa learned to LOVE fishing at a very early age!! | George Datwyler | "George (the younger boy) and Roy with their new overalls" | George is the younger white haired boy

74: Grandpa Datwyler reminded me of what Santa would be like! He had bright blue eyes that were always "happy", white hair!, and the greatest smile. He had big solid shoulders and when he hugged you it was like being squeezed by a bear. But most of all I remember his laugh! He was always tinkering around the house and fixing things, even if they didn't need fixing. Their yard was always perfectly groomed and his work room was as organized as grandmas kitchen and almost as clean. When I was attending BYU I would visit them once a month for the weekend. The first time I drove up he met me in the driveway and asked how my car (a brown Camero) was running. I told him fine.. He asked when I checked the oil last. "Never". he shook his head told me grandma had treats for me in the kitchen and to go inside. He came in later and let me know that it was really low and he had changed it for me. He showed me how to ck it and add more if I needed to. The next month when I came to visit, I remembered I had not checked it yet. I stopped at a gas station, popped the hood and found the dip stick, that was easy. But could not remember which cap you put the oil in! I drove to Grandpa's and he met me in the driveway when I pulled up. He gave me a bear hug and then asked if I had checked the oil. I was so embarrassed when I told him I couldn't remember. He laughed shook his head again and headed off to his work shop. I few minutes later he came inside with a HUGE smile on his face! Told me I would always know which cap the oil went in....he had spray painted it fluorescent PINK! He laughed and laughed!! - by Joni

75: As kids we always wanted Gpa to make us pancakes for breakfast. He could make them cover the whole bottom of the frying pan. We would all gather around to watch him flip it. He never missed! Gma always served OJ in "little" glass cups. If you drank it all you might get more.

76: Lizzie Melba Roskelley | Melba came from a family of 6 kids, 3 of which died at a very young age. She was the youngest of the three surviving children. She graduated from West High School the same year her oldest son, LeRoy, graduated from East High School! She LOVED to crochet everything especially afghans, and she embroidered beautiful pillow cases. When she passed away there were enough afghans in her craft closet for each of her grandkid's to have one...another one! | Born November 27, 1913 Died October 11, 1990 | 1928 Lizzie Melba Roskelley

77: 1953 | 1930 Melba Roskelley Datwyler & her Grandmother Julia S. Datwyler (her mother-in-law) | July 22, 1956

78: When I was 12 I got to go the BYU Youth Academy for Girls in Provo. It was fun but the best part was when Gma & Gpa Datwyler picked me up and took me to spend a weekend with them!! We went to Hoogle Zoo, Trolley Square and spent hours doing crafts at her house. I remember making horses out of rope and hangers, she called then nifty nags, and wrapping yarn around coat hangers so your clothes did slip off.. I spent hours wrapping hangers and loved it!! We would sit in their TV room, craft and talk... I don't remember if the TV was on or not. The TV room was a bed room that had 2 reclining chairs in it,, a small table between the two chairs for Gpas newspaper and a closet stuffed with yarn, fabric and more yarn!! Her friends would come over and we would visit in the front room, the room with glass and doilies on every couch, chair and table. They would talk and I would fall asleep. I don't remember them spending a lot of time in Vegas with us but we all loved trips to see them If we ate all our breakfast or did a special chore for them, they would give us a quarter. All us kids would walk down to the 7-11 at the end of their street. I always bought a jaw breaker and a little pad of colored paper. Once when our family was visiting, Gma and Mom took a couple of us kids to the store. I heard my mom call Gma "Mom". I asked her why she called her that. She explained that my Gma was her mother and that when she was a little girl she got to live with Gma everyday! I felt so betrayed! I thought Gma had picked us because she loved us more then anyone else.!! ...I was really young. When it was time to leave Gma would stand in the driveway and cry, Gpa would stand next to her and smile, Dad would be in the car telling us not to laugh as we backed away. I miss them both. -- Joni

80: Davis & Barney | Eliza Ann Holcomb | Anna Laura Hadley - Elizabeth Seip Barneys mother

81: Ward Hendrickson - Jeff got his middle name from him. He never married and always lived with and cared for his mother. He lived next door to Ora in Santaquin, UT. | August Hendrickson's Maternal Grandmother | Ellen Constance Stephenson Siggard

82: "Grandma & Grandpa Dodger" Hilbertus Noorda's Grandparents - one of the girls is his mother Johanna | Opa, Oma, Arnold, Nelly, John, Al & Anna Sieverts | Noorda & Datwyler

83: Gma & Gpa Visser - Anna Albertina Sieverts Grandparents | ?? Grandpa & Grandma Paanan | ?? Willard Richard Johnson Sr. & Sarah Crossland

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