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Family Treasury

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Family Treasury - Page Text Content

S: Worsham & Holtz

FC: Family Treasury Photos, History, Memories & Stories

1: The Families of | Clarence & Bernice

2: _ | _ | Bernice and Clarence early 1920's

3: _ | _ | _ | _ | 50th Wedding Anniversary December 17, 1972

4: Poem by C. S. Worsham

6: Clarence Bomar Worsham b. August 8, 1902 d. February 15, 1975

7: Charles S. Worsham | Ophelia Virginia Buchanan | Elizabeth Flineken | Robert Sanders Hatcher | Miles Edward Worsham | Anner Mariah Lutinza Hatcher | Clarence Bomar Worsham

8: Bernice Elizabeth Holtz b. October 13, 1903 d. December 18, 1985

9: Jesse E. Holtz | Elizabeth Bainter "Lizzy" | Alexander Wallace | Evaline Newhouse | Jesse Frank Holtz | Blanche Caddo Wallace | Bernice Elizabeth Holtz

12: Mary Elizabeth Worsham married Luther Elvin Hoover on December 1, 1946. Divorced February 19, 1963 | From this union, we were blessed with Carolyn Sue, Luther Elvin, Jr. and Martha Lynn "Muff" Hoover. | Elvin Hoover was raised in the Masonic Orphan's Home. Clarence worked there teaching printing trades. | Elvin &Mary, a handsome couple that made beautiful children, inside and out.

13: Mary b. March 2, 1929 = Dec 1, 1992 Elvin b. July 12, 1925 - Nov 7 1970 Carolyn b. October 17, 1946 Elvin b. June 8, 1950 Martha b. November 5, 1952

14: Betty Ann Worsham married William "Bill" Sidney Snider on June 4th, 1948. They gave our family Linda Carol, Donna Jane, and Curtis William.

15: Betty b. Feb 10, 1931 - June 15, 1996 Bill b. Oct 7, 1926 Linda b. August 16, 1950 Donna b. July 6, 1952 Curtis b. July 15, 1960 - Dec 2, 2016

16: Martha Jane Worsham married Ronald Lee Godbey May 14, 1954 | Martha b. Oct 15, 1934 - Feb 12, 2016 Ron b. July 11, 1934 - March 1, 2008 Gary b. May 13, 1957 - August 1, 2017 Julie b. Oct 26, 1962

17: Gary Lee and Julie Ann were added to the mix.

18: There was always a rumor of a horse thief, and counterfeiter preacher in the family. The horse thief has been identified as Claiborne (various spellings of the name exist) Worsham. His son Charles became a minister in 1893. Charles was the father of Miles Worsham. Each have an interesting trail of history... *Note: I have found no evidence of counterfeiting

19: Claiborne B. Worsham | Claiborne Worsham was born in Virginia in 1802. His brother, William is recorded as also being born in 1802. Possible twins? I have not found a photograph of Claiborne, however, included is a photograph of William. Claiborne married Elinor Bryan, also spelled varying ways, on February 10, 1828 according to the Early Middle Tennessee Marriages, Vol I, page 605 Grooms. | The above census was taken Oct of 1850 in Tennessee. The family moved to Texas in May of 1851 per write-up about Charles published in The Bohemian.

20: Dated April 20, 1859 | 300 Main, Houston 1866 Perhaps in 1859 it looked similar. | Huntsville Prison 1870's

21: After being released, Claiborne married Sydney Reden Ray Drake September 17, 1873. She had 3 children by previous marriage. They lived in Burnet County (there are tax rolls), and Indians used to bother them. He was not good to Sydney as he would take off for Austin for 3 days of drinking and gambling. He was reportedly a wife beater. When Claiborne left for same again, neighbors loaded Sydney and the children up and took them to Hillsboro. Claiborne was found dead soon after in the back of his wagon around Blanco, Johnson City. No records can be found due to courthouse burning. These stories are passed down through Sydney's family. There is no found photograph of Elinor. Below are photos of Sydney, who, in fact, turned out to be Charles Hardin "Buddy" Holley's great grandmother.

22: Elinor G. Bryan | The Bryan family has many interesting and notable characters and make for a good read. Captain Morgan Bryan was first of this line to sail to America.

23: Rebecca Bryan, daughter of Capt. Morgan, married Daniel Boone, thus giving us Uncle Daniel. Rebecca's brother. William, also married Daniel's sister, Mary. Among William and Mary Bryan's decedents is cousin William Jennings Bryan.

24: Elinor's Brother John Neely Bryan | Founder of Dallas, Texas

25: John and Wife Margaret Beeman | Mary "Polly" Bryan, Elinor's sister

26: The Children of Claiborne and Elinor | While Claiborne was sitting in the Huntsville prison during the Civil War, his four living sons all served in the Confederate Army. Edward L "Ned" Worsham, prior to serving in the war was a member of the 2nd Co. of the Texas Rangers, November 10, 1858 - May 10, 1859 around the Brazos River, Waco, Texas area regarding Comanche Indian affairs. On May 10th, his troop was dissolved. He enlisted in the Civil War out of Waco, Texas. Ned was killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg in the December 1862 engagement.

27: Above is a portion of a letter dated March 3rd, 1863 that Charles "Sammy" wrote to his mother that remarked on the loss of brother "Ned". The letter was sent from Richmond to Orange, Texas where his mother was residing at the time.

28: Wounded at Cold Harbor C.S. Worsham and E.L. "Ned" Worsham | Charles penned this letter to his mother, and describes Ned's wound. Ned was killed about 6 days later.

29: Leroy Worsham | Leroy transferred to Stone's Regiment, in James P. Major's Brigade. They fought in the Battles of Pleasant Hill and Battle of Mansfield, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. April 6 - 8, 1864 It is there that records of Leroy end.

30: In 1920 James went to the Confederate Home for men in Austin, Texas where he died March 12, 1925 and is buried in the state cemetery. | James N. Worsham | James, Ned and Charles all got into the same 4th TX Regiment. James was transferred to another troop division sometime around May of 1862. That time frame is just before the engagement at Cold Harbor.

31: Margaret Elizabeth Worsham | Margaret married a William Slater in Tennessee, December 9, 1845. They are listed on the TN 1850 census (shown back on Claiborne's page in this album), with a daughter, Mary E Slater. At some point, William Slater probably died rather than a divorce. Margaret married again to William Alden Hawkins in Harris County on September 5, 1857. She is shown living with her new spouse, child Mary Slater, and new son, Charles Slater Hawkins on the 1860 census in Ellis County. It stands to reason he was named after Charles Worsham and the William Slater that was Mary's father. By the 1870 census, they have 4 children together and Mary is not listed. Elinor (Eleanor) Worsham is living with them. Margaret is recorded as dying in 1876. By the 1880 census, William Hawkins is remarried and has two children with his new wife. Elinor is shown to be living with a nearby Carrick family. Pictured below is Charles Slater Worsham and a grandson, Jules Vern Allen, through daughter Carrie Hawkins.

32: Charles S. Worsham | Charles S. Worsham married Ophelia Virginia Buchanan September 29th, 1864. It is my personal belief that Charles went to the DeSoto Parish area to look for his brother, Leroy, after the April 1864 battle of Pleasant Hill and Mansfield. There are no records of Worshams in that area of Louisiana prior to 1864. Charles found the lovely Ophelia and settled into Louisiana.

33: Not only did Charles write beautiful letters to his mother, he also wrote poetry, short stories, sermons, and manuscripts. He has two boxes of these items located at the Fort Worth main library in the Mary Daggett Lake collection. It is possible some of the family mysteries can be solved within his writings. He was published in the Bohemian Magazine of Ft. Worth in many editions. Charles went through a number of name changes, no one knows why. He started out in census as Samuel, his family called him "Sammy," up through the war. Suddenly Seville and Selville begin to show up. He was also known as Rev. Charles S. G. Worsham. Perhaps he took the "G" from his mother.

36: L to R Walter Leroy Worsham, Arthur Marion Worsham and Mary Ida Worsham. The photo of Arthur comes from an inlaid picture on his headstone. | Charles and Ophelia's children | Children Sarah "Sallie" M., and Sidney W. died young and are buried in the Bossier Cemetery in Union Springs, Sabine Parish, LA. I believe Ophelia is probably buried in the Union Springs Cemetery in Converse along with many other descendants of Arthur Worsham. "Fannie" married Francis John Halley September 16, 1892 in Louisiana with no further records of them at present. No further records of Ora are found after the 1910 census.

37: Minnie Worsham Boyd 1899-1996 Dau. of Arthur Marion Worsham | Unlabeled Worsham, Hatcher. Bossier and Lum "boys" | Clinton Duke Worsham 1906-1987 Son of Walter L Worsham | Mary Ida Worsham 1871-1957 Dau. Charles Worsham | William and George Hatcher Brothers of Tennie | William Hatcher 1865-1933 Tennie's brother | Some Louisiana Worsham and Hatcher Kinfolk

38: Ophelia Virginia Buchanan | Above is information supplied to us by Ophelia as a segment of the widow's pension form that she filled out when making application. In 1900, she and Charles are on the census in Ft. Worth, next door to the McTeers that Laura Ada is married into by 1910. In 1910, Ophelia and Ora are living with the McTeers and in 1917, from the Fort Worth Directory, Miles is at the same 1220 Boulevard address with her. Boulevard Avenue eventually became Circle Park Boulevard and the house is now gone.

39: By 1922, she had moved to son Arthur Marion's home in Lula, Louisiana. Shown are burial documents from the widow's pension file.

40: Miles Edward Worsham | While there is currently no absolute proof, this man from the album of his daughter Ruby is believed to be Miles. Her son, Alton Smith, Jr. scanned and provided these photos of the mystery man. Notice someone is torn out of the first photo (new wife?). The next photo was originally in her album as only a cut-out face about the size of a quarter. Alton refined it with his computer software.

41: Wives and Children | Miles Worsham married Anner Mariah Lutenza Hatcher on July 17, 1885 in Louisiana. There are almost no census' for 1890 due fire. On the 1900 census, still in Louisiana, his occupation is listed as "Salesman". As you can see, son Charles Sanders and baby Rutha had already passed. | On the 1910 census from Waco, "Mamie" Maria Moore lists herself as the window of Miles E Worsham - often done back then with the shame of divorce or abandonment - with daughter Jessie Lee Worsham. They were supposedly married in 1905, though I find no solid record. By the 1920 census, Jessie is living with her grandparents in Arkansas. Mamie had been living with an older man from England, E. A. Johnson, who is also listed as a traveling salesman, like Miles in the day. Mamie Lee Johnson is found in 1930 in Ft. Worth with son John Lee Johnson working as a seamstress in a clothing factory. Miles was a salesman for Singer sewing machines. John was born about 1919, his presumed father, E. A., returned to England according to passport application dated April 1920.

42: Jessie Lee Worsham obituary located at findagrave.com, memorial number 47666191. Since her mother and father are both listed, one may presume she continued some relationship with them. | To my knowledge, and Martha's, no one in the family ever knew of this child. It is rumored that Miles "ran off and had children with an Indian woman." Perhaps it is Mamie, as there are many generations of Native Americans named "Moore" in Missouri and Arkansas.

43: Charles Storer Worsham 1917 - 1971 | We do know that Clarence knew about a half brother, Charles, and reportedly had some minor relationship with him. Charles' mother was May Belle Neal whom Miles remained married to until his death in 1943. After Charles Storer is born, they are located living in the Tyler and Smith area of Texas. There are other Worshams there in the vicinity. It is unknown if there was a relationship. His Uncle Leroy, did marry Malvina Laney in Tyler. Perhaps he had cousins there, perhaps not. Martha Jane Worsham does recall Clarence having her visit Miles on his death bed. She remembers very little about it, only that it happened. She would have been 11 years old. In 1942, Charles Storer is married to Betty Lee Brown, living in Ft Worth and is a mechanic. In 1949, he is listed as an airplane mechanic. Daughter Carol was born July 25, 1942 and died April 13, 1945 in San Diego, CA . Daughter, Barbara Ruth Ann was born April 2, 1946 in Tarrant County. By 1966, they were in Lubbock. She graduated from Texas Tech. | Barbara Worsham Texas Tech yearbook

44: Tennie Louise Hatcher

45: When Miles abandoned the family, it was "Uncle Guen" that took them in. Robert Guen Bossier married Martha Louise "Lottie" Hatcher, Tennie's sister. The family went back to Louisiana for a time and they remained close, as the families of Worsham, Hatcher and Bossier often visited one another. | Elisabeth Flenikin and Robert Sanders Hatcher parents of Tennie

46: Anna Lee Worsham b. August 12, 1891 d. August 22, 1972 DeSoto, Louisiana Ft. Worth, Texas | Clara is Clarence's twin, which was not the most common thing back then. Alton shares the story that Tennie was so destitute for money that she used to take the twins to the train station and ask the people coming through if they'd like to see a set of twin children and charge a quarter. They were in Proctor, Comanche County, Texas when Miles abandoned them for the Moore woman in Waco. Photos of Clara and Clarence together. Miles also began giving his children middle names from the last names of friends or business associates. | Myrtle Ophelia Worsham b. March 11, 1875 d. April 21, 1977 DeSoto, Louisiana Ft. Worth,, Texas

47: Ruby Lawrence Worsham b. April 4, 1900 d. November 6, 1945 DeSoto, Louisiana Ft. Worth,, Texas | Clara Wilden Worsham b. August 9, 1902 d.. February 3, 1982 Procteor, Texas Ft. Worth, Texas

48: Poem written in memory of baby Rutha Virginia Worsham by Ophelia's mother, Mary Eliza Moorman-Buchanan.

51: C l a r e n c e

53: Bernice

56: After Ruby died, Clara and Coyle raised her son, Alton Smith Jr. | A Big THANK YOU to cousins and birds of a feather, Alton and Susie! | Coyle and Clara | Alton Sr. | Alton, Sr | Alton with wife, Carolyn

57: Linda Sue "Susie" Ward is Myrtle's great granddaughter. Without the help of these two fellow genealogists, many of the pictures and history for this album would not be possible. | Steve Sr. | Steve Jr. | Steve III

58: I do not find written proof of our Worshams before John b. 1625 marries Elizabeth Littleberry. Prior to that, I sourced from the trees of others. She married second to Francis Eppes. It is her Will that carries much information. In fact, her granddaughter married Pocahontas' gggrandson. | Left - We find Claiborne Worsham's father in the Revolutionary War. | Some ruins in Worsham, England. Could it be some of us?

59: Right - Here, we find Claiborne's brother, John, wanting to get out of the war of 1812. In 1812, he was about 13. The letter is dated 1815 when he was about 16. b. 1799

60: Careby, in Lincolnshire Parish, England,were lands that the Hatcher's owned. They are firmly shown in the Church at Careby as well as owning Careby manor.

61: Notice the Hatcher scallop shells on the coat of arms of this unidentified Knight and Lady at Careby Church. In addition to this, there is a marble monument inscribed: "Underneath lies the body of Thomas Hatcher, esq., descended of the ancient family of Hatchers, for many generations Lords of this Mannour"

62: Car | Careby Manor | At last listing, eight bedroomCareby Manor was for sale at 1.1m pounds, Below the photos of Careby Manor is the barn, renovated into a 5 bedroom home called "Hatcher Barn" To the left, still remains the Hatcher crest.

64: Information found on Robert S. Hatcher's Mother. Martha Boswell Thompson.

65: Mr. and Mrs. Lt. Robert S. Hatcher, CSA | Bossier Cemetery

66: Back up the Hatcher line, William Hatcher, the immigrant from England, married Marian Newport. Her father is none other than Captain Christopher Newport

68: Buchanan

69: The Buchanan roots are traced back centuries. Left - Picture of Buchanan Castle and the Buchanan lands in Scotland. Unfortunately this beautiful castle is now in a state of ruins.

70: Notice the name Buchanan begins to appear in one of Charlemagne's lines of descendants. Dates of birth or death back this far are typically only "about" that time. Janet Douglas married Thomas Buchanan.

72: James Buchanan was our only bachelor president. Serving as his First Lady was niece Harriett Rebecca [Buchanan] Lane Johnston.

73: First known inauguration photographed | Birthplace in Mercersburg before being moved to the Buchanan Home State Park.

74: There is a whole host of Holtz family that worked for various railroads, which includes extended family that continued to immigrate from Germany. They must have been in communication about the opportunities in America. All Aboard! Take a ride on Pennsylvania's Reading Railroad down to the Baltimore & Ohio (B & O) Railroad in Maryland....

75: Holtz | First in our direct line to migrate was Christian Johan Holtz, born about 1788 in Sachsen, Germany. He was in Pennsylvania sometime before 1813 as his son, John, was born in PA and worked for the railroad. John migrated to Maryland sometime before the 1850 census and married Margaret or "Mary," possibly last name "Nicholl." What we do know of her is that she was born in Ireland about 1814. Jesse's mother appears to have died when he was about sixteen years old, sometime between the 1860 census and 1863 when John and Jesse are found together in the city directory without Mary. Jesse is gone from the directory in 1867. In 1871 he is married to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bainter in Ohio.

76: Jesse E. Holtz

77: Brother Charlie | Sister Mary | Jesse's siblings | Nephew William and Niece Lola Snyder from sister Mary | Susanna married John H Campbell and lived in Pennsylvania. He was born in Scotland.

78: David Holtz served on the USS Saugus as Engineer in the Union Navy during the Civil War. | Mary and her James Snyder family lived in the above left house and built them a real nice farm around it. | Samuel lived in the house with the round front in Baltimore. | Train Engine of the 1860's

79: Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bainter | There is very little material on the Bainter family. We do know They also immigrated from Germany. | Recently found photo is probably Lizzie, but we cannot be certain.

80: Jesse and Lizzy's Children | Emma married Franklin Garvin, a Dentist. She died in 1926. Their home was at 811 E Bluff, Fort Worth. | Charles married Leona Madden in Kansas, where they lived until about 1905. They had two children, Clarence Julian and Elizabeth. Julian Holtz became a mortician and had part ownership of the Sparkman Holtz Brand Funeral Home in Dallas. The notorious Clyde Barrow laid instate at their funeral home, which drew a big crowd.

81: Jesse and all of his living sons worked for the railroad. The railroad changed names many times, MKT, Union Pacific, Texas Pacific. The opulent new art deco T & P station opened October 5, 1931

82: Son Edward died before the age of three, daughter Lizzy may have died or stayed in another state. Broxie Belle died on Halloween night, 1907 of Typhoid Fever. | John F. Holtz was originally Christened as "Thomas." John married Lillian Kennedy and had three children. Shortly before the 1920 census, Lillian began living at the Terrell State Hospital where she died in 1949. A few years after Lillian went to Terrell, John married Jennie Bell Felker. She is said to have taught music out of their home at 3028 Ryan in Fort Worth. | son, John Holtz, Jr

83: Bernice and Clarence age 14 and 15 | B & C

84: Jesse Frank Holtz | Son Jesse married Blanche Wallace in 1897. They are shown in 1910 to be living at 925 Allen Street, Ft. Worth | Jesse with first child, Garvin.

85: Blanche Caddo Wallace | From a tintype

86: The only children that lived to adulthood were Mordecai and Bernice. Brother Garvin, died in 1910, before the census was taken. | A young photo of Clarence Worsham (right), Mordecai Holtz (sitting), and a friend of theirs by the name of Clay. Clarence and Mordecai were friends, which is how Clarence met Bernice. | Mordecai worked for the T&P railroad as a Machinist. He had 2 children, Dorothy and Laverne. The Snider family dog "Ricky" and the Godbey family dog "Nimbus" were obtained from Dorothy.

87: The Wallace Family | Alexander Wallace II's father was born about 1794 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He married Agnes Harrison in 1818 in Virginia. Alex II married Evaline Newhouse November 11, 1853. All of their children, except Blanche, were born in Virginia. Henrietta died young. Blanche was born in Grapevine, Texas, 1878.

88: Photograph of the parlor in the Wallace home, 407 Samuels, Fort Worth. | Newhouse | Evaline's Newhouse line came from Michael Newhouse where information ends, yet he may well be a descendant of John Newhouse who settled in Virginia in 1640. The Newhouse name is most typically found in Yorkshire, England.

89: Nancy Wallace (top) gave birth to a little girl on May 1, 1886, Frankie Daggett (below Nan). It is reported in a newspaper from Galveston that Nancy won the suit and was awarded $7,300.00, That is equivalent to about $560,000.00 to the 2014 economy. Frankie died of Tuberculosis at the age of 22. Nancy died of suspected poison on May 1, 1933. Notice the May 1 dates. | Rachel Wallace married James "Jim" Hovenkamp

90: Harriet Wallace married Charles Franklin Crabtree | Isaiah Zacharia "Zed" Wallace married Martha Venetia "Mattie" Jackson

91: Martha says that his store was at the end of Peach street, which T's into Elm. His store was located at 321 Elm Street. The family lived upstairs above the store. He married Minnie Young, seated below, Bernice beside her and Blanche in the window. | Mordecai Deats Wallace

92: Clarence Glen Wallace | Clarence also started as a young business man. He was also a druggist, as his brother Mordecai. The address on the delivery wagon says it was located at 2nd and Grove Street, Fort Worth.

93: Clarence Married Sarah Catherine "Kate" Ledbetter in 1896. On the 1900 census it has them living at 715 Samuels. It is listed that she is a mother of 3 with 2 living, and then only lists son Eardley. There is a family legend from Martha that one day, Clarence G. brought home a female child for he and his wife to raise without explanation. Family speculation was always that it was his child from some other woman. Kate left this family and was remarried to George M Ridgway who says he is a photographer on the 1910 census. The mystery child's name was Marion Wallace. | Kate with new husband, most likely their wedding picture. | Clarence lived life in a troubling way. In 1916 he was convicted in the Federal Court of North Texas on drug selling charges. I do not know what his sentence was. Also, the indictment mentions a "Tood Wallace." That may have been his son Eardley, as he has "Toots Wallace" on his headstone. Eardley would have been about fifteen years old at the time.

94: And again in 1919, which landed him in Leavenworth Penitentiary | Treasury Decisions Under Internal Revenue Laws, Vol 17, Jan - Dec, 1915

95: FBI case files 1908 - 1921

96: "The Big House" | Clarence's last drug store was located in "3rd Ward" which is where the infamous "Hell's Half Acre" was located. | "The Acre"

97: Clarence is on the 1920 census taken on January 27 at Leavenworth. At some point that year he is released and is in El Paso, where he dies December of 1920. | I too remember something of the mystery baby story. Bernice said that when Mordecai Wallace was on his death bed in 1950, she still begged and begged for him to tell her who her parents were. He refused. She asked Bernice to speak to him, which she did, but he still refused and took it to the grave.

98: Grace Wallace | Grace Wallace married Oscar Sprinkle and had two daughters, Evalyne and Frances, to live to be adults and resided at 908 Peach Street.

99: Evalyne Newhouse Sprinkle and Frances Woodruff Sprinkle. Evalyne was probably Bernice's favorite cousin. Martha says that Evalyne was married 4 times and to the same man twice, though only two husbands are found in research. One very sad story of Evalyne is the loss of her daughter, Grace, named after her mother. Martha says they visited Evalyne and everyone was forbidden to go in a certain bedroom. She kept that room exactly how Grace left it when she died. Grace was to begin work as a reporter for the Star Telegram after the New Year.

100: 1219 Peach Street in 1900 the Garvins with Jesse Holtz | 1215 E. Baltimore - Myrtle Worsham Ward | 1210 E. Arlington The Worsham's before Betty Lane. Martha was born in this house. | 2301 Edwin Anna Lee Worsham Ward | 1312 Betty Lane Ruby Worsham, Alton Sr and Jr | 802 W. 14th Street Miles Worsham in 1907

101: A Worsham Bunch | Claude Ward, Jr's wedding, Brother Robert to right, Steve Ward right end, sister Adda last woman on left. | Wallace Williams with Coyle's 1938 Packard | Coyle Jr. lost his wife and 1 son in a car wreck, hit head on by a drunk driver. | Coyle with second wife and family

104: Martha Celebrates the big 80!

106: Thank you to everyone for whom I have taken photos from your facebook page :-) thank you carolyn hoover stratton for all your photo contributions thank you Carol Dean crabtree for photos from your collection

107: Album compiled with love by Julie Godbey Completed January 2015

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