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Family Yearbook 2010

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S: Shuldberg Family 2010

FC: Shuldberg Family 2010

1: I finally got Jackson to his 2-year old appointment. Just a few months behind but it finally happened. Jackson has discovered coloring and will seriously color for an hour or so. I love it! But here are his stats: 36.5" tall (80th %), 26 lbs (20th %). | Why are dad's so fun? | because they do this! | January

2: What a fun Valentines we had around here. We decorated cookies, ate way too much candy, and had heart pancakes for the big day. I love my Valentine and my little Valentines so, so much! Colby was able to go to Abby's kindergarten party for Valentines which was fun but Colby came away sad because he didn't get one of the Valentines mailboxes Abby's class made. Luckily our neighbor is the home mom and had extras at home for Colby. So he got his little mail box and had me tape it to a big stick and he stuck it outside hoping he would get some Valentines in his mailbox. Some cute little girl (Abby) has been putting cards in it a few times a day, writing little letters and saying they're from different cousins and friends. This has made Colby SO happy.

3: Have I ever mentioned Colby is a little stubborn? Let me give you a few examples. (1) He accidentally smeared part of his dragon off right after we got home and for about 5 hours I heard, "we need to go back NOW so I can get my face painted again." I finally pretended to call the place and told Colby that the lady in charge said they were all done painting faces. But then he wanted me to paint his face. I told him we didn't have the right paints. Well, we had another discussion about that for an hour or so. After that he just cried for a few hours. We finally had to take the whole dragon off because it was tear streaked. (2) The other day Colby wanted a Spider Man watch. He said, "it's not fair, dad has two watches and I don't even have one." I had to admit it was a pretty good argument. I finally made him a spiderman watch out of felt and glitter glue. He was happy about that for about 15 minutes and then decided he wanted a real watch. (3) The day before the spiderman watch incident he wouldn't stop asking for a spiderman birthday party. If you'll remember, I've already had one fake birthday party for him for this same exact reason. Well, we had another discussion about that for quite awhile. I finally relented on this one and made him a spiderman cake. You have to pick your battles ... right? Then we sang happy birthday again! Funny little boy! (4) Later today after I started this post we had another discussion. Colby decided he wanted to go swimming outside in his swimsuit. We're in Oregon and it's February! I almost gave into this one because I thought it might just be easier to fill up the pool, have him jump in and decide it's freezing himself, rather than argue with him over it for the next 2-5 hours. But he gave this idea up fairly quickly, it must've only been an hour or so, so I didn't have to freeze my little boy. I have to say that Colby's stubborness is what Matt and I absolutely love about Colby! We laugh so hard at night after (sometimes it has to be long after to realize it was funny) the kids have gone to sleep. We will seriously start crying because we're laughing so hard at the crazy ideas he comes up with. All I can say is he has quite the imagination and I know he will use this stubborn streak for good one of these years! We love you so much Colby! | I took the kids to Kids Discovery today. To celebrate Chinese New Year they were doing face painting. Abby got some roses and Colby got a fire-breathing dragon. Jackson had a lot of fun too but was not about to sit still for longer than 2 seconds in order to get his face painted.

4: It does get rainy and gray here, but most of this month we've had weather in the high 50's to low 60's. With sunny, beautiful skies. It was weird to not get snow for Christmas. But if we ever want to play in the snow, there are a few resorts and sledding hills within a half hour or so. Now it will probably rain for the next 2 weeks because I decided to brag about our weather ... I guess I'd deserve it! Abby has such a fun group of girls that are in her kindergarten class and church class. There are about 10 or 12 of them. They have playgroups on Tuesdays and Thursday after school and get to make some fun crafts. | February

5: If you're wondering what this x-ray is, it's an x-ray of Colby's perfectly healthy (definitely not broken) right leg. Colby was jumping on the tramp and landed hard and was complaining of pain in the middle of his lower leg and wouldn't walk on it. Later that night he walked on it a little. But by the next morning he wouldn't put any pressure on it at all. He told me it was broken. I figured he could've fractured it. So I took him to the ER. Not broken ... so we're out $100 plus what ever else they decide to bill me for. But what can you do ... he's worth every penny! | On 2/25 right before school Abby lost her first tooth. She was so excited because Friday is her show-n-tell day so she was able to bring her lost tooth to school with her. It had been holding on by a thread for about a week. Matt wanted so bad to pull it out but Abby would have nothing to do with that. | After dealing with his broken clavicle back in September I didn't want to take any chances. Boys ... what do you do with them? And how many bones can they break?! | The circus came to town. Apparently the big circus's (is that even a word?) don't come to our town. But the kids thought it was great. It's pretty easy to please these cute kids . . . Just give them some cotton candy. | February

6: Where did 33 come from?! | Matt took the kids shopping with him for my birthday present a few days before my birthday (he thought he'd be on top of things and it totally back-fired on him). Colby wanted me to open the present the second I got home and the idea of having to wait THREE whole days was torture to the poor kid. Abby and Colby came home with new watches and I kept saying, "Oh man, I wish I had a new watch! I really need one!" Abby just kept laughing and giving Matt a look like "she's never going to figure it out!" Colby came up to me and says, "Ma, your present goes on your arm." So I said, "oh is it a bracelet?" Colby: "No, Ma, it's pink." Me: "Maybe new gloves? Or a new shirt that is long-sleeved?" He finally came over to me and whispered, "Ma, it's a new pink watch that goes on your wrist!" He's sooo good at secrets! Matt and I went out for dinner Saturday night. And even though my birthday wasn't until Monday, we made the cake and celebrated on Saturday. The kids wanted cake NOW! Which was just fine with me. A neighbor had us over for a Sunday birthday dinner with another family (the kids LOVED that - getting to play with friends on a Sunday?) and then some friends had me over for a birthday breakfast a few days later. I was spoiled! | March

7: Today is Abby's 100th day of school so she got to dress up like she was 100 and bring a project that used a 100 items. Abby decided she wanted to make pretzel people out of 100 pretzels. I tried to give her some ideas because I couldn't quite understand what she wanted to do but she knew exactly what she wanted and wouldn't hear otherwise. It turned out great! | 100th Day of School | March

8: Catchin' us a Leprechaun! | Abby's last project at school was a Leprechaun Trap. Between Abby and Matt they came up with this idea. The Leprechaun is attracted to the shiny money, then continues over the rainbow, and then finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow . . . where he gets trapped! We put Abby to bed before it was completely finished and when she woke up in the morning she saw it and was just beaming! "I love it! I love it! It's just so beautiful! I can't stop smiling I love it so much!" So now we just need to wait until St. Patrick's Day to catch us a Leprechaun. Colby wanted to make one too... I love that kid! | Had to add a picture of Jackson . . . | March

9: March | This little boy just melts my heart with his little dimple smile. The other night Matt and I were watching a show after we had put Abby and Colby to sleep. Jackson was watching a movie in the living room while we were watching our show in our room. He spent a good half hour out there by himself and then every once-in-awhile he made his way into our room to give us a little laugh. | The first time he came back with Abby's rain boots on. He saw how it made us laugh and then just giggled and stomped out of the room laughing/cackling to himself. | The next appearance was with the rain boots and a flute. He was trying so hard to play the flute but couldn't because he was laughing so hard. Apparently he knew he was putting on a performance for us. | And the third appearance was with rain boots, the flute and a phone ... saying "hewo, hewo." | At this point, Matt decided at that time to go make him a nighttime snack and came back to this - Jackson stole Matt's place! When Matt tried to sneak back in Jackson kept blocking him out. What a little mama's boy! I love it!

10: Matt's parents were nice enough to get us a condo at Disneyland so we met Mike and Cindy and their kids and went to Disneyland! Thanks Brent and Jeannie! The first day we met Kirt and his kids and went to the beach. | Abby with her cousin Sam. Abby thinks he's pretty cool. | Abby gathering sea shells | Taylor is one of Colby's favorite cousins ever! It was so nice to have older cousins around to help out with our kids. Taylor took Colby and Madison took Abby. So Matt and I just had Jackson to watch. Which was actually not the easiest job at Disneyland. Jackson did NOT want to sit in the stroller. He just wanted to run around. | This was one of Jackson's favorite days. He could have played in the sand all day. | April

11: Disneyland!

12: Jackson did really good the first day. He even fell asleep for us in the stroller. I was hoping he would do this the whole week. However, the next day when we got off the bus Jackson looked around and then just laid down on the ground (I guess as his protest!). So we turned around and went back to the condo while Matt stayed with Abby and Colby. Jackson and I played around the condo. And I even got to take a nap! But he did have fun at Disneyland...just not the second day :) | Colby finally found Woody on the second day ... thank goodness! This was his greatest moment the whole week long! When it was Colby's turn to meet Woody, Colby said, "Reach for the sky!" Woody turned and started to run away. Colby thought it was so funny! | MICkey | mouse | April

13: Another great moment for Colby. Meeting Lightening McQueen ... I don't know how life can get much better for a little boy. | End of day #2. I wish I could remember why he was so upset! | I felt bad I didn't get very many pictures of Abby while we were at Disneyland but she was off with her older cousins the whole time. She wanted to ride all of the big rides. She rode Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, and even the Tower of Terror. And she was mad she wasn't tall enough for the Screamer. I love my little dare devil. Colby on the other hand was not quite ready for the bigger rides. Matt took him on Space Mountain and he came out of it whimpering. He said it was dark, too fast, and scary. He also didn't like Soarin' California, It's Tough to be a Bug 4-D movie, or Pirates of the Caribbean. You gotta love Colby - he's so tall for his age I sometimes forget he's only 3.

14: Jackson figured out the easter egg hunt thing pretty quickly after watching the older kids for a few minutes. | Abby, Addie and Emilee | Colby tried to find all of the boy easter eggs. No pink. Only blue, green and maybe yellow. | Easter was almost forgotten this year. I had to work a lot the week before Easter and we were all still trying to recover from Disneyland. I didn't realize it was going to be Easter until the Wednesday before Easter Sunday when our neighbor invited us over for Easter lunch. I'm so glad she reminded me! But the kids found their easter baskets Easter morning and then we went over for lunch later that day (between conference sessions). It was such a great Easter day! | I also tried dying hard boiled eggs this year. Abby and Colby love doing that kind of stuff. I should've waited until Jackson went down for a nap but I thought he'd have fun. But no, he was living up to his new "2 year old" status and made a huge mess. He broke about 6 eggs trying to dye them himself. I looked to Matt for help and he said, "I have nothing to do with this project." He had asked me 2 or 3 times before I started egg dying if I was sure I wanted to do this. I really should listen to him more often :) He usually knows what he's talking about at least 95% of the time. But Matt came to the rescue and cleaned everything up and pulled Jackson away to do something else. I love that husband of mine! And Abby and Colby had fun!

15: Jackson's attention was very quickly diverted after he saw the trampoline. I think he stayed on the tramp the rest of the day!

16: Jackson just makes me laugh. Don't you love the outfits he puts together? I know he's starting his "terrible two" phase but I love 2 year olds. This is when their personalities really start showing.

17: Abby moved up to level blue! Yay Abby! | I took this picture the beginning of April. It was barely over 70 degrees and my kids came inside from jumping on the tramp saying they were so hot! Their faces were bright red. I think they're adjusting to the Oregon weather quite well. So Matt soaked the tramp down with water and they played and played! | April

18: OPEN GYM My kids LOVE this place. You should have seen Jackson the first time I took him here. He was running around so wild you would think I keep him locked up in a cage. The only problem is now that he's been able to play on everything he thinks he can play on it during Abby's gymnastics class too. Abby is doing great at gymnastics and is really enjoying it. She started about 2 months ago and finally got her pull-over so she gets to move up a level. It took Colby a few times to decide the pit wasn't scary but now it's the only thing he will do.

19: Colby has really been into drawing lately so he asked me to print off a picture of Diego from the computer. While we were looking, he saw a Diego doll and asked me if he could have it. I told him we didn't have the money right now. He didn't love that answer. So I told him if he did 20 jobs for me around the house we could buy him a Diego doll. So for over a week he did little jobs for me all over the house. He matched socks, cleaned chairs, cleaned the windows and my favorite job I gave him was to not hurt Jackson all day long. That was the best job I could've given him - it worked out so good! After each job he would ask if he'd done enough jobs. When I'd say no he'd get a little frustrated. Finally after 20 jobs we went to the store to find a Diego doll. Did you know they don't sell Diego dolls? Just Dora dolls. So we came home and found this cute set on of Diego, Dora, Baby Jaguar, Swiper and Boots. But had to wait for the mailman to bring them! How frustrating for a 3-year old! And in this whole process I totally got addicted to! So I think it all totally backfired on me! I guess that's what I get for trying to teach a 3 year old a lesson. But look how happy he is NOW! | A very long week | April

20: May 9th was Colby's 4th Birthday! Matt and I decorated the house with balloons the night before his birthday. When he came to our room the next morning he said he saw all the decorations and thought they were so cute! (He is such a sweet boy). We were going to wait until after church to open gifts and have cake but that idea was quickly shot down. So at 10 am we sang happy birthday, opened family gifts and had cake and ice cream (at least we had breakfast first...barely).! | Abby and Jackson got Colby hot wheels. G&G Shuldberg got Colby a hot wheels race track and a "totally awesome" rocket ship card with some money. And G&G King got him some Toy Story pajamas. He was just a little excited about it if you can't tell from the picture.

21: May 9th was also mothers day. I had Colby 4 years ago; a few days before mothers day. After I had Colby I had to go back into the hospital for a d&c because there was afterbirth causing an infection. So I was in the hospital on mothers day that year. We were in Louisiana and had no family around so Matt was home with Abby and a brand new baby while I was in the hospital recovering. It was actually a really easy recovery (it's amazing what sleep will do). Poor Matt was going to school and taking care of Abby and a newborn all by himself for 3 days until his mom came and rescued us all. That was when I realized what an incredible father and husband Matt is (Matt's mom did a pretty good job raising him). I tell Matt all the time I was lucky to get him and it's true. I was able to sleep-in for mothers day. When I finally came out of my bedroom the kids all brought over their cute cards they had made for me. Colby also gave me a Sponge Bob soap dispenser but told me it was really for him. He cracks me up. Matt must have coached Colby because it was all about ME for 3 long minutes. Then Colby decided it was time for his birthday. I was amazed with Colby's patience, he's growing up so fast. Abby's poem to me: I love you mom, you are so sweet, you are fune, I love you becus you mac us food, you are fun, I love you mom. Colby's card to me from school - Things I love about my mommy: She makes crafts with me and she helps me brush my teeth. I am so incredibly blessed. I love my family so much!! | Party Day . . . | Colby had a pirate party. But not a scary pirate party. A happy pirate party because all the pirates are smiling - Colby doesn't like scary things right now. I couldn't find a pirate pinata for the life of me so Lightning McQueen got an eye patch. Colby thought it was perfect!

22: Colby stood outside for about an hour waiting for his friends - I love the boots! | The party started out so perfect and calm. We read a pirate book, walked the plank, played pin the treasure on the map . . . | Next was the piñata. Things were still going good at this time ... | Jackson got a few good hits in. | May

23: Sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes (things were still okay) ... | Next was presents. That's when UTTER CHAOS broke out! It was my own fault. I asked all the kids to grab their gift and bring it over so Colby could open them. Colby started opening his first present and all the other kids started opening their present too. Colby just about ... well not just about ... Colby totally lost it. He was so distraught that other people were opening his presents. He just started crying and buried his head in my arms. So we sent Colby upstairs to open the presents by himself and sent the other kids outside to play on the swing set and trampoline. They all had fun and we only had one bad fall (pretty good for 12 little 3 and 4 year olds). Colby wanted to have a birthday party SO, SO, BAD! And I really am glad we had one but next time we'll just open presents after everyone has gone home. Why do I always have to learn lessons the hard way?

24: Jackson moves about 0.0005 miles per hour on this scooter but he loves riding it up and down the sidewalk. It's so cute to watch. I think a snail could move faster but he's so patient. He just laughs as the other kids fly by and then he'll turn around and try to catch up with them...only to have to turn around again two feet later. | Abby looks way too old on this bike. | Colby, "Mom, check out my sweet ride!" | She's so cute! | Spring... | May

25: I don't know if it's good or bad but I feel like our back yard is a nature preserve. We have this little pond in the back yard and the birds love to come drink and bathe in it. And we have birds nests everywhere. I think the last time I counted there were about 5 or 6 nests around our yard. The kids find little broken blue bird eggs everywhere (they now know not to touch them) and think it's so cute. But along with birds come bird poop! See that streak of poo down the window? Not so cute. And we have a few fish in the pond that the cats and raccoons like to terrorize. The owners of this house put this slat of wood up and the birds love it for their nest. The kids got to watch the momma bird keep her eggs warm, then watch the eggs hatch, then watch the momma bird feed her babies (you should've seen their faces when I told them how the mom regurgitates the food and feeds it to her babies). We even got to watch the mom teach her babies how to fly. It was a great learning experience. But now I'm ready for the bird poop to be gone! | Abby's kindergarten class had a field trip to the firestation at the end of the year. I had to work that day but Matt took the boys and got to go. Both Abby and Matt got to hold onto the firehose. | Abby had a great group of girls in her kindergarten class this year. They had a playgroup twice a week after school. This was the last playgroup of the year. Hope they can handle school all day long next year. I'm not sure I'm ready for my baby to be going to school all day. Half day was plenty!! | These are all the younger siblings of the girls-playgroup. The moms would drop them off too so everyone could have a playdate. So about twice a month we had a full house. It was pretty wild but fun.

26: Colby's preschool took a trip to the train park at the end of the year. Abby was in the same preschool last year and all I remember is being so hot! Well, this year I was seriously wishing we had brought our winter coats and hats. We had a lot of fun but everyone wanted to cut it short because it was so cold. But I wanted to live somewhere with the seasons so I better stop complaining! :) | TRAIN PARK | Colby with his friends Diego and Lily (Colby thinks it's pretty cool to have a friend whose name is Diego - like Dora and Diego) | Colby with Lily and Emilee | Colby said he'd take care of Jackson on the ride. He was so cute and held onto Jackson the whole time and told him when the scary parts were coming (the tunnels) and to not be scared. What a good brother! | May

27: I haven't seen my older sister and her five boys for 2 years! But she lives in Chicago, and I live in Oregon...But, she made it to Utah (after a very long drive) so we decided to drive out so we could see them! Matt drove us out then flew back so he could work. We love Utah so it wasn't hard to convince us! The 13-15 hour drive is horrible but I couldn't even complain about that this time because Michelle had to drive about 26 hours. So anyways, here are a few shots from our trip. We had to go to Thanksgiving Point because my kids love that place. | Thanksgiving Point | June

28: We made it to the Dinosaur Museum a few times. The kids are doing their dinosaur impressions in the bottom right picture. Jackson loved the dinosaur museum. Anytime we got in the car to go somewhere he would smile at me with his little dimple face and say, "Go see Dinosaur?" | And since we were visiting the big city we had to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. You know you live in a small town when you don't even have a Chuck-E-Cheese. Carter slammed head first into my parents fireplace within 5 minutes of arriving in Utah and had a huge bulge on his head the first half of the week and a huge bruise on his head the last half of the week. At least it wasn't a concussion (or a broken leg like the year before). | The girls all posed and then said, "Aunt Laura, Aunt Laura, take a picture of us!"

29: Just playing at the park. Everything is more fun with cousins around. Abby is a little monkey these days! She's mastered the monkey bars and will climb everything in sight. After the park we went and saw the new Shrek movie. Jackson did great with the 3-D and kept the glasses on the whole time. He even fell asleep with them on. I think we wore him out! | Have I mentioned my mom spoils me when I come to Utah? She watches the kids, does my laundry, makes dinner, and makes sure I get at least one good nap while I'm there. No wonder I like visiting so much! | This was the post-dinner show!

30: We also went boating a few times. I was so happy the kids liked it. My family boated my whole life and I hope it's something they'll like too. But we're going to have to find a warmer lake than Deer Creek in June! | What a pose! | Colby loves his Grandpas. And especially loves working with them. So Colby was in heaven when grandpa let him help pull the boat in.

31: Look mom! No hands! | Monterey | After everyone was done Jackson came up and said, "My turn!" So even Jackson skied. As you can imagine it made me just a little nervous. Sorry about the pink life jacket. It was the only one that fit. But at least you didn't drown! Abby did a lot of skiing on of the days I didn't have a camera. | Michelle, Alexandra and Carter | Monterey and Abby striking a pose | Bunny ears! | Monterey and Adam | Boating! | June

32: Abby's kindergarten class had a field day a few days before graduation. I remember doing this when I was little. Abby won the hula-hoop contest! Abby and Addie (bottom) Emilee (middle right) | Here are all the little brothers who play so great together now. They've had a year of hanging out while waiting around for their older sisters. Ethan, Diego and Colby. | Back to school... | June

33: Abby loved her teacher Mrs. Robino. Her teacher made this really cute book for everyone with pictures throughout the year. We took the kids out to breakfast after the big day. Matt and I don't go to sit-down restaurants with the kids. We honestly haven't taken our kids to a restaurant since Abby was a baby. So Colby and Jackson have never been to one! I sat them down before we went in and told them we were going to a "fancy" restaurant (we were going to Elmer's :) ). And that we had to be on our best behavior because if we didn't behave we couldn't ever come back again. Matt loves how my threats are so profound. Anyways, we sat down and had a nice breakfast. Colby asked, "Do we get to keep this silverware?" He's never eaten out before with real silverware. It's always been plastic. How sad are we?! | Colby is actually in the picture too. He didn't want his picture taken so he's standing behind. us. Cute kid. | Preview of what Jackson will look like in a few years.

34: For Father's Day Matt got to sleep in and we brought him breakfast in bed. But after breakfast his day was pretty much over. He's such a good sport. He got up and did the dishes, fed the kids, and got everyone ready for church. We love you so much Matt! Happy Father's Day. One of these days you'll get to watch football games, play golf or go fishing for your day but for now we're so glad you hang out with us! In primary the kids wrote what they liked most about their dad. Abby said, I love my dad because he makes awesome chocolate chip cookies. And Colby said, I love my dad because we go to Grandma and Grandpa's (I'm not sure what that's all about but he sure loves his dad!). Jackson is in nursery so didn't write anything but he made sure to have awesome hair for the day! | I have started trading babysitting with a friend. She watches my kids one day a week and I watch her kids one day a week. I wish I could say I was doing something fun, but no, I'm working. Anyways, these kids have become some of our best little friends. Ryan, Jackson, Abby, Aaron, and Colby | Dad | June

35: The summer is such a busy yet very lazy time of the year. Abby started out the summer with a gymnastics camp. She's getting so good and really seems to like it. She is also taking swim lessons but has decided she doesn't really like them because "I just drown the whole time!". I felt the same way when I was taking swim lessons. So we'll see how long they last. Then both Abby and Colby went to Bible Camp. I wasn't so sure about it but so many people had good things to say about it. The kids absolutely loved it! They came home telling me the whole story of Joseph and how the cows were skinny and then fat. It was so cute to see how excited they were. We were able to go to Utah again for the 4th of July. This time my parents were in Hawaii with my brother and his girls so we spent the whole time with Matt's family. I missed my family but it was nice to spend so much time with the Shuldbergs. | The boys were just a little excited | Colby and Noah. Colby really likes Noah. The first time we saw him this summer Colby was so excited and went up to him and then kinda backed away and wouldn't play with him. Grandma asked him what was the matter and Colby said, "Noah grew and now he's bigger than me." Grandma said, "But he's still you're best cousin and you can still play together." I guess he smiled at her and went over and started playing. Funny how kids minds work. | Cindy, Taylor and a neighbor | Shelby, Maddie, Taylor, Abby, Cassie, and Jackson | This is a terrible picture (it was getting too dark) but I love Jackson's expression | After our fireworks we had s'mores and then went over to the church to watch the stadium of fire fireworks. It was such a fun day.

36: On Monday we went to the 4th of July Parade. Matt always says he doesn't like non-Mardi Gras parades but he's never really been. So I thought if I could just get him there then he'd realize how fun they are. Both Matt and Abby said we'd never go again because it was boring. (Guess that idea back-fired on me...but I had to agree). Abby was spoiled with all the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. Nothing will ever compare to those parades. | Abby,Coleman, Easton, Noah and Matt. | Jackson and his visor! | Jackson was loving all the baby stuff around from Andy and Naomi's baby. It's funny how they will finally play with all the stuff you buy them after they're not babies anymore. | These boys had a lot of fun together. It's always hard to come back home after being around family. Colby didn't have one single time out the whole time we were in Utah. But the day we got home he was in time-out at least twice. And at least once a day since then. The poor kid just gets bored and becomes a little bit of a trouble maker when he has extra time on his hands. He has so many choices of people to play with when we're visiting cousins. What do you do? | Jackson followed this poor puppy around the whole time. Jack was so patient with Jackson and entertained him the whole trip. | Painting fingernails and toenails

37: BOUNCE HOUSE!! | Aubree | Jaycee | Jackson | Colby | Abby | Colby | July

38: Two Little Monkeys jumping on the bed... So far none have bumped their head but I'm just waiting for it. This is one of their favorite things to do lately.

39: We have loved this neighborhood swim pool this summer. It is just a plain old pool - no slide or diving board - but it works. We are at the pool just about every day. And there are always friends here for my kids to play with. This is my one gripe about where we live. There are no descent pools. I took my kids to one of the public pools and we all mysteriously got sick about 3 days later - disgusting! So I just can't go back. We have to get our waterslide time in when we visit Utah. But this place has been great for what we need. | The day before this picture was taken Jackson was playing around the pool just like this but decided he'd jump in (w/o a life jacket) and try to get the toy he was playing with. He just sunk. I dove right in and got him. But that look on his face ... I couldn't sleep the whole night. I just kept seeing his face over and over submerged under the water. So, now the life jacket. (Really where I should've started...I know) | Abby is my little fish! She loves the water! | Colby won't put his face under the water. I tried to talk to him about taking lessons but he asked if the teacher would make him put his face under the water. When I said yes he said that maybe I should just teach him to swim but not make him put his face under the water. Smart kid! Maybe next summer. But he is doing so great with the floaties! I love how he just floats around wherever he wants to go! | This has been a hard summer for Jackson. He's almost done with naps but not totally. If he does get a nap he's up until 10 pm but if he doesn't get a nap he is a mess by the end of the day. I tried not to give him a nap today and he crashed at 5pm. I thought maybe he'd sleep through the night. So we all went to bed early. Well, now I'm up with him at 12:30 am Thursday early morning (Matt got up with him at 10:30 pm Wednesday night when he first woke up) and he's still going strong! It's a good thing he's so dang cute. He woke up saying, "mom, dad, where ware you?!" | July

40: So, instead of crafts, going to the park, swimming, or playing games, I had the kids clean the house. This was a whole lot easier. Sorry kids! It's about time you start helping out a little :) | I'm Running Out of Ideas! | August | Hiking Avenue of the Boulders | After living in Oregon for over a year now we finally went on our first hike with the kids. Pretty sad since this is a very tree-hugging friendly state where everyone hikes, bikes, runs, or does something green. Anyways, I was excited about it. Matt decided to take the pessimistic approach (which is usually my role). But we were both pleasantly surprised. We thought for sure we'd be carrying all 3 of them back. We had fun and the kids have talked about going again which is a good sign. The only bad part was when I was holding Colby and trying to go over some big rocks I started slipping. Instead of letting Colby go and letting him fall to his death (okay, maybe not death) I decided to hold on to him and I messed up my foot. And another time I caught Colby before he slid down the waterfall - that one may have been to his death. I used to be the outdoor type but I'm still trying to decide what I am now...

42: I decided to take the kids on a hike again - this time by myself. We really do live in a small town and sometimes have to get creative to find stuff to do. So, I read all these pamphlets and found a hike that sounded fun - it was short and led to two different lakes. We started driving and towards the end we were on a gravel road that kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Then I had no cell phone coverage. I just kept thinking if some crazy person decided to jump our car and kill all of us there was absolutely nothing I could do. So we turned around (which was not very easy do to) and went back towards civilization and found a campground near the Applegate River where the kids could play. The river was really shallow so they were able to wade into the river a pretty good distance. | The water was really cold, so at first they were just throwing rocks in... | Once their legs were nice and numb, they got a little more adventuresome. | After awhile we discovered a bunch of fish swimming by real close so the kids were trying to catch them. Abby was really hoping to catch her very first pet and take it home with her! But she found out how fast those little fishies are. | August

43: Down the road we found another place to play around. It had a rope swing. Can you see that crazy person jumping into the water? Unfortunately, the kids all thought this was incredibly cool and said they couldn't wait until they got older so they could do it themselves. It was fun to watch but if I ever find out that my kids did that I will kill them myself! | This is some old famous bridge - called the McKee bridge. It does look pretty cool. You might see family pictures in front of this some time in the near future. We decided to run across it and were about half way across when Colby got stung by a bee. Seriously, I felt so bad for the poor kid, but he is so accident prone. While we were in California and on the beach he was stung by something and couldn't walk for 2 days. Everything always happens to him. I remember people talking about crushing aspirin or advil and putting it on bee stings - probably from girls camp - so I gave it a try and the kids kept saying how glad they were that I was a pharmacist and could just "make" medicine! Colby kept saying, I can't believe you just made me medicine and now it's all better! Cute kids.

44: Matt's local Dental Society had a picnic in the park and we all got to go. They had the MOST AMAZING balloon man there. He made Jackson a lion, Colby a monkey in the tree and Abby the Little Mermaid - complete with sea shells! How funny. Now all my kids want to be a balloon man when they grow up. | August

45: Every time Jackson hit the ball into the hole he would jump up and down while shouting, "I did it! Abby, Dolby, I did it!" Over and over until someone would acknowledge him. | Strategic placement of the ball! | I took the kids miniature golfing - it was the funniest thing I've ever seen! Abby did pretty good hitting the ball but Colby and Jackson would hit the ball once from the tee area and then pick up the ball and take it about 1/2" away from the hole and hit it again. The game went pretty fast that way :) | The whole time wasn't exactly happy and fun. Half way through our golf game Colby decided he wanted to ride the bumper boats instead of golfing and threw a major fit. Then on the way out Colby and Jackson saw the toys and candy and they both threw a fit on the way out. I had 2/3 kids screaming/crying by the end of our "fun day." I told them we weren't ever going miniature golfing or doing anything fun for the rest of their lives! I guess moms have temper tantrums too. I definitely needed a time out. | August

46: To hold true to my threat of never doing anything fun ever again ... the next day we took the kids to the science museum. They were having a "hot-wheels" weekend and had a bunch of different tracks set up. Colby was so cute. I asked him if he had fun today and he said, "Well, of course there were cars." They each got a free hot wheel car when they came in. Colby got his "cool blue car" which is its official name now. Mom, where's "cool blue car?" | I can't believe our little garden actually grew something. The kids had fun with it. They also got their own little flower pot to plant flowers. But I still can't get them to eat their veggies! I had hoped they would want to eat what they grew. Maybe next year!

47: After the Science Museum we went to a Cinderella play. This was the Britt Festivals version of Cinderella. The kids had fun but from a mom's view it could've been a little better. They had crafts for the first 1&1/2 hours but the lines were so long! Then they had a "petting zoo" which Abby and Colby were so excited to go to but when we got there we found out it was a "pet an instrument" zoo. They were a little disappointed to say the least. When the "play" started the whole first half was classical music. We were excited when the puppets finally made a showing but they were life-sized puppet heads controlled by people dressed up in leotards pretending to be invisible and moving the puppets around. Some of the puppets even scared me. The funniest statement of the night was from Abby when she said, "those people who are holding the puppets are horrible at hiding!" It's funny because the kids have been telling all their friends about the great Cinderella play they got to go to. So...they had fun! | August

48: Jackson loves to snuggle (and he doesn't wear clothes) and will climb up anywhere he sees a good snuggle spot. Abby loves it when he decides to cuddle with her. I call Jackson my little monkey because he is always on me somewhere. Hanging on my leg, holding my hand, or climbing on my back. When he gets hurt he runs over to me and just needs a big hug and kiss and then he's alright. When I kiss his owie and ask if it's okay he says, "otay." If I try to put him down too soon he wraps his legs around me like a little monkey and holds on (just little things I want to remember). What a cute little monkey. | Sometimes cuddling turns into wrestling

49: First day of school! Abby is starting 1st grade and Colby is in pre-school. It is so weird to have Abby at school all day long. I'm also amazed at how little I still get done by the time she gets home. But they both LOVE school. As I was leaving Colby in his classroom he just sat down and did his thing while other parents were consoling their kids because they are sad to leave mom and dad. It makes me wonder if I did something right because they are ready for school or maybe I did something incredibly wrong because it seems that they can't wait to get away from me?! | I let Abby get one new outfit for school and can't believe we already disagree on clothes. I wanted this same dress but with pink stripes. She liked this one. I'm already losing! | Colby picked out this Batman Shirt because it's "totally a sweet shirt" he said. | Jackson was playing with my eyeshadow - combined with brownies. I guess I'll be getting new eyeshadow. | Sept

50: We went to the cutest little parade the other day for Oktoberfest with some friends. It was in Jacksonville (a little touristy town close by). Even Matt liked the parade - which say ALOT! We had donuts for breakfast and friends to play with - life doesn't get much better. | There was even this little band that played about a half a block away from us during the parade. The whole thing was just so cute. If you look closely, the sign says the State of Jefferson. Apparently northern California and southern Oregon have wanted to break away and make their own state ... the state of Jefferson. Things you learn when you move to Southern Oregon. | After the parade they opened up the children's museum where there was a lot of "old-time" stuff for the kids to play with. I got a bunch of questions like "did they have phones like this when you were a kid mom?" or "Did you have t.v.'s when you were a kid?" When did I get so old? "Mom, did you have to wash clothes like this when you were a kid?" They also had gold panning and when they found gold they could trade if for candy, an out-house race (they build out houses and someone has to sit on the potty in the outhouse while someone else pulls the outhouse down the street), and a pretend shoot out. Later that night Matt and I went to a Kenny Loggins concert at the Britt Festival. We've wanted to go for awhile but it just seemed too expensive. Luckily we had some friends who had extra tickets. The concert was in an outdoor amphitheater and it was just a perfect night with a little fall-crisp in the air. What a fun day to remember . . . | Oktoberfest

51: The kids cleaned the garage for about an hour the other day. It's funny how the most random things can keep them entertained. They cleaned off all the bird poop I've been meaning to get to. | I guess the ground was dirty too!? | Jackson is almost done with naps but when he does get a nap this is what happens late at night when the other two have gone to bed. He just dances around and enjoys all the attention he gets. And yes, I know he's way too big to still be in diapers. I'm trying! I must know how to potty train because I have 2 kids NOT in diapers but I cannot remember what I did with the other two! Help! | Sept

52: This picture is for Abby if she ever thinks she doesn't get what she wants (which she won't because she's such a sweetheart). When I started talking to her about what she wanted to do for her birthday party she told me she had already told ALL of her friends that she was having a "Cooking" birthday party. First of all we talked about how you have to clear parties with mom BEFORE telling friends then I told her I wasn't sure about a cooking party because she wanted to invite so many friends this year. Abby says, okay mom, I understand (I don't know if she already knows how to play me or if she's just seriously that sweet but she ended up getting EVERYTHING she wanted with that one sweet sentence). So I stayed up past midnight 2 days in a row sewing aprons for 13 little girls and 1 little boy (Colby). It started out as such a simple one-stitch craft (in my mind) that became more and more complex the further I got into my "simple" craft. But they turned out cute. | Abby is 7!!! | Friday was Abby's birthday and she asked if we could open presents first thing in the morning. So we put a candle and sprinkles on her peanut butter toast and sang happy birthday. What a fun way to start the day. | Abby has got to be one of the sweetest little girls I've ever known (okay I'm a little biased). But she is just so incredibly thoughtful and helpful and reliable. The other day I was frustrated because I made dinner (tacos, which everyone usually eats good) and Colby would NOT eat for me. I tried to talk to him about it and remind him that he loves tacos and eats them all the time but it just turned into a fight. So then Abby takes over and says, "Colby, I thought you wanted to be a taco maker when you grow up? Well, if you're going to be a taco maker you have to like tacos." Colby says, "Okay" and eats his taco. I can't tell you how many times Abby has come to my rescue like that. I tell her all the time that she's going to be an incredible mom when she grows up. We love you so much Abby and are so, so, so incredibly thankful you are in our family. I think Heavenly Father knew I would need a little help so he sent you to me! | (Disclaimer: We are BYU fans. Colby got this shirt from a neighbor. He even tried to color it blue with a magic marker.)

53: Saturday was Abby's birthday party. We decorated chef hats and aprons and then made shishkabobs with fruit (which we learned the hard way are really pointy!) and pizzas. I never would have dared do so much but my parents were in town and I thought with 4 adults we could do just about anything (I went a little overboard)! I've never had help from family with a birthday party before and it was incredible how smooth things went with just a few more hands around. While the pizzas cooked we opened presents. Then they ate their pizzas, shishkabobs and decorated cupcakes. It turned out so cute. What I loved about it was that Abby planned the whole thing! She is going to be a little party planner when she grows up. | Jackson hung on me the whole time (he was so tired) until we brought out the cupcakes. Then he was as happy as could be with a little frosting. | Abby & Addie | Paige, Rachel, Sophie, Colby | Aaron, Jackson, Abby, Maddie, Colby, Michael, Ryan | On Sunday we had a few more friends over. These are Abby's guy friends that I don't think would've appreciated a room full of girls. It was a weekend full of celebrations. | Abby & Hannah | Oct

54: My parents just left after visiting for a week and we are all having grandma and grandpa withdrawals. Grandpa slept in Colby's bed so now every night before Colby goes to bed he will smell his comforter (Colby has the most amazing nose) and say, "Ah, I can smell grandpa". Then he smiles and goes to bed. Too cute. And my mom is amazing - she cooks, cleans, and entertains the kids with crafts. It's so nice! We will miss you and hope to see you guys soon! | It's hard to be a 2&1/2 year old! Jackson passed out and was totally asleep on granpas lap. We all kept switching turns with him - for about an hour. I wish I could sleep like a baby sometimes. I took my parents to Jacksonville for a little sight seeing. We had just been there about 2 weeks ago and it was so much fun. We wanted to go on the trolley but the trolley had broken down. Then we went to the Children's Museum but it was "closed until further notice." So we just went to the park. That's about all I'm good for with sightseeing these days. I had to work for 2 days while my parents were here and Matt was out of town. My parents took the kids to a pumpkin patch one day and McDonalds and the Dollar Tree the next day. You would've thought they were in heaven. I kept telling the kids how spoiled they were. Colby said, "Sorry mom we got so much stuff with Grandma and Grandpa, sorry." I said, "that's okay, that's what grandmas and grandpas are for!" He just smiled.

55: Abby's 1st grade class went to White's Pumpkin Patch. There are about 6 great pumpkin patches around this area but this is the only one we made it to the whole year. I ended up chasing Jackson around the whole time so I didn't get many pictures. It was weird not to have 2 little boys tagging along (Colby was in pre-school). | Oct

56: Abby decided to spend her birthday money on getting her ears pierced. I didn't really have an opinion about age and getting ears pierced so we went ahead and got them pierced. But a friend later told me when her daughter turned 12 they made a big day out of it by getting her ears pierced, getting a manicure and pedicure and telling her it was okay to shave her legs. That's a really cute idea, I kinda wish I had waited. But then again I won't have to fight with her for 5 more years about having to wait to get her ears pierced. :) | Oct

57: Y M C A | As I was watching him play I just wanted to sing Y. M. C. A. !!! | Jackson is "fixing" my hair

58: We've decorated pumpkins every year but this year Colby was so surprised and disgusted by the inside of the pumpkin. He just kept saying, "that's disgusting!" And Jackson kept saying, "Ewww!" Jackson was very content to color on his pumpkin while the rest of us carved our pumpkins. | If you can't figure out who's pumpkin is who ... Unicorn - Abby, Pirate - Colby, and Smiley Face - Jackson! | My 3 little monsters! | Jackson couldn't figure out the dracula teeth so he grabbed the Mr. Potato teeth and ran around trying to bite everyone with them.

59: I think we found Jackson's life long purpose. This kid can DANCE! Jackson was up on the stage during the entire trunk-or-treat just dancing (at least an hour)! He was on the floor, turning circles, making serious poses and having the best time in the world! I don't know if I've ever seen him this happy before! | Abby is a Vampress, Jackson is a Dinosaur (okay, I know it's a dragon, but he wanted to be a dinosaur and he couldn't see the wings in the back, so it worked), and Colby is Iron Man! | Dinosaur ROAR! | Oct

60: We finally made it up to Crater Lake. It only took 1&1/2 years and friends to make it happen. It was in the high 60's at home but by the time we climbed up to the top of this mountain there was snow! The kids had a blast playing in the snow but I wasn't very prepared. After 20 minutes or so they were all soaking wet and cold. It was a pretty amazing sight. There aren't a whole lot of things to do here during this time of year but we took the Franklin family to Crater Lake, a few parks, and the Science Museum. But the best part was just staying up too late and talking!

61: This was at the science museum. Colby didn't wreck the number arch but he sure thought it was funny and Abby sure thought it was NOT funny. | Lithia Park | Nov

62: This can't end well! | Has anyone ever watched the Super Babies Dora episode? They boys are re-enacting the show. | This was right before Thanksgiving. I have never seen snow on the ground here before. The kids were loving it! They were out playing by 8 am. They would've been out at 7 am if I had let them.

63: My baby turned 3! My last baby turned 3! Just when I feel like I'm starting to get a hang of this whole baby thing, all my babies decided to grow up (maybe that's why I feel like I'm starting to get a hang of it). Jackson has been going around the house for the last week saying, "I want to go to Aaron's house and have my Happy Birthday!" We had been telling him he was going to have a party with Aaron (his little birthday buddy - they both turned 3 within 2 days of each other). We went up to Eugene, OR of all places to celebrate the big day. Why Eugene? Because there's a Chuck-E-Cheese there of course! We started the day off by going to the little children's museum in Eugene. | The museum was across the street from the stadium so we decided to check it out. | Nov

64: Then just as the kids were about to die from anticipation we made it to Chuck-E-Cheese. Look at how cute those two are boys are! As we were singing Happy Birthday they kept looking at each other like, "is all of this for us?!" | I let Jackson cheat at skeeball because it was his birthday! He needed all the help he could get (do you see his score?). | Colby was so cute on this ride, he was having so much fun and then the truck just kept going further and further back. He got a little nervous! | How old are you Jackson? "I'm fwee!"

65: Then we took the kids swimming at SPLASH. Jackson wasn't sure he wanted to get in. . . He was sure it wasn't going to be fun. . . And really just wanted to go home...But he FINALLY got in and had a blast! I was so happy he had fun. | It's funny, I told Matt it's kind of good to deprive the kids of fun stuff like this because when you finally take them to do something fun they get SO EXCITED!!! You seriously would've thought we were at Disneyland all day with how excited they were. Such cute kids. | Jackson, I can't even begin to tell how much our whole family loves you. Matt and I have decided that the best way to explain you is a little bundle of joy. I love how you still want me to rock you to sleep. And when you're almost asleep you'll put your arms around my neck, pull my head down and give me a kiss. Happy Birthday Jackson, we love you!

66: I didn't get any Thanksgiving pictures. But my parents and Matt's brother Kirt were able to come for Thanksgiving. Matt's parents tried so hard to come but had to go north to Idaho first and got stuck in a huge storm. So they turned around and had to go back. We were so excited to have people actually come! It's the big joke around here that we invite people all the time but no one actually comes. But people came this year! My parents brought some birthday presents for Jackson. They really didn't need to...Grandma and Grandpa were present enough. Jackson kept a very close eye on Grandpa and when he couldn't see him he'd say, "Where'd my papa go?" One night my dad was putting Jackson to sleep for me and I walked in on them. Jackson got up and shut the door on me while saying, "no, papa." Please remember that Jackson is an extreme mama's boy! I was floored! But so happy he loves his grandparents so much. | Nov

67: Colby has the cutest little preschool class this year. There are just six of them in Mrs. Horton's class: Bodie, Josh, Emily, Lily, Colby and Diego. Lily is one of Colby's best little friends. Lily comes over and says, "Hi, Tolby." and Colby will say, "Hi, Wily." So cute! | Dec

68: Jackson also wanted whatever was being shown on t.v. at the time. It was so cute when I went to put Christmas away he kept saying, "No, I don't want Christmas bye, bye." Then he'd grab whatever I had put away and pull it back out. Cute yet frustrating (the story of every moms life). | Abby's Christmas List Dear Santa, I want a DS and a spy kit and games to play on my DS. And for my mom and dad pond cleaner that will actually work in our pond. And with my spy kit I would like a detective disguise and 2 walkie talkies and a backpack. | Colby's list kept changing. He wanted a puppy with a blue bow tie, a monkey, the Christmas set of all the "Cars" cars, and whatever he saw on t.v. Commercials are horrible during the Christmas season. Colby has been very curious about Santa's good list and bad list. One day he asked me, "Mom, will you and dad still get me presents if I'm on the bad list?" I guess he was just trying to figure out all his options (cute..yet...deceptive). I told him to just be sure to be on the good list then he wouldn't have to worry about it.

69: I decided it was about time to start some traditions around our house. So we had a Shuldberg Family Christmas Party. We decorated gingerbread houses, watched a movie, and played a few games. Not much to it but I'm hoping if we actually name it as a tradition that it will stick. I love these kids so much and just love hanging out with them! | Abby spent a lot of time detailing her house just right. She had some really cute ideas. A few weeks ago we went to a gingerbread house fund raiser. People from around the area donated gingerbread houses that were auctioned off to raise money. They had some AMAZING houses. Abby said she wanted to try entering next year. Maybe ... she did pretty good! | I was surprised at how much fun Jackson had decorating his house. I'd say, "are you done?" He kept saying, "No, no, no... right here." And he kept pointing to different areas where he wanted me to put more frosting. | Colby came up with a really cute smiley face for the back of his house. Colby's favorite part of our Christmas party was watching Elf with his dad and seeing who was on Santa's naughty list. Colby made sure to have lots of BLUE candy canes and BLUE sharks. He really likes sharks right now. I don't know what happened but Colby's chocolate kisses sure didn't last very long. Somehow they kept disappearing! And quick too! | 2010

73: April: Abby and Colby were fighting over who was going to sit in the back by themselves. I said, maybe we need to have another baby so you guys all have someone to sit by. Colby said, "How about we just get a dog." | Jan: Colby and I finally had a small moment of one-on-one time. So I told him it was just the two of us and we could do whatever he wanted to do. He gave me a huge smile and said, "that makes my heart so happy!" | Feb: Colby, "Mom, take the crust off the apple." (peel the apple) | March - on our way to Disneyland: Abby, "Are we there yet?" Mom, "Oh, we're not even close yet." Abby, "Are we a quarter of the way there yet?" Mom, "Not even a quarter of the way yet." Abby, "Are we a nickel of the way there yet?" | April: Abby, "But corndogs are healthy! They have corn!" | May: We were singing in church and Abby says, "Are they speaking Spanish?" | May: The music leader in Primary asked Abby what her mom really liked to do. Abby says "Take naps." It's true. | May: Colby, "When I grow up I want to be a taco maker!" | May: Colby, "Mom, dad goes to work today and you stay home with me?" I'll stay home this morning with you but I have to work tonight. "Mom, do you miss me when you're at work?" Colby, I miss you so much when I'm at work and think of you the whole time. Colby, "Jesus made you a great mom!" How cute is that? I don't like having to work with little kids around but they sure appreciate me more after a few days of me being gone. | July: Abby sent Matt her first text "Dad, by more doritos" and "Dad, I love you." Only 6 and already texting?! | July: Colby, I told Colby to get rid of his grumpy face and be happy. He said, "It's not a grumpy face it's a sad face." | July: When Colby is playing with his friends or someone new he doesn't know very well he calls them "hey, fellas" or "Come on sirs" or "Hey Boss". | Aug: Matt was putting Colby in time out and Colby says, "Not again!" | Dec: Colby has been saying the cutest things during prayers. "Thanks that my dad's back will get better." "Thanks that I will go up there (pointing to heaven) and not down there (pointing not to heaven)". | Dec: Jackson has started getting a little attitude. He's really liking the word no right now. But it's so funny because after I try talking to him about it after awhile he'll say "otay, otay, otay." Also, he's been wanting to go to school with Colby and he'll say, "Ahhh, no fair!"

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