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Faye's First Year

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Faye's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Faye's first year

BC: Carson, November 2007 | Everett, April 2009 | Faye, January 2011 | "Who are we? We are children of God. Our potential is unlimited. Our inheritance is sacred. May we always honor that heritage — in every thought and deed." Russell M. Nelson

FC: Faye's first year Faye Jeanel Otto born January 27, 2011

1: Before you came along... | We met at BYU, dated, got engaged, got married, had Carson, moved to North Carolina, and had Everett. | But something was missing. We needed a GIRL!

2: I felt great during my pregnancy with you. I ran regularly, even running a 5K 8 months pregnant. | The boys, Carson especially, liked to feel you kicking my belly. You were very calm and didn't move or kick much.

3: While you were in my belly... | We went to the Otto family vacation at Yellowstone. I tried a little water skiing!

4: January 26, 2011: Induction Day | Dropping the boys off with Carrie Creasy. Our last time as a family of four! | The labor begins...

5: The Birth Story: I really, really did not want to be induced to have this baby. I am one of those believers in a woman's body knowing what to do as far as carrying and delivering a baby are concerned. But after the due date came and went, and after spending a day sick from taking castor oil and trying every other natural induction technique under the sun, everyone seemed to agree that it was time. So the date was set, and in we went to the hospital at 4 p.m. on January 26th. I felt pretty nervous the whole day. I've had two exciting, natural deliveries, and this whole business of showing up at the hospital and having my labor artificially started for me was still unsettling and disappointing to me. Since I am GBS positive, it was important for me to receive an antibiotic for at least four hours prior to the delivery. (Neither of my baby boys were able to get the full dose of the antibiotic because those labors were too fast, which puts the baby at risk for pneumonia, meningitis, etc.) So, at about 6 p.m. I was started on the antibiotic and given the tiniest bit of pitocin. This made for a very boring four hours! Rick and I caught up on the latest episode of Biggest Loser and just enjoyed being together. At some point, Rick gave me a blessing, which helped calm me and reassured me that this was a good way for this baby to come to us. At 11 p.m., it was time to get things started. Up until this point I had really only been feeling a few tiny contractions. My doctor came in and broke my water, and they turned up the pitocin a bit more. About a half hour later, the contractions started to become more intense. I was able to take the monitors off for a while and labor on the birthing ball, with Rick massaging my back during each contraction. At some point I got back in the bed, just breathing through those intense contractions. I think the doctor checked me and I was dilated to a 6, and I knew that those last few centimeters could go pretty quickly. The contractions really intensified, and they turned down the pitocin, letting my body do the work now. As transition came, I just had to change positions again, and I jumped up on all fours on the bed. (Thank you, Rick, for not being embarrassed of me!) That position really helped me get through those last strong contractions. I stood up and hung on to Rick for maybe just one more contraction, and then the urge to push came suddenly, really just taking over my body and making me push. The doctor suggested I avoid having the baby on the floor and get back into the bed. Rick was all suited up and ready to deliver the baby, so he moved down to the end of the bed, and I grabbed the nurse's hand and breathed with her as the pushing started. This was at about 1:30 a.m., and I was so exhausted and worried about having the energy to push this baby out. The nurses were great cheerleaders, and I loved being able to look up at Rick and push the baby towards him. It was like we were working together; I did my job, and he did his, and we both encouraged each other. (Ok, so my way of encouraging him was to angrily yell something like, "PULL IT OUT, RICK," but I think he can forgive me since I was in the middle of something pretty painful at that point.) Rick did a beautiful job delivering, no episiotomy or tearing, and the baby was placed on my chest. I was pretty emotional at this point and just so happy to finally have this baby in my arms. Then somebody said it was a girl, and if I said I was emotional and happy before, this brought things to a whole new level. I just couldn't stop crying and saying, "We have a girl!! I can't believe it's a girl!! Rick!! We have a girl!!" I'm pretty sure everyone else in the room was laughing at me, and I was just wrapped up in this moment of realizing that I will forever be the mother to a beautiful girl. In the end, it was a perfect delivery. I am actually grateful that I was induced. Perhaps this little one needed those four hours of antibiotics, which I wouldn't have been able to get if I had had another fast delivery. I am grateful that my boys were being taken care of by Carrie, one of their favorite people in the world. I am grateful that my labor was during nurse Rhonda's shift. When she walked in the room and said, "now I want to make this experience exactly how you want it to be," I knew she was one-of-a-kind. I am grateful that I was induced in the afternoon, because Jamie and Meghan were able to make it to take some priceless photos. I am grateful that Dr. Namak was my doctor, and that she allowed Rick to deliver his daughter. I am actually grateful for the late-night delivery, because the exhaustion sort of forced me to relax and close my eyes between those intense contractions. This little girl was worth the wait, and the worry, and the pain, and now the sacrifices of comfort and sleep. She is just perfect, and I wouldn't have her any other way.

10: You actually hated to be swaddled and cried a lot at the hospital.

11: We had such a hard time naming you. We knew we wanted to name you after Jeanel, your strong, generous, caring Aunt. Her faith has produced miracles. When my mom suggested Faye for a first name, I knew it was your name. Faye is unique, beautiful, and makes me think of the Spanish word fe (faith). Your great-great grandma Fay was a beautiful, refined lady who often invited her granddaughters (my mom) over for sleepovers. | Jeanel Otto Stanley | Rebecca Fay Nielsen Page

12: Welcome home! | Your brothers made a pink cake for you. Then they stuck their fingers in it.

14: Your first week

15: Grandmama always gives the first bath at home!

16: You got to attend your own baby shower ! Everyone was so excited that we had a girl.

17: Carson making a Faye sandwich. He would always say, "she's a lovely girl, isn't she?"

18: Faye's nursery

21: one month You are almost smiling, eating every 3 hours, trying to stay awake between feedings, fussy in the evenings, liking your pacifier to sleep sometimes.

22: Your blessing dress was the same dress your mother wore as a baby. You came home from church without it because you had a blow out!

23: After you were born, Grandmama and Pappy visited. Then Suzette and Jeanel. Then Grandma GJ. Everyone wanted to welcome you!

24: March 2011 First smiles!

25: two months You are sleeping through the night, really smiling, holding your head up during tummy time, rolling from tummy to back.

26: three months You are spitting up a ton, laughing (especially when we chase the boys), grabbing everything and stuffing it in your mouth, sleeping on your tummy but waking up on your back.

27: four months You are finding your toes, starting to take 3 naps rather than 4, taking your first road trip to VA.

28: Dad's 27th birthday

29: We stayed at Grandmama and Pappy's house for part of June and July. Dad did a rotation in D.C. and joined us on the weekends.

30: five months You are sitting up unassisted, nursing 4 times a day, waking up too early in the mornings, rolling both ways, cutting your first tooth.

32: Dickson family beach vacation Outer Banks, July 2011

35: six months You are getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, scooting and spinning on your tummy, trying a few solids, going crazy in the bath, "talking" with distinct consonant sounds (buh!).

36: seven months You are crawling (slowly), going down to two naps but still need three sometimes, learning to clap, eating more solids, pulling up to a stand.

37: Dad's return! (He was at an away rotation for 4 weeks.)

38: Utah trip September 2011 You were adored by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; loved playing with the dogs and attacked them often; had so much fun playing at BYU; received a new wardrobe from Jeanel; and were a great little traveler.

40: eight months You are feeding yourself finger foods and already disliking baby foods, standing with support and cruising, loving playing peek-a-boo with your brothers, doing "how big is a baby," loving the swings at the park.

42: nine months You are standing alone for a few second, diving off the couch, doing fine with the bottle while dad takes care of you for a weekend, taking 2 naps a day and and still nursing 4 times/eating 3 meals a day.

44: family pictures november 2011

47: ten months You are WALKING, being very difficult to nurse (biting, but we will work it out), clapping, dancing anytime music comes on, looking pretty in your first ponytail, giving hugs and kisses when asked, getting lots more teeth (8 have cut through).

52: Dickson family hike on he Appalachian trail. You fell asleep on my back!

53: eleven months You are really walking and almost running, trying to jump, nursing 3 times a day and really wanting sippie cups, saying "daddy," throwing food, throwing balls, throwing tantrums, putting on necklaces, wrestling with the boys.

54: Faye's first birthday!

55: twelve months

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