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Feargal's Scrapbook

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Feargal's Scrapbook - Page Text Content

S: Feargal McCaughan

FC: Feargal McCaughan Forever In Our Hearts

2: Well it’s still so hard to believe that Feargal’s gone, there’s a massive hole in our group of friends, we all think about him every day and he meant so much to us all, no one could ask for a better friend than Feargal was to us all! He always did so much for me, from taking me on board with him at Dromintine and Lourdes, if it wasn’t for Feargal I would never have been to either of them and I would have missed out on meeting so many people and making some great friends. Feargal was also my great golfing partner, he gave me that wee set of clubs that I used for ages. Il always remember the way we would play 5 holes and then go to the bakery or get an ice-cream, and then again once we were finished we would go up for a good feed in the restaurant, we both had a great appetite that’s for sure! | At the Lammas fair I could always rely on Feargal to come get a burger, and then we bought our FFF (Fat Friends Forever) tops, we thought we were the right lads when we wore them down to footie. We always had great craic at the fair, especially with the pellet guns, all us boys up the forest, down at Bonamargy or at mines or Aidan’s having the next world war because without a doubt there was always a big fight, from the time Feargal smashed his gun round the tree up the forest or the time he kicked Micky in the nose when he was fighting with Ronan, we had some great laughs! Then there was Call of Duty, that was just unreal craic, like the time me, Feargal and Aidan did an all nighter after we made the new account for me, the red bulls were fairly going down that night! There was always a good laugh on CoD, so many nights we sat up for ages playing then every so often we would hear Feargal and Éamonn fighting over who’s go it was lol. Now on to Lourdes, that was an unbelievable week, with all the chewing gum games out the window, the hand of bog, the midnight feasts after a short workout of press-ups and sit ups lol, going mad on the street after the world cup final, and then of course there are all the people we meet. There’s not a single person we didn’tget on with, and every person that I made friends with I owe it to Feargal. He really made my time in Lourdes, especially the last day when I was short of money he bought me a McDonalds, no matter what it was you could always ask Feargal and he would do his best to help you out.

3: Im sure you have heard about a lot of the mischief Feargal got up to but I will always remember when all the lads found out that I was in tech in lower sixth at the same time as they were, they would come up and come into the class and tell the teacher that they had to speak to me or I had to go down to the office, which was of course a lie and all they wanted to do was kidnap me and throw me in to one of their classrooms or just to make me miss my bus, of course it was Feargal acting all innocent and pretending I was really needed, and then he would watch as I was dragged away by the bigger lads and just sit and laugh in my face knowing he had done a good job! Everyone always loved Feargal‘s company, he was always up for a bit of craic, I loved when he would get us up to the house to build a bonfire and play with fireworks in autumn and then go sledging and snowballing cars in the winter, and after you would go inside and get a great feast and then on upstairs to play CoD! It’s an absolute honour to say that Feargal was one of my best friends, I had so much respect for him and he is a role model for every young person out there, he helped out at home (at least that’s what he led us to believe), he looked out for all his younger brothers and sisters, he loved playing sport, had a great faith and was so caring and kind to everyone, he was always up for a laugh and was the easiest person to get along with! All these great qualities he had came straight from his loving family. Even though Feargal isn’t physically with us I know that he is definitely looking over us all watching out and caring out for us just like he always did. It’s a pleasure to have known Feargal and to of had him a big part of my life, he is greatly missed by all but we will all be reunited with him someday and I’m sure he will have a big list of pranks lined up for us all! Feargal RIP. Andy Lofthouse

4: Feargal’s scrapbook Feargal you were definitely a man that enjoyed having the craic, always up to something from the mischievous pranks in school to the bomb fires at Halloween in which you were the pyrotechnics expert! There was never a dull moment when you were about. Also the banter about the hurling between Glenshesk and the ‘Town’ was mighty craic, the memories of walking into form class the next morning after a hurling match and sharing opinions and taking the hand out of each other will never be forgotten. However the fondest memory I have of you is the ski trip in Switzerland. Us two were the only ‘lads’ in our group and so being in your company we were up to no good. An example of this would have been being instructed to follow the instructor down the slope but us being us we just had to go off piste, you picked the route and I followed, however we didn’t expect a jump and being the novices we were we crashed in spectacular fashion, with the tip of my skies leaving a massive scar on your goggles! Something that serious didn’t even phase us, we were covered in power snow in stitches laughing whilst the instructor near exploded with anger but soon calmed down as nobody could stay mad with us especially you! These are the kind of memories I cannot imagine having with anyone else but yourself. Ronan Donnelly

5: Its still so hard to believe that your gone mate, even now nearly a year later when we all meet up I still expect you to come strolling in the door because it still seems surreal that your not with us any more. You were taken way to soon but they say the best ones always are. You were an absolute gentleman. The one thing I will never forget is that cheeky grin you had when you were up to something which you could never hide because you were too honest for your own good. And for a person who done so many pranks and was constantly messing about there is no one that ever had a bad word to say about you because you were such a genuinely nice person who was always up for laugh. You have provided us with so many funny stories over the years that none of us will ever forget and when we are all sitting abut re telling the stories together it nearly feels like you are still with us in a way. You will be sorely missed and I cant put into words how much of a pleasure it was to of been your friend. Look over all of us and keep us safe especially your family who are finding it really hard to cope with losing such a loving son and brother. Gone but definitely not forgotten...R.I.P Feargal Shane Jennings

6: Well what can I say, can’t quite believe it’s been a year since Feargal left us and although it’s a much said cliché, it really is hard to believe, just where the time has gone. Not a day goes past when I don’t think about him and the ‘craic’ we once had. My first real memory of him goes back to Primary School, although we weren’t really friends at the time due to the different classes we were in. These early memories mainly consist of the daily battles our Primary School classes had against each other, which usually involved fights over football at lunch time, or other stupid little things at the time. Little did we know then that when we would go to CPC it would open a whole new chapter in our lives, one that would have us forget our Primary School battles and instead become an extremely close group of friends that remained throughout the whole of our school years. Our 1st day of school in CPC, I can remember quite clearly, thanks to Feargal. We had been asked to prepare a presentation and someone from each group had to present it. Feargal was given the task of presenting for his group, I don’t know what exactly was said to Feargal beforehand but as he started to present, he spoke in the voice of Leonardo Da Vinci, the whole year burst out laughing, it was hilarious. Feargal was never allowed to forget this moment and he got plenty of abuse about it haha. Much of my memories of Feargal are due to studying history together. Through 4th an 5th year we terrorised Mrs Ewan, competing each day to see who could do the least work, I have no doubt she was glad to get rid of us in the end haha. In sixth year then it was Mrs Elliots’ turn to be terrorised. It was usually a debate to see if we would bother going over and if we did we were always fashionably late by at least 10 minutes. The amount of times me and Fergal went to Paddy’s or down the town for a feed because we hadn’t our homework done and had to get the girls to cover for us, it was ridiculous really. The amount of times we had to dodge Una as well down the street or on way to Paddys, God it’s a wonder we never got caught. I remember in form class nearly every morning it was like deja vu, Me “Have u got the homework done lad ? , Feargal “What homework you on about sure we didn’t have any”, and then we would try and get it done that morning before class. The numerous amount of phone calls me and Feargal had about homework’s and revising for tests, I am sure we ran up quite a phone bill, we would just rant on about how we didn’t have a clue and just talk ourselves out of a doing it, because we couldn’t be bothered, we blamed the teacher for not teaching us properly.

7: This was to be repeated in his history test, me and the other lads decided we were for heading to Paddy’s to play darts because we couldn’t be bothered going to study. Feargal was raging because he was gonna miss out on the darts. It must have been about 20 mins later when a knock on Paddy’s door came, we all wondered who it was, Paddy opened the door and low and behold there was Feargal standing at the door, I was like what the hell are you doing here, you’re supposed to be doing the history test lad, his responce was priceless, “frig it, only a test lad, can repeat it again in June, now let’s play some darts”, haha. I will never forget that moment for as long as l live,it was just typical Feargal he was so laid back, never bothered stressing and worrying about life, all he cared about was having the ‘craic’ with the lads. As everyone all knows hurling was a huge part of Feargal’s life, but it’s Feargals interest in hurling that got me playing hurling, and for that I am extremely grateful, I just wish I had gave into his persuasion earlier and went to a Glenshesk training session when I was bit younger, because I might have been a bit of use unlike the big eejit i am now running about trying to hit the ball haha. I really admired his dedication to hurling, it was his passion in life and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Feargal new of his commitment to his favourite sport. I could go on and on about the stories and laughs I had with Feargal, he just had that type of lasting impact on the people he met. To Feargals family, I would just like to say that you had one amazing son who touched the lives of so many, and although he did not get the time here he deserved, you can be nothing but proud of him, a truly inspirational young man, with a great personality . I am so proud and lucky to have been his friend, his life although so short was so remarkable. How he lived his life serves as a precedent to others (except when he was skipping class of course). He was a role model to all young people of our generation due to his commitment to hurling but most of all he was my friend, it breaks my heart to say that I will never see him again . Although I’ve written here about his life, there are no words that would fully do him justice, it’s a privilege for those who have met Feargal as he was a true friend to us all. He is a loss to those who are unfortunate enough to have not met him. He made such a massive impact on my life and the lives of others, we will never forget him, his memory lives on. Feargal mc Caughan, a legend, gone but never forgotten. Christopher Duncan

8: Can’t believe it’s actually been a year now lad. For us lucky enough to have known you as one of the lads, you where a great friend and are sorely missed within our group. You where always the one who was up for a laugh and a bit of craic; never taking things too seriously and yet always looking out for everyone else. We have all made some great memories with you which will stay with us forever Feargal. I’ll especially never forget our English Lit and Business Studies classes with You, Paul and Paddy. I was never one that enjoyed school, and yet you definitely brightened up those classes for me. Looking back at our woeful attempts at acting out that scene from To Kill a Mockingbird to our even worse attempt at a News Report for MacBeth, both ended in complete disaster and yet turned out as two of the best laughs we had at school. We always looked forward to those classes knowing there’d be something happen with the four of us. You definitely had a light-hearted look at things, saw the funny side of everything and got along with everyone. Never could a bad word be said about you lad, you will never be forgotten and will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Miss you loads. Rest in peace Feargal. Justin McHenry

9: Feargal it was an honour to be your friend, and to call you my best friend! In 18 years with you we laughed, joked and pulled pranks than anyone would within their lifetime. I will never forget the memories and fun I had with you from when we were young playing at your house and drinking "Football Special" right through to freshers week and starting a new adventure in our lives! I have no idea how me and you even made it to uni such was our care free attitude to schoolwork and tech work in particular. I can't speak highly enough of you as a person, you were a gentleman and would bend over backwards to help anyone. You never held a grudge, and so many times when me and you would have a minor fall out, within minutes we would be back to our carry on ways! There was never ever a dull moment with you and you never failed to find new ways to make us all laugh. I would give anything to have you back with us, but God wanted you up with him, and who are we to argue! The comforting thing is I know your up there in heaven looking down upon us all guiding us, protecting us, and most probably having a right laugh at some of the things we get up to. We all miss you so much and please God one day we will meet again. You have no idea how much you meant to me Feargal I just wish I had the chance to say goodbye, and thank you for the thousands of memories. Keep a watchful and caring eye over all us lads and especially you family who loved you so much! Please remember me Feargal, because I will never ever forget you! Paul McLernon

10: Una and Brian, coming up to Feargal’s anniversary and I know this is a very hard time for you guys and no words I can say will help ease the pain but we just thought it would be a nice thing to do in respect of Feargal and what a great man he was. As you both know Feargal was a very good friend of mine and we got on like a house on fire, never a dull moment when myself and Feargal were together as im sure you can imagine. We are a large group of mates and we are all very close but since Feargal has left us there definitely is a spark missing. | Feargal has gone but I have not and will never forget him. I still think of him every day and how different my life could have been with him around. Feargal has gave me some unbelievable memories that I still think about and can still laugh about. Some which stand out would have to be the time that myself Eamon and Feargal decided to get the boxing gloves out and try to knock the heads off each other haha, obviously the main event being Eamon vs Feargal as they were so competitive, but I have to say I think Eamon won on points!! Another great week I had with Feargal was the time I went to Dromantine, a greats weeks craic and I will never forget the singing and chanting around tables. I remember when Feargal had the car and he was trying to teach me how to drive although lets just say, ive had better instructors.. it didn’t take him long telling me to get the f*** out before I crash. Other great times would have been sledging, camping, going on the quads, I could write a book to be honest!!

11: I believe God had a special mission. He needed that special someone to help him. He looked down on our group of lads and picked the best man out of us all to help him and that man was Feargal. That is a credit to the McCaughan family especially Una and Brian. Such an amazing group of people. I could go on all day but I will end by saying I miss him a lot and not a day passes were I don’t think about him. Im sure as you can see from his facebook page just how popular Feargal was among everybody. Feargal was always welcome in my house at any time and I was always welcome in your house. This all has been a real lesson for me in life, and an eye opener into what really can happen and just how cruel it can be. God has a path for everyone but I believe God takes the best first. It’s still a real shock and so hard to believe. It was an honour and a privilege to have known Feargal. I will never ever forget him and that goes for everyone. Godbless Aidan McAlinden

12: Feargal Its hard to believe that I am writing something like this for one of my closest and best friends. All us 'lads' are lucky we have such a tight bunch of friends, and Feargal was one of the main characters, you would always be guaranteed a good laugh when Feargal was around whether it would be him and Paul taking the hand out of me as we sat in Engineering class at the tech up until the point where Feargal would need my help with a couple of maths questions or a drawing, then he would turn the tables and be all pally with me and start giving Paul a hard time all for a bit of banter, and it was the same story every week in tech. Everybody always knew that Feargal did not have a bad bone in his body, but he always had that mischievous look in his eye where you knew that if there was any fun to be had, | Feargal would always be there, looking for an adrenaline rush by doing something a wee bit bad, like another memory from tech where Feargal, Paul and I would run to subway nearly every Wednesday and Friday to get ourselves a sandwich just because we were told that we weren't allowed too. We would stroll back into class with our subway cups, thinking that we were the men, pushing boundaries to the limit in our eyes, always keeping ourselves amused. These sort of small trivial things are what I really miss about Feargal, I took him for granted, and I suppose that all of us boys did because we never took anything seriously, we always make sure and enjoy ourselves, nothing happens to us, we always used to think. We always got where we needed to be with minimal effort on our part, always made sure and put having fun at the top of our list and we did have fun, I remember the night before a Business Studies exam, Feargal and me where playing 'Call Of Duty' right up until the early hours of the morning while talking and laughing over the mic because of the fact that we were meant to be studying for the exam the next morning and knowing that we would somehow fluke our way through.

13: Us boys are not the same without Feargal, there is always that gap left in the group, we still try enjoy ourselves for him but the thought that he is missing out is always there, its hard to accept that the 'wee man' isn't with us anymore but we have to believe that he is in a better place and having a good laugh at us fellas living up in Belfast out partying and up to a bit of mischief every now and then just like he would have loved to be doing. I know I could spend all day writing stories about one of my best friends, Feargal, his name is always on my lips whether its me telling Niambh or mum a story about him that I remembered or talking to the 'lads' about something funny that he done back at school and having a really good laugh about it. Feargal was one of a kind, a friend to everyone, and an enemy to no-one. Loved and treasured by all, the wee man will most definitely be missed and never ever forgotten! Look after us all Feargal and see you again one day. Simon Byrne

14: It’s hard to sit here and think of words that have any justification on what Feargal meant to not just me but a whole lot of people and how he touched so many people’s lives in his 18 years. For me I thought I was absolutely blessed to have Feargal as such a great friend for all those years. I got moved into Feargals class SY at the start of third year and I can safely say it was one of the best things that could have happened me as I instantly fell in with a great bunch of lads who I would know would be friends for life. A lot of my best memories with Feargal were in school where we all grew very close as a big group of friends who went through a lot together and got up to a lot of things together and had so much craic and laughs. When you lose someone who you spent so much of your time with and in your company, you find that you miss the simple things the most. Things like our trips down to Margo’s for our quite frequent large fry and Feargal always insisting we drop in to Donnelly’s for a nice bun afterwards (Feargal was well known for his appetite). I’ll never forget the day me Feargal and Jimmy bought a full chocolate fudge cake downstairs in Donnelly’s and then took it upstairs and each got a pot of tea and split it in 3 between us and ate it all. Going round the Glens way to pick up Feargal in the car on the way to Ballycastle is something I really miss as although he may have felt I was doing him a favour, I always looked forward to going and picking him up as I really enjoyed his company and the craic we would have, sailing about in the car and picking up the rest of the lads.

15: On nights out he would of often brought a new cd he would of made for the journey and would have always been telling us the new releases that was out and would be the next big hit, I would sort of had the same music taste as him so it was good to have. Simple things like this and others like just pucking about with him or general conversations with Feargal I really miss not to mention the mass trade in hurls he would have given me. However I am sure he is up there looking over us all and keeping us safe and especially looking out for his family as I know how much we’re hurting and they will be going through a lot worse. Feargal was definitely a very special person who had so much going for him he was kind, generous, had a great sense of humour, was easy to get on with and a great friend who also didn’t drink. Although I was his friend I had the upmost respect for Feargal and looked up to him in a way, for the type of person he was and this is why I and so many others got on so well with him. There is so much more I could write down about the memories and good fun and laughs I had with Feargal but I’d be here all day, But i have no doubt in saying I will treasure those memories I had with Feargal in my head for the rest of my life, and Feargal will always be with us in both our hearts and minds. Love Conor Laverty

16: I am so privileged to have known Feargal all my life. Feargal was always up for the craic no matter what it was and especially no matter what the consequences were. So many times when our group of friends are together we always come back to Feargal and how he is the main culprit and always well involved in all of our antics. There really are so many great memories which I am so grateful to have with him, such as the time Feargal was staying at Aidan’s house one weekend and he had promised us fireworks, little did we know he had brought a spare schoolbag with him, filled it up completely with fireworks and then just casually left it under the stairs in pe, once we found out we couldn’t believe he had actually done this which was hilarious and told him not to do it again, but of course Feargal being Feargal done the exact same the following week lol we really couldn’t believe it and we were all in stiches. That shows the kind of person Feargal was, always putting the craic of others first before even thinking about the trouble we or more so he could get in. Another strong memory I have is the yearly snowball fights up the glen. One year stand out in particular where Feargal, Paul, Eamonn, Fergus and I had made hundreds of snowballs, hid in the ditches down at the bus shelter and pelted cars as they drove by. We must have been around 16/17 at the time which others thought was a bit old for this sort of thing but to us it was great. We hit one car and it was definitely the wrong car to hit. The man pulled on the brakes, got out of the car and legged it after us. We ran/fell down the steep ground towards the river all hysterically laughing yet scared to death at the same time. We all made it down to the bottom where we hid in the bank of the river while we heard this crazy man yell for us. Next thing we know the man was standing over us shouting for us to get back up to the top and that we were in big trouble. We were still laughing at the excitement of it all and had even considered running back again. Fergus, who was hiding and had not got caught was oblivious to the fact the man was still there and came out laughing saying that was some craic – the man turned around and went mad at him, next thing we turn round and Fergus had ran away again lol. The man gave us a lecture and got our “real” names and left. We all burst out laughing at the whole thing and decided that was enough for one day lol.

17: The last day of school prank was pretty much run by Feargal. We had all met up that morning and decided what all we would roughly do throughout the day, though the main part of chaining up the school gates was Feargal’s idea. It was genius! We bought 3 industrial chains and locks, and firstly locked the bottom gate. It was the end of the school day therefore people where heading out of the gates, this didn’t stop Feargal and I as we ran up to the main gate, pulled it shut and desperately tried to chain and lock it up. We finally got it done, bent the keys so they were useless and then threw them away. It was a great rush and definitely the best prank CPC have ever seen. We got into Shane’s car and drove up and down the bray as we seen more and more people stuck between the gates. It was incredible and by the end of it all we all had sore stomachs from laughing that hard. The school resorted to hack saws to cut the chains off, which of course we somehow stole them off them lol. Great day’s craic! I will also never forget all of the Glenshesk hurling trainings we had and how we would always have had a competition to see who could score the most points, even if we were doing a tackling drill we would have just been knocking balls over the bar during it to try and rack up each of our scores to see who won at the end. There are endless amount of stories which I and all of the rest of the lads could ramble on for hours which were all unreal craic and never a dull moment. Feargal lived is life to the full and gave 100% to everything, though maybe not his education at times as one afternoon he had a history repeat test and the rest of us lads were free so we headed to Paddy’s to play darts. All of a sudden Feargal walks through the door, we couldn’t believe it to which he replied, “Ugh well only a test I can repeat it again sure”. Lol Feargal was always up for the craic and never let anything get in the way of having fun. I am so glad that I grew up with Feargal and the group of friends that I have. We will always remember Feargal in everything we do and he is always a part of any of the antics we get up to. Brian, Una, Eamonn, Bronagh, Kevin and Nuala you can all be so proud of having Feargal in your family and though his time here was cut short you should know how much he has affected so many lives all across the country for the better in making us live our life’s to the full and always making time for the craic. The words spoken in this book will never do Feargal any justice but we hope it can portray how he has touched all of us and how he is so special and we will never ever forget such a gentleman! See you soon “wee lad” keep looking out for us lads and your family! James McCouaig

18: It has been an honour and privilege to have known Feargal all my life! Feargal was always up for a laugh and loved his pranks. I will never forget the day he got me when we were out golfing. We were up on a high tea-box overlooking the beach and no-one else was on the course so Feargal said let’s see who can drive the ball the furthest. So we started driving golf balls out over the beach to see how far we could hit them. Feargal hit a few then he set out three for me. Hit the first 2 okay, then hit the third one. Next thing I know I am covered in flour. Feargal had bought fake golf balls that explode with flour when hit. I look round and Feargal is in stitches laughing at me on the ground. The only reason he came to play golf that day was to try them out on me and had that plan set up all day. I never really seen the funny side of it but he always reminded me about how he got me that day. So often when we are together as a group and having a conversation we sit and talk about some of the things he has done and been part of. Needless to say they are filled with laughter and the memories we have with him will never be forgotten. Feargal is genuinely one of the best men I will ever know and is an inspiration to us all. He was one of the easiest people to have a converstation with and he had time for anyone. I will always remember Feargal with great thoughts and will never understand how he could be taken so suddenly from his family and friends. Feargal will always have a place in my heart and will always be one of my best friends. I will always cherish the time I had with him. Love you big guy RIP! Michael McGowan

19: Well what can I say, a year has past and I don't think there was a moment that you weren't in are thoughts and prayers. It just seems like yesterday that we all were heading out for freshers and i'll never forget us walking into the 'Box' and you were straight up onto the dance floor busting the moves, not a bother to you! You always had that cheeky wee grin on your face when you were up to something and you just had to watch your back in case a snowball or something was coming at you! But know matter how much fun all us 'lads' had or no matter what we bit of badness we got up to, you were always and will always be remembered not only as the joker but an absolute gentleman. You were a credit to your family and were so respectful and courteous! honestly you will never be forgotten and you will live on in all of us!! look over us all and don't do too much wrecking up there..please! R.I.P kido Matthew Donnelly

20: Dear Feargal, You've always been the legend in our group of friends and it isn't and will never be the same without you lad. we have so many great memories at tech and on the tech bus that are unforgettable! I wish we where back in lower sixth again to create more havoc about the school and tech, leaving study for a big fry and telling Kearney that the reason we wernt in study was cos we wer hungerd! Or the time your shoe magically fell out the window of the tech bus!! and like a true lad you laughed it off, were any1 else would have been ragen, only you would see the funny side and more positive side of everything!...Leaving during the exam period to go to paddys to play darts when we shuda been revising! but like us lads do we pulled it outa the bag lol....sum great memories lad...still cant believe your away mate...keep all us lads safe and look over us lad and especially help your family through this tough you always mate! James McShane

21: Feargal, where do I start.... you meant so much so many people, those who knew you had nothing but good things to say, those who did not have the great pleasure of meeting you can only wish they had. For us lads as a group of your close friends we all have been fortunate to have had you in our lives, if only for a short while every day was a memorable one, particularly the days traveling to and from the tech in Coleraine, the bus was mighty craic every time without failure you were the provider. Then there was the hurling days at the school winnnig two All Ireland Colleges back to back who'd of thought it? Looking back now a year on from where you left us I can't help appreciate more and more the times we had and how important you are to us. Thank you for the days Feargal you are allways with us in everything we achieve and continue to live on in our thoughts and plrayers. Oisín McMahon

22: “Short story was 3 years ago during the summer when Feargal was big into his golf. Came to competition day and he arrived down to play and we found that today was junior captains day. So Feargal being Feargal was assuring us all morning before heading out that he was in the zone ready to play. It came to prize giving later on that day and the previous year we remembered that the prizes we great like golf bags and golf clubs but this year was an exception. It’s the men's captain that picks and buys the prizes and our year so happened to be an old man. Came to calling out the winners, can’t remember exactly but Feargal either came first or second. Anyway eager to get prize his name was eventually called out, only to receive a portable wind-up radio from boots. We did some laughing, Feargal’s faced just dropped when he saw his prize, was a shockingly bad prize. He was so shocked and gutted after receiving the poor prize for what he said was a great round of golf from him.” Conor McGarry

23: “Has to be my 18th in the clubrooms when I actually thought we were getting a bus to halo although it was a ridiculous idea i never caught on. Until I go in and before I make it in for the big surprise I meet James McCouaig, Paul McLernon and of course Feargal McCaughan at the top of the stairs, which pretty much gave away the surprise to which they just had the excuse "ohh this isn’t halo why are we here??" haha, I wasn’t going to go in but of course Feargal got me talked around to going in along with the lads, although you ruined the surprise it actually made my night lads and I’ll remember that forever. P.s the video you made for me on the way home from the party to the theme tune Kevin Lytle turn me on was epic.. which can still be seen on my bebo ha but it was one of the best memories i have and wouldn’t change it for the world. Missing you as always wee man, take care you’ll always be in our hearts mate. !!:)” Stephen McAuley

24: My memories of Feargal go back to Year 9 when I taught him ICT. He was in a lovely class and had lots of lovely young friends as well. I remember giving them a ‘free’ ICT class one day and all these little boys, including Feargal, were lined up at their computers, glued to their computer screens, ‘having a big race’ they later told me. I’ve had many a good giggle to myself about that race. I again taught Feargal from Year 11 to Year 14 and my memories of him are clear and good and happy. Many of his endless friends were in the Business Studies classes as well. I recall marking his work for the first time in the GCSE class, noting to myself that he would be an A and of course that’s what he got. He was, like so many of his young peers, quiet but full of fun and impishness. He had this amazing filing system – A Level textbook; all class notes and handouts filed inside! I also recollect asking him one day where his textbook was; his answer was it’s his [Paul’s] turn to bring it! The whole class and myself did some laughing about that reply – I never heard that one before! I saw Feargal in Lourdes in the summer of 2009 and he told me he was having a fantastic time; he just loved the whole experience, even though there were fairly strict rules to be obeyed. I was really very proud of him. The gentleman he looked after in Lourdes spoke very highly of this young man from North Antrim. Feargal’s participation in the pilgrimage was nothing short of what I would have expected of him; he had all the qualities needed to help others less fortunate. I got to know Feargal a good deal better during his preparation for university and in helping him with his personal statement. I know his strong faith was very important to him and he was very appreciative of his family and all that he had. He always left the class with a smile or a thank you Miss or see you tomorrow Miss; Feargal didn’t do walking out the door because that was who he was, a lovely and decent young man. He left me a card after his A Level examinations and his words were ‘I hope to do us both justice with my results’. He did exactly that. Mary Duffin

25: I first met Feargal when he appeared in my Year 13 history class. I can’t really remember what my first impressions of him were, but here are a few lasting memories.... After only a few lessons I discovered Feargal’s love for hurling. One day I asked him how the camogie was going, and he didn’t yet understand my sense of humour, and didn’t know that i was joking, and explained to me (very carefully and tactfully) the difference between the two sports! I’ll always remember Feargal appearing late to my class with his pockets stuffed with sweets – apologising most sincerely for being late. Or coming in late after lunch, apologising because he had been down the street for his lunch! I soon learned that Feargal liked his food!! Every week we would have had a 2 hour history lesson, and would have taken a break. There was lots of chat in the classroom, and Feargal was keen to share his love of some particular computer games. I think he grew quite frustrated with me when i didn’t seem to understand what he was talking about! Feargal was truly one of the most polite young men that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. At the beginning of the lesson he always said hello (or apologised for being over late!!) and at the end he always said ‘thank-you’. When i spoke with him about improving his work he was keen to listen and appreciative of the help he was being given. When he was encouraged to do so, he did work hard, and was very much an integral and dynamic part of that history class. I am so very glad to have met this young man, and to have been his teacher. J. Elliott (Ballycastle High School)

26: Those days after you were taken from us Feargal, I just stood in that room trying to make some understanding of it all and thinking why there was a photo of you on top of that coffin? It was surreal, it still is. Seeing articles and pictures of you in the papers for success in hurling was what everyone wanted to see, but that wasn’t to be the case. The articles didn’t do you any justice for the type of person you were to the people who didn’t know you. We all had the privilege of having you in our lives. When someone dies, all that’s said are the ‘good’ things. But that IS the case for you Feargal. There was no bad in you - just a bitta craic! :) I know there’s reasons for things to happen, but this, I don’t understand – why did God have to take you? You meant so much to me. I’m so glad to have known you. It was a real honour to go to the formal with you. I remember telling you to grow for the photo ‘cos I didn’t want the yellow pages to be taken out...and you grew! I remember falling off my chair before the meal and probably embarrassing the hell outta you but clearly your mouth wasn’t big enough ‘cos you spilt gravy all down your waistcoat; but we called it evens! :) I wish so much that you were here with us and all the ladsgetting up to all sorts! Fresher’s Week – you definitely enjoyed yourself; it was as if you knew :S There’ll always be a place in my heart for you Feargal, you were one of a kind and you’ll never ever be forgotten by any of us. We’ll see you again someday, but until then, keep a wee eye on us all :) xxx ‘'you left us so quickly, your thoughts unknown, you left us with memories, we are proud to own. So treasured by the Lord, in your garden of rest, for on earth you wereone of the best.’’ Lots of love, Kiera McGill Lots of love, Kiera McGill | "Feargal...if tears could make a stairway, and memories a lane, id walk right up to heaven and bring you home again...we all miss you, and your absence is felt, but we all know your up there looking over us and keeping us safe. We think of you everyday, you were definately one of the most loved people about this place and you were a true gentleman who made your family proud.I'll never forget your mischeavious ways, thanks for the'll be missed, and never forgotten! Love you always and forever BFF xo 0" Noleen McGuckian

27: "Feargal, still finding it hard to wrap my head around whats happened. one of the nicest people I've ever met. nobody had a bad word to say about you. no words can do him justice. loved by everyone and genuinely just good craic! it was an absolute tragedy and you will never be forgotten. RIP" Cliona Mc Farline | "Well what can i say...Feargal was a gentleman as well as being Mr smartypants! he was polite and well mannered but still new how to have a good time! he was a good friend and a real character to have around... hard to believe hes gone but i appreciate every moment i spent with him and that i was a small part of his life... we all miss him dearly." Niamh Fitzpatrick

28: "To Feargal’s family, not a day passes that me or my family think of Feargal, not a day passes that I look at his picture and feel a horrible pain, I can't imagine how any of you feel it’s so hard think of what you are all going through, but really we are all here no matter what, so many people are praying for all of you, not a night passes that I don't look up at the picture say a prayer and night night to Feargal and the McCaughan’s, he was such a bubbly, polite and intellectual friend I had so many laughs with him in business studies and through primary and | secondary school, he made such an impact on so many people’s lives and I hope to god that's visible, to Feargal’s brothers and sisters you keep proud of such a great big brother you had, keep smiling and have fun times because your brother would love that, grow up with great memories that's what I'll have, to Una and Bryan you are both doing so brilliantly, you are so strong because I know not many people could cope with what you are going through and still keep their family together. To be honest this was such an eye opener for me, I was stuck in mental health hospitals all of last year and life hasn't been the best but when something closer to home happens it makes you appreciate what you really have in life, Feargal helped me turn to god which I never ever thought I would do, he made me try harder to live life to the full and helped me sort my head out and I thank him through my prayers for that and I thank you for bringing him up as such an amazing guy, you did so well, I'll never forget Feargal for as long as I live. Keep your heads up you have three more brilliant children to share your lives with. I am so thankful for knowing Feargal you just know that he's here watching over us all and he wants you all to have a great Christmas. I wish you all the luck to you get through this rough period it will get better and know that the Doherty household is always and I mean always open if you need anything, if we Nuala needs looked after or if the girls want to watch a DVD or if anything is needed we are all here for you. My prayers are with you all and will be for the rest of my life." Kiara Doherty

29: "Feargal - Your one in a million. Definitely one to remember. A genuine person who always made me laugh. You've made such an impact on everyone’s lives, you've made me realise how important life really is an how we should make the most of the time we have here with the people we love and care about. Hope you’re watching over everyone down here and keeping a close eye on your family. x" Bridgit McQuaid | "We may not see him but he is still very much with us...he was always smiling and if theres one person in heaven its Feargal still smiling down on us all." Emma McMullan

30: "Getting to know you Feargal from the very beginning of CPC in 8SY has been a pleasure.. I have to say the most memorable time has to include the formal and the ski trip 2009. We spent the week in the same ski group and one very funny afternoon stuck in the gondola with Grace, David and Randal too. It’s a pity we lost the camera with all the pictures though! You looked like some kind of ninja on the slopes with the moves you pulled too haha.. You really made our ski group complete with lots of laughs. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Xo" Joanne McKay | “I'd just like to say that he was a true gentleman and it was a real pleasure knowing him, made me laugh any time I spoke to him, he is really missed by everyone..x” Samantha McKillen

31: “Don't really know what to say as a message cause it hard to write it all down. We all know you’re looking down on us all, you see all that is going on from the partying to the mischief to the laughs and tears. It’s strange not seeing you around but we have the memories and they mean all that bit more, their so special to so many of us. I could write an essay of stuff but you’re probably thinking would she ever give over and stop talking, you always knew how to joke and make people laugh and smile. Hope you’re doing ok up there, there isn’t a day that goes by without a thought of you. You were so down to earth and it hard to believe you’re not here in person with us but you’re always in our hearts and heads. You’ve touched so many lives and changed so many before and now. You will never be forgotten, Heaven has gained a true angel." Patricia Butler | “My main memories are from fresher’s and I’d say use lads will have plenty to write on it with him dancing his heart out and always up for parties and eating all our oranges! Unfortunately we got the raw deal of use looking for a party that Thursday when use were at our buzzer at about half 4 in the damn morning! lol He’ll always be in everyone’s mind and there’s memories everywhere in Belfast!” Aimee Mc Neill

32: "Feargal did not deserve this and neither did his family. He will be looking down on them from heaven now and guiding them by giving them strength and support. All of us down here who knew and loved him must try and do the same thing. We will look after Eamonn and good days like those out skiing are what feargal would want to see. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family now and always." Daniel McKinley | “To me personally i felt Feargal was an inspiration to us all, although he’s an Armoy man i actually looked up 2 him. He always seemed to be wherever the craic was, mainly because he was providing it. It was an honour 2 play alongside Feargal on the hurling field. He always would let me choose what corner i was playing at because he knew I’d look and see which forward looked easier to mark (and that’s not just coz I’m from Carey), i guess he wanted to challenge himself to be better but i don't think he could have been any better he was 1 in a million and was blessed with an amazing family who have brought him many happy years and amazing memories. I will never forget the guy, he truly was a legend!” Gerard Mc Bride

33: “Feargal you are someone i will never forget and will seriously miss, you’ve always been a great mate and you will always be in my prayers, God Bless.” Fionnbharr McBride | “Someone I will always look up to and one of the best role models i will ever have. Always up for the craic and was someone you could always count on. I enjoyed every minute spent with him especially those nights spent ganching in Lourdes and keeping everyone else awake by singing all of Encore at the top of our voices, the times we went to Dromintine, the pellet gun fights at the Lammas Fair and all those clashes we had on the hurling field. A great sportsman, a top friend and a true gentlemen.” Donal Mc Kinley

34: “Feargal an amazing, young man that had a great GAA future in front of him. He is sadly missed by all. R.I.P Big man and keep looking down on us all, especially your family” Donagh McCarry | “Lad we kind of lost touch since the good oul Glenshesk days! From what I hear you were living your life like there was no tomorrow, And right you were! I suppose this is farewell till I see you at them pearly gates, because that’s defo where you are, probably looking for angel fitties and living it up as you always did! What can I say, they only take the best and you were certainly one of them! Till we meet again...” Tony Murphy

35: “Feargal was one of the most genuine decent fellas you could meet, and i know that's something your family has heard over the past months but i just want to reiterate that point. His love for life, mischief and his friends were there for us all to see and experience. He was a credit to you as a family, Glenshesk, Armoy and his school and to all the clubs and groups he was a part of. I had the pleasure to hurl with Feargal, go to school, Lourdes and Dromintine with him as well as being his friend. The fact that use speak of Feargal with so much pride and love helps everyone else who has felt the pain of passing even though use are feeling the brunt of that pain. I hope this scrapbook helps youse get through this tough time and remember Feargal as the great son, brother and friend that he was and see how he was loved by us all.” Brian Gormley

36: “Feargal was a great guy well respected by all who knew him. Was always up for a laugh with all his mates. He was a huge part of the Glenshesk and Armoy hurling teams and he will be hugely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing such a great man.” Michael McVeigh

37: “We will never forget the good times we all had on the All-Ireland team, the success we had and the history we made. We were all like a group of brothers who watched out for each other and we all will never forget you.” Daniel McPeake | “Most decent chap I’ve ever met, not a bad bone in his body, even though he was always up to something! Have no doubt he's watching over everybody and looking after us. Just hope I can ever be half the person he was! Hope to see you soon big dawg!” Conal McMahon

38: “Well I’m honoured to have known Feargal, a real nice fella. Pleased that i had the chance to play alongside him for Glenshesk and he will be truly missed R.I.P” Patrick McBride “Feargal, any time I was talking to you, ye were always good craic and I could never say a bad thing about ye. I'm sure I'll get good chat with you someday again. I'm always praying for you big man.” Joe Smyth

39: “Feargal, I don't know what to say, it still doesn’t seem real. I want to thank you for what u meant to me on the youth team, I’m very glad we were put in the same team and I’m glad i got to know you a lot more. When i read over what u wrote in my book i have to laugh because you think that I’m more culchie than you! Which is definitely not true! We became close in Lourdes and even though you won’t admit it you are a wile man! You are such a lovely fellow and this was very obvious when you would go out of your way to accompany me to the hotel because we weren't allowed to go alone. Proving what a gentleman you are. I will never forget the memories you gave me like the time in the 'crying mass' when we were meant to be quite and thinking ourselves we we're very amused by how many people dropped their stones. At that mass we we're meant to sit alone but we still managed to sit together. Another fantastic memory has to be in the mass where our team could not stop laughing.. Had to be the best mass ever.. You sitting beside me didn't help because u made me laugh more!! lol was great. All our wee convos will always remain with me. You definitely made my first year one to remember! You filled me in on what it would be like before and i have to say it was even better, us doing the community song is something i still laugh at. lol I still can't believe your gone.. It’s unbelievable that this could happen to such a nice young man. We still think about you very often. My thoughts and prayers are always with your family. They are such nice people who did not deserve this and either did you. We know you will be with us next year in Lourdes and at all the reunions in between. You will never be forgotten Feargal, Rest in Peace xx” Niamh Donnelly

40: “Feargal, starting of our Lourdes experience in 1st year together I just knew you were going to be a real character, never one to shy away from a bit of craic - mostly providing it! Lourdes is an emotional enough experience for everyone, but without you this next year, I, like everyone don't quite know how we'll cope! Your presence will be missed greatly but I know you'll be with us in spirit every single step of the way! The craic we have had aside from there though, all our reunions here, there and everywhere and the days we've passed, I'll never forget! You and your family are forever in my prayers, such a great lad, a true gentleman, a wile, wile man! Love you, stay safe and look after us all down here, see you someday :) xoxoxo” Mairi Mulvenna

41: “Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you or wonder how your family and friends are, it’s just still so shocking. The first time I met you all you could talk about was COD and i didn't know what the hell it even was. You were wile sarcastically funny and possibly the most laid back and easy going person I've ever met. You were really as dead on as they get and genuinely lovely. Everyone's said it but you really were a true gentleman and the most loyal friend. You are loved by so many and will be missed by everyone who knew you. I'm so glad that I met you and I will never forget you.” Danielle Scally | “After knowing Feargal since nursery, even 14 years later I can't think of one time that he ever did anything to upset anyone, everyone thought so much of him and there really isn't one bad memory of him. I'm so lucky to have spent the time I did with him, such a talented, smart and genuinely lovely young fella. Will never forget him, will always miss him x” Cathryn McGarry

42: “I knew you Feargal right from the start, from P1 to University and you've always been a pleasure to know. Such a witty and genuine person that I was blessed to know and be friends with. It broke my heart to see you go and I don’t think it will ever seem real to any of us!! Although it still makes me cry the thought of such a great person taken so young, we all know that God took you for a reason and you’re in a better place! I will never forget you, can’t wait to see you again Feargal! Love, Francine McFarland

43: “ | Feargal Mc Caughan! Always the wileman in denial! :) Never could it be overstated buddy that you definitely were one of the most gentleman like fellas I was fortunate enough to be able to call a friend :) Ill never forget your we pilgrim voice you put on making you sound all posh! hehe! Especially when Kathleen was buying us tea, you thanking her endlessly only to tell me after you hate tea! She really did adore you my pilgrim did! Trying to act all cupid like telling me i could look far and yonder and never find anyone quite like you! She was right! Awh buddy how are we going to cope without ya this year? Whos going to carry my suitcase for me when i over pack it?? Well just have to beef Eamon up a bit let him do the duty this year! lol! I think of you everyday Feargal and always will! Ill always regret only actually getting to know you this year! But for the few months i did know ya for there's not one second that you weren't having the craic making everyone around you laugh! Your family can only be admired Feargal for the strength they've shown so its easy to know your behind it keeping them going! I'll talk to you soon in my prayers buddy and I hope to see you again someday! :) Anne Burke

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