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FID Children's Home

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S: Faith In Deeds Ministry | Stories & Pictures of India

BC: Faith In Deeds Ministry | PO Box 141681, Grand Rapids, MI 49514 | Facebook: Faith In Deeds USA Faith In Deeds Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax deductible in the USA. EIN 27-0597921

FC: Faith In Deeds Ministry rescue | disciple | reintegrate

1: Faith In Deeds Children's Home | Living out our faith in what we do. ~James 2:14-18 | Rescue Children 2 A Day in the Life 4 Sustainability 10 Outreach 16 Mission Trips 23 The Kids 24 The Fish Story 30 Fun Times 32 The Beginning 37 Staff & Family 38 | Table of Contents | rescue | disciple | reintegrate Rescue children from India's slums Disciple them in the way of Christ Reintegrate them into their communities

2: ... and more. | The Faith In Deeds Children’s Home cares for an average of 50 at-risk and orphaned children. The short-term goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where disenfranchised children can thrive and begin to hope. The long-term goal is to make a positive impact on the community as a whole, by breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse through discipleship, education, and vocational training all the while providing local jobs through the various opportunities that Faith In Deeds Ministry provides. The children's home is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh on the southeastern coast of India; Telugu is the main language and the predominant religion is Hinduism. India has one of the highest child poverty and child labor rates in the world. In Andhra Pradesh, 70% of students from low castes drop out of school between grades 6-8.* These kids are at high-risk for human trafficking. More than 50% of the children from tribal castes are malnourished or severely underweight.* These are the children that Faith In Deeds serves. | About ... | 2 | *Child Labor in Hazardous Sectors by R.N. Misra *People's Voice for Child Rights

3: Loss of parents from AIDS & extreme poverty | Trafficked women who do not want their children, nor have means to care for them | Faith In Deeds rescues children from ... | 3

4: A basic schedule is followed each day to well-manage the home and to bring structure to children who previously only knew chaos. The children get an early start to each day with prayer and Bible study. The children then do chores and get ready for school. They eat breakfast together, boys on one side and girls on the other. When they are finished, each child washes their own plate. | A Day in the Life at the Children's Home | One child leads everyone in prayer before they start eating. The children are always welcome to have seconds - no one goes hungry here. | Morning Routine | 4

5: 5 | By 8:45 the kids line up to walk to school. Preschool | 9:00 a.m. to Noon Elementary & High School | 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

6: The kids love to play outside and other kids from the village often join in too. The children are encouraged to be active and use their imaginations. Football, cricket, and volleyball are some of their favorite sports. | After school the kids have snacks and free time. Encouraging the kids to have fun is one of Thomas' favorite parts of ministry. | 6

7: There are no fancy toys or playground equipment, but there is a lot of fun. | 7

8: Sometimes the kids stay inside and do crafts & games during free time. | 8

9: Tutoring & Homework | 9 | Bedtime | Dinner | Evening Prayer, Songs, & Bible Study

10: Faith In Deeds Ministry prayed for land for over 6 years. The price of land has exponentially increased and there have been many challenges, but in December 2011 the Lord provided 5 acres of land! There are now on-going farming projects to help the children's home by growing some of their own food and funding small projects. This land is also the future site of the Faith In Deeds permanent campus. | 10 | Sustainability | Cultivation

11: Produce Green beans, corn, chilies, lentils, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, plantains, and squash are among some of the produce that is grown. Soon the fruit, coconut, and spice trees will also start producing. | 11

12: The children are learning how to plant rice and maintain a garden, and having a lot of fun while they're at it. | 12

13: The rice field was blessed with a great harvest. It is FID's goal to grow the farm to be able to produce more crops and provide more jobs for locals. In addition to the 5 acres that is owned, another 7 acres is leased and farmed. | 13

14: Sustainability | Fish Farming Thomas challenged the high schoolers to learn about fish farming: the how to's, risks and profits. Then they put their learning into action and leased an 8 acre pond raising 3 different types of fish. The first pond did so well that a second pond was leased. This has potential to be a profitable business that could significantly help the children's home indigenously. | 14 | "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." ~Maimonides

15: Faith In Deeds also hires locals to care for the chickens, sheep, goats, and cows that provide quality eggs, milk, and meat. These, along with fruits and vegetables provide balanced nutrition for the kids to grow healthy and strong. As the children help care for animals they also are learning skills, compassion, and responsibility. | Sustainability | Animal Husbandry | 15

16: Outreach | 16 | Faith In Deeds Ministry is so much more than just a children's home. It is reaching out to the surrounding community, providing for their physical needs through community meals, job training, and medical clinics. It also provides emotional and spiritual help through mentoring, church, Bible studies and prayer.

17: Medical care is provided for those suffering from AIDS and leprosy. These individuals are ostracized from society and often forced to leave their homes. | This elderly woman is a blind widow. She has had a difficult life. Her heart is encouraged by the community gatherings. | Faith In Deeds Ministry also helps to provide for many widows on a monthly basis. They in turn get to know the children and become like grandmas to them. | 17 | Building Community

18: Some of the boys put a fresh coat of paint on the local church. One of the families who attends our church also joined in to help. Community projects help to build lasting relationships and empower people. | Community Service | 18

19: Power in Prayer The children spend time in prayer twice daily. They pray for requests near and abroad, and have seen God's faithfulness again and again. | "If you pray, why you worry? And if you worry, why you pray?" ~Divya, at age 5 | 19

20: Every year the children's home celebrates the birth of Jesus by presenting the Christmas message through dance and drama in multiple villages. Months of practice and preparation go into the performances. Hundreds of people attend and a meal is provided, which serves as a testimony and an encouragement to the villagers. The children love to dance! | Christmas | 20

21: 21

22: FID works to empower locals with job skills and leadership opportunities, helping to make changes that last. | Ramya puts her faith into action by helping to lead a VBS for village children in need. | 22

23: Annual Short-Term Mission Teams come to love, play with, and mentor kids during school break. | On the right, Ken and Mark personally meet the children they mentor for the first time. It is thrilling for both them and their kids. | 23

24: Ashok & Ramya | Since the children's home started in 2006, hundreds of children have found shelter in our home during a turbulent time in their family's lives. For others, we have become their family. Here are some of the children that have been with us since the beginning. Several of them are now going to college - an incredible opportunity for them! | Shyam | Joshua & Asha | 24

25: Divya with Thomas | Prasad & Mounica | Amrutha | 25

26: Hope & Faith | 26 | Faith and Hope are identical twins. Their teenage mom was going to throw them away, but instead gave them to FID from birth in 2010. They were 2lbs each. They were carefully cared for and prayed over. They are now thriving, giggling girls full of fun and laughter. We are so thankful for these two!

27: Jacob and Elise were abandoned at the FID doorstep in the middle of the night in August 2011. Elise first, and then Jacob 10 days later. They were both very ill and had to spend weeks in the hospital, but with prayer and tender-loving care they are growing healthy and strong. We are so thankful for these precious gifts who the Lord has entrusted to us. | Elise & Jacob | 27

28: Skilled Hands and a Loving Heart | 28 | Prasanna lost her parents in a terrible train accident in which she also was badly wounded. She lived as an orphan in the train station until a family took pity on her. That family also fell on hard times and brought Prasanna to live at the children’s home in 2006. Prasanna is a fast learner and thrived in school and with her new friends. She loves Jesus. After graduating from high school she went to college to get her BSN. She is an excellent nursing student and is already applying her training in helping people. She also leads a girl’s Bible study at her college. Prasanna is a living example of excelling in spite of adversity. | 28

29: Mani Kumar came to live at the children's home in 2006 after his mother passed away and his family left him due to his learning disability. He was loved and cared for at the children's home. He made friends easily and loved caring for the dogs. In 2010, he went to live with his aunt. Book learning continued to be a struggle for him, but during his time at FID he learned that he had a gift for hands-on work. His determination landed him an apprenticeship with a carpenter at a wood mill. He began saving every Rupee he could and working many side jobs. With these funds he has purchased a used mill and has now started his own wood working shop! We are proud of this young man for his faith in God, perseverance, and hard work. This is Faith In Deed's vision coming to life - to equip kids to rise above their circumstances and excel in whatever gifts God has given them, making a difference in their community. | An Entrepreneur in the Making | 29

30: In March of 2011, Thomas and Dana took the older children to the beach. During their visit, Thomas met local fishermen who were discouraged with their small catch. Thomas asked if he could come back early the next day to help. The Hindu fishermen don't usually let outsiders help for fear it will upset their sea goddess. As they were talking it over, a local man who knew Thomas told them that Thomas is God's servant and if they allow him to go fishing with them, God will surely bless their work. They reluctantly agreed. | Early the next day, Thomas excitedly returned to the fishermen. They were already preparing the net and were not happy to see Thomas, but he didn't let that stop him. Thomas jumped in to help anyway he could. As they prepared to take their boat out to sea to lay the net, Thomas stopped everyone and said "Let's hold hands and pray and ask the Lord to bless our work." The men were not pleased, but Thomas still lead them in prayer in Jesus' name and they set off to work. The blue net they used was more than a mile long and was slowly placed out to sea by boats in a huge "U" shape, with the two ends remaining on the shore where men waited to pull it in by hand. Bringing in this net section by section takes several hours with 60 men pulling. | "And He (Jesus) said to them, 'Cast the net on the right-hand side of the boat and you will find a catch.' So they cast, and then they were not able to haul it in because of the great number of fish."~John 21:6 | 30 | The Fish Story

31: When it came time to pull the net in, the fishermen were disappointed at first because they only saw a few small fish not worth keeping. Several sections of net were even empty, and Thomas noted large holes in the net. The fisherman explained that the sea had been unkind to them, and they are too poor to have a proper net. Thomas said "Don't worry about those holes. We prayed. We will not worry, just watch what will happen at the end." Thomas was praying silently "Lord, please provide the fish!" At that time, the net became heavy and fish began flying everywhere! The men couldn't believe their eyes - it was more than ten times the catch from the previous day! They recognized that it was the God whom Thomas serves who made the difference in their fishing that day. The God of the Bible had blessed their work. Thomas shared the gospel with them and gave them a talking Bible. Two men accepted the Lord! The fishermen then gave Thomas enough fish to feed everyone at the children's home, plus some to give to the neighbors. As evidenced by their generosity, God was already at work in their hearts! | "This story in particular is special to us because it shows God is still doing today what we read about Him doing in the Bible. He provides our catch, whatever that may be, and He is still in control of the sea. We are so blessed to witness the Lord at work and to be a part of it!" ~Thomas & Dana | 31

32: fun at the beach | 32

33: 33

34: We have a great time celebrating birthdays. These children have never had that joy before coming to FID. | 34

35: Our kids LOVE getting letters from their mentors! | We are in need of more mentors for these children. Would you consider partnering with us? | 35

36: 42 | 36

37: In 1981, in a small village in South India, a little boy was born without material means by which to survive, and with the outcaste stigma trying to determine his future before his umbilical cord was even cut. This baby boy was given the name Ravi. His family struggled daily to survive. Yet God was there in that hut, and would ultimately use the pain and poverty of that family for His greater purposes. God intervened. At the age of six, Ravi was already working as a shepherd boy. His mother made a difficult decision. She would give up Ravi and his younger brother to an orphanage where they would have an opportunity for a better life. Over the next five years, Ravi and his brother moved to five different orphanages and were warehoused. Ravi had finally had enough. Out of desperation, the young boy prayed to God, who he did not know, to get him out of there. That year Ravi was adopted by a Christian family living in Grand Rapids, MI. His name was changed to Thomas. He began to hope. Twelve years later, at the age of 23, Thomas found himself at an impasse in his life. Having exhausted all other resources, he once again called on the Lord. Thomas was finally ready to fully surrender his life to Jesus. A few months later, God directed Thomas back to India. Upon his arrival, he was reunited with his birth family. What an incredible experience! He also was reminded of the poverty and hopelessness from which he came. Everywhere he looked there was desperation and need. Deeply troubled, Thomas opened his Bible seeking answers. He turned to the epistle of James, beginning with trials, orphans, and widows. When he got to James 2:14-18, he became profoundly convicted that faith without deeds is dead. Thomas closed the Bible, but the words continued to ring in His ears. He tried to argue that God had the wrong guy, that he was too young and ill-prepared, but God prodded him that the children of India are in need now. Do something! Thomas started the next morning with prayer and then went to work. He began cooking and serving large amounts of food to the poor. While he was feeding hundreds of people, a woman dropped two children at his feet saying “My husband died of AIDS. I’m dying of AIDS. These children will be better off with you than me.” She then disappeared into the crowd. Not knowing what to do, he took the children home with him. Thomas started the next day with the same prayer and action. He was given two more children. This continued and by the end of the two weeks he had 21 children. He knew these kids needed more than food and shelter; they needed the word of God, unconditional love, and an education with a plan for their future. With his visa due to expire, Thomas maxed out his credit card, rented a house, and hired his sister to care for the children. Through God’s providence and a broken and willing heart, what is now known as the Faith In Deeds Children’s Home was born. | Humble Beginnings | Thomas and the Children's Home | 37

38: The Children's Home Staff | 38

39: Thomas' early story is on page 37. Dana was born in Indiana to a Christian family. She studied the Bible and the Lord began working in her heart at an early age. She had a desire to do foreign missions and went on mission trips that greatly impacted her life. She earned a bachelor's degree in nursing so she could have a practical skill to use anywhere. In the midst of ministry in India, Thomas prayed "Lord, I'm sick of chasing girls. If you want me to get married, you bring her to me." In April 2009, Dana was also praying about her next step in life when she was asked to go on a mission trip to the children's home. Thomas picked her up at an airport in India and God had brought her to him. Though they were going to the same church in Grand Rapids, it wasn't until Dana flew to India that they met. Together they conducted medical clinics, taught the children, and served side by side. Just over a year later they were married and moved back to India as husband and wife. Being in full-time ministry is a journey that is growing their faith and is seasoned with much grace and joy. Thomas and Dana are blessed with twin boys and three girls, Kole, Jayke, Leighanna, Adeline, and Satya Joy. Their parental love for their own kids has enriched their love for all of the children at the children's home all the more. | a little bit about Thomas & Dana | 39

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