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Firestorm scrapbook

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S: Firestorm Scrapbook

FC: Firestorm By David Klass | Jessa Lynch

1: Here’s what I thought. I thought I was living in the most normal little town in America, having the most normal senior year a guy could have. First name? Jack. How’s that for normal? Last name? Danielson. Pretty standard stuff, huh? Occupation? High school senior. Hobbies? Chicks, flicks, and fast cars, roughly in that order.” (Pg. 3)

2: “The “p” could have been for “pretty” as they come. Or “pert.” Or “perspicacious.” Sometimes “pretentious.” Always “pleasing.” The “J” could have been for “jousting” because we’re always teasing each other. Or “Joker.” No one could make me laugh like P.J.” (P. 4) | I scored two touchdowns tonight and I was flying high. I figured it was my night to score. I made the mistake of telling P.J that and she blew up at me saying I was comparing her virginity to football and making some crude sports analogy of our relationship. Ugh. Why do I open my mouth sometimes? Then I made it worse by saying the guys on the team made fun of me and she freaked out that I talked to the guys about our relationship. Guess I’ll just have to learn to be patient and most importantly keep my mouth shut!

3: “Then he turns his head and looks. Right at me. For a half second. Not anyone else. Just me. Like he knows me. And I see his eyeballs roll around in his head. Now they look like normal eyes. Now the pupils disappear. Something flashes. Like a flashbulb. Or a computer scanner. A sudden burst of white light that turns silvery. Then the light is gone and I blink and he’s gone too.” (Pg. 4)

4: “I’m not your father.” Dad said. “Mom is not your mother. Your friends are not your friends. You’re different from them.” (Pg. 13) | “Because dad didn’t want me to be. Don’t get the perfect score, he said. Font set the record in track. Don’t get straight A’s. You have nothing to prove. People won’t like you. You’ll stick out.” (Pg. 13) | “You were protecting me, Dad. Even then. Because they were out there.” (Pg. 14)

5: “Good point, I think. Time to flee. But why do I need to take a chance with you, whoever you are? Because you have questions and I have answers, comes the response loud and clear. Now open the door and let me out. Every second is precious.” (Pg. 32) | Gisco

6: “The truth is I am not of this place and time either. I AM OF THEIR PLACE AND TIME! I am one of them yet at the same time I know nothing of it or of them.” (Pg. 80)

7: “Want some free advice, old bean? If you’re handing it out. You’re too trusting. It may be the death of you. What? Au revoir. Or should I say adieu. Big dog turns and gallops back out door, which swings shut behind him." (Pg.86) | “Nightmare repeats itself. Variations on a theme of pain. Beatings in daylight and darkness. Is this new suffering, or did it already happen? Are my cries real or just echoes from the last beating?” (Pg. 93)

8: Eko took me swimming. This wasn’t your normal swimming though. We swallowed these red beads that helped us breathe underwater. At first I wasn’t trusting but once I swallowed it and went under I didn’t feel myself running out of air or needing to go back to the surface. I saw so many sea creatures and the beauty was beyond words. But what really got me was what Eko said. She said the future doesn’t have beauty like what we saw because we as humans ruined it. I can’t imagine a world any different than the one I’ve always lived in. How am I supposed to save it?

9: “Sure. Pollution. The destruction of the ozone layer. An a hundred other big and small ways all taken together. Hunted out jungles. Fished out the rivers and the lakes and finally the deepest oceans. Cut down the rain forests. Destroyed the coral reefs. Changed climate patterns. Manipulated the genetics of plants and animals. Body blows to nature. One after the other. Each one undoing millions of years of evolution and development.” (Pg. 127)

10: “Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath, nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ship Water, water everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.” (Pg.161) | “Work hard. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t give me any reason to regret saving you.” (P. 177)

11: “you ruined something of mine, and now I’m going to ruin something of yours,” he whispers. “pain for pain. Don’t fight, or it will be worse.." (Pg. 224) | “The sharp blade slides over the back of my right hand. He moves it to my pinkie and probes for the knuckle joint. When he finds it, Dargon presses down with all his weight and saws off half of my finger as I watch helplessly from a few inches away.” (Pg. 224) | “isn’t the bluefin tuna endangered?” I ask, recalling gisco’s environmental harangue. Dargon shrugs. “it’s too late for this one anyway.” Endangered but delicious.” (Pg. 229) | “We’re cousins jack,” he whispers. “I’m the first family member you’ve ever met.” (Pg. 232)

12: “That’s why I didn’t kill you, Jack,” Dargon says. “I need you to find Firestorm for me. So I thought we might make a deal.” (Pg. 254) | “No, cuz,” I whisper. “That’s my answer. No way. Not now. Not ever. Go ahead and kill me. You’ll never find Firestorm.” (Pg. 257)

13: “I see it. Encased in the shimmering crystal dias but clearly visible. Heart-shaped. Silvery-white. With every pulse beat its form appears to shift slightly. Cardioid. Spherical. Crescentic. Conchate.”( Pg. 267) | “ I still don’t know what Firestorm is, but I now know what it’s not. It doesn’t come from outer space. Nor was it created by a wizard. It’s of us. Of the earth. It has the depth of life. The joy of our own love. The pain of our guilt. It has power. Fantastic power.” (Pg. 269)

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