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Forever Young

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S: Forever Young

FC: 2011

1: Once upon a time, in 1961, a lovely baby girl was born, named Colleen Kohn. A few months later, in a state far away, a handsome little boy named Eugene Robertson Jr. was also born. Both children grew up quickly and eventually found themselves in the happening new world of 1970's Arizona. By the time they were seniors at their respective High Schools, each had already accomplished a great deal. Gene was a talented athlete and a member of student council, Colleen was an award-winning violinist and badminton player. They met by chance at the local grocery store where they worked, and love blossomed one night on the dance floor of a No Booze Boogie. And they have been together ever since. Over the past three decades, Gene and Colleen have lived life to its fullest. Together they have made lifelong friends and lasting memories. They've raised three wonderful daughters, journeyed to far off places, and experienced the world hand in hand. As they celebrate their 50th birthdays, they are joined by family and friends alike in recalling all that they have accomplished, and the lives they have touched over the years. Happy 50th Birthday Mom and Dad, With all our love,

2: June 20 1961 | Colleen Annette Kohn

3: Eugene Francis Robertson Jr. | July 2 1961

4: 1978-1981

5: Presenting for the very first time.. . . Mr. and Mr.s. Robertson August 8th, 1981 Married at St. Jeromes

6: We were young, wild, and free . . .

7: Before the Kids. . .

8: Parenthood: That state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage.. . . -Marcelene Cox

9: Kristine Elizabeth Robertson Born July 2, 1988 Laura Katherine Robertson Born June 7, 1990 Britney Marie Robertson Born August 15, 1992

12: Florida, Texas | Oregon, | Hawaii | Washington California | New Jersey, Colorado | Canada, Mexico

13: Oh the places you've been . . . | Utah, Arizona | New York | Washington D.C.

15: Trying new things and having fun! | You've accomplished so much!

16: as goofy & "fun loving" as ever. . . | Through the years you have remained

17: You've had a few. . . laughs ;) | Not much has changed. . . | Just a couple of Goofballs!

18: After 30 years . . Your marriage is as strong and full of love as the day you said "I do". . .

19: LOVE

20: I came up with the idea to make this birthday book in church a few weeks ago. I was standing in between you and I was reminded of how completely blessed I feel to have you two as parents. I closed my eyes and thanked God for bringing you two together and giving me the greatest mother and father that I could ever imagine. I wanted to share that message with you on your birthday, but more than that, I wanted others to be able to share it too. You have touched so many hearts throughout your lives; for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. You are the most amazing people I have ever known. You are inspiring individuals with the greatest outlook on life. Your love for each other can only be described as limitless. Your constant patience, acceptance, understanding and compassion is moving. I can only hope that I will one day become as good of a parent, teacher, friend, and person that both of you are each and every day. Every moment spent with the two of you becomes another wonderful memory that I will always cherish. I Love You Parents. (The Mostest) Happy 50th Birthday! Britt

21: When I look at you mom and dad, I see a lifetime of joy and two people who exemplify their values. You both are my role models of parenthood, marriage and friends. Now, on your fiftieth birthdays, no matter what you may think or feel, you will always be Colleen and Gene; Remember yourselves as spirits, not people who are bound by age and time. Colleen and Gene; you have experienced childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, but I bet you haven't wondered where the time went. I remember asking you last year, what does it feel to be an adult...and do you know what you said? "You never look in the mirror and say, I feel 49 year old, you just feel like you". That couldn't be more true, and I hope that as you celebrate with friends and family, you know that you are individuals, who at any age, will continue to grow and learn and live. I love you both so much, and I wish you a truly special 50th birthday, and beautiful 30th wedding anniversary. -Sunshine (Laura) | I think I was like most kids in that I looked up to my mom and dad from a young age. You both did a lot of things that impressed and astounded me, really. Your ability to use the stove was amazing- I knew from experience, that thing was "hot". You were tall enough to reach the counters, you were clever enough to drive a car, and crafty enough to save me from the infamous jumping turtle of Grayslake. Mom was a talented artist and an amazing chef, Dad was a genius who knew just about everything. Between the two of you there was a lot to be impressed by. Now, at 22 years old, I'm still impressed. You have both led amazing lives. The places you have been, the things you have done, the people you have met and impacted; it is an inspiring list of accomplishments. I am so lucky to have born to such wonderful, caring, and successful people. I know you will continue to impress me for years to come ;) I love you both so much. Happy 50th Birthday Mom and Dad! Love, Krista (K.B.)

22: Happy “50th” Birthday Gene and Colleen! Best Wishes from us all You already live life to its fullest May the next 50 years be just as rewarding. Love Bob, Mary, Matthew and Megan

23: Gene & Colleen, Happy 50th Birthday to you both! During those years not only have you accomplished numerous personal goals and raised three strong women, you continue to be an inspiration and a caring thoughtful presence to your family and friends. Thank you and Happy Birthday! Lots of love, David, Alicia, and Ryan | Happy 50th Birthday Gene & Colleen, You have touched so many lives parents,siblings,daughters and friends, by your example and with your support. May all your future endeavors be fulfilling. Love you, Mom P.S. Gene your Dad was so proud of you!! | The Robertsons

24: I have wonderful memories of when Gene and Colleen were dating back in the day!! They were a typical 70's couple! Even when Colleen would break up with Gene he would still come around and hang with us. I remember he gave the best back rubs ever! Then there was the time that we visited them in their very first home. They had dessert for us and we drank milk with it. Mark and I laugh at how we barely finished putting the fork down and one of them would swoop down and quickly wash and load it in the dishwasher. The same thing with the cups...Just as we took the last sip and began to set the glass down- Swwooooop and as quick as magic it was in the dishwasher :-) They are a beautiful, loving, and dedicated couple who show the world what it means to be a part of a joyful, faithful, and loving marriage. It is our priveledge to call them family! All our love, the Lishko's | Happy Birthday Gene and Colleen Well it is simply amazing to me how fast time seems to be flying by. I remember it like it was yesterday when the two of you were dating back when we were living on Columbine. Now suddenly you are hitting the big 50. In a way it is very exciting. I have seen a few articles sharing about how life begins after fifty. You have a lot to be proud of in your life. You have a beautiful family. From this angle it looks like you two are still dating, after 30 years. Well, it should get even more exciting and fun. It would probably not be possible to do something greater than raising a family but not counting that, I would suggest that now the fun begins. You have raised your family and have done a fantastic job; let the fun begin, it is time for a new adventure. May your new adventure be simple amazing. With love, Bill, Terry, and our little ones. | The Kohns

25: Dear Gene and Colleen: Happy 50th Birthday. Wow, how fun to celebrate your special birthday's together. I have always admired your relationship. You have so much respect for each other and for your daughters. I have so many good memories of our times together, but I will highlight a few. I look back and remember your wedding day and how happy the two of you were. I remember visiting you in your first apartment. It was so small and you had to move the furniture to set up your bed to sleep, but you two were so happy just to be together. You started small and did not expect to have it all in the beginning. I remember visiting you in your first home in Mesa. I can remember back to our early 20's and going out for dinners and movies together. I remember ringing in a couple of New Year's together (one in a restaurant and one in Heber in your cabin). I enjoyed our time together when you invited us to your Heber cabin for the weekend, sitting on the front porch eating dairy queen and chatting while looking at the stars, sitting in Mass and watching the snowflakes falling, grilling out, and playing board games in the evenings just to name a few. I remember your visit to see us just for a few minutes at the airport on our return trip from North Carolina just to give us your support on the important decision we had to make to relocate to North Carolina. We were so happy when you came to North Carolina to visit us as we were missing family so much. I remember having dinner with you at Salsa Brava in Flagstaff a few years ago and we enjoyed having dinner with you in Flagstaff not too long ago at the Lumberyard. I look forward to many more fun times together in the future as our nest will also be empty in August. You are such special people and I hope you enjoy many, many more birthdays together. Happy 50th Birthday, Love, Lorie | Thanks for the memories: the New Years Eve Party at Bobby McGee's where you introduced me to lobster with hot drawn butter and champagne, the college advisor at ASU, the post-college advice "a college degree shows your future employer that you can stick to and finish anything they may ask you to do" the weekends at the cabin in Heber, the laughs from listening to and watching Brian Regan, and the many wonderful parties at your house over the years. Thanks and Happy Birthday! John

26: Gene and Colleen, you are a fantastic example of two people deeply in love and working at their marriage and making it a beautiful relationship. Many young people today could learn much from the both of you about building a happy and lasting marriage. Those three beautiful daughters are the fruit of this most wonderful relationship. I remember when you surprised us and came home with Krista. Walking into our bedroom and presenting us with our first grandchild from you two. How sweet that was. Then came Laura and you surprised us with a redhead, Brittney. These three young ladies are so precious. I love you both so much and wish you the very best Happy Birthday ever with many, many more to come. God love and bless you both.... Dad | Mom and Dad

27: Gene you have been such a big part of our family for well over thirty years and they have been a blessing for us. I can't believe the young man courting our teenage daughter was so gifted and skilled already in carpentry and even roof repairs besides being such a refined gentleman. Today you are successful and accomplished in the business world and much more as husband and father and our son in law but our son too. You generously reach out with your time and talent to us and our family in tenderness and unselfishness. You are a real joy and we couldn't be prouder. I pray your working hours get shorter, your leisure hours longer and your joy filled special moments grow with every year. I love you Gene. Love Mom | Colleen you sure were a happy baby, you wore a constant smile from ear to ear. Growing up as the middle child you took on the roll of peacemaker and survived. It was so much fun watching you grow up. We have our home movies that captured some special moments of your early years the smiles and even learning to jump rope. You struggled with the timing but didn't quit until you excelled. That determination had its reward even in playing the violin and first chair symphony and in every thing you have accomplished. I am so proud of who you are as a women our daughter a wife and a mother. You are stunning and virtuous, caring, sympathetic and so gifted. Turning fifty is a milestone only in numbers and new beginnings as seen with your continuing education and teaching Yoga. So may this new decade bring you good health, joy and even new family members. I love you so much. Love Mom

28: Gene and Colleen, Congratulations to you for your 50th. May you share love, hugs and dreams for many years to come. All the best, Amy and Tim | The Fitzgeralds | The Franzes | Dear Gene and Colleen, How blessed we have been to have you in our lives! And it has been our shared faith that brought us together, first through the Atrium with the girls. Colleen, you jumped in with both feet (and heart!) and you knew instinctively that you wanted this not just for Brittney, but for Krista and Laura too. And so we walked that path together, learning how to bring the work of the Good Shepherd to older children. So many children benefitted because you knew that it was possible! And then Gene joined us in the Atrium! Gene was THE BEST roller of the Fettuccia ribbon there ever was in our atrium! We cherish all the years of our family faith sharing gatherings, all the Advent celebrations on each Gaudet Sunday! Remember when all your girls played an instrument and sang the Christmas songs? Remember the prayer services? Remember the CAMPING TRIP??? I think that weekend cemented our friendships, not just us adults, but all of our kids. I know it did for our boys. It has been such a joy to watch our families grow up, through middle school and high school and now colleges! Your family inspired us to train and run for the half marathon, and we are in awe of those marathons that Gene has completed! We look forward to many more years of time together, sharing the joys and sorrows that friends in faith share. May you know the love and peace and voice of the Good Shepherd always! Happy Birthday to both of you! With love and prayers, Patti, Tom, Brian and Scott Franz

29: Dear Gene and Colleen, Of course, any recollection of memories of you and your family must start with the Catechesis of the Good Shepard at St. Benedict’s. It is where we first met you and your three young girls. How quickly you all took to this program! And how quickly friendships formed between us! From Catechesis sessions and making materials, came 8th Grade Spirit. Potlucks, crafts, and Advent gatherings. And our adult prayer gatherings. I continue to be amazed at your patience whether with people or plants! Both gifts are friendly reminders as to how we should all move forward in any situation. Second, having such good friends to move through life with is truly priceless. All of us have spoken often about the strength, laughter, and support we get from each other. We all see our children recognizing this as well! Peace, Love, and Blessings as you reach this milestone! May the road through the next 50 years be filled with good health and many happy events with family and friends. Peace and love, Rich, Marie, Meagan, Caitlin, Micah, and Carlton Zawtocki | The Zawtockis | This is my favorite picture of Coleen (and Eliana's.) She was Eliana's Atrium teacher. Warm, giving, sharing her love of God. What a wonderful gift. Coleen and Gene you are two warm and loving people. We are blessed to be your friends. With love. Dede and David. | Dear Gene and Colleen, It has been such a blessing to get to know you over the years. From Atrium days to Faith sharing dinners to the annual Advent celebrations, we have enjoyed all of our gatherings....and we look forward to many more in the years ahead. And just remember: you're not getting older - you're getting better! Happy 50th birthdays! Love, Marcia, Jay and Cecilia | The Carreras | The Ioles

30: Dear Gene and Colleen, Happy 50th Birthday!!! 15 years we've known each other. It started out in Atrium and mass and grew from there. It's amazing what little seeds get planted that we don't expect. We've had some great memories over the years: we've watched all our little girls grow up into beautiful young women, we've been to many soccer games together, been to many 1st Communions and Confirmations! We've celebrated little by little as each of our kids has graduated from middle school, high school and now college!! Our brew tours have been a blast and oh what fun!! We hope you have the best birthday ever and enjoy the next 50 years as much as the last!!! We Love You!! Ray and Diane | The Dorweilers

31: Dear Gene and Colleen, Happy Birthday to two extraordinary people! As a family, couple, and individuals, we have been so blessed by our friendship with you. The times that we have spent together on vacations, soccer fields, and especially in each others homes is truly priceless. From our first trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon (who will ever forget how happy Brittney was on that trip ;), or how entertaining Krista and Chelsea's Native American song was!) to staying with you at your cabin to Napa to Carlsbad and especially Hawaii, we have had the greatest times with you and made some of our most wonderful memories. We have shared SO many belly laughs together, but none harder than the night that we were "trapped" in Lahaina! And all of those girls of ours were boohoo-ing because they were stuck in Hawaii for another night!! It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to have such a close relationship with each other's families and to have shared so many amazing memories while we've raised six fantastic kids between us. I know for sure that all of the Roberstons will always hold a very special place in the hearts of all of the Warrens. Gene and Colleen, the two of you have been the best friends that we could have ever asked for and we love you very much. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both! Love, Tom and Karen | The Warrens

32: Dear Gene & Colleen, Happy 50th Birthday! Can you believe that we have been friends for nearly 29 years??? We remember doing many home improvement projects together such as planting grass plugs in each other’s yards and pouring patio slabs. Remember how we thought these projects would only take a few hours, not ALL weekend?!? New home owners are so optimistic! We are really glad that you have been able to visit us in Oregon several times since we have moved here. Some of our most favorite memories with you are the wine tasting adventures up and down the Willamette Valley followed by BBQ’s in our backyard. Let’s keep this tradition going! We are grateful and honored for your friendship!!! Love, Rick & Cheryl | The Proules

33: Dear Dr. Gene and Colleen, Happy Birthday!! Welcome to the half of life that we like to refer to as the age of grace and wisdom (as opposed to old and senile). It is also the time of your life where you can just say no to the things you don't want to do - no I'm too old for that! When Brittney told us about the book she was making for you we definitely wanted to be a part of it. Boy you have raised good kids (they must have had great god parents)! It is hard to know where to begin to tell you all you have meant to us and the lasting impact you have had on our lives. You were the BEST neighbors we have ever had (and we have moved around a lot), and more than that you are neighbors that turned into the best friends we have ever had! Some of our fondest memories are of the times we spent together in Lindenhurst. Remember the time when: Beth broke her arm falling down the driveway (now that could have won some money on America's Funniest Videos if only someone was watching), and we called you over to come and help splint it. You took all of the kids and there were wonderful get well cards waiting when we got home. And then there was the time Ellen went to the hospital and you pitched in to help Beth's parents take care of the kids. We still remember their faces when Gene brought box after box of supplies home from Abbott for her - for several weeks I believe. But hey, we weren't always sick and injured. There was the time when we decided we would do some remodeling and Gene helped us put up studs and drywall the basement. I'm sure working with Don was a little more than he planned for but he always gave his time and experience willingly. Of course my favorite saying of his was "It looks good from my house. | Then there were movie nights and either house and the baby monitors were set up to listen for anyone waking or needing something. I can't remember the movies we watched ( that will start to happen to you now, you won't be able to remember things), but I remember it was always a good time. There were those "girls nights out" and Beth and Colleen always seemed to come home in an especially good mood, afraid they may have been talking about their husbands. Surprising there weren't more girls nights out as Don and Gene also appreciated them as we came home a little tipsy. There was the joy of raising "communal" children who just floated from one house to the other in various stages of dress up or undress as the mood suited. Krista and Ellen were inseparable and always up to something with various siblings thrown in just for fun. In an age where "working women" were becoming the norm Colleen, Beth and Vicki took pride in raising their families and supported each other in believing in the value of being "stay at home moms". There were so many shared meals, impromptu dinners, backyard barbeques, Colleen taught Beth how to cook (thank you Colleen). We were good neighbors and became everlasting friends!! So, as you celebrate your collective 100 years, know that we're with you in spirit - enjoying the past and looking forward to the future! Love Don and Beth | The Krafts

34: Gene and Colleen, First of all, Happy 50th Birthday to both of you. Welcome. It's really not so bad. We have been friends a long, long time. Colleen, you and I met in high school as freshman. Good ol' badminton. Loved it then, love it now. However, softball will be my downfall for my shoulder repair in the future, not badminton. We have been friends for many me being in your wedding and then for the both of you being in Tom and my wedding, having children, moving here and there and back again. True friends I believe are friends that can reconnect even if we haven't stayed in touch for long periods of time or as much as we would like. We have been able to reconnect and just pick up where we left off each time we get together. It has been wonderful seeing our children grow up and the milestones they have achieved. Most of all, having Christian friends who share the same values as we do is something we cherish each time we get together and always will. We wish both of you a very Happy, Happy 50th Birthday and God's continued blessings. Love, Tom and Carolyn | The Presses

35: I was actually at Gene and Colleen's wedding. I don't remember much about that night...since it was so long ago! Not because of too much wine. I guess you could say that Gene and Colleen and Teri and John were all starving newlyweds together. We would get together for meals and Pictionary or Trivial pursuit! I remember Genes 10 speed bike in the livingroom sometimes. They had a dear friend with a cabin in Payson forest that we used to go to. It was a cozy cabin and we would sit by the fire sipping on Colleen's Kahlua and coffee.It seems like a lifetime ago listening to "The way you look tonight" and ALL of Billy Joel's tunes! Then......they moved to Illinois and we didn't see them again until Colleen was pregnant with Brittney and I was pregnant with Karli. I want to Thank them both for all the years of friendship they have shared and all of the great advice about "teeens" that Colleen has given me.Someday.....when I turn 50, I will accept more advice about that!! Now, the girls have all sat in my chair for hair styles over the years and you all know that your father was quite the gentleman in the year of '78' when I was ditched at the Peoria High gymnasium dance! I was devastated and here came Gene to offer a dance to me. I was wearing Avon's "sweet honesty" perfume and he said that I smelled nice. He also tutored me in math....(not an easy task!)for a season. Colleen is an amazing woman and friend and I am blessed to have known them both. I am proud of the four of us for making marriage such an institution of growing and changing and learning and for producing 6 great young people to go forth into the world and make their own mark in it. Can I hear an AMEN?! My Love To You Both on this occasion and Thank the Lord for Glucosamine and Chondroitin and Ginko Biloba and all the Omega's that made this day possible! Teri and John Roller | The Rollers

36: The Powers | Happy 50th Birthday Colleen and Gene! Even though we have been friends for only a short time (just a couple of years) we feel as if we have known you both for a long time. That's how warm and kind you are, and a true testament of friendship! Truth be told 50 years goes by in a blink... Wishing you joy and happiness for many more years to come! Love, Linda and Mike Powers | The Donoghues | Gene and Colleen, Happy Birthday to you both!! You are truly two of my favorite people in the whole world. You have always welcomed my family into your home with warmth and hospitality beyond belief, not to mention amazing culinary creations. Many an event at our home in California would have been sorely lacking were it not for the decorating talents of the two of you. Fond are my memories of the creative puppet shows our kids put on during your family visits to California. Colleen, Brian has such fond memories of your childhoods together and has entertained me with many humorous stories. We are so lucky to count you as family AND friends! Love, Carol and Brian Donoghue | Happy Happy Birthday Gene & Colleen. Here's to a year long celebration of fun, happiness and love. ~Rosanne & Andy | Rosanne Hirsch

37: Kathy Jones | Gene and Colleen, I do not have a lot of memories of the two of you but I do have some great feelings of joy by being in your presence. You two are a shining example of true love together. You make people feel comfortable just being around. Colleen, I do enjoy all the times we have worked out together and all the gallons of tea we have all consumed and a few glasses of wine together. You are a great mom and daughter and I consider it a privilege to call you friend. You are always available if anyone needs a hand or an encouraging word. God has truly blessed the two of you with a wonderful family and life. Have a very Blessed Birthday Year!!! Love, Kathy | Glad we all met the way we did. Thanks for all the memories! Happy 50th Birthday! Love, The Sullivans | The Sullivans | The Fritzes | ~Gene and Colleen~ My friends.. The memories! Throughout our 25 years of friendship, there have been many lessons learned~ The ‘proper’ way to attend a wine tasting (Colleen, I tried to stop you!) hahaaa We learned that you CAN survive in a 25 degree cabin as long as you have good friends around! Good food, good wine and great friends go together! Children make life sweeter! We definitely learned that friendship has no time boundaries. Although it’s been years since we’ve seen each other, I will always treasure our friendship and look forward to the next time we’re together. We’ll make a ‘toast’ to the sweet life! Enjoy your birthdays together “Cheers, my friends!” Much love and happiness! Shelley xoxx

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