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Forgotten in Time

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S: Forgotten in Time Summer Andrews

BC: The | End

FC: Written and Edited By: Summer Andrews | Forgotten in Time

1: Forgotten in Time By: Summer Andrews

2: This book is dedicated to my Gram.. I love and miss you so much and you will fprever be in my heart

3: Dedication: This book is dedicated to my Gram. I love and miss you so much. I will always be your Suzie-Q. You will forever be in my heart!

5: Sitting on the store shelves is not my idea of a good time. All the children who walk by, grabbing everything they can take of the shelves, the indecisive adults who won't make up their mind on what to buy and the poor elderly who can't even remember what day it is!

7: “Hey, watch it, kid!”, I yelled at the little kid carrying his sippy cup that almost ruined my sumptuous lilac page. They tyke even started giggling. Suddenly, I saw something that would change my life forever.

9: A mid-20's college girl with smooth blond hair picked up the package of my lilac paper and proceeded to the checkout. As it scanned my one of a kind bar-code, it saw I was a beautiful piece of stationary paper. She brought me to her amazingly shiny and bright BMW and drove home. She put me down on the table and and took me out of the suffocating plastic package. It was the most exhilarating time of my life!

11: As the cold ink began to bleed into me, it tingled as it dried. I suddenly heard something very strange. She was laughing and sometimes crying. I saw a smile every once and a while. It looked like what she was writing might change her life or that it was something she truly cared about. "Dearest Jonathon," I read as she was writing,"I am sending you this letter to tell you how much I love you. From the moment i saw you I knew I would fall in love. I just didn't know I would fall so fast. Please write back so I can know how you feel too. Love, Stephanie." At this point I knew who my owner was and what my purpose was here. Stephanie seemed like she was head over heels for this man. She seemed kind-hearted too.

13: As I continued to realize, I became the middle man in their relationship, relaying messages between the two of them. I knew it was my duty to deliver this note to Jonathon safely. If I didn't, I knew Stephanie would be very upset with me. In a flash, I felt my self being folded, creased and shoved into a dark area. I see smell glue too! I'm in an envelope! After she so rudely shoved me into the dirty, nasty and utterly disgusting mail drop-box I was outraged at what saw before me. Many other abandoned letter just like myself waiting to be picked up and brought to the sorting machines. Their edges were sharp and new which hurt when they poked me in the side a couple hundred times

15: “Ouch!," I cried in pain as the water bill next to me pulled it's corner out of my side. “Sorry! I’m so very sorry. It's just so crowded in here. By the way, I’m Layla. I would shake your hand if only we had hands," the water bill, or Layla, whispered to me and the others kept talking. “It's fine. I completely understand and I’m Kayley, by the way," I cheerfully responded so she couldn't hear the pain in my voice, “And can you tell me why it smells like a locker room in here?”. “I still haven't figured that out myself”, Layla responded and you can hear the disgust in her voice.

17: Sooner or later, what I think was a mail truck, picked us up and took us to some sort of sorting factory. I was thrown from machine to machine checking my stamps, my weight, and a whole bunch of other things. I was eventually spared another machine and I was put into a dirty, worn out, mailman messenger bag and was on my way to Jonathan's. If it weren't for the fact that i was now a love letter, I would have given up my journey way before it started. Of course though, I couldn't. I had to do this.

19: As I saw a glimpse of sunlight, i was immediately shoved, and incidentally creased, into Jonathan's mailbox. I hoped he didn't smell as bad as his mailbox. It smelt of mildew and I think it was worse than the drop-box I was in before. After an hour or two, I grew sicker and sicker of being in that repulsive thing. I guess the mailman clearly forgot Jonathan came home around seven o'clock and he left me there to wait, and wait, and wait. "Stay concentrated, Kayley! No distractions, just get the smell out of your head. Why do all mailboxes small? Ahh! I lost focus agan!" I told my self over again, thrying to forget the putrid smell i was enduring. Why couldn't he come home already?

21: At that very moment I saw lights through a crack in the lid and I suddenly felt more anxious than I ever had before. Nobody will believe I was a love letter when I go to my letter reunion! There so going to regret voting me "Most likely to be recycled into toilet paper." I suddenly felt Jonathan's strong, callused hands scoop me up and bring me inside. “Water bill, heating bill, electricity bill, letter, gas bill.....wait! A letter? From Stephanie!”, he exclaimed as he tore through the envelope. I can finally see his distinguished and muscular face as he read the life-changing words that were upon me.

23: Within the next few years, Jonathan and Steph dated. They were the happiest couple my paper has ever laid eyes on. On the beautiful and snowy Christmas Day, Jonathan tucked my in his jacket pocket, along with a ring. He got down on one knee in the middle of opening presents with Steph’s family and proposed. Without a doubt in her mind she said yes. Six months later, Steph and Jonathan finally tied the knot. It was a beautiful ceremony and there was a dry eye in the room. As they said their vows, Steph read me aloud once again as a reminder of what glorious thing, which is me, brought them together.

25: Their marriage didn't stay a fairytale for long. Steph was expecting a baby boy in a few months and Jonathan and her started fighting more and more. From inside her sock drawer, that's all I could here. Occasionally I could hear them picking out things for the baby's room and putting up wallpaper but I knew it was time for me to intervene. On day, Steph left her sock drawer open. Don't ask me how, but in the best way I could I sneaked right onto Jonathan's dresser awaiting his arrival from work. As soon as he re-read me, I knew something special had happened.

27: Either it was the look in his eyes, or the way he immediately called for Steph, I knew I had saved their marriage. She came running to him as fast as she can and they worked everything out. They were as happy as ever and when the baby came, the story turned into a picture perfect fairytale once again. At that moment I realized I had done my job. I kept them together. Though I stayed in Jonathan’s sock drawer for the rest of their lives, each day I woke up having the same satisfaction as the very day before. It was the best thing ever. I learned something new, too. Just because a few things don’t go your way, never give up. Just keep moving forward and persevere. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

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  • Title: Forgotten in Time
  • a piece of paper suddenly turns into the middleman in a relationship.
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