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Frank Coulson 70th Birthday

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Frank Coulson 70th Birthday - Page Text Content

BC: Happy 70th Birthday! We love you!!!


1: To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to appreciate beauty and find the best in others; to leave this world a bit better whether by a healthy child; a garden patch, a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived ....this is to have succeeded. ... a slightly modified quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

2: Born January 22, 1943 in this little house in Mount Forest, Ontario. Son of Margaret and Leo Coulson.

4: The Siblings | With Mom....

5: I came across this copy of Dad’s “Church Bulletin”, and thought you’d get a kick out of reading what he wrote. I love seeing his handwriting! Love Louise

6: To a Favorite Uncle, a Valued Friend and a Great Brother No matter how you record it – in Roman Numerals – LXX – or in biblical terms – three score and ten – 70 years seems like one heck of a long time – to the young. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to reach such an exalted age are aware that time passes very quickly. Distance prevents our families from getting together very often but we certainly do enjoy the times we have together.

7: Our annual ski trip has been a highlight for Mike and I for the past 25 years or so. We do a lot of skiing, have a lot of laughs, play some great games of cribbage, have delicious meals and even have the occasional libation. You are a fast skier Frank and are now well known for your ability to chase coyotes down the slopes at Panorama. We found out on one of our recent trips that you are even faster when you start the day with a bowl of bran buds. Your love of outdoor activities keeps you fit – and active – somewhat like a spring chicken. We were pleased to hear that you did so well in your first Gran Fondo. Hope you have a very happy birthday this year – with many more to come. Melanie, Mike & Leanne, Ethel & Wilf.

8: January 22, 2013 THE MANY “F”s OF FRANK (aka “Franklet”, "The Beastly One”,” Brute”) When I think of you, Frankie, I think of Family, Friends, Fun and Food. I remember the good times, good food and laughter we’ve shared over the years. I have a deep respect for your love for and devotion to your family – you always made sure Louise, Jana and Dave had what they needed, and worked hard to provide for your family. Much like our own parents, you worked hard, and had lots of good friends and lots of fun. Do you remember that, whatever trouble (mischief??) you got into at home, somehow or other, you could always make our parents laugh, and they couldn’t stay mad at you for long. You and Lou are a couple to be envied. You share important values, love and caring, trust and sharing, enjoyment of activities together and separately – what a great pair. So, now on your 70th birthday (hard to believe, isn’t it?) – it’s a good time to tell you how fortunate and appreciative I am to have you for my brother. Much love, and many, many more Happy Birthdays!! Anna

9: Happy 70th Frank!! Love Steve, Renata, Zach and Maja | When I think about you Frank, what immediately comes to mind is your smile and great sense of humor. I can picture you in your backyard with a beer, telling me a funny story. You and my Mom have loved playing jokes on each other over the years. I will never forget the "The Last Supper" going back and forth between you. She was so sure she was getting a wonderful gift from you one year....but behold, it was "The Last Supper" once again. So, I will always remember your smile and great laugh...that and your hatred of peanut butter.... but that is a separate issue.

10: Happy Birthday Frank – Although I haven’t always been in your life, you’ve always been in mine (remember, I’m younger than you are!) Your 70th birthday is a perfect time for me to tell you what a special brother you are. I feel you’ve always been there for me in one way or another – behind or beside me, especially when we were kids (don’t you just love these old pictures?). One thing I remember is of being afraid to stay by myself at night if Mom & Dad were out and how, when you’d come home, I’d beg you to let me stay in your room until they got home and you would! How many brothers would do that? I thought you were great back then and I feel the same now. I value your strong sense of self, your devotion to family & friends, your teasing, fun-loving manner, and your zest for life. Happy 70th, Frank. I wish you all the best – you deserve it! Love, Louise | P.S. It was great having you and Lou in Deep River this summer and I know you’ll enjoy your time in Sedona. If you have a chance to visit Jerome, where Jeff took this pic of me last April, it’s an old abandoned mining town turned tourist destination, about an hour’s drive from Sedona. I think you’d like it.

11: The Gran Fondo, 2012 | Happy Birthday, Uncle Frank! Wow. Seventy. Really? It’s hard to believe somebody so child-like and silly can be so old. We haven’t spent enough time together over the years, having been separated by vast sheets of snow and shrubbery, but I’m really enjoying seeing more of you since that distance has closed. If you have one defining characteristic it is the infectious joy that you carry around with you. It’s much more than just the ability to make people laugh, although I can’t even look at you without starting to giggle. You remind me very much of another guy who was near and dear to our hearts and always blinding his company with tears of laughter. I was particularly impressed with your finish at the Gran Fondo this past year and the lack of training that it took to get you there. When I asked you what you needed after the ride (thinking defibrillator) you said, ‘I feel pretty good. Let’s go get a beer.’ Who wouldn’t want to fall in step with spirit like that? You are a fantastic guy, Frank, and I love you...... Jeff

12: Congratulations Frank on 70 years of a life well lived. As I see it, your key to success is to have some adventure every day. I've enjoyed my contact with you, Louise, Jana and Dave in Mount Forest, Deep River, Vancouver and Seattle. I look forward to our next time together. Until then, best wishes. Al Bancroft, January 22, 2013

14: Frank, we first met shortly after you moved to Calgary from Mt. Forest. It simply doesn’t seem possible that, in the intervening (very short) space of time, 50 years have slipped away. And yet, faced with our grandchildren, I’m reminded of Ogden Nash’s ‘The Middle’ When I remember bygone days I think how evening follows morn; So many I loved were not yet dead, So many I love were not yet born. Under the right conditions, you demonstrated a phenomenal memory by reciting selections from Robert Service’s works, particularly ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’ There are strange things done in the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold; But I often thought you better characterized by ‘The Law of the Yukon’ Send not your foolish and feeble; send me your strong and your sane - ... Send me men girt for the combat, men who are grit to the core; And finally, if Ogden Nash’s description in "Crossing the Border’ is accurate: "Senescence begins and middle age ends the day your descendants outnumber your friends".... then you will never get old as your friends will always be much more numerous than your grandchildren. Here’s to 50 years of friendship. Noreen and I hope your birthday will be the best in a long and continuing list. Happy Birthday, Ross and Noreen Blachly

15: The Ballad of Frank the Beast Now Frank the Beast was born in the East Where the Chinook wind never blows. Why he left his home in the East to roam Through the mountains God only knows. He was broke as could be out in Calgaree And his friends were a questionable band. A printer by trade, a meagre living he made, He clearly needed to be taken in hand. Lou was her name, from BC she came In search of a man who’d go far. We’re a team he decided, soul mates have collided. Someday we’ll have a fine German car. Frank prospered in sales; money flowed like in pails, Two fine children were just what they needed. It was a comfortable life; he loved both children and wife But the challenge is gone he conceded. He looked to the west, felt a lump in his chest, And it struck him that this was the spark. I’ll race to the summit, no fear that I’ll plummet Off the edge of these peaks in the Park. But how did this dude, not aggressive or rude Come to be known through the land as ‘The Beast?” It came from a drive, stronger than staying alive That he had to be fastest at least. There wasn’t a hill that Frank couldn’t kill, But route finding wasn’t his calling. He lead us astray on many a day But we finished without ever falling. There are strange things done in the Alberta sun, By the men who toil up the slopes. The mountain trails have their secret tales, That would make your blood run cold. The Western Parks have seen queer larks, But none are near as fine As a trip to a crest, with no reason to rest And my friend Frank leading the way. | .....Brian Farewell

16: Frank, 50 Years and counting........ Who would of thought that these few little words "Want to join us for a beer?" would be the beginning of a friendship that would last for over fifty years! I first met Frank (the pride of Mt. Forest, Ontario) in the summer of 1963 at the Wales Pub (or was it the Royal) in Calgary, Alberta – this was the beginning of the many years of laughter, bickering, pranks, camaraderie and of course many pints of beer that we have shared throughout the years. Although we are distant in miles – our relationship has not changed over time. Frank, do you remember?: -The room & board at Erma’s- and there was the guy we met in one of her housekeeping rooms in the basement. - Doug. -The years (5) so many of us roomed together in all four corners of...(no, not the world) but Calgary. The apartment in Sunalta....11th ave and 15st. SW -The apartment near Rotary Park NE...landlord didn’t care for us much so we moved... -The house on Brisebois Dr. NW...Enter Fitz where you and Don cooked our first Christmas goose ..(really, five hours??) Our landlord withheld our damage deposit and you wanted to order a truckload of chicken dung to enhance his front yard. -The house on Charleswood Dr. NW ......Where you and Doug argued that each wanted to do the dishes ..a standoff.....and Ross learned that carrying a KEG full of beer up a flight of stairs was quite a chore! “Geez, this is heavy!” (we had ordered two). - And who would take a tent trailer on vacation to Vancouver and the only place that could be found to set up for the night was a Safeway parking lot on Kingsway Ave.?..... The only one of us at Lake Louise to master the snow plow whilst smoking a cigarillo....... (Ross)..... Arguing who was least competent to use a carpenter's square...(I won that one)

17: -Then Salisbury Ave. SE......where you set all the clocks in the house 4 hours ahead and sent one of your roommates on his merry way to work, totally unaware of the time change.....(no hard feelings Frank) -The City of Calgary offering to cut the weeds in our back our expense... Frank, because our happenstance meeting of that night in the early sixties, I wonder how we ever found time to go to work as we had to fit in; Ski trips to Sunshine, Lake Louise and Kimberley- Golfing at Highland Park, Shaganappi, Shawnee Slopes and Confederation Park,The Canoe Club fund- raising dances (11 kegs sold each dance). Pool Halls....etc. as bachelors we were .....Doug, Don, Ross, Bill, Guy, Brian, Gerry, Jerry, Richard, Jack and many of your co-workers, friends all! Then finally, being rescued by the love of your life, Louise ! ...and who said it wouldn't last! So Frank, as we barely scratch the surface of the olden times, we now live the golden times...our kids, grandkids, old friends and golden memories. All carved in stone. A very happy 70th Frank...(OMG) it can’t be.....all the best Aka REEE.... Ron and Catherine Robinson

18: A FRITTER OF FRANKS OR A FRANK FRlTIER Lets be FRANK you've heard of a gaggle of Geese, well here's a fritter of FRANKs that we've come to know through the ages. One of the first FRANKs was old FRANKincense. Most of us think that it was some special treasure cherished by the people of old. In fact we've learned that FRANK N. Sence was a camel saddle maker whom without ancient travel would have been difficult. FRANK had a famous brother Comm N. Sence who also made his mark. Some time later inFRANKfurt, old Doc FRANKenstein's son Jr. became famous and went on to make movies. Old Doc and his son shouldn't be confused with FRANK. N. Stein the beer mug maker. Mr. Stein's designs are still copied to this very day. Sir John FRANKlin was a British Rear Admiral: I'm not sure what a Rear Admiral is, but I don't think I'd want to be on his ship. The movie Gone With the Wind brought us the famous phrase, "FRANKly Scarlet I don't give a damn". We're not sure how the tale got twisted but I'm told the original story was about a Chinese immigrant, "FRANK Lee" who came to Canada to work on- the railroad. Due to FRANK's lazy attitude he was soon let go. The Author's original phrase was "FRANK Lee didn't give a damn". He settled in the town of FRANK-'where he opened a laundry service. Once again his careless work ethic caused the business to fail. He later got a job in the local mine where once again his sloppy work caused the FRANK Slide, which to this day stands as a tribute to his ineptitude. Felix FRANKfurter was an adviser to FRANKlin "D'~ Roosevelt. Some felt that Roosevelt was kind of a wiener which led Felix to his sideline occupation and Felix subsequently became more famous than FRANKlin D. Everyone knows about FRANKfurters. Ben FRANKlin became famous for flying a kite, but he was really an American Printer just like another FRANK we know. FRANK Coulson a Canadian printer. Most famous FRANKs are known for what they have done. On this day FRANK Coulson is the centre of attention because he is Seventy. Seventy year old FRANKs are good, as long as they are not wieners. Your old Buddy (almost Seventy) G. FRANK Stebnicki

19: F is for FIT - GranFondo at 69! R is for RACECAR – the Audi A is for ALBERTA – Though his Flames came from ATLANTA N is for NIP – or perhaps a wee dram K is for KING - of his Lincoln Dr. castle C is for CANOEING, CAMPING & CLIMBING O is for OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES U is for UP - to the top of the mountain L is for LOU the LOVE of his LIFE S is for STOCKS - he watches his investments O is for ONTARIO - where he was born N is for NEWS - his papers and the Internet THANKS FRANK for being a great husband to our sister, great father to our niece and nephew and a great brother-in-law as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From Janet Smith & Ken Davis

20: Camping – May 24th... snow as always!!

21: I remember around 1978 or 1979, you decided to buy a camper so that you Lou and the kids could go camping with the rest of the group. You thought that you might get a better deal if you bought it in the States. So one weekend, the four of us, you, Lou me and my then husband Lynn thought we would go to Kalispell and check it out. I can’t remember if Frank had lined up a dealer or not but anyway you bought a 8 foot beautiful camper and loaded it on the truck. We celebrated a bit and the next morning headed for home and were anticipating the border and filing the papers and paying the taxes on the camper. Well, we arrived at the border, then, you didn’t need all this identification and passports, the border person asked where we had been and if we were bringing anything back. We said that we had a case of beer, he asked if we had anything else and Frank said yes we bought this camper, he repeated the beer and anything else? We said no, he said, "ok thanks, have a nice day". Lynn said, "hit the gas and get out of here!", which we did. Frank never had to pay any tax or had any questions about bringing the camper across the border. Remember that Frank. You had many good years in that camper and all our group camping weekends. Have a Happy Birthday Frank Love Jan

22: Rainier Beer Men

23: Tied to the tree.... "oh come on, quit fighting... let us see it!!" (Picture and accompanying quote from Jan Widgell)

24: So many summers on the beach, on houseboats, camping...... with Gerry and Ivy Stebnicki

26: So many Memories. Such Good Times... Frank, you are such an inspiration. Happy 70th birthday! One of the more memorable times was on one of our hikes to "The Forks". We were going merrily down the trail, with Frank out front ( as usual), when we noticed Bear Scat on the trail. We began hollering to Frank to come back but of course he did not hear us for a long time. He finally turned around only to realize that Fran, Wayne and Lou had headed back to the car in retreat to safer ground from the bear. He unwillingly joined us and we decided to go to Chester Lake to hike. We had just parked the car and were getting ready to get out when a bear walked in front of the car!! Frank said ( with his usual big grin on his face) oh Hell this is a LOT better!! Then there was JEWEL PASS!!! As usual Frank , with his head down, led us on a "Simple Hike" in Montana. Little did we know we would be led into a nightmare of half washed out trails! Thanks to his good wife, and her water soaked map, we found our way out. Our old friend Doug Neilson was waiting at Fox Farm for us. "Just like you guys to not tell anyone where you were hiking" Doug never had any patience with Frank and his Buddy's expeditions!! We wish you a long and Happy Life FRank and many more "Tales of the TRails." Love Fran and Wayne

27: Not All Who Wander are Lost In 1995 Frank and Louise Coulson and Brian and Sheryl Farewell, avid hikers all, decided to extend our day hikes to some of the back country lodges in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We have all talked at times about a return to Twin Falls or maybe even Assiniboine Lodge so maybe we can start all over again and repeat this yearly ritual. Can Senior Citizens, now used to their creature comforts, still thrive with rain, snow, outhouses and meagre porridge rations? If we are healthy and wealthy enough, and Frank, in his always optimistic and forward marching style, can lead the way we may be back on the trail for better or worse! The following pages by Sheryl Farewell document these epic journeys... Twin Falls: Our first choice was Twin Falls Chalet, located in Yoho National Park and operated for many years by local Senior and back country legend Fran Drummond. We set out in July 1995 and traveled to the lodge by way of the Iceline Trail. We carried with us a change of clothes and other essential equipment such as ample beer and wine. The Lodge itself is totally rustic. Our shared room consisted of two bunk beds with only enough floor space to set our packs down. The dinner prepared by Fran was a huge steak with all the fixings. There was so much left over that our packed lunch next day was a ‘steak sandwich’. The first night someone in the room was snoring loudly. I yelled out “stop snoring Louise !” The reply was: “It’s not me it’s Frank”. Sure enough he snored all night. Luckily I had my ear plugs with me! Hiking was great and so was the weather. We hiked to Waterfall Valley and the Whaleback Trail. It was so great that in August 1996 we set out again. ...Sheryl Farewell

28: Fortress Lake: Our second trip was to a fishing lodge at Fortress Lake on the B.C./Alberta border in Hamber Provincial Park. We left on a rainy day on the 26 Kilometer Fortress Lake Trail. We crossed the Athabasca River by bridge and later a raging creek on a narrow log bridge until we reached the Chaba River, a wide glacier-fed stream we had to cross first before reaching the Lodge operated by Frank’s friend Mike. On each bank of the Chaba there was a stack of old running shoes used to cross the freezing river and leave on the other side for the next traveler. Mike picked us up on the side of the lake and, after a freezing boat ride; we arrived at the Lodge which consisted of large comfortable heated tents. There was also a bath house with hot water and a bath tub which was soon taken over by unexpected guests Joe and Suzy who flew in by float plane. Not only did they hog the bath house, we also had to share food with them so food portions were small. However, the hiking was great and we hiked to Misty Glacier with Bell the hiking dog as our guide. ....Sheryl Farewell

29: Mt. Assiniboine Lodge: In 1997 we decided to splurge and booked Mount Assiniboine Lodge. Louise and I decided to fly in by helicopter so we could carry the usual needed ‘provisions’. Frank and Brian hiked in by way of the Bryant Creek/Assiniboine Pass trails and we greeted them with a cold beer. The lodge itself was warm and comfortable and even had a shower as well as great food. We hiked up Og Pass to Windy Ridge at 2635 meters and out the next day by way of Marvell and Wonder Passes. It was a very long and hot day (26 Km.) and we were chased all day by horse flies. Frank threatened to climb Mount Assiniboine but Louise wouldn’t let him. Skoki Lodge: In August 1998 we headed to Skoki Lodge, near Lake Louise. When we arrived at mid-afternoon Frank and Louise insisted we climb Skoki Mountain (2696 meters). I was nervous but with their help I was able to navigate the steep scree slope up and down. The next day we hiked the Red Deer Lake valley. A great day except Frank fell off a log while crossing a small stream. Louise and I wandered down stream and found a much easier way to cross. We liked Skoki Lodge except for the smelly outhouse but Frank and Louse vowed to never come back because the cook ran out of porridge and the manager was very rude when they complained! ...Sheryl Farewell

30: Shadow Lake Lodge: In 1999 we set off to Shadow Lake Lodge in Banff National Park on a rainy weekend. But the cabins and food were great and even in the rain we enjoyed the arduous Whistling Valley Circuit with a view of Egypt Lake. The Skyline Trail: The year 2001 brought us to Jasper National Park and the Skyline Trail. We had two cars and left them at different points on the Maligne Lake road. We hiked in one way to Shovel Pass Lodge along Little Shovel Pass trail and out on the Watchtower trail. We had a great day hike to the Notch and Curator Lake and all the time the temperature was around 25 degrees and sunny. Most of the 24 kilometer Skyline Trail is above the tree line making this a great hiking trail. The lodge is nice even if it does cater to horseback riders with scant attention to lowly hikers. Num–Ti-Jah Lodge: In 2002 we took it easy and stayed at Lake Louise Hostel and Num-Ti-Jah Lodge. The difficulty of the hike to Bow Hut compensated for the drive in. The hiking was treacherous and the guide book said to avoid the route over the big rock which turned out to be the only easy route. At Bow Hut a sign said “the pack rat ate my food and peed in my bed” so we gave that a pass. The next day we hiked a scary traverse above a waterfall to Caldron Lake, Frank leading the way, after convincing a reluctant Louise and Sheryl that is was more or less safe. Shadow Lake Lodge: In 2003 we returned to Shadow Lake Lodge but this time the weather was hot and sunny and the mosquitoes were biting. We found a different Trail into the Lodge via Gibbons Pass and back to the car through Ball Pass and Hawk Creek. ....Sheryl Farewell

31: Skoki Lodge: After missing a few years due to hiking injuries and other challenges we made it back to Skoki in 2008. Frank and Louise agreed to return because the “too bad, no porridge” manager had been replaced. We hiked in on a beautiful sunny August day but it started to snow and when we hiked out the cross country trail markers were the only thing that kept us on the trail. We did enjoy a short hike in the snow and played hearts (Frank gave me the Queen of Spades) and drank scotch in the sauna. In subsequent years we haven’t returned to back county lodges for some reason but have enjoyed a few back packing trips, including a trip to Three Point campground in 2008 accompanied by our friend’s dog “Pippi”. The camp was earlier invaded by cattle but Louise found an old broom and swept our site clean of cow pies. Unfortunately this didn’t keep Pippi from finding a round and dried pie which he gleefully ran around with in his mouth all day. The candle on the picnic table melted wax on his poor head so he was one scruffy, but happy, dog at trail’s end. Another notable drive-in trip was a winter adventure to Mosquito Creek Hostel in Jasper Park. Sitting in the wood burning sauna we couldn’t believe as two girls ran from the sauna in their bathing suits through the snow and dunked themselves in the freezing cold creek. Two scotch and hot chocolates later there we were jumping in the creek like the daft German tourists. Sheryl Farewell

32: To our dear friend – Happy 70th Birthday Of course, there are a myriad of jokes related to such a milestone. But when one has reached this time in life well, I would guess you have heard them all! I must admit, when I received an email from Paul Purdy – subject: “Frank Coulson” my heart leaped into my mouth. With shortness of breath, I opened the email to find I was been asked to write something for a booklet celebrating your 70th birthday. *not funny Jana & Dave* Of course I would be pleased to write “SOMETHING” in the middle of a page – so there it is! I presume your family is expecting a little bit more than that. So here goes. Our journeys through the ranks of the print world started in the 60’s. You were at Atomic and I was at Apache. It wasn’t until the 80’s that I, now at Neeland and you still at Atomic, would share certain files or preprints for City of Calgary Police Business Cards. Both of the companies competed strongly against one another for many orders available via City of Calgary Purchasing Dept. I recall coming over to your shop to pick up the preprints for the Police Business Cards since we were awarded the contract for the next 2 years. However, the tide was turned at the next competition when your salesman, Howard Black was awarded the contract upon beating our price by 12 cents per name. Then the 90’s came and by 1993 Atomic was sold and Neeland was acquired by Apache. You had gone to work for Apache earlier in the year and my changeover was in December. You trained me on the Avanti Estimating System at the old Apache location. Come March 1994, we were moved back into the Neeland building after the renovations had been completed. Both of us as sales reps and estimators. Over the next few years I was less and less a sales rep and was more into the estimating/planning and you were sales, estimating and supplies purchasing. You might say we were the strength of the company. Our extensive working knowledge of the complete print shop enabled us to push the boundaries forcing plant employees to follow the estimates and planning as the jobs were quoted. Eventually you were a full time sales rep doing your own estimates. I took over the supplies purchasing and the estimating for the rest of the sales force. Of course, a sales rep doing their own estimates did create some challenges. On many occasions Marilyn would ask me to talk with you or to check your estimates. As she would ask me “is there anything you can do with him” and my response was “hey, you created the monster”. It was quite interesting as I could understand where you were coming from, though you must admit you were “cheap” with the number of press sheet overs you allowed on many a job. I remember a conversation you had with one of your customers. This was when we faced each other as we shared an office. You were dickering with a customer about the price and eventually gave him a 10% discount on his flyers. After you hung up the phone, you winked at me and said: “that’s ok, because I added 15% to the price before I gave it to him!” I guess the only time you really got beat up by the customer was on the Centennial Business Cards at $35.00 per name. Granted they were one of your largest accounts. However, when I retired in 2010, the account had softened dramatically and they were still buying their cards for $35.00 per name! That’s how life is in the corporate world.

33: All that is behind us now. Our printing journey took us from being a typical Letterpress shop through the advent of Cold Type and the introduction of the computer. From one and two colour printing to full process colour high speed printing and the advancement into the Digital World of Xerox. It was a great time, sometimes stressful, but in the end it was very rewarding. Of course, it didn’t end there. A very memorable time was our dinner we had in Edinburgh in 2008. What a joyful time we had, all that wine and to finish the night with a wee dram of whiskey. I have the video of the hilarity that went on with some of the colourful patrons that passed our table on the way to the Loo. So my friend, we raise our glasses in celebration of your 70th Birthday and for the many, many more birthdays to come..... Brian & Anja Wilson

34: Hi Frank congratulations on your 70th I cannot remember for sure what year you started working at Apache, for that matter I cannot remember when I started there. I do know that I was still working on the table and had to deal with all the sales people and all their “RUSH” jobs. You were not like the rest of the sales staff, you were always nice to deal with, you never pushed the way they did, and you were more understanding. One thing that I liked and still do like about you is that you are always willing to talk, whether it be about hiking, camping or just about anything. I wish you nothing but the best for now and for a lot more birthdays to come. Murray Fortier

35: Hello Frank, It’s me, Mary-Beth Knight - remember the young girl that came to your shop representing Crown Paper. This was when you were still Atomic Press. I always did enjoy seeing you and... getting no business. It made my week! We always had great conversations. I am no longer a young girl but I did do some growing along with you. I remember when you and Apache merged and I was now with Unisource and you became a full time Sales Representative – one of the best. You had so many accounts that they did not want to lose you as their rep. Private office and all – respect was certainly given and certainly earned. No you never did give me much business, you always promised but it just never did come for some reason (I think something to do with Coast) lol. I think in some ways you did kind of like me as I liked you. My memories are fading of those days and I’m not even as old as you are hahahah. Anyway Frank, Happy Birthday to you and may you live to see many many more. My only wish is that when we depart – we do not both end up doing the things we did on earth... cause I will never be able to sell you anything in Heaven either! Have a great celebration – I lift my drink (ok bottle) to you and fond memories. Sincerely Mary-Beth Knight

36: Over the years we did a number of hikes together, sometimes with other friends of mine too. Bob and Sharlene still ask me about Frank and I suspect we will all get together for another hike one day. When I took these pictures to my prepress department to have them scanned, I gave them to my prepress operator, Bill, who worked at one time for Apache Printing as well. I asked him if he worked with Frank and he remembered Frank instantly. His words to me were exactly “ He is an extremely nice guy”. I would say that sums up very well with what I would have said too. Just one of the good guys. Great to work with, always positive, and fun to be around. I still use to this day a Coulsonism or two. He used to say to me sometimes when he was walking out the door. "Hey Scott, unless you’ve got other plans, have yourself a good night” | ...Scott Tydeman

37: Mt. St. Helens: Frank and Wayne and myself drove there on a long weekend, probably Canada Day, and made it there and back and climbed the mountain in that weekend. It was loads of fun and I remember us having lots of laughs and a beer or two. | ...Scott Tydeman

38: Dinners started in 1984. We previously tried some other cooks but the final 4 couples started in 1984 and we have met 2-4 times a year ever since. Mike and Hedi; Frank and Louise; Jim and Karen; Brian and Sheryl.

39: Frank – Our Friend We have been lucky in our life to have such a special friend as you. Our friendship has grown throughout the years and we know that it is the kind of friendship that lasts forever. Ken and I have had so much fun with you & Louise. You married my best friend and became our best friend too. We have had so many “remember whens” and so many laughs and good times. Countless days of skiing, hiking, walking (when we could still keep up.) Many, many dinners, drinks and gatherings. We have come to think of your family as our family too. You are a good man who is kind, generous, has a great sense of humour, is a friend to many and a great husband, father and grandfather. Most of all, Frank you are a friend we cherish. We look forward to all our “old age” adventures together. Happy 70th Birthday, Frank. Sorry we are not here to share it with you!! Love, Ken and Lana

40: What a nice idea this is for your Dad's birthday. Takes some of the sting out of being seventy. Frank and Don have been good friends for over 45 years, and I think Don loves everything about Frank - his kindness and generosity - always being there for his family and friends. Love Don and Diane

41: Many of Frank’s favorite outdoor ventures were in Kananaskis country. Sometimes his mountain bike was the choice of travel. His scrambles often included his buddies Frank and Ron. Snow was seldom an obstacle to reach high places. | On his bike in K-Country | With Ron and Wayne above Spray Valley in ’97. | High up on East Rundle | ....from Ron Erickson

42: Frank ran into a movie set on one of his outings, they were doing a Western. This was before heading up to Birdwood Pass | Ye old stagecoach at Burstall Park | Nice headgear Frank | ...Ron Erikson

43: There was also a bit of cross country skiing in Frank’s repertoire, but not much! In 2012 he and Ron ‘discovered’ the Great Divide Trail that had eluded them the year before, down in the Cataract River country. | The business end of a moose Frank found on the GDT | Frank often participated in the annual Fran & Don hike. Here he is with a bunch of friends at the Raspberry Lookout in 1996. These affairs always ended with a picnic somewhere nearby. | ...Ron Erickson

44: Probably Frank’s biggest outdoor adventure ever was done in 1993 along with Ron and Paul. The idea was to take a week and cross over the Athabasca Pass in Jasper following the old David Thompson fur trade route down to the Columbia and then up the Wood River to Fortress Lake in BC. But the plan went a little sideways and ended up with a pleasant helicopter pickup from the Wood to Golden | Starting up the Whirlpool River | Frank camping on the Wood River

45: Frank flying out | Frank and Paul on the Wood | ....From Ron Erickson

47: Wow!! 70th they say!! Age is a state of mind. Think young and you will stay forever young my friend. Enjoy your birthday surrounded by your family. We look forward to spending many more evenings with you and Louise, enjoying great conversations, good food and fine wine. We’ll keep that “bottle bag” going!!. Remember the pictures?. One is of the time you and Louise and your friend took our friend Helen Wiles hiking in Kananaskis. The second one is at Justin’s and Allisha’s wedding in 2009. Happy Birthday Frank. Best wishes on you very special day. Take care Frank Milton and Toni

48: Shadow Lakes Mountains Tower High Above Lakes and Green Splendor Hearts Will Remember

49: What My Dad Has Taught Me My Dad Has Taught Me To Appreciate And Nurture Friendships, Take My Work Seriously, Valuing Honesty, Consistency and Perseverance Happy 70th and Thank you Dad for these priceless lessons!! Love Jana xoxoxo | Time As We Move Forward In Time We Grow, Change, Expand, Learn And... Perhaps Begin To See Each Other In Different Ways. No Matter How Much Of This Precious Space We Have, Know That I Love And Appreciate You More As Each Day Passes...

50: Dad It is your Seventieth Birthday and I would like to thank you and tell you things that I hope you already know. I want to thank you for your love and support. I want to thank you for your trust and faith in me. I want to thank you for your honesty and your compassion. I want to thank you for your drive and your undying sense of adventure. I want to thank you for your love of life’s simple joys. I want to thank you for your laugh and your love of good food and wine. .....And I would like to thank you for being you, and teaching me how to be me. Love your son and friend Dave P.S. I don’t really believe you are seventy. I personally think you're only sixty but trying to pass yourself off as seventy so you can ski and golf at a discounted price!

51: Christmas, 2012 | East Beach Hike, Queen Charlottes , 2008

52: Gramps: Happy 70th Birthday! Wow, you are almost seven times my age! You are the most awesome Grandpa in the world! I love your hearty laugh, how you are always happy, how you pick me up by the fists and take me fun places! Love Liam

53: Happy 70th Birthday Gramps! You are the best Grandpa in the world! You are nice, sweet and funny. I like how you smile a lot and it is so much fun teasing you! I love you so much! Anna | Feliz cumpleaños de mi abuelo segundo, me encanta cuando vienen a visitar!! Tiene un gran cumpleaños y beber una cerveza! Love Jissel

54: "We don't stop hiking because we grow old - we grow old because we stop hiking". -Finis Mitchell Here is to many more hikes Frank. Happy 70th Birthday! Love Paul

55: Mount Rainier, Wonderland Trail, 2009

56: Before Kids... | After Kids....

57: Happy 70th Birthday to you my husband and my best friend. I have loved you for 43+ years and I would marry you all over again. Thank you for being the best part of my life, for giving me two great children to love, for being with me in times of happiness, in times of trouble and for just being there for me always. I love you with all my heart. Louise

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