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FC: Frankenstein by Mary W. Shelley | By: Kyandria Beavers, Jessica Garrett, Austin Gunter, & Jessie Smith.

1: Victor Frankenstein

2: Victor's Letter to Walton

3: Dear Walton, I am writing to tell you why you should stop your obsession with the north pole. Your obsession with the north pole is tearing you apart. You're missing time with family and friends all over something so little and something that doesn't matter at all. I know you're sending letters back home and all but aren't you missing everyone? What are you expecting to get out of this? There's harsh storms and bad weather, and your stuck in one place for days not really seeing anything in the world, just wasting precious time that could be spent on better things, including life. Sincerely, Victor


8: Dear Father, I am writing to tell you how angry I am that you abandoned me and ruined my life. The night I was created, I was the human equivalent of a new born baby. I might not have looked like one, but that is what I was back then, and you left me to fend for myself. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe if you had stayed that night I wouldn't have turned out so bad. If you had been there for me like human parents for their children I wouldn't be the monster that you hate with every fiber of your being.

9: Then when I found you on that mountain and told you my life story, I was thinking maybe finally I could get you to fulfill your duty as a father by creating a companion that I could love and hold dearly. However, the night that you tore apart the only friend I would've had in the world. You sealed your fate. Your wedding, it may have been quick, but still beautiful. Especially Elizabeth, she was so innocent, but in this world it's an eye for an eye. Sincerely; The Demon

10: Frankenstein's

11: Timeline

13: Robert Walton

16: Dear Victor, I am writing to tell you how you changed my life. You changed my life when you came on board the ship then later on you saved my life by convincing me to go home before something bad happened and if it was not for you I would probably be dead right now, so you have changed my life in a big way so I can not thank you enough for saving my life and then you go out and make a monster that used to like you then it turned on you and now is trying to kill everybody including you. Even still I thank you. Sincerely, Walton

17: Walton's Timeline


24: Dear Readers, I am Mary W. Shelley, the author of a very well known and read novel Frankenstein. Everyone wants to know how I came up with the name Frankenstein, why I wrote this novel, and why my novel is still popular in the world today, well here comes the answers to your questions. It was one of those days when family, friends, and I get together and talk, but today there was something a little different brought up. Me and my friends decided to have a contest on who could write the best horror story, and after that my journey to writing had began. Later that night I laid in bed until I dozed off to sleep. While dreaming I saw something that had to be the beginning of a great horror story, and in this dream I saw the body of a dead boy come to life. That was all I needed to get started and win that contest. I began to write that next morning, I started with the creator of the monster and his idea to create a human being, there was the monster coming to life, mysterious deaths of family and friends, Frankenstein and his creators disappearance, the fight of who would get what between the two, and the shocking end of Frankenstein's creator creating him a female mate.

25: My novel is still read today because it shows responsibility. Responsibility is being responsible for your own actions. Victor created Frankenstein and just left him behind. He treated him like he didn't exist and that caused him to create something that had no heart and was going to get what he wanted even if it meant killing. Frankenstein had the actions of a child in an adult body. Victor wasn't there to teach him about things in the world and show him the love and affection that he needed. Responsibility is something that everyone can relate to, including myself. Frankenstein (1818) became the best horror novel of all time. Soon after I began writing more and published The Last Man (1826), Mathilda (1959), Valperga (1823), Lodore (1835), The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck (1830) and others. If my friends had never been so competitive and if I hadn't had that dream, I wouldn't have created the Frankenstein novel and I wouldn't have became an author. I thank my family, friends, and those who encouraged me to write more, and I thank my readers for helping me continue my journey as a author. Sincerely, Mary Shelley P.S.-Thanks for reading

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