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Freak of Nature

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S: Freak of Nature


1: Tak woke up today feeling queasy."Today is going to be horrible..." she mumbled to herself. She went about her normal routine like she always did. Get up. Get washed up. Eat breakfast. get out of the house before you miss the bus.... but there WAS something that was going to be off about this day... she was starting.... -gulp- a new school. But we know thats not ALL thats going to happen. because, lets face it. That would be a REALLY boring story. | yes. yes it would.

2: It all started when Tak woke up. "I don't feel right.." she thought. She tried to shake off this odd feeling, but it kept nagging her in the back of her head. She couldn't shake It all morning, so she tried to ignore it. she lugged down the stairs, dreading her first day of school. but boy was she in for it. | i hate my life

3: She met her mother downstairs. Tak had a problem with her mom. She always seemed like she was hiding something form her, and lieing at her face all the time. Tak wished she knew what it was. but oddly enough Tak's mother was jittery, nervous and looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep. She looked horrible. like she'd been up crying all night. Not good. Tak had never ever seen her mother like this before. "Where's dad?" Tak said shakily. That feeling that she felt earlier? Just multiplied by ten- thousand and icily creped trough every muscle in her entire body. It was like being suffocated alive by giant ice cold metal pipes that where squeezing and crushing the life out of her. get the picture? not a good feeling. She knew deep in her soul that something was coming. and it was bad.

4: "Come here honey. " she said softly. "I need to tell you something important" she breathed. Tak followed her to the breakfast table, that didn't have breakfast on it like it should. Her mother sat in silence for moment then broke the news. "We arn't normal, you know that don't you?" "No duh, mom, we are freaks. no one likes us. We never get invited to anything." "We aren't human." "What are you talking about?" "We are Irkins, a race of aliens. Have you ever wondered why you go to a different doctor than your friends? Or why you can't go on class field trips? Or you have to get hundreds of shots a year? or maybe why we have no baby pictures of you?"

5: Tak sat in silence. But only because she was shocked beyond belief. Was her mom serious? Was this possible? Deep down she knew it was True. It was the only thing that explained her oddball life. Not fitting in. Not being excepted. Only having one kind-of- a -friend. "I-I don't have any proof. show me." she stuttered. Her mom sobbed and pulled out a mirror. Tak took it, and examined her face. besides a weird green patch on her cheek, everything was in order. But then she looked down at her hands. She gasped for breath. "Only two fingers...and a thumb..." Tak's mom looked up at her. "I knew i was going to have to tell you sooner but i kepped putting it off. sorry." Everything in her life suddenly clicked. "I'm... not even human.... well then... that means all this time.... i was fine... not a freak.... I'm better than a freak.... an Erkin." Tak liked the idea of being an alien. At least

6: Her mom was still sobbing. "What mom? I'm fine with really" "Its not that. We are bing hunted by the secret deviation of the CIA. They could be anyone. we where so careful... now where in danger... and your father works for them to keep them off our trail. but now they are suspicious... Tak be careful please. We mean no harm. We are just here on a research mission to gather information so that we don't harm the planet in the future." Tak couldn't fully digest this in one sitting. she was about to leave when her mother grabbed her arm as quick as a crack of lightning, and injected her with some green gooey liquid. Tak tried to struggle away, but her mother's grip was firm. "this is the liquid we inject you with when are asleep at night. To keep up your appearance. And so you don't die." She let go of Tak, and she reverted back to normal. Tak's eyes where wet. Now the fear was setting in.

7: Tak did NOT want to go to school, but she did anyway. she got on the bus and sat down. usually, she sits by herself, but she was in such a hurry to get the heck out of the house, that she didn't notice that she just sat down in a seat next to very startled girl. "Uuummm... hi." she breathed. The girl didn't say anything. she stared blankly at her for a few minuets then said, "how did u get here? WHEN did you get here?"

8: Tak had now idea how to respond, so she didn't. the girl gave her weird looks and said, "You didn't WALK onto the bus. u just.... appeared....." Tak looked at her and said, "Really? where you trying to ignore me because you don't want anything to do with me already? and by the way I SAW the weird looks you gave me. You just need to pay more attention." the girl was about to say something els, but then decided that dismissing Tak all together was the best idea. She took one more look at Tak and said,"you look weird. where some normal clothes." Tak had heard it all before, so she didn't pay any attention to her. she was already in the school by the time the girl finished her sentence.

9: She ripped thought, the crowed, at speeds faster than she knew she could go. is possible for someone to go that fast? without sprinting? or... at all? she bumped into another person, knocking him across the cafeteria. MAN DID HE GO FLYING!!! he landed on his back on the floor. Tak just stood there.... petrified. The body on th floor... wasn't moving. She rushed over to check his pulse. but just when she was about to touch his neck to check, his body went tense and in less than a millisecond, reached up and gripped her fingers, tight.

10: I'm awesome!!!

11: He flew up in a blurry whirlwind. he landed perfectly on his feet, in his high steel toed black boots. His jacket was so long, it trailed behind him like a cape. it looked like black lab coat. He had on long blue gloves, that stopped just short of his elbows. He whore big round glasses, and had short hair. He had a slender figure, but well muscled and tone. This guy....was defiantly like some guy STRAIT out of a mad scientist movie. It was ridiculous. But Tak kind of liked it. Before Tak could ask him to let go of her hand, he gripped it even tighter, turned around and stared at her with a half crazed, half exited, half serious and intense stair. His hand was shaking fiercely. "I've finally caught one... i have proof!!!!" He declared triumphantly. Tak was shaking with fear.

12: What had she done? She had just made a boy crash into the floor about twenty feet away from her, and he was crazy, and he wasn't even hurt, and nether was she. "WHAT IS GOING ON???" she screamed in her head. Just then the boy snapped back to reality. He saw everyone starring. He helped Tak up, and leaned close into her ear. "I'm going to get to the bottom of this, so watch out." with that, he yelled "She's fine. I'm ok. It was an accident. go to class." Everyone went to class. Then she realized. HE was one of THEM.

13: Time passed, and Tak got used to her stalker. Dib is his name. and she just ignores him, so he's not bothering anyone. He hasn't actually done anything yet. He's actually a nice guy, but you a stalkerish kind of way. And he got used to Tak. They might be considered maybe friends. In a way. They try to kill each other before school, literally, and then after school,they go out for pizza. They would fight, Dib with his proton lazers, scalpels,patented razer sharp ninja star a protractors, and sometimes real guns, his wits, his super human strength as a result from tireless training,and ninja skills. And then Tak with her supper alien strength, super aliens speed, super aliens smarts, and fast reflexes. And lets not forget.... her super aliens powers. she can even shoot a ball of light out of her palms of her hands now. so suffice to say, they are extremely evenly matched.

14: Prom. The single word, worry, or event on everyone's mind. Tak decided she was going to ask someone. It was prom. Dib decided to ask someone. If it worked, maybe now he could finally get somewhere in his research. Tak waited by her locker after school for Dib to come say hi, or pop out of the shadows with a dissection scouple and try to spill her inners on the floor and study them. or.... maybe if he wasn't busy... ask her to prom? Dib came down the hall way and noticed Tak. he dropped his dissection scalpel. He was going to spill her inners on the floor.... but staring at how hot she is seemed to win unanimously. Tak blushed. She dolled her self up today like a girl, to get his attention. You know the other attention. "What happened to you?" Dib breathed. "Go to the prom with me you freak." Tak said, rolling her eyes. Did agreed, but sense he was distracted, he didn't know what he was agreeing to.

15: The theme of the dance wasn't completely lame. it was starry night. decant, they thought,for a school dance. If you are into that kind of thing. Tak knew that her mother would throw a fit if she knew she was going to the dance with Dib... he was cute.... but he was a secret agent. A spy. He was probably just planted here so he could watch over the school to make sure their where no aliens there. But sense she never slipped up, he could never expose her. Dib thought he was loosing his mind. he was in love with a girl... that was definitely not normal... she was an alien!!! But he was the only one who could see it!!! why!?!?!?! She's too good.. it's like acting human is natural to her... | go to the prom with me looser.

16: she is so confusing. she acts like she hates him but then again he could have sworn that she was flirting with him in the weirdest way. Why els should she be at the dance with him? Was to make herself seem more normal to everyone? All of this made Dib's brain hurt. She COULD be just messing with him. you know to get inside his head... and take him down from the inside. but then things became very clear when the slow dance came on. Tak looked up at Dib, who was a good foot taller than her. Their eyes met. Then they slow danced. A minuet into the dance Dib realized that She was vulnerable. Without thinking, his training kicked in. He pulled a device out of his jacket pocket and jabbed it against Tak's side. He couldn't believe he had just stunned his date.

17: He immediately regretted this, because that little round cylindrical device he automatically alerts the a CIA to his exact location and beams a sample of the DNA of the victim to them. This, was bad. REALLY BAD. Just when he was about to make a break of it with Tak in his arms, He sopped ad realized the by running he would only make this situation worse. The agents where everywhere and could be anyone. just then two agents burst through the window. Two more came in the front doors to the gym and blocked the exit two more came and blocked the other exits. They looked like crazy teenagers to everyone. But Bib new better. Those agents where here for Tak. They slowly circled around Dib, and closed in. The first agent that made it to Dib said casually "lets go outside" but his voice had a dark undertone. Dib followed, holding Tak tight, slung over his shoulders.

18: once outside behind the school, they dropped the act. "Give it to us. The CIA wants to thank you for all your dedication and hard work." said the boy who led Dib outside, his arms outstretched. The others where close behind Dib, nodding in agreement. He was unarmed at greatly outnumbered, and enclosed in a circle of trained martial arts specialists just like him. The odds where against him. At this point he really had no choice. He handed her over without argument, silently saying goodbye, and promising to get her back before they torture her. And Dib was definitely the kind of guy who cepped up on his promises. The kids took off in a CIA van.

19: Dib hopped into his car and sped after the big black van, without making it look like he was tailing them. Turns out it worked and these guys where just a bunch of rookies. They led him right into the area the where taking Tak to study and dissect her. Dib started thinking about how ironic it was that he has wanted this for so long, and now he was the one trying desperately to stop it from happening. Dib managed to catch the rookies off guard when the parked to unload. Taken by supprize, they where no match for him. He regained Tak, and slipped away before someone came to meet the rookies to brink Tak in.

20: Tak regained consciousness outside of the school, by the dumpster, next to Dib. "What happened?" she croaked "I feel like I got hit by a truck." Dib explained, but Tak was infuriated, But none the less, after a epic battle almost to the death between them, they went out for some ice cream. Weird huh? Well THE END!!!! | Infuriated | to

21: Guys, I know it seems easy to, but don't take what you have for granted because sometimes you cant get it back. And don't judge people based on preformed opinions about them. | Don't do it!!! or I'll get you!!!

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