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French Revolution

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BC: Works Cited | "French Revolution." World History: The Modern Era. ABC-CLIO, 2012. Web. 13 Dec. 2012. Smithmeyer, Elizabeth. "The French Revolution Begins" ppt. Dec. 13 2012 Smithmeyer, Elizabeth. "Reign of Terror and Napoleon 2nd and 3rd phases of French Revolution" ppt. Dec. 13 2012 Images: http://collection.waddesdon.org.uk/search.do;jsessionid=952C9485BDBE26B1072B44779D2AEC42?id=40562&db=object&page=1&view=detail http://jeparleamericain.com/2012/07/14/the-bastille-might-be-the-symbol-but-it-wasnt-the-beginning/ http://europeanhistory.about.com/od/thefrenchrevolution/ig/Pictures-from-the-French-Revolution/The-Tennis-Court-Oath.htm

FC: The French Revolution by Hannah Letnes

1: France Before the Revolution | France had a king before the revolution took place. People were unhappy with the amount of taxes they had to pay. The poorest people were upset and were struggling to get money.The empire was divided into three different parts: 1. The first estate: included Catholic Church leaders 2. The second estate: included the nobles 3. The third estate: the largest group. It included workers, peasants, craftspeople, etc. | 1st 2nd 3rd | 1

2: The Meeting of the Estates General | The Meeting of the Estates General was a meeting of all three estates that came together to talk about the problems and and financial crisis as well as to vote on different issues. They decided to vote by order which meant each estate only got one vote. It made the 3rd estate unhappy because they felt under-represented. | This led to the Revolution because people realized how unfair the government was. They began wanting a more democratic approach to voting equality. | 2

3: The Tennis Court Oath | The angry third estate demanded a new Constitution of rights. Being locked out of meetings, they went to a tennis court and took an pledge that they would stay there until they had equality rights written in the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen. They called themselves the National Assembly | This event showed that people were willing to protest against the higher authority for their rights and that they wanted a change into a democratic government | 3

4: The Bastille | When the king tried to force them away in July 14, 1789, they went to the fort of Bastille in Paris hoping to find weapons and gunpowder inside. They tore the building down. | This was quite undemocratic because they were going against their own government but they did it to hopefully turn into a democracy soon. This was a big event during the beginning of the of the French Revolution | 4

5: The "Reign of Terror" | The time known as the Reign of Terror was led by Maximilien Robespierre. One of the tools he used to try and get rid of the people against the revolution was the guillotine. He cut off the heads of anyone who didn't want to go against the government and who committed treason against them. He was trying to create a more republic government and get rid of the monarchy by using violence. | Robespierre was trying to get closer to a democracy but didn't use democratic strategies. | 5

6: Napoleon | Napoleon is one of the most well-known French leaders. Though the French wanted a democratic government, he was an emperor who had control over the whole empire. He was a major military leader and had much military success. | Napoleon created the Napoleonic Code which said that all men are equal and that there should be religious tolerance. This fit a lot of the values during the French Revolution | 6

7: Conclusion | Each major event that happened during this time played a major role in the French Revolution and helped pave the way towards a democracy (whether they seemed to help or not). From the Tennis Court Oath to the Storming of the Bastille to Napoleon governing the empire, each made a difference in how France is today. THE END! | 6 | 7

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