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Frontier 13's 1st Anniversary in Lynnwood, WA

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Frontier 13's 1st Anniversary in Lynnwood, WA - Page Text Content

S: 1st Anniversary fo rFrontier 13 July 13, 2011

BC: July 13, 2011 | What a great year!

FC: Celebrating Our first year as Frontier 13

1: This book is dedicated to the men and women of Frontier 13 in Lynnwood, WA and all surrounding support areas. From July 2010 - July 2011 | "A tree is known by it's fruit, we are a great tree"

2: Getting to know each other. | Left: Gab Dishma, Dave Collins, & Justin Moore | Right: Bill DeKeyser, Jason Pendleton, Gary Dittamore, Dana Green, & Kelly Cash | Left: Dana Green, Kelly Cash , Steve Jones, Dave Romero, Dan Clark, & Rich Klena

3: Right: Enrique Alverez & Munal Mani | Left: Dave Harris, Kelly Oliver, Chuck Roberts, Don Pillay, Kevin Gustafson, Dave Campbell, & Dan Clark | Left: Scott Aldinger, Kristen Seidler, & Justin Moore | Above: Kristen Seidler & Candy

4: The Stage is set. | The Welcoming Committee. | Above: Michael Hall & Chuck Roberts

5: The Tables is set

6: Below: Steve Jones, Dave Romero, Dan Clark, & Rich Klena | Right: Fred Engmann & Matt Beales | Below: Dave Collins

7: Below: Tim Burpee, Karl Peterson, & Brad Hershaw | Above: Ron Anderson, Jason Pendlton, Kelly Cash | Right: Jesse Eberle, Ryan Boven, Mathew Davis, & Ken Boehme | Joe Sanchez, Michael Hall, Jesse Eberle, Mathew Davis, Kelly Oliver, Rob Larsen, Ryan Boven, Chuck Roberts, & Gary Dittamore

8: Lets get this party started! | Toss a cone into the box. No Problem! | Toss a cone into the box and land it upright? | Above: Joe Sanchez, Jesse Eberle, Mathew Davis, Rob Larsen, & Kelly Oliver | Above: Ken Boehme, Kim Swenstad, Michael Hall, Yibekal Kassa, & Rich Klens | Above: Mathew Davis, Kelly Oliver, Rob Larsen, Ryan Boven, Chuck Roberts, & Gary Dittamore

9: Now, stack one on top of the other . . . | Above: Rob Larsen, Michael Hall, & Ryan Boven | Below: Kim Swenstad, Michael Hall, & Rich Klena

10: Cone Levitating | "Olay!" | Below: Michael Hall & Rich Klena | Above: Michael Hall & Dan Clark | Above: Ken Boehme, Michael Hall, Yibekal Kass, & Rich Kleni

11: It may be easier to fly a plane? | It's simple. | Throw the paper airplane into the bullseye . . . . | Above: & Kristen Seidler | Left: Bill Anderson, Ken Boehme, Nancy Murdock, Matt Beales, & Kristen Seidler | Above: Ken Boehme

12: Hoop Shoot! | Above: Norma Rife, Don Pillay, Kevin Gustafson, Dave Harris, , & | Left: Ryan Boven & Yikebal Kassa | Above Jesse Eberle. Right: Jared Fraser, Mathew Davis, & Jesse Eberle | Above: Kevin Gustafson, Troy Johnson, Jared Fraser, Don Pillay, Jared Smith, Kelly Oliver, & Chuck Roberts

13: Below: Chris Connell, Jared Smith, Dave Harris, Kevin Gustafson, Jeremy Scott | Right: Yibekal Kassa & Mathew Davis | Below: Kelly Oliver, Don Pillay, & Troy Johnson | Above: Jesse Eberle & Mathew Davis. Below: Norma Rife & Ken Boehme

14: Did someone say "Food!"

16: Above: Dave Harris | Below: Rich Klens, Rob Larsen, Brad Hershaw, & Ron Johnson

17: Below: Dennis Doan, Kevin Gustafson, & Jason Pendleton | Below: Jared Smith, Don Pillay, Jason Pendleton, & Kelly Cash | Right: Jerry Samuelson & Scott Aldinger | Left: Kevin Gustafson, Kelly Oliver, John Foodray, Ron Johnston, Brad Hershaw, Rob Larsen, & Dennis Doan

18: Trike Races | Below: Dave Romero pushing Ken Boehme | Below: Mathew Davis pushing Ken Boehme | Ryan Boven pushing Kim Swenstad

19: Below: Ryan Boven pushing Joe Sanchez

20: Above: Dan Clark pushing Rich Klena | Below: Gary Dittamore pushing Yibekal Kassa

21: Three Wheelin' | Above: Rich Klena pushing Dan Clark

22: Above: Rob Larsen | Left: Rob Larsen & Gary Dittamore | Below: Yibekal Kassa waiting for a pusher | Below: Jesse Eberle pushing Mathew Davis

23: Belo: Ryan Boven pushing Marcus Eckstrom | Left: Don Pillay pushing Rob Larsen

24: Above: Gary Dittamorre, -, Troy Johnson, Kristen Seidler, & Justin Moore | Below: The BBQ shows up! Dan Clark | Left: Mike Ryman | Right: Nancy Murdaco & Dave McGrath | Left: Bill Miller, John Foodray, Jason Pendleton, Bill Anderson, Randy McLeod, Bob Sperber, Don Dotchin

25: Below: Rich Klena, Greg Stephen, Jake Taylor, Bill Miller, Curt Morgan, Randy McLeod, Jason Pendleton, Bill Anderson, Don Dotchin, & John Foodray | Above: Rich Klena & Greg Stephen | Left: Dave Capmbell, Joe Pruett, Chuck Roberts, & Jim Dinwiddie | Above: Gary Dittamore, Dave Collins, Michael Hall, Nancy Murdock, Dan Clark, Rich Nash, Aaron Tjepkema, Dave Romaro, & Steve Smith | Right: Jim Dinwiddie, Kelly Cash, Rob Larsen, Dana Green, & Ryan Boven

26: I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating our 1-year Anniversary as Frontier 13. Did you meet our new Senior VP/GM, Rich Klena? Maybe you did and didn't know it. | So, Who Won? Ryan 'The Bull' Boven took the overall Grand Prize of $25, plus, 2nd in the Cone Toss, and a tie for 1st place in the Trike Race. Rob Larsen wasn't far behind as he took 2nd place overall. He also took 2nd place in The Paper Airplane Throw and 3rd place in The Hoop Shoot. Jesse Eberle brought up the tail end for an overall 3rd place. An amazing shot from the 20pt challenge line gave him a 1st place in The Hoop Shoot, and he tied for 3rd in the Trike Race. Enrique Alverez took 1st place in The Paprer Airplane Throw, while Kassa Yibekal took 3rd place.

27: Joe Sanchez tooh 1st place in The Cone Toss with Ken Boehme taking 3rd. Mathew Davis took 2nd place in The Hoop Shoot. Last but not least, Kim 'Feather Weight' Swenstad (pushed by Ryan 'The Bull' Boven), tied for 1st place in The Trike Race. Only .12 seconds behind Kim was Mathew Davis (pushed by Jesse Eberle) in their tie for 3rd. A special Thank You: To Dan Clark for getting us the funding and for that 'Bring-It-On' motivation. To Nancy Murdock, Norma Rife, Michael Hall, & Krystal Buoy for bringing it all together. To all our event Judges.

28: Above: Ron Johnson & Joe Pruett | Left: Dave Collins, Donna Elis, & Michael Hall | Above: Steve Jones, Kristen Seildler, & Mike Ryman | Above: Dave Harris, Brad Hershaw, & Rob (BBQ guy) | Left: Alex Wilson & Dave Capmbell | Below: Ken Boehme, Mathew Davis, Nancy Murdock, & Jesse Eberle | Above: Fred Engmann, Curt Morgan, & Richard King

29: A big thank you, also, to Rob's Smoke Pit BBQ for the great food! | Left: Curt Morgan, Bill Miller, Randy McLeod, Jason Pendleton, Bill Anderson, & Dennis Doan | Above: Larry Wolf, James Gillispe, Bill DeKeyser | Above: Scott Aldinger, Kristen Seidler, & Justin Moore | Above: Kristen Seidler, Dave Romero, & Dana Green

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