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FC: Golden Knight 2008-2012

1: It's the friends we meet along the road that help us appreciate the journey.

2: Spring aDventures | Freshman Year

4: Sophomore Year | Things end, but memories last forever..

5: Georgia | Its a Golden Knight goal !

6: Junior Year

8: SENIor Year

10: The freshman class | Fellow bad ass, I cannot say how much getting to know you this year has meant the world to me! I will say the first time I saw you I thought, “Whoa, do not mess with her, she is one intimidating cat!” But then I got to know you and I realized you are one the (if not the most) nicest and kindest persons I have ever met and know. I don’t think you realize how much you inviting me to your house over fall break meant to me. You made me love this team and I can never thank you enough for that. You and your family are so great it’s a true blessing I was given the opportunity to even meet all of them. Watching a full day of “Storage Wars” with you was something I will never forget! I would also like to thank you for one of the best videos I have ever captured on camera. I will never delete the one where you and Juana “harass” Ella, it makes me laugh every time I watch it. | I hope you also remember that you and you alone are the only one who can say they have taken a shot (of alcohol) with me before I am of age! And I wouldn’t have wanted to be with anyone other than you! Furthermore I would like the thank you for putting in an outstanding performance day in and day out, on the ice, in the locker-room and most importantly being a great friend. I’m so sorry that the season didn’t end on a better note because you dissevered it. I want you know I would have done anything to make this spectacular season last and I apologize I couldn’t. I will miss you so much and know that your future is ever so bright; you’re always the number one bad ass in my heart, good luck! | Dear Gabby, Or should I say Jesus. Just let me start off by saying you are kind of a badass, hands down even though you did take calculus freshmen year. But on a more serious note, thank you for being you. You were always so easy to talk to. I will never forget our car ride home for Christmas break together and how I talked your ear off the whole time. It was really nice to just have someone to listen and give me an honest answer and advice about the problems I dealt with this year. You made my transition to here as easy and smooth as possible. | You are hands down the nicest person I have ever met and it was so easy to go to you, so thank you for that. You were a great leader and proved to me to never give up and if you work hard enough things will fall into place. You always led by example and showed me what it means to be a team player. You always showed up to the rink with a smile on your face whether it was going to battle day or a big game, you knew not matter what it was time to work, but have fun at the same time. I have learnt a lot from you from this year. You along with the other seniors showed up everyday and proved to us what Clarkson hockey really is. Each one of you brought something unique and special to this team that will never be forgotten. Like you said you are in the walls of the rink, in the dressing room, you left behind things that are going to be useful to each of us. Who knows maybe I’ll see you around Toronto one of these years. I will greatly miss you in the next years, but I wish you the absolute best in everything the future has in store for you.

11: Gabby, Thank you for this great year! Even though we didn’t talk much this year, you helped me a lot to get through this year. As the only freshman forward, I was always looking up to you, and you were always leading by example. You were always bringing your smile to the rink even if you were having a bad day. You were the best role model for me. This is a quote that will always makes me think of you; “If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it great.” Every single time you were coming to the rink, you were always working hard. I remember you telling me that you did not play much the first 2 years that you were here. Your hard work finally paid off in the long run. This year, you were definitively one of our best forward. This is a good example that proves that hard work do get you what you want. I wish you best of luck in the future, and I am sure you will do great. You have everything to achieve your goals. Keep in touch, and I will miss you. | Gabby!! What am I possibly going to do without seeing your smile and bubbly personality everyday! You are one of the most positive people I have ever met and I thank you for bringing that day in and day out to training, practices and games! I have learned so much from you and I appreciate every bit of help you have given me. Thank you so much for helping me whether it was a simple trip to walmart or looking after me when I was sick. Please lets keep in touch and come back to visit sometime soon!! You can even jump in during training, I’m sure none of us would mind! I just want to leave you with a quote because I am horrible with words and this one is a true testament to who you are! “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman. I believe you will become a doctor and will be a great one! Keep smiling and best of luck in the future! Keep in touch please! Love Jennifer Shields

12: Dearest Gabby, Oh sweet sweet Gabby, how content I am with the fact that I let you “fondle” me that very knight that you wanted to let me know “what’s up.” You and Juice have some dance moves I would also like to thank you for setting such a good example for our freshmen class. You guys were so welcoming to us, and I think by doing that it made our transition into college much easier. Your work ethic on and off the ice was first class, and the way you got in front of every shot even if it was coming at your throat made everyone give that extra f*ck, and push themselves just like you do. I’ll miss seeing your gleaming smile from across the dressing room, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. I can’t wait to see you beat the world at everything you put your mind too. – Love Ella | Gab, Oh Gab! You were such a good teammate the whole year! You were always smiling and positive and always so nice to everyone. There is not one day that I remember you not smiling. You brought such positivity into the room. Every time you got on the ice, you gave in everything you had. Even in practice everyday you would give anything to block a shot and it really inspired me. I hope that I can play as desperate and as hard as you, and that’s what I am going to work towards. I remember when I came on my official visit; I stayed with you, Kal and Kate. You were so nice to me and I remembered coming into this year how nice you were, and when I arrived you treated me so good still, and made the transition into Clarkson so much better. I remember that time at the bar when you were sitting in that chair and Ella asked you what you were doing and you just sat there and said “pickin up all the ladies.” Haha I thought it was so funny, and I will always remember you as funny and kind hearted. I was so glad I got to spend a year with you and just wished I could have spent a couple more. I know you will be extremely successful in whatever you do! I wish you all the best! And I will miss you so much! Love, Taylor

13: The sophomore class | Gabby, My ray of sunshine, oh how I’ll miss you! The struggles you’ve endeared and have been able to rise above them is truly remarkable. You’ve been such a role model to me and you were always positive in any situation. Your fun facts were something I always looked forward to when coming to the rink. I will never forget the first time I met you when I was on my fly down, but as for you I’m not so sure you quite remember. Thanks for throwing your body into lanes to block those pucks, I learned a few new dance moves from you sacrificing your body. Your beautiful smile will be missed around the rink along with your kind gentle nature. Good luck next year Gab and keep in touch. | Hey gab, my little ray of sunshine, my stallmate, my linemate, my lets get pumped buddy. I just want to say thanks, thanks for being there through my first two years here and most all thanks for believing in me. You are the person most in the locker room that believed in me and I really owe you the world for that, because even when I didn’t believe in myself and when I was frustrated you were the one that was pushing me through so thank you. Being close to you these past two years has definitely been awesome! you have taught me to be mature, graceful and positive with any situation life throws at you and I will take that with me for the rest of my life! Also you have taught me that hard work pays off, even if you don’t see instant results it will pay off as long as you keep working. I wish you good luck in all your journeys ahead! And I know that all your hard work will def pay off. P.s I would like to be in yours and Ian’s wedding , k thanks. Pps. Come up to the rats retreat (cottage) any weekend in the summer! (even show up unexpectedly) I would love to take you on in a tubing war! Much love ratty

14: I feel very lucky to have gotten to spend the last two years with you and it is going to be very different without you here. You have been such a role model to us and there is so much that all of us have learnt from you both on and off the ice, like your work ethic and positivity which are always so noticeable. You have contributed so much to our team and we can’t thank you enough. You have a great future ahead of you and I know you will be successful in whatever you do. I’m going to miss you and that smile of yours! Keep in touch! | Words can’t describe how amazing of a person you are. You are so full of life and always have a smile on your face. You can brighten everyone’s day without ever saying a word. I wanted to thank you for always being there for me, on ice and off ice, and in school. I will work very very very hard in Organic Chemistry to make you proud! Haha. What an awful course. Anyways, always keep smiling but don’t forget to show off your 2 in 1 sexy/angry face. GRR!!! You will be so successful in life and I can’t wait to see you do well. Xo. Luck

15: Gabby, getting to know you better throughout these two years has been a pure pleasure. I will never be thankful enough for all the joy you brought in the locker room days after days, years after years. You have been such an inspiration for all of us sophomores. I will never forget you, and there’s a couple of different reasons for that: 1) You were the first ever upperclassman to ask for my name and phone number, smiling to me as if I was already a part of your life. 2) You were my faceoff partners, and I’d like to point out just in case you ever forget that you had to pay me an ice cap after your crucial faceoff competition in Niagara. | 3) You talk French, so you were a part of the French crew if ever you wondered. 4) You showed me how to block shots. 5) You will be my doctor in a couple of years, so obviously I can’t forget you if I want to have premium care and services. And finally, 6) you redefined the word sunshine in the dictionary. Ohhh Gab, a little bit of seriousness now. You are truthfully someone that I have and will always look up to. You have all the potential in the world to become great in whatever you decide to do, so never doubt yourself and always fight for what you want because you deserve it. I will miss you so much next year, and I promise you that whenever I don’t feel like smiling, I will think of you. Thank you for being who you are. Je t’aime! Ps: I am keeping your wrist protector, because whenever I will be on the ice next year, a part of you will be with me. | Dear little sunshine, I am probably not the first one to tell you that, but I am going to miss your smile. Your smile was like a cure to me. Every time I would not be in such a good mood, I would see you smiling in the looker room and all of the sudden I would get better. Your joy and positivity were contagious and you would always bring us with you in your happiness. You brought a lot to this team, both on and off the ice, but what I think you brought the most is your honesty, kindness, and integrity. With all these qualities you're good to go in the real world. I wish you the best of luck and keep working on your French ! Your speaking is pretty good and don't tell the other girls I told you your accent is the cutest. hihi. Goodbye Gabby.

16: Oh Gab, I’m going to go with the typical I’m going to miss your smile in the dressing room and all your love! I have honestly never met someone so welcoming and supportive, you’re a freshman’s dream! I am also going to miss your positive attitude- if anyone can see the good in something it’s you. Your leadership has been a big part of our team’s success this year; you didn’t have to say much, your effort and attitude on and off the ice was simply contagious. You have also been a great friend to me the last 2 years- it is too easy to have fun when you’re around. Our team is going to miss you and your parents! Good Luck becoming a doctor, I can’t wait for the day you open your practice in Exeter and my family gets the best care around! Love Merc | My friend gabby, you have the biggest brightest personality on earth. I am going to miss that lovely smile of yours next year. Your smile and energy are contagious; they always sucked me in and made me happy even if I was a grumpy bear. Who will I ask all my doctor questions to next year? When you become a real doctor I will be phoning you every night for guidance on my illnesses’ and injuries. All your hard work and shot blocking over these years really inspired me to work harder. I wish you all the best in the future, I know you will go very far.

17: The junior class | Hello Sunshine! When I think about next season, it's hard for me to imagine getting to the rink and not seeing your smiling face in the dressing room. The heart and grit you bring on the ice won't be forgotten. You bring a huge amount of positivity and inspiration to your teammates, and make the rink a much better place to be. Through the hardest days I've had here at Clarkson, you've always been able to turn things around for myself and your teammates and that's a trait that I look up to so much. I've had a great time being your teammate and linemate, and I will miss you big time next season. I hope you have everything you want when you're finished here, and I'm sure that you will- you deserve it. It's been a great three years, and I'm still so sorry about the Toronto hotel room incident. Here's to all the memories, and all the rest still to come! | Ol’ Gab! As I am writing this I haven’t really realized the extent as to which I will miss you once you are gone and I probably wont until next season starts. You will no longer be my stall mate! I will always remember you as just a hi-5 away from me – didn’t judge me for playing temple run in between periods, sometimes we would jam together (share a headphone), other times we would laugh at jokes especially ol’bouds derriere! A few times we shared tears as stall mates, those are times I will not focus on thought, but they did happen. I hope no one else reads this, but I have to confess that my favorite time getting assist’s is when they were on one of your goals. It happened more so last year, but this year we had a nice play in Syracuse! It may have been your first goal of the season, I believe you got two that game? Don’t quote me on that. Get the stats. We loooove stats. Haha. Anywhooo I am super excited for Cuba and I wish I was writing this after the trip so I could share even more memories! I cannot wait to make them in the foreign country where Americans are not allowed. I love you so much. Fryer’s class.

18: the senior class | Mama P wrote the message as if she was speaking to some sort of imaginary friend. Sorry for this classic mix up. From a pretty smile to her amicable personality, there’s not a whole lot bad you can say about Gabby. She was my roommate our freshman year and over four years I can tell you she has grown tremendously as an athlete, scholar, and with her hand around the house. | For the life of me I could not understand how she got great marks with her poor study habits. That’s changed. Pushups used to be her nemesis but with a few weights she has managed to grow some muscles that could push most players around on the ice. The pile of clothes on her bedroom floor has gradually dwindled over the years and she has learned that I am OCD when it comes to a clean kitchen. Gabby is among the most intelligent people I know; just listen to one of her stories and you probably won’t understand half of the big words she says. She has made a name for herself on the Clarkson Golden Knights as one of the most influential defensive players on the team. I would trust her with my life in those corners but I might not completely trust her when she falls asleep. Gabby has an old snoring man living inside her at night and I tell you, he comes out full force! All of us roommates have made great friends with earplugs. Speaking of earplugs, I wish I had a pair when we sit through French class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. “Those two, they’re on a different level over there!” Thank you for the smiles when days were rough, relating to me when school got tough, and never being scared to tell me to suck it up. Thank you for sharing my love for knowledge and appreciating our exchange of nerdy science jokes! I know that the person you are will lead you to endless places, so please never give up on your dream; you’re going to make one hell of a Doc!

19: My Badass, Gab we defiantly have had our share of moments in the past four years, from great to not so fantastic but we have made it through to being one of the greatest friendship I will have ever or will ever have. I will begin with a short story of our past together, beginning with freshman year when you thought I was a senior, because of my so called inviting looks and green bandanna. Early morning practices when I would not say a word, and all three of you thinking I might rip your heads off if the wrong thing was said. This not only started a friendship but as well as your family became mine. | Sophomore year is where Pricilla blessed me with her presence, Jello may have become one of our favourite foods and both discussed the possibilities of boyfriends and deciding we could just end up living together. The times of Harry Potter marathons during dead week as Marge and Kate make their way to the library. Harry Potter will always win. Junior year could be some up in a whirl wind at the rink, but going home was a safe place and home was with you and Kate. Although hockey took up most of our thoughts, we still had a bit of fun. Things 1, 2, and 3 were born. This year we discovered that we somehow lost to the Potsdam lacrosse team, not that we needed anymore loses on our plates. I met the most famous person I know to date, Garth, and determined he can be a bit loud at times. We had a few “leadership” meetings, and got praised for our greatness. Senior year has come and flew bye as we both know. I know you will miss my midnight tricks, hyper moods, and sleep talking in our tiny room where we can reach across and hold hands. I hope you learned as much from me as I have learned from you. I know one thing you learned from me, was sweet dangles and how to show people your emotions. As you leave and start a new path of your life, let it lead you in many different directions. Do what makes you happy, not others; you have done that enough in your life. Use your smile and charm to get what you want, and stop worrying so much about others or how they might judge you. If they judge they are not worth your time, it’s your life, follow your dreams! If we didn’t exactly accomplish all the goals we wanted to in our four years here with hockey, we know we found a great friendship and we will never forget that. I know that’s what I will take away from here. You will always be my fat kid in a skinny person’s body. I love you! “Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is before you can meet again. And meeting again after a moment or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends." - Richard Bach

20: Gabrielle Kosziwka, it took me four years to be able to spell your last name, you really gave me a hard time, but it’s not your fault you didn’t pick your last name, (tell George I like him and that it’s not his fault either) but now that I have it down I’ll never forget, if I do I have you on facebook. I’ll always remember your smile and how you spread joy around you. Even on skating days that we knew we’d get our ass kicked you were smiling and getting others to smile. I’ve always admired your work ethic, how you never gave up even if your first years at Clarkson weren’t going the way you would have like, you kept working and it finally paid back. It was a real pleasure for me to watch you play and have the chance to be your teammates these past years. I really enjoyed being your cuddle buddy and I hope we’ll get to cuddle on more time. I shall not forget, McDonald buddy!! Oh dear we had such great times together. I could keep writing about all of them but you’ll have a roman and it won’t be accessible on your e-reader so you might not read it all. On a future note, make sure to bring the work ethic and determination you showed these past years to Med school and there are no doubts in my mind that you’ll be a great Doctor. Gabby, thank you for making my four years besides you the best one I could have never imagined.

21: Gab Gab Gab. How many times can you say you become great friends with a girl you've shared an intense team rivalry since the age of 10? I knew we would be very close since that tournament for Team Ontario. Ohhhhh wait. We'll accidentally CC those two older ladies in an email between us about our awards and accolades. Plan? I am so proud of you because of everything you have accomplished these four years. You were such a good teammate and just did everything that was ever asked of you. And you always had a smile on your face. I will never forget that about you; that glorious big smile was something that was so great to see every day at the rink. It took me roughly three years to be able to spell your name all on my own without checking facebook and that is something I am very proud of. This is mainly because I watch so many announcers (and Gayle) struggle with the fact that they seem to think that you are one letter shy of a Bazooka. We do have some unfinished business regarding the whole 'roomie on the road' not informing me of my rat tail but I think it's time we both let it go. I love your kind nature and how gosh darn happy you are. I love you Gab...and Garth. But mostly you.

22: the one and only... Pete! | Oh don't ya know these past few years have been a blast. It has been a great time starting with the days in good ‘ole Powers 2. I will never forget stealing the beanbag from you guys multiple times to sleep on or just crashing in your room. You have always been a great friend and a person that can brighten up my day no matter what is going on. I will never forget the great times that we have spent together and how you have always been an unbelievable person to be around. It has been a blast being able to just hang out, have some solid dinners and have some great times with you guys and especially your family. I still believe that Ian is only yours temporarily and he is actually secretly in love with me. You're a beauty Gab, don't ever stop smiling and showing those pearly whites!

23: coaches and family | There are so many special qualities we will miss of yours. Be it in a 3 mile run or in the third period of a grueling game, your positive nature never wavered. Will we ever miss your smile!! You have been a pleasure to coach, a great teammate, and an awesome role model. Success will be yours if you continue to work as hard for what you desire and believe in as you did during your time at Clarkson. We wish you the best of luck in Medical school and beyond. | Gabrielle, We have looked forward to our hockey weekends for almost 20 years. Wow these last four have flown by fast. But life has many wonderful experiences waiting for you. You have always made us incredibly proud because of the person you are and have always been. Your kindness and caring, your drive and determination, your loyalty, humility, humour and your ever present smile make you a very special person. Because of you we have met some terrific young ladies, past and definitely present, what great teammates you have. We have met some great families and made life-long friends. Thank-you Gab Love Mom and Dad

24: ...Couldn't leave behindThe Wonderful Marge!

25: Happy Graduation Knights, Look how far you’ve come. Survived herbies, swims and marathons, Feats impossible for some. I can’t believe you’re all seniors now, The elderly on the team. Looking back on my years as a lady knight, It’s seems almost as if a dream. Although it’s been a few years now, And my memory’s less than par. You’ll always be a part of me, No matter near or far. Gabby, Though it was a short straw that was pulled, Responsible for our fate. It could not have been a better choice, With dear Garth as our third roommate. From freshmen year to senior year, Many friendships you all have made. Although it is sad you must be glad, For the memories that will never fade. It is now time for you all to move along, To say goodbye to New York State. You should be proud of all you’ve achieved, So now time to celebrate!! Congratulations ladies! Love and miss you all : )

26: Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there... to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but when you look eyes with them, you know that every moment that you are with them, they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, will power or heart. | Everything happens for a reason! Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere, safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless. The people you meet affect your life. The successes and downfalls that you experience can create who you are, and the bad experiences can be learned from.... In fact, they are probably the most poignant and important ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, forgive them because they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart. If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally not only because they love you, but also because they are teaching you to love and open your heart and eyes to little things. MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT! Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people who you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, even if it doesn't seem right because you are too young or too far, just follow your heart. Surround yourself with those who make you smile, laugh, and make you happy. Break free and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own future and LIVE IT!

27: don't cry because it's over... | ...Smile because it happened!

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