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Gail Hulbert Driscoll 1926-2011

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S: Gail Hulbert Driscoll 1926-2011

BC: A favorite family song I see the moon, The moon sees me, Down by the leaves of the old oak tree. Please let the light that shines on me, Shine on the one I love. Over the mountains, Over the sea, That's where my heart is Longing to be. Please let the light that shines on me, Shine on the one I love. | Some favorite childhood books Little Women Little Britches Penrod Adventures of Remi Anything by Gene Stratton-Porter | - Obituary - Pasadena Star News & San Marino Tribune


1: GAIL HULBERT DRISCOLL 1926-2011 a collection of photos assembled by her daughter, Linda Salt Lake City, UT dedicated to Mom, Dad, Laurie, Doug and Tad I love you all very much! | This collection barely scratches the surface of the full and adventurous life of our mother. Losing her so suddenly hasn't given us time to gather enough material to portray her life completely. So much is left out, so many activities we did as a family. She traveled extensively and was active in our lives for her nearly 85 years. It's just impossible to include everything. Wonderful memories not included are many of our family vacations, and those taken with Tad's and Laurie's families, visits to Doug's family in Indiana, and me in Utah. I think of our daily life as children, her delicious family meals, her cheering for the boys' Little League teams, and singing with us and Dad in the car. She made every holiday special, she loved our country and taught us respect for the Flag. I think of more and more things I love about her and realize how inadequate this collection is. Logistics have made it impossible for me to gather a full representation of photos from my siblings; therefore, most of the photos of her later years are from those I have taken. The focus of this book is her childhood and early adulthood, which will supplement the larger book of our family life up to 2003. This is a tribute to the wonderful lady we are lucky enough to call "Mother". -Linda C. Driscoll September 2011 | "The soul can rise from the earth into the sky like a bird aware of its freedom not feeling the barriers of man but the beauty of love which is eternal." - From a card Mom gave Laurie in 1976

2: David Mills 1769-1858 | Ansel Mills 1790-1866 Betsy Ripley 1794-1870 | - Ursula Woodruff 1771-1808 | David Charles Mills 1828-1895 Algeline Sumner 1832-aft 1900 | Esther Mills 1863-1955 | Samuel O. Schlappi 1855-1912 | Samuel Schlappi 1817-1900 Mary Zimmerman 1822-1902 | Aaron Sumner b. in Royalton, VT 1802-1877 Angeline Nichols 1802-1873 | Vivian Esther Schlappi 1901-1978 | MOM'S PARENTS & ANCESTORS

3: Ellis Hudson Hulbert 1859-1920 Ida Louise Rhea 1860-1938 | Oscar F. Hulbert 1836-1900 Emeline Peck Hart 1836-1895 | Oliver Elsworth Hart 1801-1846 Susanna White Danforth 1807-1863 | Joseph Rhea 1828-1890 Sophronia Louisa Wortman 1829-1888 | Isaac Rhea 1803-1878 Elizabeth Caruthers 1811-1869 | Donald Theodore Hulbert 1899-1969 | Bliss Hart (Revolutionary War soldier) 1761-1831 Sylvia Upson 1765-1854 | Richard Ewing Caruthers 1781-1843 Eleanor Findley 1786-1853 (Findleys go back to St. Andrews, Scotland) | Joseph Rhea unk.-. 1826? Elizabeth White unk.-unk. | Ancestors who served in Revolutionary War Bliss Hart (1761-1831) Jacob Zimmerman (1756?-1854)

4: Turn Around Where are you going, my little one, little one? Where are you going, my baby, my own? Turn around and you're two , turn around and you're four, Turn around and you're a young girl going out of the door. Where are you going, my little one, little one? Little dirndls and petticoats, where have they gone? Turn around and you're tiny, turn around and you're grown, Turn around and you're a young wife with babes of your own. --Harry Belafonte, Malvina Reynolds, Alan Greene | Gail at 6 months 3 weeks

6: 11 months | 12 months | These little feet have learned to walk, And now they've learned to run. . . These little feet just love to dance, They climb and have some fun. . . | These little feet don't want to rest, They only want to play. . . These little feet are busy feet, They're on the go all day.

7: 18 months | 19 months Eldean 6 years

8: The Swing How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do! Up in the air and over the wall, Till I can see so wide, River and trees and cattle and all Over the countryside-- Till I look down on the garden green, Down on the roof so brown-- Up in the air I go flying again, Up in the air and down! --Robert Lewis Stevenson | 19 months Spring 1928 | a poem Mom read to us

9: 2 -1/2 years Summer 1929

10: 4 years Summer 1931

11: 5 years Winter 1932 | Mount Baldy

12: 5 years Spring 1932

13: - Rollerskating - One of her favorite things to do | Holding one of her rabbits | 6 years Spring 1933 | Summer 1933

14: 7th Birthday Party October 1933 | Jean Ann Richards, Barbara Behymer, Mary Pat Marsh, Patty Mattes Phyllis Sutherland, Gail, Jane Goldwater, Nancy Ledbetter, Elizabeth Hansen | 7th Birthday. October 4, 1933 Gail's pink and white party table with cake. -Vivian Hulbert

15: Marilyn Williams, Phyllis Sutherland, Patty Mattes, Gail | 8th Birthday Party October 1934 | Easter 1935 | Dad's Autobiography "Patti Mattes happened to have a good friend named Gail Hulbert and they had been classmates all through grammar school at Third Street School at June Street and Third. Gail and Patti were the fastest runners in their class, and could out-sprint Bertram 'Babe' Schneider, who later at L.A. High was to be a two-year All-City Football tailback and outstanding sprinter on the L.A. High track team."

16: Summer 1935 Eldean's 14th Birthday Party

17: 9 years Summer 1936 Eldean's Graduation Day John Borroughs Junior High | Fall 1935 Dressed for Sunday School

18: 11 years 1937 | Summer 1937 | A story Mom used to tell us about her school days: One year at Third Street School (at June St. and Third), the teacher learned that a nickel belonging to one of the children was missing. She scolded the class and demanded to know just who had taken it. Mom said that her face turned beet-red, not because she was the guilty one, but because she was horrified that the teacher could possibly think it was her. - Linda

19: 12th Birthday Party October 1938 | Dad's Autobiography Gail used to walk to school right past Bob Driscoll's house, which had a big bay window facing Fourth Street. Bob often saw Gail walking to school past his house. Bob ... used to walk home from school [and] saw Gail walking home. Gail was very reserved, and didn't pay much attention to Bob. So they really didn't know each other during the Seventh Grade. | "Chinatown Birthday Party October 7, 1938 (Friday night) Guests: Misses Phyllis Sutherland, Patty Mattes, Jean Latham, Joanne Muller Mary Pat Marsh who was absent." -Vivian Hulbert | John Burroughs Jr. High 7th 1938-1939 8th 1939-1940 9th 1940-1941

20: "My it smells good!" - from Mom's scrapbook | 12 years 1939

21: 13 years Valentine's Day 1940

22: Dad's Autobiography "In Eighth Grade, Bob took Latin from Miss Reppy, and sat next to a friend named Lucian Vandergrift. Lucian had a crush on Gail. One day, in class, Lucian, instead of doing his Latin, was drawing a penciled picture of a girl's profile. Bob asked him who the picture as supposed to be, and Lucian said, 'Gail Hulbert'. Bob, who was a pretty good artist, said to Lucian, 'You've got her nose all wrong. Let me fix it.' Lucian handed the drawing to Bob, who erased the girl's nose and drew it the right way, so it really looked like Gail. Lucian looked at Bob a little differently from then on, and they weren't such good friends after that. Also, Bob began noticing Gail a lot more, and when following her home from a respectful distance behind her, he began to think a lot about Gail. "By the middle of the Eighth Grade, Bob was dancing with Gail at Elisa Ryan Dancing School, and he really liked her. By the Ninth Grade, he was asking her to dance with him at the dances held at the school gym. By the time they graduated from Junior High, Bob had a real crush on Gail. "They matriculated to Los Angeles High School on Olympic Boulevard and Rimpau in September, 1941."

23: 15 years Girls League John Burroughs Jr High | January - June 1941

24: John Burroughs Jr. High A-9 Class Officers President: Jerry Sheppard Vice President: LuciAn Vandergrift Secretary: Patty Mattes Student Body President: Bob Lawson Secretary: Joan Sherman A9 Rep: Phyllis Sutherland A9 Rep: Jim Myreson Girls League President: Susan Feltman Vice President: Joan Demond Secretary: Gail Hulbert | Dick Hunter, Eugene Berger, Lucian Vandergrift, Bob McIntosh | Dick Miller | Lucian Vandergrift | Marilyn Williams, Joanne Muller, Patricia Crouch, Jean Howlett, Patty Mattes | Lucielle Peyton, Sally Sutch, Nancy Seals, Elizabeth Couch | Jeanne Latham, Joan Sherman, Susan Feltman, Mary Pat Marsh

25: Dick Hunter, Bob McIntosh, Herbert Dimmitt, Eugene Berger | Tom Petty, Herbert Dimmitt, Ed Akins, Dick Miller, Jerry Sheppard | Howard Griffin, Jim Myerson, George Piness, John Davis | Tom Petty, Ed Akins, Dick Miller Jerry Sheppard | Bobby Driscoll | Last pages of John Burroughs Junior High Scrapbook | Jim Myerson, Bill Spear, Carter Sharp, Roger C.

26: Spring 1941 9th grade | Bobby Driscoll Graduation Day | Summer 1941

27: Los Angeles High School | Class of S '44 | Los Angeles High School | 10th 1941-1942 11th 1942-1943 12th 1943-1944 | Fall 1941 Invitation to join Cajuns | December 1942 Annual Cajun Christmas Party Gretalee Taylor, Nancy Lou A., Charlotte R., Loralei Sackette, Joan S., Kate E., Elaine Prudon (O'Donnell), Jane Jordan (Tritt), Pat Gregerson, Marilyn L., Carie Lou, Beckie G., Jeanne C., Nan K., Donna T., Me, Dorothy S., Fran D. | "Oh Joy!" In Mom's scrapbook by telegram

28: Dad's Autobiography "Bob and Gail 'went steady' all through high school. Unlike today's world, that meant holding hands, dancing cheek to cheek, and an occasional goodnight kiss at the doorstep. Gail was a very popular girl, who was liked by everybody. She was a member of a group called the 'Cajuns'. They were the nicest, prettiest girls in school." | Part of Mom and Dad's vinyl record collection. "Five Feet of Swing" came out in 1955.

29: Sally Davies' Memories "I will put my thinking cap on for memories of those 'old days'. When we had parties in high school we would all take our records and clear the rugs in a room and dance. I used the word 'dance' loosely as the Bunny Hug was popular then. It was a swaying motion combined with a close hug. We all loved Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra (a skinny young kids then), Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey. (It was the Big Band era. I still have many of those old records.) We usually turned off the lights!! I remember one night a Mother came in and turned on the lights and all of us jumped apart guiltily. But it was an innocent time. Gail and I believed you could get pregnant by too much kissing. Gail was really the most naive and innocent of us all, blushing beet red at the slightest provocation. In High School we girls formed a Club. We decided to call ourselves the Polecats. We didn't' know a Polecat was a skunk until we had a party and commissioned a cake with a Polecat on it and it arrived with a skunk! Gail and I parted in college. I went to Stanford and she went to USC. I got married after my sophomore year and Gail was my Maid of Honor. She was responsible for getting signatures in the Guest Book at the Reception. Evidently Gail offered a kiss to any man signing the book. Many of the boys signed two and three times and as the night wore on the signatures got worse and worse. Throughout our college years we touched base when the girls would come up to Stanford for the football games. I remember that at Stanford, I was Bob's conduit to Gail when they were having a problem of some kind. We would talk it all out with me giving 'very sage advice'. Unfortunately, my memory isn't too great, but I always think of Gail's laughter. She could make you feel like you were the most entertaining person in the world just by laughing at your jokes or stories. She was always such fun to be with . I feel fortunate to have had her as a friend and to have continued that friendship all my life."

30: Summer 1943 Jane Jordan (Tritt), Gail, Elaine Prudon (O'Donnell) Cajun Boat Party, Balboa | Jane Jordan (Tritt) Dearest Laurie, I am so grateful to have had your mother in my life for 73 years - from seventh grade at John Burroughs Jr. High, Los Angeles High (together in the Cajun Social Club and we were two of the seven Guinos - just a group) - and then Thetas at USC - even up to our Canasta group. . . . I had lunch with her on the 24th at the Annondale and then we went to the movies - she was so happy. I loved her and being with her. She adored you and you were so good to her. Love, Jane

31: Graduation Los Angeles High School June 1944

32: Summer 1944 | 1945 holding nephew Donny

33: Oct 1947 Theta Dance Westport Beach Club

34: Winter 1948

36: 1948 Kappa Alpha Theta Formal Dance University of Southern California

37: September 1948

38: 1948 at Elaine's Wedding | Oct 1948 Stanford-USC Game at Stanford Stadium Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill, S.F.

39: Grandma kept these photos of Mom on her dressing table with matching photos of Eldean. I spent a lot of time staring at my beautiful mother and aunt. -Linda

40: July 12, 1949

42: July 29, 1949 Wedding

43: St. James Episcopal Church Reception at Beverly Hills Club Honeymoon: British Columbia

44: Ann Dorner, Joanne Muller (Cummings), Patty Mattes, Mom, Marilyn Williams (Kahn), Eldean, Elaine Prudon (O'Donnell)

48: Early married life - Dad in Law School at U.S.C.

49: Joanne Cummings and Dad at the piano

51: Western Union Telegram "1952 Jul 8 - PM Mrs. Robert W. Driscoll - Maternity Ward, Hollywood Hospital, Los Angeles - Thrilled to hear the good news our love to you and the baby. - Joan and Dick." | Laurie born July 1952

52: Four Generations - Vivian Schlappi Hulbert, Esther Mills Schlappi, Gail Hulbert Driscoll, Laurie Driscoll

53: Doug born May 1954

54: Linda born January 1957

55: Tad born June 1958

56: 1958-9 Lulubell | Christmas 1958

57: Summer 1960 Purchased home in San Marino

58: Winter 1963 Trip to the Orient First trip overseas | "Dear Mom and Dad, We are soaking up new experiences so fast it is difficult to categorize them. First, we are both feeling marvelous. Bob looks better than he has in years. No circles, pink cheeks and the picture of health ... Our bath is a wooden tub and actually I think the Japanese baths are the best part of Japan. I love them!" -Letter dated January 20. 1963, Kyoto, Japan

59: Fall 1963 Lulubell's ten puppies | July 1963

60: 1964 Pala Oaks Ranch

61: Sue and Bill Bauman Memories "Bill was relating the tale from Eagan Lake, Cariboo when Gail went out to the outhouse in the dark. Came running back in announcing there was something out there that was attacking her! It was a mother grouse who had puffed up her feathers to protect her young. Also in the Cariboo one year your Mom and Dad would go fishing out in our small canoe boat and each time they were bombarded by flocks of birds, they didn't attack anyone else, it was phenomenal." | Summer 1965 Cariboo , B.C. with Bill and Sue Bauman

62: Christmas 1965 with Jimmy Aldrich | Easter 1965 | June 1965

63: Summer 1966 Capistrano Beach, one of Mom's favorite places.

64: 1966

65: Christmas 1966

66: Jan 1967 California Governor's Ball - Ronald Reagan

67: Fall 1967 Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

68: 1967 - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji According to Mom, one of the purposes of this trip was to find a more wholesome environment for us.

69: January 1968 Palm Desert | Spring 1969 Mexico | January 1967 Skiing at Squaw Valley with the Baumans | 1967-1968 | "We played lots of 'Oh Hell' [at Palm Desert]. Very noisy competitive group.!" -Sue Bauamn

70: Salmon caught and eaten on our way to the Cariboo | Summer 1969 Lake Eagan, Cariboo, B.C., Canada

71: Bow Lake, Banff, Alberta on our way home from the Cariboo

72: Summer 1970 First trip to Europe County Kerry, Ireland | "One of my most visual memories was in 1970 when I drove all of you to LAX to leave for a European Summer. You were all dressed in red, white and blue.. I thought, 'What great ambassadors for the USA.'" -Sue Bauman

73: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

74: Eiffel Tower, Paris

75: France, wine caves with Bugsy Segal's family

76: Summer 1971 Laurie's Debutant Ball

77: Christmas 1972 Bill, Sue and Molly Bauman, Mom, Grandma, Laurie

78: Summer 1972 Doug's Graduation Augusta Military Academy, Fort Defiance, Virginia

79: Summer 1976 Linda's Debutant Ball | Summer 1977 Purchased Morro Bay house (view from master bedroom) | "Bauman's Revenge" (year unkown) Bill gave this heavy hunting boat to Dad who lugged it up with great effort from Los Angeles. The boat lays at the bottom of the bay today.

80: Fall 1976 African Safari Jim Codding, Berger Benson, Bill Stemmel

81: Mule Pack camping trip in Sierras | Doug's wedding Summer 1978 | Brooke (first grandchild) born Aug 1980 | Andrew born Mar 1982

82: Laurie's wedding August 1978

84: Headed for Machu Picchu, Peru Fall 1979 Africa, South America | Summer 1980 Barbeque at the Baumans, | Summer 1980 Party for friends Jim Codding and Ray Winterhalter | Victoria Falls, Rhodesia | Date unknown

85: Fall 1981 Old Schoolhouse, Popple Dungeon Rd, Chester, Vermont Mom and Dad loved Vermont so much that they bought Robin Hill Farm in 1983.

86: Kristina Jutzi born August 1982 | Spring 1983 Trip Europe, Middle East, Africa Safari

87: Summer 1983 Vermont | Top of Stoney Brook Road Mom and Dad purchased this house and named it "Robin Hill Farm".

88: Christmas 1986 San Marino | Christmas 1987 Robin Hill Farm

89: Summer 1989 Watertown, NY | Fall 1988 | Early 1990's Vermont

90: Oct 1989 Tad's wedding

91: "What's best about this picture is your Mom's beautiful smile. She kept it for always. We always felt better being around her." -Maggie Sheppard

92: Christmas 1989 Robin Hill Farm

94: July 1999 50th Wedding Anniversary | 1994 | Grandchildren Laura and Jeffrey Driscoll Laura born March 1991 Jeffrey born March 1994

95: 2001 | Lacey Park

96: July 2008 Huntington Library | July 2010 Family Party for Aldrich's

97: Christmas 2010

98: Dinners and outings with Laurie and Alan | 2011 | Maggie Sheppard "Dear Laurie and Linda, Oh how your mother will be missed by so many of us! What a dear friend. Those ever smiling eyes and such a positive thinker! Playing Canasta these past few years sure gave us many opportunities for many laughs. And now the fond memories return - Bob on the piano, Gail making everyone happy - Vermont - the big kettle of lobster, the marvelous bathtub - memories way back to Junior High!" | Visiting Doug's family in Indiana

99: Johnathan Club, outings and Canasta with old and new friends. Old friends: Sue (Bill) Bauman, Maggie (Jerry) Sheppard, Sally Sutch Davies, Jane Jordan Tritt, Evelyn (Dick) Hoffman, Marilyn Parker Stephens, Joanne Muller Cummings, Jeanne Latham Reynolds. | 2009-2011

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