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Gary's Ordination

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S: Gary's Ordination April 15, 2011

FC: Gary's Ordination April 15, 2011 | For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

1: Dear Gary, Congratulations on finally being Ordained! I have witnessed first hand what this day means to you and the hard work you have done to get to this point. i am so proud of you! The first time I met you, I knew there was something special about you! I am thankful God brought us together, and I am so honored to serve the Lord by your side! I have seen you grow and mature into the incredible man of God you are today. You are a loving husband, dedicated father, loyal friend, and a great mentor to so many young people. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us in the next chapter of our ministry. This book is a collection of many letters from people that have shared in your journey of ministry so far. I hope you enjoy these letters as much as I did! Congratulations and We love you! Cori, Katie and Cooper

2: Gary, Congratulations on your Ordination in April. I know you are glad to have your studies behind you, and I'm sure Cori and the kids are as well. When you were about four or five years old, I remember you coming to me and saying, "Mom, I've accepted Jesus into my heart." Since then Dad and I have watched and seen how God has helped you to become the man that you are. As parents we are to be the example, but there was a time when you were a teen when our faith was shaken by actions in the church and you held fast in spite of us. You helped us then whether you realized it or not. There is not a day that goes by that Dad doesn't say, "God has been so good to us--just look at our kids." Our prayer for you is that you trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding:in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Let love and faithfulness never leave you. Proverbs 3 We are looking forward to being in Lubbock when you receive your Ordination. We are so excited and proud for you. Love, Mom and Dad

3: Gary, After Cori told me about her plans for your Ordination book, I knew Mammaw needed to be a part of it so I went to see her. Since every day lately her memory has improved, I was comfortable in asking her to write a note to you. So we went over pictures of you several times. Tears came to her eyes as she started to write and she said, "Glenda, I know what I want to say, but I can't write sentences anymore. I want to tell him I'm so proud." So, this is what she told me to write: | Gary, I appreciate you and I'm proud for you. Keep going and come around sometimes with your family when you are able. Nothing makes me prouder than to know you are serving the Lord. Love You, Mammaw

4: Gary, When I think back to when you were small, you were such a sweet little boy. You loved to play baseball so when you came to Temple, you and Neil would play ball in Mamaw's back yard until we made you come in. And you, Jamie, and Neil were always climbing her Mimosa tree. Ya'll would get way too high at times. Our families spent a lot of time together mostly camping and fishing. Doyle and your dad were always taking ya'll fishing. You had plenty of stories to tell. I remember when you first learned to ski. You were little and your Dad would pull you in the boat by our camp and you would show us all your ski tricks. That summer you were called "Tricky Dicky" because of your tricks, and it became your nickname. After you were a teenager, you drove out from Shreveport to the campground we were staying at with your Mom and Dad and had supper with us. That was so special to me. We love you and we are very proud of the man you have become. Love, Ann and Doyle | Gary, I am so happy for you on the honor of your ordination. Just wish we could all be there for this awesome achievement. I know it's been a long road and God has truly blessed you. I know He has great plans for you along with all of the lives you will touch. We wish you the best and love you very much! With all our love, Richard, Jamie, Andy, Halie and Justin

5: Gary, We have observed your Christian walk over the last fifteen years. No matter what you have undertaken, you have always poured your all into it. Whether it was being active in your local home church, the Student Government at SNU, working with the children in Nashville, helping start a new church and youth group in Franklin, or working with your youth group in Lubbock, you have done a great job. Even though you have run into adversity and health problems you have kept on putting God and His will first. You have been a great husband and father also. We are proud of you and your accomplishments. God has had his hand on you for sometime. You did not end up at SNU by chance. God sent your marriage partner there also where you fell in love and began your lives together. Doors have opened and closed and now another has opened. God has been waiting to open this door all along. Congratulations on your Ordination. We pray God will continue to bless your endeavors as you follow His leading. Phil and Bonnie

6: Gary, I can remember sitting at the Stone House and talking about the classes and things that you would need for ordination. It is so cool to see you make it through this process. We have shared a lot of life together. Remember when you got food poisoning on our youth trip? You hurled all night long and the next day in the church van! What about the time you broke your leg? Which one? Hmmm. What about when you put a kid's head in the toilet and the parents yelled at ME? What was up with that? We have been through multiple hospital visits, heartaches, celebrations, and life in general. My greatest memories have been watching God's calling in your life. Your gift of faith is unique and you were faithful and reliable even as a 15 year old young man. The first weekend that I spent in Shreveport I was alone and we stayed up talking half the night. When I saw how much your parents trusted you I realized that you were different from other teenagers. God, your parents and multiple doctors have transformed you into a Godly man and father. You have a reputation for being faithful. Don't take that for granted. It is a quality that few people have and it has taken you a lifetime to gain it. You are a gift to all of us who depend on you and we thank God for this time in your life. Alan and Kim Clark

7: Gary, I want to start off by saying congratulations on your ordination. I know it has been a long and hard process for you and I am thrilled that you stuck with it and now you will receive that ordination certificate. It will be one of the absolute highlights of your ministerial career. You have been a wonderful staff person and a tremendous friend. You have all the qualities I look for in potential leaders. Your personal integrity is without question. You have a teachable spirit. You have a love for people and particularly for unbelievers and the dechurched. I have seen you reproduce yourself spiritually and that is something special. You have a tremendous passion for youth ministry and you are one of the best youth pastors I have ever seen. God is going to continue to use you in a very special way. The best thing about bringing you on staff is that our friendship has grown and that friendship will remain intact forever. God's continued blessings on you my friend. Curtis | Gary, We thank God for you...for the ministry you have given to our family. Not only a mentor to Morgan and Taylor as their youth pastor, and a friend to Larry and me over the many times of sharing in the office, but especially being the comforting pastor to dad and family at the service for mom. We love and appreciate you and we congratulate you on your ordination! Larry and Susan

8: Gary, Well, I'll be honest, I was really hoping to be ordained before you! But, I guess you beat me to it. What a big day! I will always be grateful for the years that we were able to work together. You taught me a lot about youth ministry, and you were there to listen to me vent when things weren't happening like I thought they should. We built a lot of memories out there in Lubbock. Some of my favorites are the summer camps and trying to find a restaurant that you'd actually enjoy. Then there was all the building projects. We could never have finished those without you. That whole remodeling're a genius man! And then there was NYC '07....yikes! Remember how mad you were? Oh man. Wild times, that's for sure. But it was all worth it. I'm really glad to hear how well your ministry is going in Lubbock now. I wish I could see the prayer room you finished. Well, you've done a lot of great things for the Kingdom in your ministry, and I'm sure that will continue as those you have discipled will go on to disciple others. You are the man Gary! Derek Whitten

9: Dear Gary, Congratulations on your Ordination as Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. What a blessing it is to be called by God to preach the Gospel, and to receive the blessing and confirmation of your denomination. I remember with great fondness that night when Dr. Talmadge Johnson placed his hands on me and prayed the ordination prayer over me. It is a moment I will never forget, and I am reminded of the significance of that moment every year when I participate in the Ordination Service at District Assembly. On a personal note, it should be no secret to you how much you mean, and have meant, to me through the years both as co-worker and as friend. We have had some great times together and have had the wonderful privilege of God using us together to reach others with His message of forgiveness and holiness. I hope we will have more opportunities to work together in the future. If God does choose to use us together again, let's not forget to secure that "tax-exempt status" for whatever project we might be working on. But hey, what's $3000+ dollars amongst friends! I think the fun we had at that camp was well worth the $3000+ loss. To the campers they surely received $3000+ worth of entertainment when we so beautifully portrayed the Love Doctors in their presence. Great times! As you enter this new day in your ministry life and your call, I pray that God will continue to bless you with opportunities to be used by Him in building into the lives of those He has called you to. You are being used by God and there's nothing greater than that. Your friend, Pastor Rick Moore

10: Gary, Where do I start? Well, it's hard to believe that you were only my youth pastor for one feels like I have always been a part of your youth group in a way. I also can't believe that come this summer (2011) I will have known you for 4 years..again...feels like I have known you much longer than that. I can not thank God enough for moving my family to Lubbock, TX. Meeting you and being a part of your ministry has changed my life. As a youth pastor you are seriously the greatest. You are such an awesome man of God and it shows through not only your teachings, but through your passion for students. I have witnessed examples of how much your students and their walk with God mean so much to you. You were always someone I knew I could trust from the very beginning. If I ever had a question about something, no matter how dumb the question was(and I am sure I have asked my share of those) you were always able to answer or try to give me the correct answer every time. Because of you I have goals and want to make future plans that involve design and youth ministry. This is so crazy to me because honestly even during my senior year of high school if someone would have told me I would want to be working in the church I would have laughed my head off! But you gave me the opportunity to learn the ways of ministry during the year of being your intern. I am still learning from you to this day. I can not thank you enough for being such a huge influence in my life. I will never ever forget all of the lessons learned, and even though it gets on my nerves, you are right....most of the time. Things I now know not to letting my jr. high girls skip the challenge for the day during camp so they could practice for the talent show...which they didn't even perform in. Bad mistake. Or the time I had to be reminded I am not a student anymore, and I need to in your word, 'calm down'. I am glad to say that the good memories over ride the bad! | My favorite memories are just the times when we will have an awesome event/trip/Wed. night and we got to see God change the lives of the students. I will also never forget GRAVE summer 2010 when we were able to witness God moving right then and there the last night of camp! That night I learned so much about our youth group. Still to this day I get goosebumps remembering that night. I have never been apart of a youth group who after that event felt so strong as a whole group. You have opened my mind to so many new things I

11: want to do in life and in my future. Thank you SO much for continuing to allow me to help with your ministry. I hope that one day I will have my own, along side my future husband who's going to be a youth pastor! You and Cori and the kids are such a huge part of my life. Thank you for letting me be in your life. I don't know where I would be with out ya'll. Just know all that you do to serve the Lord shows and I am SO stinking excited for you and this new step in your ministry! I can only imagine how accomplished you are going to feel when you are finally a Reverend! I am so ready to start calling you Rev. G.old man! Just kidding! But for real...congratulations Gary! Love, Kelsea Gale Beville a.k.a. Chump

12: Gary....Garebear...Gary Lyn, Man there is so much that I could say in this little letter, but I guess I should start out by saying CONGRATULATIONS on being ordained!! That is so awesome and I am so proud of you. Secondly, I would like to thank you for being the man of God that you are. I don't think you know how much of an impact that you had and still have on my life. It is nice to know that I can come to you about any question that I may have or....if I just want a free lunch (you have to admit, lunches with Kelsea and Morgan are crazy awesome). Looking back there are so many memories it would be impossible to tell them all so I will just stick to my top three. The first being, the moment I told you that I felt called into youth ministry, while I was having a free lunch at Chick-fil-a. I was expecting a response like, "Good for you Morgan! That's really great!" but instead I got this response, "I knew it. Just waiting for you to tell me." You can read me like a not fair! Ha ha but it was great, it made me feel assured in my call, and from that moment on I have looked to you as my mentor. The second one was at NYC. I think you can remember this one very clearly. Man Gary, I have never seen you so mad....I take that back, I have never seen you so mad at ME! I will never forget the phone call I receive of you ;telling me I better get my butt back to the hotel! I felt so stupid that night, what was I thinking!! I know you were mad, but I also know that you were more worried than anything. Looking back on it now, I see how much you cared for each and every one of us that went off. It was a stinky experience at the time, but at least now we can laugh about...or is it still too soon? Anyways, the third memory would have to be at the district board meeting thing (don't know the technical name). I think you know the moment that I am talking about, but I don't think you know how grateful I am that you were there. The thing is that you knew, all along, but you showed so much patience and just waited for me, never pushing, and when the time came for me to open up, you were waiting with open arms. I can never express to you in words how much that meant to me. I will never forget it. I know most of the time it is mostly fun and games between us, but I want to let you know that I look up to you in so many ways. You're my mentor and one of my closest friends. You are the ultimate youth pastor and I can't wait for the time when our discussion are about both of our youth groups...its going to be flippin' sweet! I love you very much and I am so thankful God gave me you as my youth pastor. Again, Congratulations!! Morgan P.S. Me totally kicking your butt and pushing your face int the sand was definitely in the running for the top three memories!

14: Gary, First off congratulations on being ordained! This is truly an awesome ordeal! I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without your help and guidance. I was running away from my calling and seeing your youth group and hearing you speak made my fire burn even more. You have been there for me ever since I accepted my calling and words cannot express how thankful I am for that. I know God has truly touched your gift of ministry and is using you in ways you do not even know. I only hope that I can be as successful as you are with my ministry. The hard work that you have put into this ordination will not go unseen and the time it took will truly pay off. God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed you in my path. He has given me a friend, mentor, and an example of what I am getting into as well. I look forward to reading your letter to me when I come to this crossroad in my Spiritual Career as well. In Christ, Chip Lee P.S. I think July 2nd should be National White Chocolate Mocha day in honor of us!

15: Gary - First off I would like to congratulate you and I would just like to let you know that you are one of the main influences that have made me into the person I am today. You have helped me with so much and I know God has big plans for you. I hope when I get older I will make the same impact on peoples lives as you have had on mine. Thank you! Bobby Cranston | Hmm? I don't even know where to start . Gary you have been a huge impact on my life. There is nothing that I could take back. I give all the credit of who I am today to Jesus Christ and to you. You have taught me many accept, to love, friendships, and most importantly, who I really am. I can consider you as my big brother. Again, thanks for everything and congratulations on getting ordained. Dustin

16: Hey Gary! Wow, April 15 will have two meanings for you now. Tax day and Gary Young will be "Ordained into the Christian Ministry". God did that a long time ago, I believe. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! The real "litmus test" is love. You pass with flying colors. You are a testimony of Love for God and Love for others. The Brahm Cornwell family thanks you for your loving kindness. May you and your family always be blessed by the loving kindness of our Father and of others. Robin, Braum and Preston | Dearest Gary, Congrats on your ordination. I know it has taken you longer than you would have liked or hoped but look at how many lives you have changed during that time. Larry and I have really enjoyed watching what God is doing through you in our youth group. Words can not express our excitement at getting to be a part of it when you gave us the opportunity to help. God has a special plan for you and we feel truly blessed to have been able to see a part of it firsthand. Thank you and your precious family for your ministry at FCN. Larry and I cherish the relationship we have with you and we pray God will continue to bless your ministry. Nila and Larry Owens

17: Gary, Congratulations on this exciting time in your life. It is an event that you will never forget and is a confirmation by he church of your calling. I have seen first-hand your commitment to your calling and your dedication to those in your circle of ministry. God will honor your efforts to impact lives for the Kingdom. Remember, you are responsible to be faithful. Results are God's responsibility. The future will see many young people become disciples of Christ because of your ministry to them. Keep in mind that you are doing eternal business with results that will play out for generations. Always take good care of Cori and the kids. Thank God everyday for someone like Cori who supports your call and is a wonderful asset in your ministry. Martha joins me in wishing you the joy that comes from knowing that you are doing what God has asked you to do. Grace and Peace L. Alan Thompson

18: Gary, Congratulations on your Ordination! What a special time in your life where you are publicly acknowledging being set apart and consecrated for God's purposes. We celebrate with you in this spiritual commitment and proclamation of service to our Lord. We have many wonderful memories of you and Cori from our time together at BCN. In fact, our memories of you begin with our very first visit to the church. You were there to welcome us. You were so genuine in your interest in who we were and in getting to know us. We recall eating lunch with you and Cori that same day in the food court at Cool Springs Mall. We enjoyed our conversation with you guys so much and the initial connection we had felt that we returned to church that night for Sunday evening worship. We joined the church shortly after and quickly became involved in the youth ministry under your leadership. Some of the many memories we have from this period of life that stand out most include: bible studies in your home, fellowship gatherings on holidays, Alien Youth Wed. nights in the Stone House, The Gatlinburg trip with some other couples, youth trips, hiking and climbing, driving through a tornado and hail to an overnight youth weekend trip, church softball double headers, church softball injuries, ER visits due to church softball injuries, making Nate's Survivor video, Nashville Sounds baseball, your ride along shift with Nate in his police car, going to movies, and eating out way too often! Some of the most meaningful spiritual events from our time together are when you read Nate's testimony during his baptism, the gracious support both you and Cori gave to Valerie while Nate was away at Secret Service training (for nine months!), and realizing what a loss it would be for us as we were helping you pack up to move. One of your personal attributes that stands out most to us is your kindness. You always found ways to show kindness and gentleness to others, to us and your other friends, to the teens and families you served, and most importantly to your family. Everyone was welcome with you and important to you. We feel so blessed to have walked together in life with you and Cori during the years we spent together at BCN. Even though we don't get to see or talk to you guys often, we still consider you to be our very close friends. We know God will continue to use and to bless you, your family, and your ministry in very meaningful and significant ways as you continue to serve Him. We look forward to hearing how God unfolds this next chapter in your life. Final thoughts: As Parker Palmer writes in his book Let Your Life Speak, "Today I understand vocation quite differently-not as a goal to be achieved but as a gift to be received. Discovering vocation does not mean scrambling toward some prize just beyond my reach but accepting the treasure of true self I already possess. Vocation does not come from a voice 'out there' calling me to become something I am not. It comes from a voice 'in here' calling me to be the person I was born to be, to fulfill the original selfhood given me at birth by God" It is our prayer that you will continue to find the gift of true self within the context of your ministry as well as from your everyday walk with God as He continues his good work in you to become the self He created you to be. Love in Christ and your good friends, Nate and Valerie Landkammer

20: Gary, I am so proud of you!! I am so thankful that through my high school years, you and Cori were there to teach me so many things about my relationship with Christ and what it means to totally surrender all to Him. You also helped me discover what God had in store for my life. I remember the night that I felt a calling into ministry. It was at a district youth revival that I was helping lead and you were a part of organizing everything. I remember coming down to the altar and you came to pray with me. I told you I was feeling a calling to worship ministry and you said "I'm not surprised one bit!" It was a reassurance that I needed and God used you that night to bring me confidence in my calling. So thank you so much for being an encouragement and letting God use you in the way that He did and still is. A more recent memory is when we talked before my interview here in Arlington. We had not talked in a long while and we ended up talking for a good 2 hours about life and you once again encouraged me and reassured me that God has called me to serve in worship ministry! You don't know how much that meant and how great it is to know I have support from a mentor like you! And now, we are serving on the same district and I'm so excited to see what God has in store for this next part of both of our journeys! I look forward to working with you more and I know God is going to continue to do amazing things in your ministry! Congrats! Mandy Goon

21: Gary, First and foremost, congratulations on your ordination. I know that this has been a LONG time coming for you and was something that you were working toward when you were at Brentwood. It has been great staying in contact with you over the past 6 or 7 years knowing that if I have a question or need some insight, I can count on you. I had the privilege of serving with about 6 different youth pastors in my internships, but you did more for me than any of the others. You helped teach me what it meant to be an actual real life youth pastor. One that not only cares about the physical lives of those he serves, but also the spiritual well being of each and every kid that we come in contact with. I also learned what it is to be a friend and leader. Sometimes those lines can sometimes be so distorted in church leadership but you lead by example and showed me and the teens that you served in Brentwood what it was to live life in a way that honored Christ. A few of the comedic things that I learned from you, and I still implement today are: The art of the "smores making contest." In the past few years of youth ministry, I have definitely felt the effects of eating WAY too many of those the next morning. I have also learned that there is a time for dressing up in a ridiculous costume or outfit, just to get your point across. Also, being the driver of a bus doesn't always have to be a boring trip. Running over dead animals has a way of livening up a trip. Let's not forget the need to drive extremely fast for the sake of your wife and the cleanliness of your passenger's seat! (Sorry Cori, I couldn't resist!!!!!) With all that being said, it is a privilege to call you friend! Thanks for showing Tiffany and I what it means to be in ministry together! Again, congratulations on your ordination. It is a huge milestone in your life and ministry! Following His Lead, Paul M. Dennis

22: Gary, Congratulations on your Ordination! I know first hand the long, trying, and sometimes frustrating road it took to get you here. God may have called you, but you had to respond and do a lot of work as you have prepared for this season of ministry. I am proud of you and so thankful for your friendship! In a way, I kind of feel like we "grew up" in ministry together. I moved to Nashville with dreams of becoming a big shot musician, yet found myself leading worship for some "just starting out youth pastor" in a rundown old house for a bunch of teenagers! I didn't even want to be a worship leader, but God used our time together in the old Stone House to confirm a call to ministry that would forever change my life. We had GREAT times serving together...a make shift band, a clueless worship leader, and a passionate speaker! God moved, lives were changed and we had a blast! We also served on Sunday mornings together in the "big church." My ALL TIME favorite memory was when you were leading the congregation in prayer and in closing decided to go into "The Lord's Prayer." Oh....about three lines in, you went blank! The rest of us on stage did all we could not to bust up laughing as you struggled to find the words, finally shuffling through a bulletin where it was printed. I cannot do that moment justice on had to be there...but it was FUNNY! I remember countless nights crashing at your place after a late Monday Night Football game or youth event. Our 4th of July parties were always the best..even if we did light Tanya's hair on fire and burn a couple small children. Our wives were mad but those were FUN TIMES. I also love the memories of youth trips, going climbing, hiking and eating Hoy and Nan's yummy food! | When Rachel and I were dating, we watched you and Cori and saw what it meant to truly be partners in ministry. We loved hanging out with you guys because we knew your love for God and each other was genuine and authentic. Now married with 4 children of our own, I am thankful for great role models in ministry. You and Cori were certainly two of the best! So wherever you go from here, move in the power of God's Holy Spirit and follow His leading always. Stay strong in the faith and keep loving and reaching out for those far from God! (thought I should end with something spiritual and worthy of an ordained minister :)) Jon Nicholas

23: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.

24: Gary- Well, what can I say about how you have impacted my life: 1: Your first year on the West Texas District-you talked me, the camp director, into doing a square dance. I had reservations but you convinced me you had done it at your Tennessee Camps several times so I booked it. It was a big success, everyone loved it, claiming it was the best late night event in history! I think the problem was when Gary pulled out his IPOD and started those slow dances. Well nothing was said until next years annual meeting in the fall when Dr. Jones said whose idea was it to do square dancing at a church camp? I took the responsibility and tried to explain the caller rededicated his heart to the Lord but he said NEVER again. So do you want to invite Dr. Jones this year to one as a retirement going away gift from the NYI? It would be a special gift from a newly ordained man in the church? 2: Your second year here for a late night game, you did a battle game with flour bags and flashlights-BUT-you had never crawled on the ground of West Texas Campground, again we set a record of the most teens going to the nurse in one night with ant bites. We had to run to the store the next day to buy more lotion to treat the ant bites. Nurses response, who thought up that game of crawling on the ground here at our camp. 3: NYC year going to be in Louisville where the Louisville Slugger Museum is located. Gary to Marcia: "I have a great idea for promotion. Let's get these blow-up bats and put the advertisement for sign-ups for NYC on them." I thought good idea and ordered GIANT bats and had my youth stick on the advertisements and brought them to Youtharama to hand out. It was an experience I will soon not forget. People all over the place hitting each other with bats and swinging them around. It was loud and hysterical to watch. Now do I remember who's idea that was? It was hysterical at the dodge ball final to see a whole circle attacking adults until Brian went in and stopped it. What a great memory! 4) It was a memorable summer to go to Jamaica and make mission relationships with the Carribean countries and watch them worship with zest and the presence of the lord. Learning so much about their culture and how it did not matter what time things started, they got there when they wanted and then the true service started. Sorry you have had so much pain and weakness with that trip, but I kept telling you even though the water is good, I would not drink that much of it, or it could have been when you snuck away and went to the resort to buy your gifts. (what did you eat there?) I believe you probably caught the parasite from the chopped chicken bones we had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Loved that trip and hope it has not soured you from experiencing another trip. 5) I really enjoyed the summer our groups combined on a mission trip to Port Arther, TX and all the neat projects we worked on there. A special memory was talking to the man whose house burned down that you guys had worked on. He was such an inspiration of faith. It was a great week and we enjoyed it alot being there with your group. Who can forget the speaker, Nathan and all his sexual analogies. All the kidding aside, i just want to tell you how proud I am of you to be making it to this point in your spiritual journey. The ordination service is a memory you will never forget. Two fold for the lessons you learned to get there and the miracle for God in your life to give you such an awesome experience. Cherish the memory of it and know the joys and sorrows along the way help to make you a better pastor overall. It has been a joy to serve with you on the district council; and to back out at the last minute so you could be elected president. Marcia Nikl

26: Rev. Gary Young, What a day of celebration your ordination is! You have proven through the years to be a dedicated servant of the Lord, and I am honored to be your friend. I congratulate and bless you for your commitment to youth. So many of our young people in these days need a friend and mentor who will guide them through the difficult adolescent years. You are ideally suited for such duty. Thank you for being such a great example of the Southern Nazarene University graduate. You make us very proud. I pray that God will continue to bless and multiply your ministry for your entire life. And on this special day, may you feel the affirmation of God on your ministry, and the confirmation of the church's confidence in you. God bless you. Your friend, Loren Gresham

27: Dear Gary, Congratulations on this night of your ordination. The long hours and weeks spent in study all add up to this evening. It is a time of reflecting on where you have been and how far God has brought you to this moment. Only the call keeps us faithful. I am so glad the great people of Shreveport First Church called us to be their pastor and that your family was a part of that congregation. I am reminded of so many things with you and Cleetus. I remember the trip to Alexandra in your folks camper, especially the time it caught on fire. You are truly a son of a Fireman. When Cycil said fire, you were out the back door and up high on the hill before we could get our doors open! Most of all, I recall how you and Cleetus would come from Sunday School Class to the front pew of the church that was directly in front of the pulpit. It was a pew that only fit three so with you on one side and Cleetus on the other, we would enjoy the service together. I can tell you now that while you and Cleetus were sitting there, I was uttering prayers to Father God to take both of you and use you for His Kingdom. I wanted your life to count for Him and no other. You are living proof that God hears the prayers of His people. Now Cleetus is pastor of a large church in Hurst, TX and you are ministering in Lubbock, TX. Jeremiah 29:11 states that God does have a plan and it is good. Cycil in now enjoying his place in heaven where he often spoke of going and I continue in the work He called us to. Rev. Wilma Adrian Ms. Wilma

28: Congratulations! | Made with Love | by Cori

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  • Title: Gary's Ordination
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