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Georges 40th

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Georges 40th - Page Text Content

BC: Cheers to many,many more!

FC: The Adventures of George Scott Marshall Reavis -the first 40 years

1: Happy 40th Birthday to the most amazing person I have ever known.! I love you, Lindsay

4: family

8: george scott marshall reavis

27: The Beast-! The back was a trunk full of "Olys" or PBRs. We may have torn up a few lawns and smashed a few mailboxes, but I can neither confirm or deny these allegations at this time. Nice fannypack,guy- Patrick McCarty

36: creative space

38: charleston

39: "We're betting $12 million that the bubble is not going to burst in Charleston.we may not see prices continue to increase at 20 percent a year like we've been seeing, but I certainly don't think they would decrease or depreciate, by any means." George Reavis, age 32

44: Rahma

46: a small fraction of your travels

50: puerto rico | san miguel de allende,mx | bermuda

51: dominican republic | morocco

52: san sebastian,spain | biarritz, fr | hossegor, fr | merida, mx

53: nicaragua | bvis


56: family

59: Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss and ‘Ma’ Reavis Congratulations!Today is your day.You’ve been to Great Places and There’s more on the way You made it to Forty A great feat indeed You don't lag behind, because of your speed.You've passed the whole gang and you've taken the lead. You’re on your way up! You’ve seen the great sights Cuba, Columbia, Croatia, and more With so many countries left For you and Craig to explore. You have brains in your head.You have feet in your shoesYou have found the directionyou decided to choose.Except when you don’t Because, sometimes, you won’t. Only your mother knows the full story Of your struggles and plights Dismissals and lawyers and very late nights You got mixed up, of course, as you already know With many strange birds as on you did go. The market did fall The bottom fell out But on you did go Tho the weather was foul On you did go Tho your enemies prowled. With banner flip-flapping, Once more you ride high! Ready for anything under the sky Ready because you’re that kind of a guy. | You’ve made a great life, Have chosen so well, With the beautiful Lindsay who took a great chance When she jumped into your arms without a backward glance So be sure when you step Step with care and great tact And remember that Life’s A Great Balancing Act. Your family loves you With heart, soul and might We will always hold on to you ever so tight. You are our cherished brother, uncle and son And we will be there for you till our days are done. Oh, the places you'll go! There’s still fun to be done!There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And will you succeed?Yes! You will, indeed!(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) your name Scotty, or Georgie, or Reavis or bro’you're off to Great Places! I really do know. Today is your day You’re the best of the best Where ever you go, you top all the rest.

60: End of summer 1987. Just before the beginning of school. My mother, grandmother, sister and I at the dinner table, ready to eat. George was late. He entered the home with a baseball cap on, sat down, and removed the hat. He had bleached his hair white. It wasn't white, though, because it hadn't been done professionally. Probably his buddies at Weed Beach had done it. While high. It was a kind of jaundiced, rotten egg yolk color. Maybe a sallow canary. My mother put her hand to her eyes, to shield herself. She kept it there the entire meal. She smiled, resignedly, at his craziness, but she did not remove her hand. George said, repeatedly, 'Doncha like it?? I like it! It looks good!' My grandmother, probably to give it to my mother a bit, laughed along with him. She liked it. I thought it was fabulous. He's always, since he was four years old, been a fearless charger. I love him very much.

61: We love you with all our hearts, Georgie. We wish you a very happy birthday, and much joy in all of the years to come. xoxo, Jennifer, Camille and Caroline

62: Georgey. 40. Wow What more can I say I was going to actually attempt to be nice and not beat around the bush, but there’s no hiding it anymore. You are flat out old! Now I know you have probably been crying for half this book already, so let’s try to hold it together here for a second. In all seriousness though, Happy Birthday bro. I hope it’s an amazing one and on today of all days, I figure I can bite my tongue and attempt to be a little sentimental. Most importantly, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being such a good role model, someone I look up to and respect, a friend, and most importantly, the pseudo big brother I always wanted. ($1,000,000 bet it wasn’t what my parents envisioned they’d be giving me that summer they bravely decided it would be fun to send me down to live my rebellious older cousin ‘Scott’ in Charleston.) But none the less here we are! And I want you to know how much I value everything you have ever taught me and the fact that you are always a phone call away. Our relationship means so much to me and I hope you know how much I look forward to those yearly trips down south. It is truly one of the highlights of every year. Now I especially feel so lucky to be able to do it amongst the family you are creating. It is truly something special and it is amazing to be a part of it. Here is to 40 more and just as many trips along the way. Hugs and Kisses and Rim Jobs, TJ

63: Dear George Scott Marshall, Poppi, Nana and all of the Johnsons are very proud of all of your accomplishments and the individual you have become. Who woulda thunk that after all of your adventures, that you would survived number one, and number two, and done so well. Now that you're turning 40 you are officially an ADULT.............. Honestly, for you, that will never happen and I'm glad. Have a wonderful celebration and hope to see y'all soon. Love to all, Doug, Peggy, Todd and Peter | love ya hope to see you soon, happy 40th.- Greg

64: Happy Birthday George! 40th is a big milestone. (I too turn 40 in just a few short months.) Crazy. I feel like just yesterday we were kids. I remember ruining your sandcastle at the family reunion. I also remember visiting your house in Connecticut and it was so pretty and you taught me how to play some video game that i thought was really fun. And I remember calling you Scott and it is still hard to call you George. ha Although we do not see each other much these days, family will always be family. And I wish you much happiness and many memories on this big day. May you be blessed for the next 40 years! You certainly have a sweet wife to put this together. And we hope to see you guys soon. Ann

65: Mary and I offer our greetings from Nashville!!!! It is a real pleasure for us to salute George's 40th birthday. Or is it Scott? Or is it George Marshall Scott's 40th birthday? We know George as Scott, but over time have gradually moved to knowing him as George. Regardless, it is a pleasure to salute the man with the longest name that we have ever encountered ! Our stories about George revolve around one from the past and one from the present. From the past is a story involving a trip to the beach when Scott (he was Scott then) was very young. Just as he is currently doing in Charleston, Scott used his creativity and initiative to build a beautiufl multi-level sand castle. While standing over this beautiful structure, our daughter, Ann, calmly walked up to Scott's sand castle and promptly sat on it right in front of his eyes. You can imagine the intense response that came from Scott. We could see the scene unfolding and hear the yelling and crying from the porch where all of the family had gathered. When our daughter came to let us know what had happened, she had one very simple response....."Mom and Dad, it is too terrible to talk about!" Our story from the present represents a true picture of George as he currently sits today.....a mature, successful, tested entrepreneur/developer who is ready to embark on another chapter in his life. This chapter involves his marriage to Lindsay, a beautiful young woman and now the move for both of them to parenthood at George's young age of 40. Soon both of them will leave behind all of those "late night parties" in exchange for a new wave of "early morning parties" !! . George and Lindsay are about to experience the most exciting, most awesome, most challenging, most rewarding, and yes, the most important and meaningful chapter in their lives. Our God is an awesome God and He is shining on both of them today . Right with Him is George's Dad, Jim, who is looking down on both of them with a big, beaming and very proud smile across his face. While we all wish that Jim could be here to celebrate George's 40th as well as the birth of his grandchildren , we likewise know that he is now at peace ready to observe all of the festivities from his new home. Happy 40th birthday, George !!! Mary and I offer our very best to you and Lindsay not only on this special day, but also in the days ahead as you both enter the most exciting time of your lives! Let all of the parties begin!!!

66: Happy Birthday Scott, Hope all is well! -Craig | friends

67: One time In the Darien Sport Shop parking lot your man was taking a break from doing "power slides" on his skateboard. He was sitting on his board and wearing these big construction gloves. (too protect his hands from the pavement and his "gnarly power slides". I was riding in a car with my mother and grandmother. "Hey theres my friend Scott!" I said all excited kid like. Then I shouted out to him "Creavis!" He flipped me the bird (A HUGE bird with those gloves) across the super snotty Darien Sport Shop Parking lot. "Nice friends." said my mom. Classic Reavis

68: as long as i live, i will have fond memories of the banter between Reavis and my mother. He called her Mama-B, as my nickname was TheB, and she called him Eddie Haskell. I hope that short little story brings a smile to his face. Happy Birthday brother. The B

69: Happy Birthday old friend! X- P

70: I have known George (or "Scott", "Reavis" or "Re-boy") for a long time. He grew up a mile or 2 from us in Darien, Connecticut and he went to preschool or kindergarten or some similar pre-military school grade level with my brother Don and was around causing trouble and pissing off my parents our entire childhood and onward in to adulthood. My folks may tell you different because they have no clue but the trouble was always "fun trouble" and everyone with a danger-streak wanted a piece of the action. Basically we lived "Jackass" episodes in reality long before it existed. George being the Knoxville. Us Darien kids grow up fast and Most note-worthy stories from that era should remain out of print and un-published. His 16th birthday party ended with a bench-clearing brawl in my parents kitchen involving 2 rival towns - Darien and Norwalk. Chairs were thrown. Windows broken. An ambulance hauled a casualty or 2 away. My parents learned of the incident form a newspaper article. If I know George Marshall "Scott" Reavis at all - I know he was likely beaming that day and declaring that outcome a huge success. Wish I could have been there. George and the "Stick" legacy. One day 24 years ago while loitering aimlessly somewhere Reavis looked at me and said gracefully "You look like that f*ckin' alien from the movie Meatballs....'meathead'" From that second forward he never referred to me again as "Doug" or any other formal version of family name and it stuck. He coined one of the worst nicknames ever declared for anyone. And it stuck. It went global and eventually derivatives of it formed --- "Meat", "Meatball", "Meatbone", "Meatler", "Meatenstein", "Meat[y] Meat cakes" and of course - "Meatstick". The shirts made for my bachelor party 3 weeks ago in Colorado are emblazoned with "Rocky Meatain High". So....that's where "Stick" comes from.

71: pala pool | Happy Birthday!-Donnie | I can't believe you guys were here in town then and george didn't call me. Tell your boy he is a punk for not looking me up while he was here, just kidding.. Happy Birthday- Adam Cassidy | Dear Rev ( Scott) A big year for you coming up! 40 and twins-it will be great, the best is yet to come for sure! Writing this so many memories pop up- (1985) taking the train to GFA in middle school always late and rushing into english class with Mrs McGregor, writing in our journals, throwing apples at the train (not a great idea) you and Craig attempting to set up a double date (total phone in full swing) with me and Alyssa norton! I still will never forget seeing you in the middle of Vanderbilt campus, freshman year(1991)- me very homesick and unsure of myself and you come strolling up with shades on like it was yesterday ( not 8 years ago) and say " hey- kerry gallagher, want to go out tonight , I can fix your ID" ( great stencil job in your room from Kissam) And there it began- our friendship picked up where we left off as kids and from then on you were there- someone that showed me the way. i can still remember having pizza sunday nights with your family and watching 60 minutes or driving down to school- me driving you sleeping, watching melrose in the monster pad, graduation, visiting Charleston, - all those times make me smile and laugh and miss you. I wish we could see each other more- but our connection is always true, you are a very special person to me- even when you are highly inappropriate and obnoxious- which is a lot ( ha ha) I wish you a very happy 40th- you made it! all grown up with a wife and babies on the way- enjoy your day, enjoy your family, enjoy your life! lots of love, Kerry

72: "Reavis, if I ever had to go to prison, I'd hope it would be because of something involved with you. Love you brother and Happy Birthday. I'm going to stay young until I die, because of friends like you !! " - Jo Con

73: The first day I met Scott, was 1990, he and his mom were unloading his car. He was moving in to The Woodhall School for bad children. Me and my buddy Phi Johnson, started throwing rocks at his car and him, yelling out "hey New Kid". It was a friendship built on a Hate crime. The thing that matters most is 20+ years later and we have not seen each other, we are still friends. Happy 40th NEW KID. Gidge.

74: Reavis, I'm pumped you have made it to 40, lucky bastard. Some close calls through the early years and a couple buzzes taken maybe just a hair too far. I can put it how it is, especially because I know I am one to talk. Here's a toast for you for all the times that you had me crying with laughter or eyes wide open cause of something you said - similar to this picture. In these next forty years I hope you will keep on keeping it REAL, focus on taking care of your temple and continue to be the asshole you are. I know it is all a mask. Your presence is a gift and I look forward to many more years cutting up. Hoping your 40th is a blast. Pickens

75: Reavis. E-Vaj here. Welcome to forty! I'm so proud of all that you have become and accomplished. Even though we mostly talk during rough times, I hold you forever as one of the best friends I've ever had. And that will never change. You are always there for me and have helped me through the toughest times, and extended your hand rather than judge me and turn your back. Thank you!!!! Some funny memories: "Peabody" University Working for You and Chanaberry ... Busting him daily for hittin the movies and such on the clock When I answered your calls working, running ... Training for that marathon My summer of swimming in your pool on Smith Street every day. Sans suit. Many more. I'm so happy you and Lindsay found each other in the sea of Charleston. You have exciting events ahead. You are one hell of a friend. Loyal to the end. I love you so much and am so happy for you. You have accomplished and experienced in forty years more than most people do in a lifetime. There is nobody else like you. Happy Birthday dear friend. You have much to celebrate this year. xoxoxo

76: There are alot of things that I think of when I think of you George including your incredible charisma,work ethic,drive,success,penchant for nicknames and love of travel and appreciation for other places and cultures both far and near. But what resonates most with me is your unparalleled devotion to friends and family,including myself. George,you are by far one of my most loyal friends who I have no doubt would do anything for me at anytime. In fact,I will never forget and will always cherish the offer you made to my sister to drop everything and come be by my side at my darkest hour when I was in the hospital 8 hours away no matter what it took to get there. You have proved not only loyal to me over the years, but as a trusted confidant and a true friend anchoring me when I have been adrift. I thank you for now and always and am honored to have you as a dear friend. Happy Birthday to you on this milestone year and go out and celebrate as only you can with an exotic trip abroad and babies on the way. All my best,Christy aka "Nutcase"

77: Reav, So your turning forty. Welcome to the club old man. Your sweet wife asked that I put together a message for you. I really don't know where to start. There are so many good times we have had. Who would have thought a Nashville redneck and a Darien, CT hoodlum would end up being pals. Remember when you got in to motorcycles? You jumped aboard Coviello's new ride. You were so smooth. You definitely knew how to ride one. You fired that thing up. Revved the engines and popped the clutch... Then you lost control, jumped the curve, sliced through a hedge as thick as cement and hit a wall. I think I pissed myself. As I sit here and type, I find myself laughing again about how comical that was. Check me out. I am Reavis. I can ride a motorcycle. And then blam. Straight in to the wall. The hedge held you up so it was like a cartoon where you stopped and the shape of your body with your arms flailing was stuck perfectly. It took you about 20 minutes to get out of that hedge. You had to buy Coviello a new front end. Too funny. Honestly though, I miss getting to hang out with you. I hear you are doing well and saw some recent Facebook photos of you guys on a boat in the islands so life can't be too tough. Have a great birthday. I hope our paths cross again soon. -Craig

78: on the yellow bus

79: Rowdy! Happy Birthday, pal! Wow, 40, who would have thought we'd still be alive at this wonderful age considering our strong pace of play? I think those college years - and you specifically thank you very much - might be the root cause for my now on-going idiocy and brain damage? That fog never lifted as you promised it would? So with that said.... you'd certainly be an even better friend now if you could please just provide me with your address so I can start sending you my resulting medical bills? Can't believe we've known each other now for 20+ years - more than half our lives. Makes me think back and wonder what age Blind Carl must be now - and what tenants he's since constricted in their sleep and devoured - after your suspect unplanned release into the wild. And how is it exactly that I haven't gotten the phone call from you in jail by now to come bail you out? You must have placed that one allotted call to someone else every time? That's offensive! You know you can still always call me if needed. But I have caller ID so probably won't pick up. Dude, great memories over the years from Bum Fishing out my window buckled laughing, to catching big bass in the ponds of the Hermitage, to negotiating a mini ninja motorcycle fire-sale from your (dare-I-say) shady CT friend, to visiting the hospitals in and around Vanderbilt for their gas, to rocking funk tunes in the yellow bus looking for trouble, to posting up at South Street holding court. It's been awesome to stay in such close touch over the years, and some really great hangs in Charleston, and at various bro weddings, with the highlight obviously being your killer wedding down in Zihuat! So glad we could be there for that, and that Lindsay as your better half (errrr....make that better 90%) even exists, and that she took you in! I feel for her - there are some truly special and amazing people in this world, and with her commitment to a life with you, she is clearly one of them. Wish I was there celebrating with you as you read this, and looking forward to a ton more fun together - specifically we need to get that cat trip in the islands booked soon! Have a blast, and look forward to seeing you guys soon! $harc

80: George Thank you for being such a great and HONEST friend through the years I'll never forget right when we met our freshman year in college/ You told me you thought I was a big loser until Matt from Houston told you, "No actually he's really cool." and I knew right there you could be counted on, if not for being nice, certainly for being honest. There are enough nice people but not very many truly honest people. and for that I LOVE YOUfor a lot of other reasons too but especially for that! You are going to be one helluva father...probably one of those dads who is more of a friend to his kids than a father... which are the best kind! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And remember, "You don't age until your regrets outnumber your dreams!" YD

81: Happy Happy 40th Rev Doggie Dog! If your next 40 years are even half as wild and exciting as your first you have a lot to look forward to! May your wit and sarcasm keep everyone smiling for a long time to come. Just be sure to keep an abundant supply of those apology cards in your back pocket... Cheers to you Rev and all great days ahead. Happy Birthday! lots of love, katie P.S. Anyone responsible for such an endearing nickname as Barbabuttface I consider a dear friend! xx Katie

82: "'Dude, thanks for being such a great loyal friend! Happy Birthday! (How to fit 100 yrs of life into 40 years. ) Where am I?! JP | bendies at Namotu Bar

83: Reav, I love you like a brother, and consider you family. After all these years you are the person on this earth who still makes me laugh like no other. Your bluntness and candor is so endearing, so funny and such a rapport builder with the people who meet, know and love you. Bro, you've transitioned so gracefully into a family man; softening without sacrificing a bit of your edge. So Genuine! You're going to shine as a father and those groms are blessed and have NO CLUE what their getting in you and Lindsay. Old School surf trips to the reef house in Rica to international parts unknown later in life. Youre as traveled as anybody, and you get as much out of life as anyone i know. Thanks for always including me, bro. You da man! hp

84: Happy 40th Reavis!!! I’ll start with the mushy stuff and say that I’m incredibly stoked to be your friend for all these years and want you to know that I will always have your back as I know you have mine. I must say that I’m proud of the man, bro, and soon to be father you have become as you have made it a long way since that first summer visiting Newport Beach when you swiped that kids bike in Beacon Bay followed by the bender with Margaret and Crystal (purely plutonic Lindsay).wholly shit was that core and to never be desired again. Like I was saying, there has been so many great times over the last 20+ years from bunny suits in Nashville to Panic at Red Rocks or from you lighting up our waiter at Dick’s Last Resort in Myrtle to simply drinking brews at Vickery’s in Charleston or how about boating with Subash in Newport to a most memorable trip to Zihuatanejo. Bottom-line, it’s always a good time hanging with George Reavis!!! Well, the first 40 have been unreal now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the next 40. I’m fired up for you, Lindsay, and the twinscan’t wait to meet the mini Revs! Wish I was there in person to celebrate your b-day by knocking back a few cold ones. Happy 40th homeyenjoy as I know you will!!! Cheers, Will Hill

85: George I met you when you were 19 when you moved to Newport Beach for the summer. It's been 21 years. You asked me if i knew where to get a pound of weed. Somehow I had one in my backpack. I guess I got really lucky that day. You've been a great friend to me ever since. Happy 40th- Okuda | Where to begin is probably the most common opening line when toasting or roasting someone, however I know just where to start this snipet of our friendship. The day Reavis arrived in charleston in this monstrous K-5 blazer, none of his Vandy buddies or Newport friends were around so he goes looking for Okuda. Somehow he gets my address and knocks on my door. So I go to the door and there is this lanky dude that had boarding school written all over him asking me if I have seen Scott. I laughed a little and basically said there is no telling where he is but he will be back soon meaning in the next couple of days or couple of minutes. Anyway we start chatting and I tell him I am going to "show him Charleston." So we get on our bicycles and i take him where?! Freaking Wild Wings. Obviously one if not the most tourist infested spot on the Peninsula. I am sure George thought i was some "player." But there are so many great times I had with Rev in Charleston and abroad that I could write all night. From sleeping on the beach in Costa Rica after a 12 hour drive and seeing a shooting star to riding go-carts in The Canaries to most recently in my book almost getting us into a huge brawl while surfing Cane Garden Bay in Tortola. Rev is the greatest and I wish him the happiest of birthdays and he will be a great dad. A boy and girl! You guys are so stoked. Jeff

86: George, I want to thank you for the good times and travels we’ve had together. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would have done many of the things and gone to many of the places that make up some of my most fond memories. Although I hate to admit that any of my ideas and/or views of the world were influenced by “the rowdy rev-dog reavis”, they have. (mostly positive) I hope you have a great birthday and look forward to many more good times. Sincerely, Bryan

87: I've known George for close to 20 years and like most of you who know George, my introduction to him came with the usual hysterics. It was 1995 and we were introduced to one another through a mutual friend, Scott Okuda. We went out to dinner at Saracen's which was below the infamous Charlies Bar that so many of us frequented back in the mid 90's. Suffice it to say that after about 10 minutes with George I was on the verge of getting up from dinner and running out the back door. In our 10 minutes together he had managed to humiliate the waitress, sent his food back, asked to speak to the manager and had me absolutely bright red in the face. By the end of the dinner we had agreed to start a business together. Go figure. I don't think I'm the only one to have such an experience with George. His unfettered mouth, his infectious laugh, his fascination with people, his willingness to talk with anyone and say anything, his courage to take risk when others want to curl up and hide, his determination, his loyalty and his adventurous spirit are all qualities that end up leaving us speechless. They often overuse the statement that some people are one of a kind. Well...... George Reavis is truly one of a kind. There is no one even close. He has his own language (he really does), his own style, his own tack and he walks the path that is very clearly his own. Not only do I love the kid as a friend and a brother, I admire him for doing it his own way. One of my favorite songs is Frank Sinatra's (My Way) and there are few people who have the courage and audacity to live life by their very own set of rules. George did, does and will and for that I admire him greatly. Love ya Bro- Happy 40th- Love Al

89: Sometime in 1995, a poorly dressed, unshaven guy shows up at my struggling law office. My staff thought he was lost. I thought he had recently been released from jail for an alcohol related offense. He introduced himself as George Reavis. If my recollection is correct, he initially claimed to need a business lawyer for his up and coming advertising business. He did not disclose that his business model targeted urinal advertising. After a lengthy and completely unnecessary pitch about his future business, I quoted him a fee of $500.00 to prepare a partnership agreement. George immediately rejected this fee and stated that it would not work. His counter proposal was $100.00 [in cash] plus the referral of all the underage girls with whom he was hanging out. They would certainly require a lawyer in their near future. Just to get him out of my office, I agreed to George’s ridiculous proposal. True to his word, it was only a matter of days before George’s then girlfriend was busted for underage drinking at Zebos. In the last seventeen years, my representation of George has required me to do things that I have not done for any of the other 5,000 people I have represented. George is the only person for whom I have tried a case that never showed up during his trial. By the way, we won the case. George is also the only client to sleep with an expert witness during the pendency of a case. It goes without saying that George is the only client with whom I have been arrested. George, one of your many gifts is the ability to convince people to do things that appear not to be in their best interest, but in hindsight are not only entertaining, but ultimately life affirming. Happy 40th.

90: Reav, When we first met you in your days creating space in Sticky shitters and watching speakers not eat their Mills House breakfasts, my early thoughts were that you were a jackass, loudmouth, yankee D’bag. As I reflect back, I have a couple of takeaways. One is that – as usual – first impressions are pretty spot on. But secondly is that I also have realized that you are without a doubt one of the kindest, greatest friends a guy can have - a “total bro” in Reav-speak. So thanks for being such an incredible friend and making my life so much more interesting over the past two decades; I’m looking forward to you doing it over many more. Chad

91: Dear George, So, the big guy is turning 40!You were always such a youngster, never thought the day would come, so the fact that you are leaves me speechless. I've got fond memories of my time with you over the years that remembering them makes me laugh. Knock on wood, nothing but good times starting with getting to know you while renovating the Ick and my first travel trip with you to Cuba. I knew you were a level headed voice of reason when we were trying to talk Wally out of smuggling goods into a communist country. And you've been solid since... Hopefully, I will be in your vicinity to toast you on your milestone birthday, but in case I am notHappy Birthday and CHEERS to your next 40. I can't wait! Eisch

93: To My Brother From Another Mother, Happy 40th birthday pal. What really could I say here that could encapsulate or summarize our 15 years of friendship? We have seen the highs and we have seen the lows. It is all in the head and in the heart. It is all about memories......and boy do we have a shitload. Between our travels and our company we have accomplished quite a lot. As I mentioned at your wedding, the world is a much more interesting place with you in it. So stick around for another decade or two. The best is yet to come, Amigo. The best is yet to come..... Love you dude. Craig

94: "Flablueff, first time I met you was 15+ years ago. You were being a huge tool. I thought 'what a d'bag'. Not much has changed. Happy 40th." -Curtis

95: “Happy Birthday George. At this rate you’ll soon catch up with me.” Philip | Happy Birthday George- Lawton

96: Okay,you take the whale, I'll take the clown. Happy Birthday- Shanz

97: Day 4 of 7, 2005 C2B, on board WEED 400 miles from anywhere: You taught me a little something about being a good friend and mate, in wading through that small sea of poo to fix the boat’s only commode. For good reason I am still amazed at that act of mechanical know-how. The rest of your comrades (or at least this one) had long since written off that key piece of modern sanitation. Something about the timing and conviction of that repair was, for me, the crux move of that whole amazing trip. Happy Birthday Bro! Looking forward to our next sail. -Beezer

98: Ode to an Arian, Deep in the Carolinas lives an Arian By his tale, far he came from Darien One evening by the Citadel I met him The Saracen had told her son Ibrahim With his brothers in an ocean quest Moe's across the town their witness Law by his side, a cause was needed Together in jail, sometimes it ended His brains are visionary His tongue is legendary The Arian hates with his heart The Arian loves with his heart Life Ali had decided By Rahma is guided Tides high and low until the day He finally anchored with Lindsay Two are coming and it must be a sign Of the forty years now that you shine To the sun forever a rival Georgie the most loyal Ten years after that evening Here we are still celebrating Happy Birthday my Georgie Forever we'll be, thy family Asmaa,

99: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIE!! I must say you are by FAR my favorite person to call. The 'Allo Flo' NEVER gets old! You, on the other end are getting there! 40 - Yikes! But somehow you're like a good wine, you only get finer with age. Must be that white hair - you silver fox! Thanks for always being there when it matters. I am so grateful to hold a little spot in that big heart of yours. Blow it out on your big day-Much much love Georgie! Flo

100: We were sailing to Bermuda in the Charleston to Bermuda Race on Georges beautiful new Maine Cat 41ft Catamaran, Rhama. A few days into it the sea got very rough. We were taking turns on the helm around the clock. George got seasick and was vomiting frequently. More than once I came up in the middle of the night when he was on the helm while puking. I offered to relieve him and he refused. That is pure determination mixed with a hell of a constitution. Welcome to the 40+ club George

101: Have a super awesome birthday George! - Gardner

102: A couple of things about George that will always stick with me... 1. First time I met him was when Jimmy had Bubba Slyes ...He asked what I do and I was trying to explain a little bit about the grease business to him...Not even 45 seconds into it, he just looks at me and says "Dude, I've got like severe ADD...Just give me a 5 second cliff note version "...I was like fuck this Yankee... 2. One day we were all out at The Ick and George shows up with all his new kite board gear and Jimmy told him that "Kites are for kids"...That hobby didn't last long... 3.When I had the container company, I got to experience his ADD on a more regular basis...So he calls me at like 2pm on a Friday afternoon and I'm stuck in I-26 traffic...He says "Dude, I need a huge favor...I need the container pulled at so and so...We're pouring the footers for that job at 3..." I just started laughing...So I somehow get out of traffic and get back to the site...Barely was able to get the container out because the foundation guys had moved the container on a bad angle...So I get home about 6:45 and decide to drive by and see how it looks...The concrete guys are just finishing up... All of a sudden I hear "Dausey, park your truck and come drink a brew dog with us"..."Us" turned out to be 4 of the biggest bums you ever seen...So there was George drinking 40ozs with the bums at that house behind Granvilles watching the concrete guys finish up!!!... Those are 3 that definitely stick out...George has always been good to me and am glad to have him as a friend... Happy Birthday Sizzledick... Tres

103: George- it took us a while to really make the connection and I wish it would have been 40 years earlier. You are a true friend and my token Yankee. Fatherhood will be poetic justice but worth it all. I love the fact y'all have dived right into 2 and one of the reasons we have decided to move back. I have to watch it all personally and be there to guide you through this change. Happy Birthday my friend and I am honored for the friendship and thrilled for the next 40. And the new style pool parties with kool-aid and cup cakes. B-Dubs

104: Reav, you are aging like fine wine. Cheers to many more surf trips like the ones we have rocked in the past. Happy 40th, SkraightySkraits (Namotu, Fiji 2005)

105: The Crew of WEED after taking 2nd in class and 3rd place overall in the 2005 Charleston to Bermuda Race. This photo was taken about an hour before our buzz really kicked in and we were asked to leave the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. It was a really great trip, but the highlight, of course, was when George had to fix the head (toilet). He was covered in shit from head to toe, but he did a great job. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of him in plumber mode. Happy Birthday! Lee

106: I was going to craft something lengthy and creative, but instead wanted just send along a short happy birthday message. Most of the really funny stories about George are probably rated NC-17, if not a little worse. All would likely have a adult language, adult situations, graphic drug use, etc. Happy birthday, George. Congratulations on impending fatherhood. I am taking immense pleasure in imagining you double fisting a couple of steaming shit diapers. Thanks for all of the fuzzy memories over the years. Although you or one of my newer close friends, you are also one of the best. Your Pal--Hunter

107: Happy Our Birthday! -Neil

108: Happy birthday George. I am so blessed to have met you. You are a true friend that just keeps giving. Life would not have been the same without meeting you. I hope we are having the next great shot for many more years to come. Cleanie | Do you feel more like a retard now that you're 40?

109: George, to one of the first people I met in Charleston, who remains as welcoming to me as then, I wish you all the best on your Birthday! You are a great friend and I wish I could be wherever you will be when you read this to celebrate! Derrick

110: Jorgiiiiitooooo, Papa I love you, I hope you have a great birthday! My friend 40’s are the new 30’s! I only have great things to say about you, no one more honest than you fun fun times !! We definitely had the best vacation in PR with you guys the best laughs, remember the Puerto Rican monkeys? For your birthday I was going to get you a cheese burger from El Hamberguito with a cold Medalla beer but I remember that know you are all about the Palo Viejo which translate to Old Tree and is definitely a more appropriate gift considering your fine age! Papa you are the best guy in the world! I am very fortunate to have met you and to be able to call you my friend! You are one of the few people in the world who I can say that is a truly cool guy, never change! I only wish for you the best today and always God bless you! Big hug Papa

111: George Bernard Shaw once wrote that every man over 40 is a scoundrel...Reavis you have completely legitimized this. Happy Birthday Puddles, you are as fine a friend as I could have. Smarty

112: Hey George It was here in the Music Farm bathroom where we first met many years ago. Surprisingly, it wasn't because you were selling sugar buggers but rather you were new to town and wanted to hang “Creative Space Ads” in the bathroom. Carter and I said, “Ok” and I remember thinking there's no way this guy will change those ads every week but you did. Here we are 21 years later and I look pretty much the same ... and you look old, fat and bald. Happy birthday you old fat fucker. You've been a good friend and Charleston has been a lot more fun ever since you showed up. Love you man- Kevy Kev

113: Seriously, I've been blessed to know a lot of amazing people over all the years, but thinking through them all, I think I can honestly say I've never known anyone as uniquely special. Your brutal honesty, irreverent sense of humor, and lightning quick wit are unrivaled. And what amazes me the most is how you can be all those things regardless of who you're with: your friends, their parents, the mayor, a priest, some dude at the bar whom you've must met, anyone. You are who you are and you don't adjust that based upon your company. That's rare and I truly admire you for it. (It also doesn't suck that you can pound a bunch of shots.) Happy 40th Birthday, amigo. I wish you many more adventures in your next 40, several of which I hope we'll share.

114: HBMF Jorge (in my contacts) My Brother from another Mother. You thought I didn't like you Initally -I think you were scared... So many memories... 15 Smith is an amazing venue -Game Point Dance, More Skinny Dipping than Swimming,Not to mention other unmentionable random acts of kindness Neil S participation duly noted Being 1st Mate on Rhama was my pleasure Martin Anderson Jake & Comer (is it Craig or Greg?) 1st Team AA Glad I'm on your good side... God Forbid The Best is yet to come!!! All my love to Lindsay and your Future Together!!! May God Bless You & Your Family ~RAY RAY

115: Buon compleanno ....caro amico, ..For most people, turning 40 is getting old. This is not the case for you. Nobody expects George to act his age..just kiddinggggg....!!!! Nobody could ever find a more genuine,reliable, and giving friend.......We wish you many more happy, fun, strange years ahead.... Of course together ... Hihihi!!!!! P.s. you are a big CaCaCaZzo but we love you .

116: To my untamed, unfiltered, unorthodox Connecticut yankee brother, Happy Birthday! Forty years. Who would've ever thought that possible? I've only known you a fraction of that time but honestly I'm thankful for that. Had I known you when I was younger I'd most assuredly be in a Mexican prison being traded for pulque and empanadas de carne. So maybe I dodged a bullet, maybe literally. But I'm here for you now, for the next hair-raising act of this magnificent carnival we call life. This act will truly will be an adventure but, adventures are what you seek and as someone once said: "Adventures are worthwhile". So here's to the next forty years of adventure George! I hope you enjoy every moment. Greg Watkins aka Kommandant Schwatkenz

117: Happy Birthday you lazy ass. Stop pissing your pants in front of my kids APC | Happy Birthday- KC | Happy Birthday George - See you at 80 - Jeff

118: Ali: JB, FD here sending you the warmest regards, the stiffest erections, a full head of hair, life without low back pain or testicular masses, and a usual travel to the most remote surf spots complete with warm water tube rides! Happy 40th! | To my favorite dick, Happy Birthday- Mikey

119: "Look up the definition for wide open, fun loving, don't give a shit what people think, and live and let live in the dictionary." Definition says "too hard to describe, see picture of George below." DUH! Millennium Falcon, out. | Happy Birthday to the best nickname giver EVER, an amazing travel buddy and one of the funniest, yet real guys I know! We look forward to 40+ more years of good times to come with you and Twofers, Flippers, Floufers, Goobers and our little people! xoxo ~ The Donut

120: Dear George, as your aging, deaf and ditsy father-in-law, I wish you my deepest condolences on turning 40. I did so just a few years ago--and now I'm 70-something! Of course not everyone can keep up classy appearances like moi. Best Wishes on many more, Preston

121: What I think of so often about George is my family birthday in Bermuda. On my b'day; Lin you were in the room with me, fairly early that morning (for us), and there is knock at the door. I open it in my lovely nightgown and there stands George, with the biggest smile, the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, a tin of Bermuda perfumes and the best card about all of the good things to come. wow- I have never been so surprised, touched and thrilled; what a great man and what a thoughtful son-in-law. George even had it set up where Sally, Marsh and I could have a beautiful lunch at some fancy club on the ocean. That whole week was one of the best times of my life, thanks to my family. Thank you George for such a beautiful thing you did for me on my birthday, you cannot know how much I appreciate it. Love to you and Lin... Nanc then there is the memory of George on St. Patrick's Day, with the gate wired shut, a beer can on his foot, unable to get in the house, etc....

122: Happy Four Oh George from your newest big brother. I know you appreciate me for being both older and taller than you. Just take solace in knowing your ego will always dwarf mine. But, seriously, have a great time on this big day. And we'll see y'all soon. Your bigger, taller brother - Alex

123: our far......

130: Happy 40th Birthday to my fabulous husband. Making this book has been quite an experience for me. It is amazing to see how truly loved you are by your family and friends. Its been incredible talking to your friends old and new and hearing all of the fun stories and shenanigans that you have experienced. Its been wonderful looking back at the pictures of all of the fun times in Charleston and seeing all of the amazing travels we have been on- and thats only the beginning!!! Its never a dull moment with you Floofies! Life with you is truly an adventure and I cant wait to continue on this wild ride with you for at least 40 more years. Happy Birthday my love!

131: SEE YOU SOON DAD!!!!!

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