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S: Ghost- knapper Cathy Ritter

BC: In Annie`s supernatural experience, You won't want to turn off the lights! In this creepy ghost story, 15 year old Annie Hale is dared to enter the late Mr. Emmerson Parker`s empty mansion. In the hollow home, Annie is mistaken for Mr. Parker`s daughter, Sarah. Will she find her way out and home? Or will she stay with Mr. Parker for good?

FC: Ghost- knapper Cathy Ritter

1: To Rachel

2: "Just be careful. Mr. Parker is known for being a little... strange." said Connie, Annie`s paranoid mother. "I`ll be fine, Mom. Plus, if Kayla and Hannah and I get weirded out, we`ll just say we have to go or something. Trust me, we`ll be back home before lunch." Annie said with a smile put her hand on her mothers right. Connie took her eyes off the road for a moment and looked at her brave, 15 year- old daughter smiling back at her. "I love you. I just want you to be safe." said Connie. Annie looked out her window. "I know. You can just drop me off here." Annie said. Her mother pulled over the car to the right side of the road, in front of the old Parker Mansion. Annie got out of the car, shut the door and Connie rolled down the passenger seat window. "Be careful, O.K?" she said with a wary look on her brow. Annie smiled, got on the side walk, and Connie drove away. The young girl turned around to gaze upon the eary mansion. The blazing sun cast a shadow upon the house, transforming it into a mysterious silouette. She took a big breath, and slowly exhaled. "Let`s hope this goes well." she said to herself, doubting everything she had just said to her mother.

3: She cautiously walked up the long path leading to the front porch. She walked up the three wooden stairs, onto the porch and rang the door bell. No one answered at first. But eventually she heard loud foot steps running down the marble curved stair case inside. | A familiar voice said from indoors, "I got it, Hannah!". The person then opened the door. It was Kayla. "Hey. Am I late?" Annie asked letting herself in. "No, Hannah and I have been dusting all the rooms upstairs for the past 20 minutes. We haven`t even started the attic yet. It`s a disaster area!" said Kayla. Annie dropped her bag filled with cleaning supplies, bubble gum, and water bottle on the floor near the stairs as Kayla shut the front door. "Take a look around, Mr. Parker is in his room telling Hannah where and where not to dust." said Kayla. CRASH! A loud bang came from upstairs. "I`ll be right back." said Kayla. "Hannah! Did you drop another lamp?!" Kayla yelled running up the stairs. "Maybe!" Hannah responded.

4: Annie left the foyer and walked into the parlor. There was a light green sofa and a beautiful mahogany cabinet filled with delicate china imported from the Europe. In the dining room was a long and wide table, with 12 candles in a straight row across the center of the neatly set table, with 6 chairs on each side of the table, and one on each end. "Wow." Annie said to herself in utter shock. Who knew the old man was so rich! She began to explore again. She walked down a hall way out of the dining room, and at the end, was a closed door. She looked at it suspiciously, for it was the only door in the hall way that was closed. Being the brave girl she is, Annie walked to the other end of the hall. The walls were painted in red, the hard wooden floors carpeted with rugs probably imported from all over the world.

5: She put her hand on the cold, brass door knob, opened it up and there was nothing. The walls were not painted, the cement floors were dusty, and the furniture was covered with white sheets. Annie curiously walked in the room. She closed the door, to make it look like no one was here. A breath of cold air blew on her neck. She grabbed her neck, startled. She turned and saw a beautiful painting, of herself. The painting was hung in a golden picture frame. The girl in the painting was sitting under a willow tree with a note book, the same tree that was in the front yard of the ancient mansion. "That`s only a little creepy." she said to herself. She touched the girl`s cheek, and she felt pressure on her own! She quickly took her hand away and backed up. She bumped into a piano with a sheet over it and the sheet fell off. She turned to face the piano, and saw a music sheet upon the seat. It titled, "Sarah`s Song". "Sarah? Who`s Sarah?" she asked herself.

6: Parker was dead, didn't you?" Annie said suspiciously. She got no response at first. Ten seconds afterwards, Kayla giggled. So did Hannah. Kayla`s cheeks blew up and made her look like a chipmunk with acorns in it`s mouth. Then the two of them burst out in laughter. | Annie, not knowing what was going to happen to her in the near future. "Choose dare..." Hannah whispered in Annie`s ear, in on Kayla`s secret. "Fine, dare." said Annie rolling her eyes. "Perfect, I dare you to go to Mr. Parker`s house and stay there for at least 10 minutes. You can take one flashlight, your phone-" Kayla started. "Wait! I don`t want to stay in that haunted mansion! I choose truth!" said Annie. "Too late, you already picked dare." said Kayla evilly. "Because Hannah told me to! Wait a minute, you two already knew Mr.

7: 1 Week Later "Oh my gosh, I just got a text from Billy." Hannah started as her, Annie, and Kayla sat on Annie`s bed at their sleepover. "What about?" Annie asked. "Well you know how Billy lives right next door to Mr. Parker?" she said. "Yeah, so?" Kayla said confused. "He said his mom just told him Mr. Parker died this morning!' she exclaimed. "Oh my gosh! Poor guy, I wonder how he died..." said Annie. "Yeah. Hey, I have a fun idea." said Kayla. "What?" asked Hannah. "We should play truth or dare!" she said. "O.K, I`ll go first." said

9: "Wow, thanks guys. Whatever, it`s not like ghost`s are real." said Annie bravely on the outside, but doubting herself on the inside. "Ghosts or not, she won`t last a second." said Kayla. Hannah laughed. "You want to bet? Every minute I stay in Mr. Parker`s mansion, you owe me one dollar." said Annie. "And if you chicken out, I get bragging rights for the rest of the year." Kayla added. "Deal." said Annie. The two girls shook hands. "One problem, how are we going to get past your parents?" Hannah asked making a good point. "Both of them are in bed. Just be quiet going down the stairs." said Annie. Hannah and Kayla smiled. They got off of Annie`s large yet comfortable bed and opened the door. It squeaked as it slowly opened. They tip- toed down stairs, they heard Annie`s father Derek shift in bed. They began to run quietly down the stairs. They walked in the kitchen, opened a drawer, and grabbed two flashlights. "You have your cell phone?" Kayla whispered. "Yep. You?" Annie asked. "Got it." said Kayla. "Good, remember, if I call you, I`m not joking around." said Annie being completely serious. "Yeah, yeah come on. Hannah and I will be sitting on the side of the road in front of Mr. Parker`s house." said Kayla.

10: "O.K. The latest I`ll stay in there would be a half and hour. If I`m still inside after that, get help." said Annie. Kayla nodded seriously, as did Hannah. Then the three of them walked up the big hill to Mr. Parker`s mansion, not knowing what was waiting for Annie in the future. ___________ They got to the house. "Good luck." said Hannah to Annie. "Thanks, and Kayla, there`s no such thing as ghosts." said Annie. Kayla rolled her eyes.

11: Annie turned to face the gloomy rustic mansion. She began to walk up the path that was perpendicular with dead, brown grass. The wooden stairs creaked as she walked up them slowly, holding the splintery railing. She was on the porch now. The woven rocking- chair rocked back and fourth due to the slight breeze. Annie grasped the golden door knob, and walked in. She kept the door open and looked up and around. She saw a giant chandelier hanging from the ceiling, high above the marble floors in foyer. She saw a familiar hallway. She walked through the dining room, into the hallway, as the front door closed by itself behind her. Or was someone closing it for her? There was the door at the other end leading to the run down room. She turned on her flashlight. She began to walk down the hallway, and felt the same cool breeze she felt on her neck earlier. Paranoid, she grabbed her neck. Relax, there`s no such thing as ghosts. There`s no such thing as ghosts. She repeated to herself the rest of the walk down the hallway. She opened the door, there was absolutely nothing there, except the painting. She looked at it. It seemed as though it was glaring back at her. WAMM! the door suddenly slammed shut by itself. Annie`s

12: exotic green eyes widened and her long brunet hair practically flew away as she ran to the door. She grasped the handle with both her hands and shook it as hard as she could. There was no hope. It wasn't going to open. "The window." Annie said to herself. She ran to the window opened the curtain and tried to unlock, but the lock wouldn't budge. She began to bang on it as hard as she could, while screaming louder than ever. She had a perfect view of Hannah and Kayla facing the other side of the street sitting on the side of the road with their flashlight on. Hannah then turned around, and her mouth dropped at the sight of Annie screaming out the window.

13: The two of them ran toward the window and tried to open it. It was no use. They pulled out their cell phones. Hannah called 911, and Kayla called Annie`s parents taking the blame since this was all her idea in the first place. A thought came to Annie`s mind. She walked over to the painting and said, "You did this to me! Let me go!" she shouted. Before she knew it, Connie`s van was in front of the house. Connie and Derek jumped out of the car, still in their pajamas. They ran onto the front lawn and so did Hannah and Kayla. All

14: Annie could see outside -being they were further away now- was Kayla falling to her knees on the lawn and burying her face in her hands. Hannah knelt on the grass beside Kayla, comforting the sorry girl. Connie ran to the window as Derek began to try to break down the door. "Mom!" Annie shouted as their eyes met through the locked window. "Annie! You're going be alright. Hannah called the fire department, they`re on their way right now." she said holding back the tears. Annie, being the brave young girl she is, didn't cry. A few minutes later, they heard sirens. They eventually saw lights in the distance, approaching their small, hilly neighborhood. Mrs. Hamilton walked outside her front door with Billy beside her shouting, "What`s all the racket? You shouldn't be in a dead man`s yard, very disrespectful!". "Hannah? Kayla? What are you doing?" Billy asked as he walked into Mr. Parker`s yard. "It`s Annie! She`s trapped inside the house! None of the windows or doors are opening!" Hannah shouted. Kayla began to cry more. Billy walked over to Kayla and said, "Did you actually dare her to do that? I thought you were joking!" said Billy. "I was being stupid! I didn't think she`d get locked in the house!" Kayla responded

15: through the tears. A fire truck pulled up in front of the house right behind Connie`s van and 6 fire fighters jumped out. One ran to the side of the truck to grab an ax to try to chop down the door, one ran to Connie and Derek to speak with them, and the other 4 ran to the door to try to break down the door themselves. "I`m Chief Micheal Smith, are Annie`s parents?" he asked. "Yes, I`m Derek Hale and this is my wife Connie." Derek responded as Connie clung to his arm. "Do you know how this happened?" the chief asked. Kayla chimed in at that very moment. "It`s my fault. It was my idea to dare her into going inside the house by herself, Hannah just played along. I`m so sorry!" she said standing up and walking toward Annie`s parents and the fire fighter.

16: Connie approached Kayla, and simply hugged her. Kayla was confused. But then the thought came to her, I don`t think Annie`s parents care who`s fault it was right now, I think they just want their daughter back. Kayla thought to herself. "Chief! It`s no use! Not even the ax is working!" one fireman shouted from the front porch. Connie began to cry and didn't let go of Kayla. "Don't worry 'mam, we`l l get your daughter

17: out eventually." Micheal said sympathetically. He then walked to the front porch to probably yell at the fireman for saying that in front of Annie`s parents. Annie was now sitting in the middle of the run- down room, just staring at the painting. Maybe it`s haunted. she thought. Connie walked to the window, as did Annie.

18: "Annie, your going to be alright." said Connie. Then, out of pure misory, Connie broke down and began to cry. At the sight of her mother`s tears, she did too. She leaned against the wall and slid to the floor, weaping. Suddenly, a blast of air blew directly in her face, her long brown hair was like a magnet sticking to the wall. When it stopped, she heard a voice. "Why are you crying, Sarah?" the voice asked. "Who are you? What`s going on?" she shouted nervously. "Why, it`s your father, Sarah." he replied with a slight chuckle. "Sarah? Wait a minute, Mr. Parker`s daughter was named Sarah. . . Your the ghost of Mr. Emmerson Parker! And that painting is of Sarah!" Annie exclaimed. "Not a ghost, yet a spirit. And you are my beautiful young daughter." the invisible man replied. "Mr. Park- er, I`m not your daughter." she said standing up. "Oh but you are, you died 35 years ago, and

19: we have just met in the spirit world." he explained. "Mr. Parker, I may look like your daughter Sarah, but I`m not her. My name is Annie Elizabeth Hale, I live down the street from you! My friends dared me to come in here! I`m so sorry if I disturbed you! But please, please let me go!" Annie exclaimed as a tear gently slid down her smooth, pale cheek. "But Sarah-" Mr. Parker began. "I`m not Sarah!" Annie exclaimed. There was no response. All of the sudden, she heard a scream coming from outside. She ran to the window to see her parents being lifted in mid- air. "Mom! Dad! Mr. Parker let them go!" Annie

20: shouted. "Who are they?!" Mr. Parker exclaimed. "Their my real parents! Please! They just want me back safe!" she screamed. "Annie!" Derek and Connie screamed. Annie began to cry. "Mr. Parker, please! Please let them

21: go! Please!" Annie yelled. Mr. Parker didn`t respond. Then Annie noticed her parents slowly and gently descended to the ground. Annie turned to face the empty room. A figure appeared before her very eyes slowly. It eventually formed an wrinkly old man, Mr. Parker`s ghost.

22: "Mr. Parker. Please don't hurt me!" she screamed falling to her knees with her head down. Mr. Parker slolwly approached Annie. His cane making no sound as hit the hard ground. She put the end of his cane on her chin and slowly lifted it see her face. "You are Sarah." he said. "No, no I`m not! I`m Annie!" she screamed. He glared at

23: her. Annie stared back. He then pointed his cane toward the painting of Sarah. "This, this is you. You are Sarah." he said with old, raspy voice. "You have to believe me. I`m not Sarah."

24: From outside, Connie was clinging to her husband crying. Kayla, Hannah, and Billy were sitting on the side walk. Suddenly from inside the haunted abbandoned mansion, there was a scream, coming from Annie`s mouth. Connie lifted her head and ran to the front porch with Derek, as did Billy, Hannah, and Kayla. The 6 firemen, Annie`s parents, and her 3 friends all pushed as hard as they could on the front door. "One! Two! Three!" Micheal screamed. They pushed harder. "One! Two! Three!" he shouted again. And then the door opened. Absoulutley everything was gone. The the furniture, the carpets, the lavish paintings and dishes.

25: Everything had dissapeared.

26: "Girls, lead us to the room Annie is in. Your the only the two that were here other than Annie." said Derek. Kayla and Hannah looked at each other and began to run as the others followed. They eventually found the hallway. All the other doors had dissapeared, except the open one leading to the room Annie was locked. Connie and Derek ran in the room and saw, no one. Annie was gone.

27: The End

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